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5d Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from firesidegatherings.com) Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Keganbe334 5d
Jul 5 Hotfixes! These are the most recent updates to Hearthstone. This only covers bug fixes that are not included in patch notes.Grizzle24 Jul 5
Aug 27 Did not get Arena rewards? There is something that has been causing a lot of confusion, and thus a ton of bug reports, and it's this... When an Arena run is forced to retire due to special limited time events (like Wildfest, or the Blizzcon special arena cards), the rewards are put directly into your collection when the run is retired. The opening of the chest is a purely visual thing. So, if you come back 2 weeks later, and click the key to "open" your rewards, it looks to you like you didn't get anything. In reality, the rewards shown were granted you already. This is especially confusing when it comes to the card packs that are awarded. On your end, you see yourself getting 1 Kobolds pack, but you have no packs to open. This is because the cards from that pack you earned were put directly into your collection as well. tldr; You did get your rewards, they were just put directly into your collection before you clicked the key.Grizzle56 Aug 27
Jan 31 Card Stuck Hovering/Never Roping This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png "Disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn't a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. Since this is due to disconnects, the only time that we need this reported is when it ALWAYS happens from doing the EXACT SAME thing. If it happens every single time you play Fireball, report it. That is a bug. As a tip, if you run into this and realize it soon enough. Immediately force close your game and restart. If you are fast enough, there is a chance you can still reconnect to that game to finish it out :)Grizzle0 Jan 31
Aug 3 iOS Golden Animation Temporarily Disabled Greetings, We recently discovered a visual issue occurring on both iPhones and iPads. Due to the nature of this issue, high resolution textures and Golden card animations have been temporarily disabled at this time to resolve this matter. Thank you for your patience.Aelathera0 Aug 3
Aug 24 Known Issues - Updated August 23rd, 2018 May 8 2018 We are aware of an issue with Brawliseum where if a player started a Brawliseum run and retired it automatically, an visual bug occurs where an extra pack reward displays on the Open Packs screen. We are currently investigating.Zeriyah4 Aug 24
19m Bug Hyldnir Frostrider Hello everyone, I would like to report a bug on the Hyldnir Frostrider, this is not the first time it happens, when the servants attacked just before the card is played, they are not frozen the next turn, it was very frustrating to lose my arena match because of that.Wingfear0 19m
23m Murmuring Elemental doesn't trigger Keleseth So I played Murmuring Elemental before Prince Keleseth and it didn't work. I didn't even get the normal +1/+1 buff. I don't know what else to say. Now you know.Tærsker2 23m
2h No rewards recieved I want to report that i havent recieved any rewards from the termination of my arena run on the event start. I had a 3-2 arena run and when hallow started it was terminated for the new arena. I got an additional free arena ticket, and a reward screen said ill get a pack, 25 dust and a third reward that i think was some gold but im not sure. But i didnt recieve those rewards. I contacted blizz support via ticket snd they told me that the pack might have beem automaticly opened and the cards placed in my inventory, but i had no new cards nor anything to disenchant. That happend on my NA account DonBoba #2513 Recruit link for that account https://battle.net/recruit/ZW7W9PD8Z6?blzcmp=raf-hs&s=HS&m=androidphone If i need to provide anything else, let me know.DonBoba5 2h
2h Did not get Witch's Cauldron card. Logged in and did not receive the free golden Witch’s Cauldron card.HunterXY3 2h
3h Unable to play on iOS in a different language Since the last update (June 2018) we are unable to play Hearthstone on iOS in a different language. See this: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/8pau7p/bug_on_ios_after_recent_patch/ The workaround it's working but I don't want the language of my phone be dependent on one game. Thanks!Mandervil1 3h
7h Counterspell vs combo cards If a spell is countered its still counted as cast? And triggers combo abilities on following cards? Bug or intended? Logic would say a countered card was not cast as it was negated by a previously played counterspell. Combo should not work without successfully casting a new card to make the combo happen.UltraViolent3 7h
8h Disable golden cards in Arena It's not a bug, it's a feature, one that is really getting on my nerves. When playing on mobile and drafting an arena, inevitably you have to scroll up and down your deck to decide what pick fits your deck. However, if you hit a golden card when attempting to drag, instead the card will be dragged, prompting a message to "disable golden cards for this arena run". If you click yes, no golden cards. If you click no, try and drag the deck again, hit another golden card... well here you have that prompt again. Put that in the options menu or make it a one time prompt. You could even just make the prompt only appear if you do a sidewards movement on a golden card instead of up and down. Anything is better than what it is at currently. I don't want to click that stupid message away 8 times in a single arena draft. And I like playing with golden cards.Trandor2 8h
9h ERROR ARENA 17/10/2018 la ultima actualización me arroja un error ! se queda congelado el juego en ARENAOnFireWin0 9h
11h No daily quests I started playing again a week ago and I did not get a single quest since then. I tried everything I could find on the forum as possible solution but nothing happened so far. I don’t know if I will ever have quests again.Sanyi12 11h
12h Halloween patch deleted prior Arena run I’m sure I’m not alone on this... Anyone else have their arena run wiped when they downloaded the Halloween patch? Let me reword that... I had an arena run going which I started yesterday and I lost it today when the Halloween patch dropped. When I chose arena it finished my run with a record of 1 win and 0 losses and automatically pulled me into the free arena run for the Halloween season. Anyone else have this experience?StONedLLaMa2 12h
14h Can we please fix the "new card" bug already? Seriously, how long do we have to have this nuisance? What is happening is also pretty obvious, as the cards it keeps claiming as "new" are cards that are being played against you. Why it randomly thinks some of these cards are "new" to your collections is the mystery. But after every single arena run it marks 2-3 cards that people played against me as "new" in my collection.... cards I have had 2x of for months.Xenite23 14h
15h iOS - Crash on login tests and "fix" I tried to install Hearthstone on iOS all day just to realize that it's crashing on a lot of iOS devices. So I decided to make some tests to discover what exactly was causing the issue; I don't know if someone already posted this observations or if it will be helpful but I decided to post it anyway and hopefully it can save people the many hours that I lost. (Sorry if I didn't use the names of the buttons exactly like in the game, my game is in portuguese). If you want a "fix" jump to Third try. After many uninstalls and installs, looks like it is a BattleNet account bug. Here is what I tried: First Try: 1 - Install > Update > tried to Login on BattleNet account > CRASH. Maybe the game didn't download all essential data to start, resulting in Crash. So I tried to force the download: Second Try: 1 - Uninstall > Install > Update 2- (Don't log in) > Close HS > disable Wifi > Enable 4G 3- Open HS > On menu click on Settings (Top right corner) 4- Click Download Asset > Check download over cellular data 4- Repeat 2, 3 > Wait the download finish and download bar disappear. 5 - Now I tried to click on new game instead of login > Tutorial > And then skip registration. 6- Played the game normally Looks like everything was working fine, so I did some more tests: T1- (without closing the game) Registered a new account when asked > No issues. T2- Closed game and opened it again > No issues. T3 - Tried to change account to my old one > CRASH. Here it became clear that is was an account issue. So I skipped steps 2, 3, and 4 of previous try. Third Try: 1 - Uninstall > Install > Update 2 - click on new game instead of login > Tutorial > And then skip registration 3 - Play game normally. 3a - (If you want to play in a new account, you can register now and it will still work). 4 - Here I tried to login in my recently created account > No issues. Results: Looks like there is something different on "old" and recently created BattleNet Accounts that makes the previous one incompatible with the mobile version of the game. Maybe it's something like settings or even data structure. So, based on my observations the game will not Crash as long as you do not try to login in an old account. This sucks, because you are forced to start a new account in order to play it on iOS... but at least its good for new players. Let's hope the Devs already found this issue and are trying to solve it. If you have any experience about this issue, please share it. Who knows, maybe it can help Devs to solve it faster.Lognart42 15h
16h Even Shaman hero power reverts back During my last ranked game of Even Shaman against a Deathrattle HUnter deck, my hero power reverted back to the regular hero power after I hero powered on Turn 1. Please give me back the lost star for the game. I cannot report the bug in game so you will have to get the information from your records.Colaemboe6 16h
16h Rank 25 message I get a lot of notifications about my friends reaching 25 rank in wild. Funny thing is that they all are old players and don't play wild at all.Kamroni2 16h
16h Are HTC Championship packs being distributed? I chose JustSaiyan and he won quite a few matches but I never received any packs in-game from his victories. I was wondering if the packs just aren't distributed yet, or if this is a bug? I also cheered enough bits to earn the Twitch card back, so on the community rewards panel there is a little green unlocked symbol on 3 red blips saying I should get those packs as well however it says unredeemed in red.Eldritch2 16h
17h Chest shows current rank instead of highest Hi there, for a peroid of a few days I have noticed, that the chest displayed into the questlog shows my current rank instead of the highest rank have reached this month. Normally the current rank is displayed by the weapon shield left beside (as it still does) and the chest shows the highest rankof the month for which I will get my reward after season end. Likely a bug? I am playing on the European game server. Best Regards IngoSkyrFire0 17h
17h Steel Rager Can't Attack When playing Steel Rager (5/1 rush minion), it cannot attack on the turn I have played it. This has happened twice in arena mode. Has anybody else had this issue? Until I hear of a fix, I guess I will just never draft it in decks.Bohemond5 17h
18h (ARENA)Hyldnir Frostider didn't freeze Hey, I found the following problem. It happened in the Arena The card "Hyldnir Frostider" does not always freeze all opponents. It happened to me that it froze only two of the five cards. Once it happened that it did not freeze anyone.Reusik2 18h
18h Prince Keleseth Every game I play with Prince Keleseth the buff doesnt apply to my deck. It's happened about 5 times now and all in ranked games. please fix.Mancub2 18h
19h Charge minion not working in arena Was playing arena, I top-decked lethal with the charge 4/3 (Kor'kron Elite). But then i couldn't click on the minion. The dude proceeds to unidentified shield and gain 15 armor, for 2 turns in a row, so gaining 30 armor right after i missed my lethal. I remember something like this happened with my viscous scalehide before, also in arena. Pretty salty right now.Kuntato1 19h
20h Academic Espionage and Crystology Just experienced a funny interaction while playing Rogue against a Paladan which actually won me the game. After playing Academic Espionage, I drew into a 1-mana Crystology. Upon playing the Crystology, I drew into another 1-mana Crystology and a 1-mana Sunkeeper Tarim. The card text for Crystology states "Draw two 1-Attack minions from your deck." Instead, I drew two 1-Mana cards, one being a spell, and the other being a 3-attack minion. This scenario might not occur fairly often, but I felt that it was broken enough to report it. Apologies if this has been reported before, and for not having any screenshot/video to prove this.Blaze2 20h
20h Can only play ranked matches? So I'm having this issue where I'm only able to play ranked matches in play mode and the solo adventures. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. Anyone else having this issue?JennW172 20h
20h Free Arena Ticket Hello there. It might be just a visual bug. following happened today: I opened arena, and clicked the button to enter with 150 gold. as i did, i got kicked out to main menu, but my gold count got smaller. When i reentered Arena a message popped up that the next arena run will be for free (same as last week). and then i could start to select my hero and draft. but still i actually paid for this round. also the next one i started was not for free. My first question is. Are we supposed to get a free arena run now? (beside the one last week, that worked as intended for me) Or is it supposed to happen later, like, when tavern brawl comes, and maybe a quest that gives us a koft pack for playing arena? Did anyone experience somthing similar? Regards MikeMike11 20h
21h Didnt receive legend cardback Hi, I just hit legend rank but didn't receive my cardback, I contacted Blizzard support and they mentioned that I should post here to try to resolve that. Thanks for your assistance on this.Lateralus1 21h
21h WW Monster Hunt Quests I have not received Witchwood Monster Hunt quests on my new account. Normally the first quest of the chain was appearing alongside with Lunara quest after completing first daily quests. However I did not get them. I was having fun while doing those quests for experience for 4 classes and free 4 WW packs. Is it a bug or the quest chain expired? Thanks in advance.manwe2 21h
22h The "Angry Crow" card ... Good day! I play on the server Europe. Game master asked to contact here. Here is the screen in the photo https://ru.files.fm/u/hj3jp9wa#sign_up When you play, on the left in the block are shown those options that you looked like or the enemy looked like - that is, you put a map. And for the "Angry Crow" card in the block on the left, it does not show cards once or for all - what it calls. please fix it!Bohdan360 22h
22h The won game in the arena turned into a loss I played in the arena, and the score was 1: 2. After defeating the enemy, they gave me gold and a pack. No problems with the Internet, as it was before the game, not after. What to do in such situations?Balamut1 22h
23h Won an arena game, but I was given a lost Basically I was in an arena game and I won. I was at 2 wins and 2 losses, but apparently after that, the game gave me 3 X marks. I was very confused on what happened and it said I got 2 wins. When I won that game it even completed one of the quest. I really don't know what happened, did anyone also experience this?DrCatfish1 23h
23h No daily mission today. The start of the October thing broke our daily quests. And no, an arena run has never cancelled the daily quest, so you can stop right there. Anyway, this post is not for players, it is for Blizzard/Activision. I already restarted my client. And I am absolutely certain I did not get my daily quest. I would appreciate this being repaired as quickly as possible, thanks. Note: In all the time since this game launched into the public I have never missed a daily. I would like to not start missing dailies now. In the past, when this has happened, you always issued us the missing daily in addition to the following day's daily, you were rather prompt about it, I expect that same haste this time.MetalX1 23h
23h Dungeon Run Justicar's Ring w/ Jaina I was playing a Dungeon run (Mage Character) and on the 7th boss managed to play Frost Lich Jaina with Justicar's Ring passive in play. After upgrading my starting hero power via Frost Lich Jaina, my hero power became 2 mana cost, 1 damage (the standard Frost Lich Jaina hero power). I was expecting that the Justicar's Ring passive would have applied to ALL of my hero powers, not just my starting hero power. I believe my hero power after Frost Lich Jaina should have been 1 mana cost, 2 damage. Is this working as intended, or is there a bug with Justicar's Ring interacting with non-starting hero powers?Hyperion18 23h
23h leeroy jenkins stucks After playing leeroy jenkins, the ability charge won't work. Any other cards and effects are still playable. Does anyone saw this before?boozyomfg1 23h
23h Ranked chest dropping Hello, This season I started at rank 8, I moved to rank 7 and later dropped to Rank 8 again, so, as usual my chest should be at 7 since it was my highest rank of the season. I noticed that my chest dropped to 8, which never happens. Today I moved to rank 6 and my chest said 6, I dropped to 7 and my chest moved to 7 as well. Is someone else having the same issue? I don't want to keep losing my ranked chest. Thanks.igna7735 23h
1d Dread Corsair and Freezing Trap Dread Corsair will not activate discounted mana cost after Hunter's Freezing Trap. I played my Dread Corsair while equipped with a weapon and that lowered the cost of playing Dread Corsair appropriately. However my opponent had a freezing trap and after I attempted to attack them, the secret activated sending the card Dread Corsair back to my hand with the requisite additional mana cost (+2). However I did not play that card in my next turn and kept it in my had there by removing the liability of paying extra for the card. Yet on my next turn, still equip with a weapon, the card remained at it's original cost of 4 mana, and did not reflect the discounted cost that he card's ability said it should do. I had a weapon equip, but the card remain at 4 mana.Singularity1 1d
1d Lost 1 game, lost 2 stars. I clicked play on a standard ladder game and quickly clicked cancel returning me to the main menu as I was distracted for a moment. I clicked play once again on a standard ladder game and was disconnected. I waited a couple of seconds worried that I would miss the start of the game and closed out the Hearthstone menu screen. I restated from the Blizzard main menu and went straight to the start of a game against Jackal3d who was playing a Paladin deck. I lost the game and when the stars menu came back I lost 2 stars instead of one going from Rank 15, 4 stars to Rank 15, 2 stars. I am wondering why I lost 2 stars instead of 1. Can I please have my star back? Best, PearlPearlVanIce9 1d
1d Card on Board Non-interactable. I first came across this glitch almost a year ago, and it was a one time thing so I never really thought anything of it. But it has now happened to me 3 more times within this last week, and I honestly do not know what could be causing the bug. The bug itself is simple yet game breaking. Basically, I will play a card, and it will go on the board with no issues. Then, when the card is able to attack, either next turn, or in two of my cases, the same turn due to rush/charge mechanics, the card will correctly highlight as active with a green border/rush border. However, the card is no longer interactable in any way. I cannot attack with, or target the card in question. The only way that I have found that will fix the problem is completing restarting the game client. In the middle of the game. On my turn. I have lost 2/3 games where this bug has happened to me this week, exactly because the bug occurred. There is really no point in providing screenshots because it is not a graphical bug, although maybe I could show a screenshot of me attempting to target the card with another card. I would have to check through my recordings to find a screenshot like that. I would assume however that what I am describing is fairly easy to understand. In any case, I would like to know if there is a better solution than restarting the game client mid-game, perhaps a proactive solution to prevent the bug entirely.Patchy2 1d
1d Bug/Potential Exploit I was just playing a casual game as a thief rogue vs an even shaman. One of the cards I stole was Hagatha, but when I played it, the 3 damage AoE board clear didn't occur. Instead, I kept my Dagger Mastery hero power, my life total disappeared, and no further actions could be taken (I couldn't swing my weapon, couldn't make any further trades, couldn't play anymore cards). My opponent couldn't do anything either, and conceding wouldn't quit the game. All I could do is emote, and watch my opponent attempting to make a play. Here's a screenshot showing this bug: https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFiR3oMSpectre5 1d
1d Hang on first startup every time Hi. Hearthstone hangs for me every time on first startup. Second try nearly always works. On rare occasions, a third try is needed to launch it properly. It just hangs with a black screen, there's no sound, and after a while Windows 7 has noticed HS has stopped interacting with it: ... It started in late august, and I was expecting this to get fixed at some point, but apparently not. PC Specs: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 Athlon II X4 615e 8 GB RAM XFX HD5770 1GB graphics card Crucial BX200 480 GB SSD, 285 GB free space. I set the Secondary logon service to Automatic startup recently, didn't make a difference. Let me know if there's any additional info you want.SilverDrake1 1d
1d Couldn't target my Al'Akir I couldn't target my Al'Akir or attack with him. But my opponent had to attack him because of Taunt. Everything other was in order, it wasn't my PC fault. Is here right place to report this "occasional" bug?Pontifexis2 1d
1d Blackscreen in Hearthstone When I start the game its all okay but then immediatly blackscreen in the menu but I can hear every sound and I can open packsFARES4 1d
1d blackscreen bug when i start the game i get a black screen but i can hear the background musicjoshua2 1d
1d Timer Broken Another feature that blizzard has broken. Your timer doesn't work right. Some people are able to extend their time past the timer ending and the game allows them to keep playing cards for infinite amount of time past the timer ending. Fix your game and b.s. blizzard.KingDelta2 1d
1d Prince Valanar bug So just played a game against shaman and this just happened: -enemy played Prince Valanar. -Sound effects started playing. -... That's it nothing else (What i mean with this is that he didn't get taunt and lifesteal.) So i thought that he just played it while still having 4-drops in his deck, but when i wanted to attack face it only let me target Prince Valanar as if it had taunt. Once i attacked it only then it showed only the life-steal icon pop up. And... i kinda lost the game because of it so i wanted to report it :P Also i don't know if this important or not but it was a golden copy, so maybe it had something to do with that?Zer01 1d
1d Frozen screen after a surrender. So I've recently played a game against a warlock, where the game ended with the warlock surrendering. After the match was supposed to go to the "Victory Screen", the game was in a frozen state, where I had a wonderful 20 minutes of looking at fireworks on a blurred screen. I did get the win in the end, so it's not really like an exploit or anything. I however haven't experienced this bug before, and I therefore thought that I wanted to share it in here. I'm not sure that it's any help, but if it may have been a bug because of an in-game action, I've linked a link to the match below. Beware though - I'm a horrible player, so if you do decide to look for things that could make the bug occur, prepare yourself for some missplays :). https://hsreplay.net/replay/8REZQmHFtFNMsHkoD9NfDW Last note: I would however like to thank Blizzard for at least making some great fireworks for me, which made the match a tiny bit more interesting :D.Plettner0 1d
2d Canceled "Finding opponent" - lost Hi, today at around 12:30 I canceled "Finding Opponent" in the Arena with the cancel-button. I went back to the main menu and then closed the game. A few minutes later I decided to continue playing and when logging in I got the message that I lost my last game due to a disconnect. This is very unfortunate, especially in an arena run... Anyone else had this problem before? regardsRNS1 2d