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Jul 31, 2014 How to Host a Fireside Gathering Now’s your chance to step into the Innkeeper’s shoes and host a Fireside Gathering of your own! It’s easier than you think to get your Gathering going, and hosting is really quite rewarding. There's no better way to get to know your local fellow Hearthstone gamers and make new friends, and become an important part of the growing Hearthstone community. Oh, and did we mention even hosting a small Gathering is a great way to earn your Fireside Friends card back? We’re also already hard at work developing a program so we can better support Innkeepers, and perhaps provide some perks along the way! Interested? Great! Visit the blog to learn more, and download the Innkeeper's Resources document to get started. We can't wait to hear all about your Fireside Gatherings!Daxxarri24 Jul 31, 2014
Mar 12 Explore the Witchwood! Check out Hearthstone's latest announcement! Join our discussion thread here: Hill0 Mar 12
Mar 8 Kobold & Catacomb - 3 packs update Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issues with Ranked Play. As previously mentioned, as a token of our appreciation for your patience, we have distributed three Kobolds and Catacombs cards packs to our players globally. You can redeem your card packs via the Gifting function either on the Desktop App or by logging into your account on your mobile device. We’ll see you in the Tavern!Jesse Hill0 Mar 8
1h Price Policy Hello, I'm Mehmet! I am from Turkey, I have been playing Blizzard's games since 1998. I do love these games but Blizzard should hear the voices of gamers who are living out of the USA. I would like to compare the salaries of average people. An average person who lives in USA, earns 1400$ - 1500$. But in Turkey this money is about 415$ - 420$. Also in Azerbaijan, it is about 70$. We have necessary payments to live such as house rent, kitchen stuffs, education etc. So, we do not have much money for the personal hobbies. Because of that, buying some game stuff from your website is too expensive for people like us who live in third world countries. I really would like you to be logical and equal about your pricing. You should decide the price according to economies of countries. In my opinion, it would be more equal and fair for everyone around the world. People who are buying something from this site, if you want to see the change, you should not be in slience. Come to support us and write your comments here. Also, share your ideas with people who thinks like us. We can gain more attention with more comments. Thank you for reading this message and supporting us. Love to all gamers!CrypteX72 1h
2h Sportsmanship I would like to request that developers devise methods to discourage poor sportsmanship. I’m not overly sensitive, but I enjoy the game less (and therefore play less) when my opponent decides that their imminent victory gives them license to turn into a troll. I understand that you can turn off their emotes, but, for example, my last match was pretty straight forward... we both took our turns quickly and decisively, up until my opponent knew that they were capable of ending the match on that turn. Suddenly, after not having exchanged any sorts of taunts throughout the match, they decided that they were going to rub their victory in my face by head-faking their attacks, pretending that they were going to attack themselves, emoting repeatedly, it was all very juvenile. The truth is, this type of poor sportsmanship just diminishes the amount of enjoyment that can be gained from playing and I think it would be wise for developers to protect their game from it. I guess it just comes down to this... exactly what type of community is it that you’d like to cultivate? The kind where strangers become friends, or the kind where strangers become enemies?FloydianSlip10 2h
2h NERF KINGSBANE! Hi, I just want to say that the combo's that can be done with this card is just too OP, So after jade druid deck comes another OP deck that is mills bane rogue. Its really unfair for the opponent and its like 100% win for rogue.There should be some huge nerf on this card. Regards, Mr.MeeseeksMrMeeseeks54 2h
3h How do you import decks? I don't understand the instructions.... Say I wanted to copy a deck from hearthpwn...what do I do?Genoism13 3h
3h Not sure the changes are good to season. or maybe net decking is just more popular, but at rank 19, I'm running into a lot more high level decks then I was before, decks that normally feel like they would have been things I would run into more 15 and below.wolfwing5 3h
4h Dust is the Problem I have played this game since launch. I have completed nearly every daily quest since launch; I play Hearthstone on a daily basis. I buy every expansion. I buy every pre-order. Lately I even buy the largest available card bundle once an expansion on top of the pre-order. I am still steadily falling behind in my collection more and more each year that goes by. Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Obtain a new card -- receive 1/4th of its value Is this a fun pattern? Isn't this what Gamestop does? Only you don't get to trade your cards or EVER sell them in Hearthstone. It just doesn't feel good to earn a card and then immediately have it slashed to one-fourth of its value. That is not the experience that you want to have the overwhelming majority of the time... Hearthstone is FIRSTLY a CASUAL game, and is an esports game second. This is not a casual system. What would be so bad about receiving 80% of the card value back? I did the math and it would STILL be challenging to obtain a complete collection if that were the case... And if you are a new player GOOD LUCK. The dust system is BRUTAL. I feel that as a player who plays this game religiously and buys every product and then some -- I feel that I should be near to a complete collection but I am missing more and more cards every few months! I have over 500 Steam games. This game is going to fall out of favor for me if it isn't good enough. I really like this game overall -- but if they don't change the dust system I will quit like my other two friends who played Hearthstone and left because in their words it was 'too expensive'. By the way, both of my friends and myself all have full time careers. And they make more than me.. Ultimately it is very unsatisfying to play every day and then say, play extra one day, for maybe 4-5hrs or more and earn 3-4 packs and then have that amount to 200 dust if you are lucky... Lately I have become sick of games that value our time lowly as gamers. Somewhere along the line Hearthstone became one of those games. VALUE OUR TIME and stop magnifying the pay-to-win elements of this game. If you go down this road it will be short term gains for you Blizzard not long term gains one way or another. Blizzard games have always had amazing value for the money. Don't change that Blizzard. Blizzard has earned a legendary reputation from games that did the EXACT opposite of this game and gave thousands of hours of fun for FAR LESS monetary investment. Add dust to each pack Add more cards to packs Give 75% of card value back as dust instead of 25% Decrease crafting costs Double or triple the gold received from quests (do the math -- they could literally triple quest values and it would STILL be an insane grind to get all of the cards free) I don't care how you do it: FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST FIX THE DUST Please help me to convince Blizzard to change this system. I want to enjoy this game more again. I want to like this game, I really do. I love this game. Please post your support below, and let's get this changed.Mordred15 4h
5h Dungeon fun. Soo not a Pro here, but I love the game. I also love getting served in the dungeons. Which is my main goal in HS right finish the Kobolds off!! BNet = Tadaah#1681 come and watch me take on Kobolds and Catacombs. or come check out my live stream on FB: Tadaah Sawtekk , either way make a comment for card plays or suggestions during the game if you want. Let's see how far we can get! I will be using Jaina first and see how she does, then if I get sick of her I'll probably use Paladin.Tadaah1 5h
6h I have an Idea of what hagitha could be. Battle-Cry "Start a Countdown, After "X" Turns Destroy the enemy Hero" I believe from her being a witch her Hero Power will be one of a few things; -Discover a Random Spell and Cast it -Hex an Enemy Minion (Most Likely randomly, but might be a target-able effect" -Summon a Totem with increased stats/mechanics. What are your thoughts?TheVaeSayer4 6h
6h Delete this thread Armani1 6h
7h Another Auto-Squelch Reminder Why do so many lames play this game? You know the type that are nobodies in real life so they come here all quiet at the beginning of a game but are spam emoting toward the end? See, what I did there? What purpose does that serve...what purpose do emotes serve? Are they here to create a toxic environment? If they are simply allow chatting so I can properly insult people without the cowardly aspect. Its high time Blizzard decides, Auto-Squelch or open the flood gates by allowing chatting.Xedaza9 7h
7h Account Login Bug? on Mobile - FYI Hi. I tried logging into my account on mobile and it started me off as a new game. I thought this was strange and couldn't figure out why. My login info was correct and even had my battle tag right, but the mobile game did not load any of my previous account data. I found out about twenty minutes ago that when I went to switch accounts and logged in again, the mobile game (for some reason) had put me in the Europe region instead of Americas (where I am). I switched it and now the mobile version has all of my previous saved data. I am wondering if this is maybe a bug? I found this weird and just thought that I should post this to try to help anybody else just in case this happened to anybody else. Thanksaustwhyn330 7h
8h Blizzard is removing posts concerning dust I just posted two topics encouraging Blizzard to change the dust system. Neither post violated conduct and both were removed? I can't find them anywhere.Mordred3 8h
9h Tyrande - Stop locking content What exactly are you gaining by giving out content for 5 seconds and then letting people flaunt it in the faces of others? Stop locking the free heroes, stop locking card backs, stop doing stupid crap like this. Do you like angry customers? Oh silly me, you just like their money.JamieRose11 9h
9h Twitch Prime loot in the future Will there be any Twitch Prime Hearthstone loot in the future? I've waited in vain for about a month already...LordSiris1 9h
9h Why HS isn's good anymore. I started playing hearthstone right when the Black Rock cards we're being introduced. I was loving the game, this game was awesome and has great mechanics and a great atmosphere. It's even not too harsh on f2p players, I've made it pretty high on ranked with my slummy free account. My only complaint at the time were the lack of cards and new card mechanics, but slowly they pumped out more festures and cards and that shut me up and made it my favorite game for a while. Then they announced the Old Gods, the event that would start my dislike for the game. They started the "year of" theme and began putting all the old cards you work(or pay) for in a section of cards that ARENT aloud in the standard format. Then went on to say they would do this every year, immediatly i thought, " well i won't be playing this much longer." Throw in the fact that it feels like they introduce 400 cards every week and constantly make new mechanics that overshadow the old ones and the game is just overwhelming and inpossible to keep up with. As soon as you begin to get comfortable with the new mechanics and decks its the end of the year and its all thrown in the trash they call "wild mode". This also splits the player base, me and all my friends play exclusively in wild mode with the cards we worked our asses of for and love dearly. Wish it was like the old days, smh.RageGod125 9h
10h Ramped up RNG This game is in an extremely bad state right now. The RNG is ramped up so bad, you can tell whether you are going to win a game within the first 3 turns. You either have a great draw or a bad draw. That is all the game is determined by anymore.Bozzburgh1 10h
13h Is it a sham or Just dishonest salestrick Hi fellow hartstone players im here to complain and also be quite serious doing so. Blizzards Ben released a video few months ago, promising us one legendary every ten packs. Yes im going there, so the amount of money you earn from the player base is a serious amount of money that we players provide for you. So far, am i correct? Well its a sham, and quite serious one, when its comes to sales promises and earnt money. So where am i going whit this, i Just want you to: a. Stop Lie to us b. Do what you say. Ben, It can be lawsues for a lot less, i Just wanna make this a point.It could be like you Said, But its not. So the money you earnt from false hope, making false statements,Is what it is, a crime. Yes its a serious word. But it is. I do not recall a maybe, but a strong statement that said, what i Just marked out. No hate from me, but a rather dissaponted customer, and there are many. Leo the Roarrring lionLeoMrrgl25 13h
14h My personal issue with Baku and Genn I know this is really really small thing to point on for sure.. But i feel like the animation at the start of the game is just flat out boring. I dont know baku (sound, theme, so on) but i do know Genn. Genn could say - for Gilneas (and maybe making a howl?) The statement is, the animation is sooo doll compared to how far HS has gotten in my head. I know its a small thing to kinda "complain" about. but there is just no fell to it at all compared to all the lastest ekspansions. Ungoru had a nice fell when you complete it and use your quest reward, Frozen throne with the hero change WE ALL LOVE THAT! and kobolds the weps have a sound and animation. Mage and warlock talks to you FREAKING COOL! just expected the same animation "quality" for Genn and baku not just some fog rolling in. Is this just me?Curtaincalls1 14h
14h KIngsbane Counter Give us a card that silences and destroys a weapon!Jesi10 14h
15h 80 gold quest trade - EU I want to trade quests SpankySwanky#2895 You go first, I have a proof that my quest is valid Region: EUSpankySwanky0 15h
16h Old 50g quests in Year of the Raven I notices something when looking over the changes to quest coming the Year of the Raven. As refresher: "With the arrival of Hearthstone’s next expansion, quests are about to get better! The requirements for almost every quest will be reduced to make them faster to complete, and all 40 gold quests will now award 50 gold instead. Quests that awarded more than 50 gold will still have the same rewards, but with reduced requirements. " ( Where does this leave the current 50g quests? ( Compared to the revamped Quests they are inferior in every respect (either requiring winning more games or paying out less gold). Obviously either a revamp or elimination is what should happen but will it?Maximara0 16h
22h 70 packs no legendaries... Going on 70 packs with no legendaries. pray for me.chicken10 22h
23h Frustrated Another request from you pro's. Will anyone give me a hand in building a deck that gives me a chance to get a 4 win run? Up until now the best I have ever gotten is a 3 run win, since 2015 when I started. A very frustrated old man just trying to have fun.WildRage4 23h
23h Mage deck is way overpowered!! anyone else agree the mage deck is way over powered, I just quit a game when i face a mage they can wipe the field with cards that have a small cost, seems like a noobs deck, really annoys me how does everyone else feel about thisreaper954224 23h
1d Classic Card in ALL new expansion packs SUGGESTION: Increase the amount of cards in ALL expansion packs to six, the five normal cards from the expansion, plus one random CLASSIC card. That extra card will have almost no effect on the long term player (other than a little dust, maybe), but would be a SIGNIFICANT boost for the noob. There are sufficient expansions available that the newcomer can be overwhelmed. In addition to all the available pack choices, the newer player also faces the nearly impossible task of randomly collecting a large number of good CLASSIC cards, just to make a half-way competitive deck. So, consequently, the newer player initially faces a constant lack of those most basic cards, and is therefore severely diadvantaged. Constantly losing doesn't stimulate very much desire to continue playing.LazyTurtle12 1d
1d Female Heroes I want to start by saying I am a long-time Blizzard player - having started in vanilla WoW. I recently started playing Hearthstone and while I enjoy the game very much, there is one thing about it that keeps bothering me about the game. I am a female player and am proud to represent the limited community of female players. When I first started Hearthstone I found myself disappointed that there was only one female hero character that I could choose to play - a mage. Later, a female rogue opened up but out of 9 classes, these are the only 2 female caricatures I could choose from. I was later bothered to find that what seems to be the only other way to obtain a represented female hero for a class was by purchasing the character portrayal using actual money. The gaming world is an obvious community of inequality - statistics are very solid to show that more males participate in gaming activities than females but the statistics also show that the female community is solid enough that there should be equality within the games themselves. I've found myself continually upset each time I play Hearthstone - as silly as it sounds - I want for my character to be female and I want to be able to play the class that I have the most fun with while also representing a female. So what if I want to play a warrior? Why do I have to be male and send a 'greeting' in a male persona? I want the option for my character to represent who and what I am - a female - and I want that option without having to pay money for it. Why do I have to pay money to play the gender that I am? Only 2 of 9 classes are female without paying money... This is an unfortunate gross representation of the inequality in our gaming community and I am disappointed in Blizzard for not being more observant of this.Karelia6 1d
1d I posted to a forum! Priest are 0 fun to play against. Even if you win you end up in a forum complaining about them = /ZynnHavik0 1d
1d Post fun decks you've tried! I did it! For me tonight, It was Lakkari Sacrifice. The deck;55447:1;49646:2;43:2;55464:1;35221:2;208:2;88:1;62894:1;327:2;42037:2;76918:1;140:2;76986:1;507:1;602:1;55586:1;33152:1;42022:1;55487:1;61834:1;495:1 ### Quest Draw # Class: Warlock # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (1) Mistress of Mixtures # 2x (1) Mortal Coil # 2x (1) Kobold Librarian # 1x (1) Lakkari Sacrifice # 2x (2) Darkshire Librarian # 2x (2) Succubus # 1x (2) Clutchmother Zavas # 2x (3) Silverware Golem # 1x (3) Coldlight Oracle # 2x (3) Sense Demons # 1x (3) Howlfiend # 1x (4) The Darkness # 2x (4) Cult Master # 1x (4) Cataclysm # 1x (5) Harrison Jones # 1x (5) Doomguard # 1x (6) Scaled Nightmare # 1x (6) Sabretooth Stalker # 1x (7) The Curator # 1x (7) Volcanosaur # 1x (8) Bonemare # 1x (9) Ysera # AAECAcn1Ag73BJAH+AeiCbCvArmyAqDBAsfDAoDHApTHApLNAqbOAs7pAvbqAgjQBKsG3AbECK+sAtSzAt7EAvLQAgA= History I was looking through my cards and wondered, "why do I have this quest card?" It's not something I've ever tried much, discarding is frightening, and it'd be an easy 1600 dust. So tonight, I thought, hey, why not? Make that card work. The first match, I just got outplayed real hard. Maybe it was my bad on deck building or just luck. Next game though, It was quite the win! Strategy I tried to remember Trump's logic on discarding. "It was at the bottom of the deck anyways." That's how he sees it. If you discard it, you never had it to begin with, so I went with that. It made me almost play Cataclysm to over discard just to finish my quest, but I felt that'd be wasteful or counterintuitive. The goal of this deck was to have plenty of draw mechanics, some heals, and some end game big cards just in case things went south. I didn't want it to be a full on speedy deck that could burn out too fast. Also I wanted to make sure I had some discard synergy, which got me Silverware and Zavas. Hindsight and Foresight I do realize now that 5 of those cards are expiring next month, but that's cool. There'll be replacements for it in the future I think. I wonder if Baku can work with it. An upgraded hero power would rock here. One thing I noticed very fast with this deck, even before I got my portal out, was that I burned through my deck super freaking fast. Also I don't think I had much of a use for sense demons. On the other hand, if my draw didn't turn out too well and I had sense demon, I could get 2 out of my 3 to hand to play. Harrison Jones? Weapons of course. I wasn't about to get played by another warlock or something ;D - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - Your turn So post a fun deck you've been wanting to try and have seen some success with. Even if those decks aren't showing a lot of promise, post them and see what others think. Do you have any suggestions for my deck?Lykos1 1d
1d 1 Legendary in 60 Packs This player experience feedback. I just purchased 60 packs and only got 1 legendary. I know this is possible with the drop rate algorithms and I'm sure that, overall, my pack opening drops are within normal ranges. I'm not asking for a hand out. However, I'm sure I'm not the only one and when you spend $70 and only get the pity timer 1-in-40-pack legendary it is a terrible player experience. It is an experience I cannot help but remember the next time I'm in a position to purchase packs in the middle of a rotation.Greyhaven13 1d
1d $50 for 73 Packs + 1 Class-Specific Legendary Can't beat that!TheVaeSayer27 1d
1d Ranked When will ranked be getting fixed?Nutellaaa6 1d
1d Is this a scam? Some random person friended and then messaged me asking if I would be willing to play on their account and level them in ladder. I am interested because they claim to have a lot of deck types that I would like to play but don't have the dust to build them. Is this a scam? Does this make my computer vulnerable in anyway if I log onto their account? Thanks!DONUTHOLE2 1d
1d Arena a joke atm? Started a Arena round after years to test the new system. I chose Warlock. About 10 times I got almost exactly the same crappy 3 card selection to chose from: Most of the time "Kara Kazham!"...cant remember the other 2 but they were worser. Is this a joke?....why almost 40% of the time I get Kara Kazham and simular bad cards to chose at Arena deck creation? If this is a bug at Warlock in Arena pls fix it.....will spend my money into it in few years again as soon as you fix Arena...maybe.CroDanZ6 1d
2d Jade idol Is absurd. It should at least only shuffle 1 copy into the deck and cost a little more mana. Although, being able to go "Fatigue? No such thing" is kinda <edited by mod> absurd in itself.Rithuamh5 2d
2d Duskbreaker Priests have enough control as is. Reduce AOE damage to 2 and minion stats to 2/2.Luridbane18 2d
2d Baku quest face hunter I know this is too early to predict . But I have feeling that this will be one of the strongest odd decks in the upcoming expansion . The ability to flood the board and deal 3 damage every turn along with the face damage cards hunter have will make the face hunter return as one of the best new meta aggressive decks And I'm sure there will be cards to support it revealed later on What do you think ? Do you think there will be other new aggro decks from odd or even decks that will potentially shake the meta like how I feel this one will ? Will dude pally become better ? I'm not complaining here I'm just discussing about the upcoming expansionskorpion17 2d
2d F2p has worse draws and arena picks? Hey, I have been expansion free since jade druids, but also notice that my ability to draw anything, either from top decking or arena picks, has been abysmal. I think it's from not paying real money (which makes sense, the less you are 'unlucky' the more you want to skip that experience and just pay money). I'm working if anyone else experiences that? I recently quit because I keep seeing videos and posts about 6-7 legendaries in arena drafts, I did two runs before the hotfix with 1 legendary in total (yet Kripp has 50k gold and is a typical whale, and drafts 7)nerfrogue1 2d
2d Legendary music Hey ! I started a small video series on youtube that includes all the music of the legendary Hearthstone with all the artworks. If like me you like all these music, don't hesitate to have a look. I do this series because on youtube we don't find video containing only music, usually there are voices with. I also do it to highlight the artworks of the game that are really beautiful. I thank the Blizzard artists who are doing a great job. This is also why I made the video in 4k, to enjoy the maximum quality of images, if you have the resolution for recess. Classic : GvG : TGT : Old Gods : Gadgetzan : For now I'm at Gadgetzan, but the next video on Un'Goro is coming soon. Enjoy, and tell me what you think :-)m4rtin593 2d
2d Kingsbane vs Skulking Geist Today I had a game versus Mill Rogue where my opponent used Kingsbane and it was shuffled into their deck. On my turn I played Skulking Geist and removed 1 drops from our decks. On their next turn, Cavern Shinyfinder was played followed up by the Kingsbane. So my question is, what interaction am I missing, why was Kingsbane not removed from the game?WhoaDirty6 2d
2d Challenge a friend quest trade Looking for someone to trade challenge a friend questFirox1 2d
2d Polymorph:??? (New card) I started an arena run and i got a card named "Polymorph:???" That transforms a minion into a random minion you discover. The expansion havent come out yet so wtf?Pusztito4 2d
2d Please change the rarity Gem to set Icon A simple request to change the common, rare, epic, and legend gem stone to a expansion set icon. This will allow people to define the cards used in their decks, and what will be removed during the rotation period. with out having the use the drop down all the time.FireGhouL2 2d
2d Can we talk about the Paladin? Am I the only one finding the Paladin busted? I am a fairly new player so it makes sense if the Paladin isn't busted and I'm just an idiot. But as of right now, the Paladin just never seems to be bad. He has insane healing and can also deal lots of damage from his damage buff cards. It just seems really unfair and broken how a character/hero can have so much healing and sustain while doing more damage than everything in your hand. His Hero Power is the only thing semi-balanced about him but you can just spam it and have like 300+ Silver Hand Recruits with Divine Shield and 10+ attack. It's just not fun going up against a Paladin. If I see one, I just instant concede because I already know I'm going to get absolutely !@#$ on. Is he broken? And if he isn't, how do I counter him?FourEyes0 2d
2d Be Ready to Brave The Witchwood $50 Pre sale! Isn't that the equivalent of a whole new game? Why should we have to do this 3 times a year. Easy money for Blizzard. Pay 2 win.Icarium6 2d
2d Never recruit a friend again? For several months now on Hearthstone mobile I have not been able to recruit any friends because the option does not seem to exist Does anyone else out there know why this is happening or if anything is being done to fix it?HEADSNIPER131 2d