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Feb 7 Male rogue skin??? It would make the whole game much more exciting if we could be able to get/buy new skins, especially for the rogue but not a female one again. I'm sure there are guys like me who wants to feel strong in the game but i'm not too confident with female heroes for some reason. It would make HS much better and easier.Psychokills7 Feb 7
Feb 7 UI suggestion regarding quests tracking i would like it if pressing escape to open the menu showed more than just 'options', 'exit game', and 'concede' when in a match. what i am asking for at the moment is to be able to track our quests and quest progress simply by opening the menu at any time to see them. tracking other things this way would also be nice, as there are often times when i am required to go back to the main menu in order to see simple information about my account.bleh0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Question on output of addon in April Greetings, everyone! I'm sure everyone is waiting for April and the release of new maps to CS played new and new decks. In April there will be a global change, meta will take all the nasty priest, with which almost ranked after rank 5, every other game that the priest class already, so it flies stuck flickers in all games, but back to the topic. April, new meta, new maps. Everything is interesting and fascinating. I'm sure that would play a spell-hunt on Sulgina and aperelya, possibly reinforced with new maps and sheaves. Not hard to imagine that he would play and KV-warrior DK Dr. Boom guys, does anyone else has any suggestions and what decks You think will play in April?РусскийВася0 Feb 7
Feb 7 How many Hungry Crabs? Have Blizzard decided this is the Epic of choice now? I've been opening Classic packs since the start of January, and in that time have drawn 8 Epics - of which 4 have been this great card. I reckon I've had 4 of them in the past, making 8 out of about 40 Epics that I've drawn from this set in total. Anyone else experiencing a glut of these little fellas of late?SozzledSloth0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Different regions Hello! Could you share your ideas about a few accounts keeping. What sense to keep Asian, American and European accounts?Bloodkaiser1 Feb 7
Feb 6 First Golden Legendary... Got my first Gold Legendary. YEAH! It's Nat Pagle. BOOO! So I figured I needed to play him before I dusted him. Because really, is there any other fate for a Golden Nat Pagle? But not just play him, PLAY HIM. I just won a game with a Power of the Wild + x2 Savage Roar Golden Nat Pagle delivering the final blow. Now it's off to meet your maker. Ashes to ashes, but more importantly, dust to Dust.Aelaen8 Feb 6
Feb 6 Suggestion: Pop melons during mulligan Players often take a long time to decide which cards to keep for their opening hand. I don't like waiting, but I do like fiddling with the board! Please let me click eye gems while I wait. Thanks!hypehuman0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Suggestion: Show full art in game Many fan sites show the "full art" for cards; I guess that they datamined them from the game somehow? They often show that the part of the artwork visible on the card is cropped significantly. I love seeing the full art because it gives a much richer impression of the artist's interpretation of the character in the card, including context like enemies, allies, situation, etc. I would love to be able to see this in the game, without having to look it up on a website. Ideally, I would be able to do this while playing, since most of the time I spend wondering about cards is while I'm waiting for my opponent to plan their turn.hypehuman0 Feb 6
Feb 6 I got to play Spell Hunter for ONE NIGHT I climbed from rank 15 to rank 8 last night, log in tonight and my deck gets nerfed. MAGE GETS A 7 MANA 12/12 ragnaros and hunter gets NERFED. GEE WHIZ BLIZZARD GOOD JOB. THEY EVEN NERFED HUNTERS MARK! UNBELIEVABLE LOL I SWEAR THEY JUST TRACK ME SPECIFICALLY. I made ONE forum post last night and it got taken down within 30 minutes. One post in who knows how long, I really really hope that this doesn't get deleted either!Nex1 Feb 6
Feb 6 Need friends I need friends to do the quest where I spectate friends winning please add me TheFates#11409TheFates0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Nerf WIThout changing mana costs!!! I like theory-crafting, and I like cards like Baku, and Genn and Reno and I put a frack ton of time into my decks. If you must nerf learn to do it without fracking up the decks of those types please. Here is what I think part of you are doing or my perception in your nerf philosophy and why in part you have never added a interrupt phase rather than nerf. Blizzard and how they have ran thier games to include Hearthstone or so I think. WoW went from RPG to more MMO, got rid of how guilds then realms then classes worked. And yearly to make it "Seem fresh" heavy changes to classes... I quit after a decade investment. HOTS rather than more maps and other things, and rather than tuning occasionally they Revamp a entire hero... again I quit. Hearthstone, lets nerf stuff, some of which is not in top decks and it will also keep a freshness to the game, if that is in part what they are doing I will go play MTG Arena...BlizArmy1 Feb 6
Feb 6 How to deal with ropers We all had them we all hate them so let's have some fun with them. I deal with 1-2 a week and I enjoy my method of dealing with these jerks. I for one will never rope people because it's not right to be doing and these trolls need to be dealt with. What I consider roping is if you dont play anything till the rope starts to show its self and you do this for 4 turns in a row. 1 or two okay life happens that can get you distracted. We all been there. 3 your pushing it and if you show you are at your computer doing this I start here with what I do. 4 your a roper in my book so this is what I do. I rope you right back. I have a second screen. I'll load up another game. Watch a movie, stuff like that. Hell I cleaned a room while doing this to someone once. I do not care if you start playing faster after you roped me and getting roped yourself. You can deal with it rest of the game with me. More times than ever they will leave themselves. Keep in mind dont start think of ways to prolong the game more. Play as you would and be tentative of your actions. I feel for this trap when I first doing this to them. I mostly play wild big prist decks so we are going to end game buddy. Hope you have something else to do. This happens at all ranks sadly. Even down at rank 4.Sparks19 Feb 6
Feb 5 Quest 80 I have there is quest on 80 if u have 80gold quest, please add me, really need gold thx bros~ you quest 80! my quest 80! 160 GOLD USA SERVER РусскийВася#2803РусскийВася8 Feb 5
Feb 5 Griftah buff required I feel Griftah is very much a 50/50 card with a swing that can go against you, just as much in your favour. The stats are good but the risk seems to high for a 4cost card. Because of this I feel it should gain "Summon a 1/3 copy of this minion" to it's battle cry. My reasons for this: Shudderwock Shuffling Decks The other option is Deathrattle: Deathrattle: Both plays discard a card, Gain Griftah. Please add your thoughts, or suggest another way to improve this already dead card.FireGhouL0 Feb 5
Feb 5 [Suggestion] Special Frame based on rank Having a background in league of legends, I came up with this idea quite a time ago when I started playing hearthstone on my mobile phone. In league of legends, every player gets a visual reward based on his achieved rank (or league, to use the right terminology in that case) in that season. There is basically a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and challenger league. The equivalent in hearthstone would be: Everything below rank 20 - bronze Rank 15-20 - silver Rank 10-15 - gold Rank 5-10 - platinum Rank 1-5 - diamond Legendary+ - challenger I think it would be an amazing addition if (apart from the season backs and goodies one gets on the season end) the player would also get a border or frame based on which rank range he achieved in a season. Basically a rank 18 player would have a silver frame, a rank 12 player a golden frame, a rank 9 player a platinum frame, a rank 3 player a diamond frame and a legendary player a challenger frame bordering his hero, for instance (both players are visible during the pre-selection / mulligan). I know that blizzard in fact does occasionally listen to their players and it would be friggin' amazing if they would implement this idea into the game. It shouldn't be difficult in terms of programming and designing it and I'm sure it would be a very sweet (visual) enhancement to this game. So, please upvote this thread if you like the idea and want a blizzard worker see it (as the threads with many upvotes apparently highlighted in a way as I've seen on the us forum). Kind regardsilYaku0 Feb 5
Feb 4 Thoughts on tomorrows nerfs let me know what your thoughts areScottish210 Feb 4
Feb 4 Grul the Shark? I am pretty sure this guy exists as an opponent used him to gobble up Leeerooooy!!!! and spit him back at me but I can't seem to be able to craft him. Is this class specific or what?Drenlok1 Feb 4
Feb 3 King Rastakhan Hero for purchase? I recently took a break from hearthstone but have been an avid player since beta. Unfortunately, I missed out on the recent expansion bundle. Would love to still add this hero to my collection. Please!Euphorius1 Feb 3
Feb 3 Achievements i was recalling all those real world TCGs from the past expecially the loot card ones and got me to thinking. Why not do something along the line of achievements for hearthstone that gave some kind of item for there other games. it be kind of like those 'Game events' where you need to something in X game to get an item in another. maybe something like slavage X amount of cards for an achievement and it could give a transmog look for diablo or even an Illusion or transmog for WOW. I will admit theres not may things in Hearthstone that would work with achievements theres PLaying X games, Salvaging cards, PLaying certain LVLs of game play, Collecting certain styles of cards (ex. rare cards) or even the entire collection. the trick would be determining what the reward would be for each achievmeent where the hard part would be determining what kind of achievements to put in. Ill admit id like to see them do achievments as an alternate way to earn the items from the 'loot' cards from the retail WOW Cards.MonsterSquad2 Feb 3
Feb 3 Rastakhans rumble expansion Intro Of all the HS expansion intros, Rastakhan's has been the weakest. I was not impressed with the lack of animations and the song was terrible. I feel like the game intro was badly thought out or maybe it was poorly directed. Anybody else think the same?Tohrin1 Feb 3
Feb 3 Nerf secret hunter it's unbelivable, 5 mana summon a 12/12 the spellstone should cost 7 or 8 at this point and only 1 secret to upgrade, which costs 2 mana. The other spellstone like rogue or mage need 2 or 3 cards to upgrade it and their value is not as close as summoning a 12/12 for 5 mana Secrets hunter is so frustrating to play against, you can't attack or you trigger everything that counters you explosive wipe your board of little minions if you fill it freezing rekts a big guy if you summoned it Not to mention that mranwhile you're taking 2 dmg each turn and a 3 mana 4 attack charge. If you want to build up anything on the board (which won't be able to attack cause secrets) They just flanking strike/baited arrow it. Which of course not only kills your stuff but summon even more stuff for the hunter. And the cherry on the cake, 10 mana, replay every secrets you played and summon every wolves, animal companions and to my sides minions. Lel.Varag9 Feb 3
Feb 3 New pirate card, Ballanced? Pirate 3 cost 2/4 Neutral card While this card is in play your weapons gain life link and +1 attack while damaged. Deathrattle: Put this card at the bottom of your deck.FireGhouL2 Feb 3
Feb 3 Whizbang recipes I have won several games with Whizbang becks and I have not gotten the recipe. What am I doing wrong?Drenlok7 Feb 3
Feb 2 why do you bm with mechc'thun in hand play Reckless Experimenter, two ticking aboms and a coffin crasher then proceed to go afk.... and let the rope / combo play out the rest of the game this game breeds greats sportsmans (heavy sarcasm) but really is embodiment of what a lot of the hearthstone community is about, wining and be a donkey about it. /rant had anyone be a D in game to you too?Tari3 Feb 2
Feb 2 80 for 80 if u have 80gold quest, please add me, really need gold thx bros~ РусскийВася#2803BlueBerry8 Feb 2
Feb 2 Bogus Players Has anyone else had players with a bunch of random numbers and letters? I have also noted they play the same exact cards with the only difference being the class played. The cards are Acidic Swamp Ooze, Bluegill Warrior, Murloc Tidehunter, River Crockolisk, Razorfen Hunter, Shattered Sun Cleric, Chillwind Yeti, Sen'jen Shieldmasta, Stormwind Knight, and Frostwolf Warlord. So far I have played a Priest, Mage, Warrior, Shaman, and Rogue all with these exact cards. It is only players with the random numbers/letters. Also, they tend to leave the game if they start to lose 4+ life or their minions from the first 4 turns die off.Zealotea10 Feb 2
Feb 2 Can't Win I have now played over 100 games. Out of the 100 games, I have not won a single time. Spent over $70 in cards thinking that would help. Made 3 of the pre-made decks and few of my own. Only been playing unranked. Is there something I am missing? I am dead every time by turn 4 or 5. premade decks are Totemic Call, Call to Arms and Merciless Sacrifice they are pretty much card for card but a few that you need to play solo to unlock. Any Help would be niceEpiclyInsane17 Feb 2
Feb 2 3stars? So are we back to 3 per level again? I was kinda diggin' 5 and I usually hate most changes you make to the game....ShadowDragon1 Feb 2
Feb 2 I was suddenly struck by a random thought Imagine a battle between one of the biggest Jade Golems and The Darkness, except it's like Godzilla and King Kong. It was just something I needed to say.AnimeFood8 Feb 2
Feb 2 Blances Changes Two cards I want to know about : Sap Preparation When are these being balanced?Luridbane2 Feb 2
Feb 2 The best thing about Priests I've never seen a Priest win but every class I play has the ability to steal their cards. So far there isn't a class that can't beat a Priest with a Priests own cards LOLOLOL What's your favorite?PewPew3 Feb 2
Feb 2 Screen only shows top half of my cards The screen does not show the bottom half of my cards so that I can see what action they will take if played. How can I adjust the display so that I can see the card and description. I'm using an Acer R13 Chromebook.mcpoco0 Feb 2
Feb 1 Change the default screenshot location Hearthstone is literally the one and only PC Blizzard game that doesn't save screenshots to a relevant game directory. With the introdcution of World of Warcraft, Blizzard started changing the default save location to \Documents<game name>\Screenshots. This was over 12 years ago. Some even allowing you to specify the format and rendering resolution. Hearthstone saves screenshots to the desktop and has no way to change this. I know Blizzard is just a small kickstarter startup, but what gives? Why is Hearthstone the odd one out, and why hasn't this been addressed after 3 years? ...Potato12 Feb 1
Feb 1 New season? new me! live! We maybe didn't get rank 19 in the last season but new season is new start! join live now! Feb 1
Feb 1 Ballance changes my A... so so so over your nerfs.. So glad that I have Genn and Baku.. not what a crock of S... I agree with the guy in the first locked page about balance changes... Thanks Badatrading totally agree. Instead of half as nerfs, either get a clue HS or add interrupts quit screwing the cards we collect or like for no apparent reason. I mean seriously those cards were what was broke with those classes ? Were they even in most of the current top decks?BlizArmy1 Feb 1
Feb 1 Lich king should stay with us forever Arthas menethil the lich king is the most important character in warcraft history and the card we have ingame representing him is fairly balanced. I say make an exception for the one true king and keep him in standard forever. Let him rule forever this time. Do it !Kamran10 Feb 1
Feb 1 LIVE INSECT! + DIE INSECT! = awesome finish ! i had a funny game today in which has a shaman i discovered both ragnaros the firelord and light lord, and was able to play them along kalimos lol stylish ending :D ! Ragnaros light lord + kalimos primal lord + ragnaros fire lord = awesome !MySelf0 Feb 1
Feb 1 Is the new Intro Bundle worth it? It has 30 cards in it correct?axeking4 Feb 1
Feb 1 Creatures that are inmune How can creatures that are immune to spells and abilities be silenced?Hight3mp2 Feb 1
Jan 31 Cause for Account Ban I recently played a game, I was running a Kingsbane mil deck and he was using a big dragon priest. It was a close game. I ended up winning. But he sent me a friend request post game and started telling me that I cheated and used more than two copies of the same card and is threatening me by telling me he's going to get my account banned. First, I didn't even know cheating was possible on Hearthstone. And second, even if it was I was playing on mobile so it would be next to impossible. Should I be worried? I've dumped a lot of money into my Hearthstone account and I would be devastated to lose it.SubOhms18 Jan 31
Jan 30 is rng an excuse Not sure where to put this, but I feel like blizzard has always tried shy away from rng in their games, but wouldn't transparency be better, i.e. people say luck is part of hearthstone, ok, so create a card that roles a dice on it's own turn, still rng, but at least your consumers see it happen at the exact moment, I know it's not a cure, but at least it helps the human condition.Travaglio2 Jan 30
Jan 30 Consistency, Please. Just wanted to point out that the Dev Team says they don't like non-interactive cards and combo's, nerfing/removing things like worgen OTK warrior and then they add Mecha'thun which cannot be interacted with at all outside of warlock. Feels bad when you are winning a game the entire time and then they win because they win.Zvolta4 Jan 30
Jan 30 Gral. the Shark (Golden) Just opened a Gral. the Shark in Gold. Worth: 1600 Keep or dust? I'm newbThomasJP4 Jan 30
Jan 30 Can Daily Quest be more Boring? Seriously. Pretty much any of the Quests of play X cards. Win X games. Do a Dungeon Run They're sooooooo boring. In todays Example its to play 12 minions cost 5 more. Why do I always get that one more than any others. 1st match vs Super up Lich Queen Jaina deck. I got to play 2. Oh boy. 10 more to go. 2nd match vs a super up Shaman Elemental deck. Got to play 2. Oh boy. Both games of course. STOMPED STOMPED. Match 3 up against a super up Preist Dragon Ysera deck. STOMPED! Well at least I am up to 8. 4 more to go. 45 minutes of extreme excitement so far today. Now with the greatest CCG game ever made, Magic the Gathering - you get rewarded for playing 20 Red cards or 20 black cards. So if HS did something like play 12 Mage cards or play 15 minions vs play cards that cost X like the 5 or more or the cost 2 or less. I did get the greatest CCG game ever made for a 2 days last weekend using playonamac app but then they did an update and now it doest work again. *sigh*Zuljinisop7 Jan 30
Jan 30 HSID | Komunitas Hearthstone Indonesia Komunitas Game Hearthstone Indonesia Helo decker tanah air, Komunitas Hearthstone Indonesia adalah wadah untuk decker asal Indonesia. Kalian dapat bergabung facebook fanspage atau di portal Event komunitas Tournament 9 Dragons Unleash the Region Fireside Tavern Hero Qualifier Coaching Bersama rank legend di komunitas Streaming Facebook Youtube Twitchfarando9 Jan 30
Jan 29 Why does Blade Furry not work with Lifesteal? It is not like the Rogue class has many options. It seems strange. Would be a nice little addition and might help Valeera (she sure needs it) and bring back Blade Furry a bit.Gulrik7 Jan 29
Jan 29 Plz bring back wild packs in shop Cant we simply have the wild card pack back in the shop ? I dont play standard , almost exclusively wild , and if i want to get wild packs i have to get out of the game go on the battle net app go in the store there and then get the wilds packs , further more i cant even buy those with in game gold . The other part that annoys me about this , i get its a money thing . but why is the price of packs that are excluded from most tournaments/ standard play the same price at those that are . We would end up paying full price for something we cant even use everywhere . I rarely purchase any wilds pack because of that , at the rare exception when they are on discount like we just got. If that type of discount was permanent for wild cards i would purchase them more often , and its not even like it costs them money to print the cards , everything is digital and its profit with barely any costs involved. I find very little logic in the fact i can go buy real mtg/ygo card packs , get more cards then heartstone packs and the physical copies are cheaper then the digital ones.MySelf8 Jan 29
Jan 29 A Winning "Dragon Soul" Deck (video guide) Here is a deck with a 60%+ winrate at rank5 to rank3 that is completely based around Dragon Soul (Priest Weapon). Enjoy: Jan 29
Jan 29 The Broken Legend of Forst Lich Jaina I'm not one to complain, but there is one card from the new set that is completely broken. While I am glad that there were card nerfs in the last patch I'm sad this wasn't one of them. Specifically the card I'm referring to is Frost Lich Jaina the Wizard legendary. Seriously, it's so broken. Once it's played there is no way to beat it. I had the wizard down to 14 health (I was at 30 still). Suddenly, one card was played and they came back so quickly. The five armor is fine, but giving them 3/6 frost elementals for two mana is incredibly powerful (yes I know it requires them to kill with the 1 damage - not that hard to do). Then you give them life steal on all of them is very, very overpowered, especially when you can't silence the life steal off (I tried - it did nothing). So suddenly in two rounds after activating the card they went from 5 armor 14 health to 0 armor and 25 health. To put them into perspective the warlock legendary Lord Jaraxxus creates 6/6 infernals, which is powerful, but only one is given a turn with no other way to gain them beside shaving a card in your hand that summons them. Further more, he gimps you a bit by setting your health to 15 and gains a 3/5 weapon (I can't remember the exact stat) meaning, unless you're attacking the hero you're taking damage while having half your starting hit points - which typically is ill advised. My recommendation for balance sake is keep her the same, but reduce the elementals she can create with her power to 3/3, half the health with life steal would make it a bit better. Also, remove giving all her elementals life steal. I can see all FROST elementals having life steal because of her hero power, but having EVERY elemental she casts having life steal is broken. Lets to this into further perspective. If she has taunt and at least two elementals out the likelihood of your creatures surviving long enough to do anything due to the frost elemental freeze ability is highly unlikely. I was in complete control of that match and it was destroyed in one turn with one card. No skill involved, no set up. Just play the card and win. I can see the arguments against this now, at least the obvious one - kill her faster before she gets the card out on turn nine. Well, I shouldn't be forced to play a fast deck if I don't want to just to win. I like slow decks, I like building up setting up combos and counters for various things my opponent might play. I play the game for the strategy and find it highly entertaining and enjoyable. One card should not ruin that - which it does every time. There is no balance in that card.St0rmtrooper14 Jan 29
Jan 29 big priest issue? I am mostly playing wild mode in HS. I dno what abotu you guys but i truly hate big priest deck, its the only deck i hate and find extremely imbalanced. Maybe It turns out that i am just playin the decks he counters or something, i dont know, but almost every priest i face 80% times has barns coin in his hand which is insta defeat. I think the deck should have its spot but it shouldt be that strong that u can ress 8 8 ragna on turn 4 or 5. I dont want the deck to be destroyed and nerfed absolutely but i think there is one fix which would change it in a good way. Why not make priest's ressurect cards ress minions only the way they appeared on board? So basically priest would have to ress 1 1 minion after barns summoned it. Barns still would have the same value for other classes, even for priest in case he draws isharaj, but it would be a bit more reasonable to fight this deck when he cannot ress 10 10 minion on turn 4 or 5sharla3 Jan 29