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Aug 16, 2013 Welcome to the Hearthstone Bug Report forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports about the Hearthstone. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. The Known Issues thread has some good info in it. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Finally, a screenshot or video showing your issue would be greatly appreciated! You can upload your videos to YouTube and your screenshots to sites like imgur. Posts we do not need Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be moderated or moved immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Rolkyr0 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Installing and patching issues? Hey guys! If you are having installing and patching issues using the Battle.net Desktop Application, please post them in the Technical Support forums. They will be better equipped to help you out!Rolkyr0 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 How to report hacks/exploits/cheating Hey guys, Please read this important and friendly reminder regarding how to report really bad issues like exploits, hacks, cheats, etc. According to the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums. Because of the sensitive nature of hacks/exploits, posting on forums only ensures that other people are going to attempt to use them. Any poster who breaks this rule will have his/her thread deleted immediately and may be reviewed for a forums ban. If you find an exploit or think someone is hacking the game, please send a detailed e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com. Thank you for your due diligence with this. Reporting these issues is incredibly important, but at the same time please remember to report them through the secure channels.Rolkyr0 Aug 16, 2013
Jul 13 **HotFixes** Greetings! Below you will find information about recent changes we have made in Hearthstone. If you still encounter any issue you may find in this list, we ask that you please enter a new report and not just comment on an existing one. If an issue is not on this list, it does not mean that it is not being worked on or that we are unaware of it. Please always continue to research reports and refer to our KNOWN ISSUES thread before posting. Thanks! - RolkyrRolkyr25 Jul 13
Oct 30, 2014 Card Hovering/Connection Issue Hey everyone! This has been an ongoing issue that seems to come up daily on the forums. After the last, long explanation and discussion thread that was had, a sticky was requested of the response given some insight as to what is happening when players experience this issue. This is in response to a disconnection issue that players see where it appears that the opposing player is holding up the game in some manner. Often it will appear that they are holding a card above the battlefield, purposely preventing the timer from starting. This is indeed a disconnect issue. Aspects of games can connect on different levels. Player to player, player to client, player to server etc. etc. One of our awesome MVPs made this to help explain how connections work: http://i.imgur.com/bBezGoD.png There are some things back end (what development sees) wise I won't get into, but realize the term "disconnect" when used in this case can reference several different areas of the game. It is not always just "my internet is fine, this isn't a connection issue." Something that speaks to this is when players mention that the player is holding a card over the game board and emoting or going through their cards. This should be one sign as to this being a connection issue as you cannot both use your mouse to hold a card over the game board AND click emotes or go through your hand. On the front end, this does indeed seem like one of the older bugs. It is very possible for things that are happening on our end in very different ways to appear the exact same way to players. There are also many variables in some of these issues. So even when 1 thing is addressed, it is possible that some other off the wall edge case scenario is causing a similar issue in a way that was not expected. Issues are never ignored. If players are reporting them, we are looking at them. Not everyone can be responded to. And a lot of issues are ones that have been reported several times before so it may look like they aren't being addressed when it was actually responded to previously. I truly hope this helps to clarify this issue and continue to encourage all players to report any NEW issues they may find. This includes obvious bugs and things that appear to be possible issues that can lead to confusion. You all get very passionate and take the time to come to us with your issues. We appreciate every bit of that and encourage you all to keep it up. I will try and match your effort with making sure development is aware of these issues and they are all being looked into. In doing this, I will try and keep players informed to the best of my abilities so you may all keep your reports educated and up to date. Please keep up the great work in helping to make this the most EPIC experience we can. Cheers! - RolkyrRolkyr0 Oct 30, 2014
Jan 12, 2015 Common Reports That Are Not Bugs! Hello! Below you will find commonly reported issues that cause a bit of misunderstanding and lead to players thinking something isn't working as intended. If you experience one of these issues and they still seem to not be working correctly, never hesitate to report the issue to us. This thread is to hopefully clear up some questions players may have. Cheers! Blade Flurry is doing extra damage!Blade Flurry is a Rogue ability that destroys the player's weapon and deals the weapons damage to all enemies. Even though the weapon has a set amount, Blade Flurry is still a spell and can be affected by Spell Power. All my decks and/or cards vanished!Majority of the time this issue is seen it is due to the players region being changed. Double check that the region you are currently in is the one you regularly play in. My opponent stole my minion. When I bounced it to the owners hand, it went to their hand!If you control a minion, you own that minion. Ownership is based off which side of the battlefield a minion is on. When returning a minion to its owners hand, it will return to the hand of the player who controls that minion on their side of the battlefield at the time the effect is played. My Noble Sacrifice didn't trigger when my opponent attacked!Did you have 7 minions on the battlefield? Playing cards that create minions act the exact same way as trying to play a minion. If you don't have room, the card will not trigger. Minions healed when I killed/silenced Stormwind Champion (or other buffs)!At the time you Silence a minion who is effected by a stat modifier, if their health is higher than their printed value (the value the minion displays with no stat modifiers), it will return the minion to its original health that is displayed on the card. If at the time Silence is cast, the minions current health is less than the printed value on the card, the minion will remain on the battlefield with that much damage. Ben Brode gives an explanation here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/9793229858?page=2#21 Faceless Manipulator died after copying a buffed minion!When a minion is effected by a global buff (an effect that adds something to ALL minions you control) and damage is dealt to that minion, health is removed from the base health pool first, then the health added by a buff. So if you control a Stormwind Champion and a minion at 1 health, when you attempt to copy that minion, it will copy the base minion of zero health. Then, before the global buff can be applied, the minion will die. Gorehowl was destroyed after one use!The mistake here is usually in understanding the card. If a player attacks a hero, the durability is reduced. If a player attacks a minion, the attack is reduced. Ice block did not prevent my opponents secret from killing me!If you are attacking and in a position to trigger your opponent's secret, it is most likely your turn. As secrets cannot trigger on the owning player's turn, there is no chance for Ice Block to become active. My opponent was able to attack my Faerie Dragon with their hero power!Even though you are not able to target the Faerie dragon with spells, you are able to attack the Faerie Dragon. So Rogues and Druids are able to use their hero powers to deal damage to the minion. A card that was returned to a players hand was destroyed and the Deathrattle still even though the minion wasn't in play triggered.This is working as intended. When a returned minion is destroyed, since it cannot re-enter the players hand (since they are at the 10 card limit), it is still considered to be in play. This being the case, the Deathrattle ability will still trigger. Misdirection was used on my minion and my weapon dealt damage to it!During your turn, your weapon is considered to be "unsheathed". This is depicted by the animation between turns of the weapon being put away and brought back out. While unsheathed, a weapon will deal its damage to any minion the hero does combat with. However, since the actual hero is not attacking, Durability will not be removed from that weapon. Maexxna used her hero power on my Faerie Dragon/Stealth minion!Maexxna's hero power, as with any effect using the term "Random", is not considered to target. The hero power can send ANY minion (2 minions on heroic) back to the opposing player's hand regardless of the minions status or effect. I beat the Arachnid Wing and did not get a card back!Cardbacks are rewarded for beating all heroic bosses in ALL of Naxxramas. A spell killed Stalagg and Feugen at the same time and I/my opponent got 2 of Thaddius!This is correct and working as intended. If both Stalagg and Feugen are killed at the same time in the same turn, they with both trigger off of each other and the controlling player will get 2 copies of Thaddius. Kel'Thuzad did not revive my minion at the end of my turnKel'Thuzad will only revive minions that have died during your turn, but not during your "End of Turn" phase. If a minion dies during the same time that Kel'Thuzad triggers, it will NOT be returned to the Battlefield. My Ragnaros lost stealth, but never attacked!Stealth will only last until a minion deals damage in any way. If a stealth minion is in combat due to an effect like Misdirection (and deals damage back to the character attacking it), deals damage due to a triggered effect or attacks another minion, it will lose it's stealth. My Tokens did not get buffed from Hobgoblin!Hobgoblin will only apply to minions that have been "Played". In order for a minion to be considered Played, it must be put directly into play, from your hand, to the Battlefield. Minions put into play by other minions or spells, like Animal Companion, will not be effected. The original minion and spell are what is considered "Played" in that scenario, so do not trigger Hobgoblin. Mistress of Pain and Auchenai Soulpriest resulted in auto death!This is 100% correct. What happens is Auchenai Soulpriest turns all healing into damage. So when Mistress of Pain triggers, she attempts to heal you. This results in you taking damage and triggering Mistress of Pain again. This will continually happen until your health is reduced to zero. I hope this helps to clear up any questions or misunderstandings with some of these rules/effects. As always, there can be exceptions. Please always feel free to report anything that seems "off" Thanks! - RolkyrRolkyr0 Jan 12, 2015
19m A new bug with twisted worgen This morning, when i played arena, my opponent dropped twisted worgen and as normal it cant be targeted because of stealth. However, when the rope burnt, it was targetable and i could ping it although i didnt end my turn yet. I did'nt record that game but i only took a screen cap .Thanks uLozzNghia1 19m
19m Card Pack Issue Hearthstone Patch 8.4 introduced new infrastructure to prepare for the recently announced improvements to card drop rates. An unexpected side effect of this change was that a small number of players who opened packs after the patch received one fewer Legendary or Epic card than they would have otherwise. We've identified the issue and expect it to be resolved next week. It's important to us that Hearthstone players feel great about opening card packs and we apologize for this issue and any disappointment that it may have caused. We will be reaching out to all affected players in the next few weeks with details regarding our resolution plan.Molly14 19m
20m murgle not functioning hey i was trying to get murgle, therefore i asked a friend to register on the link i have gotten and to play a hero to level 20. as he was finished nothing happened and i already contacted the support but they told me i should write it down here and thats it. pretty disappointed right nowDanchoz0 20m
58m a bug in the new brawl ahuna if you find the ice block with books that you can't be killedscholar2280 58m
1h Arena loss after game ended I was 7-2 on an arena run on my android, won a game so went to 8-2 but instead of showing the screen with the key it just showed rewards and the start new run screen. Then next time i started the app it said "you lost your last arena game due to a disconnect " So frustrating!ismynametris0 1h
1h The game crash The game crashes for a week when I go to the matchRamon0 1h
1h Krul the unshackled bug I was playing ranked play against a rouge and used Krul the unshackled, I had 3 demons in my hand including doomguard, unlicensed apocrathary, and succubus, along with a few other cards and abyssal enforcer on the board, I have no duplicates in my deck but none of the demons in my hand were put on the board.Max3 1h
1h Glitched arena I was playing arena and won a game at 5-1 as a really old rogue deck. After the game it said I was 6-2. It gave me a loss and a win even though I didn't lose 2 games. Update: It says I lost a game to a disconnect even though I didn't. !@#$ you blizzard.thegrrrr80 1h
2h The "Flare" and the Secrets "Mana Bind" The "Flare" can not destroy the Secrets "Mana Bind" and will be copied by "Mana Bind". It is so weird.......loltimmy2316231 2h
2h Duplica carta legendaria Según eso ya no iban a salir las legendarias en los paquetes que ya tenias. Y a mi me salio elisa y ya la tenia.mioldi1 2h
2h Problema con entrega de sobres el día 22/07/2017 me llega una notificación donde recibo 4 sobres los cuales nunca me aparecieron para abrir. Por favor necesito ayudasniperdeaths0 2h
2h Floating card and game stopped working?? I was winning the game and were just waiting for opponent to press button so I could finish him and this happens and after 10+ min I restart game and it says I lost the game and need to start a new arena?? Arena is paid for gold or MONEY and this happens is not right at all.. How will I get my gold back that I wasted on a arena run that got wasted by a bug in the system?Xatic3 2h
5h Arena end after a victory When I started a arena game when I had 3 victories and 1 lost I think, and after I won the game, my run finished and the game gave me the reward.Mcpocolie2 5h
5h Free arena ticket On my last arena run I got a screen saying that I've gotten an Arena-ticket and didnt have to bother with the fee but when I got to the card-selection 150 gold had been subtracted from my bank?blern16 5h
7h Missing gold?? I logged today and I found out that i had 1000 gold less than before. How can I do? I did not spend anythingDazdingo1 7h
7h Game stuck with no rope burn My game is stuck atm where the other players card is not moving from the centre of the board. Also the other players turn is not being ended by the timer. I can also see that the other player is there since I saw him interact with the cards. Help? I want to win. http://imgur.com/Z6Ho619Baldilocks30 7h
7h No rewards for the Nax Solo adventure? Realised I havent completed the last boss of the Naxx solo adventure and got the popup "Reward x2 Shade of Naxxramas" and Kel'thuzad, but they are not in my card collection. 'elp me plsYipsnake1 7h
7h morgl is a lie Over the past year i have been trying to get Morgl the oracle. i have recruited 11 friends and tried in different ways to obtain Morgl. I send my friend a recruit link > they click it > register an account > finish tutorial > level characters to 20 in all. i have done these steps in alot of different orders. i don't know if it might be my recruitment link that is bugged. i have tried from same ip's, different ip's, cellphones, tablets, macs. nothing. i dont really know what to do anymore. once in a while, i just try again with another account, or get my friends to make one. but it just dosn't work. please help.MaKseN6 7h
8h Game wont open past the initial loadscreen running fine last week, this week I try to play and press play, it loads the game and t he hearthstone logo over the saloon doors shown by screenshot below. http://imgur.com/a/mi1HQ the image is animated as the light flashes so game is not frozenGuardianLisp1 8h
8h Flametongue totem display error Flametongue totem buffing both totems which were displayed to right side of the totem, no other buffs were on any totem and hovering over the tooltip stated it was being buffed by flametongue http://imgur.com/a/eGQygAbolik1 8h
8h Blessed Champion on Tar Creeper Bug Blessed Champion - Tar Creeper Bug http://imgur.com/a/oTbyq I lost because i couldn't kill my Hydra :) GG BlizzardxDeadslayeRx1 8h
8h arena gold I got 370 gold (10-3) but wasnt added after/before open the reward.MatiuX3 8h
8h numerous spells not working randomly numerous spells not working randomly for example will use a weapon that applies health to hero but no health is appliedMiniNinja1 8h
9h problem z nagrodą Witam chciałem zapytac gdzie mam odebrać nagrode bo w hearstone napisali mi ze za 100 wygranych dostane jak sie zaloguje do batle netPunkowiec0 9h
9h Removed card backs Hello Blizzard! Mist of my card backs from 2014 has been removed so I can't use them anymore. Can you give them back or do I just have to live with it?Långeman2 9h
10h Have not received Maiev Came back to the game for the launch of Ungoro and had the quest "Return of the hero" I believe. Anyways, it erased the Maiev quest and was never able to obtain herArcticWalrus1 10h
10h Gorehowl Bug When Gorehowl's Durability goes down 0 i equipped Sulfuras. After Sulfuras's Durability also goes down 0, Then suddenly Gorehowl return with 7/1 Durability.imur2 10h
10h Frost Festival quest and others disappeared? I completed the first quest of the Frost Festival last night, but now my other two uncompleted quests have disappeared and no new quest appeared today.DMo1 10h
10h potion of madness burnbristle = death So me the priest plays Embrace the shadows and ping a murloc warleader. Then i potion of madness wickerflame burnbristle. Then I attack an enemy. I am at 10 health. I die as I take a flurry of 2 health damage until I am -4 health. This seems like a fairly huge bug.Krovig1 10h
10h Won=lost Hi, I have a big problem cuz i won ranked game but game took my win and make it lost, i lost star and decrease rank from 4 to 5 but i was 4 rank without stars, then won and went back to 5 xD are you kidding me blizzard?Wulman0 10h
11h Паки за выбор чемпиона Доброго времени суток, на днях получил 4 пака последнего дополнения за выбор фаворита (голосовал за Коленто) пришли 4 пака, но за предыдущие голосования ничего не пришло, однако Штан победил в финале и Ратгерский университет тоже, хотелось бы получить обещанную награду. Спасибо.KA6A4OK2 11h
11h missing frost festival arena rewards Good evening, I wrote this topic because I have not receive part of my reward for the free frost festival arena so far. this one was ended with a score of 8-3 and the reward i should have received was: 1) golden druid of the claw ---> received 2) steward of dark shire ---> received 3) 1 ungoro pack ---> received 4) 155 gold ----> missing gold before arena 7950 gold after arena 7950 if you can, help me, thanks.Neltharion2 11h
11h Missing Jaraxxus-Emote Heyho. I was testing it in German and in English, but it doesn't worked. Jaraxxus havn't the Emote: "ANOTHER WILL TAKE MY PLACE..." if i play a another Lord Jaraxxus. Source: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Lord_Jaraxxus#EmotesSpazzMaticus1 11h
11h The festival brawl For the past 2 tavern brawls (fire festival with ragnaros and frost festival with ahune ) the reward for winning is supposed to be an emote ( fireworks from fire festival and snowflake from frost festival) but I didn't receive either , I got very small and faint fireworks and little snowflake compared to everyone else. Is this happening to others or just myself ?Tuhmaly4 11h
12h Mission does not work Hi, I do not know why I do not tell the games in the tavern to be able to do the first mission of the frost festival, which is playing 3 games in the arena, I have played at least 5 games, Is there a bug? regardsronylafuente1 12h
12h Arena BUG Hello I played arena. Suddenly I got the message that I got out of the game when I hit OK I was playing on. I managed to win the match but after returning to the menu I got gold dust and package. I have not had the opportunity to play anymore. Please help KROPKA#2509KROPKA0 12h
12h The cureator bug? Hello, i hope a dev see my topic as iam a bit salty. when i logged on today i was happy to see that i got a free arena run, i startet the arena up and got a decent preist deck with kazakhus and The cureator in the deck. I played until my score was 3-2 and i was in a loosing position, but i did manage to put out the cureator and power shield (the give +2 health and draw a card) and in the next round i decided to dobble its health with (the cards that dobbles the current health of a minion) i attacked with it on an enemy minion, after the attack it should still be alive but it just disapered, the next round my enemy had leathal and i lost. Iam sorry i dident bother to search up the cards i used and dident remember what minion and how much damage the curreator took, but i have work early tommorow and just wanted to write this fast as i wonder if this is only a one time or an bug that happens more than one time. Notice this match was played on a phone. Thank you for reading Oleole3 12h
12h bug during arena Hello I contact you because my account was subject to a bug recement I was playing in arene when suddenly hearstone games page that deconecte, until nothing serious I try then to reconnect it works the games give me In my part I win it 6em victory but as soon as the parties finish the rewards in the arenes saffiche while I still had a defeat if a blizzard admin can maider it would be really cool (I received 50 gold and one Booster I do not touch anything waiting for the intervention of someone)darksoul0 12h
12h Bolf Ramshield negates fatigue damage Played a game and Bolf Ramshield negated fatigue damage, opponent was up to 14 fatigue but wouldn't die, and bolf ramshield did not take any of the damageSatec1011 12h
13h Recruit A Friend not working So I've tried to Recruit A Friend (twice) and it doesn't seem to be working. All the accounts are in the same region (Europe) and I'm copying the link directly from the Hearthstone app and sending them to my friends. This is the message they get after following the link: http://imgur.com/a/2fjhE Neither of them received their packs in game, and the Recruit A Friend menu in my app hasn't updated with any progress/chest indicators. I decided to try it myself and created a new account just to make sure. I sent myself an invite link, played through all the intro missions. Nothing. I haven't received a free card pack on that account, nor has it acknowledged that I've recruited a friend on my main account. I've spoken to two separate GMs and they've said that they'll look into and suggested posting my issue here as you may be able to resolve it. They said that I'm eligible and can see that I recruited multiple accounts. The last GM I spoke to Gruglo said that "it looks like there needs to be some intervention by the Hearthstone team to grant your reward". If you could look into the this issue that would be great, I've still not received my new hero reward and my friends haven't received their free classic pack of cards.Srsbusiness22 13h
13h Ahune's Superior Brawl Volatile Elemental bug If your Volatile Elemental destroy a target dummy during your opponent's turn, you lose HP and not your opponent. I suppose this is not what it is intended...Nestpme1 13h
13h Morgl The friend I invited was level 53, but I did not get a Morgl on my account. Could this be related to parental control?Quis01 13h
14h Bug in Arena run ?? Hi. I have a strange situation on my Arena run. I crafted a deck a wile ago and now i'm playing it, but after 3 games i realized that my deck contain only 29 of 30 required cards . Its a bug isn't it? What can i do with it?? Thanks for any sugestions , help.smoQr0 14h