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Jul 6, 2015 Client doesn't connect to EU server but connects to NA (solved) I had a problem that was solved by Nina the GM (thank you so much) which asked me to post it here for all others that might have the same problem. Game suddenly stopped connecting to my main account in EU server with HS and bnet but connected to NA both HS and bnet... reinstall of HS or bnet didn't help. The solution that helped me was: key+r 2.type "C:\programdata" 3.delete "" folder 4.relaunch bnet. then it installs some stuff in bnet again and then suddenly like magic everything is back to normal. Hope it helps anyone.TheHeretic0 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Client doesn't connect to EU server but connects to NA (solved) I had a problem that was solved by Nina the GM (thank you so much) which asked me to post it here for all others that might have the same problem. Game suddenly stopped connecting to my main account in EU server with HS and bnet but connected to NA both HS and bnet... reinstall of HS or bnet didn't help. The solution that helped me was: key+r 2.type "C:\programdata" 3.delete "" folder 4.relaunch bnet. then it installs some stuff in bnet again and then suddenly like magic everything is back to normal. Hope it helps to anyone.TheHeretic0 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Playful Sprites/Communication error Ever since I tried downloading the newest patch on my phone I haven't been able to log in. On my phone I get the "playful sprites," error. On my home computer I get a communication error. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing both version, but that didn't help a bit.JackSilk6 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 40 packs of sadness I bought my first 40 packs last night. It took the money out but it never gave me the 40 pack i purchase.GrayFox1 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 murloc tidehunter and scout return to hand glitch when murloc tidehunter and the generated murloc scout are returned to hand by a spell card<br/>the scout is for zero mana<br/>and when murloc tidehunter is summoned again another scout is summoned :Dtenno1 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Stuck At finding opponent at arena! Hello I am new in hearthstone, There is a problem when I entered the arena, my rollete keep rolling for non-stop. I have tried to log out then re-enter, but then I lose 1 game even I didn"t play! Please help fix this please! I already lose 1 arena key because of this. I played Hearthstone at Samsung Galaxy s5Husky0 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 yeah the achievment of 100 win 100 win in all modes and no gold please respond even if u tell me that i am liar :D but srsly help me :(tenno1 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 adding battletag isnt working not sure me and someone i meet on stream cant add eachotherT1G3R0 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Black Screen but with audio. Hello, i'm needing some assistance with this. Sometimes i can play for 30 or 40 minutes without problem, but there are times that i play 10 mins and i have this error. It can be online, or with NPC (adventure). I click and my monitor turns black, but the audio remains for some secs. The keyboard crashes too as i try to ctrl+alt+supr without response, tried to switch caps and the light won't change neither. PC: AMD FX 8350 8gb 1600mhz RAM Radeon R9 290 4gb Asus m5a97 evo 3 WD HD = 1750gb EDIT: Tried to paste a DXDIAG here but it exceeds the 50k limit. Any ideas of how to get it?Zalken0 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Constant disconnect Hey all, I'm getting constant disconnect when playing Hearthstone. This occurs only in hearthstone (no problem in SC2, Hots, Diablo3, etc) ------- SolvedLymph2 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Repeated crashes related to AMD drivers Since launch, Hearthstone has always had a chance of doing something horrible to my AMD drivers. The game will glitch out, but it wont' close. Either it will just freeze with weird graphical glitches, or display an "oops!" error message screen. It also causes other, unrelated apps to crash - explorer searchers stop working and Telegram will crash. YouTube videos in chrome won't play, or will be distorted. Music will pop, skip, and cut out entirely (I'm using 3.5mm out, not HDMI audio). Rebooting Windows 8.1 x64 fixes the issue. There was nothing I could do about this until recently when the game finally showed a crash dialog and saved log files. They're listed below. (Note: I during this time, I completely reformmated my windows install multiple times, this has been going on for months. This does not effect the issue in any way.) I always use the latest stable AMD video drivers. I have an SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 6870. No other game causes this issue. Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Hearthstone causing blue screen and graphic lag The last few weeks I've played Hearthstone as little as possible once I found out it was the cause of my blue screening. The graphic lag for it has gotten progressively worse over time and I've honestly no idea why. Any help would be appreciated as I do enjoy this game. I know my computer is more than capable of playing Hearthstone. All drives are up to date. I have all the windows 7 updates other than the language packs. And nothing in my computer is overheating.EonDrache13 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Can't load the launcher "failure to load graphics" The launcher won't load up due to my graphics driver not being the latest. Unfortunately there is a bug with the latest Nvidia drivers that cause my computer to black screen and freeze if I update to them. I run a 3-way SLI with some older cards which is great and very fast, but not compatible with the latest from nvidia. So what I need is a work around to force the launcher to run despite not having the latest driver. Error BLZBNTBNA0000000ALowKey1 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Have reqired divice but wont let me play I have a i phone 4s but it still says its close to me ehy is this?rellik6921 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Extremely long reconnect timer Hello, after playing Hearthstone for several months on multiple devices I have found that it takes 2+ minutes to reconnect to a game I have disconnected from. By this time many turns have passed and my opponent becomes extremely favoured to win the match. I was wondering whether there is something I am missing and the issue can be fixed, or if this is a legitimate problem. ThanksRad1 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Game crashed everytime I started I can't start my game on PC recently(it works well before), the game will crash. My system is Windows 8.1, can somebody help me? TYVMJoe1 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Arena turn does not end! I was playing arena, my deck was 2-0 and my third game was vs a mage. i play my third turn and after that nothing happens, my opponent says well played after 30 seconds. Ten min later nothing changed, animations still work but nothing happens.StoneHearth1 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Golden Fan of Knives not Received **Deleted** Action closed.BushMaster0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Stuck in Authorization Hi, Whenever i visit the Arena or the shop it says that I´m stuck in authorization. The purchase that is displayed was already processed, so i just want it gone. Can you please help me? Regards!Siujin0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Prob with shop Hello guys, how can i fix the problem with error 10200243 ?kejmenek0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Golden cards (mistake during craft) Hi, During creation of new card i made mistake and created golden card instead normal. The reason - no additional info in the name of the card. So if it is possible to change my golden card on normal and return a half of dust - i will be very appreciated. Please add info in the name of the golden card to avoid similar problem. thx.Brut2 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Crazhed while playing arena I was 8 - 2. Game crashed and couldnt reconnect me. I lost as a result. Any way to get a reimbursment or rest my record and let me continue playinng with the same deck?Bombo0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Disconnecting every game Out of no where after months of being able to play the game in the past two weeks i have been disconnecting from every game making the game unplayable, my internet and computer run well out of no where my game will just freeze and nothing will happen i can play with the stuff around the game but the game its self will not progess i have reinstalled hearthstone many times with no change please helpKylster5 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Crash while arena deck building Character name zero, payed 150 coin for an arena run 6/24/15, crashed while selecting cards for deck, log back in and go back to arena, it brings me back to deck building to choose between cards, but no cards appear, i can veiw my deck of what i did select but there is no cards to choose to continue building. Device is ipod touch (if it matters) please help, thxZero5 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 wins have lowered my rank i have just made 2 wins in a row on ranked matches. i went from rank 24 with two stars to rank 23 with one star the first time, but i shrugged it of and though that it might have been because my internet disconnected in ranked matches before. i played another ranked match, to start getting my rank back up . on my second match, i had won, but afterward my rank lowered again from rank 23 to rank 22 with one star. please help.Pholtix2 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Cardback Mount I have 990 wins in Play Mode. Why is it that I can not get the quest for the card back mount?Kriandis5 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Closed: disconected After 10-15 minutes , it shows me a screen where it says : Closed , you were disconected from service . Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconect . How can i fix this ? its realy annoyingFearnight3 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 IPAD & PC do not sync Hi, my hearthstone account (registered with same email address, same server) do not sync to each other. I played HS on Ipad 1st and then only registered my account on PC, both device login to same region and same id # but how come PC only show i am new and just getting started? I have just send a feedback to Blizzard support, hope they could help as soon as possible. Thanks!FeelMyPAIN1 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Arena Match Glitch Hi Support, I was playing my seventh game in an arena run when the game glitched, leaving the opponent with an unending turn where they couldn't do anything. I could still interact with elements on the game field, so it wasn't frozen. I quit the match after waiting 5 minutes. After returning to the arena my rewards for the run appeared on the screen, however I had only lost 1 game prior to the glitched match, meaning that if the glitched match was counted as a loss I would still be able to play on with only 2 losses counted on the run. This means I had lost my arena run with only 2 losses, therefore violating the advertised "3 losses before being kicked out of the arena". Can this please be fixed so I can be awarded the correct amount of rewards for a run where I could've gotten more than 5 wins without the glitch happening. Thanks in advance for looking into this.Omniscience0 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Help needed sending files created after Hearthstone crashes During the loading process into an arena game, the game crashed. I reloaded Hearthstone and reconnected to the game, it crashed about 5 turns later. Hearthstone created two folders (I'm guessing containing relevant data before the crash) and a popup said that it would be great if I send those off to a developer. After going through the support section of the Blizzard website I couldn't find a way to send the files or get help (Technical support had two links to Android or Apple support, I'm playing on PC). If anyone knows how I can send the files to a developer, it would be greatly appreciated!tracLondon7 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 My game crashed Hey ! I've try to run the game but crashed and had the message : "The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2015-07-04_014846" nexto to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game" then i made a scan and repair and still the same. Can anyone help me on this question.yoloswag2 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Tablet version on my phone. This happened when the game first launched on Android phones. Then it was fixed. Now since the last big patch (launch of Tavern Brawl), it's happened again. I have the tablet version of the game on my phone. It's a Galaxy S3 with Android version 4.4.2. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game already. I've got several friends with various phones (both iPhone and Android) and none of them have the same issue. I really liked the phone UI when it worked, and I'd really like it back!Durog1 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Game stutters on card play and end turn The issue is minor, but is noticeable enough for me to try everything to get it fixed. I've updated all drivers, installed all updates, checked my internet connection and pingpath'd Blizzard's server with no packet loss, reinstalled the game, overclocked CPU & GPU to see if was a processing issue (AMD FX-6100 CPU, 3GB AMD HD 7900 Series GPU), cleaned and defragmented my harddrive, ran the game at low resolution and quality, and checked for interfering background programs. This computer never really had any problems before a couple weeks ago, and my other computer (similar specs) runs the game just fine. Any help and/or advice is appreciated. If further information is required, I'll be happy to provide it.Ihaddignity2 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Bright Pink screen Every time I am in a brawl whenever I mouse over the cards in my hand, the screen blanks out and all I see is the card that i hovered over and then just a bright pink screen in the background. I also get the bright pink screen after each match. Also when I am in matchmaking and it is searching for an opponent, the screen flickers on and off numerous times before I actually get to my opponent. What is going on????PSYKOSIS1 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Stuck at title screen I last logged in a few days ago and everything was fine. Now, I'm able to log into, but after I launch Hearthstone it gets as far as displaying the title and just sits there. From random keyboard mashing, I've discovered that if I hit the Enter key, I get a message saying I don't have any friends available online. So it's not completely frozen, but it just sits there forever and I have to bring up Task Manager and kill the process.Nekome6 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Packs not received I bought 40 packs which cost Rp.599.000. But until now i didnt receive the packs. Can you help me? ThanksZellos6 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Beat arena then timeout and no reward... Sure, easy to reconnect during a match but then timeout at the end and offer no reward for beating the 3rd match is just ******* sad. How about this; instead of getting our hopes up, just forfeit the match. Quicker, simple, and you can only blame your crappy ISP. ******* sad how reconnect is so easy but when it comes to rewards, **** you. Gets our hopes up you know... I'm not asking for my reward. No, I'm asking for not getting my hopes up when my ISP is crappy and I can't reliably play a game I like. Either forfeit disconnects or find a way to keep track of stuff...CrimsonArc0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Crash on startup hello! I transfered the Hearthstone folder from another PC and opened it on the launcher and when i hit play it starts then i get a system error message telling me that it as crashed. I went to the support page and tried everything but to no avail.LovinDaba2 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 lost my friends list logged into a different region on a different account recently during the maintenance. after logging back on to NA on my main account now I only have 3 friends on my friends list (used to be around 30ish). Game feels so lonely now... Give me back my friends blizzard :( Nah but seriously, any suggestions? I've seen a bunch of these go unsolved which sucksChris2far5 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Arena Match Frozen on Card Swap Screen After I clicked the swap button for one card I wanted to swap, the game froze on me...It froze as such: I could see the other player hovering over their cards and could see an occasional red target arrow graphic over their deck. I've never had this happen to me in the closed beta, and this is the first time it has occurred. Any help appreciated!KeroSene3 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 End of season reward pack missing? Two last season I hve been 20 and 18 rank and both times it have rewarded pack of card to me but have not seen any pack?Berg1 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 downloading problem trying to download hearthstone and it keeps getting stuck at running security scan and wont go any fartherrolecage0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Game Skips Several Turns Ive had 4 ranked games in a row now, where the oppenant's turn never ends. It sits there with them doing nothing, and no rope appearing. During this time my internet connection is working fine, I am able to stream video, refresh pages, search google....whatever. Then, after clicking the hay ole near the gryphon 4000 times, the game finally catches up. its my turn finally! Oh wait, the other player is drawing a card again? Oh, look its my turn! Oh never mind, the other player has taken about 4 turns since my last ability to click a card. No rope, no timer, no emotes, no warning, no nothing. I keep trying, maybe it was a glitch or something. I reset my internet, maybe this will help (though theres no apparent connection issue). I reload the game when I think its happening again, and "unable to connect to previous game" message occurs. So..... no what? I am just unable to play? I certainly can't continue losing stars due to the games lack of warning that a disconnect or something is happening. <br/><br/>I can't be the only one with this issue. I am playing on a mac if that helps.<br/><br/>The frustration is extreme. I have over 600$ into this game, yet I'm still not allowed to play.Larva0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Can't connect on a certain account I just started having this problem with Hearthstone where I am stuck at the screen with the logo. I've tried logging in on this account on 3 other devices, and none of them seem to work. When I logged in on a different account, I was able to connect on all 3. Does anybody know what could be wrong?SwagMasterT0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Game closes upon start up and linking issues Hi. When i start up the game on my PC (windows), I get an error message saying "We had some trouble checking what you own, so some things might be missing. Sorry about that! We'll try again next time you log on." Followed by Closed "opps! playful sprites ahve disrupted heartsotne as it was linking up to teh serve. please wait a few minutes for them to disperse and try re-launching the game." This repeated as i tried loading the game 6 times. Link to the image of error message: Please help. battletag - Dannywu#1188DannyWu15 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 PLZ HELP! My neighbor who ive had in my friends list for over a year suddenly is no longer showing up to try and fix it i have uninstalled and reinstalled hearthstone ive had him remove me and then i send him a request and he accepts but even so after he accepts i dont even see him in my friends list on the app and we ve tried having him send me msgs and i dont see them but i still see notifications when he invites me to spec his game but hes not showing in list so i cant acceptCindela0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Game Timed out I haven't been able to get past loading screen for the past hour. A error comes up saying that "there's been some problem checking what you own..." followed by the playful sprite disruption message. I even reinstalled the game. Help please?DirtyGerd7 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Packs haven't shown up. I bought 15 packs for 19.99$ and when I bought them I used to same protocol to buy them that I always do. With my credit card through the AppStore. I don't know what to do now. Is there a tech support number? Do I call apple and talk to them? Obviously I'm going to dispute the charges unless the packs magically arrive in my game. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.Abec226 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Black spots behind text and fps drop Plugged in the HDMI in the wrong spot. Fixed.Kiwiface0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Timed out Trying to build a deck and it times out in the middle of it. Help? this is !@#$Sarlust17 Jul 3, 2015