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Feb 22 You don't care about Asian players? In the master tour, it must travel to America. But i live in Thailand. Flight from Thailand to the US, it is very expensive. So, please do compete through computer or pay for the flight.ConjureCard3 Feb 22
Feb 22 Silly/fun card ideas. I get bored and do this sort of thing every now and then. Feel free to add your own, or shout at me for making terrible cards. I'm fine with either. Blackheart the Inciter (7) 5/4 Battlecry: Randomly assign each other minion on the board to a new owner. (minions that swap control gain summoning sickness, as they would with mind control. Card from which hilarity can ensue.) Gamon, the Weak (3) 0/2 At the start of your (next) turn, this card gains "Deathrattle: Summon Gamon, the Vengeful" Gamon, the Vengeful (N/A) 4/3 At the start of your (next) turn, this card gains "Deathrattle: Summon Gamon, the Savior" Gamon, the Savior (N/A) 8/8 Charge Taunt (I like the idea of a minion that ramps in this particular fashion. Gamon just happened to fit the bill perfectly.) Knowledge Pool (5) hehehehehe. More tomorrow. Just realised how tired I am.Malix6 Feb 22
Feb 21 Day 21: still no leaderboards Nothing complicated here. Just a million dollar company that can’t manage to put together a data spreadsheet. Blizzard if you’re looking to hire anyone after laying off 800 employees despite record revenue I know how to use Excel. PM me ;)KloppsKop2 Feb 21
Feb 21 Top ranked player January 2019 Normally I'd see the result posted on the 10-11th day of the month after. Is it late or Blizzard is not going to post it? Or am I missing it?FaintSmile4 Feb 21
Feb 21 How To Make Hearthstone A Better Game. If Tetris did it Hearthstone can do it. We should make the game a battle royale. Im not Joking or kidding around, making a battle royale for Hearthstone can be interrdting and draw attention because battle royales are whats going on right now. It may seem like a dumb idea but it cam be interesting. If it can be done maybe put in tavern brawl and see how it turns out.TicoFury4 Feb 21
Feb 21 Collection Quaility of Life Improvement I suggest that Blizzard adds a feature that lets us sort or change the order that our decks appear in, instead of having to delete entire decks just to get the order we want. Something like a button that enables resorting via dragging the decks into the slots that we want them to be in.Cloudless0 Feb 21
Feb 21 OTK needs to stop. Honestly Blizzard. You say that you nerf things that suck the fun out of your games but the OTK that just stight up blind sides you needs to be looked at. Example is mage and their infinite fireball. We need a card or something that destroys a current hand or redraw your hand with new cards or change their hand somehow. Almost every card game has this but your. Put it for all classes and put it in the basic set so that it does not go out of rotation. Wont mind it be a legendary card because it should be harder to play / duplicate.Sparks17 Feb 21
Feb 21 Sincerely thankyou to players in ladder today I want to say thank you to all the players I have faced today while playing ladder. I have played roughly 20 ranked games and within all of those games, none of the players that I have played against BMed me when I lost which was rather surprising. Even though I get frustrated losing to top tiers, especially the OTK type decks against my extremely tryhard cube mech mage deck that I spent hours through trial and error to make something work, it still makes me feel better from those individuals that were polite to me. So thank you again. You guys are making me feel more comfortable and happy around the Hearthstone community. I continue to look forward toward having an enjoyable experience playing this game.wannabehero5 Feb 21
Feb 20 Weird happenings? So i think i missed something. But today ive only played hunters and paladins. And every single time the moves are exactly the same. Hunter starts with the murloc that summons a 1/1 and every pali summons the one cost card that deals one damage to a target. Sorry cant remember the names. But i was wondering if there is some kind of bug or something cause the exact same move in the 20 games or so i played today without fail seems weird. Plus the names of the opponents are random letter and numbers so i wasnt sure if it was some bot or something messing with it. Anyone else having this experience?LIONtard4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Returning player experience (quest event) Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has more information on how much time must pass before an account is flagged and eligible for the "Returning player experience" quests and encounters that will pop up, the first time you launch the game again after an extended break. This is what i'm talking about if anyone is unsure: According to this page it seems to be more than a minimum of 2 months. Does anyone know if 3 months would be enough? Do we have any data on this? Perhaps user tests, reports or anything? I have been away from HS for exactly 96 days, so a little more than 3 months, so i'm really hoping this would be enough since I feel like playing a little again now. It would sadden me greatly if it turns out I only needed to wait a few more days for the number to round say 3.5 months for the encounter to activate. On the other hand if you need to have been inactive for 4-5 or even 6 months then naturally I wouldn't wait. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.SinFox3 Feb 20
Feb 19 Censoring Jaina... Seriously what's next a tank top on Garrosh? Trim down Thrall's teeth? Let me guess someone complained about it. Give a break.WarGreymon17 Feb 19
Feb 19 Impressions as a new player I've been playing for a month. I love this game but I have some issues. I wanted to be competitive right away and quickly realized one of the only ways to do that without a large money investment is an odd paladin deck. I have pushed to rank 7 so far and feel like I can go a bit further. Here are my complaints so far... I don't like that I felt arm-twisted into an odd paladin. The even/odd concept is too powerful and over-represented in competitive. I don't like IWIN cards at the end of the game after a player runs out of cards to draw/play. You shouldn't get an auto win for running out of options. Hero power ups are too strong. They have a dominating impact on the rest of the game from the moment they are played. Some of them are outright unfair (looking at you, warlock.)Josh6 Feb 19
Feb 19 Blizzard-sponsored gifts/merch for FG? Hello all, I'm planning on hosting a fireside gathering in May, which will include a tournament, cosplays, quizzes and live streaming. I have heard that quite often Blizzard decides to "sponsor" such events by providing gift bags/cards/merch to add to the prize pool. I have already sent an e-mail to (which is the one I found on this website) but no answer yet (it's been a month). I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. Best, Paris p.s. FYI, here are our event and tournament page: Feb 19
Feb 19 Combine HS and MTG For New TCG Hello everyone. I have been playing hearthstone and MTG for a long time. Both game has pos and neg points. For instance: # MTG combat system is more defensive, that means defenders can act better against powerful creatures. But game will be very long (20-30 mins). # HS combat system is very offensice, that means you can choose which creature must destroy first and game is fast (10-15 mins). I design a beta version TCG with these conditions: 1- there are 6 types of cards: Storyteller (act like heros in HS) Creature (has HP and DMG) Symmetry (like instant and sorcery cards in MTG) Equipment (weapons, armors and jewels for creatures - do not need mana) Items (equipments for storyteller) blessing (like enchantment cards - do not need mana). 2- Mana system is like Duel masters TCG. There are 6 type of color with unique attributes. for playing each card you need at least one mana of the same color of the card. each card can use as mana resource in the start of turn. 3- Every creature has faction (elf, dwarf, aryen, beast, etc), class (warrior, ranger, rogue, mage, etc), damage type (AD or AP), position (DEF of OFF) and toughness (agains AD or AP). 4- There are 2 types of Damage: Attack Damage (AD) and Attack Power (AP). AD is for warriors, rangers beasts and ect while AP is for wizards, warlocks and ect. 5- Equipments is free for play. Every creature allow to use 1 weapon, one armor and one jewel at the same time. For equip them it is necessary that class and damage type (AD or AP) of the equipment and creature be the same. It's clear that an archer-AD creature can't use wand-Ap or dual hand sword-AD. 6- Items are for storytellers and unlike equipments they need mana to cost. These items help storytellers to survive. 7- Blessing cards are like enchantment cards in MTG. Because mana is very important and players wants to summon more creatures than playing other type of cards, i decided to use a new mechanism for cost them. This mechanism is gameplay which means every blessing card says how play this turn or what to do to active them. For instance it says if u lose 2 or more health this turn or if u discard a card and etc. 8- In number 3 i said there is position. every creature has a position. DEF (defense) or OFF (offense). creatures with DEF are more powerful and only do direct attack. Therefor defender allows to choose to how block them (just like MTG). In the other hand OFF creatures are like minions in HS allowed to attack to other creatures or player directly. DEF creatures are for 1vs x battle while OFF creatures are for 1vs1. DEF creatures weakened the enemy's creatures and OFF creatures destroy them. 9- There are two combat phases: First DEF creatures proposed attack. Then defender decided how act against them. Block them with one or more creature or allow to take direct attack. After first combat phase resolved, it's second combat phase. now OFF creatures do attack like HS combat system. There is no exhausting for attacking creatures. Also in two comabt phases, both side can use Symmetry cards by paying their costs. 10- Creature's health are not reset in end of the turn. 11- Every creature has a toughness against AD or AP which show with a sheild icon on the cards. 12- In Symmetry cards, there are cards which destroy equipments or items. ##The main story is about Storytellers. Wizards who can summon heroes and creatures in the book by reading their stories. Every player has a role of a Storyteller.## I would like to know what do you think about this combat system for game, guys? And forgive me for grammer.DreamWalker0 Feb 19
Feb 19 How about golden celebration card back After tournament rule change how we can have it and easier or harder to get.nammon0 Feb 19
Feb 19 Good fun and then there is shenanigans How are these quest cards a improvement to the game? I have been away from the game for years, maybe 5 years? Recently came back to find these quest cards that players get to "auto play" at the beginning of the game. "Do this (Enter amount) and gain silly power you don't deserve" :) I have no idea how to get the cards to begin with (yeah don't waste your time, I'll google it and spend time researching even though I'm not a lifer, so fun) I walked away from this game years ago when doctor boom was popular (Whatever year that was?) and all the clones had one in their deck. It ruined the game. I understand that you will frequently take losses that just boggle the mind and leave you looking at the screen saying to yourself "That dude didn't deserve that win" (we all do it, don't lie) but there is a difference between losing a match and just straight up "sHeNaNiGaNs" On a side note: Why is it when I play Acolyte of Pain and he gets 1 shot, I don't get a card? Getting 1 shot IS "taking damage" in fact it's the ultimate form of damage since it results in death. A card should be drawn. Likewise with "Cultmaster". The card is friendly when I play it yet when the cultmaster gets 1 shot, I don't get a card. A friendly minion died and I got nothing?Psychoterror0 Feb 19
Feb 18 Mage deck is way overpowered!! anyone else agree the mage deck is way over powered, I just quit a game when i face a mage they can wipe the field with cards that have a small cost, seems like a noobs deck, really annoys me how does everyone else feel about thisreaper954228 Feb 18
Feb 18 Lunar bundle ripoff Bought the Lunar Bundle. 0 legendaries. WTF Blizzard. Forget this. Obviously this is turning into one big cash grab. You should not go more than 20-25 packs without seeing a legendary. But 30? Without 1? Now, I have a pretty good sized collection of cards, and it's not gonna kill me. But I buy these bundles on top of the normal big bunches at release in order to increase my collection. I know I am missing some legendaries. I didn't even care if it was a good one. But this on top of what I saw with the Rastakhan's Rumble Release tells me the algorithms are all f'd up. The amount of money you have to invest in this game at each launch has been increasing. Mostly do to a LOT of repeat draws and rare only packs. Keep it up, you WILL lose customers.lordstriker13 Feb 18
Feb 18 Are Hunters OP? I mean they seem to have every advantage a game like this can give you atm. They can fill a board and attack you regardless. Zombeasts make it even worse. Spell hunter is just game over....TheenigmaX9 Feb 18
Feb 18 This is why you should Bot this !@#$ game Because this game doesnt deserve a single second of your time. Thank god for Steam. i rather spend my time with my Steam Library and click play on a bot then support this !@#$ game. There is no reason to play this game myself when i have good games. i rather let the bot hoard unholy amounts of gold and laugh at every expansion because some idiots spend money on this %^-* game.SickBrain800 Feb 18
Feb 18 Adventure bosses as alternate hero portraits? Blizzard, why not release single-player bosses as alternate hero portraits? I imagine there's a massive audience that would spend money on collecting these. Seems like a wasted opportunity to not only make money, but also allow players to express their diversity in a myriad of alternate class portraits.robhimself2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Anything else I need to do? I just sent an email to asking them to remove my account completely. Is there anything else I need to do to delete my account?SandhuMrt4 Feb 18
Feb 18 Salem Oregon players Hunting down hearthstone players in Salem interested in fireside gathering ..dickshablam1 Feb 18
Feb 18 Potion of Madness Am I the only one that cannot wait for this poorly designed mechanic to rotate out? Please never introduce garbage like this ever again.Luridbane16 Feb 18
Feb 18 Current Rank 20-10 situation Current "meta". Dragon Priest Master's Call Hunter Odd Mage That's it. I've been matching against these 3 decks for over 6 days over and over again. I haven't seen a warrior, druid nor paladin in 6 days. Saw 2 rogues but they couldn't do anything. Is this okay? It's not about the wins so much for me (i mean of course wins are nice but having an enjoyable match is even better). I main a weird shudderwock shamman deck (standard, not wild) with i think about 50%winrate so i climb and fall inbetween 20 and 10 ladder every day. That's okay. Does anyone have any thoughts about how this situation (people playing same stuff non stop) can be improved? Constant nerfing by blizzard doesn't help apparently as people are just getting backed into a corner more and more. Are there any news from blizzard about improvements to some classes? This is just...just disappointing. Most of the time i don't mind conceding against MasterCallHunter 5x in a row and lowering my rank because i just refuse to play against the same opponent again and again. I wish i was exaggerating or that i was salty because i remember more negative experiences in my mind, but nope, this is just the current reality. And it's sad.DexGallas2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Nerf Jaina Why did you change Jaina hero portrait?Dollygan10 Feb 18
Feb 17 new best ever streamer !@# in yo come check me out and listen to copyrighted music, but hang with me bb ;) Feb 17
Feb 17 Tavern brawl TopicFrosthero3 Feb 17
Feb 17 Report name How come there isn't an in game way to report offensive player names?YetiUprising5 Feb 17
Feb 17 Are there actually bot players? Recently, for the last week or so, most of my opponents have these weird names. The letters are always caps, and they always have numbers in it. E.g (Random name)- JDF0268 or QFC1213. Have you experienced this as well? Me and my friends have experienced this lately and we all find it very strange. Reminds me of some sort of random generated names for botsBigShaq14 Feb 17
Feb 17 Hunter decks require <70 IQ to play. Just wanted to point that out. WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUBProximo1 Feb 17
Feb 17 In-game reporting I recently opened a ticket to report a clearly vulgar and offensive name I came across during a match. I navigated through the menu maze to Hearthstone > Not Listed Here. Opened a live chat window and ofered my report. The nice CS rep said he'd pass it along and agreed that it'd be nice to have an in-game reporting system like WoW with a simple drop down menu. I know this is not the first of these sorts of topics, but has Blizzard ever explained why they do not have an in-game reporting system? By making you go online to the support site and open a ticket, it almost seems as through they are actively discouraging the reporting of inappropriate names. I think some players have speculated that it might be abused, but I don't recall seeing anything from Blizzard explaining their reasoning.autosquelch4 Feb 17
Feb 16 layoffs ahead at Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard has hit a rough patch. Bloomberg says the video game company is planning to lay off hundreds of workers tomorrow. The layoffs would be part of a major overhaul as the company faces slowing game sales and increased competition. This comes days after Activision Blizzard's stock fell 10%. This not a good sign for blizzard now and what's going on here? People are leaving and now layoffs.GostTemplar40 Feb 16
Feb 16 Why turn off Asset Download? I've just discovered how much Hearthstone is improved on mobile by turning off asset download in the options settings. The card animations (gold cards, card backs, heroes) and some sound effects are the downloadable assets, and they're not needed to enjoy the game. If you download or upgrade Hearthstone, launch it, then immediately press on the Option menu cog icon at right, select Asset download, and disable all downloads, you will: 1. save storage space, battery, and CPU. I was playing Hearthstone on a 16GB iPad, and the assets would fight for free space with other apps, which were always being cleaned of caches to free up space as the iPad ground to a halt because the operating system ran out of storage space as well while apps redownloaded. Now less space is used overall. The iPad has enough free space! It's faster and smoother! Hearthstone works on an 8GB iPhone 5c! Life is better. 2. Have a more reliable game. Less likely to crash during busy matches with multiple board animations. No longer crashes when disenchanting gold cards, which I've always found to be a problem on iOS. Life is better. 3. Have easier-to-see cards. Rather than looking at a minion animation and wondering if the minion has Windfury or not, there's no animation! Windfury is much more obvious! You're not distracted by your opponents' card animations whizzing around their hands in not-quite-sync, because the animation just isn't there! Life is better. 4. Be less impressed by opponents wielding lots of gold cards. Sure, they're still gold-bordered, but you're thinking 'you bought all those gold cards, and you're having ZERO effect impressing me.' You feel less daunted, while they're still quite happy with their collections and their animations. Life is better. I turned off asset downloading, I found Hearthstone was more enjoyable and I enjoyed playing and winning - and I quickly rose eight ranks to my new personal best. Life is better. You can do this. Your life can be better, too. (I play Hearthstone in silence, while commuting, mostly. All of the sound effects and music could be optional downloads - they're always turned off for me, and can be marked as disposable and cleanable once turned off, just like the introductory movie once shown or skipped through. And minimising my animation use and disenchanting gold cards where possible and having the default plain card back so not as to inflict animations or that new infectious viral card back on others and save their battery and CPUs is my personal choice as a woke ecowarrior, making life better for all.)ChallengeMe1 Feb 16
Feb 16 wild 2019 playoffs stream is the wild 2019 playoffs (2/16) being streamed on twitch? the recent announcement only mentions finals being streamed and the twitch account is currently offlinejmoli890 Feb 16
Feb 16 Arena Treasure chest vs Acolyte of pain Why is Arena Treasure chest a 4 cost card when it has no attack. It's never going to replace Acolyte of pain if you price it out of any competition, apart from priest I can't see any other deck using this card. Blizzard! Why are so bad a balancing your game, so far it feels "Rumble" was a complete waste of money, because to many of the new cards are total trash, unless you want to play more OTK/aggro decks.FireGhouL4 Feb 16
Feb 15 New cards to nerf based off their philosophy "We’re changing these particular cards because each one has been highly prevalent, regardless of what strategies have been popular or what other cards have existed around them. When Basic and Classic cards become this ubiquitous, they take away some of the flexibility players have when building decks, ultimately stifling the diversity of decks we see when playing Hearthstone." From February's card nerfs. Cards that fall under that label are: -Kill Command -Animal Companion -Sap -Eviscerate -Swipe -Houndmaster -Backstab -Wrath -Divine Favor -Preparation -Flame Imp -Doomguard -Shield Slam -Brawl -Leeroy Jenkinszomgnomnom0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Trade quest 80 gold I got a quest "play with a friend 80" and I want to play it with a player who has the same quest to get 160 gold with my friend! РусскийВася#2803 USA serverРусскийВася1 Feb 15
Feb 15 OMG What Happened to Ranked.... I don't know what has happened but I can't get out of ranked 20 for the life of me. I keep flip-flopping win/loss and I have never EVER seen the amount of players get the cards they need since the change. Clearly everyone is going to say this is all random, yotta yotta, the change doesn't effect card draw and all that, but it seems more rampant now that players are getting the cards they needs and I'm getting shafted after my win. I've had matches won and players are pulling cards. I literally just lost to a Kingsbane Rogue in 5 turns because he literally pulled every single card he/she to buff the weapon, draw it again and have every pirate that benefits (or from) having a weapon equipped. Something is off.Sedriss7 Feb 15
Feb 15 Basic cards decks with weird battletags What is up with the, all caps and number (Z4fvv45) battletags? And they are just playing basic cards, and doing it well. The only opponents I have met today.NotoriousRBG3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mind Helping? please?unrealPR0D1 Feb 15
Feb 15 streaming some hearthstone! live boys! join me now! Feb 15
Feb 15 Play Mode I don't know if anyone realises, but after a few months of scouting and testing and research on my part, I have found that the Hearthstone system has a few flaws in it. First: When a player uses echo and their turn ends they can continue to use that echo even after it's your turn. Second: When your playing against opponents the chance of you getting good cards to play at the beginning of your turn is maybe 35% if your playing someone who has more time played or more cards in the collection. Also if they have played and gotten most of their Heroes to level 60 your odds against them are reduced. Third: If your playing against someone who has golden heroes then your chances against them are reduced to 25% to 30% of getting good cards to use, by this I mean low cost cards in the opening draw or even when you rechoose cards to play. Fourth: 8 out of 10 times your likely to get high cost cards that you can't use right away and when you discard them you get another high cost card, then when it's your turn to actually draw the high card you discarded is the first draw you get which in this instance is of no use for five or six turns. Which is no help seeing as your percentage is already lowered due to factors mentioned above. I'm not complaining mind you this is something I took months to investigate and so far it has been true for a number of players I have conversed with. I hope Blizzard will look into this. Good Gaming all. Peace out.Wild14U0 Feb 15
Feb 15 I want the old hearthstone back I've been playing since Beta and recently took a break for a few months right before the latest expansion. I've been playing for about a week now and it really blows my mind what has happened to the game. I just lost to a 26 damage OTK on turn 6 from a Rogue. I'm not opposed to turn 6 rogue but please Blizzard this is ridiculous. Over the last few weeks I have frequently been OTK'd on turn 8 or sooner by a variety of classes and decks because they are lucky enough to get that perfect combo. I remember a time when these types of shenanigans were swiftly dealt with via nerf and now it appears this this type of bs is the new meta. I'm really hoping that we can get back to the good old days when things like board control, tempo, and card advantage actually mattered.Letsurf2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Let us buy old card backs. I’m well underway for golding out Renolock. I’ve got a long ways to go, but I’ve got one major problem. I don’t have the Cabal Cardback from when MSG launched in December of 2016. I’m not asking for this for free. I’m not even asking to use gold to buy it. I’ll buy that good ol’ card back for real money. I’d pay $5. I’d pay $10. I’m desperate enough to fork over $25 for it. I’m sure there are a lot of people that would love to buy card backs for $5-$10 to get a cardback that they missed for whatever reason. We missed our chance to get them for free, but you guys at Blizzard have an opportunity to turn our inattentiveness into some sweet sweet profit. I’ve got what you want and you’ve got what I want. Whad’ya say Blizz? Can we do business?GrimBerry16 Feb 15
Feb 14 Crafting ratio is absurd why do i only get 1/4 dust for dusting my cards? a good business model would be to give us 3/4 of the normal amount, or 1/2 would be fine by the way, i strongly believe that they intentionally made so many fillers so that i rarely get my hands on the good cards, so i have to craft them myselfYusufarzz22 Feb 14
Feb 14 Hearthstone on Chromebook (How to) Yoyoyo guys, I've seen a lot of people asking around and stuck in binds ghetto rigging with their chromebook wondering how to install hearthstone onto it. For those linux enthusiasts or those wanting to learn or just that desire to play hearthstone here ya go. Possibility for sticky would be cool as I know a lot of people have been wondering this. However my English in here is that equal to a sixth grader, but none the concern I'm sure you can follow. I will revise if asked for. Anywhom, with a few quick modifications to your chromebook it can easily and smoothly play hearthstone on low with highest chromebook resolution so it does not compromise the graphics in any notable fashion. Chromebook runs in a linux environment which means with you can quickly and easily install any linux desktop onto it as well. Here is a guide on how to do this if youre willing to do so. Afterwards, you can just install a simple program "Wine" a windows emulator that takes up little to no file space on your chromebook and you can directly install hearthstone and other windows applications and such onto it. If you want to get fancy you can even use thumbdrives and portable harddrives and load games onto those ;) Before installing hearthstone onto your computer, you must go into the wine configuration, this can be done by searching "Wine" on the ubuntu which in the instructions on lifehacker above would be the "Unity" part of the instructions opposed from "xfce" I would recommend ubuntu as it's simpler more aesthetically pleasing and more user friendly without compromising any performance on your system (This run on sentence though...) anyway, you can do this after searching wine by clicking "Configure Wine" or something of the sorts it's fairly self explanatory there. Once there click on the library tabs and we are going to add two new overrides in an effort to fix two different errors with the running of it in wine. The first error you might face would be the launcher patching files then crashing, to fix this type in "dbghelp" without quotes in the new overrides box and click add. Now highlight it click edit and set it to disabled. Finally click okay. This will allow the launcher to download and patch the files properly with no crashes. The second error you can face would be hearthstone crashing upon launch, I forget the exact error message, but the fix is almost identical to the one above. Firstly in the box type in "msvcp100" again without quotes and click add. Now drop down again to the existing overrides box select this and click edit. Set it to "Native then builtin" Click apply and then okay. Run hearthstone and go to town :) ~Regards, MattWarmBlood32 Feb 14
Feb 14 all progress erased i havent played this game in around 6 months, recently downloaded the patch and it started me from the beginning. i REALLY dont feel like doing this whole unlocking classes thing because i already had all that fun and was trying to build a halfway decent deck. i had put a bit of time into this game and im pretty upset that ive lost all progress and cards from the time i put in. any help appreciatedSneakyTurtle2 Feb 14
Feb 14 MODE COMPÉTITIF salut ! je joue depuis un bon moment j’atteins le rang légende a tout les mois et j'ai maintenant envie de prendre part a des tournois me mesurer a des joueurs de talent dans le cadre d’événement ! ma question est que j'ai du mal a comprendre le système de point pour ce classer et participer au tournois de plus je n'est aucune idée de comment m'inscrire a des événements ou même quand ils ont lieux ! ... si quelqu'un pourrais me donner un coup de main ou même me coacher ce serait génial ;)LaMachine0 Feb 14
Feb 14 Quest - Play 3 Tavern Brawl games This is way better than the win 3 Tavern Brawl games quest.SlickRaven0 Feb 14