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Aug 9, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Community Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss what is going on in the community of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Fansite news and updates, player run tournaments, and community creations all have a place here in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 9, 2013
Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
6d Fireside Gatherings Update - December 13, 18 Innkeepers, now you have even more options to spice up your Fireside Gatherings! It was already possible to experience Fireside Brawls. Now, get ready for a whole menu of Brawls to choose from for your attendees, all through the Fireside Special feature! With the Fireside Special, Innkeepers will be able to select one additional Fireside Brawl from a curated library, in addition to the rotating monthly Fireside Brawl that their patrons will already have access to during their Fireside Gathering. The Fireside Special feature is now available via the website. Here’s how things work! Setting up your Fireside Special Create your event and head over to the event detail page once it’s completed. If there are Fireside Special brawls available for the date of your event, the default ones will show up on your event detail page, and you’ll see a “Change Brawl” option. You can usually only select brawls 30-60 days ahead of time. If you don’t see any brawls available, it might mean your event is too far in the future, so check back closer to its start date for options to manage your brawls. Click the “Change Brawl” option to review available brawls (based on your event date) and select the one that you’d like to have available at your upcoming Fireside Gathering. You’re done! Enjoy the brawls at your Fireside Gathering!There are a few things to keep in mind when you make use of the Fireside Special. Any Fireside Gathering—unlisted or public—can add a Fireside Special. You also do not need to have established a Tavern to be able to choose your Fireside Special brawl. Fireside Brawls cannot be changed on the fly once the event has started. The catalogue of brawls available to Innkeepers via the Fireside Special depends on the start date that the innkeeper selects for their event. Tips on using the Fireside Special If you’ve been wondering how best to make use of this exciting new feature, we’ve got a couple of suggestions. Setup an unlisted Fireside Gathering and pick your Fireside Special brawl! Then gather some friends from round the neighborhood and pull up a chair by your own hearth. Hearthstone is home… literally! Give the Fireside Special a go at your regular Fireside Gathering—ask your friendly innkeeper, or set a Fireside Gathering up yourself! Make sure to set up your Fireside Gathering in a public location so people can attend. Thinking of something fun to do at work on Friday evening’s social hour? Set up an unlisted Fireside Gathering, pick your Fireside Special brawl, and get in there! Jesse Hill2 6d
Oct 4 Whizbang the Wonderful and New Players Some players have noticed that new Hearthstone players (players that are still undergoing the New Player Experience) are currently unable to craft the Whizbang the Wonderful card. We wanted to take this moment to let players know that this restriction was intentional. Whizbang the Wonderful is not a card designed for new players – they won’t know many of the cards that are in Whizbang’s decks, and we don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate players while they are still trying to learn Hearthstone. Once the player reaches Rank 25, or if they choose to manually exit the New Player Experience early, they will then be able to craft the Whizbang card. We apologize for missing this restriction in the update notes for Update 12.2, as that omission was not intentional. We will continue to keep an eye on the New Player Experience and will make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for your feedback and support!Jesse Hill0 Oct 4
Sep 27 Hearthstone Forums Are Moving To Discourse! The Hearthstone forums are getting an upgrade! Starting the week of October 1 2018, the official Hearthstone forums will be moving to Discourse. If you would like a preview of the new forums, check out the Overwatch forums to see how they function. This forum update will provide additional functionality that will make it a better place to hold discussions about Hearthstone. How does this affect me? The old Hearthstone forums will not longer be available for posting after the transition. Discourse will provide a fresh start for all players; this means that any posts or guides that have been posted previously will not carry over! We suggest you copy any guides you may have now for reposting later. The old forums will remain in a read-only state for a limited time. We look forward to seeing you on the new Hearthstone forums in October!Jesse Hill1 Sep 27
Jul 6 Common Topics and Threads Greetings! Here you will find explanations and links to some of the more common, ongoing topics on the forums. As well as links to threads that have been dedicated to specific matters. Additional threads created on these topics will either be locked and directed to the primary threads or removed. Please click on the link below for the topic you wish to review. Common Posts • My thread was removed! • "Vanishing Threads" • Popular Topics • Tyrande Hero Skin Discussion • Auto-Squelch Feature Discussion • How does matchmaking work? Tavern TalksJesse Hill3 Jul 6
4m refund dust King's Bane December 19, in the game Hearthstone announced the change in the cost of the character's rogue "Leeching Poison" card. This rebalancing completely destroys the archetype of the rogue’s deck with the legendary “Bane of the Kings” weapon. Due to the fact that these changes were extremely negative concerning the game process, and they were not necessary announced in reasonable terms, I think developers should make a refund of full cost 1600 dust of this cards: King's Bane Valira the Withered Captain Greenskin As for me, I'm just spent 7000 dust six days ago on a deck that completely broken this day. This refunding measures should be actually to keep players interested in game, and not to leave after this fixes.anoth3r11 4m
10m Chinese running the clock Why is it that the yellow Chinese bastards get to run the clock 10 seconds past the blow point its bull!@#$ ive been banned before cause I called those yellow bastards out for running the clock do something about itPorainee3 10m
1h Tyrande, oh where oh where My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Then it became available to players with their country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack. Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase. I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions. Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair.... Please can Blizzard respond.Kortol668 1h
1h Japanese Khadgar promotion question I'm writing this topic in hopes of getting an answer whether it will eventually be available to everyone or just the Japan/Asia region and how does one actually acquire the hero skin? For those who don't know what I'm talking about: 1h
2h Shudderwock is no fun Get rid of shudderwock. It’s just not a fun card to go against. Literally went against him 4 games in a row, was dominating every game, oh look a wild shudderwock appears. Sit there for about 50 seconds while all the stupid effects go off, oh wait it gets repeated another 4-10 turns in a row because they will have some stupid way to copy him or use him multiple time. Games over, legit just no fun to go against at allCrack4Sale1 2h
6h What do you enjoy about this game? I like Tavern Brawl and Adventure Mode. That's about it.Ropemaster21 6h
7h Thank god for Nerfs! Dec 19! i For one welcome our token Druid and hunter overlords! But anything is better than combo Druid.Swanny0 7h
8h How Can any New Players Compete? Having been around the block with this game, I am completely fed up and have been for quite some time. Yet the game significantly gets worse as time goes by. Level locks was a horrible idea, said it before the launch and it's proven itself to be true...... With that being said, how can any new player even have a shot at this game? The decks I play against in R20 are absurd. I refuse to spend anywhere near the amount of money I used to on this game. I can only think of the meta standard crap the people in lower ranks are playing against and them not spending money. In general, Standard mode for that matter is a JOKE! If you aren't playing any of the over advertised netdecks, you're screwed because Standard is built around these crappy, monotonous, generic decks. To that point, I was looking at the Standard meta decks in rotation right now and most of them cost 10,000+ dust! What new player, who doesn't spend a dime on this game is going to have any chance remotely of competing in Standard mode?Bozzburgh17 8h
9h Suggestion - Classic mode for hearthstone Can we please have a classic mode in the game that works just like wild or standard, but with only classic cards just like back in the day. I feel like the game was much more fun and enjoyable back in the day. You couldn't just turn around a game with 1 card (current examples Shudderwock and Bloodreaver Gul'dan). Back in the day there were more viable card options which made for more deck variety. Like for example now when you see a druid dropping fire fly on turn 1 you just know its a spiteful druid and you know literally every card in his deck.Dan8 9h
11h Campaign Hi guys, in past there was some kind of campaign. It was if I remember well 6 adventures 10 euros or something like that each. Its removed now? Thanks for replyZen2 11h
13h EPIC! Star aligner is unplayable Why dose Star Aligner battle cry only work with 7 health minions? It's hard enough trying to keep a big minion on the board with out AOE or Morph affects affecting them. Surely this cards battle cry should state 7 health or more?FireGhouL1 13h
13h Card Idea Could add a new shrine, perhaps neutral, effect: whenever a minion overkills... (Maybe deal 2 damage to opposing hero?) An overkill promoting shrine nonethelessDoomezar0 13h
14h Kingsbane or Quest Rogue 2.0? I really can´t see the difference, lame against aggro and autowin against control/midrange with virtually nothing you can do. And please stop talking about "counters", oozes just delay the inevitable, you can no longer burn it with gnomeferatu thanks to lab recruiter, and freeze/copy effects have no place in a control deck and can be played around (i wont make my deck worse to upgrade in 1% the winrate against a single deck). So, exactly the same problem that quest rogue, but becouse devs love the deck they keep supporting it and we'll have to stick to it. And now not only in Wild, but also in standard becouse even when making the worse set in the history of the game the devs need to upgrade their favorite deck.Joako0 14h
15h Problem with Spell Hunter!!! Is this a bug with Spell Hunter? I noticed recently that (sometimes) either rohadkar or rexxar , two of the most powerful cards in Spell Hunter are missing, I checked my deck many times to see if I mistakenly missed them , they were there.. wtf blizzard?!Reaper4431 15h
15h Wow, Kingsbane is a Terrible Deck What is with all the criticism of berating this Deck for being OP? It's awful. You're literally waiting on a card to give you Kingsbane and a card to give you Lifesteal to actually do well. If you don't claim either of those in the first three or four turns, your backup is that (hopefully) you have a ton of removals until something becomes available... Otherwise you're a sitting duck.Mesden2 15h
21h Random / suggested cards mechanic Hi folks, Just to put in context, i like playing home made decks in wild, ladder or not. There's no real difference from both. I'm always facing the same T1 decks with some little variation in no ladder and sometimes other home made decks. I'm not here to complain about peoples using the most efficient way. It has been the case from beta, no problem with that. I don't play anymore arena unless its free. I really enjoy the random card mechanic to build his own deck. Arena take too much time for me so i prefer spending my gold in boosters. I already tried long time ago the random / suggested cards mechanic when creating a deck, to play against friends in a different way. But what really pissed me off is the pseudo random they add. I don't remember if it has always been the case or if they patched it. But when you create a random deck or use the suggested card mechanic, you always get the same result with only some few variations. With great hearthstone sites all around, and from what i'm experiencing, i think nobody use those mechanics to create there deck. Peoples don't need this babysitting for advice. As i mentioned there's clearly lot of tools and a huge playerbase to ask for advice. Not to mention twich as well. I would love to simulate the arena building deck mechanic to fight againts other people in a short way, like one off fights. But this pseudo random feels like obsolete and clearly disgusting. Thanks for reading.Furockeur0 21h
1d One new card you hate I really am starting to hate Shirvallah: the elegant, the white tiger king. When he is either used in TKO combos, or when he is used by himself, it usually ends up in a loss of the other player...and i hate it.SSWAYS0 1d
1d £936.81 That's how much I've spent on this game since 2016 (-_-) im pretty shocked and embarrassed with myself to be honest.....this is a free to play game yeah? This is a serious lightbulb moment for me, a few quid here and there was my attitude as I felt like supporting a game I enjoy but this is crazy. I've never spent even close to this kind of money on any other game and frankly Im stunned. This business model is treacherous and now i feel obliged to never spend another penny on this gameSanchezz43877 1d
1d Shudderwock Hakkar I didn't think it would be possible to make Shudderwock even more annoying. And you guys came up with this. WTF! Great job developers! You guys are something else. To the developers... I'm being sarcastic in case you're too stupid to notice.Delusion6 1d
1d Random loss streak and draws Hey, Just wanted to share some stuff I have on my mind about the matches. I'm currently on a 16 loss 1 win for today.... Playing the same decks I've played from rank 23 to 11 (4 star) .. I ran from 23 to 11 in a few days. Suddenly, I can't win a single game with the same decks (secret hunter, beast hunter, kingsbane rouge) For example the kingsbane Rouge, I had 8 games in a row, where I couldn't even draw a kingsbane before I was dead. I'm running 1 kingsbane, 2 shinyfinder, 2 raiding party and now even 2 elven mistrel now. That's 7/30 to get my kingsbane. 3/4 draw, 3 mulligan. So 6 or 7 chance to draw one of those cards.. Counting I die at turn 6/7 that's a total of 12/13 cards drawn, and nothing from the 7 cards to get my kingsbane for example. Counting now 8 games with neither card that can give me a kingsbane. The games I've managed to even get a kingsbane up, I don't think I've even managed to get it up to 3 or 4 attack before I'm dead. I have no idea what suddenly happened how I could go from 70% win rate down to about 8% win rate in a morning... And at the same time, I've faced kingsbane Rouges. And every one of them have had a huge buffed kingsbane in a few rounds, seems like they draw kingsbane or shinyfinder every single start. What's up with these sudden loss streaks and incredibly bad pulls theast few hours? And every single game I've got the decent pulls the first few draws, of course I've faced freeze mage and even a deck who destroyed my weapon 7 draws in a row... When I play the secret hunter, some how I always face a deck that counters me too now. Everything have been working out well, but suddenly I can't win a single game no matter what I run or what I try.. MRufus0 1d
1d I want to quit unless Shudderwock is nerfed! I've paid too much money to be annoyed by shudderwock. This card and grumble are stupid and need to be fixed. This getting to the point when its not fun or worth playing anymore. This random BS needs to be taken back by half!KILLJOY6 1d
1d where is TOOMGIS? I must know. If you don't know what I'm talking about don't boggle up my thread.Samhain0 1d
1d Casual Matching Issue Never posted in forums before but having a dilemma, been playing this game since Blackrock mountain/Grand tournament and ive never experienced such inconstistence in casual matchmaking...looked at patches and havent seen anything related to this but i just queued 2 days in a row being matched with brand spankin new players, conceding constantly at archers and river crocs..i dont play ranked cause i find it too grindy..i play meta decks though in casual, full deathrattle hunter decklists, otk mage, etc. i dont want to quit this game but its a little ridiculous getting constantly matched with new players, is it a surge of new players? something im missing or has anyone else been having this issue?JOONES1 1d
1d a request for make people happy Hello me again. A lot of non english knower TURKISH people enjoyes to watch me play hearthstone, they dont understand english, they afraid to download our game, our precious game. Because they see this game only as pictures, they cant read did you imagine that, i can because i was like that some time ago, you can see that from my grammar mistakes. The point is there is so many people here waiting for playing hearthstone and not only for turkish, there is other regions too. If that happens so many people will be happy, and i know you work hard for that. Hope is cheap, birds can fly and time is late i go sleep good night.mutan1 1d
1d Odd Question Regarding Firesides Hey guys. So, I am hosting my first fireside gathering this weekend and I realized that there are a few things I didn't know and would like to have answers for before I start pushing it pretty heavily. I would like to preface this with I haven't been to a Fireside since I have had bad experiences with the local stores that have been running them. 1. How does one actually log into and get credit for being in the Fireside event? 2. Is it possible to establish your tavern while the even is still going on?PezLex0 1d
2d Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch? Could this work? Just an idea I came up with a few hours ago. Thoughts?Slick7 2d
2d Hearthstone Games Are Taking Too Long To Play Yes, another one of these threads. I admit: My mindset going into an online card game like Hearthstone is that it is just a brief ‘time filler’ while waiting to do something else (like waiting to meet friends, waiting on a phone call, sitting in an Uber ride, etc.) I don’t boot up Hearthstone with the intent to play it for the next 45+ minutes. I would reserve that for just about any of Blizzard’s other games though. But for me, life is too busy for that to dedicate that much time on a daily basis. A big part of the reason I so enjoyed HS when it first came out was that most games could be played in 3-7 minutes. And since I tend to only have about 15 minutes at a pop to play, that was GREAT! I actually could get a few games in during Monday through Friday. In fact, that made playing HS even MORE possible, because it WASN”T such a time sink. However: As of the last 5 days, I have yet to play a game that was less than 20 minutes in length. The average seems to be between 20-25. I know I don’t speak for most players, but that is just TOO long while trying to stay on top of a complicated and busy life. Especially for a ‘filler game’. I miss the old days of playing 3-5 games in the same amount of time. I have no idea how to correct this. But it would help if… Make a new game mode – were Nozdormu the Dragon’s special rule is always in effect (i.e. – each player has only 15 seconds per turn.) The problem is: before – I KNEW I could jump on to HS for some fast fun if I only had 10-15 minutes to spare. Now – I almost feel like I need to steer clear entirely if I can’t sit with it for the next 25 minutes. Just venting I guess. Thanks for reading.SaintTan18 2d
2d rank 15+ broken OTK decks everywhere >> game balance working as intended >> nothing to see here >> these are certainly not the decks you're looking forßruce0 2d
3d Tired of MCT The salt has finally become too much. 3d
3d Browser Version How hard would it be to add a browser version? Sometimes my phone lags during animations, so how hard would it be to add a super low graphics bare bones version on a browser to play while I'm anywhere there's a computer with internet access, so I don't have to install anything?fatcyborg27 3d
3d Line app Hey guys Was just wondering if there was any line messenger app users here. I used Line a lot on other games, and thought it would be good to get a group chat set up. If there is one already could someone please add me to it. If not please pm me and I will start one up myself. Line ID is superfamico Hope to hear from some of you soon.Superfamico4 3d
3d What is Hall of Fame?? What exactly is hall of fame?? I started playing this game again after 2 years break and I notice there is a hall of fame card?? What is that exactly?? Is it wild or after the wild or?? Can it be used in the wild format?? And how bout the dust??HunterXCooL10 3d
3d 62% Win Rate Paladin Stream come and join the funScottish210 3d
4d Rumble 6 pack + Free Legendary deadline ? Did the deadline to login and get the 6 free packs and free legendary already expire? I had my friend install the game this past week and he never got the rewards. I wasn't sure if there was a requirement for new players. He has gotten a class to level 20 but hasn't gotten every class to level 10. Is that required? Or is the deadline just over and he missed it some how? He installed the game around Dec. 7th, 2018.Kluian0 4d
4d Priest early game Why isn't priest allowed to have an early game? They legit have the worst hero power in the game, no weapons to use, and no good early game buffs. How is priest supposed to climb ladder? With slow control decks where every game takes 45 minutes? How is that fair compared to mid hunter where the game is over by turn 6? At some point you may need to give priest a real hero power, usable weapons, or just remove them from the game.gottr4 4d
4d Get a free Rastakhan's Rumble card pack ^ Go there and pick a Loa team. I'm sharing this here because I didn't even know about this promotion until just now, and I'm sure there are many others who also didn't know. You need to act fast: ...Rivini21 4d
4d Season screen/Christmas/Winter Vale Quick question. Usually by this time the Winter Vale (if I am misspelling, I apologize) screens and details are up. I am curious as to why this was not done this year. I really liked the festive atmosphere it created.Hemlock0 4d
5d Let us buy old card backs. I’m well underway for golding out Renolock. I’ve got a long ways to go, but I’ve got one major problem. I don’t have the Cabal Cardback from when MSG launched in December of 2016. I’m not asking for this for free. I’m not even asking to use gold to buy it. I’ll buy that good ol’ card back for real money. I’d pay $5. I’d pay $10. I’m desperate enough to fork over $25 for it. I’m sure there are a lot of people that would love to buy card backs for $5-$10 to get a cardback that they missed for whatever reason. We missed our chance to get them for free, but you guys at Blizzard have an opportunity to turn our inattentiveness into some sweet sweet profit. I’ve got what you want and you’ve got what I want. Whad’ya say Blizz? Can we do business?GrimBerry15 5d
5d NERF HEAL ZOO LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nerf heal Zoo Lock impossible aggro shizzle , its the most disgusting deck&everyone is playing it. Fix it . Promote aggro too much. Give op classes even more broken additions in expansions. Seriously do you even know whats happening in your own game. Trash.epiphany8 5d
5d Aggressive priest Why is it so hard for blizzard to allow priests to have aggressive cards. I'm sick and tired of playing priest and losing by Turn 5 just because I play priestjusho4 5d
5d Temporus preist is so OP! This deck is unbeatable and is plaguing the ladder right now, come on devs this card needs a nerf... Shhhh. This is not really true but actually is the worst legendary card in the game and I have it in my collection. Come on all I want the full disenchant cost so I can get a decent legendary. Spread the hate...JimmyOrange7 5d
5d Suggestion: Delete/Disenchant Marin the Fox He's probably the worst card I own, and he's unable to be disenchanted. I don't have a lot of cards, so I can't build a meta deck, and I let the game build them for me, and Marin always gets put in. I know I could just switch him out for someone else, but his smug face pierces my soul. Do you think an option to delete Marin would be good? PS: If a blizzard employee sees this and has the capability, I would be more than happy to have him deleted from my card inventory.Medceplor4 5d