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Feb 14 Should I be concerned? *removed printscreen because it just shows his username* Guy from match added me, i accepted, he said that he can use my ip for his matches (?), wen't offline and disappeared from my friend list. Just troll or do these things happen?DexGallas2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Platinum Hero? I am currently only 3 wins away from getting my Hunter class to 1,000 wins! If we got a gold hero for 500, why not something equally awesome for the dedication it has taken to get 1k wins?Drenlok2 Feb 14
Feb 13 Valentines Day Card Back Two years ago, January 2016 gave an amazing Valentines Day Card back, I missed it and was very upset when I came back a few months later and saw that I missed it :( You had a Christmas Card back as well that was re-released for a Tavern Brawl in December 2016. This was the second time that card back was available. I propose that you have a Valentines Day Brawl in 4 weeks that gives us the Valentines Day Card back!! It has been 2 years since it was released. Myself and many other players I am sure, would love the second opportunity to unlock this super cute heart filled creation <3 Please and Thank You!Sarah15 Feb 13
Feb 13 DIY banning Sick of troll decks? I highly recommend implementing self-imposed bans on the decks and classes the majority of us all hate. I currently ban all card copy, class copy, face burn, mill decks, OTK mechathun, big Priest, even shaman, odd Paladin, Murloc aggro, etc....basically any overpowered or contentious mechanic. I only play Wild Casual but I’ve noticed a lot of these and variations of the standard meta infecting our game pool so needless to say, the concede button is seeing a lot of use. Still, it’s preferable to giving these decks and mechanics a game. Give it a try and watch your Hearthstone experience improve. What are you banning?YupYup4 Feb 13
Feb 13 Loosing at hearthstone! live! join me now! Feb 13
Feb 13 Shudderwock battlecry order Why aren't shudderwock's battlecries in the order that they were first used during the game? I'm getting a little tired of my shudderwock plays being messed up because the battlecries are in a bad order. Is there any type of order at all?Steve2 Feb 13
Feb 13 "New" cards bug question For the past year or so, after I play for a while I will look at my collection and it will show "new" cards which I already had 2 copies of in my collection. So I go through them, search "new" and hover mouse over them until they are no longer classified as new. This happens multiple times per day sometimes. I'm talking any card which I positively had 2 copies of before (often commons or rares which I have used 2 in a constructed deck before), showing up as new and it is annoying. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal?Lugnut2 Feb 13
Feb 13 Regionally Distinct Card Sets?! Hey b-Lizzard, I've enjoyed the game thus far and I think I have a handle on the changes you are trying to implement. I would like for you to take a moment and consider something that may allow you to implement further changes that have otherwise been restricted due to the over powering of certain classes. With the brief report I have received I feel that one issue you may be having is the wont of excessive force but this would, as I've read, result in a cataclysmic event. And so I would offer my suggestion, as per our contract. One that might help you further variate your options. Consider the effect and ease in allowing, "regionally distinct card sets". This is not to say that each region will obtain unique cards, making the task daunting. Instead, allow the cards given to one class to be switched with another class in a different region. Where in one region, one class has certain class specific cards, in another region, those very same cards have been adapted to a completely different class. There would be a minimal amount of extraneous effort and this would yield a more highly complex tier rating. Two different(D) classes with the same(S) set of cards will be the same yet played differently, likewise, two of the same(S) classes may be completely different(D) due to their respective card sets. Per usual this is just an option/suggestion/contractual obligation and need not be heeded but I feel, due to your great effort in changes as of late, that this endeavor may be worth considering and discussing on a larger scale. After your current task is complete I predict that further evolution will be contemplated and I implore you spend if only a moment to consider the positive ramifications of what I have advised you in.Jgoka1 Feb 13
Feb 13 Hearthstone: OTK? Is there ever going to be another Mage OTK? I'm not saying something is OP or that Mage always seems to be put in the back because of "class-ism" or something. Instead I'd like to point out that I've looked around and I have to honestly say that there isn't another Mage OTK besides Tony OTK, which has been out since CLASSIC?! Seriously... I would like to see something different for Mage.Jgoka1 Feb 13
Feb 12 How to get missing heroes from past editions? Hi everyone, I have been playing HS for a year now. Since I feel really connected to this game, especially in terms of collections and collectibles, I was wondering if there's a way to buy some stuff that I couldn't receive over the years, like heroes for instance. Thanks in advance!RUFFNECK092 Feb 12
Feb 12 HURRY !!! technical support is hacked!!!! link.. Feb 12
Feb 12 Mass Hysteria Complaint Again.... "Mass Hysteria causes 0 - attack minions to attack, thereby often committing suicide. Anyone follow the logic here (of a zero attacking anything)? Seems kind of dumb."Eidolon12 Feb 12
Feb 12 Quest nerfs and Horrible 2019 Ive been playing for a few years and lately noticed the quest gold amount has stuck at around 50 gold, with 60 and up quests being limited(excluding the recent new year quest boost; which we're all supposed to be grateful?). Sad. All the classic card nerfs have effectively shut down all good decks, I find myself looking at all my decks thinking there is no "better" deck I own. Lame. Less people are playing hearthstone according to stats so I thought this would encourage devs to give more to players, this doesnt feel like the case.Order0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Best Quotes? Undercity Huckster is a gem. The "Hey. Hey. Do you wanna buy a funnel cake?" is alright. But I like how he shouts, "BUY ONE!!!!!" when he attacks. I like to imagine he's throwing funnel cakes at my not hungry opponent :3SquirrelFu38 Feb 12
Feb 11 Honestly asking is there a point to the thumbs up and down in this forum? I feel like this is just a mob mentality display that shows an individual how much their comment was liked/disliked by the group. I understand admins need their protocol but whats the point of having a forum, a place where you go to have your voice heard(although technically that's called a hearing), if you have to agree to allow people to tell you that they don't like you. I don't think having a place to go to express your thoughts only to have it berate you is ethical.Jgoka0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Disenchant arcane dust non-basic cards can be disenchanted for full arcane dust when that event will start?SilentStorm4 Feb 11
Feb 11 Nerfs and Nerf cost changes...not a fan So thought about it, looked at some comments on a older post... one of which claimed I was a net deck er... Which was probably trolling me. Flavor of the month hah nice assumption ... dead wrong. I only play theory-craft decks about 208 or so saved in decktracker... That I have been trying to tone down for the last month... taking similar themes and tweaking them. Ok so maybe the I quit part was a overstatement since my friends keep playing. But I can stop paying for more cards and spend that 140 or so I spend every 3 months somewhere else. And that is not exactly chump change. So here is what I have been thinking on these nerfs. 1. Not a freaking fan of nerfs and if you do nerf responsibly with care for the players time. 2. Lets put cards that may increase people using varied decks (opposite of your Assumption) like Reno, even, odd...AWESOME oh wait then well frack those decks up with random !@# nerfs mid season. Speaking of which would love a Odd card kinda like Reno but for Deathrattle... that you don't nerf... 3. Lets not just nerf since apparently things like a interrupt phase will never been in this game with any kind of care for the time that people put into trying decks like even or odd. Or did I mention that already... that's ok how many times did they screw with most of the Rogue stuff ever since quest rogue, then it was Patches, then kingsbane... but hey people put no time, energy or dust into these decks. Doesn't matter to them if you spent time, money, effort they will bring out the random nerf bat as They choose. And that's fine but I don't have to support it. 3. Lastly... sarcastically.. lets not wait tell the end of a season or when we release a new expansion (which I think is janky... sorry I mean unprofessional as hell) while we partake in e sports. Just remember this is all just talk but if you take your money somewhere else then maybe they might just pay attention more, and hopefully not just to the squeeky wheels. Notice I DON'T want any ANY of your decks screwed with, just more responsible nerfs or a interrupt phase.BlizArmy1 Feb 11
Feb 11 Skulking geist Hearthstone seriously need to do something about skulking geist is so annoying every time someone all my jade idol in my hand and deck just got destroy and like my win condition is just goneZeref7 Feb 11
Feb 11 Nerf Hunter! When will the hunter get nerfed? I know i already made a post about this but i feel like this really needs to be discussed. Seriously like hunter is so broken in every aspect of the game. Deathstalker Rexxar costs 6......and its always drawn so early in the game while my Frostlich jaina is in 90% of cases in the bottom of my deck and i die to the Deathstalker rexxar before i even draw my Jaina.He has an infinite value with build a beast i really think that it is not fair and i don't understand what was Blizzard thinking when they made this hero.I am tired of losing my rank bcz of this overpowered hero everytime i see that i am against a rexxar i litteraly wanna delete this game.I am sad that soon DK heroes will be moved to the wild only decks but i am really looking forward to never seeing another broken Deathsucker in my games.Tyforfreewin3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Another QQ topic about hunter And i am going to keep posting this until someone does something about hunters. Its really stupid. But can you developers do something about hunters? nerf them change them anything? they win every match by spaming hero powering and spaming 1 cost beasts and buffing them its really annoying that you cannot play against them i keep losing my rank bcz someone really has a lot of fun playing a dumb class with no brain or skill requirement his dk hero costs 6 mana wtf was this meant to be a joke or something infinite value and stuff? just make their hero cost 9 mana and hero power deal 1 damage and it will be balanced with other classes.Tyforfreewin1 Feb 11
Feb 10 Adventures Of Naxxramas An incredible adventure in 5 blocks has been fully completed. I really liked the adventures of Naxxramas. It was incredible. Tough bosses. Sea fan. Great mood. I recommend everyone to go through Naxxramas. 1 quarter - 2 quarter - 3 quarter - 4 quarter - 5 quarter -РусскийВася0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Poor Jaina Now no one will play as her unless we get a new skin.SSWAYS5 Feb 10
Feb 10 3 EQUATIONS TO SOLVE HEARTHSTONE Hello, I'm a physics student and for the last 3 years I developed a theoretical model for Hearthstone where I utilize the scientific method to arrive into equations that describe all elements within the game with great precision and accuracy. The game can be divided in three major elements: Cards, Minions, and Hero Health. Each one of them have an equation to describe its value in the unit of Mana. Equation 1, value in mana(V) of the effect of a card that costs (C): ... Equation 2, value in mana(V) of a minions with attack (A) and Health (H): ... The effective attack (A') is defined as: ... Equation 3, value in mana (V) of dealing (n) damage to the enemy Hero: ... Variation of Equation 3, value in mana (V) of restoring(n) health to your Hero: ... I encourage anyone interested in this topic to test and question those results, to verify the consistency of this method in predicting the relative strength of cards. To do so you can quantify card effect (E) and divide by the value of a card with the same cost (V=2(C+1)) to get the efficiency of that card. ... Example: Let's analize the card "Antique Healbot", a card that is considered above average and therefore has a efficiency above 100% ... For anyone curious to know how I arrived into those equations, I have an article that describes with great detail the deduction of these and other formulas. To not break any rule in the Code of Conduct I will not leave the link in this post(I would like to hear from a moderator about this subject), but my article can be found in the Google sites domain by the name: "laws-of-hearthstone". My objective is to share my findings with the Hearthstone community and eventually reach to the development team at Blizzard to improve future balance of cards. I would be very thankful to hear any idea or information to help me achieve this goal.enrico9roda5 Feb 10
Feb 10 Gift Cards I wish we had a feature in this game where we can send cards to friends in exchange for your cards of the same rarity. For example, if a person is building a deck of mage and is incomplete of Jaina and a friend of yours has it you can prob give him a card like Rexxar or such in exchange for Jaina. I think this would be a cool feature and would be a save of arcane dust and a save of time looking for a certain card.Deadfall1 Feb 10
Feb 10 wild open email not recieved My name on hearthstone is BenFromWork#11950 and I finished top 100 to qualify for the wild open ( finished 77 ) and I have friends that all said they got email with a code to enter tourney on Battlefy. I send in ticket and it said to contact you through email. Who do I need to talk to or what to do to resolve this? Ty Benjamin Lee GarrityBenFromWork0 Feb 10
Feb 9 If you have a time, read this Hello, i played Hearthstone for like two years abefore and after naxx and blackrock went out. Yesterday after so long time ive get back. Searching for new content, expansions, offers etc. In that period, i played League of Legends. Lot of League. I was able to hit best ranks in a game, i was able to talk to game designers and i was pretty active on Riots forum. (This is all, after things that happend on blizzcon, all the controversy about new Diablo game, new world of warcraft and HoTS. Basically after Blizzard start making huge mistakes in no time.) So after i get back to hearthstone yesterday and after all the years in league i was really suprised by Blizzard business policy. I spend 20 dollars for that Lunar bundle and ive got literally nothing. Nothing usefull, that can help me to get back into competetive game. Yeah its only 30 packs you can say. But its 20 dollars. Literally price, that can be spent on full AAA title in little sale, or full title of some insane games that can catch you up for houndred of hours. 20 dollars are kinda big price for game industry and purchases. Especially for ingame purchase. No dlc, no more content. For comparsion. For 20 dollars i can get best visual content in league or whole event pass thats bring me this content and even more with little bit of luck. Next think i immediately notice was they changed Jaina art in weird way. So i came to google something about it and i end up here. Reading articles about they censoring skin, have !@#$ty expansions, legendary cards thats are literelly fillers for packs to force you spend even more money and another %^-*s. So my question is. Is this game even worth to play again? To try play it on competetive level. Spend hours of times of hard grinding or spending money to it. Isnt it better to just stick back to league or try to pruchase month of gametime in WoW and get to this game. Im so dissapointed with current state this company. Blizzard was titled as one of the best player friendly and worth to spend money companies, but now. Idk what i should think. Gimme your opinion, tips and thank you for your time.AlkoholiCZ4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Dungeon run - mage dCrimsonArc1 Feb 9
Feb 9 Hearthstone Lite for mobile players? Hi, I REALLY miss being able to play Hearthstone on my phone. However, the patches and multiple expansions have made the game size entirely too big for my Iphone. I have to clear my phone of almost all of my other apps to play it now. Additionally, introducing my friends to the game on their phones is difficult as well for the same reasons. My suggestion is that the Devs look into creating a bare-bones 'Lite' version of the game for consumers who want to play but don't want to download the full 6gb+ of data on their phones. Maybe keep the game only to standard/wild/arena? Keep the Solo Adventures, Card Collections and Tavern Brawls out. I suggest those three because I assume that those are the main aspects that make the new expansions so large in data size. This version could be put up on the app store as a separate companion to the main game. I only play standard so I would just be happy with a 500mb version of standard only and the 1-3 decks that are made up in my deck list already, but I know a lot of people also play wild/arena so that's why I suggested a 1-2gb version of standard/wild/arena as well. Hope someone high up sees this! TL;DR - Full game too large for Iphone. Suggesting that there could be a bare-bones version of mobile Hearthstone with only standard/arena/wild that is smaller in size and works as a companion app for more experienced players.Interpretor4 Feb 9
Feb 9 Stop nerfing cards Isn't the whole purpose of having a wild format is for us to play cards we known, love, and grew up with? While they would be inherently broken if allowed to stay in current standard?kevenka0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Do you prefer playing on PC or mobile? I was curious how many of you are mainly playing on their PCs and who is playing on their smartphones. I personally prefer playing on the PC, especially since the last year when games seem to become longer and longer. I think you can still feel that Hearthstone was developed for PC first and mobile still feels like an afterthought for me. Other mobile CCGs like Elemancer seem to fit better and are more easily played with their short battles. Do you think it would make sense to introduce some kind of game mode that's shorter for some in-between play?Malganis0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Need permission for using HS asset. I am developing an Android application named "Deck Box" which helps in easy management of decks. For the app launcher icon, I have used the center portion of a card back. I have also used card images to display the deck in the app. The card images were obtained from an API made by HearthSim. I am planning to publish the app with banner ads on the play store. Do I have the permission to do so if I give you the credit? If not do I at least have the permission to publish the app without ads and I will still give you credit. I contacted Blizzard at and I have got no reply. This is the image I am using as my App launcher icon Feb 9
Feb 9 Frack China and your censorship.. BlizArmy0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Welcome to huntard stone ! I seriously start to dislike hunters, i don't mind that they are strong but every other match (if i am lucky otherwise a couple of matches in a row) i face off against a hunter. I start having dreams about hunters. And if i don't play against a hunter it's a control priest, because hey it beats hunter, So 60% against hunter and 35% percent against priest ( i know i over do it) makes a very interesting meta. The nerfs, that Blizzard came op with are more a marketing buff, but not the solution to the hunter over flood. A nerf would be, making the springpaw cost 2 mana, in my eyes he is a big problem in combination with the hyena, not the hyena it self he is fine. Some other problem cards will be rotating out so i won't address them, but hunters are a problem right now. So i am off till April, to play some nice MTG Arena catch you all in spring !!!!Scipio0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Hearthstone : too expensive. How to fix I always asked here on forums to lower the Hearthstone price. It's the most expensive game on the market, without a proper justification, since it doesn't require / offer much. For me, lately, the game isn't even fun anymore: the pve content is VERY frustrating (I never replayed the monster expansions or any other expansion and I guess most of you didn't replay them either - I just finished them for the rewards, and that's it). The PVP part is actually silly: you can play the game perfectly and still be owned by a 9 years old kid. To make a point out of it for myself, I passed the iPad to my 9 years old daughter when she insisted, just to play a few games with murloc mage (standard deck from Blizz website) at rank 15 Wild. She finished 3 wins and 2 loses, without knowing english and playing only the cards that were playable "green", only face :)) Too bad I didn't film her. Maybe next time (but I don't actually want to force her into this - she wanted to try what daddy plays) ... and yeah, she never played HS before, and again, she's 9 (nine) years old ... and she had fun when the opponent exploded :)) Now let's go back to the price: To own all the cards (like myself), you need to spend about 300-400 Euro / each expansion (+ 7-8.000 gold), to open about 350 packs and craft the missing 2-3 legendaries and most likely craft some epics. We have 2 expansions / year, so this would be 600-800 euro / year (let's say 50 euro/month). World of Warcraft (that is a much more complex game) is costing 14 euro/month (same company) or even 11/month if you buy 6 months at a time. With 50 euro / month, you can buy ALL other Blizzard & Activision titles in about 6 months. With 50 euro / month you can buy so many "last year" games that you actually do NOT have the physical time to play and finish them - just head to any major game retailer like g2a, steam, etc. to check it up if you don't believe. I don't even start on other similar games on the market, since HS is costing x4 times more than its most expensive competitor. And what does it offer? Some new cards 2 times per year, a competitive scene with some coin flip experts ... same names since there aren't many willing to sacrifice all days of their life, just to play a game. What's bad? - unbalanced games, - long grind for legend (but if you have the time you go legend automatically with 50%+ win rate assured by a "good" deck), - P2W since you need to pay to be able to craft 4-5 decks/expansion to have that "good" deck, - RNG that makes you feel bad (see Lifecoach, Reckful, and the list of famous gamers who uninstalled HS is actually long), - boring and frustrating PVE, - technical issues (overheating, battery drain without the possibility to reduce the power consume on mobile devices, installing on the SD problems, etc.). On the other hand, Blizzard has - good support, - great server up time, - fast games since you can always find another player in less than a minute wait time, - nice graphics. - a fun game overall ( when you win :)) ). - you can buy packs for half price from time to time using Amazon coins. Actually you shold NEVER buy HS packs in the regular way since they are way too expensive. What Blizzard should do to fix this situation for me and in my opinion alone ? STOP this greedy madness and launch ONE expansion each year, so they have the time to study it well and not nerf 5 cards every freakin' month after each expansion launches. Reduce the cost of a pack to 1/4 of the current price. Let us choose for each card we find in a pack a few (2-3) variants so we can complete faster our collection. Like you get to chose when you craft an arena deck, only that the cards will stay in your collection. Increase the dust rewards for both ladder play and dusting the cards. Keep a close eye on the meta and balance the cards each week, so that there won't be any OP deck that can crush everything else of its class. They should make sure that each class has an aggro and a control viable deck, so you don't face always the same decks on ladder, knowing from the beginning what you're up against. Make the game a bit faster (reducing the roping time if the opponent is still online, by actually constantly pinging the opponent). It happens so often lately that some idiot, knowing it loses the game, just ropes me each turn, hoping in my disconnect that could win him the game. Make the game "graphics" faster. Some cards that are spawning minions are awfully slow. I'm not starting a list here, but you have it - just Google for it. What did I do ? This time I'll skip buying this expansion. Why ? In the past I used to pay 50 Euro / expansion offer. This year I have to pay 120 Euro. You have to prove that you can bring more money in than Ben did ? Not from me. Your marketing failed this time. Doubling the price offering a legendary in exchange is just dumb. Feels bad for who bought it without doing the math. Thanks for reading. I hope it helps you making your decision into NOT buying this expansion. I'm not gonna come back here to say it again. If you don't change things Blizzard, I'm afraid you lost me as your customer. Not even F2P. Bye.Solomon18 Feb 9
Feb 9 Bronze gatekeeper not working with hadronox So I put this on the bug report forum and was told I was wrong. I am not, based on its base state (what is listed on the card) it should be rezzed by Hadronox, but hey call me Edna thought I would see what the community thought and how they understand, and here is the important part... the card text of. Magnetic, TauntBlizArmy4 Feb 9
Feb 8 Hakkar cardback? I GOT the Hakkar virus, but it won't let me fave it in my list 'o' cardbacks - and sometimes in play mode I have it, and other times it goes away and I just have the last one I had before. What the hell is going on??DruidWolf2 Feb 8
Feb 8 BlizzCon pointed to China, Jaina confirms it. Blizzard is making their contempt for the people that built their company well known. The would change OUR game after FIVE years for a country that has a problem. Not a version for them, a CENSORED version for EVERYONE. This is unacceptable and it is contemptuous to all of your playerbade. Rainbow 6: Siege did this and now Blizzard, being the good little followers they are, are copying it lockstep. It's about the principal here and how you would throw your current playerbase to the dogs by making them subject to restrictions for a country they DON'T live in for that almighty dollar. Keep it up, you'll find yourself out of good faith faster than it's already depleting. Or wait? Maybe you'll sic the media dogs on us again? Make the players the bad guys again. Toxic and unflinching? Is that the backup plan against backlash? Just them toxic, sexist gamers again. Get bent Blizzard, and remember who made you what you are.Beardyface2 Feb 8
Feb 8 we are not communists, censorship is bad This is Murica, at least unlock Jaina for Murica! We cant live without jugsSSWAYS0 Feb 8
Feb 8 live now!!! join ! Feb 8
Feb 8 Barnes the cancer mmm11 Feb 8
Feb 8 [Suggestion] Heroes So, I was idling around Hearthstone (like you do), and I was browsing the ol' Heroes tab, smiling at the ones I like, scowling at the ones that I could really do without, when I was taken aback by the sheer volume of unavailable heroes. Now, the fact that those heroes exist is pretty awesome, won't lie. However, if they are completely out of the realm of availability for all time, why place their placeholder to taunt those of us who didn't or couldn't shell out for Twitch Prime, or didn't log during X week at a year launch? Basically, either a filter so we don't have unavailable heroes taunting us or add them to the cash shop/make available through hoops or achievements. (Region filter Jaina's portrait if that is an issue.)Bronnan0 Feb 8
Feb 7 Deck building with friends [Suggestion] Create decks with friends with the cards you own and test the deck in a practice battle. Creating decks by suggesting cards and which class will it thrive.LuxRidric0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Tespa Tournament Hey would anyone that is currently enrolled in a college like to join me in the tespa tournament. my invite link is: Feb 7
Feb 7 nevermind Tari0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Lunar New Year Extended Hey everyone! Due to the delays we hit yesterday with recent update pushing into the time for the Lunar New Year event, we are going to be extending the end date by a full day. The event will now last until February 13. Cheers and thanks again for your patience!Jesse Hill0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Guaranteed Legendary I’ve seen somewhere a post referring to something Ben Brode said regarding guaranteed legendary card, and I don’t want to create a duplicate post, but I can’t find the original one nor the answer to my question. So, the question is - when we’re buying card packs, are we guaranteed to get a legendary card from the very first 10 packs? I believe that is the case with K&C because I did get a legendary. However, I’m wondering - what about previous expansions? If I buy 10 Knights of the Frozen Throne or 10 Journey to Un’Goro packs am I guranteed to get at least one legendary card?Warbringer9 Feb 7
Feb 7 Hearthstone Printable Cards I enjoy collecting the cards, but wanted a way to be able to see what I have when I'm not in the game, so I created a program that generates pdfs that are printable. The cards are printed in portrait <4x4> from the Basic, Classic and Un-Goro sets, but the program I wrote has the ability to generate cards from the other sets (in landscape <5x3> or potrait) as well. I will share the cards at <Updated with latest Dropbox location> If there is an interest, I'll generate the cards for other sets as well. Going forward, I'll generate the cards for the expansions when they become available. Each card has 4 circles above it. When I get a card, I fill in the circles on the right side for the non-golden cards, the ones of the left for the golden cards.MonsterZero43 Feb 7
Feb 7 Hearthstone is a good game Lets be positive, its Friday. List positive things about the game that you enjoy?SSWAYS9 Feb 7
Feb 7 I am bad at this game Serious-bad. I win maybe.... 1 game out of ten. MAYBE. It's so much fun, though! I guess I'm just making this thread for advice... on how to not-suck lol. I've experimented with those... what do you callem, the imported deck things with meh luck. I can't work so have no cash for card packs, so I lack a lot of fancy cards. Ideas?DruidWolf3 Feb 7