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Sep 11 Arena Specifics Update 9.4 - 11/14/17 Death Knight Hero cards can no longer be drafted in Arena. Update 9.2 - 10/16/17 Vicious Fledgling can no longer be drafted in the Arena. The first two picks in an Arena draft are no longer more likely to include synergy-based cards. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve Class balance in the Arena, small appearance rate adjustments have been made to a number of Arena cards. Arena Rules - 8/31/17 Note: Neutral cards represent the baseline for all draft appearance rates. On average, Arena runs consist of 60% Common, 28% Rare, 10% Epic, and about 2% Legendary cards. Class minions are +100% more common than neutral cards. Class Spells and Weapons are +175% more common than neutral cards. Cards from the latest Expansion receive an additional +50% increase in their appearance rate. The following cards are unavailable in arena Jungle Giants, The Marsh Queen, Open the Waygate, The Last Kaleidosaur, Awaken the Makers, The Caverns Below, Unite the Murlocs, Lakkari Sacrifice, Fire Plume’s Heart, Klaxxi Amber Weaver, Dark Arakkoa, Cult Sorcerer, Hooded Acolyte, Twilight Darkmender, Blade of C’Thun, Usher of Souls, Ancient Shieldbearer, Twilight Geomancer, Disciple of C’Thun, Twilight Elder, C’Thun’s Chosen, Crazed Worshipper, Skeram Cultist, Twin Emperor Vek’lor, Doomcaller, C’Thun, Dust Devil, Totemic Might, Ancestral Healing, Windspeaker, Sacrificial Pact, Sense Demons, Faceless Summoner, Succubus, Savagery, Soul of the Forest, Mark of Nature, Warsong Commander, Rampage, Starving Buzzard, Timber Wolf, Snipe, Mind Blast, Lightwell, Purify and Inner Fire. Flamestrike, Abyssal Enforcer, and Vicious Fledgling appear in drafts 50% less often. Neutral cards from the Classic and Basic set appear 50% less often. Popular cards had small drop rate changes to address class balance concerns. We’re working to improve the Arena experience, and your feedback is always appreciated!Daxxarri101 Sep 11
Jul 6 Hearthstone Arena Pick Update In Update 10.4, we rolled out some significant changes to the Arena. Now we’ve had a chance to see the effects they’re having and read your feedback. We agree with the concern that many of you have expressed that there are slightly too many high powered cards appearing in Arena decks. Based on that, we recently implemented two changes to Arena picks via hotfix: • Legendary picks now appear less often. • Below average picks will now appear more often. We’re planning to keep a close eye on how these changes affect the Arena experience, so please let us know what you think. Thanks for your continued feedback, and we’ll see you in the tavern!Jesse Hill72 Jul 6
Jun 19 Arena Micro-Adjustment Update – June 20, 2018 Greetings! Micro-adjustment values for cards in Arena have been updated based on the recent performance of each class. This update excludes data from the ongoing Taverns of Time event. As explained in our recent blog, our goal is to even out win rates for each class, specifically for each to have a win rate close to 50%. Most classes have win rates within 1% of that target, but a few do not. This micro-adjustment update will do the following: • Druid and Paladin have been overperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been lowered. • Warrior and Priest have been underperforming, so the average quality of their Arena picks has been increased. We would also like to share some bucketing changes made specifically for Taverns of Time. You may have already noticed them in play. We see that you have been enjoying this Arena event and want to ensure you get the best experience you possibly can. Together with the micro-adjustment update above, some Taverns of Time cards have had their buckets changed to more closely match their effective power level. The following cards have been moved upwards in buckets: Cavern Dreamer Master of Realities Timeway Wanderer Timebound Giant Chromie The following card has been moved downwards in buckets: Timeline Witness Thank you all for your continued feedback. :) Cheers and GLHF!Jesse Hill0 Jun 19
Apr 18 Hotfix 11.0.1 Arena Changes In an upcoming hotfix currently targeted for release on Thursday, April 19 (PDT), we will be making the following changes to the Arena: • Adjusted the buckets for certain cards so that they appear alongside cards of a similar power level, mostly from The Witchwood and Kobolds and Catacombs. • Lowered the appearance rate of Rare cards slightly and raised the appearance rate of Basic/Common cards slightly. Epic and Legendary cards should appear at the same rate. • Very slightly raised the appearance rate of below average cards. These changes should adjust the overall power level of Arena so that it feels like the choices players are making in their drafting decisions are more meaningful. Our goal is to continue making improvements to the Arena as needed and communicate these changes to our players as they are implemented. Thank you for your continued feedback.Jesse Hill0 Apr 18
Aug 16, 2013 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Arena forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the Arena with your fellow combatants. Discuss your best deck-building strategies, epic winning streaks and your best Arena decks within – and learn the ropes from other Arena veterans! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Zeriyah0 Aug 16, 2013
35m Celebrate the Players quest Am I going to be stuck with this quest forever because all of my friend quit Hearthstone. Stop with this forced quest bull!@#$ that takes up one of your daily quest slots. So from now on im stuck with only 2 Daily Quest Slots 1 is forever taken over by this quest.Shuyin11 35m
4h MC, MC, MC, concede So Playing vs Priest - play a good early game and have a clear board into turn 10, priest is low on card count. I know i drafted a solid late game deck, have some good options. Play Big Minion 1 - He draws and plays MC Play Big Minion 2 - He draws and plays MC Play Big Minion 3 - He draws and plays MC Thanks HS see you in 12 months for another 1-2 games before shelfing again.Norridogg3 4h
13h Got my first 12 win arena! It was with warrior! Just wanted to share my excitement somewhere... Btw the only legendary I got was Marin the fox!Hdheggs4 13h
14h LOL @ Arena Forum Dead game is dead? I know this will get removed quick but cant believe first page of arena forums goes back to early October. Creating games for shareholders starting to backfire much?Norridogg1 14h
1d the luckiest unstable evolution combo This made me laugh very hard. What are the odds of this insanely lucky play? 1d
1d Really unlucky in arena lately... Ive been getting really unlucky, no multiples of great cards, and i get shafted with cards that have no synergy. Its been like this for the past 5 or so arenas ive played and its really discouraging me from playing anymore. This being said, I feel like there needs to be a change to how cards are drafted in arena. Its really based off luck and it just doesnt feel fair. One player will get the best cards and win, while the next will just get screwed with horrible cards. inb4 trolls/flaming.Dolador27 1d
3d Super Collider Why is this allowed in arena?Gendarme2 3d
3d Arena should be retitled to Clownshow. Cuz it's missing only actual clowncars. What a stupid game mode. First I can't choose the hero I want, then I get completely shafted in draft and just utterly steam rolled. Wtf is with you people and your bs rng unfun games? Why can't you just stop trying to eliminate the gap between skilled and unskilled players and make this (and most of your other game modes/games) more reliant on anything but rng luck? I mean this is called arena and people expect competition. It's not much of a competition when your opponent had better options starting in draft. How about getting rid of the RNG factor entirely in this game mode? Why not just give us real choices?Bennyreno11 3d
3d Bighugger little B Bighugger a little bitctuba3 3d
5d Frends helpЧакнористон0 5d
5d Such a fun game... yeahhhhh Opponent turn 3 plays minon mana crystal unstable evolution twice. Have no answer to clear the minon. Turn 4 for him unstable evolution 4 times for him. Game over. Such a fun f@g game... yeahhhhhhhWarren19941 5d
5d 1-drop, 2-drop, 3-drop, 4-drop, FUNGALMANCER! Arena mode summed up. Curvestone, Winmorestone. Go-second-and-losestone. I had so much fun! I cannot wait to play another exciting hearthstone arena match, guys!NeverLucky2 5d
5d Mind control tech needs to be removed Every time I try to do well in arena I end up getting destroyed simply because once I hit 4 minions the opponent plays mind control tech. It's extremely difficult to gain board control when you limit yourself to only 3 minions. Please remove mind control tech from arena drafting it is not needed and ruins the fun.RawrAzoids49 5d
5d Saving gold for arena runs? A lot of people have been saving gold for the new expansion so they can buy lots and lots of packs for a really good jumpstart when the new expansion comes out. So i was thinking, instead of saving gold to buy packs, would saving gold to play arena when the new expansion comes out be reasonable? Yeah its a lot slower than buying packs, at least you get a pack from the new expansion plus a few extra goodies with every run.biwO3 5d
6d Feeling real salty today Feeling Salty about discover and random cards today. Priest I was playing got Sindragosa from Bone Drake then steals my Bone Drake and gets Ysera..lost. Mage discovers two flamestrikes from Arcane Dynamo...lost. Paladin gets Tirion Fordring from Stonehill and Ysera from Bonedrake...lost. Realize this goes my way sometimes too but it is such an awful way to keep losing. It feels so baaaaaaaaad and not fun and I love Arena. They need to do something to tone down the power of the random cards/discover in Arena. It just sucks. Discover is just awful sometimes. Going to just pick random card generation in all my drafts from now on...really seems like your best chance to win time and time again. You end up with better cards when you choose cards like Bone Drake, Stonehill, and dynamo....basically never turn those choices down.DeadlyKitten3 6d
Nov 7 This community tho... You're all cancer. Show me how cancerous you are.Pontius2 Nov 7
Nov 6 Feedback: Too much rng I lost the last game with my 8-2 druid deck to a mage that got twisting nether off of a Kabal Courier, which was the only way he would win. I don't think there is anything more frustrating for a hearthstone player than getting punished by extreme rng. There is no way anyone would play around that, because for one, the odds of getting that particular card is very low, and two, it's not even a mage class card. It's really demoralizing when you play a game perfectly and get punished by a clown fiesta of rng. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped supporting hearthstone expansions that release heavy rng based cards. My feedback to the HS devs would be to make cards that replicate the early hearthstone experience of actual strategy and minimal rng.Hardtimes9 Nov 6
Nov 5 The worst feeling in Hearthstone... 6 wins, 75 gold. *sigh*Lascellius11 Nov 5
Nov 5 WTF am i supposed to do Arena gives me crap, like wtf am I supposed to do with two green jellies, which were my BEST OPTIONS.AnimeFood2 Nov 5
Nov 5 New Player Advice for Arena Greetings, I am a somewhat new player. I had about three arena runs so far, with varying results, which are as follows. 4-3 6-3 0-3 I did the last one while high, so don't mind me. What I wanna ask is how would I go infinite in arena? As in, how many wins do I need to average in order to have 150 gold after each run?AnimeFood1 Nov 5
Nov 2 Dual Class up 1600 gold in this event!? What works what doesn't!? How is everyone else doing!? curious to know?? and what have u found that works for you and what doesnt? i find warrior/priest first pick with a ping class druid mage rogue has been very profitable what about you guys? ive found that your paying a premium for mage ping and u get really bad mage buckets as for first pick it doesn't matter 2 much unless you want their hero power on the 2nd pick... ive found hunter pally anything as a first pick usually works as long as u get a ping class to follow up it's nice way to spice things up but def warrior first if u're given the opportunity it just carries 5+ wins runs easily please leave thoughts and comments cheers!Wrathblade28 Nov 2
Nov 2 Carnivorous Cube What are the rules with Cubes??? Just finished a druid arena run with a cube. After eating a druid of the claw in taunt form I assumed I will get 2 4/4 minions without transformation. But after it was killed it spawned 2 4/6 minions with taunt. In a later game the cube has eaten an Ancient of War in taunt form. So I assumed it would be the same as with the druid of the claw. But this time it spawned 2 5/5 minions without taunt and my opponent killed me. Can someone explain that?strazzo2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Free Arena Coaching (5-time leaderboard) if anyone is interested in some free coaching, ill be streaming the next 84 hours and most days 4-8 pm central at Edit:for clarity here is from my description Free Coaching Free arena coaching to anyone who is following. I would suggest you try to use Hearth Arena or we can skype screen share to help you draft and i can observe you and explain plays for you for a few games. 7th win Challenge Everyone knows the most important win in an arena run is the 7th win. If you are at 6 wins, give me your battle tag, I will observe your match and do my best to wizard you to your 7th win. if this is against tos can the mod please just delete this and not ban me.TeamAmerica1 Nov 2
Nov 1 Is arena better now? I haven't played in months, is arena still okay?Ropemaster9 Nov 1
Nov 1 new Even idea No cards with texttuba0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Shut down Halloween Arena on Halloween Night? Subject says it all... Why not let it go until tomorrow morning?Fingerblast2 Nov 1
Nov 1 Holy smokes The Boomship into Rotface, Stormwatcher, and Omega Defender. Rotface spawns Al'Akir to clear my board with watcher. What. Just. What.EBSnike1 Nov 1
Oct 31 When's arena coming back? When will arena be coming back? Hopefully soon! Wanted to play it today.MaddB1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Too late to start a new dual class arena? When do they disable Arena signups before the dual class event ends? Anyone know if they are already disabled? I want to get one more run in if i can.Angelbaby1 Oct 31
Oct 29 How to fix arena Step one: HALT the practice of influencing draft rates. Arena's bread and butter was minion-to-minion combat, this NEEDS to be the case again. Stop shoving spells into players' drafts. Step two: make it permanently wild. It's fun randomly picking from 1000+ cards. At the very least create second arena mode with these conditions met.DonGiovanni6 Oct 29
Oct 29 Remove Pyroblast from Arena With all the card generating cards mage has it is impossible to play around everything. How is it fair that they can burst down 1/3 of my life in 1 turn and I realistically cannot play around it all the time because of all the crazy generation effects and the fact that it's epic so why would I play around it a lot when if I don't the opponent can just out tempo me? They need to revise the amount of tools mage has in arena it's actually ridiculous.PenRobber10 Oct 29
Oct 28 12 - 1 With double Supercollider Warrior Managed to get two Supercolliders for Warrior... One of my easiest 12 win runs so far. The card is stupidly OP in arena. Only loss was against shaman. I died to fatigue card number 3. He had three Volcanos. Alakir and loads of Elementals. I did not draw the Supercolliders until I had less than 15 cards left in deck. The run before this was 12 wins with Warlock. My first back to back 12 win runs =) Here is the deck... Eternium rover Faithfull lumi Omega assembly Amani Berserker Rocket boots Warpath Fiery war axe Hyldnir frostrider Mind control tech Mountainfire armour Spring rocket Stonehill defender Thunder lizzard Chillwind yeti Dread corsair Steel rager Witchwood piper Brawl Dyn-o-matic Giggling inventor Guild recruiter Nesting roc Silver hand knight Sunborn val'kyr 2x Supercollider Reckless rocketeer Furious Ettin 2x Bonemare Good and balanced deck. Few bad cards in there too but over ally pretty good. Brawl and Mind control tech didn't too much. Giggling gave targets to Bonemares. Without that the deck would have been lot worse. Omega assembly is great for slower deck like this one. Fun run =)Heretic19 Oct 28
Oct 27 Remove "Spreading Plague" and "Defile" This cards give a great advantage to player. It would be nice to ban this cards for pick.Liennas1 Oct 27
Oct 27 Arena sucks This mixed class arena sucks more !%*####% than my neighbors daughter.Manplums784 Oct 27
Oct 26 Бесплатный билет на арену Мне не дали бесплатный проход на арену на этой неделе. Что делать?HappyAHtion3 Oct 26
Oct 26 Wtf is Blizzard doing with Arena? So let me get this straight. First Blizzard nerfed the gold and cards received as Arena rewards and now they change the drafting system so that it's much harder to draft a decent, synergetic deck and go beyond 6 wins... In what world does making Arena essentially harder, while nerfing the rewards, make any sense? I wouldn't mind the new drafting system so much, as long as the rewards were equal to the challenge. Now unless you are a stellar Arena player, you have no real reason to play Arena, since breaking even is much more difficult and you risk running out of gold eventually. Remember back when you could actually make some decent gold in Arena? Well !@#$ F2P players.Varthalabau5 Oct 26
Oct 26 This is one of the worst Arena's Every deck feels the exact same. I mean losing to rng every game sure is fun and all but when the opponent plays 3 giggling inventors and funglemancers a game it makes arena feel cheap. Also the cards that are given are usually garbage. The only thing you get to chose from are 3 horrible cards you would never want or 3 cards you desperately need but can only get 1 in the deck. If i try to make a deck that uses deathrattles i will get only i card that activates deathrattles in the beginning and then never get a deathrattle choice again. Someone really needs to fix the algorithm to the cards given cause you cant make even a slightly cohesive deck. The big problem with this is that all you do is just get a couple funglemancers and giggling inventors and you pretty much win most of the games. Its not fun or challenging. Arena feels more braindead than ever before.soriku24 Oct 26
Oct 25 Arena Is back to Aggro! Yup After giggling nerf etc Arena is back to aggro don't bother with drafting cards just go full aggressive unless u have AOE u don't need 30 cards you usually use about 10 cards and the game is over Horray for win more cards! Horray for going first Horray For win more cards! Horray for Death Speaker Fungalmancer Scalebane Bonemare ! Horray for Neutral Rush Stone!Wrathblade1 Oct 25
Oct 24 Dust who the f@#! in their right mind made dust a arena reward its worse then 5 gold increments.tuba5 Oct 24
Oct 23 Does mage ruin aren 4 straight lossess to mage while getting hit with 25 hard removal spells. In two of those games it was 7 straight turns of it. I guess I missed the part where that is fun.Panda2 Oct 23
Oct 23 See a warlock = Insta conceed? Recently I've had a lot of trouble dealing with warlock opponents. If your deck isn't fast enough to rush them down, or they get a good curve, you have virtually no chance due to their hero power's value. I actually have never done this before, but usually at the start of the game if I see gul'dan (or mecha jaraxxus or Nemsy or whatever) as my opponent, if I'm not also a warlock, I consider conceeding if my curve isn't really on point. Now because I know blizzard can't like nerf warlock or anything because of this, I propose warlocks be placed primarily against only warlocks if possible. Feel free to leave your thoughts down below.Echo2 Oct 23
Oct 22 Looking for helpful videos to watch Fairly new and battling arena player here, my best is 4 wins. Usually get 1 or 2. I've read a fair few people recommend that new arena players should watch some videos. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations? Or even just other tips in general on how to improve a little?Jase4224 Oct 22
Oct 22 Same arena bucket crap. Doesnt matter about dual class because the bucket system has things so busted you wont get offered anything that synergizes or works well between either class. Wouldn't you know it. Neutral cards are still king. Lost all my arenas to fungle mancers and wasnt offered one in 3 drafts straight. Ridiculous tempo and turn 1 advantage making any chance at coming back or controlling completely irrelevant. I dont know what is going on with all the neutral discover either but for it being multi class it needs to offer more then just your first hero selection. Tldr is that forget drafting what's good for the hero class and stick to neutral tempo and stats. If you are fortunate enough to be offered the win more cards you will make it to 7 wins. If you dont have anything you shouldn't even bother to play the draft. Just retire it so you save yourself from breaking your PC or phone. So disappointed in this event after all the hype. Not to mention GG on balancing that brawl too. I swear they dont even care about events anymore they just crap the stuff out and people gobble it up.LoFaT5 Oct 22
Oct 22 Arena is wretched It's such a crap system that they need to give it out for free in order to trick people into playing it. I really hope the creators get some new blood with half an interesting idea to mix up the stagnant gameplay.Eranos2 Oct 22
Oct 21 Balance Update in the Middle of Arena Event Why was this change made during your special arena invite for Hallows end? I have already drafted my arena deck, made decisions on cards based on the mana for the cards when drafted. Now my deck is changed in the middle of arena. I don't normally play arena much, but I am very disappointed to take lots of time to do a draft then have cards I have drafted change in midstream. You should have timed the balance update if you wanted to give a better arena experience to many in your player base.Ugpaw2 Oct 21