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Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
13m "No Daily Quests" Greetings everyone, Thank you to those who took the time to report this. We have gotten them all over to Team 5 and they are looking into it further. Soon as we have an update regarding this, we will get that messaging out. Cheers!Jesse Hill341 13m
20m IDEA: Chat with opponent There should be a feature that lets you chat with the person that you are currently playing with. (Also a report feature with it that lets you report and send the chat log to some employee.) It would be pretty cool if this existed.TEROBERO16 20m
2h No quest again No quest again.........sigh Blizzard, can you please fix this bug, its very annoyingLovehayoung1 2h
2h Wild rotation So as the title suggests this topic is about cards moving to wild from standard. I normally wouldn't be making a topic on this but I don't want to spend my dust on a new deck just to have it move to wild. So my question is what sets are moving out April. I already know that old gods is but what about Gadgetzan? Or Karazhan? -My thanks, AnchalagonAnchalagon2 2h
2h dungeon mode is trash dungeon mode is the worst made gamemoode blizzard made 1- always need to have a spesific card to defeat an oponente 2-overpowered heropower 3-last bosses are undefetable 4-you never get good card choices or that matches with your treasuresFefo30044 2h
4h Getting past Rnk 19 So I've been running on the Wild Rank side of HS. For the past month I get to rank problem. Rank seems like EVERY SINGLE DECK is just pack full of everything that counters my decks. Doesn't matter which one I play. Dragon Priest....C'thul....whatever. My C'Thul deck runs pretty well but lately every time I play a rank 19 match....every beneficial card such as Shadow Word spells or my +10 heals are always at the end of my deck. Without fail. I've even ran a game where C'Thul wasn't even in my deck. How is this even fair? Whats the point in building a deck if you know for a fact at Rank 19 you're going to lose every damn match up? Any suggestions...or maybe just uninstall because TBH this game is starting to become not fun and just stressful. =/Denlah3 4h
4h Game isn't fun anymore Seriously, priests and rogues being able to take or make copies of every card you have? Rush decks that require 0 thought to win with, seriously almost every game I have played over the last week has either been a priest or a mindless murloc deck that before I can even get the tempo going I lost. Yeah, so not fun at all.Seefer19 4h
5h The Blizzard tribute for the brazilians Hello everyone, i'm a brazilian player writing this topic just to thanks Blizz. You must be ask to yourself why? Well, it's a long history wich i would like to share with all community across the world. A fell months ago the brazilian hearthstone players lived a tragedy, our biggest streammer/youtuber died by a cancer in his back, his name was Érico, he had a youtube channel called The One Games ( and a twitch channel too. This event caused extreme commotion to all the HS players from Brazil Many players made topics in our pt-br forum to ask a tribute for him, he was the first man to focus on HS content and one of the main responsible for popularize this game in our country. I made a topic in this forum to ask Blizzard a tribute for this man, he deserved it, many players from different countrys comment the post saying "blizzard should not do this" "everybody dies, he don't decerve that". This guys did'not know him, but Blizzard did! Blizzard know how important Érico was for the brazilian community and knowing that, Blizz release a tribute for him. After the patch when you open the game with the pt-br language you can hear the innkeeper sometimes says "fala galera, tá tudo sussa?" translating that is something like "Hey guys, everything is allright?", that was what he spoke when his videos began. Thank you Blizzard in name from each brazilian Hearthstone player, you're a amazing game company, maybe the best. Thank you again, we love you! SPECIAL THANKS TO JESSE HILL, COMMUNITY MANAGER! The tribute can be seen at 0:00-0:06, link down bellow: 5h
5h netherspite historian uncraftable for some reason i disenchanted netherspite historian, and now i cannot craft it again, the issue being it is not listed. at all, i am in the blackrock mountain in my collection in the crafting page and it is not there.Azmuel3 5h
6h $90, 300 cards, 203 dups, WTF Blizzard... I spent $90 on 60 packs. Got 203 duplicates out of 300 cards (175c+28r), not including the dup golds. Doing the math, $60 for only 1435 dust, not enough for a 6h
6h Hearthstone changing from skill to dumb luck Hearthstone seems to changing from being more skilled based, to more dumb luck based. All the new cards that seem to be coming out, are about adding random components to the game, whether its getting a random spell, minion...etc. When it was first introduced it was great, there were only one or two cards for every class that where actually available, but with every new card set, the % of cards that are random or "dumb luck cards" are increasing. Now it seems winning is more about what card you get at the start and what randomly generated spells and minions you get. less and less to do with play skill. Is this an observation other people are making or am I just wearing a tin foil hat, and its not really an issue at all.Pervy1 6h
6h Warrior is dead I went from rank 16 to rank 5 and only fought one warrior which was playing pirate warrior. So is warrior is officially dead ?ahmed4bh4 6h
6h Pack Values app There used to be this app or plugin or something when Hearthstone first came out. You would input all of your cards into it and it would tell you which pack would give you the best value when you bought it. I just started playing again after a long time and I can't seem to find that app. Does anybody know where to get it?Jonesy1 6h
6h A Plea To Improve Hunter It is my wish to improve my favorite class, The Hunter. I think that more than a few adjustments are in order. First, the card deadly shot should lose its randomness. It doesn't make sense that the marksmen class can't aim. Animal companion should also lose its randomness. The hunter quest could improve with a simple word change from play to summon. And stampede should apply the text from the original "unleash the hounds" card.Obatala2 6h
6h the best 3 and 4 mana taunt minion? hello , so i would love your opinion guys , on what is the best option for a 3 mana taunt and 4 mana taunt (netural , not class specific) i know that for 4 mana its saronite chain gang most likley is the best , and for 3 mana its ether the stone hill defender or tar creeper but what is truly the best 3 mana and 4 mana taunt minion ( only standard , not wild format cards)skorpion17 6h
7h Dungeon Run Rewards I am loving the new Dungeon Run game mode but you know what would make it better? Rewards! I understand we can't rewards for every run, that would make it too easy to grind for gold. What I propose is a reward system similar to Tavern Brawl. The first run you complete every week you get a reward based on how far you get. The reward doesn't need to be crazy good, but adding a reward to this mode will give it longevity and make it even more fun because you are actually playing for something. As for the reward, how about 2 packs for a fully complete run, 1 classic and 1 from the newest expansion. Anything less than a fully complete run and the reward could be a combination of packs, gold, dust, cards, etc. Obviously the less wins the worse the reward. So what do you say Blizzard? You did a great job at creating a solo play mode, give us a reason to keep playing it. Now that we are getting three expansions a year, which means more $$$ out of our pockets, give us another way to be rewarded with packs for just playing the game.Kipper14 7h
8h Discussion? About this game? REALLY? You are talking about this game? Why? This game is similar as throwing with play cube, so you CANT affect result of the game. Dont ask for decks, dont discuss about changing cards in your decks, and stop complain about who is better. Pure luck, random and more luck is basics of this game. So just enjoy your lucky moments and stop talking shhhhhhhit, you looks like idddddddiots, really... for info, im not newbie, i hit legend rank under 100 games with shhhhhhity secret mage, but all my games depends only about drops. All my lost games was ONLY cause my opponent droped his deck symbiosis and i didnt. Everything is about LUCK, you dont need any skills, any experience same as you throw a playing cube. Better throw is better drop, and thats all. So enjoy your time of luck and stop talking about this shhhhhit, pls...riCCuSKo11 8h
8h Dragon Priest Put together this dragon Priest deck for KaC Northshire Cleric x2 Potion of madness x2 Power word shield x2 Radiant elemental x1 Shadow word pain x2 Dragon soul x1 Gilded gargolye x2 Kabal talonpriest x2 Shadow word death x2 Twilight acolyte x2 Duskbreaker x2 Drakonid operative x2 Lyra the sunshard x1 Dragonfire potion x2 Neutral (5) Kabal chemist x1 Twilight drake x2 Cobalt scalebane x2 Bonemare x1 Looking for any suggestions, although I will like to keep the Dragon soul/Gargoyle/Spellstone (Side note, i'd like there to be a big dragon in this deck but Deathwing Dragonlord leaves for wild April, Deathwing discards your hand, Alex doesn't fix, Ysera is too slow. So any suggestions for cards that are good, not getting removed for a while, and suiting the archetype. i'd love to hear it.)Anchalagon7 8h
8h Concerns about F2P and New players Concerns about F2P and New players I would like to start off by saying that Hearthstone is a wonderful game and I have really enjoyed playing it, for the most part, but I have some concerns. I am a purely F2p player. I have been playing slightly after LoE. During this time, I was learning new decks, game mechanics, strategies, classes, etc. So I often interpreted a loss as a learning experience. However, as I continued playing I started to get frustrated at games where I was winning and then boom, a rag (or some other significant legendary) came down on the board. I knew I had nothing left in my deck to beat that one card. But I like to not give up and played them all out, and lost 90% of them. This was unfortunate and left me several times wanting to walk away from the game. I made sure to do daily quests and would do the weekly tavern brawl for the pack, but the packs were just not good enough, or I just kept getting duplicates. So I decided that I was going to save up 700 and start buying each adventure one wing at a time. This took on average 2-3 weeks to get a single wing. At that point, my win rate increased significantly from bronzbeard and reno, however, I still could not get past rank 20. As time went on, I bought Blackrock, saved for WotOG, and slowly building my card collection. I was able to get up to rank 19 and 18 for the first time. Kara came out and now gadgetzan, but through all of these I am seeing a pattern. Card packs do not give good enough rewards for f2p players to keep pace with the current metas. During solo adventures, I did much better on ladder vs a card collection (i.e gadgetzan, or WotOG). From my entire time playing Hearthstone I have gotten one class legendary, one… I play prince mal in a deathrattle rogue deck in hopes of drawling N’zoth. Another problem, which Kripp hit on recently, is the new player experience. I have tried bringing in 2 or 3 friends to play the game. Each of them has made it through the trial, learned the game, and then said, yeah this is not worth it (referring to how long it would take to build the card collection and not be stomped out by the Rag). I would love to have my friends play and talk strategy of the game, but I don’t think that is going to happen. So what does that mean for a new player who is just checking out the game? Are they going to stay? Unlikely. I am also struggling with ladder. I know blizzard has no control over what people play, but it is seriously the same thing almost every game. This has been true even outside of gadgetzan. I like to try to make all sorts of decks, but it doesn’t matter because most of the players are playing deck lists that have been refined by the top end players. The best rank I have gotten to was 14, and it felt the exact same as 20 and I even have multiple legendaries to help out, let alone a new player. SO HERE ARE MY SUGGESTIONS • Hearthstone needs to find a way to get players stronger cards in a shorter amount of time. How do I try to convince a friend of mine to play the game with, “yeah you can get that legendary if you wait two years and hopefully pull it from a pack.” (specifically the class legendaries). Increase legendary % (and epic) pulls from card packs and reduce the amount of duplicates players get from opening a pack so that way players are not left saying, “cool another 55 dust towards my first craftable legendary.” • Continue to find incentives for people to play with their friends, like the 80g quest. As it stands, there is no gain in playing with your friends. Go grind on ladder, get angry, and spam greetings. I realize that this could be abused so this area is difficult but please continue to develop this area. • If wild is going to be something that people will take seriously, they will need to have older cards. If I want to get Dr. Boom, I have to choose if I want to craft him or another critical legendary (pretty high investment for a play mode where you need almost every card to even stand a chance at rank 25). So perhaps after X amount of time, give players older sets. Because at this point, I will never have Dr. Boom, or any legendary not in the current season, i.e N’zoth because I am now trying to get Kazakus. • Don’t make certain legendaries critical for a class. What competitive rogue deck doesn’t have Edwin, druid without fandral, paladin without tirion or hunter without …. Umm.. nevermind. This goes with more common cards too. Don’t make cards that can be put into a majority of decks like azure drakes. Continue to make cards that have a specific niche. • Make arena friendlier to try. I currently see arena as a waste of money because I still do not think that I will profit from playing arena. One recommendation I saw is to give people a few arena run per month. Things I am thankful for • Making quests that can be earned without having to win. Some may dislike these, but being able to get 60g from a quest when you know that you have a 30ish win rate with a class makes this process much easier. • As mentioned above, the attempt at getting players to play their friends. • Continuing to develop a variety of cards that significantly switches classes around in their strengths (remember when priest was a dead class?) • Trying to pull out themes from classes, like prot warrior (maybe someday bolster will be good. People also said this about pirates, and now look at us). • I am happy about the rate of which content comes out. Perhaps too slow for players that are playing significantly more than I but it feels great for me. • Trying to find a good balance of RNG. Most of the community is still hating on RNG from pre-nerf Yogg (understandably so) but the games where you win because of RNG feel great, almost as if you preformed a miracle. But the games you lose because of RNG feel like uninstalling the game. TL DR: Please be more generous with card collection, incentivize community and friends, and thank you for putting much thought and effort into the game.mmoonnggoo6 8h
11h Duskbreaker Entirely too strong for a four drop. Make this a legendary or drop the AOE damage to 2 and the minion to 2/2.Luridbane1 11h
12h Shield Block Card Question I haven't played much warrior (I don't even have all the basics yet), but I'm currently in a casual game against one. I always thought that, barring legendaries, cards were limited to 2 per deck? The person I was playing against must've had about 7 of them! Do certain types of cards surpass these rules then? Again, new to Warrior so no real clue how he's played. Thanks!ScoutDawson4 12h
13h Tyrande, oh where oh where My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Then it became available to players with their country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack. Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase. I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions. Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair.... Please can Blizzard respond.Kortol58 13h
13h Anyone else missing a netherspite historian? Tried building a dragon priest deck but noticed I only had one copy of netherspite historian. I went to go craft another copy but the game wont let me. Screen shots below of "uncraftable text" and completed adventure :/ and please helpAbsol5 13h
15h christmas speical? what do we go on xmas ? do we good a pack deal or speical card back (hopefully not -_- )skorpion17 15h
15h I found the warrior hiding place!! Well.. i had an 50 cards quest for hunter.. and i only got like the basic cards... dont like the class.. So i log into casual.. and what do you know.. i almost out of 7 matches go against warriors.. 1 mage. They where there with the cobold goblin cards. Giving their best.. The warrior became that weak? Or are they rank 5 and above? (Rank) 9 myself... Btw that 1 cost change your opponents minion to 1 health hunter card is amazing.. i almost never see it in play.. why not man!! All those taunt minions.. poofDelfunk1 15h
15h Fix card descriptions? Some cards might be outdated, but with the newest update, with recruiting minions, I think some cards should replace or fix their descriptions, I think an example would be Y'shaarj, rage unbound, with the description of, At the end of your turn put a minion from your deck into the battlefield, could be simplified into, recruit a random minion from your deck, I know these are small complaints but I think it could really just be simplified.Aertew2 15h
15h Deck of it? The idea is that I pay 5 mana (in a tempo based game) now, to do something unpredictable (and potentially harmful, if anything at all) in the unknown future. While there is a Rogue card the puts a body on the the board, (4/4 for 4) with the opportunity to make more 4/4 ‘s with zero drawback. Am I to assume that the design team is on permanent vacation? Or do I rock the hearthstone community by playing this card in despite of their blantant disrespect for common sense?Cunning4 15h
16h friend quest KbayashiMaru#11764 i got a 80 gold friend quest to doKbayashiMaru0 16h
16h Opening Multiple Packs So I always buy my packs in bulk 60 at a time and it takes me forever to open them all. I think they should put in a feature to let us open all the packs at once and have them go straight to our collection instead of spending 15 to 20 mins clicking through packs. What does everyone here think?BeQuake12 16h
17h Can Hearthstone be used to Pick Up on Tinder? Asking the burning Question! 17h
1d Please make quests available for dungeon run Look, I know this is greedy, I know this game is run on microtransactions, I know how important pack purchases are for the business model, but I really like dungeon runs, much more fun than grinding through casual games, and even better than grinding through them with friends. I personally would love it if we could play this gamemode, and still be accomplishing objectives within game. Please Hearthstone team, just talk it over, I'm not asking for more free stuff, just more options with our current reward system. Thanks.TheEntourage19 1d
1d i need friends add me i want friends Dante#29560 and if you are legend and you dont want a lvl 20 on your friend list you can shove your jade druid and pirate warrior up your !@#Dante6 1d
1d If winning does not feel real... Seriously? ... or simple the new definition of "Murphy's law"? A simple question. Who believes that Hearsthone is controlled and manipulated by an average 50-50 win-loose rating? Who also believes that matchmaking, starting hand, carddraw follows an internal balancing algorithm? In my opinion personal skill is only 10-15%, your deck is 10-15%, the rest is RNG, internal balancing and matchmaking control and manipulation. Or in other words.... winning does not feel real...Ddevil13 1d
1d Should card d/e be buffed? Title. I get that d/e a card (especially a legendary) should be a big deal, but at the same time, crafting key cards can be pretty difficult under the current exchange rates. I could see it taking 2/1 to craft a needed legendary but 4/1 is a pretty steep price and takes quite a while to get there unless you lucked out with an extra golden higher rarity card. Thoughts?Bobafett3458 1d
1d suggestion :daily login bonus hey folks , so i came up with this idea that will help the F2P grind , and add new way for developers to make money while rewarding the long daily playing players a daily login bonus , a wheel of fortune like system , i know that there are daily quests , but they are random and some are in classes you hate to play with this is an additonal bonus for playing daily , so every time u login and play 3 games ( win or loss) u will get 1 ticket to roll the wheel , the wheel have the following rewards , u can get one of them for each ticket at random : 1- coins: from 10-100 2- dust : from 20-200 3- an additoinal quest 4- a random common card 5-a random rare card tickets can also be bought from the shop , they are different than the one that u get freely , the bought tickets have chance of winning a random epic card , and chance of winning golden card instead of normal , and coins from 20-150 and dust from 30-300 suggested ticket price : 2$ maxskorpion13 1d
1d Anyone using Temporus? I just can't bring myself to risk playing this card even in a casual setting. The fact that his stats are kinda bad for cost on top of giving the opponent the first extra turn just feels really bad in concept. I could see how if he had way better stats so that an opponent HAS to deal with it would be one thing. However as just a 6/6 on turn 6 or 7 he seems really meh. It just seems like an opponent would probably be able to kill you or do enough damage to make your double turns pointless. Plus they go again after your 2 turns. Meaning the opponent gets a 3 to 2 immediate number of turns to kill you.Zlumpy11 1d
1d Net Nuetrality is Gone What will this mean for Hearthstone, if anything? Corporations are about to control the internet and content. The may also raise the prices, probably will, for usage. Since Hearthstone is an internet based world wide game, I wonder how the game business maybe effected?nimabi14 1d
1d 108 defeats dungeon My first two Mage warlock took average of 2-3 tries to win Priest 108 bosses before winning which ranged from losing around boss 5-7 with a few below 5. In fact the only way I won this which was the darkness he as at 8 I was at 11. I summond a sea giant he had 1 darkness and one faerie dragon. He attacked face 8nstead of killing giant. Only way I wonIwinUlose3 1d
1d Hearthstone in Malta Hello my friends, I m Luca and I speak to Malta. I want to organize a little community here, in Malta. If someone wants enjoy me to match and to share opinions, I m to open to create the first Maltese hearthstone community. Write me for more information.Kuroro3 1d
1d Over watch like custome games please! Do you think hearthstone should have a custom games mode? Maybe you really want to play a certain tavern brawl or just for fun. The mode could consist of you deciding settings for the game maybe cards Ex: what cards you have in your hand to start starting mana unlimited card count card cost card stats or select a favorite tavern brawl like Dorothy or boss battles. Their could be a leveling system to the more you play the higher your level the more settings you can customize it would give players lots of freedom and it could give the game enough flavor to bring it back because currently it doesn’t seem to be as liked as it used to be most people think that it involves too much in app purchases.s9ectrelisk2 1d
1d shadow reaper anduin without Raza so i wanted to ask , now that raza will go wild after like 3 or 4 months in 2018 first expansion , how will shadow reaper anduin perfrom ? will it still see use in top priest decks or will it still be a solid option ? im asking to know if i should craft him or notskorpion12 1d
1d "Psychic Scream" Ok so I'm in a priest dungeon run and this card is an option. It costs 7 and the text reads "Shuffle all minions into your opponents deck." How does that work? All minions? All minions on their battlefield? All minions on both sides of the battlefield? One copy of every minion in the game? The card literally does not have enough text to explain the mechanic, and I cannot pick it.Samhain3 1d
1d Standard Hearthstone Tournament 12/19/17 On Tuesday 12/19/17 at 5:30pm PST there will be a small Hearthstone Tournament -The tournament will be hosted in the Regalia eSports Discord Server -Discord Link: -The first place prize for the tournament will be a $20 card -There will be no prizes except for the first place winner -All players and all ranks will be welcomed -The tournament will be held in Conquest rules -Conquest rules: The Last Call Qualifier is a best-of-five match-up played in a style known as "conquest." In a conquest tournament, each player brings three decks, each from a different class. They are only allowed one deck per class, and they must win a game with all three decks to take the round -If you have any questions add me on discord my name in the discord group is "Atheryne"Diazir1 1d
1d Question about Obsidian Statue I was playing a hunter who had a Vicious Fledgling. The Vicious Fledgling was buffed with divine shield and poison. When it hit my Obsidian Statue, I never received +4 health to my hero from it's lifesteal. I assumed it glitched and resurrected the Obsidian Statue with Eternal Servitude. The hunter immediately killed the Obsidian Statue again, and again, my hero did not receive +4 health from Obsidian's lifesteal. The graphic showed Obsidian losing 3 health before it died both times. Any time it's ever been hit with poison, say from Emperer Cobra, the Obsidian Statue has always given 4+ health and the same goes for divine shield minions. Is this as intended or a bug? I pasted this to the bugs forum because I'm pretty sure this is not how it's supposed to work.DireRaven2 1d
1d Were we supposed to get a gift pack today? When I opened the app there was an alert that said i had a free gift so I claimed it. It was a free gift pack. When I logged in it wasn't there. I logged out and in again, and still nothing.DireRaven5 1d
1d View Card Bonus Effects Is there a way to view the 'extra' content of any given card while in your collection page? Such as: Unidentified ___ Any of the spell stones evolutions Rin's Seal cards Etc...KOSpades1 1d
1d kraxx why the hell is he so over powered............... if you cant kill him by turn 6-7 say good bye to the run soooooooooo soooooooooo fun. im so happy i get to fail every run i do with warrior because kraxx is either the 5th or the 7th boss and not matter how i build the deck his !@#$ing steam rolls mine everytime. and dude... i had the perfect pirate warr deck, blowing throw them and he just said "eat my %^-" and eveytime i go against him its a lose soooooo *!@#ing hell im just pissedGoldenbong2 1d