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Aug 9, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Community Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss what is going on in the community of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Fansite news and updates, player run tournaments, and community creations all have a place here in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 9, 2013
Apr 9 Hearthstone Community Calendar Find all of the latest and greatest in Hearthstone shows, tournaments, and podcasts with the Hearthstone Calendar! Use the tabs at the top of the page to easily navigate though all things happening with Hearthstone's community!Zeriyah18 Apr 9
Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
4d Hearthstone: In the works update! Greetings all! Hearthstone has put out its first In the Works update, in which we give you a brief look at what’s coming in the next few months for Hearthstone—game updates and events, esports, and more! Head over to the latest post found here for more! Hill0 4d
Sep 12 HCT Asia-Pacific Decider Match Clarification We’d like to provide more clarity regarding a technical issue which required a re-game in the 2018 HCT Asia-Pacific Fall Playoffs decider match between Akumaker and Sequinox. During the first game, we discovered that caster audio—without the 15-minute broadcast delay—could have been heard by one or both players during the game. While the initial report was brought to our attention by the venue admin in Melbourne, the lead admin team independently verified that this was a technical issue that occurred at both venues. Once identified, the problem was resolved from the source of the broadcast in Burbank, CA. In order to preserve competitive integrity, the lead admin team invalidated the result of the game and issued a ruling to re-play it. No players or venue admins were involved in this ruling; the decision was made by the lead admin in the broadcast studio in consultation with members of the Blizzard Hearthstone esports team. We are evaluating our processes to ensure we minimize opportunities for issues like this to occur in the future, as well as to establish better procedures for addressing such issues with the players and public. Thank youJesse Hill0 Sep 12
Sep 10 Introducing HGG Cheer Greetings! HGG Cheer is a new program that allows fans to support their favorite players and teams, while also getting to unlock rewards both in-game and on Twitch! Head over to the HGG Cheer announcement blog or video for more details on how you can start showing your support! Cheers!Jesse Hill0 Sep 10
Jul 6 Common Topics and Threads Greetings! Here you will find explanations and links to some of the more common, ongoing topics on the forums. As well as links to threads that have been dedicated to specific matters. Additional threads created on these topics will either be locked and directed to the primary threads or removed. Please click on the link below for the topic you wish to review. Common Posts • My thread was removed! • "Vanishing Threads" • Popular Topics • Tyrande Hero Skin Discussion • Auto-Squelch Feature Discussion • How does matchmaking work? Tavern TalksJesse Hill3 Jul 6
Jun 21 Unlisted Fireside Gatherings Greetings! Hearthstone is ever evolving and expanding, and we’re excited to share with you a brand new Fireside Gatherings feature! Starting today, you’ll be able to create Fireside Gatherings as unlisted events. This means you’ll be able to host private Fireside Gatherings in more relaxed settings with friends or co-workers, all while enjoying the perks of a public Fireside Gathering. With unlisted events, your Fireside Gathering will not show up on upcoming event lists. While public Fireside Gatherings are still a great way to play, we’ve found that the more informal, friendly atmosphere of a smaller event can be welcoming to players just picking up Hearthstone. They can also be a great playground for the budding Innkeeper, who might want to figure out their routine before going big. And best of all, you’ll be able to bring all that Hearthstone fun (and your friends!) into the comfort of your own home. Here’s a little more details on how unlisted Fireside Gatherings work. Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will: • Be eligible to receive Nemsy Necrofizzle if they fulfil all hosting prerequisites. This means having an established Tavern! Learn more about how to establish your tavern here. • Be eligible for the Fireside Gatherings card back • Allow event listing creation the same day it is meant to be hosted • Have the same Fireside Brawls as public Fireside Gatherings • Be visible on the website only to the innkeeper hosting it. The Fireside Gathering itself will be visible in the game client, and attendees will be able to search and find it in the client as well. Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will NOT: • Be eligible for celebration campaigns • Be visible on Tavern or upcoming event pages • Show up if anyone tries to search for it on the upcoming events page • Count towards any Tavern or Innkeeper progression. They will not count towards establishing your Tavern. You will still need to host public events with at least 3 check-ins in order to establish your Tavern. For more resources on Fireside Gatherings, click here.Jesse Hill0 Jun 21
2h Icehowl Card > Icehowl... Why do not change: Charge to Rush ? Makes sense since now we have this keywordNikilz0 2h
2h 30 packs no legendary f off blizzTpainMcain3 2h
3h What card packs to buy and advice I'm pretty new to hearthstone and I wanted to know what card packs are worth buying? I wanted to buy a few but wanted to know if it was really worth it. Also, since I'm new I need advice so I've been streaming hearthstone on twitch for those who would like to check that out and help me out on the spot. I normally start at around 10-11pm est EDIT: I figured I should also say I'll probably be playing warrior and want to try playing warlock moreLegitUnicorn1 3h
3h Pls Give me Redeem code for anyone who wants to give a little redeem code, Please send email to for helpSlark7 3h
6h New Cards (couldn't find megathread) Thinking about neutral "spell minions" that have 0 health and battlecries. Could be a class type like "Pixie." Battlecries could include "upgrade your basic hero power this turn" or (1 mana) "reduce the cost of your basic hero power by 2 this turn.. other quick brainstorms: Pixie of Death: 3 or 4mana 1atk 0hlth battlecry destroy a random (enemy?) minion. Pixie Summoner: 1mana 1atk 0hlth battlecry the next minion you play this turn costs 2 less (could be 0 mana reduce by 1 or others etc.) Sp(l)itting Pixie: 3 or 4 mana 1atk 0hlth battlecry deal 1 damage to all enemy minions. Exploding Pixie: 2 mana 1atk 0hlth battlecry deal 2 damage to a random enemy could have class specific Pixies if ^^ then: Pixie Godmother: 4 mana 3atk 2hlth battlecry give all pixies in your hand (and deck?) +1health I'm sure the thought is not brand new but just so it is out there...Doomezar0 6h
6h giggling inventor battlecry change Currently blizzard have stated giggling inventor will not be changed and for a 5 cost card it has become the most common rare going. I believe the card was meant to be used in defensive decks, yet it can be used aggressively. Would one of the following changes help reduce it aggressive use? 1.Battlecry: Summon 1 1/1 mech with taunt & divine shield & another to your hand 2.Battlecry&deathrattle summon a 1/1 mech with taunt and divine shieldFireGhouL3 6h
7h every now and then = holee crap I was playing a control warlock against a shudderwock shaman. his first card he played? Manastorm. he died to two free spells. about turn 12, then he played his shudderwock. it repeats the battle cry for millhouse in my hand was: rin and twisting nether. 1) drop Rin 2) twisting nether for free 3) cast every seal for zero mana 4) profitMoksha0 7h
8h Tyrande, oh where oh where My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Then it became available to players with their country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack. Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase. I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions. Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair.... Please can Blizzard respond.Kortol520 8h
11h I CAN'T SEE MY CARDS! I checked my region and I check that my account is the same one I have in my phone. But when I open the game I start with the cards you start when you start playing the game. HELP PLEASE!GAMEOVER0 11h
14h Priest getting the next hero? If my math is correct, then Priest will get the next alternate hero face Every other class has a second option for their hero that can either be bought or unlocked at anytime, except Priest who only has Tyrande locked away in the Blizzard Vault until they feel like releasing it on Twitch Prime for a People's Republic Day special or something. Lets start speculating, What character could they add? Bonus points if they have a lot of importance to the overall story of Warcraft or from a race that hasn't been represented in Hearthstone heroes so far (Undead, Draenei, Tauren, Trolls, [Ethereal? can they be priests?])Petrico946 14h
18h Pay to wi...err, cheer? Saw the "HGG" twitch promotion sticky, and since it's locked can't exactly discuss it there. So, pay per "special" cheer for an unlisted amount to get a chance at a card back and pay for even more cheers (also an unlisted amount) and people might get some packs? You don't even mention how much "cheering" we have to pay for to unlock any of this, even though you guys worked all of this in advance with twitch/amazon? You can look at my post history to verify I don't throw around words like "cash grab" often, but in the immortal words of Pavel Chekov: "Perhaps you know Russian epic of Cinderella: If shoe fits, wear it." -Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryBobafett34512 18h
19h Pally Murloc R.I.P I'm weeping cause pally murloc is dead right now and is unplayable competitively.kimdapancham2 19h
19h Why Hearthstone is so "stuck"? Hello everyone, I'm here to understand why this game is so stuck in so many years now. By stuck I mean it didn't move further, it is on the same spot, even if new expansions come out or not. Graphics should be better with the amount of money Blizzard has because that is the biggest problem right? the money (for the genius that think that I'm attacking). The thing is, hearthstone is the BEST card game you'll ever see.. With that in mind they could improve this game SO SO SO much without any effort at all. They would gain more people playing it - more money - more popularity - more everything. So my question is, why? I asked my friend about this in the other night and he said "ye.. blizzard really don't treat their games properly, they put it out and almost never touch it lol" Is that true? That is what's happening? Other thing is the difference between who CAN spend money and who CANNOT. Of course we see this game as pay to win... (ah bla bla bla that's not true - ye sure, after maybe 5 years of playing I can get that legendary that the other dude just bought lol) There's not other way to gain dust? No other ideas? Each pack 100 gold, maybe reduce it for 80? 60? Do any of you got any answers for this? I am the only one thinking this way? PjöksanPjöksan8 19h
22h New Wild Mode I personally would enjoy if Wild either had an additional mode or if Wild itself was setup into seasons. Each season would be a month and that month would be a past card collection. That way we could relive prior metas. I believe that some seasons might even rival standard for play time. It would also give an insensitive to buy old packs. Do you think this would make Wild relavent?Coleman2 22h
23h LF crafting advice LF some veteran help on crafting. My new favorite class is rogue. I guess what I’m asking is what high value cards (rogue or neutral) are worth crafting, that can fit into multiple rogue decks and most likely continue to see play in the future. (Please don’t suggest crafting cards that will rotate out of standard soon, I’m trying to plan for the future) Any advice would be greatly appreciatedmadgrimm3 23h
1d Tavern Brawl broken due to FLjania If this Tavern Brawl dose not prove FLjania is not broken, then they need to wake up. No other class is going to get picked, because she can produce a 3/6 water elemental on turn 2 if lucky. The water elemental needs replacing as lifelink + freeze is game breaking.FireGhouL8 1d
1d Drunk Dwarf Can we have a option to mute the opening drunk guy. My phone always seems to be on full blast when I open apps in public areas..Chappie3 1d
1d Casual? Only for BOTS! In these days, you face a bot 9/10 casual games you play. So if you want to test a deck before going ranked, then you are screwed. Blizzard, please fix this issue!!!!ChilouX0 1d
1d Bots bots bots! I get that only a tiny few people actually play this abominable game anymore, so i'd like to request that the many many bots be given a wider selection of deck builds. Please!!! I can't take any more of the same tired pre-built deck over and over and over until i want to blow my m*th*rf*ck*ng brains out. Yet again, blizzard takes something great and turns it into a sociopath's wet dream of stupidly OP nonsense and constant chasing of the hero*n dragon that is FotM - all in the name of the all-mighty dollar. Get some minimal principles, please, ya jerks. I liked the game, but what you've done to it turned it into something not a game - not fun. Sirius FTL, right? If you've played more than a week and are still using a pre-built, delete the game, turn off your computer, pack it up and onto the bus, find a shelter and give the damned thing away - because you are an embarrassingly unoriginal waste of skin.GhostofJoe0 1d
1d HGG points Hello Blizzard, I just wanted to know if I am good for the HGG rewards. I cheered a few bits on a Brazil match. Today I notice something new in the Hearthstone Twitch page, seems to be a widget that show the number 6690 next to my name: Does it mean I am good for the 2500 card back? Thank you for your help clarifying that out. VernVernia1 1d
1d Blizzard put more effort in... You have a staff of talented artist and I love the card art but this is something I'm not happy to see does anyone else agree with this?kimdapancham2 1d
1d Hearthstone Discord Play Group I'm building a Hearthstone play group through Discord. If you're interested in finding some people to play test with, or if your tired of only being able to communicate with other players through emotes, message me!PianomanSJPM1 1d
2d Losing with style I have learned recently that I have been having a ton of fun messing with other players by buffing and healing them as a priest. Normally they beat my face without a second thought but every once in a while I find someone who has fun building ridiculous monstrosities with it. Of course I don't do this in ranked mode where people go for competitive games but I enjoy it. I wanted to know what others think of my new found joy!Bloodrage4 2d
2d Pure torture. Having to win 5 brawls is only just barely worth the 300 gold in this event. I almost always skip the win X amount of brawls daily quest as it is. But since you dangled 300 gold out there for me I felt I pretty much had to do it. Fortunately I was wise enough to pick Mage right out of the gate and only had to play 7 brawls in total. But still, 300 gold makes it an obligation. "Do this thing you dislike for 300 gold." Sound like torture to me. "I will give you 1 million dollars but you have to walk across 60 feet of burning coals with dry feet." LOL!!! Anyway, thanks, I guess.MetalX3 2d
2d Oh yay...Another quest Rogue... Oh yay...Another quest rogue... Tell me again just how good you are at this game...Swanny0 2d
2d Need to spectate a friend for quest Can anyone help me out? Need to spectate a friend win for a quest. firedude750 #1529firedude75012 2d
2d Dinosize OP How is this card allowed in standard? At least make the minion it's cast on not allowed to attack the same turn. 8 mana card set a minion's attack and health to 10, a cheaper better version of Pyroblast, it's actually ridiculous!Chills2 2d
2d Legendary duplicate I got a second "Bloodreaver Gul'dan" from the 30 koft pack deal, didn't they change it so you can't get legendary duplicates a while ago?iNFaMoUZ4 2d
2d HGG schedule is broken. Twitch stream is blank but site says there was a match today. Also, the match list does not match the schedule. According to the official site, the last match was yesterday but that isn't true.TriOptimum0 2d
2d join to my stream! hey guys im streaming! feel free to join me, talk about stuff, help me out cuz i suck, specially in building decks and lets play! 2d
2d "pros" I love this game alot. what I can't stand is the net decking players emoting all day long n behave like they are pros. come on. play overwatch or sc2. that's the real pro game. hearthstone is all about copy decks from the net and hopefully u get the perfect draws. just wish people can be more respectful to their opponentsNeptuNe2 2d
2d Spam in Technical Support Forum What's up with all the spam in that forum section? I just posted there because I actually need technical support but my thread is just being drowned by spam from the same two guys (gadithodicbh and wjrwerk).GerritDeMan0 2d
2d MTG + Hearthstone Crossover?!?!?!?!? Just think about it for a minute. Either call it 'Magic the ...Fireside Gathering?' or 'Hearthstone, the Gathering!' Deck size splits down the middle at 45 cards, instead of 30 (HS) or 60 (MTG). Card maxes split down the middle at 3 max, instead of 2 (HS) or 4 (MTG). Opening hands split down the middle, with 5 cards instead of 3 (HS) or 7 (MTG), and get rid of the coin. Starting health is dropped to 25, again split down the middle instead of 30 (HS) or 20 (MTG). Free mana caps at 5, and to get more mana you have to play a mana card. Mana cards are colored for the *start of the match* to allow you to play whichever class cards you have in your deck (white to play priest, green for hunter, red for warrior, etc;)- but all mana can can be used to play all class cards. On the Hearthstone side, you would be able to select as many heroes to choose your card pool from, with a stipulation that you have to have a 'Mana' card in your deck from and for each class. Add a new 'Planeswalker' archetype - allows you to select one of 3 options at the beginning of each turn. On the MTG side, each hero could be a legendary creature card, and each deck could choose one passive card to have as a continuous 'Hero Power'. There could even be a huge release party and live events sponsored by 'Blizzards of the Coast'. Thoughts? Other than the obvious that it would probably never happen... But I think that would be pretty awesome.Rezigrene1 2d
2d Am i playing against BOTs? this issue rly makes me unhappy and angry while playing, andd im about to give up. Whenever i play against: -- Odd-Rogue, opponent plays 3/3 pirate that gives other pirates +1/+1 in 3 mana turn. -- Other Rogues, opponent plays Sap whenever i summon a critical minion -- even shaman, opponent plays totem that gives adjacent minions +2 attack or 3/4 minion in 2 mana turn, 7/7 minion in 4 mana turn. And they always have crackle, devolve and jade lighting in their handd. -- Warlocks, opponent plays 3/4 minion that summons a demon from their hand in 4 mana turn -- paladins, opponent plays a spell or minion that gives silver hand recruits +2/+2 in 5 mana turn -- jade druids, opponent plays jade blossom in 3 mana turn, 2/3 battlecry jade in 4 mana turn, 3/6 taunt jade in 6 mana turn -- aggro druids, opponent always has got "give your minions +1/+1" spell in their hand. -- maly/togwaggle druids, opponent always has got "draw 7,8,9,10 cost minion" card in their hand. -- murloc decks, opponent has got x2 10 mana spell that revives all murlocs that died in the game -- pirate warriors, opponent plays 1/3 weapon in 1 mana turn, 2/3 minion in 2 mana turn, 3/3 minion that gives other pirates +1/+1 in 3 mana turn, 5/2 weapon in 5 mana turn. -- secret mages, opponent plays 2/3 minion that draws secret in 2 mana turn, 4/3 minion that reduces the cost of a secret 0 in 3 mana turn, aluneth in 6 mana turn. these all are can not be explained with luck factor. I faced with all of them hundred of times, again and again. I play with like a BOT that systematically plays same cards in same turns. please fix this BIG PROBLEM. Thank you!İstemiYabgu3 2d
2d Tournament Why doesn't Blizzard just make a tournament mode ?? Saves people the trouble of having to add each other Saves people the trouble of doing the brackets Prevents scamming and cheating in tournaments Will boost hearthstone by helping people host and participate in tournaments TheMonster7 2d
3d How much RNG does this game needs? Well players, i'm putting this in discussion, many times i've read about rng complaints, the thing is that RNG is good for the game, in a certain amount, but most of times it feels like that RNG is game changing and you have nothing to do against it. So i'm asking, what side of RNG would you change? or what cards? and also, which aproach should RNG have?.DarkclouD1 3d
3d tournament mode Hey so i just read about tournament mode being put on hold. I just wanted to talk about how it impacts my interest in the game and why i think it should be a core gameplay mode. So tdlr i have played this game since its release, i hit legend some time ago (before the current changes to ranked play) my problem is that while hearthstone is enjoyable ranked play doesn't feel rewarding as it use to now that i have the legend cardback. I think while the changes to ranked have been good there isn't much for returning legend players. Which is why more game modes (aka dungeon run) have been a fun side activity, however they have limited replayability. Which is why i like the idea of a system where i don't have to wait a full month for a reward, i could play 12 games like arena and then call it a day. Which brings me to where i am now, logging in every once to twice a week to play maybe 3 - 5 games. Beforehand i used to play at least 10 games a day while commuting but it feels like there isn't a reward. Anyway please retract your stance on tournament mode, it would improve the quality of the game for several events and quite possibly bring in more player base :).OAk3 3d
3d PLEASE make 3 esports card backs available For a card back collector like myself who prides myself on attaining every card back in the game, it KILLS me that there are card backs which are impossible for me to acquire. Before it was just the Golden China card back, then they introduced the power core esports card back and now there is ANOTHER esports card back which I probably will never be able to acquire because I don't play often enough to participate in high level tournaments. Please make these card backs available to the common players somehow! Thanks.kRaZyXmAn11 3d
3d Gold cards Cannot see holographics, My iPhone 7 is already outdated or what?Chappie3 3d
4d Dungeon run - just can't win Went back to the dungeon after abstaining for few months. The hunts were nice, the puzzles, time consuming and insightful, were fun. The dungeon however just breaks your will. The slow animations, the boredom imparted in the first 3 or 4 bosses, and just the shear randomness (one bad bucket or treasure or drawl can doom the entire run) just turns this into a boring repetitive brute-force task... The first treasure and bucket or two forces you to synergize the rest if it lets you... I broke the bank, only to lose the next round to a !@#$ty drawl and an overwhelming offensive. That will never happen again... Back to abstaining...CrimsonArc3 4d
4d i want rank 5/legend tier rewards i'm f2p rank 15 , and all i see in casual is rank 5 to legend players, wasting my time with their !@#$ing tier 1 decks if i have to play against 10 to 15 ranks above mine, at least give me the %^-*ing reward for it !@#$ this %^-*mark9701 4d
4d Put OG Ancient and Keeper in Wild "In the works" brought new class cards to compensate for wild rotation. Its just a better solution then having the cards power removed. Please apply the solution to druid's iconic class cards. (Force of nature can stay dead, charge is broken.)FUSROHDAN0 4d