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Aug 9, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Community Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss what is going on in the community of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Fansite news and updates, player run tournaments, and community creations all have a place here in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 9, 2013
Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
Dec 12 Fireside Gatherings Update - December 13, 18 Innkeepers, now you have even more options to spice up your Fireside Gatherings! It was already possible to experience Fireside Brawls. Now, get ready for a whole menu of Brawls to choose from for your attendees, all through the Fireside Special feature! With the Fireside Special, Innkeepers will be able to select one additional Fireside Brawl from a curated library, in addition to the rotating monthly Fireside Brawl that their patrons will already have access to during their Fireside Gathering. The Fireside Special feature is now available via the website. Here’s how things work! Setting up your Fireside Special Create your event and head over to the event detail page once it’s completed. If there are Fireside Special brawls available for the date of your event, the default ones will show up on your event detail page, and you’ll see a “Change Brawl” option. You can usually only select brawls 30-60 days ahead of time. If you don’t see any brawls available, it might mean your event is too far in the future, so check back closer to its start date for options to manage your brawls. Click the “Change Brawl” option to review available brawls (based on your event date) and select the one that you’d like to have available at your upcoming Fireside Gathering. You’re done! Enjoy the brawls at your Fireside Gathering!There are a few things to keep in mind when you make use of the Fireside Special. Any Fireside Gathering—unlisted or public—can add a Fireside Special. You also do not need to have established a Tavern to be able to choose your Fireside Special brawl. Fireside Brawls cannot be changed on the fly once the event has started. The catalogue of brawls available to Innkeepers via the Fireside Special depends on the start date that the innkeeper selects for their event. Tips on using the Fireside Special If you’ve been wondering how best to make use of this exciting new feature, we’ve got a couple of suggestions. Setup an unlisted Fireside Gathering and pick your Fireside Special brawl! Then gather some friends from round the neighborhood and pull up a chair by your own hearth. Hearthstone is home… literally! Give the Fireside Special a go at your regular Fireside Gathering—ask your friendly innkeeper, or set a Fireside Gathering up yourself! Make sure to set up your Fireside Gathering in a public location so people can attend. Thinking of something fun to do at work on Friday evening’s social hour? Set up an unlisted Fireside Gathering, pick your Fireside Special brawl, and get in there! Jesse Hill2 Dec 12
Oct 4, 2018 Whizbang the Wonderful and New Players Some players have noticed that new Hearthstone players (players that are still undergoing the New Player Experience) are currently unable to craft the Whizbang the Wonderful card. We wanted to take this moment to let players know that this restriction was intentional. Whizbang the Wonderful is not a card designed for new players – they won’t know many of the cards that are in Whizbang’s decks, and we don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate players while they are still trying to learn Hearthstone. Once the player reaches Rank 25, or if they choose to manually exit the New Player Experience early, they will then be able to craft the Whizbang card. We apologize for missing this restriction in the update notes for Update 12.2, as that omission was not intentional. We will continue to keep an eye on the New Player Experience and will make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for your feedback and support!Jesse Hill0 Oct 4, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Hearthstone Forums Are Moving To Discourse! The Hearthstone forums are getting an upgrade! Starting the week of October 1 2018, the official Hearthstone forums will be moving to Discourse. If you would like a preview of the new forums, check out the Overwatch forums to see how they function. This forum update will provide additional functionality that will make it a better place to hold discussions about Hearthstone. How does this affect me? The old Hearthstone forums will not longer be available for posting after the transition. Discourse will provide a fresh start for all players; this means that any posts or guides that have been posted previously will not carry over! We suggest you copy any guides you may have now for reposting later. The old forums will remain in a read-only state for a limited time. We look forward to seeing you on the new Hearthstone forums in October!Jesse Hill1 Sep 27, 2018
Jul 6, 2018 Common Topics and Threads Greetings! Here you will find explanations and links to some of the more common, ongoing topics on the forums. As well as links to threads that have been dedicated to specific matters. Additional threads created on these topics will either be locked and directed to the primary threads or removed. Please click on the link below for the topic you wish to review. Common Posts • My thread was removed! • "Vanishing Threads" • Popular Topics • Tyrande Hero Skin Discussion • Auto-Squelch Feature Discussion • How does matchmaking work? Tavern TalksJesse Hill3 Jul 6, 2018
Feb 27 Nerf to Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk please this card is poorly designed its cost should be 9 manas   Sorry for my englishCactus6911 Feb 27
Feb 27 Tundra Rhino Needs to be changed to “your beasts have charge -this turn-“. Enough of this endless charge crap if you can’t deal with the umpteen of them that get shuffled in to their deck.Luridbane0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Alphanumeric 'bots For the past couple of weeks, I've encountered at least 3 "XX#X##" player bots who are using basic card decks. Is this allowed by Blizzard rules and if not, why aren't they gone?Ghrayson2 Feb 27
Feb 27 HoF's Predictions What survivors of the Classic set could get Hall of Famed (+ Unnerfed) this time around? Personally: From a "gameplay perspective": - Naturalize: while Druid has lost its evergreen ramping factor and has since found its niche as disruptor/annoying OTK ("great choices", Blizzard) this thing has seen play in way too many builds and has become a powerhouse of a 1 Mana given how the game has evolved; this should totally join Power Overwhelming, Ice Lance and Conceal (and to an extent Coldlight Oracle) in the HoF. Either that or ... - Nourish (unnerfed): it might be too soon, however, nerfing Wild Growth and Nourish felt like an unnecessary nerf for the time, if not a mistake: not only Hunters came out like fungus, losing another class with the potential of keeping it in check, but Druid had its Ramping strategy crippled and all for the most debatable reasons: Big Druid has been perhaps the "fairiest" among the annoying builds Druid has been sporting since KotFT release and plenty of people would probably enjoy playing it properly once again(in Wild, perhaps); In return, Druid could get some "fair" form of ramping as replacements; - Mountain Giant: another thing which escalated with the introduction of Lifesteal/Healing and value generators for alot of slower builds, mostly Warlock, which made this thing cheatable early in the game more often than not; unlike Sea Giant, which encourages a more "board-focused play", this does not; the player can opt to play nothing or generate value until turn 3-4-5 and drop this for its massive stats; yeah; with the introduction of Genn, it got even more obnoxious; From a "game design perspective": - Leeroy Jenkins: this one feels abit controversial: while this auto include for most aggressive has always been a good finisher, it has also had its share of comboes focused around it; similarly to how Sylvanas got sent to the Hall of Fame back with Un'Goro release as the new sets were supposed to introduce quite alot of Deathrattle support and deemed her effect too powerful, I suppose it will mostly depend on what Blizzard is planning for the upcoming expansions; however, it also feels quite similar to Azure Drake in that almost every single Aggressive build will add this so it could receive the "overly included Classic" treatment; - Malygos (changed artwork to actually represent Malygos): the whole idea behind Malygos is OTK comboes; it has been the same thing with 98% of the builds playing it since its release; similarly to Ice Block and Ice Lance getting a Hall of Fame treatment, as for deterring/altering the "Stalling" and "Freeze" builds of Mage respectively, it is mostly meant to change up the game plan for some classes, removing its "repetitive" concept of OTK (nowadays, said classes are Rogue, Druid and Priest); I'm keeping Scavenging Hyena as a honorable mention.LuKe2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Tyrande, oh where oh where My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Then it became available to players with their country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack. Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase. I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions. Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair.... Please can Blizzard respond.Kortol811 Feb 27
Feb 27 PLEASE GIVE US BACK JAINA HERO PORTRAIT !!!!! Dear Blizzard, with this censor Jaina is SIMPLY ORRIBLE. PLEASE !!!! give us back ORIGINAL JAINA hero portrait. UPDATE: community start to move about. REDDIT: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: BLIZZARD NERFS JAINA?! TOP 10 FASHION UPGRADES - Rastakhan’s Rumble Hearthstone BLIZZARD Nerf Jaina Proudmoore's Chest but for what Reason?? Blizzard Does It Again, Censorship Changes Affect Artwork In Hearthstone Blizzard Censors Jaina In Hearthstone THE SAD RAIMBOW SIX SIEGE story about censorship Feb 27
Feb 27 Selling accounts.. Didn't see anything in rules about this.. I just checked what ppl sold accounts for on ebay.. someone had full wild collection and almost standard, a claimed $7000 investment go for $400 Another guy, 146 Leggos and 17,000 dust sold for $315 While that is kind of a lot, its also pretty cheap if u think about it.. I have like half of this, but a really awesome name.. what do u think it would go for?SuperLegend18 Feb 27
Feb 27 Best place to find a friend for the daily? Is Community the best place to post a search for someone who has the Duel a Friend Quest? I have one that I'd like to trade off with someone.Darmand25 Feb 27
Feb 27 Nightmare - EU Player - Legendary rank 200ish Nightmare - EU Player - Legendary rank 200ish need's to be banned or something. I will be brutal. Because end of the day right, this person has stream sniped 2 people over 9 times in the last two days just to boost his rank etc, And its utter bs. Get shot of this absolute leech.SoggyTissu33 Feb 27
Feb 27 [Fluff] Heroes and Villains In the world of games, we can make believe and take up characters that bear no relation to actual life, believes, etc. Thus, in your games. Are you a Hero or a Villain? What type of character will you be? An enforcer of Justice? A freelance Anti-hero? A calculating mercenary? A sexy and charming entertainer? Come, Come, Come, Share you gaming fantasy here.Reaver15 Feb 27
Feb 27 Beginning of the end... I think this is it for Hearthstone. After 10-12 matches with these oddball looking names (Bots!?) that all use the classic deck recipe of said class they happen to be...boring bunch of horse manure. Very aggro set of recipes so that kicks out a lot of creativity because your deck has to be set up for anti-aggro scenarios...heals, taunts, board clears. know what's coming (Bloodfen Raptor at T2 or coin then Raptor at T1) so you're not surprised and can easily prep a deck for it but I'm bored to hell with this crap. I feel like with all the BS coming down with pretty much every gaming company but specifically with Activision/Blizzard...I'm disappointed to say I think we're gonna be tapping the final nail in Hearthstone's coffin soon unless they do some major reworking with the game. Majority of players that tried or are loyal to the game are getting very frustrated with it because of mechanics, design, platform, it, there's something here that irks players and forget about new blood, Hearthstone has to be the most new player unfriendly card game in existence. I never could get friends into it because they never can catch up unless they take out a loan with their bank. Peace out, HS...I'll probably be here til the end but I have no confidence in Blizzard actually putting in the effort to keeping you alive and making you enjoyable.Muisak1 Feb 27
Feb 26 Is it just me???? Is it just me, or do you guys who dont pay money to hearthstone also have the problem, that when you get hard rekt in arena and try to add your opponent, they never add you back or the game is shutting down when you try to add them?! I personaly think, that the real reason why blizzard removed the chat, is that you cant tell anymore if you are playing against a bot. And i am quite sure, that blizzard have bots, who just kick you out of arena, that you dont make enough gold, to buy enough packs, to get a good meta deck in time, so that you either need to spend money if you want to win, or you simply play only some average decks. and listen, this dont happens to anyone, but it happens to players who dont spent money atall on hearthstone. the same thing happens to 2 of my friends, who also dont spent money to the game, but only since the witchwood. so plz dont flame me now, and rather post your experiances here! ty :)Foxington1 Feb 26
Feb 26 What would make me play more Theres been discussion going around asking people what would get them to play more. Well here is what would make me enjoy the game more. Today I opened a pack and got a golden legendary...... for a class i never play in a deck type i will never own. Most would be like "sick you opened a legendary of your choice" but all i could think of was "my friend would love this card i wish i could trade it to him. So i would love to see the ability to exchange cards. With our friends at the very least. It would allow for more community interaction. I could give the cards i dont want, but my friends want to them, and vise versa. Thats half the joy of a physical card game. You got a bunch of old cards you have laying around in a box that youll never use, give it to a friend to help them get into the game and have a starting point.T4terT0tz1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Grind vs Money This is the new way of advancing in gaming. And it will cost you. You have 2 choices, spend hours playing, or spend money. That is the bottom line. Pay to win ? Yes. Or grind to win. Your choice.SlickRaven8 Feb 26
Feb 26 Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch? Could this work? Just an idea I came up with a few hours ago. Thoughts?Slick9 Feb 26
Feb 26 Hearthstone Suggestions So I have been playing Hearthstone since Beta, and seeing more of the elements of Wow enter this card game, I can say isn't bad, It actually gives me ideas. With that said here are a few suggestions, I belive would be nice to see in the game. 1) Gold cards become the high end standard; keeping with the "No more than two" philosophy a gold card would trump a none, thus the non-gold would be dusted. This frees up card book space and size of game. 2) Like Achievements in WOW, have a counter to how many cards you have for the expansion set. Should you have all the cards respectively for that set, you get a special card or Hero Image. If the set is all gold, then said item is gold too. 3) The Shop is becoming outdated; the Hero's area isn't needed anymore as most probably have the three available Hero's. However you could always add the past Hero's to be bought for gold or currency. 4) Card-back's could be added to the store, but I believe it's more rewarding if they were craft-able via dust. As the game gets 12-Plus card-back's a year, they don't feel as special as they once did. Maybe it's time to have categories for card-backs, such as normal, Legacy, Feat of Strength (removed). This gives card-backs a WOW feel. (Light bold thought: Card-backs can be graded just like the cards, white, blue, purple, orange.) 5) Many others have said this and I agree; Decks should be able to be moved around on the list, so top decks can be on the first page. However, I would add two points to this. I would give a deck a staring option so you can separate versions or tweaked decks. Also I would give a lock option so you can't edit or delete a locked deck. Moreover, two pages for decks is no longer enough, either a third page is needed or two levels depending on standard or wild.FoxDie5 Feb 26
Feb 26 Maybe a mini-game for rope burners? I tend to call it a day when I run across a rope-burner, I just got other stuff to do. So, instead of the 4 x point-n-clicks on the corners, make em mini-games. Your Blizzard for peat's sake, so I'm sure you have the mechanics to know if a player is burning the rope for no reason (mostly, hoping you will quit...which I tend to do). They burn the rope, your mini-games activate!Jett0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Feature Request: Deck Management Sorry if there's a dedicated forum for feature requests but I couldn't find it if there is one. Not sure if this is available on other platforms but I use Android and don't see an ability to rearrange decks. Newly created decks go to the bottom. It would be nice to hold and drag decks, changing the order of appearance. Thanks.HonoredDeath0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Hearthstone Twitch shenanigans I didn't know that saying "Ben Brode" in Hearthstone Twitch chat gets you a 10minutes ban. The broadcasters were mentioning C'thun and Mecha'thun. I don't usually comment on things, but felt like saying "i miss Ben Brode and his laugh so much.", and so i did. My message got instantly deleted and have received a 10 minute ban for it. Then i went on and found this: Disappointing.Precipve2 Feb 26
Feb 26 Add Mongolia Blizzard Please add Mongolia in the Competitive Country List. We have player in the January Top 81 World... But we can't enter the Official Tournament. How sad?Goatie1 Feb 26
Feb 26 what i am playing against a warrior player, and it is turn one. I instantly passed the turn to him, and his turn is still not yet over i am very confused, the rope is not coming up and it has been a number of minutes i am going to just concede the game, id doesn't seem like he is going to make a play and this is the absolute most un-interactive thing ever, how long does he have to decide his turn one play? last game i played against a priest and his rope came up far quicker, this is absolutely ridiculousHappyFeet6 Feb 26
Feb 26 Best non- China approved cards.. I’m going with: Windfury Harpy Jaina pales in comparison to harpy physique.Sivak1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Plug-Ins and Add-on's Hello everyone. I've seen streamers playing with deck trackers and other plug-ins. I know that many add-on's are forbidden and may get a player banned... so the question is, how can we know which program is officially allowed and which is not? Is there a list of them? Thanks!sebasanchez7 Feb 26
Feb 26 New mode to get players back into the game What if the Hearthstone development team created a new mode that allows you to only play certain expansion packs. Have a tier that only allows classic cards to be played, GVG, Whispers and so on. Not only does this allow older players to come back to the game, but it also nets gold in which newer card packs could be purchased to get caught back up. Giving the players the ability to play older cards and combos give more insight on cards allow decks that were once played and gone to be played once more.brink8 Feb 26
Feb 26 Is Hearthstone proud of OTKs? I have more than enough dust to make several OTKs. I don't mind spending the occasional bit of cash to get packs and stuff and so my statement is not a complaint because of some inability to match. I'm just wondering how having an OTK in the game is something that HS/people want. I enjoy spending my time coming up with fun ideas and then grinding the modifications until it works(check out my recent SAMO deck in hearthpwn[same screenname]). Sure, I look for cool combos too. But an OTK seems OP. It just becomes a matter of which player gets their exodia pieces first. A few OTKs can be countered but really it's upsetting to see an OTK pop out. Its tedious to play a long game and have it "end out of nowhere". Aggro or OTK are pretty much the only options to play in HS IMO. I enjoy the back and forth and I don't concede because I am a good sport. Say nay to OTK!Jgoka12 Feb 26
Feb 26 Packs are rigged With the amount of complaints it's safe to say something fishy is going on. A bug? Or did they deliberately rigg the packs? Will they release a fix? Should I wait with opening my packs?Mefisto42 Feb 26
Feb 26 Legend Games! Stuck at a certain rank and can't seem to climb further? Is RNG making you salty AF? Is the censoring of Jaina's….breasteses making you want to uninstall? Well, come join me on stream at around 8pm MST where you can let out your frustrations! You can find me at !HuffDaddy0 Feb 26
Feb 26 Help Hi everyone,so i installed Hearstone a long time ago but only recently i became a regular player and in the last 3 months i started grinding really hard to get my cards for Mage only to find out that most of my cards actually rotate to wild next month and that is so annoying.I get that i won't be able to play frostlich Jaina anymore but baku and janalai will stay but other odd tempo mage cards will be rotated out too so if i wanna continue to play odd tempo mage what do you guys suggest me to do? should i just grind more dust and save it for later and buy cards that are actually useful later?Tyforfreewin5 Feb 26
Feb 26 Standard rotation Boy I cannot wait for the next standard rotation. When the DK heroes go away there are gonna be a lot of bad players who aren’t gonna know what to do...BombayDream1 Feb 26
Feb 25 Roping Penalty I am in the middle of 30 minute game, that still actively going allowing me the time to post on the forums. I beat an opponent and then very next game was matched up against him. His response? Rope every single turn in our rematch... to delay the game as long as possible. It is unfortunate we have these juveniles, but I think Blizzard should implement total time limits on games. No game should last more than 30 minutes.PrisonShower42 Feb 25
Feb 25 Ideas - Genn & Baku Changes How about this... At the start of the game, there’s a 50% chance that the hero power would be upgraded and as long as Genn or Baku is in the player’s hand, upgrade the hero power (100% upgrade). In a nutshell add a bit of RNG and if the player is willing to mull his or her hand at the start of the game to include Genn or Baku, then he or she would receive one less card so to speak.OmniOmega7 Feb 25
Feb 25 Unbalanced Brawl I dunno how much thought really got put into this, but it's a little unfair when a Jek'lik player can Soulfire you on their first turn and get something ridiculous on the board.Skiurus1 Feb 25
Feb 25 Deathstalker Rexxar needs a NERF! Deathstalker Rexxar - needs to be nerfed. Every single game i play versus Deathstalker Rexxar, i lose cuz my opponent creates the best combo minions back to back. I can have made a dominated the whole game. Rexxar keeps pumping out perfect minions. Stealth give every minion charge or the death rattle battle with poison 2 times ..3 times in a row. Echo rush or echo charge , The combo's are too rediculous. I can have played perfectly all game, put out a full board to let RNG screw me over 10 minions in a row with perfect answers. RNG shouldnt be able to dictate every aspect of how you win or lose. IF you face a counter deck (RNG), card drawn (RNG) , opponent draws (RNG), then you have cards with RNG effects (RNG), ability'S (RNG). What %%% is left for the skill of the player? You start to see this is becoming an issue when you see the best pro players being stuck at rank 5 or 4 for 1 to 3 days playing 8 hours a day. Its completly illogical.Jadenx30 Feb 25
Feb 25 Devs will ignore, but new tournie format is ....garbage and not thought out at all! Congrats Blizzard, you're going to completely kill tournament play. One deck with 2x 5 card sideboards? Best of 3? What will you get? Stale, boring, quick matches that will predominantly end 2-0, and tournaments that will be 90% a roll of the dice on deck selection. Unless something MAJOR is coming in the rotation, there's no way pilots are going to be able to build in enough variation on a 5 card sideboard to swing a bad matchup. It looks like you've just ripped Magic without even crunching the numbers or put much thought into it. Was there even any consultation with the community? I'd have assumed there'd at least have been a "pro forum" to discuss the potentiality of the proposed format, but I'm getting the feeling that's not the case. "....we're eager to implement community feedback to improve it as needed throughout 2019" screams of throwing sh*t at the proverbial wall (priest?) and seeing what sticks. *feelsbadman*LessThan33 Feb 25
Feb 24 Bots Do you guys ban/suspend bots here? It's a damn shame that a solid 2 out of 3 games I play I come up against a bot. For a multi-billion dollar company you guys are pathetic.Inama1 Feb 24
Feb 24 Carnivorous Cube removing Silence? Am I reading this Wrong? BattleCry: destroy a friendly minion. Deathrattle: Summon 2 copies of it. So surly if the minion is silenced, it should be coping the minion and it's affects positive or negative?FireGhouL6 Feb 24
Feb 24 BRING BACK TYRANDE PART 2: Team 5 Forgets Fun This is part two of the "Bring Back Tyrande" thread that got so many posts (500 in total) that the forum couldn't handle it and so a new one had to be made. Previous Thread: Whether or not you agree Tyrande Whisperwind should return to Hearthstone, please vote in this poll and post in this thread to make your opinion heard: At this point, this is one of the largest threads in the history of the Hearthstone forum. Multiple official Team 5 members who have given us their word: 1. Jesse J. Hill 2. Yong Woo (former Production Director) CinnamonBoat15 Feb 24
Feb 23 What is "random selections" were remove ? I was looking at some cards i had and got thinking , what if most of the effects that are randomly selected for you , you could actually select yourself ? Like Tinkmaster Overspark . A random minnion on the board is transformed into a 1/1 or a 5/5 , what about if you could chose which minnion get transformed and in what ? and there is also a bunch of cards like this , do you think the game would be better or worse if you had the choice for your targets ?MySelf2 Feb 23
Feb 23 Hearthstone and accessibility Hearthstone isn't that easy to play if you have visual problems. Fonts are not clear; text is hard to read. Red numbers on red drops on damaged characters is hard to make out. This could easily be tweaked. Also, Hearthstone doesn't work well on greyscale monitors (greyscale is a feature setting in iOS). Try making out the yellow card-plays-with-a feature from the normal playable green-edge highlight. Easy to fix - just draw two yellow rings around the card to distinguish that from the single green ring. Get some advice from the visually impaired, make some minor tweaks, we'll thank you for it.complicity1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Mechanics normal? My swashbuckler pulled a jade spirit from the shaman class. Is this intended?kevenka2 Feb 23
Feb 23 Welcome Bundle Refresh Good day everyone! I was just wondering if the Welcome Bundle Refresh would coincide with the Hallow's End event? If it coincides with the event at October 17, then I still got a chance on nabbing a guaranteed class legendary, in this case Hunter's. I plan on taking the previous Welcome Bundle since the last class legendary I have yet to collect is King Krush and the new Welcome Bundle now guarantees that legendary is one of the dragon aspects and I already got all of them.Plankrun5 Feb 23
Feb 23 80 gold trade quest. Add me up buddies. Eurykleia#2121Eurykleia0 Feb 23
Feb 23 i am never I never buy another pack or anything in this game. by free good from packmageboltz5 Feb 23
Feb 22 odd and even For the love of god admit you !@#$ed up and delete bako and gen BlizzardGrumpyMonk0 Feb 22