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May 16 Arena Specifics Update 9.4 - 11/14/17 Death Knight Hero cards can no longer be drafted in Arena. Update 9.2 - 10/16/17 Vicious Fledgling can no longer be drafted in the Arena. The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve Class balance in the Arena, small appearance rate adjustments have been made to a number of Arena cards. Arena Rules - 8/31/17 Note: Neutral cards represent the baseline for all draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Cards from the latest Expansion receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike, Abyssal Enforcer, and Vicious Fledgling appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Daxxarri94 May 16
May 15 Hearthstone Arena Pick Update In Update 10.4, we rolled out some significant changes to the Arena. Now we’ve had a chance to see the effects they’re having and read your feedback. We agree with the concern that many of you have expressed that there are slightly too many high powered cards appearing in Arena decks. Based on that, we recently implemented two changes to Arena picks via hotfix: • Legendary picks now appear less often. • Below average picks will now appear more often. We’re planning to keep a close eye on how these changes affect the Arena experience, so please let us know what you think. Thanks for your continued feedback, and we’ll see you in the tavern!Jesse Hill71 May 15
Apr 18 Hotfix 11.0.1 Arena Changes In an upcoming hotfix currently targeted for release on Thursday, April 19 (PDT), we will be making the following changes to the Arena: • Adjusted the buckets for certain cards so that they appear alongside cards of a similar power level, mostly from The Witchwood and Kobolds and Catacombs. • Lowered the appearance rate of Rare cards slightly and raised the appearance rate of Basic/Common cards slightly. Epic and Legendary cards should appear at the same rate. • Very slightly raised the appearance rate of below average cards. These changes should adjust the overall power level of Arena so that it feels like the choices players are making in their drafting decisions are more meaningful. Our goal is to continue making improvements to the Arena as needed and communicate these changes to our players as they are implemented. Thank you for your continued feedback.Jesse Hill0 Apr 18
Aug 16, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 16, 2013
3h Horribly implemented HIGH RNG Joke Every game you look back that you play have extreme amounts of HIGH RNG bad dragon LOSE good dragon INSTANT WIN bad random spell LOSE GOOD RANDOM SPELL INSTANTLY WIN can we stop this garbage thanks because it doesn't actually take skill to draft and play out BROKEN CARDSWrathblade0 3h
6h Cavern dreamer is plain stupid. Seriously .... Blizzard .... Corridor creeper pre nerf was extremely weak compare to how insane that card is. Grat's on hiring people who have no clue how the game work and how bad and broken card like this can be .... Seriously it's pathetic. So fun to lose to coin cavern dreamer ....MadeInQuebec4 6h
7h RNG is killing the game man Trying Arena past 2 days because god-like decks are everywhere in Casual and Ranked. Todays draft not a single legendary to pick from. Fine okay give it a try. Board swapping controlling the board the whole way. I let a minion of his go that summons highest cost in each deck he gets the 8/8 taunt. Fine remove that and the 6/3 summons that end of each turn. Transform my minion into the Lich King with Unstable. Should be game right? Its the only minion on the board and its mine. He has a 8/3 Rush on his turn to take out the Lick King. Ah the odds of him having health swap in that turn. Shrieking Shroom summons Righteous Protector, the even greater odds of that. Divine Shield and Taunt. What should of been a well played win became a crushing defeat/ And sadly I just actually gave praise to Blizzard in the General chat forum. I take it all back. Uninstalling like I did last month and walking away from this garbage. Game 2. I have many low cost minions in this deck cause no legends to draft thought I would go for fast to mid range win. Opening hand is crap mulligan and get my highest costing minion to boot. He/She starts with Mana Wyrm. Will I get some crazy whack random occurrence that give me the win from this more than likely loss. Doesnt pay to ply smart so just see if RNG picks me to win. Also...added roping back to my strategy.nimabi6 7h
7h Hunter is worst choice in arena I played with hunter a lot in arena and it is the worst choice. How can I play against paladin without "unleash the hounds"? And I did not get any single card for draw another card. Not even "destroy all enemy secrets". Something is very wrong about hunter. How can hunter play against paladin with only "change minion health to 1"? Not even secret "two damage to all enemy minions..." I will never choose hunter again. And get one card after one card... without any help with that. Sorry for my bad English.. I was so angry.... that is why I write this.ivavuk4444443 7h
7h What are the most aggressive arena classes? What are the current most aggressive Arena classes? ThanksDstrel4 7h
8h New arena is infinitely worse This is sooooo much worse, what were you thinking?! Every player I go against has insane synergy meanwhile my drafts are total garbage. Way to go blizzard, you managed to make what already felt like a rigged pvp match maker into.. I don't even have the words... there's a special place next to the devil waiting for whoever approved this "update".Ninja11 8h
8h Arena is actually nice So many negative comments in here. I really wonder why? I just wanted to congratulate the arena guys 1) for the cool bucket system they put in the arena. It actually made draftings a lot better 2) for the cool arena event thats been going on Keep up the good work guys!!!!SneakyTurtle1 8h
11h Infinite Wolf the card says go back into deck, not put back on top of you deck. Side note: Does every hunter get to draft 3 explosive shots? And Dire Frenzy? Apparently so.nimabi0 11h
11h with 2 weeks to go Nerf cavern dreamer. I know its only 2 weeks left and a special event but this card is way and way to strong and common(4 in my current draft). Just make it 1/2 and done,it will still be the best event card most likely. The shaman card is also really good,but shaman was pretty weak to start with.Rassy4 11h
12h Man Oh Man. Don't get me wrong, I don't really play this trashstone anymore... but ummmmmm... Let's see this looks fair to me: Blizzard you having a laugh right?l4ndm1n31 12h
14h MC Tech Alright so does this card not consider token minions (mirror image, silverhands, totems) or something played on a turn prior - does it prioritize playable minions - or is it just me? How does this card keep screwing me over? Don't respond to this post please, just a vent.Ropemaster0 14h
15h Devs keep making the same mistake. Please understand: swingy "I win" cards ARE NOT HEALTHY for arena. This event is a fail. Shame. I miss times when arena was about outplaying your opponent (usually), not "whoever draws their busted "I win" card wins".DonGiovanni0 15h
16h How did Master of Realities get approved? The card is so good that if you were faced with a choice between it and deathwing, it would win 100% of the time, because there's no reason not to pick it. The sheer value it gives, especially if your opponent can't kill it on the turn it comes out, is an instant trump card. That minion on your board plus 10 mana = gg, unless your opponent has a board clear. And even if they do, you can just play one of the other two you have in your deck afterwards, since as I said earlier, there's no reason not to pick it every time it comes up. TL;DR, Until this event ends, people will either pick either shaman or lose before they reach 4-5 wins because of this one card.ExplodingRat8 16h
21h Cavern Dreamer.... play arena get to 7+ wins, lose to very skillful mages who play that broken thing on turn 2. Amazing game as always and this is why i dont spend money or play this game. if some drunk designer didint make this card i would enjoy the current arena event but oh well..Pandour12 21h
21h Taverns of Time Am I the only one who actually despises this stupid event? Facing OP deck after OP gets old especially when the game still wants to offer me 60 point decks for some reason. 3 weeks of coin into cavern dreamer. Yay.DirePants3 21h
21h Infinite Wolf Every time I face hunter I feel like I'm playing a magician, he plays infinite wolf and draws it off the top, plays it again and off the top again and again and again, it absolutely makes no sense to shuffle a card back in to your deck and have it drawn every time.Ubba3 21h
21h Master of realities seems way too powerful Every time someone has played it in the arena it's been a game changer, if it's played when you don't have anything to immediately kill it with you pretty much always die, and it's only 6 mana.Sevrin8 21h
21h My event experience so far (and yours?) Pretty fun. This is what I have experienced so is just an opinion and I would like to hear your comments on the new cards that you've managed to play. -Murozond: just decent. There are so many answers to every play that I couln't get on board. Often enough the best play was too expensive and the deck was burning too quick. You need to win fast. -Wildlands Adventurer: good card but for me it reads "battlecry discover conceal". -Cavern dreamer: probably the strongest card I've played. If the opponent doesn't have an answer you win. Is good even if it's killed right away. -Stasis Dragon: good if you are not that far behind (board cleared or low power) -Grasp of the future: strong card, you get better options to play around or answer the board. It feels like a primordial glyph, busted. Possibility seeker: really good, always a good play.MarcusFenix30 21h
1d Buggy Secret Interaction Just had a Secret interaction that doesn't make sense to me. I was playing against a Mage, and he plays 2 Secrets. On my turn, the first thing I do is play the little fire elemental dude, the one mana 1/2 guy, in an attempt to play around Mirror Entity. One Secret activates, revealing Explosive Runes, which blasts my poor little 1/2 dude and sends 4 damage to face. Nothing else happens. Thinking it must be spell related, I play my Carine Bloodhoof, and amazingly, the second Secret triggers to reveal Mirror Entity, giving my opponent a three mana Bloodhoof. In my opinion, there is no reason both Secrets shouldn't have been triggered on the play of the first minion. Both Secrets state "After your opponent plays a minion," which I did. Just because it got obliterated doesn't mean it wasn't played. This interaction doesn't seem to be working as intended to me.WiredAces3 1d
1d Arena Conspiracy Theory I think Arena gives you odd valued gold rewards (rewards ending in 5 instead of 0) to get you to keep playing arena. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Outside of special events like the tournament tavern brawl, Arena is the only place you can encounter odd valued gold rewards. Now, for some people seeing your total gold end in a five instead of a zero is very annoying (I am one of those people) but also it means that there are times when you have 85 or 95 gold and are just a few pieces shy of a new pack and that hurts far more than being at 90 or 80. So what are you to do to fix this problem? Simple. You grind to get enough gold to play arena again and then possible do really well or more likely go 1-3 because... well its arena. Did you get an odd valued gold reward? No? Well then you better keep trying over and over again to get more gold to try again and fix it. I have no proof to back up this statement but whenever I play arena and get an odd valued gold reward it takes me a minimum of 5 arena runs to fix it. that's 750 gold payed and a net loss of around 80-120 gold. Coincidence? I'll let you be the judge.GalaxyKnight1 1d
1d Cavern Dreamer bucket? Just wondering what bucket is the seriously OP Mage-only Cavern Dreamer is in? I haven’t drafted Mage yet, but I keep reading posts in which people say they drafted 3-4 of these. I’ve also watched multiple streamers play against Mages and their opponents drops 2-3 of these guys in a game. It seems this should be in the very top bucket. But seeing how many drafts have multiple copies, it’s possible this is in a lower one. The issue with Mage though is that Mage’s top bucket is micro-adjusted up to be chosen more often than not, so Cavern Dreamer could still be in the very top bucket and still be offered 3+ times.KindaFreak4 1d
1d Cavern Dreamer and a Lesson from the Past I look at this card and all I see is a more powerful Nat Pagle (pre-nerf). Nat Pagle pre-nerf was a 2-mana minion that had a 50% chance to draw a card at the end of your turn. Because of the stats and the effect happening at the end of turn, there was no counter (besides something specific like Crazed Alchemist). So why design a similar card with 100% chance to get an extra card at the end of turn? Snow-balling type cards should not be this powerful and cost so little. Lich King and Ysera for example, cost eight and nine mana. Cobalt Scalebane costs five mana but at least it requires a little setup by having a minion on board. Many classes have no way to stop this card for multiple turns and the by then the damage is done. This card is Nat Pagle, Tunnel Trogg, Undertaker all over again. Cavern Dreamer is also way too common. It's not uncommon for mages to have three or four of them. Seeing this coined on turn one just makes me immediately want to quit and because of the frequency of this card, it's far too often. This card needs to be nerfed immediately. When this many people feel this strongly about a card it's probably not an overreaction. I'm sure these arena cards are just prototypes for actual permanent cards in the future, constructed or otherwise. Please don't repeat the same mistakes like Nat Pagle, Tunnel Trogg, and Undertaker.ArimosTX1 1d
1d Non-Golden Common as Arena Reward Sooooo I just finished an Arena run with two wins, and received a Non-Golden Common Sewer Crawler as an Arena Reward. This has happened numerous times after finishing an arena run, and I am sick of it occurring still. An update some many months ago, specified this would no longer occur. Why then is this still happening? It is really stingy and I do not appreciate it - such a pathetic reward for spending 150 gold. Is this happening to anyone else?LETHAL3 1d
1d This arena is a bad tavern brawl The new cards are fun ideas and look cool and have a MTG feel but they're super OP, so it's just an RNG fest of who can play more of them and get them out faster. Seriously...for the umpteenth time....hire some more playtesters. You clearly don't have enough for any facet of the game. For something like this I bet they barely playtested at all. Timeway Wanderer - 5 mana, 6/3 minion, Battlecry: Discover a spell. Reduce its cost by 5 and put it on the top of your deck. Seriously? Are you serious. Whoever plays that first wins. This arena has several cards like that. Devs need to have their fun-o-meter repaired because they are waaay off. No thanks to this unfun RNG fest.Shwarzinator10 1d
1d New arena sucks. I don't know what changes you made, but it's so up in the air right now. Recently I've had 12 wins with crap decks then just now two 0-3 with good decks. Puts me off playing. There's no consistency. I used to at the worst always get 5-6 wins. Now it's either 10-12 wins or zero wins. fix this please.Malango11 1d
2d Cavern Dreamer tier rating only 79??? So this card has a score of 79 on tier list? Its rated lower than fireball, tar creeper, cobalt scalebane ect. Like what what? This card is bonkers fudging insane. Why isnt its score at least 100 because thats what it should be. Whoever is doing these scores is way off on some of these new event cards.Urza1 2d
2d Cavern Dreamer Fun Just thought I'd share the sillyness that can be Cavern Dreamer. Journey to Ungoro'd deck from it, Sudden Betrayal saved me from certain death, and infinite creatures from Crow Commence. Seems fair!Sylface25 2d
2d Not A streamers Review of Arena cards Chromie: A- Only got to use twice but was solid both times. The extra cards cast for free and affect board and its still a 4/4 for 4. Infinite Murloc: D-. I drafted all of them in one draft and got 3 and just couldnt get it to work soon enough. And its a huge investment to start taking them as then you have to take them later. I would avoid trying this. I estimate if you can get 5 of these they might become insane. Murozond: B- Never got one myself but both times my opponent used this they werent Kripp or a streamer and the time penalty rekt them. If you are superpro this card is insane and will win you games. For the average muckster its not a good card and will make you lose long games. Its definitely overated in heartharena. Possibility Seeker: A- Sweet card helping you get what you need and a game busting combo with Timebound Giant. If you have a couple of time giants this will just win you a couple games in your run flat out with 0 cost 8/8s. Stasis Dragon: B- Overvalued card I think. Not saying its bad but its not as good as ppl think it is. This does nothing to affect board for 2 turns. That is a huge investment in arena you cant afford to do many games. A better card for priest and other heroes needing dragon synergy though. Temporal Anomoly: B+ Love this little guy. The spell you get can bust a game open and its an elemental making it extra good for shaman and mage. Just make sure you mulligan it away as if you draw it during mulligan its just a 2/2 and is terrible. Timebound Giant: A- Just let it sit in hand till it gets a nice discount then play it as a cheap 8/8. Ultra combo with possibility seeker giving you a fast 0 cost 8/8 which in arena is gg. I did get a draft with 3 of these and no possibility and they got stuck in hand so dont get too many if no seeker or no draw. Timeline Witness: C+ A 2/4 is sort weak for 3. Its decent to discover a card each turn to fill out curve but its not a game busting card like these other arena cards. Timeway Wanderer: B Really good for mage, druid, warlock, priest and sorta shaman and rogue. Not so good in paladin, warrior, hunter. The 3 health can bite you with easy trade sometimes but its still solid and if you get something like pyroball for 5 or sprint for 2 then you are just gonna win. Wildlands Adventurer: A 5/5 for 5 is perfectly good with the added bonus of rekting opponent with syl or dr boom. Really nice card for all heroes. Flash Forward: C- Somewhat fits druid playstyle of ramping and playing big fatties but helps opponent as well. Its just a fair card and fair doesnt cut it in this event. Harbinger of Castastrophe: B- This is quite a bit better than I thought. You can take some extra beef during draft if you get this esp if you get 2 of them and make it work. Chronoshot: B Its a 3 cost sap for hunter and sap has a 90 score in tier list. Its good for sure but not busted unless you hit a 9 cost minion with it then its dead forever. Infinite Wolf: B+. Definitely decent. If you can get 2-3 of these you could really keep opponents board clear. Cavern Dreamer: A++ Tier lists give this a score of 79 (Good) and I dont know wtf they are thinking because this card is bonkers fudging insane. It comes down early and even if your opponent immediately kills it with spell they lost 1 card advantage. If they cant immediately kill it with spell and you can protect it with taunt or the free spells you are getting it just snowballs into a win. This card is especially brutal when you coin it on turn 1. I had 3 ppl just insta concede to a coined one. Its that busted. There are few cards that are cheap that suck and some of them even 1 copy can just win a game like cheap shot or warpath. I rate this card at least 100. Consider the Past: B Sometimes this just give you the nuts and you win and other times you get stuff to clog hand. I think its overvalued a tad but its always fun so try it out and see if RNG favors you. Blessing of Eons: F Trash card dont bother taking it. Bronze Broodmother: B A 5/5 for 5 and get a free 1/1 when drawn. The free 1/1 is what makes this fairly good especially if you have a silver sword or two then you can go from no board to insta board. Reminisce: A- I could be rating this too high but in my priest games this did serious work for me. You can control what you get by when you play it. Opponent played 2 dreamers early? Get some of your own? Later in game opponent has played a blessing of kings and spike steed? Try to get them too. Ripple in Time: B- Might get you something busted but more often will get you something you cant make use of the echo that well. Deja Vu: B- Rating on this card is terrible in tier list but the 3 times this was used on me it won a game so it cant be that bad. I used it once and discovered exactly what I needed to fight back plus it enables combos. I think this is underated. Thief of Futures: A- Solid card and stats for rogue. You get some info and a card and it trades well. Master of Realities: A+ This is the other bonkers fudging insane card in the arena in my view. You dont kill this card immediately and you lose it makes hero power into random 3 drops. You play a bonemare and all the sudden you get a free deathwing. This will just win you games and its hard as hell to kill. Is it better than cavern dreamer? I will say no because dreamer comes down early but its close. This card is that good. Tier lists say fire elemental is still better than this but thats wrong I think. This card is just lol I win again mode. Stasis Elemental: B+ Really like this guy and its like you assassinated something till it dies which is fantastic. I froze a couple of 10/10s with this and opponent struggled because of it. Plus its an elemental and decent stats. Grasp the Future: B+ Its sort of a 0 cost spell as you get two discounts of two. That is as good as you think it is but its in a hero already with draw so this isnt as good as it would be for other heroes. Still solid though. Rift Warden: D- Bad card. Potential to really wreck yourself if your minion is transformed. Not a fan of this. Draconic Herald: B- Opponent knows something huge might be coming so this telegraphs it and they can prepare. Its still good but not as good as I thought it would be. Fatecleaver: A- Exceptional weapon. I had a guy use this on one of my dreamers and it made me instantly lose the game as I had 2 other dreamer in my hand and 2 in my deck. These are the types of decks that can rise in wins and as you face better and better decks this seems to get better and better as well. Enjoy the event its fun! Pick mage for the most rng fun or In my view best chance at 12 win run. Pick rogue or paladin if you want safe 5-8 win run. Pick shaman to wreck ppl with master of reality.Urza0 2d
2d Such Arena Skill Let me just tell you how I won my last arena game! I am Shaman, he is Mage. I'm at 7 health, opponent at 20. I am desperately topdecking to stay alive. I mustered all my skill and this is what happened: - Got Frothing Berserker from Master of Realities. - Got Rotten Applebaum from Master of Realities. - Mage plays Deck of Wonders that he got from Lesser Ruby Spellstone that he got from Cavern Dreamer #3. (Cavern Dreamers #1 and #2 were the only reason I hadn't won yet.) - Mage Freezes my board with Frost Nova that he got from Lesser Ruby Spellstone that he got from Cavern Dreamer #2. - I do nothing with my full frozen board. - Mage has Pyroblast in hand to kill me, but topdecks a Scroll of Wonder that casts Avenging Wrath on my board, killing my Applebaum that I got from Master of Realities and missing my face and I am healed to 11. - This really froths my Berserker, who is now a 10/4 capsule of death. - Mage finds this occurrence "Amazing." - Mage ropes until casting Pyroblast on my face, and I have exact lethal. I hope you all can appreciate the great amount of skill that went into turning around this game that I should have lost!Flame6 2d
2d skill 2 draft op cards go 1st & rng result? So um which three of the things i said actually makes up the skill of the player? Pay 150 gold see broken card pick broken u need a brain to actually function to know its busted and i should pick it? Probably not.. oh might i add terribly sucks to be you if you dont have enough broken cards Because the cards are on a high power level the who usually gets the advantage is the one that usually plays the broken card first... thats pretty obvious.. and who usually plays all or any broken cards first? The guy that draws the broken card but in a fair normal match up where u both have broken cards the one that plays it first for advantage is basically the player going first.... so who has control of that a coin flip Some how u navigate through that then the huge amount of rng happens ....5 mana ui 1 mana blizzard 2 Mana flamestrikes mct steals your best minion guy pulls death wing or op dragon so is any of that really in your control... nah not really? Its just a crapshow of rng fest where the high roller lucker scrub that might be worse than u plays worse than u makes more mistakes but gets carried hard by various horrible rng determined factors which u have no control over... horrible patch horrible event power creep super hard and basically once again blizzard no proper play testing complete garbage implementation. If this is properly play tested any monkey would know its busted and its not an excuse to say oh its just for fun... dude thats tavern brawl people invest real life money to buy ticket for arena or hard earnt gold the consumer should actually get a non busted rng high variance experience of skills not jokesWrathblade0 2d
2d Pls no more arena hotfixes Just watching how the winrates of the different classes changed in just a few days time and how the chances of drafting certain cards have changed as well, its only safe to asume that another hotfix happened (without anyone telling anything of course). So im gonna be honest with you.... The way i see it, every hotfix you do makes arena worse than what it was before. So pls, the mode is already dead, do something good for hs, respect your own game and leave it rest in peace. Do not vandalize its corpse any further. Its a shame.....TheChemist0 2d
2d Arena is rigged confirmed 5 games Arena with HearthArena guide and good drafting. I get 3 wins only I go 3-0 then I go lose 3 in a row. Rigged asf. I play against a guy who gets a perfect curve and plays frost lich jaina. GG. Next game I get players who have an answer to everything and I get bad draws and they snowball GG. BS game. If I pay 2.00$ for arena i would get a good draft, good legendaries, and queue with bad players and my reward would be bigger. TBH Lets be serious, Blizzard is a greedy company and want just $$. This game isn't only just P2W, it's P2W on all game modes. How sad.Yodelmeister27 2d
2d DELETE THE BUCKET SYSTEM 1st of all just to say something positive taverns of time is a good event. No it doesnt have balanced cards but you know, it keeps arena fresh. To our point now. You suggested you balanced arena right? Then why EVERY paladin i find has a silversword? Then why EVERY priest i find has a discover from amber? Then why EVERY mage i find has pyroblast? Guys tell me something... The bucket system works for about 3 months now. Have you seen positive feedback about that thing? I go to reddit and people rage. I come to hs forums and people keep on raging. You try to balance it and you make it even worse. Like seriusly what are you thinking? Dont let this thing be another deathknight situation that it took you 4 months to fix it. In case you havent noticed the majority of people are complaining about the terrible state of arena right now. Like pls im trying not to rage here but you guys are unbelievable....TheChemist24 2d
2d The 77.3 Classic Aggro Murozond Hunter. So, FINALLY I managed to draft an aggro deck. And I even got Murozond to top it off. 77.3 point Hunter. Easily the highest rated deck I have ever drafted. I only lost to a Paladin because I played like s**t that match. >< Other than that, this deck obliterated everything else in its path. If there was a chance for my opponents to come back, Murozond took it away. Speaking of....Infinite Wolf is definitely meant to be played with draw engines like Murozond and Possibility Seeker. I managed to get it to 13/13 in one match.AznaktaX0 2d
2d New mode with new luck? I don't know what it is or if blizzard just riggs it (joke) but every arena run is an opponent with answers off the top every turn every game, I can't play any card without them top decking an answer. Yea i'm upset over losing but not 1 game but about 5 arena runs have been like this.Ubba3 2d
2d New Mode gets old Quick High Variance High RNG every one of the majority of the cards have high RNG results that dictate the end match what a joke trash tierWrathblade13 2d
2d First time 12 wins! After playing on and off casually since blackrock, I’ve finally gotten 12 wins! I think I was extremely lucky to get a good draft and topdecks, so maybe this experience is unlikely to be repeated (my last arena run was last year). As a constructed midrange hunter, it was surprisingly easy to steamroll through the ToT arena, as some of the new cards are under-stated for their effects. The timeway wanderer (6/3 discover a spell) is easily dealt with by the eaglehorn bow or flanking strike. Since most higher win matches are against mage it doesn’t matter if they get a board clear because they have no minions to pair it with it. In the same way, cavern dreams have the perfect health for hunters to deal with, so those never stuck around for too long. The possibility seeker (4/5 shuffle) and wildlands adventurer (5/5 add a random card) die to infinite wolves and explosive shot, so my early drops are still pinging them for 4-5 dmg by turns 5/6. I’ve found chronoshot to be insanely good, as it acts as a pseudo silence + assassinate before turn 10. They are unlikely to play it if it’s not a taunt (I’ve only encountered 1-2 taunts per game at most), as too much tempo would be lost against hunter. Since it’s three mana, it also leaves room for playing another minion to further snowball the board. The bone drakes gave me onyxia several times, and it gave me late game as well as combo’d with necrotic geist/unleash. There always seemed to be a dragonslayer dropped the turn after in later games, reminding me of dr.boom and bgh back in the day. Surprisingly, the mana wraith paid off in quite a few games when dropped early on. As I didn’t have many low drops, it slowed down the game for a turn or two until I could play more expensive stuff. Since I had weapons and spells, the mana wraith was able to survive and deal about 6-8 dmg every time. The lone champion also activated often and helped me regain tempo on turn 4 if I played nothing in the first few turns. I was rather intimidated when my opponents were all mage and began sporting legend cardbacks at higher wins, but I simply out-tempo’d them and smacked them with the value late game. (I feel bad for that one mage who had to deal with 14 face dmg from a windfury + dark ironed tiger). Maybe this is a once in a blue moon draft, but I appreciate the chance to replicate the achievements of kripp and other dedicated hearthstone players.GrumpySquid2 2d
2d Your typical high wins Mage player. (2 pictures, scroll down) Coins out a killable 3 mana minion instead of pinging, then when they have a chance to redeem themselves, they somehow do an even worse play. That was at 10-1, folks. Can you imagine how bat-s**t insane their deck must have been for such a horrendous player to get that high? P.S. Spoilers: I won. I know, what a shocker.AznaktaX0 2d
3d Serious question. How many packs would have to buy to complete an entire gold collection? Assuming you dust everything you don't need to complete the golden collection? And what would that cost? On average? Someone, please?CallmeCrazy5 3d
3d How to make good pack in arena? How to make good pack in arena?mdmaShaman1 3d
3d Could we get arena special cards full art? blizzard press center not updated……hojony0 3d
4d Thanks, but nope Thanks for the free arena run, but I remembered why I don't do arena. I'd pay money for more dungeon run content though.KodgerTJ6 4d
4d Thanks Blizzard Said I lost contention to the severs but I was still able to talk to my group over discord and look at Reddit. Then the launcher takes forever to log me in and by the time it logs me back in I lost the round and ends my arena run.Spypie0 4d
4d Tot Card and class rating Neutral: Chromie:9 Infinite Murloc:6.5 Muruzond:9 Possibility Seeker:7 Stasis Dragon:7.5 Temporal Anomaly:7.5 Timebound Giant:8.5 Timeline Witness:7.5 Timeway Wanderer:8 Wildlands Adventurer:8 Druid: Flash Forward:5 Harbinger of Catastrophe:5 Hunter: Chronoshot:7.5 Infinite Wolf:7.5 Mage: Cavern Dreamer:9.5 Consider the Past:8 Paladin: Blessing of Aeons:7 Bronze Broodmother:7.5 Priest: Reminisce:8.5 Ripple in Time:8 Rogue: Deja Vu:8 Thief of Futures:8.5 Shaman: Master of Realities:8.5 Stasis Elemental:7.5 Warlock: Grasp the Future:7.5 Rift Warden:5 Warrior: Draconic Herald:7.5 Fatecleaver:8 Class ratings: Mage:8.5 Warlock:8 Rogue:8 Paladin:7.5 Priest:7.5 Hunter:7 Druid:7 Shaman:6.5 Warrior:6Rassy3 4d
4d what would happen ? If you're playing shaman Have on board (master of realities) the new card that transforms any minion you summon. You play an elemental. The next turn you play an elemental with a battlecry that activates on playing an elemental last turn (example Blazecaller). The transform happens after the battlecry but before the minion is played ? or the transform happens after the battlecry and after the minion is played ? SO ! Blazecaller battlecry will activate or not ?Pandour2 4d
4d Number of runs for Jun/Jul leaderboard Can a blue post confirm the no. of consecutive arena runs required for the leaderboard for this and next mth due to taverns of time release? Is it 30 runs regardless or 15/15 separately, or otherwise? Thanks in advance!Celeritas2 4d