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Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
2d Unlisted Fireside Gatherings Greetings! Hearthstone is ever evolving and expanding, and we’re excited to share with you a brand new Fireside Gatherings feature! Starting today, you’ll be able to create Fireside Gatherings as unlisted events. This means you’ll be able to host private Fireside Gatherings in more relaxed settings with friends or co-workers, all while enjoying the perks of a public Fireside Gathering. With unlisted events, your Fireside Gathering will not show up on upcoming event lists. While public Fireside Gatherings are still a great way to play, we’ve found that the more informal, friendly atmosphere of a smaller event can be welcoming to players just picking up Hearthstone. They can also be a great playground for the budding Innkeeper, who might want to figure out their routine before going big. And best of all, you’ll be able to bring all that Hearthstone fun (and your friends!) into the comfort of your own home. Here’s a little more details on how unlisted Fireside Gatherings work. Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will: • Be eligible to receive Nemsy Necrofizzle if they fulfil all hosting prerequisites. This means having an established Tavern! Learn more about how to establish your tavern here. • Be eligible for the Fireside Gatherings card back • Allow event listing creation the same day it is meant to be hosted • Have the same Fireside Brawls as public Fireside Gatherings • Be visible on the website only to the innkeeper hosting it. The Fireside Gathering itself will be visible in the game client, and attendees will be able to search and find it in the client as well. Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will NOT: • Be eligible for celebration campaigns • Be visible on Tavern or upcoming event pages • Show up if anyone tries to search for it on the upcoming events page • Count towards any Tavern or Innkeeper progression. They will not count towards establishing your Tavern. You will still need to host public events with at least 3 check-ins in order to establish your Tavern. For more resources on Fireside Gatherings, click here.Jesse Hill0 2d
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Jun 5 Update 11.2 is Now Live! Greetings! Update 11.2 is now live on desktops and will be available on mobile platforms later today. This update brings: - Get In Here Bundle - Evil Twin Greetings - Special events and more! Full details here: Hill0 Jun 5
26m Fun Decks This is just a post for newbies who don't have a lot of dust for decks (if HS has any newbies anymore since it's all Pay 2 Win) If you want to try some pretty fun decks or need help with making your decks slightly better, add me. I'm not amazing or all that impressive. I don't just play decks to win, I play to have fun, and I refuse to play aggro decks to win. I did hit rank 15 in wild recently with a warlock deck that has 11 legendaries in it. I'm working on building a 35 legendary deck and so far I'm at 18 legendaries in the deck. If you want to try some cool decks for some classes that you want to try, add me. DarkParadise#11650 If you are about my rank and want to add me, feel free as well. I will gladly help anyone with quests (after the Taverns quests are done, of course). For example, if you need to win 3 games with druid and your druid decks suck, I won't mind letting you win 3 times so you get the gold.DarkParadise14 26m
49m Shudderwock is a joke, right? Shudderwock is a joke, right Blizzard? Surely your QA team isn't so bad to let something like this dumbass card to go live? Letting my opponent have an infinite amount of 1 mana, 6/6s on the board while also draining my life and restoring theirs was a mistake, right? You can't care this little, can you?Vatra5 49m
55m Pack Opening Idea - Blank Cards So, I had a fun little idea. Blank Cards, coming in Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary varieties, along with golden variants. The difference being they're 50x rarer drops than their normal rarities. So only 1 our of 50 commons would be a blank common. What does a blank card do? It lets you choose a card of that rarity from a pool of all the cards in that set. Getting a blank common would help you get the rest of those commons you need, while getting a Blank Golden Rare would be not only incredibly exciting but would be a free golden legendary of whichever legendary you want.Flailmorpho1 55m
1h Deck manipulation needs to go I play wild only and i have no problems with almost every deck out there whatsup hunters , you own, i love to play against you with your new deathknight whatsup deathknight mages , its fun to play against you whatsup pallys, i dont really agree with your playstyle ,but ure fine too whatsup priests, i love to play against you, most of the time we can have a good long match whatsup warriors, i barely see you anymore, but ure fine whatsup warlocks, you got a few nerfs lately, but also before, it was fun to play against you list goes on, you can imagine but rogues ? 90% of all rogues play kingsbane with coldlight oracle and you are the most lame thing i have ever encountered in hearthstone without coldlight youd be fine too , i could even live with kingsbane some druids, very rare though , play kingtogwaggle and its just the same ye sure delete my whole deck with a single combo deck manipulation needs to go , it just ruins hearthstone.guilty1 1h
1h Does the deck you use effect who you play? As the title states, I was wondering if the deck you use or the cards have a set value when paired together. It seems when I am going for a very unthought out deck and honestly not good at all I face terrible decks as well.....but when I use my tier 1 meta token druid deck I face other meta decks. Was wondering if anyone here has any insight :)Dragonific3 1h
1h 1 Legendary in 60 Packs This player experience feedback. I just purchased 60 packs and only got 1 legendary. I know this is possible with the drop rate algorithms and I'm sure that, overall, my pack opening drops are within normal ranges. I'm not asking for a hand out. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one and when you spend $70 and only get the pity timer 1-in-40-pack legendary it is a terrible player experience. It is an experience I cannot help but remember the next time I'm in a position to purchase packs in the middle of a rotation.Greyhaven17 1h
2h Flail's Journal of Various Card Ideas Basically going to use this thread to share various card ideas I come up with over time instead of making a bunch of different threads Blade Covered Shield Warrior Card 2/4 Weapon for 3 Can't attack, remains active on enemy's turn Young Mindbender Priest Card 1/2 Demon for 2 Attacking this minion costs 1 mana Heated Ingots either Neutral or Warrior 0/3 for 2 When this card dies, add a random weapon to your hand. Pet Battle Hunter Spell for 8 Destroy all minions, both players recruit 3 minions and set their attack and health to 3 Murlocify Shaman Spell for 3 Target minion now counts as a Murloc Novice Beastmaster Hunter 2/3 for 4 Battlecry - Remove taunt from all friendly minions, then summon a 2/1 hound with Taunt (This one is a joke about those hunters who don't turn off their pet's taunt)Flailmorpho4 2h
2h does hearthstone account new deck into mmr I'm talking casual matchmaking specifically, I wonder if it's internal MMR cares about if I'm using a new deck or not, possibly making your opponent slightly lower level depending on how many new cards you're usingFlailmorpho0 2h
3h Tyrande, oh where oh where My understanding is that Tyrande was previously avaliable through subscribing to Twitch Prime for people residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Then it became available to players with their country of residence set to certain specific countries in the SEA region which required a purchase of a 40 card pack. Why not make it available to the rest of us for a 40 card pack purchase. I want to hero, i dont live in any of the above mentioned regions. Why not make things fair. Im willing to pay for her. I understand i may not be the majority but why not make things fair.... Please can Blizzard respond.Kortol331 3h
4h 35 Legendary Deck I bought Karazhan and League of Explorers and finally had enough legendaries to make a 35 legendary deck. It sucks, but it's fun. As time goes on, I will replace bad ones (like Baku) with useful ones, since I will have more to choose from. Either way, it was a long way to get here and now that I finally have (mostly) the deck I want, I feel happy with Hearthstone for the first time in a whileDarkParadise1 4h
7h Should Meat Wagon Cost 1 Less? As Meat Wagon death rattle is random and doesn't target minions with 1 less attack like it should, Is Meat wagon too costly at 4 mana ? Apart from buffing Meat Wagons attack the following turn, it tends to be used as a board clear with Doomsayer. After Validated Doomsayer was rotated out, has this card seen any game time and would reducing it's cost help? If any one is playing Meat Wagon currently, please can you add a link of your deck. I would like to see some competitive decks using this card in STD.FireGhouL0 7h
8h HSID | Komunitas Hearthstone Indonesia Komunitas Game Hearthstone Indonesia Helo decker tanah air, Komunitas Hearthstone Indonesia adalah wadah untuk decker asal Indonesia. Kalian dapat bergabung facebook fanspage atau di portal Event komunitas Tournament 9 Dragons Unleash the Region Fireside Tavern Hero Qualifier Coaching Bersama rank legend di komunitas Streaming Facebook Youtube Twitchfarando7 8h
9h Shudderwock Combo Seriously, this is a ridiculous combo. Shudderwock + Grumble + Saronite Gang + Lifedrinker You don't even need any creativity. Just an order to play it, and boom, here it is, an almost infinite combo. Seriously, any of the first three cards could have a nerf. Like, Shudderwock can't be nerfed (I guess, or it could be a limited number of Battlecries). Grumble could reduce the cost, instead of putting it a 1-cost card. And Saronite could clone itself only, like, "Put a copy of Saronite Gang into play".Akuma12 9h
11h unable to cancel while queueing is ridiculous I won an arena match and quickly proceeded to queue, while waiting for a bit, i had a feeling that my opponent has friends/alt accounts to queue knowing what i have. However even after hitting cancel, the game proceeded to start even after i press cancel and it even took at least 15 secs to load up the game! True enough, my opponent played 2 chief inspector in a row , considering how i won my previous match playing 3 secrets, i guess its no wonder :rollseye: ah well, lets hope this wont get deleted by the communist mods LMAOMavis1 11h
13h Good idea: 3wins= 30 gold Hi, now for 3 wins they give 10 gold, realy is very low. Increase please to 30 goldЛовкийРыцарь1 13h
14h Please add 1 free ticket for each day Hi all, I'm new and I think this is good idea for this game, because all rewards are very low...ЛовкийРыцарь2 14h
14h meanwhile on heartstone my post was removed, probably because i used the word "scumbag", in regards of how some players preferr steamroll other players with their 12k dust worthy deck in casual mode, or just play oddpaladin or even lock in casual mode now i log into the new brawl, and what is the first deck i face? odd paladin come on man, you can't tell me that's not being a scumbag lolmark97013 14h
1d Standard only App Dear Blizzard, I would like to suggest a Standard only edition to the popular Hearthstone Phone app. I cant play the game on my phone anymore since the last 3 updates because there is too much data on the app. Limiting the downloaded cards to only Standard mode would help with the memory requirement so that i can truly enjoy this cross-platform game.KingKong1 1d
1d The day I stopped spending money. Played Hearthstone since the day it released, there are always ups and downs and some balance changes to be made at some point. It happens, I'm a game developer myself, I understand. I really enjoy eating my supper while finishing off a quest, it's something quick I can pick up and put back down. Bought quite a bit, really, so maybe since they already made a profit on me, it doesn't matter rather I continue to spend money or not. I was looking forward to Witchwood more than any other expansion, being a die hard druid lover and loving the theme so much. Was SO excited. Then there was that phase of only facing shudderwock the first week. Heartbroken, game unplayable for a solid week. It died down, but the nerf hasn't really helped. There is no strategy against those decks, it's literally just luck. The deal breaker is this meta. I don't mind facing cubelock and eat them for dinner, odd pally is pretty frustrating as you have to have a deck to counter it which won't work against many other decks in ranked, but the meta is SO limited. You get very few choices of deck to play if you expect to do well, and it's really taken the fun out of the game. Everything is pretty predictable, lacking variety. I'm the type of player who can fluidly calculate the possibilty of my opponent's next play mana costs and drops things to force them to spend their mana on remoal to get a jump on the board. I don't think "It's all just luck it's pointless!" But it's starting to feel mostly like luck since all the decks are the same. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a larger meta, multiple decks per class to pick from, but there isn't. After the ridiculousness of a team who didn't listen to the wise developer saying "let's not release shudderwock this is crazy" I refuse to spend even a single dollar in the future unless variety actually becomes a thing in this game, and wins can't be made by such an 'instant win' card.Wolfride11 1d
1d Make HearthStone More Efficient Why does it take forever to advance in rank? Why not make the score more scale-able and allow for faster moving through the ladder? Multiplying bonus stars through win streaks seems like a viable way. Or maybe even get more articulate and base a game off of "skill" (obviously any card game has a certain level of luck too) but like 30 - 0 games perhaps (or a high health like 28-30) would earn bonus rank-ups, like maybe, a free "win" or something to that extent.Anyhow, I think there are lots of skilled players who would make great legendary candidates but they are left behind i the grind trying to level up their ranking. It would also make the earlier ranks more aggressive most likely as there would be actual time to try and push through in your spare time. Just to make it a little faster competitively. Just a thought that I thought I'd share with the community. P.S. also, buy Command and Conquer from Electronic Arts and make the best game ever. Yours truly, your Video Game Tester and loyal fan and customer!Sinista1 1d
1d Please Expand the Undo Option! I was looking to craft a card on my mobile app, and I found the creation dialog entertaining. So I just wanted to see what the animation was like for a legendary card I would never actually want. When I clicked "Undo" the dialog went away, but I got stuck with the card. I never used the card or put it in the deck, and I immediately put in a ticket. The GM's say they can't help me, and I'm severely disappointed. I assume that because its a touch screen, the tablet registered a click somewhere else on the screen that made the dialog disappear??? There really needs to be a way to "Undo" something like that. For example, code it so you have something like: 10 minutes or until you put it in a deck. I love the game but this just felt really unfair.Sabot0 1d
1d When do refunds make sense? Some of us have been around since the early days. When the biggest tempo play in the game was a yeti on turn four. Now it's just beyond ridiculous with "I win" cards, broken combo's and forced deck constructions (game basically limited to only a few good decks) based on the expansions. Broken garbage going unchecked like pirate warrior, jade druid, exodia mage, quest rogue, baku pally, almost anything warlock, etc. And once these decks establish themselves, they flood the damn game. Why the refunds? Many people started when the game was somewhat fun. We don't mind throwing some money in to fun things. Hearthstone stopped being fun years ago. Look at it this way: You buy a car. In the fine print they mention that they might make 'upgrades' to your new car now and then, without warning, or consent, or anything you can do about them. But this car seems reliable, it comes from a recognized brand name, so okay. Things are great for awhile. Until they say "RNG is fun!" and take your steering wheel. This car is a lot less fun to drive but:" makes for great stories when you do!" Later they come back for other upgrades like removing the brakes, the windshield, most of the buttons on the dash, replacing them with other things you don't want. Things no one wants. Finally one morning you go out to the monstrosity on blocks that used to be your car...and discover someone has coated the interior in diahrea. You try connecting with other purchasers of this car, but most of them seem to think nothing is wrong, and that you're just salty about not being able to drive the car good, or if I don't like it, just don't drive it and stop complaining. #sh1tcarforever Okay, i'm done with more car. You go back to the dealer. They say too bad...but to stick it out for exciting future 'upgrades'. At this point I don't see anything coming along to save this game. Please let us cash out of this mess you've made. Rant done.Vheod4 1d
1d ~30 packs and still no legendary. So, bought three of the get in here bundles. Out of that, one druid legendary at the 11th pack. The packs after those didn't get me any, so thats 19packs that didnt give me a legendary. I bought 6-12 more packs with gold, i got 1 golden pack, and 2 more tavern classic card packs. Still nothing but Dust. Fudge sake this thing about getting a legendary after not getting any from the packs is - total bull. I only started getting some packs in because I have been told there is a garantee now but apparently not. Just what the H. Am I do only one getting BSed hereJokerkingz7 1d
1d ever have one of those days.... where you feel like you are facing a bunch of blizzard devs who can literally put any card they need into their hand? I am having one of those days :(Dragonific1 1d
1d Excellent new series on Playhearthstone! This new series needs to be promoted! Sadly only about 1,500 people were watching it live just a few minutes ago, but the VoD is now available for all to enjoy. The Talkstone part I didn't pay much attention to tbh, but around the 1:18:50 mark it suddenly morphs into a fantastic documentary about our current world champ tom60229 that everyone should see and appreciate! The creators were in the chat and they said 9 episodes are planned for the Year of the Raven, covering various tournaments. I am looking forward to seeing them =)CheezCurls0 1d
1d Shudderwock Shudderwock has got to be the most broken card that has ever been put into the game. It is literally an automatic win. I've now lost 2 games in a row to this card despite being far ahead in health prior to them playing it. By the time the animation is finished they're back up to full health and have me down to almost nothing. THEN on the next turn they get to do it all over again for 1 mana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This card needs to have a serious rework or be deleted from the game entirely. It's impossible to win against it so long they play 2-3 specific battlecry cards prior to playing shudderwock. 100% zero fun playing against this ridiculous card.ThaKlown28 1d
1d Sort by card rarity Dear Hearthstone, Please may I have a "search by rarity" function. It seems simple enough. I want a way to look at all my Legionaries at once, or shift through my uncommon, or maybe even make a whole deck of rares.KingKong2 1d
1d UNIQLO x Blizzard, only in men sizes? They should also be available for womenroshcoben1 1d
1d Two OP classes Remove frost lich jaina from the game and priests, k thx.Noctseraph6 1d
1d Tech Support Full of Spam? I've been browsing these forums and it looks like the Technical Support one is full of spam posts by a bot or something, hardly any of them seem relevant to Hearthstone at all. It's been like that for days now, is it just that no mods noticed or something?Necrons0 1d
2d My Tavern Patrons Want Another Fireside? I don't know what to do, support kits are late or don't arrive at all even when I try to time them up with events. Very few Fireside gathering events the last one I believe was last year, I think don't quote me but the gnome warlock skin stood out. We've had a couple of expansions but as I said before even with timing for releases support kits are either late or they don't come at all. Now my patrons are asking me whens the next even when is there gonna be another fireside gathering. For me it's hard to give them that, even when I do little tournaments, I use support kits for prizes but its hard to do with when I'm out of those. I can't speak for others but to many of my patrons are hardcore or won't show up without there being some kind of reward or something. Like I said tournaments work but there is usually a prize associated with it people don't show up without some kind of reward. That all being said does anyone have any ideas or anything, do any of the community managers on the forums know when there is going to be another fireside gathering event. Please help I feel like im letting a lot of people down as an innkeeper.ArchangelJln0 2d
2d I've opened this legendary 3 times i am going to pop a blood vessel and kill hearthman if the next legendary i open from my witch wood pack is another h*chking duskfallen aviana, this is the 3rd time ive opened it, and the third time ive dusted it leave me aloNE !!!!!! >:OOOOORED7 2d
2d My RNG starts before the game starts I played 11 arena runs since this event, not once I had the option to pick mage. That's it folks, just pointing out the flawless game that we have.Pandour1 2d
2d Secrets and Saludad! Can it just be known already that matchups are more than just based on rank? I put Marin the Fox in my deck, 1st game and I was paired up with an unusual Warlock deck in Standard running Marin. Also, I constantly see people complaining about decks I haven't seen people running for like 2 or 3 seasons. There is more to matchups than meets the eye.Bozzburgh0 2d
2d Free Pack Day Reminder to log in today and get your Free Golden Classic Pack! Then comment below how you did :DJesse Hill24 2d
2d Next expansion? So in the hearthside chat with Ben Brode (R.I.P) there were three icons for the next expansions, so I looked at a few fourm's speculating them. They mostly speculated that the 2nd was netherstorm. So that may not seem so weird except for the fact the if you taunt the monster hunt monster "Experiment 3-C" he says "The lab, in netherstorm." So might be a hint about the next expansion, but doubt that blizzard would add that so probably just overthinking it.Vaeiful5 2d
2d Are all the discussions negative? It seems that this community only screams and shouts about the bad. Please post about the good too. If there are only complaints, then please provide a good way to fix the problem. Just by changing this card to ..... X mana cost Just by changing this card to ..... Y battle cry Just by changing this card to ..... Z deathrattleGamerlexx2 2d
2d Draconic Herald bugged Just played arena with Draconic Herald and chose a primordial drake when i got the oppurtunity to discover a card. My next turn didn't i recieve it, instead i recieved a random card i my deck, no buff, nothing. I didn't get it on the whole game. Nice game blizzard! (Y)FraxZy5 2d
1d sdf m=sdfDragonific2 1d
2d Turn timer breaks during fireball destruction A very known tatic mages use to overcome an opponent with no chance is by casting infinate fireballs. By casting Archmage/Sorc appearances/Molten reflections. Completely bs just like shamon Shuddering. Anyhow if you survive the timer it should switch turns. Not glitch and watch them fire a million fire balls while the timer is glitched for a whole min. Get out your thinking hats blizzard and atleast fix the timer to turn.DefconZ1 2d
2d Gold & dust rewards was genius! Honestly, this makes perfect sense. While it doesn't address the cost/disenchant imbalance entirely, it does help to some degree. This should be added as a permanent feature, not just restricted to the taverns of time event! Whoever thought of this should be given a raise and an office with a window (a good one too, not one with a parking lot view)!Bobafett3454 2d
2d The hunter 1 mana cost quest Are there any viable decks that run the Hunter hero quest for 1 mana creatures and possibly where do you think HearthStone is going with this idea of 1 mana cost creatures? We have the new rush minions to counter the larger taunt minions. We have the new spells that can really ruin another players day. Yet some previous cards are not that powerful and they have never seemed useful.Gamerlexx0 2d
2d Why squelch is insufficient. I was recently playing a match on my PC and per my normal I immediately squelched my opponent because I do not enjoy emotes with strangers. My computer was having a connection issues which resulted in numerous reconnections to the game as I restarted Hearthstone in an effort to restore game play. This resulted in many unwanted emotes as the squelch was undone by the restarting of Hearthstone and the other person was constantly spamming them. What does it have to take to get a more permanent squelch?Amargosa12 2d
2d Quick question Can I get an explanation why my post has been removed? The topic was ''I'm quitting constructed''. It was up for some 10-15 minutes then I went to edit it and now it's gone.CoachPop5 2d