Technical Support

May 5 I can't log into wild heroic brawl I can't log into wild heroic brawl, it stays waiting for authorization when I try to restart it still freeze that page I can't do anything about itzbj62660 May 5
May 5 Issues with TrackPad on Touchscreen Laptop For the past few months, I have experienced a weird issue with the cursor. Sometimes, when I use my laptop's touch screen too much in game, my trackpad becomes unable to interact with the Hearthstone game client. At that point, I am only able to use my touch screen until I close and reopen the application. Clicking with my trackpad has no effect; they don't register at all. Any idea what this is and how to fix it?Frizzank5 May 5
May 5 Shop Closed I've been playing (almost exclusively) on the mobile app since it came out. The shop has been down before only when my connection was bad or the server had issues. For the past 2 days the shop has been down even though neither of the above conditions was met. I haven't changed any settings on my phone. How can I fix this?MuRuK1 May 5
May 5 Unable to Enter/Reconnect to a Match I'm having two issues that popped up simultaneously, so I can't help but think they're related. First of all, my game has been opening in a very wide but narrow window. ( Then, I go to queue in ranked (standard, in case that's relevant). The cancel button goes away but I never actually enter a game. I then proceed to close the game and restart it. I've closed and restarted Hearthstone in 10 times in some cases, and I repeatedly see this screen ( The reconnect never completes. Any similar issues?Kooshaza1 May 5
May 5 Game locked up and then crashed when queuing I was queuing for an arena run (currently 6-2) and then the cancel button disappeared, and the spinner kinda stopped spinning but nothing was readable. the game proceeded to stop working and close after about 30ish seconds, and then when I restarted the game it took a while to load up and then said that I lost my arena run (ending my streak, which I was feeling good about). Nothing on my computer overheating, internet is good, plenty of memory and cpu available. was on windows 10.cnoz1 May 5
May 5 Cant play my hero card or end the had When I am playing hearthstone on my android phone,i would get to the level where I have to use my hero power card, but it won't let me pick it up or move it even though it is green and I am unable to end the hand. What can I do?Badassb1tch1 May 5
May 5 [Linux] Linux & Wine: Recent change crashing battlenet helper Hearthstone had been working flawlessly with Wine 1.9.x for the past few weeks. Then a couple of days ago, " Helper.exe" started crashing continuously. Just like described here: This seems to be caused by wine 1.9.6 -> 1.9.7slacka39 May 5
May 5 iPod Touch 6 When ever I play hearthstone for some reason it show the iPad UI while playing. There are black borders on the left and right side of my screen and the buttons are too small to press. It is also really hard to real the text. I think I have the same problem people with iPhone SEs used to have.Zeldris1 May 5
May 5 Hearthstone keeps crashing. So, I play hearthstone a lot. It's probably my favourite game to play right now. But this crashing will not let me play. What happened, is that I logged in to play on my phone (usually i play on computer but since im on vacation, im on my phone) and for no reason, it starts telling me about the year of the kraken and the whole update/card expansion that came out in May which ive already seen. When it gets to the screen where it says, "try to switch to standard" (from wild) and i tap the icon to switch to standard, the whole game crashes, and at one point restarted my phone. Ive restarted my phone, turned it off and on, re downloaded the app, and nothing works. It makes me tap the icon too, i cant just not tap it to get out of it. Im sure that if i just log onto the computer, go through the whole thing its showing me and play, and then go back on my phone it will work. But i have no access to a computer right now and this is all i really have to play in downtime on my vacation. Please help.Yolle236 May 5
May 5 iPhone - Crash on Pack Opening This has probably been written about a million times before today, but on my iPhone my game crashes whenever the pack opening animation does its splat thing. Anyone found a workaround for opening packs on iPhone other than just using a PC?coldrun4 May 5
May 5 Rogue quest glitched? So I've been in two games now where I've got my rogue quest and then the card that it gives you that makes all your minions 5/5 it just disappears. It says I've completed the quest but after the card is just gone. It's not in my hand it's not anywhere to be found it doesn't auto cast or anything. This is kind of annoying and I'm guessing this would be the only place to post about this. This is also a warning if you're playing quest rogue be very careful cause it might glitch on you also.Kek2 May 5
May 5 WTF Rogue Quest still dont work Bad enough gotta BUY the !@#$ing cards now----Why dont they work????? Just lost a 6 win run because GD quest card just goes away. Had to buy enough cards to make it, take time to make a deck that works, then get %^-*ed on my run because you cant make the !@#$ing card work. THANKSJHodges1 May 5
May 5 Waiting for authorization - Apple / iOS I'm getting that problem with my iPad. I've been trying to purchase some packs and I have sufficient funds but it's stuck with the "Waiting for authorization" screen forever now. I've googled and looked for answers, logged out and logged back in and also restarted my iPad but haven't found any solutions. Edit: I'm trying to buy the packs through my iTunes account of course.iJonMai226 May 5
May 10 70 million players and ONLY 25 ranks ??? Hi Blizzard, i don't know why you still have ONLY 25 ranks with 70 millionen players? At the beginning of HS 25 ranks were the right decision, but now with 70 million players you should extend to 50. You're doing a good job at Heroes of the Storm with the ranking system but here on HS i'am on ranked 25 and can't loose more points - BUT I WANT THAT !!! I don't want to play on 25 against these ungoro quest players - i hate it!!! It's ridicolous, at the beginning of HS i could play till rank 14 with normal decks and now i can't loose points on rank 25 because they play these overpowered noob quest style. They can do it, i have no problem to loose against them, but please let me loose point to play against weaker players thanksnaloom29 May 10
May 4 Gameplay Issues and questions for a fix Unable to use coins to purchase wings in Karazhan. Unable to play with Standard even though deck is made with Standard only cards.NinjaMonkey1 May 4
May 4 my achievements are gone for season 10 my achievements are gone for season 10 any help is appreciated . if I type shift j achievements are completely blank.trainer141 May 4
May 4 Free packs Free packs for logging into website in May not occurring for me.Thqut1 May 4
May 4 Sync Accounts I'm sorry if this is on the forums but I couldn't find it. I have a hearthstone account on my iPad. I want to merge that account with my BNET account so I can move my progress from my iPad to my PC. How do I do this? Thanks!Zyn26 May 4
May 4 HS LAG I've recently starting having this problem where hearthstone will randomly lag for like 4-5 seconds during a game several times on my desktop. This doesn't happen when i play on my same wifi with my phone or tablet. It also only occurs with hearthstone, it doesn't occur when I'm playing Overwatch, or watching twitch or anything else. I tried deleting the cache folder as recommended but it didn't help. I made sure my Nvidia driver is up to date. Any suggestions?Popsicles4 May 4
May 4 Frozen loading screen Got the game this afternoon, worked perfectly through the first run. Left for work, and then got back around 9:30 , and tried to load it up again. After the launcher finished updating , I clicked play and it showed the intro loading screen. Nothing else. I could move the mouse but nothing changed, I couldn't even switch screens or access the task manager. So I reset my computer. I tried it again, and it had the same result, I waited 20 minutes, and still frozen with the same effect. I tested it with other programs and they worked fine. Apparently there is a bug with the first loading screen since the update. It may be a backed up server line from other beta testers but there was no time limit or way of knowing if it was.Darkdalon82 May 4
May 7 Complaint about Pack RNG Complaint about pack RNG. I feel like blizzard has gotten many of these lately, I usually don't bother with stuff like this, but for once I feel robbed by this game. If blizzard gave us a pack everyday I don't think anyone would have a full set of cards after years of play. Seriously. That would be a login bonus everyday for 18 legends a year. That would be rewarding your players for spending money. There are a lot of games out there that don't require this, and I understand that this is supposed to be a "card" game. I've played a lot of card games, and I've learned only chumps by packs. Everyone who plays seriously buys singles. We can't even do that with hearthstone, therefore this isn't a card game. It's a digital lottery. And only fools play the lottery. I think I'll be parting ways with hearthstone despite my investment. It just isn't worth it anymore. Blizzard, you don't work hard enough to deserve the money.her0aye9 May 7
May 4 Can't sign-in on a New Fire tablet I am unable to sign-in for the first time on a new Fire tablet. After Hearthstone loads, I attempt to sign-in as an Existing User. It looks as though it tries to bring up a web browser, is unsuccessful, and then crashes. Any advice?GreenEnvy1 May 4
May 4 ALL TABLES FULL??!! 9/16/16, 5pm CST. Come on Blizzard!!! I was just kicked off the app (iPad) and now it just keeps telling me, "all tables full" with NO wait time provided. Been playing long enough to know this is in itself a rarity much less getting kicked for it and no time table..... PLEASE FIX this issueRazorSaint81 May 4
May 4 Hearthstone music Guyes pls help me... where can i find a trumpet song used on tournaments after a player wins?Josiash1 May 4
May 4 Have not received my packs for picking college champ I picked Rutgers to win the College tournament before the deadline and I have not received that packs for picking them to win it all. Can someone help me with this? Thank youthelegendtom5 May 4
May 4 Missing legendary I recently opened a golden Swamp king dred, and now it's not in my collection, please helpAmelung1 May 4
May 4 Heroic brawl bug Apparently i only lost one game in heroic brawl and yet it was counted as 2 losses???? what a rip off of 1000 goldDownieXD0 May 4
May 4 "Freezes on Quit" "bug" Solution I noticed one day that Hearthstone was lagging my computer AND would not quit without freezing. Apparently, it seems that these two symptoms were the result of the "Windows 10 Creators Update". Below are the steps to fix this: 1. Open the Start Menu. 2. Type "File Explorer" and press "Enter". 3. Copy and paste "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone" into the address bar and press "Enter". 2. Right click on "Hearthstone.exe". 3. Click on "Properties". 4. Click on the "Compatibility" tab. 5. Click/Check the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior.". 6. Ensure that the drop-down menu under "Scaling performed by:" is set to "Application". 7. Hearthstone should now quit normally and use less system resources (smoother operation of background applications). Hope this works for others!Wilson0 May 4
May 4 Heroes of storm card back still not come. Hey blizzard team when will come our heroes of the storm card back ??Rqmforadream19 May 4
May 4 Can't load into games Hi, Lately my hearthstone has been starting as a very small window, and then when I attempt to connect to any game the opponent finder continuously spins. I do not load in to the game, and if I exit the game and reboot, it does not connect me either, and I am given a loss. Very frustrating bug, any idea how to fix?Monsoonz7 May 4
May 4 Can't get into game Hello, after I click play the logo with the door behind pops up and that is all. The icon above the logo flashes. It is been like this for 2 days, so I can get into actual game. EU server.Actrion0 May 4
May 4 Having problems buying arenas etc. I have been using amazon coins to buy arenas and it has failed to give 4-5 of my arenas and right now when I attempted to buy one yesterday it went to the attempting to authenticate and still has not loaded its keeping me from playing heroic brawl and everything really suckso3hampus0 May 4
May 4 Paid for 40 Card packs that I never received I made a purchase through iTunes App Store of 49.99 USD for 40 Classic card packs and have received none of them although I have a receipt from Apple in my email and my account was debited for the amount. Very frustrating and only looking for solutions. Thanks.Ripred0 May 4
May 4 reporting a player How do we report players?? I played against someone named "Rambunctious" and after I won they sent me a friend's request, which I accepted. They then preceded to send me messages that said "go f* yourself" and then "go kill yourself" and finally "I hope you die in a car accident this weekend" . I never got to reply, because right after they removed me as a friend. I think this person should be banned. Now before a tech says this is not a reportable problem, then make it one. So easy to put a "report player" button for players. There are children who play and many who would be highly offended by this type of trash talk. You have ability to report players on other blizzard games, it should be the same on hearthstone.Marity5 May 4
May 4 Where are my free packs for May? The loading screen says any one logging in during May gets 3 free Un'Goro packs. I logged in 5-1 on my Samsung phone and got 3 free basic packs for the Samsung promo, and my pack for playing a game on my android, but when I log in on computer it says everyone gets 3 free of this expansion and I have not gotten those.Banyon0 May 4
May 3 Can't click 'done' after opening pack Just wanted to let it be known this is happening. The game also froze up on me completely after just spectating a match. Had to 'quit' from the menu to proceed.WootWoot2 May 3
May 3 Can't get past quest intro screen I've tried closing and reopening Hearthstone and the Blizzard launcher twice now. When I enter hearthstone, I get to the screen that shows my 3 active quests. There is also the blurb at the bottom about 70 million players and the "learn more" button, but nothing on this screen can be clicked to enter the game. Hovering over the 'learn more' button causes it to highlight and make the sound effect, but clicking anywhere on this screen does nothing and I can't get into the game.Nikadavies0 May 3
May 3 HS Crashes Whenever I Try To Quit The Game Title. Its been happpening lately, i searched it up a little and found out disabling stream could help... well it didin't. Any help will be highly appreciable.Derenzo7 May 3
May 3 Accidentally disenchanted my last card can i please get a full dust refund for a card I last disenchanted accidentally which is dragonfire potionpepekroni1 May 3
May 3 Wrong Display Size On Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro I report that hearthstone display desktop size on My Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (Model SM-C900F/DS). I already uninstalled it before, then reinstall again. I download it directly from google play with my mobile device. I can't see clearly this very small letters and images. Please to fix it, becoz I love hearthstone.LivingLegend1 May 3
May 3 Hearthstone crashes every time I try to exit. Just that. Is it a common problem? Is there a solution?MagicMan1 May 3
May 3 Asia server down? The Asia Server's seem not to be working. I'd look at the Asia region part of the forum but it doesn't seem to gave an English language option or support google translate.Pyro8881 May 3
May 3 Pink screen with updated drivers After a long time of not updating my graphics drivers, I decided to do so. Surprisingly after being done with the process I try running HS and I got the pink screen which i've never seen before. I ran the Direct X Diagnostic Tool but the file I get is huge, should I post it here?. Thanks in advance for the helpAL8GOMEZ1 May 3
May 3 Бабушка Открывал комплекты и попалась бабушка. захожу в коллекцию, а там ее нету,и создать я ее не могу.ЕЕ просто нету.....помогите!Dellay0 May 3
May 3 no hearthstone sound Hey, I started playing hearthstone again, a week in i lose all sound to the game, all my sounds are turned up and i have been through the sound trouble shooting that blizzard provides including advanced but i still have no sound and as i have just brought the "one night in karazkan" it is frustrating that i cant play it with sound. please help.Geared4 May 3
May 3 Missing Packs Hey guys, i startet Hearthstone on an Android and an Tablet, but I didnt got my rewards :) What can I do? ~ExoExoplace0 May 3
May 2 Hearthstone stops responding Hi all, After the patch today, every time I close Hearthstone, my computer tells me hearthstone.exe has stopped working. It has happened four times today already. Any ideas on what could be causing this?AtroposBane99 May 2
May 2 FPS Display? I logged into Hearthstone this morning and for some reason in the top left corner it appears the FPS is being displayed. I cannot figure out how this was turned on and how I can turn it off. I am not running FRAPS or anything else that would display the FPS so I assume its something in the client? Any support would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!Hoxx6 May 2
May 2 Blizzard "APP" a joke, immense performance hog This is ridiculous. I was wondering why HS was lagging recently. And wondering why I kept seeing my cpu usage at %20-50 when not doing anything, always seeing the APP and its dumb helpers at the top of the usage in task manager. I realized that if I close the useless APP after I start the game, fps is perfect again! What gives? I don't want this crappy APP. Let me just launch HS directly! Or, failing that ideal solution, FIX IT! You are overheating computers and wasting energy all across the world!LordPuggles1 May 2