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Jan 19 Introduction and Guidelines Greetings all! Introductions first. As you can see on the side there, I am Grizzle from the Hearthstone QA team. I have been a part of the team for a few years now and am taking over on these forums. We here in QA took a critical look at ourselves on things that we could be doing better, and communicating with you was at the top of our list. We have always been here reading and investigating the issues you reported, but we haven't been the best about responding to you. We aim to change that moving forward. A few little tidbits about QA to help clarify what should be posted to this forum and is outside of our ability to assist; QA are not devs. We don't design the game, so while your feedback is always appreciated, this isn't the place for it. QA are not customer support. We can't provide anything to you. Even if items are lost due to a bug, that isn't something we can help with. We absolutely want you to report the bug to us, but getting you those lost items isn't something we can do. QA are not tech support. Unless it is happening in the game itself, it isn't something I can help with. You have to contact customer support for that. QA doesn't decide what things are bugs. You will never see me declare something to be a bug, nor will I ever say something is "intended." This is why I removed the Common Reports that are Not Bugs thread. If you think it is a bug, then we want you to report it. Even those reports are useful to us because it shows us when things are unclear or confusing. Now here's how you can help me in my work (consider these forum rules); Keep it on topic. Bug reporting only. I don't mind if you add some silly stuff into your post, as long as it has the needed info. Be as detailed as possible. What was the board state when the issue happened? What was the order of play? Screenshots? Videos? We can't fix anything until we can reproduce it ourselves. The more information you provide, the more likely we are able to reproduce the issue you saw. If your issue is on a mobile device, please include the device name and version of Android or iOS you are using. Please do not create multiple threads for the same issue. If someone else has already reported the same bug, add your information to that thread. However, do not add to threads older than the current patch. New patch always means new issue, even if it seems the same. Please put all Fireside Gathering issues in the sticky thread for that. Consider that one thread to be it's own forum. I wish I had the skill set to help those of you who are not native English speakers, but I don't. Threads not in English are unlikely to get a response from me. Other members of the community have thankfully been helping out in this regard :) Finally, I want this to be a give and take thing. I want to know from you what I can do better. There is another sticky thread for you to talk to me directly and let me know what you think. I look forward to working with you wonderful folks and squashing some bugs! :)Grizzle0 Jan 19
9h Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from firesidegatherings.com) Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Keganbe273 9h
Mar 1 Hotfixes! These are the most recent updates to Hearthstone. This only covers bug fixes that are not included in patch notes.Grizzle6 Mar 1
5d Suggestion Box As I said in the intro thread, we want your input on how we can better assist you here in bug report land. Feel free to give us any feedback. Just remember, this is feedback about us here responding on the forums. This isn't feedback about the game, that isn't our department. This also is not a place to put your bug reports. This thread is ONLY for feedback about the forum itself. Any bug reports put on this thread will just be deleted. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say! :)Grizzle77 5d
Feb 5 Patch 10.4 Hey everybody, As you probably noticed a patch came out today. Why am I calling this out? It's because of the thing I have posted on many of these threads. New Patch=New Issue This means that you should not be bumping any threads that were created before 3/12/2018. Even if it seems like the exact same problem, it's new strictly due to it being a new patch. I will be locking ALL threads that get bumped if they were created prior to the given date. I will also keep this post updated with each new patch so the earliest date for a thread is readily available to all. Thanks all! :)Grizzle0 Feb 5
Jan 31 Card Stuck Hovering/Never Roping This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png "Disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn't a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. Since this is due to disconnects, the only time that we need this reported is when it ALWAYS happens from doing the EXACT SAME thing. If it happens every single time you play Fireball, report it. That is a bug. As a tip, if you run into this and realize it soon enough. Immediately force close your game and restart. If you are fast enough, there is a chance you can still reconnect to that game to finish it out :)Grizzle0 Jan 31
3m Waiting for authorization Hello, I recently purchased an arena run (2 days ago) I did receive the receipt as it was charged to acct however it just says waiting for authorization when I try to run it. Order number: GPA.3340-4930-0545-41315 Order date: Mar 22, 2018 3:58:36 AM PDTPoplokmurlok0 3m
10m Game being paused while activating a card I've been in a game for about 20 minutes now with someone hovering over one of their cards selecting them to activate a card. I have multiple videos I've taken of this happening, and I can give their username if a ban needs to take place.MrBoople3 10m
14m flare how come counter spell counters flare but cat trick doesn't go off before flare when the both trigger upon opponent casting a spell?CR212 14m
22m Won't give season card back I've played and won more than 5 ranked matches and yet I can't get the card back for this season and normally I wouldn't mind that much but I really like the look of this oneManlman1 22m
23m Explosive runes and potion of polymorph In my last game, I had these two secrets but they didnt go on in the good order. Explosive runes popped before potion of polymorph. How is that possible?IVintagers1 23m
30m Players using cards more then allowed!!?!! Not sure how or what? But players have found a cheat where they can use the same card 3 or more times, then the limit of 2!! Had this happen more then once all ranked play as well that cost me my possible win, for instance, Mages using sheep 3 times in a match, or Shamans using Hex 3 to 4 times, or warriors using Destroy Damaged minion 3 to 4 times in same round, it's not like the rogue or mech ability card of taking minion back and using in same turn, but something entirely different. Been playing the game for awhile now, at least 2 months since it came out, and besides the purchasing of Naxx before you made it free for a month or 2, this is the most messed up and underhanded cheat/hack I've experienced!! I Haven't made it to legendary as of yet, play WoW more then anything else, but this crap makes me want to give it all up!!Winterquic38 30m
58m Arena bug Hello blizzard What happened is that I played a arena, finished 5-3 and I won 55, 60 gold and 1 package, I put "ready" I returned to the menu and they had not given me the gold, I had 220 gold and I still have them. Thanks.epicpants1 58m
1h Disenchanted Adventure cards not appearing I’m trying to create a spell hunter deck and after searching for cat trick I realized that as it was unlocked through the class challenge for Hunter it should possibly show up or refresh in my collection. I replayed the class challenge and checked my collection just to see that it’s still uncraftable. Any suggestions?KrakenFilms1 1h
1h Snipe and Glimmerrooot interaction Glimmerroot killed by snipe but the discover cards don't leave the screen and makes it impossible to play any cards. Video linked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMWflEdHjjQNikmin0 1h
1h Didn’t receive cards Need help didn’t receive cards I just bought two grand tournament and received a golden Anub’arak but when I went to my collection none of the cards I received were thereJuggernugget2 1h
2h ARENA BUG I can’t access the arena at all. It just kick me out when I try to enter the arena. Please help to fix this bug from my account ASAP. Thanks.ANTONIO0 2h
2h PROBLEMA CON RECOMPENSAS DE LA ARENA Estimados Blizzard. Buenas tardes, por medio del presente quiero informar un error que hubo en el juego. El 24/03/2018, aproximadamente a las 16:30 horas en Lima - Perú. Antes de comenzar una arena tenia 1 sobre de KOBOLDS y CATACUMBAS. Después de terminar la ARENA con 2 victorias y 3 derrotas obtuve como recompensa: 1 SOBRE DE CARTAS DE KOBOLDS Y CATACUMBAS y 40 de POLVO ARCANO. Sin embargo, el premio nunca llego a mi cuenta. Me dispuse a reiniciar el juego pensando que se solucionaría el problema pero no hubo resultado. Por favor, revisar el problema e informarme acerca del porque de lo sucedido. Gracias de antemano. Psdt. Por favor, podrían revisar mi registro de MISIONES?? lo que sucede es que hace como 2 meses o mas no me toca la misión de JUGAR CON UN AMIGO Y GANAR 80 DE ORO.YamiBakura0 2h
2h strange card back bug I was casually playing a game of hearthstone when after switching decks with king togwaggle, the opponents card back was covering a big portion of my screen. I wish I could upload the screen shot.Drumnut11 2h
3h Carnyvorous Cube work WRONG say .."summon 2 copy".. but DONT summon COPY /freeze,silenced,damaged minions/, but summon NEW 2!!!Front2423 3h
3h Стартовый пакет/start package Купил стартовый пакет, за 299 рублей, но мне не выпала легендарная карта, проще решить данную проблему. I bought with start-up package for 299 rubles, but I have no legendary carte, help solve problem.Smi2 3h
3h Code instead of text https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/321081286334611456/427205314048425990/unknown.png Because of this, i wanted to buy 1 new expansion pack, but bought 70... I couldn't readRobomens0 3h
3h Bug with buy system I have a problem with my account I can't buy any card packs since 4 months ago and I don't know what to there is writing something with autorisieren it's in German my hearthstone please help me with it. Sorry for bad Englisch.I3loodyWing1 3h
3h Explosive Runes Bug? Hello, I was playing with explosive runes and my opponent played a divine shield minion with 4 health, it took no damage due to the divine shield (obviously) but their hero still took 2. Not sure if its a bug or not, but it did'nt feel right to me Thank you for your time -DragonnbornDragonnborn1 3h
3h Rhok'delar is not working I don't have any minions in deck, but when I equip Rhok'delar is not working.xXKaiXx2 3h
3h bug in Oaken Summons (Quest Druid) i try to play quest druid, and one card i figure a bug...in oaken summons..when play this card recruit and the last card from deck for 4 mana that it said. when i play again this card recruit me and other cards deathwing for expaple ..he has 10 mana.. someone sees that sorry for my english not so wellIronhide2 3h
4h New deck crashing error 1/03/2018 Im Mac user and every time I press the New deck button, hearthstone crashes. because of that error, I cannot play tavern brawl or make New deck. Also I already tried scan and repair. I even tried reinstalling but it didn't workedJuJak4 4h
4h molten blade visual bug there is a bug with molten blade. if you get legendary weapon from it but decide not to play it. next turn lets say you get lights justice, there appears blue dragon on the top of a card as on all legendary weapons.Endvind0 4h
5h Cheat Death didn't work I played Cheat Death and attacked with my minion, my minion died but Cheat Death didn't active so my minion was lost.Edge1 5h
5h Tavern brawl packs disappeared I won my first tavern brawl yesterday and the game said I got three packs as a reward but in open packs I have zero :-( please help mejkirem0 5h
5h Earned Card Packs Not Appearing in Open Packs Over the past four days, I've earned two card packs - a Kobolds and Catacombs pack from completing the "defeat 10 dungeon run bosses" quest and a Knights of the Frozen Throne pack from an arena run. Since earning them, neither have shown up when I go to the pack opener. The only thing on the "Open Packs" screen is the "Shop" button.TheAustrian0 5h
5h Cant load in. Got disconnected from a match yesterday and now the game is stuck. Every time I load up the app it tries to reconnect to that game and if I try to do anything else after it fails it will just load forever. Tried casual, ranked, solo dungeon, and even spectating someone else. Nothing ever loads, just keeps filling up loading bars forever.Shiningforce2 5h
6h Unable to start a match I play hearthstone on the mobile app. Today, I disconnected halfway through a ranked game, even though my connection was fine. Since then , I have not been able to get into a game. Upon starting hearthstone, I will get the "trying to reconnect" message even if I have not played for the past hour. After that, it will display the standard failure message, and I am able to access the game normally and try to queue up. Upon queuing up, the cancel queue button will turn gray after a few moments, but the queue animation will keep playing, even after a long wait. As such, I am unable to get into a pvp match. Other features like shop, collection and dungeon run works fine. Hearthstone has been running smoothly on my device until that match this morning. I have tried reinstalling the app, but the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated.WPH6 6h
6h same legendary card (kingsbane) Hi, i have kinsgbane (not golden). when i opened the new package i came back to kingsbane (not golden). Help please.Dibug2 6h
6h Maiev I made a second account a few days ago and I was playing around for a little today and I got a quest to get maiev. I have never gotten this quest on my main account before PLEASE RESPOND AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLEDizzyDwarf5 6h
6h achievements gold Hi, I didn't get the gold for the 1000 and 100 wins achievements. Thanks for your support:)Bloodeyes1 6h
6h Tienda cerrada La tienda lleva cerrada dias lo he desintalado e intalado,he salido de la cuenta y sigueTony1 6h
8h Mountain giant avoided wondering monster I just had a mountain giant attack my hunter with wondering monster in play. It created an alarmomatic bot, but the giant hit my hero instead of my minion! Lost because of that happening. Wtf!?!?!?Meatballer1 8h
8h Pack opened bug(legendary card) Hi, today i opened a cobolds and catacombs pack about 2 or 3 hours ago and even i already got Kingsbane card, that pack gave me a second kigsbane, how is this possible?Dibug2 8h
8h Usenig cheats/hacks Player #2206 in game use 4 time Voildlord, 24.3.2018/8:20 AM.Daenlor2 8h
8h Shimmering Courser Bug Shimmering Courser should make itself to be targeted by spells and hero powers only, instead it makes the opposite and lets itself only be killed by a enemy minion.Nuacth2 8h
8h 1 Legendary within 10 pks ? Where Within 10 packs, 1 legendary guarantee where? I've been buying packs lately. Purchasing 7 to 15 packs or more. Now I'm not the complaining type of player. However, I feel like I've been trolled with my current purchases. Check my receipts. I'm not lying. Who else has experienced this phenomenon. . K&K is notorious for this. 7 to 15 in nothing. Along with past or current expansions. Explanation please!NeteruDoo1 8h
8h Unfreeze with freeze. I used 2 of the same cards (give minion +3/+3 and freeze it) and it made my minion unfreeze. I don't think that is what it is meant to do?M4ster0z44 8h
8h Deathstalker Rexxar going missing from deck In a game against a priest when he copy cards from my deck was suddenly my " Deathstalker Rexxar" missing in my deck. Must be a bug.Iseeyou2 8h
9h opponent minions not freezing i played area today, opponent played friendly bartender on turn 2 and on turn 3 he played hyldnir frost-rider it didn't freeze the bartender... i got out valued and lost the game.shiffster4 9h
10h Arena losses My Arena run shows two losses even if I lost only one!!castigo0 10h
10h Maiev Shadowsong bug rejoining game Hello, I recently rejoined Hearthstone for a long abscence and I see that I can aquire Maiev Shadowsong by playing 10 standard games by winning them, I played them, I won them and nothing happened, I closed Battle.net, reopened, nothing, then I searched on the Wiki about her and it said to come here to report her bug since I rejoined. "Previous Availability Maiev became available to players after they won 10 games in Standard format Ranked or Casual Play mode during the Year of the Mammoth. Players who have been away from the game long enough to get the Return of the Hero quest chain will need to contact Blizzard support for help getting the Maiev quest before the Year of the Raven, as a bug causes her quest to be overridden." Please help, Tataiekiller#2790Tataiekiller2 10h
10h Drakonid operative bug! hi guys, I just found a bug. I played spiteful priest vs time / secret mage. I had 4 cards in my hand including, cobalt scalebane and drakonid operative ... I play the drakonid operative but does not activate his battlecry !! why!?!? immediately after play the 5/5 of the priest who silences and this works perfectly!maverick19331 10h
12h Don't gold hero на счету моего класса паладина имеется 504 победы.когда я нахожусь в режиме игры его портрет золотой но когда я играю на ранге он снова имеет стандартный порттрет.Simakhov21101 12h
12h AI Expert didnt receive 100g Hello i just defeated all expert AI and havent recieved my 100g .YungPlague3 12h