Bug Report

20m Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from firesidegatherings.com) Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Keganbe315 20m
6d Hotfixes! These are the most recent updates to Hearthstone. This only covers bug fixes that are not included in patch notes.Grizzle23 6d
4d Did not get Arena rewards? There is something that has been causing a lot of confusion, and thus a ton of bug reports, and it's this... When an Arena run is forced to retire due to special limited time events (like Wildfest, or the Blizzcon special arena cards), the rewards are put directly into your collection when the run is retired. The opening of the chest is a purely visual thing. So, if you come back 2 weeks later, and click the key to "open" your rewards, it looks to you like you didn't get anything. In reality, the rewards shown were granted you already. This is especially confusing when it comes to the card packs that are awarded. On your end, you see yourself getting 1 Kobolds pack, but you have no packs to open. This is because the cards from that pack you earned were put directly into your collection as well. tldr; You did get your rewards, they were just put directly into your collection before you clicked the key.Grizzle35 4d
Jun 7 Known Issues May 8 2018 We are aware of an issue with Brawliseum where if a player started a Brawliseum run and retired it automatically, an visual bug occurs where an extra pack reward displays on the Open Packs screen. We are currently investigating.Zeriyah2 Jun 7
Jan 31 Card Stuck Hovering/Never Roping This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png "Disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn't a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. Since this is due to disconnects, the only time that we need this reported is when it ALWAYS happens from doing the EXACT SAME thing. If it happens every single time you play Fireball, report it. That is a bug. As a tip, if you run into this and realize it soon enough. Immediately force close your game and restart. If you are fast enough, there is a chance you can still reconnect to that game to finish it out :)Grizzle0 Jan 31
4m Taverns of Time isn't Working for me I log in but I didn't get a free arena ticket or any of the new quests mentioned. Nothing has changed for me, did I mess something up?PaperTitan0 4m
41m Hero portrait auto reverting to default Hello, I'm favoriting my nemsey hero but she automatically reverts back to default warlock after a few games.Ericorn3 41m
1h Game Crash - Monster Hunt On mobile iOS, I was about to win my 6th of 8 Monster Hunter challenge match as the Time-Tinker and casted Arcane Explosion to wipe my opponents’ board before attacking. Upon cast, the game crashed and upon reconnecting to said game, it would crash over and over until I lost to a disconnect. I have no connectivity issues nor have I experienced them on my current connection/client. This was a bit upsetting as I am trying to clear every challenge and my current deck was fantastic and lucked out quite a bit and now I must restart again. I just started to play HS again after a long break and came back to immediate, and unforgiving, game breaking issues.SwnkyPenguin1 1h
1h Game Crash Arena Was in the middle of resolving Far Sight from a Deck of Wonders and game froze, causing me to lose the game, very disappointed my game came down to thisRyusuke0 1h
2h iPhone 8+ crash to home at Groddo Everytime I face Groddo, I end up being created to the home screen. I'm not sure exactly what triggers it, but it seems that one of his actions causes the crash. I don't know what it is because the crash happens before I can see any effect. Trying to reload the game works until it tries to reconnect to the match in progress, and then crashes to home again. Continues this until the match timer runs out and I lose the match. This is very disheartening since even when I'm doing well, I lose all my progress. Anyone else with this issue? Is it known?Dreadnaught0 2h
4h Holy Book on Abomination Bug In my last Monster Run, I used Holy Book on an Abomination. It silenced the minion, yet its death rattle went off.Panderous0 4h
4h Quest Druid Summon issue Sometimes your minions do not get registered when you summon them. What gives? Faceless manipulator on a 5 attack minion especially.SecxyAF2 4h
4h Zombeast Direwolf Bug Hello, after creating a zombeast that had Direwolf as one of the components. I went to play it but my adjacent minions never received their +1 attack. I have a screenshot of the bug as well if it helps anything.Kiragon1 4h
5h Minion changed from regular to golden I played golden Lich King The opponent copied it with regular Faceless Manipulator The copied Lich King was regular. I played MC Tech and stole the enemy Lich King. The Lich King turned Golden unexpectedly and bahaved as golden till the rest of the game.Kherdar0 5h
6h no quest i didnt get my quest today, i tried some solutions posted in the forum but didnt work.Palo8 6h
7h No new daily quest at usual reset time Both my alternate accounts got quests as usual at midnight but my primary account still has not received a new daily quest almost 15 hours later. My quest log was completely empty yesterday, so there's no reason I would have missed a quest because it was full. I submitted a ticket and attempted all the solutions they recommended (changing language, changing password, changing regions, and remaining logged in for 5 mins and relogging) and still no quest. Quests are EXTREMELY important during this Taverns of Time bonus event so I really hope this issue can be resolved quickly!Slippy1 7h
7h “Ghost” minion stuck on board While playing arena today I had a stasis dragon and a tar creeper on the board. My opponent shadow worded the tar creeper and it disappeared as expected. When my turn began the tar creeper resummoned but was apparently invisible to my opponent. It took up a space on the board but I’m not sure if it counted as a seventh minion as I never could get more than 6 on board for the rest of the game. Here’s a little video of how it behaved the turn after it died. https://youtu.be/6Demf7MrcpMianthegeek0 7h
8h Deathspeaker to Stasis - Raptor Bug After using deathspeaker immunity on a newly awoken stasis dragon, my 4/3 raptor was unable to attack. Board setup was Stasis (1R) - Stasis (Awoken) - Raptor - Deathspeaker The Raptor and deathspeaker might be in eachothers places. After the round, the Raptor and deathspeaker changed to new positions on the board.Fagrid0 8h
8h Timeway Wanderer Bug for Priest I played the Timeway Wanderer and chosen the Psychic Scream. It didn't come on next turn just one of my cards from the deck. It costed me a game. Here is the screen shot. https://ibb.co/hSNoFJ Please refund an arena ticket!Zavobest0 8h
9h Never got May Reward Chest I won five ranked matches, never got my May reward chest. Spoke to a GM and was told, "Hmm apparently I do not have a way to verify if you did the matches or not. And no way to award the rewards even if I could verify it. The only thing I can see for certain is that it says no ranks were gained. Our tools for Hearthstone are rather limited in scope sadly. I would post up in the Hearthstone forums and hopefully the support there has tools that have not been made available to us to verify this." At this point all I want is the monthly card back. It's purely cosmetic and I'm really uncertain as to if I'll ever get it as a reward at this point. Please help, Blizzard.MikeRobi830 9h
9h Duplicate Passive Trait in Solo fails In the Witchwood solo mission, Monster Hunt, I was playing the Hound Master and selected the passive trait that heals your champion and characters +2 at the end of your turn. I selected that trait a second time, however it only worked as if I had the trait once. In other words, it should have been healing me +4, it only healed my characters and champion +2. Cost me the game too....Deadline0 9h
10h Hearthstone Gamebreaking glitch. I was doing a ranked game with my discardlock deck when suddenly my game froze, For me and my opponent https://youtu.be/oTZRdTcpAW8 I legit don't know what happened, This is unlike before. It wasn't frozen... It just didn't react. I could do everything and you can even see the opponent hovering over his cards so its not just me... I couldn't even forfeit Context:I used a doomguard and while malchezar's imp was giving me cards and I got my quest, While all of that was going on I put down a lakari fellhound wich also discards 2 cards, but it left with a gap between my cards and was frozen on my screen as you see it now Post comment: I Won the game? When I logged back in I got 10 gold for winning 3 games I think it had to do with discarding 1 of the 2 cards I drew (or both) with my lakkari fellhound while the passive of malcherzar's imp was still active because of doomguard. I've not tried recreating this glitch and set the video to hidden because I don't want to be banned from hearthstone. Yours sincere SjoerdSjoerd7782 10h
10h Hemet, destroying too many cards The past few times I played my deck based around "Jungle Giants," I noticed I reached the end of my deck far quicker than I expected, with a lot of key cards never even showing up, including 9 or 10 mana cost cards. I tried to think of what could have done this, when I realized the only card removing things from my deck was Hemet, Jungle Hunter. I tested it in another match, and sure enough, he destroyed more cards than he was supposed to. I had 6 cards with 3 mana cost or less left in my deck and he destroyed 10, I assume this has something to do with the fact that I have exactly 10 cards in my deck with 3 mana cost or less to begin with.Ducuss7 10h
10h Arena win counted as a loss Was 5 2 in arena as mage, finished a pala off with 2 damage to face from minion then pyro to face down to 0 hp. Everything went as normal until it came up 5 3 instead of 6 2. Let me open the loot as well.Christoh1 10h
10h Se cierra el juego Cuando estoy jugando el juego me saca de la aplicacion por que dice que no tengo internet, pero inmediatamente despues de cerrar el juego el internet vuelve y esto solo me pasa en overwatch y no en otros juegos como fortnite o diablo 3killer9000 10h
11h Rope bug I have Murozond effect. My opponent plays Unstable Evolution about 100+ times due to discovering Radiant Elemental. My phone plays through every animation, and it skips my turn. So is this intentional or just a bug, because I don't think it's fair; I had one card in my deck that would have let me continued to play, yet it denied me my turn. ...Ropemaster0 11h
11h Sunfury Protector Bug Playing an arena, I had a dormant Stasis Dragon on the far left of my board, and a cavern dreamer to the right of that. I played a Violet Wurm to the right of the dreamer, then a Sunfury Protector on the far right. The result was that BOTH my (active) minions gained taunt. I am unsure if this is a bug solely with Sunfury Protector or if the dormant minion had something to do with it, but either way, there it is. Thanks!Rousseauean0 11h
12h The Darkness - Minion and not a Minion So my opponent played Spiteful Summoner revealing a Swipe. Upon summoned The Darkness.. He had 3 other minions on the board so I played Mind Control Tech and got nothing. So the game considers him a minion from Spiteful Summoner but not in the case of Mind Control Tech. Either Spiteful should not summon him, or I should have been able to take one of his minions with Mind Control Tech.Fiveshot3 12h
13h Lynessa VFX stack and block screen Found this in a Kobolds dungeon run - boss Swashburglar'd my Lynessa Sunsorrow and then tried to play it. One of the spells he had played on a minion, though, was Bloddthistle Toxin, which bounces a minion back to his hand and makes it cost 2 less. I believe the problem was that there were other spells he had cast later in the game that were trying to cast on Lynessa, but couldn't resolve because she was no longer in play. As a result, her graphic effects didn't go away, even though his turn ended. Boss kept trying to play her and kept getting her bounced; her graphic effects stacked up over and over, clogging the screen up until I couldn't even see my cards until I hovered one. Pretty funny to see but probably would have been really annoying if the game wasn't almost over already. :Pmarswthrings0 13h
13h No new daily quest :( Did not get new daily quest. :(BigDaddy0 13h
13h No new daily quest. Did not receive new daily quest today. I’ve logged out; changed region a couple times. Haven’t tried changing language yet....does that actually work?EarthenMight0 13h
14h Inconsistency in the term “a copy” The definition of “a copy” is inconsistent between vivid nightmare and dire frenzy. 1. For Dire Frenzy, the definition of “copy” takes the original stats. i.e. NOT based on the current stats at point of casting. Example: If I cast Houndmaster on Boar, it goes from 1/1 to 3/3. I then cast Dire Frenzy on Boar, so it becomes 6/6. Dire Frenzy then goes on to create 3 copies of Boar, BASED ON its ORIGINAL STATS of 1/1 (before it then + 3/3 to original stats). 2. For Vivid Nightmare, the definition of “copy” takes the current stats at the point of casting. Example: I cast shadow Essence and get Kel Thu’zad, which becomes 5/5. I then cast Vivid Nightmare on Kel’Thuzad, which becomes 5/1. But if “copy” is based on the ORIGINAL STATS of 8/8 (before it then turns Kel Thuzad into 1 hp on original stats), houldn’t it be 8/1 instead?BlueLantern4 14h
14h Rebuke not working I played rebuke in Arena today, and my opponent managed to play Spikeridged Steed for 6 mana the next turn, killing me. This is unacceptable.Grathorius4 14h
14h tess greymane, free from amber Hey, I was in the arena playing against a preast as a rouge. I discovered a class card from the preast and grabbed Free From Amber, used it and summoned a dragon. The next turn I discovered a spell I had used and grabbed Free From Amber, used it and summoned tess greymane. But there was no effect from free from amber (or any other effect which I expected). I never changed from a rouge so why didn't free from Amber spawn anything in for either player? ThanksRaven7141 14h
15h CANCELING A GAME COUNTS AS A LOSS??? FIX THIS!! This has happened too many times now in arena! I canceled a game that it was searching and started playing ''monster hunt adventure mode''. When I finished it, it said I lost an arena match due to a disconnect.Lempis4 15h
15h Downgrading cards I had a legendary gold card and when I login today it went back to just a normal card. I have been saving this card for dust and now instead of getting 1600 dust I'm only getting 400, this is BS!!!!!Vilgefort1 15h
15h Rogue DK bugged interaction with Doomerang I just had a math with Rogue DK. He had 10 cards, used Doomerang to throw his weapon out. However, because of DK’s hero powers he had 10 cards after using Doomerang. This means he could NOT throw out the weapon at all, even if it meant destroying his weapon. So, he wasted 1 turn but it did nothing.BlueLantern1 15h
15h No daily mission Hi! I have done my login now and I didn't get my daily mission. I try to logout and login again but it doesn't workSpettacoloss30 15h
15h Issue with Mad Hatter Battlecry: Toss 3 hats randomly... But it only toss 2 hats :/Sergiobc1 15h
19h Error after long game Hi, Today i was played at my quest-priest vs other quest priest. After ~50min of one game when i finished my turn we with my opponent was died, and at that moment we both have ~20 hp. Is that ok ? P.S. I was at one step from my victory :( P.P.S. I realy sad because of that :(Potock1 19h
20h Search input in card collection ignored This is related to a previous bug report that seems specific go touch screens. This is on the same surface book laptop. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20754445432#post-2 However, I'm noticing more unique behavior that I think would help understand the issues. It is a little difficult to explain just in text. I see the top-right search bar as before when clicking in the card collection search box. That search seems to still work fine. However, when I either: a. hit-enter and search from the top-right bar b. click outside the top-right bar to cancel a search My cursor returns to the normal bottom search bar where I am able to type as you would expect without the initially reported issue. However, this search does not work and "breaks" search from working until search mode is fully exited using the red x from the bottom/normal search bar only. When in the broken mode, neither clicking and searching from the top-right bar nor searching in the bottom bar works. The card set never changes. I can avoid this issue by always re-clicking the bottom/normal search bar to show the top-right search bar before typing. As a side note, the top-right search bar red x does not clear a search. It only closes the top-right search bar returning me to the bottom/normal mode where I have to click the red x in that search bar to clear.zhevraking4 20h
20h Shudderwock and Stasis Elemental Not sure if its an intended feature or not, but Shudderwock acts in place of a Stasis Elemental when activated in arena, so that even if you kill the Statis minion, the Shudderwock now acts as one too keeping your minion frozen. Not sure if killing the Shudderwock releases your frozen minion or not (I lost before I could find out.)LadyJessimi1 20h
20h Wandering Monster did not lose stealth Had this experience earlier today: The opponent's firefly attacked, triggering my wandering monster. A jungle panther was produced; after the attack finished, the jungle panther still had stealth. Edit: Turns out this is a change introduced (and documented) two months ago in the patch. Oh, well.FTWW1 20h
21h Pixelated card text on Android tablet I was looking forward to playing Hearthstone on my new Huawei Media Pad M5 (10 inch), but now the card texts are all pixelated, as if the resolution didn't match with that of the display. All other apps are razor sharp. I followed the instructions given to me by Vyraneer on the EU forum, but even uninstalling hearthstone and reinstalling it after a restart didn't help.Gorefiend3 21h
22h The four horsemen OTK (bug) I've been playing around rank 12 using the cards "Zola the gorgon" and "Blackward pixie" to achieve the hero power win condition. One turn i used the hero power to summon nazgrim, than zola to copy him. Next turn i used pixie to put out another two horsemen and played my golden copy of nazgrim. Four horsemen were on the field, the win condition did not trigger. Could a blue let us know if this is intentional or a bug? It's hard enough having two horsemen out without using zolaGatekeeper4 22h
23h Free Arena ticket: Not granted Each week during the Frost Festival, every account is SUPPOSED to receive a free Arena ticket. For me, I was in the middle of an Arena run (Hunter) and Ahune told me I was granted a free run. Despite this, when I collected the rewards to the Hunter run and returned to the main menu, I clicked the Arena tab and the lobby told me that I needed to pay to get in again. Bug? Yes. I informed the customer service and they told me that I had not received a free ticket yet, but I should have. Of course, the only proof I have is the Arena lobby asking for currency to get in, and I have no proof that the ticket was granted. Help?MemePower42 23h
23h Misdirection minions die after hitting face Misdirection Causes minions to take damage when attacking a hero I was a rogue with perdition's blade (it was a 2/1 weapon) and I attacked a hunter with my fallen sun cleric and it activated his misdirection and hit my hero and it killed the fallen sun cleric.batyman4u2u1 23h
1d Katherina Winterwisp Recruit Not Summoning Obsidian statue kills/dies to Kathrena Winterwisp and says it recruits King Krush but does not summon him after it SAYS IT RECRUITS HIM ON THE BOARD. There was plenty of room for another minion. Then Obsidian Statue's destroy random minion targets my overcharged devilosaur and destroys him instead. Made me lose the game over a bug and this needs to be fixed.Jd617982 1d
1d Sherazin missleading description The new rogue legendary called "Sherazin" has got a missleading card description. If it is killed it will summon a seed depicted as a minion. In the description the seed is said to be a minion but if you try to play "Mind Control Tech" it won't trigger if there are 3 minions + the seed "minion" on the opponents board. Please fix the card descriptionTargaryen10 1d
1d Rush Minion Can't attack at all. I was playing arena and put down a rush minion to attack an enemy minion but it couldn't attack, there was a green highlight but it couldn't attack. I passed and the next turn I couldn't attack either. Video on a bit of it below. https://youtu.be/oi73gZehsogDeathwing2 1d