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Aug 12 Need help for Karazhan purchase I've accidentally bought the Karazhan purchase from my Ipad and I think I did it with real money. My Paypal account isn't connected to Bnet and I want to buy the adventure with golds. No a blue circle is turning and there's the message PURCHASE COMPLETING at the screen. How can I fix this problem? ThanksFalleen1 Aug 12
Aug 12 Lost my account and purchases. Hi. I recently had to reset my iPhone due a GPS issue in the process however I've lost all of my Heartstone data. I tried to log in again with Facebook and the fame created a new account instead of linking to my old one :/ I've lost over $100 of purchases of all the expansions, cards and general cards I've earned and collected. I tried everything and seem to have lost everything and now have a new account under the same name Arbiter297 which makes no sense to me. I have apple emails if all of my Hearthstone purchases. Please help me cause I will not be paying to get all my expansions back again and would like my old account back :(Arbiter2972 Aug 12
Aug 12 Oops , we were unable to start a game for you When I launch the game on the American servers it crashes and gives me the error "Oops, we were unable to start a game for you", it's not a network problem, other computers in my house can play Hearthstone on other accounts, but not this account. Launching on EU works sometimes. edit: Now the game crashes on all accounts and computers, any dns fix doesn't workUnknown1 Aug 12
Aug 12 Connection Issues When clicking the blue online button, the code BLZBNTBGS80000011 always pops up and then says 60 seconds, but then takes two to three minutes to connect. Is there any way to fix this connection issue? Thank you!!!GhostDog0 Aug 12
Aug 12 New adventure too hard for me... The new adventure with the free episode is too damn hard, the enemy always wins.... please, nerf him and make him have good cards not bad ones...thanks... PS. Optimize this game too when windowed..Xofan950 Aug 12
Aug 12 disconnecting/reconections Since the last patch , Hearthstone's disconnections were medium . But , from today , is unplayable . I entered today to play Karazhan's 1st wing , and the game throw me out/disconnected 3s each . It was like i was playing , 3 s later , disc. I reconnect , i play , again 3 s later , disconnect and so on ... I've given up after 1 hour .<br/><br/>Please , Blizzard . Fix this . This is a black spot in this , otherwise , awesome game .ChaosTitan0 Aug 12
Sep 6 I broke The Ai on The heroic magic mirror I played the heroic magic mirror and came to fatigue, he has 2 cards but can't play them, the ai wont find any play so won't make one. Combine this with the fact that there isn't a rope & i've been stuck looking at imminent victory for the past 15 minutesAkinoSouma2 Sep 6
Aug 12 Can`t purchase wings (error 10200244) Hello there. I'm having some trouble getting the Wings of the newest expansion. Once i try to im getting the "error 10200244". Any solutions?DeusDeorum0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Game crash My game keeps crashing whenever I log into hearthstone on a mobile device . I even tried logging in to another friends device and it would just crash the game in the title screen. Don't know how to fix this.Feels0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Accidental Refund? Okay here's my story. I had bought the newest expansion using my Google Play balance (ONiK), expecting to be able to play right away, I try to play The Palor only to find out the game didn't give me the content. Since in app purchases are handled through Google on Android, I requested a refund so I could try and purchase again. About 2 minutes after the request, the expansion was given to me, so I called Google to cancel the refund request, only to find out that the refund had already went through. I'm still able to play the expansion but I don't really want to until I have actually payed for it. Will blizzard eventually revoke the expansion? If so, how long?Maudanik0 Aug 12
Aug 15 Macbook Retina Display No Native Resolution? Hey all, Just wanted to comment that the current display on my 2012 model Macbook is grainy due to the fact that the screen is downscaling itself down to 1440x900, instead of 2880x1800, which is the default aspect ratio. Is there an option to provide 2880x1800 that I am missing? If not, can we please get more display resolutions available, because to be honest, the game looks like crap in it's current resolution. Thanks!tehdef10 Aug 15
Aug 12 Not getting Arena rewards. I finished an arena run, and haven't got my rewards or the key showing my highest wins in the quest log. Whats going on?ThugsBunny0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Unable to purchase entirety of Karazhan with gold I purchased the first wing of Karazhan with gold (thinking it would work the same way as previous adventures, where you had to purchase the wings individually with gold). However, as that purchase was pending, I noticed there was a purchase entire adventure option for gold. As soon as the transaction completed, that purchase entire adventure option disappeared (so I can no longer purchase the entirety of it with gold)! Since the other wings are not currently opened, it won't let me purchase them individually currently either. Is there any way for me to still purchase the rest of the adventure with gold (even though the wings aren't released) so I can qualify for getting the cardback for purchasing the entire adventure, or am I just screwed here?DracoLight2 Aug 12
Aug 12 Hearthstone won't load. Everytime I start the hearthstone app, I get the closed playful spirits. When I reload the app, it automatically closes every time.Tuto5 Aug 12
Aug 11 No reward. There is a mission that comes up, get any class to level 10, the reward says it is a pack. I only got the pack when I got my first class to level 10.Thatlldodonk0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Didn't get Morgl, the shaman skin. So I reffered a friend and he got to lvl 20, but when I checked my account for rewards I didn't get anything. If it helps my acc is W1ldJu1ce#1397 and my friends acc is DEMACIA#21893. What should I do?W1ldJu1ce0 Aug 11
Aug 11 What time does One Night in Karazhan launch? I thought it would launch at midnight and I am curious as to when it will launch?Koda69 Aug 11
Aug 11 Program Stops at Box with Hearthstone Logo I get through the loading screen, the opening cinematic, and then the game pauses at the box. See image: Please Help! Things I've already tried: Updating GeForce drivers Changing compatability to Windows 8, 7 and XP Resetting graphics with game settings. Run repair tool in app. Try to boot up in other region, automatically closes with "playful spirits" error.Ruk0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Not being offered Prologue mission Not being offered Prologue mission. Purchased the first wing and it says did not finish the Prologue mission. How do I get the Prologue mission back?Kweesenart2 Aug 11
Aug 11 cannot purchase one night at karazhan am trying to purchase one night at karazhan from google play i have a balance of 21.14 balance and the adventure cost 19.99 and i cannot buy it as it says inefficient balanceahmed4bh0 Aug 11
Aug 11 HS Won't Open on Primary Monitor So, this is a kind of specific question... I recently switched the physical positioning of my monitors (2) and adjusted the display settings in Windows (10) accordingly. Basically my primary monitor (set to landscape) used to be on the left and now it's on the right. The problem is, now, every time I open Hearthstone, it either opens up on my secondary monitor (set to portrait) or opens on my primary in the aspect ratio of my secondary monitor. I've tried switching it to windowed mode, but it even the window stays in 1080X1920. Also tried uninstalling/reinstalling and nuking anything to do with HS from Windows Explorer, but I noticed that the only thing that works is if I change the display settings in Windows so that it thinks my primary monitor is on the left. I guess this is kind of the same question as I saw on a few posts asking how to open HS on a secondary monitor, but is there any way I can force HS to open on a particular monitor and, more to the point, force the aspect ratio?st4bhappy2 Aug 11
Aug 11 Where are my cards? I opened up 2 packs... but I can't find the cards I got in my collection??? Really weird...Johny2 Aug 11
Aug 11 One Night In Karazhan/Can't play it I opened and it said One Nigh In Karazhan went live in Europe and i launched it and there is nothing please help?RockerSkull1 Aug 11
Aug 11 purchase with amazon credits hi I purchased the Alleria Windrunner hero skin with amazon credits on my fire tablet, it charged me for the purchase and then immediately disconnected. I don't have the hero available in my hero skins tab. What do I do about this? I was hoping to use my Amazon credits for the new expansion tomorrow but i'm afraid to lose money now.snuffy0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Web Cert When go to enter the One Night in Karazhan Now Live doesn't load, goes to a screen saying problem with Web security certificate.sennaseven0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Graphical issue with Imp Master The portrait of the card Imp Master has disappeared from the game. Everytime I see the card it has a black oval instead, like in the image below. Is it a known bug? Aug 11
Aug 11 A way to see old chat on Android? I had a friend provide me some information via chat on Android and while I was writing it down the game crashed thanks to the Karazhan traffic. Is there a way I can go back and see that chat log?Pandafarmer1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Buying with Amazon accounts Is it safe to pay with multiple accounts? Probably all money is being given to Blizzard so I think it's nothing bad. Can i do this?KrisRock0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Since latest patch Hearthstone won`t launch/update When i try to update i get message We`re having a problem transferring data, please check your internet connection just in case and try again. All other games i can update without issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled SC2 without issues. I only have this problem with Hearthstone. I uninstalled Hearthstone and now i cannot even install it again. I tried to completely uninstall Bnet app and reinstalled it. Hearthstone still doesn`t work. Now the game is not even installed. When i try to install it i get same message as before when i tried to updated it. Forgot to mention, now that the game is uninstalled, and i try to reinstall, it says updating......, though there is nothing to updated. I don`t have the game anymore on my PC.justloseit0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Still crashing as of 8/10/16; Unplayable Despite the recommended task manager work around and a solid month since the problem occurred, I am still unable to use hearthstone on PC due to game crash errors. It seems to have only gotten worse with the patch from the 9th. As soon as I draw a card, the game instantly freezes. As soon as I reconnect, the game crashes again. Absolutely broken since Murgle joined. As one of many customers who've invested countless hours and dollars into the game and it's expansions, I would have hoped that an issue that inhibits actually playing the game would have been a high priority fix in the past 60+ days.Peppergoat8 Aug 11
Aug 11 cards when missing? When you win the tavern brawl, you receive a pack of new cards, when i open it, and want to my collection to see those cards, they don't show any those cards. It seem missing. Is this a bug or is this something wrong. It seem like when you receive a pack or buy a pack of cards. It lose some or all the cards. Is something wrong with this new update? Please advise?MightyBeast0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Game freezing, then resuming, then still freezing Was playing just now and the game started lagging REALLY BAD. I was able to complete a game and thought my computer needed to be restarted, so I did that. I also ran a speed test when the reboot was done and constant 56Mps DL speed. Opened Hearthstone after a fresh reboot and still lagging hardcore, then it froze for over 2 minutes, then I got the "Resuming your game..." message and it froze there for over 3 minutes. Obviously I lost the match so I went to my task manager and closed the program manually. I haven't done anything to my computer at all in like the past month. I see lots of posts about crashing and freezing. Do you think I'm in the same boat? This is the first time this has happened to me, but others seems like they've had it since the last patch. What step should I take next?Cairo7 Aug 11
Aug 11 Heartsone doesn't detect the latest patch not sure if i am in the right place, my heathstone doesn't detect the latest patch. i am not seeing the adventure but i downloaded the pactch the adventure doesn't appear in the shop but i can see and played this week tavern brawl. i even deleted and re instaled the game but it wont work. my hearthsone is at patch 6.0.0yenklash1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Disenchanting doesn't give dust! Солмир#2901, NA (russian letters) Disenchanting doesn't give dust since 11.08.2016! I disenchanted 6 packs for NOTHING, recognised it too late! And I can't get dust anymore! Pls help!Солмир0 Aug 11
Aug 11 time out not triggering Hi there, im currently playing vs a warlock named SiaSanna and he`s holding a card now for 15 mins without triggering the time out function. I`d like to report him and i hope you will fix this bug. It`s really annoying if such players force you to give up! cheersFeoderon0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Korean spam flood in Community Discussion forum Thought the mods would like to know about this since over 5 full pages of spam is too much to report individually. They're still spamming on multiple accounts as I type this. Relevant forum: Screenshot: Aug 11
Aug 11 Patch no longer runs with Dual Monitor Setup (Vertical Monitor) Hey, just wanted to share my issue since the latest patch. I have 2 monitors Primary Monitor (1): 1920x1080 resolution Secondary Monitor(2) 1080x1920 resolution (note that its vertical). Its configured so that this one is actually to the left, even though its monitor #2. The monitor settings look like this: Anyhow, when launching, it seems to take the dimensions of the second monitor, and then put the game full screen on the primary monitor, meaning the picture is narrow and tall, making most of the game not visible. It looks like this: Disabling the second monitor fixes this temporarily. This was not an issue before todays patch.PimpWilly23 Aug 11
Aug 11 i updated today, where my kel'thuzad and others? I am missing at least one card with my update. I crafted this.Cersei0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Packs missing, purchased with Amazon coins I recently purchased 10,000 coins from amazon and purchased 40 classic packs. I then attempted to purchase 40 more and the screen froze. When I restarted the app it said I only had 40 packs so I returned to the store to purchase the other 40 packs and it said I only had 700ish gold left. I'm missing 40 packs as my gold has been charged. Thanks for your help.ALoveSupreme0 Aug 11
Aug 11 Game crashed 2 times. 2 times and thanks to this I've had 2 arena losses.Grizli0319 Aug 11
Aug 11 Problem loading hearthstone Hello, I haave a problem with HS. I couldn't log in today so I tried reinstalling the game, it didn't work. I couldn't even get past the login. I then tried refreshing my IP, didn't do any good either. Later on I uninstalled completely out of my computer and copy-pasted the folder from my other laptop. Now I can at least log in to the main screen, I can press on everything except for Games. SHOP and NEWS work just fine. Tried opening Hearthstone directly from the application but obviously it didn't work either. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Gorxorent5 Aug 11
Aug 11 FAKE REWARD!!?? what the.. is going on? i just log in after pach 6.0.0 and then..boob reward again reno and brand and lot of cards...bug or what?davinci981 Aug 11
Aug 11 Hearthstone says I need to update but the game doesn't update I downloaded it through Amazon App Store (on my phone) and it says "Hearthstone has been updated! Please download the latest version" when I tap and try to find an update on the Amazon App Store,no update can be downloaded. Edit : Tried to uninstall and re-install but the game doesn't appear in the App store at all.A little look through older threads shows that this isn't the first time such a thing happens (in fact it is the third),it seems that the Amazon app was updated too early and I will not be playing until the patch hits the PC version too (which it did,not sure why I cannot download and play the game)Squirrel2 Aug 11
Aug 10 App reinstalling itself Hello. I played 5 brawls today, and about 1h30min earlier, my HS app suddenly went into "Installing..." mode and was stuck like that at 1/4 of progress. Did a phone (iPhone 5s, btw) restart, and the 1/4 progress got reset and it started downloading all over again. Now I don't mind such things much, but it does bother me when they happen suddenly. So, can anyone tell me what happened few hours ago? Thanks. P.S. Blizzard, your forum sometimes deletes my posts for no reason. Explain, please.Ant0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Connecting error. Hi! Since some time I can't log in to my account on Everything with my informations to log-in are okay. Just one thing. Some time ago, i was connecting with account pretty fast. Today, I can't even do that... All I can do is watch "Logging in" and then (after 10 mins) read the message that is about failure in connecting. It is error 3018 if I remember correctly (yes. I can't even turn on program right now, without logging in). I've read in the technical support, there may be some works on the server. I just wanted to know - Am I the only person who got this kind of problem right now? (Sorry for bad english. I'm still learning :v)Notrickcs0 Aug 10
Aug 10 FIXED THE CONSTANT CRASHING !!!! ohhh i downloaded the new update with hope in my heart, I thought have they fixed the constant crashing problem soo many of have had after the patch before this new one, i was gleeful in the download, i was excited in the loading screen .. i played 1 game --- it stuttered i played a second game .. round 7 .. looking good --- round 8 .. Hearthstone.exe "not responding" ... ok a minor glitch me thinks .. try again .. reconnect to your game -- yay !!! 2 SECONDS LATER ...."HEARTHSTONE.EXE" NOT RESPONDING RECONNECT .. 3 SECONDS AFTER RECONNECT HEARTHSTONE.EXE" NOT RESPONDING RECONNECT AGAIN ... 10 SECONDS THIS TIME HEARTHSTONE.EXE" NOT RESPONDING FIX THIS PLEASE .. ITS NOT MY PCBungeditin7 Aug 10
Aug 10 Game keeps crashing! Ever since Morgl was added to the game whenever I play on PC I can't get past the first turn without getting "Hearthstone.exe has stopped responding popping up." I tried everything! I updated my drivers restarted my pc uninstalled Hearthstone as well!Glace5 Aug 10
Aug 10 Game STILL freezing, even after patch 6.0 Got to play 1 full game this time, more than I've been able to do with my PC in a month or so, but game 2? Crash central: froze up, closed game, restarted, rejoined game, froze up, repeat. Now you expect me to pay for a new adventure expansion? In the immortal words of Steven Tyler: Dream On.SIronheart0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Lost Arena Game Due to Patch I was playing an arena game this morning, and my record was 8-2. I don't know if I would've won or lost the game, but I got disconnected with the message " Hearthstone has been updated..." etc Of course I lost the game due to disconnect. Is there any recourse for this situation? Thanks!Aerinon0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Bug from patch Taileson3 Aug 10