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7h Fireside Gathering Bug Report Megathread Greetings, patrons! Uncovering any issues with your Tavern or our new Fireside Gathering features? Please help us make your Tavern experience better by posting any Fireside Gathering-related bugs in this thread. Please copy and paste the below template in a reply below. Off topic replies will be removed. Which event did you attend? (Tavern name, venue, and address OR event link from firesidegatherings.com) Were you an Innkeeper or a Patron? What type of device did you use? (Samsung Galaxy S8+, iPad Air, etc.) Operating system (Optional) Were you using GPS location services, wi-fi, or both? Describe the issue. (Use as much detail as possible. Any screenshots are helpful.) Fireside Gathering Known Issues Some players may not properly receive the Fireside Friends card back. Attendees of a Fireside Gathering may remain on the Tavern’s attendee list for several minutes after logging out or closing Hearthstone. Some wireless access points may not be detected during Innkeeper setup.Keganbe350 7h
3d Hotfixes! - Updated December 13th, 2018 These are the most recent updates to Hearthstone. This only covers bug fixes that are not included in patch notes.Grizzle25 3d
Dec 5 Did not get Arena rewards? There is something that has been causing a lot of confusion, and thus a ton of bug reports, and it's this... When an Arena run is forced to retire due to special limited time events (like Wildfest, or the Blizzcon special arena cards), the rewards are put directly into your collection when the run is retired. The opening of the chest is a purely visual thing. So, if you come back 2 weeks later, and click the key to "open" your rewards, it looks to you like you didn't get anything. In reality, the rewards shown were granted you already. This is especially confusing when it comes to the card packs that are awarded. On your end, you see yourself getting 1 Kobolds pack, but you have no packs to open. This is because the cards from that pack you earned were put directly into your collection as well. tldr; You did get your rewards, they were just put directly into your collection before you clicked the key.Grizzle76 Dec 5
Jan 31 Card Stuck Hovering/Never Roping This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png "Disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn't a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. Since this is due to disconnects, the only time that we need this reported is when it ALWAYS happens from doing the EXACT SAME thing. If it happens every single time you play Fireball, report it. That is a bug. As a tip, if you run into this and realize it soon enough. Immediately force close your game and restart. If you are fast enough, there is a chance you can still reconnect to that game to finish it out :)Grizzle0 Jan 31
Aug 3 iOS Golden Animation Temporarily Disabled Greetings, We recently discovered a visual issue occurring on both iPhones and iPads. Due to the nature of this issue, high resolution textures and Golden card animations have been temporarily disabled at this time to resolve this matter. Thank you for your patience.Aelathera0 Aug 3
Nov 29 Known Issues - Updated November 29th, 2018 May 8 2018 We are aware of an issue with Brawliseum where if a player started a Brawliseum run and retired it automatically, an visual bug occurs where an extra pack reward displays on the Open Packs screen. We are currently investigating.Zeriyah7 Nov 29
Oct 2 Unable to challenge a friend on mobile? Hi everyone, If you are unable to duel a friend from your friends list, you will need to wait until both players are on the same patch. You can check your build version on your mobile device in the Settings > Options menu. On desktop, you can check it on your Battle.net Launch next to the Play button. Thank you for your patience.Aelathera0 Oct 2
33m Sul'thraze freeze bug I was playing arena and a warrior attacked into my Water Elemental using his Sul'thraze (and he 'Overkilled' it). However, his hero did not remain frozen like normal interaction and he could attack again next turn. This cost me to lost that match. I seriously request Blizzard to check this issue.Yugioh2 33m
45m Shaman heroes FLEE BEFORE ME in rumble run, when krag'waa the frog is played, the shaman hero will dissapear. making it impossible to win or lose one such youtuber shows here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4Kju1YpRkYYodelingBee10 45m
54m Is Secretkeeper bugged? Secretkeeper does not gain +1/+1 when a secret is played by playing Masked Contender.SpinBaby5 54m
1h Zerek, Master Cloner Bug Playing ranked, My opponent played Shadow essence, summoning a 5/5 copy of Zerek then ended turn, they DID NOT play any spells on Zerek. I then played Mass Hysteria and the Zerek died from this, and came back to life as if from its deathrattle which should not have triggered. Sorry, no screen shots.Restomagus0 1h
1h High Priestess Jeklik Lifesteal Broken In a Rumble Run, I had High Priestess Jeklik only gave me +2 HP from Lifesteal instead of +3. https://ibb.co/Wth0Wd7TriOptimum0 1h
1h Overkill not working Playing a game now and I've attacked with two minions that had overkill, and it hasn't procced either time. Attacked with Direhorn Stomper, killed a minion with it ensuring I had overkill, and it didn't do anything. Attacked again with Half-Time Scavenger, didn't get any armour. Screenshot of the latter (didn't get one of the former): https://imgur.com/G555d1nNibblyPig3 1h
2h Rumble Run RedCrest Rocker Not working With the overkill shrine the redcrest rocker is not working and giving all the discovered dragons. It only activates the "attack again overkill effect" and discovering 1 dragon. Makes the card unplayable with that particular shrine.Zaboot3 2h
2h Buffed shrine taking non-lethal damage, dies I had the Shirvallah's Vengeance shrine and the Avenge paladin secret. Creature dies, shrine gets buffed to 3/7. It takes damage next turn, is a 3/6. Next turn Wardruid Loti plays Keeper of the Grove and chooses to deal 2 damage to the shrine. My shrine is destroyed.Torse4 2h
2h Rasktakhan solo dungeon shrine bug Rasktakhan solo dungeon shrine bug There is an affect near the end of the dungeon which you get starting the 7th boss. I forget the name, but it says "when your shrine is destroyed, deathrattle, destroy all enemy minions" Soooo, this didnt work. at all. Was playing the dragon shrine if it matters, but its a pretty god awful bug when a mechanic doesnt even trigger. Pretty irritating way to lose a run too.Nalarion1 2h
2h Rumble run bug Bug with (double spell spirit) and bouncing blade When you have the spirit “play the secret again same target“ and you play bouncing blade and you kill a minion besides your spirit the game bugs out and you can’t do anything anymore the killed minnion remains on the field with 0 health and you can’t do anything. When leaving the game and trying to reconnect it’s impossible and you get a defeatanimalybeast1 2h
2h stolen card procs my loa I was playing a rumble run as the priest character against the rogue character. During this run, the rogue had the loa up which steals cards and reduces the cost. At a given point the loa stole the priest special card that heals all minions, which works awesome as a board clear with the priest Loa. However, when the opponent played the card during his turn, the card behaved as if my opponent controlled my loa, killing my minions and healing his. This is not at all following the card textVetineri2 2h
2h Pirate's Mark Shrine and Bouncing Blade The New Rastakhan's Rumble is fun and all, but there is an issue with the Pirate's Mark Shrine. When the card Bouncing Blade is used and kills the Pirate's Mark Shrine with the first spell, the game does not know what to do. The first time it happened the game soft locked without performing the second spell. The second time, it resulted in the Shrine to go to negative health but not dying. It even allowed me to use the second spell and pass the turn. However, the computer does nothing afterwards. If anyone would like I can provide my screenshots to show what I am talking about. It's a relatively small bug but it has happened twice so far and ended both runs. Edit: After a third test, which took a bit of setting up, when the game softlocks if you quit the game and reopen it it will have played out the enemies turn and lets you continue with no penalty. That's goodPeacockLane0 2h
2h Bug? Holy Wrath when deck empty https://hsreplay.net/replay/cj6v6o62LrDNBpqKFos9gE Opponent played Holy Wrath when their deck was empty. They had already taken 1 damage from drawing empty. My thinking this should have been 2 damage to me but was 25 damage. "Draw a card an apply damage equal to its cost" Please explain how it was 25 damage or fix this bug.Slayed3 2h
2h Supercollider+Druid spirit interaction bug? Had a game where i got supercollider with spirit of the raptor today. (The druid spirit, draw a card if your hero kills a minion) Hitting an enemy with supercollider will make the minion hit another minion. If that kills the target it counts as if your hero killed it, even though technically it got killed by that minion it attacked. The way the spirit text is worded makes it seem like this should/would not work. But it does. to explain it in a slightly different way: I attack minion with 5 health with a 1-attack weapon. Minion drops down to 4. Spirit should not activate, and doesn't. That minion is then forced to attack another minion which kills it. My hero does not kill a minion here, another minion does. Spirit should not activate. But it does.Plague4 2h
2h Minor new solo dungeon shrine bug This happened with the rouge shrine "copy the spell after you play it" When you get the affect "summon an extra shrine this game", it gives you TWO additional shrines instead of 1 additional shrine, with a total of 3 on the board. This is kinda redic, and I have to assume its not intended. Whats really bad about it though, is the third shrine doesnt proc an additional spell, so since its a shrine and you can't get rid of it, its just going to take up board space. You would expect, with a third shrine each spell should cast 4 times. This isnt the case. Spells get casted 3 times, and sometimes it seems some spells only get cast twice.Nalarion0 2h
2h Gonk, the raptor is bugged. Your card description on it states after you kill a minion your hero may against again. Not attack infinite amount of times because you killed a minion. This card is bugged it doesn't perform in the way the text states it should perform in. This card needs to be hot fixed asap. From the description this is how the card should perform. Player kills minion then he gets 1 more attack so if i kills a minion then hits hero he has no more attacks left because he did not kill another minion. The fact you released this card in a bugged broken state is horrible. It is completely bull!@#$ that players have to vs a bugged card like this. Can you guys have one expansion where there isn't a bugged piece of %^-* card destroying the game.KingRukur8 2h
3h Rastakahn glitch Wild combo freezes game in an infinite enemy turn! I have screenshotsMortimer1 3h
4h Rastakhan's Event Bug event : rastakhan's rumble #8 challange (shaman - zentimo ) I could win the game but my minions could not attack. because I couldn't target zentimo. Zentimo was not where it was supposed to be, the place was empty. so I couldn't beat him with my pet. I don't understand that problem. I want to investigate this problem and get back to my side. Have a nice day….CrossWiT1 4h
4h Huawei y7 prime Huawei y7 prime your device isn't compatible with this version HS doesn't support Huawei? Please helpPainQ0 4h
5h Android: Update for Huawei Mate 20 X Hey, Is there an Update planed for Huawei Mate 20 X? The display scale on my screen is very small. I cant set a another resolution. Please make this happend :) BR KellerbierKellerbier1 5h
5h Bouncing Blade in Rumble Run AI casts Bouncing Blade. When it finishes resolving the AI never continues playing or passes the turn.Gnar1 5h
5h Blurred screen not going away STR: - start playing a boomsday project puzzle before midnight - finish it after midnight => upon finishing, you get a notification about a new quest and the screen in the background blurs. After continuing, the screen stays blurred. Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nxh5sg6ea3ex41/bug1.PNG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m35zfs753ut90oi/bug2.PNG?dl=0karst1 5h
5h Bug or Intended issue with The Darkness? I could not find the answer to this with a google search: When The Darkness has his stats buffed before entering play, because buffed while in deck and / or buffed while in hand, he still has the buffed stats as green numbers when played right before going dormant. Then, he loses the stat buff at some point before or when he awakens. I was playing in rumble run, my enemy buffed the darkness in his deck, I then stole the darkness from his deck and played it with something like 23/23, then later when he was awakened from candle draws he was 20/20. Is this a bug or as intended?Restomagus2 5h
5h Rumble Bug, Hazy screen After defeating 7/8 Rumble boss, the whole game got "unfocused", everything is hazy. Even when exiting the Rumble, and going back to main menu, it's hazy. Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/vlAMXdbOedlan0 5h
6h playing more of some cards than able I have played for 2 weeks now and I thought when you have a leg creature you can only have 1 in a deck. I have played a few people that now I kill that, then they play another one. What is up with this???? Not from some card they just have extra's!! What's up???Dodumur2 6h
6h Dire Frenzy + Master’s Call in Spell Hunter I am wondering if this truly is a bug, but since it happened and doesn’t seem to be consistent I wanted to share. I am playing Spell Hunter and get a bunch of spells with Rhok’Delar, one of which is dire frenzy. I play aforementioned card on Misha and get 3 copies of it shuffled in my deck. Since I am playing Spell Hunter, these are my only minions in the deck. I also got a Master’s call and play it, assuming that I will draw 3 beasts, since the 3 buffed Mishas are the only minions in my deck. Instead I draw one of my Mishas. My guess is that dire frenzy only works with different Minions (so not with three times the same one), but it seems wrong? What do you think? Cheers KlaasStaxter4 6h
7h tribute from the tides Bugged in run tribute from the tides Bugged out and is no longer triggering off the battle cries. the totem died about 5 times before it bugged outShacra5 7h
7h Bug in the Rumble Run I am playing as druid, fighting against Zentimo He played a Deathlord (Taunt, deathrattle: Your opponent puts a minion from their deck into the battlefield.) I had an empty deck when I killed the Deathlord, at which time it spawned a Leyline Manipulator for Zentimo's army. No, he did not cast a spell on it to summon a +1 level character on death. No, I do not have screen shots.Restomagus11 7h
7h Pesky Rascal Dies to Crushing Walls Pesky Rascal (Immune) Dies to Crushing Walls.Æpithetic1 7h
8h Pirate's Mark not working properly Was playing Rastakhan's Rumble last night as a Rogue and chose the Pirate's Mark Shrine which causes your spells to cast twice - "After you cast a spell, cast it again (on the same target)" This worked fine until later in the game when I got the passive that starts your game with a copy of your Shrine - So at the start of the game it would cast the passive but then, per the Shrines ability, it would 'cast again' so I ended up with 3 Pirate's Mark Shrines on my board each game after that. That would have been nice except I never got the benefit of the 3rd shrine even when all 3 were active. It just took up space on the board. And sometimes I only saw the benefit of 1 shrine, despite all 3 being up. Most the time I would get 3 casts out of a spell (benefit of 2 shrines) but sometimes I'd only get 2. For instance on turn 1 if I cast The Coin I'd end up with 3 total mana... which is the benefit of only one shrine. If all 3 had been working I'd expect to have 5 mana.LeluDallas2 8h
8h Bug involving Pesky Rascal Playing as a rogue in the new rumble run, I chose to take the Pesky Rascal who is immune, seems cool! I buffed him with Bonemare for +4/+4 and taunt. That's right, taunt + immune should mean my army is pretty darn safe. Turns out nope? The enemy (High Prince Thekal) has a Snapjaw Shellfighter in play which is buffed with On a Stegodon and 3x DING DONG! buffs, so he has big stats, and he takes on any damage sent into his friendly minions, cool. Ths Snapjaw Shellfighter was able to ignore my taunt minion and hit a different minion. Is this a bug, or does having immune + taunt mean the taunt does not exist even though it shows the shield emblem behind the character?!?Restomagus5 8h
8h Rumble run with Hir'eeks Hunger So the wording for this shrine is "Whenever your hero takes damage on your turn, the enemy hero takes it instead." With that in mind I make it to the rewards part where you can upgrade your shrine. I picked the "duplicate shrine at the beginning of the game" because I thought that would be an easy win. Went into the next fight and played flame imp...... second shrine didnt trigger. I do not know if this was intended but, I am pretty sure that two minions with an active always up should do what they are supposed to. For example there is one minion I got (cant remember the name) and it said" whenever you summon a minion deal 5 damage to your hero." I had two of those on board and it worked perfectly.JudgGabranth2 8h
9h Counterspell vs Shadow Reflection Counterspell: When your opponent casts a spell, Counter it. Shadow Reflection: Each time you play a card, transform this into a copy of it. I played Backstab, which was Countered. Shadow Reflection did not trigger and I did not get another copy of Backstab. Does this mean that Counterspell does not only Counter a spell by defusing it but instead negates the whole play effect?Grumphy3 9h
9h Zombeast visual aura not on Echoed zombeasts https://imgur.com/a/c8aaCHE Scavenging Hyena + Hunting Mastiff. The zombeast on the left was generated through Echo, but unlike the right zombeast, it doesn't have the ghostly green flowing visual aura.XiaoHuiHui1 9h
9h enemy hero gone ok i am play vs the shaman but the hero portrait is gone and cant attack him, can end turn and he takes he's turn but i cant attak himReignOfRegin16 9h
9h High Priestess Jeklik doesn't end turn In the Rumble Run Jeklik refuses to end her turn forcing me to concede. I would guess she wants to cast a spell but isnt able to, because she hasn't enough health. Update: I cant actually concede. The game has not stopped working (checked with changing game options and task manager).Levantin1 9h
9h Kel'thuzad Hello, when i played in rumble Kel'Thuzad revived two enemy idolsDoenito0 9h
10h Baited Arrow bug i found new bug i played the new adventure as hunter and played the baited arrow and the enemy had mana bind and the overkill had not work and when i tried this spell again on another minion and it killed it, it still didn't worked. so please repair it it annoying to start new adventure when i was about to win because of a bugdshgaming3 10h
10h Rabid Saurolisk Poisonous Deathrattle Issue https://imgur.com/a/JVOWYGD It appears that Rabid Saurolisk's poison applies to his deathrattle, making it a total board clear. I do not believe this is an intended mechanic.Hazerdous1 10h
11h game crash when create a deck I deleted all my decks to create new. But when i click on the button "create a deck" my game crash. I am playing on maccreepblock2 11h
12h Bug! Collection view resets to Standard Bug! Whenever I go into my collection from the main screen, it resets to only looking at Standard set cards. Try it! From the main screen, go to your collection. Look at "all cards". Then back out to the main screen. Return to your collection, and you're back to looking at Standard cards. This should be a really easy bug to fix. I can't imagine it being designed/desired behaviour, as trying to badger players into playing standard matches by making Wild less convenient would be a childish ploy. Please go ahead and make that selection sticky so as not to punish Wild players for wanting to see by default the cards they've shelled out money for. Thanks!THX11386 12h
13h Big Bug with the new rumble The screenshot tells the whole story. Basically the boss portrait just disappeared and I couldn't go face/kill him. So I basically just lost, this has happened twice and from what I've seen I'm not the only one. We could use a fix to this ASAP since this kinda ruins the whole deal. https://imgur.com/kwPJbMnAlexis3 13h
13h Swiftfoot Messenger Can't Attack In arena I could cast Swiftfoot Messenger but could not attack for rush during the turn I cast it nor could it attack on any other turn. All other minions could attack as normal. Lost that game (with my opponent taunting me the whole time to boot). Please fix!themicronaut1 13h