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14h Recruit A Friend Sign Up Here! The Innkeeper wants you! First, read up on Recruit A Friend! You can create your own Recruit A Friend link on the site. If you're a Recruiter, feel free to leave your Recruit A Friend link in this thread. If you're a newer player with fewer than 20 levels across all your Hearthstone Heroes, you can accept someone's invitation by clicking one of the links posted below! You'll receive a free Classic Hearthstone pack for becoming someone's recruit! You can also leave your Battletag so your Recruits can add you as a friend to knock out those spectator and friend quests! Enjoy, and we'll see you in the Tavern!Daxxarri1065 14h
Aug 10 Unofficial Hearthstone Glossary Greetings! I made this post long ago in the general forums during beta and it never got stickied. It has since gone the way of the dodo. Well, I figured it might be helpful for folks here so I thought i'd repost it. Please post if you have any questions or see errors or mistakes I can correct and I'll happily update this. Also feel free to request a sticky since I think this can be helpful for a wide range of players. Hope you enjoy! --A-- Achievement - An in-game acknowledgement of a certain accomplishment, such as winning 100 matches or unlocking all basic cards. Each one usually offers a one-time reward. Adjacent - The minions that are directly next to a certain minion, on both sides. Arcane Dust - A material generated by disenchanting cards, or won in arena play, that is used to create new cards. Area of Effect (AoE) - An action that is applied to multiple characters simultaneously, usually without targeting any of them directly or specifically. Armor - Protection against attacks, which is removed by damage before health is lost. There is currently no known maximum value for armor. Attack - The process of having a character deal damage to another character based on attack values. Attack (Value) - "How much damage [something] deals." The attack value of a minion is displayed at the bottom-left corner, while attack values for heroes are given by weapons, hero powers, or other spells. --B-- Battlecry - "Does something when you play it from your hand." These effects only occur when a minion is summoned from a player's hand, therefore they are not triggered by resurrection effects or changes in owner. Battlefield - Middle portion of the game board, split into two sides, where minions exist once summoned. Each player can only have up to 7 minions on their side at any time. BM - Stands for "Bad Manners". Is used to refer to players who drag out a turn when they already have lethal damage, or spam emotes. BM isn't always "bad", and can viewed as playful. --C-- Card - A spell, minion, or weapon in a player's deck or hand. Each deck can only have up to 2 of any particular card in it, except for Legendaries (see Rarity), which have a limit of 1 per deck of each. Character - Term used to indicate both minions and heroes, used on card text to indicate that an effect can be used against minions and/or heroes. Charge - "Can attack immediately." This eliminates the usual one-turn delay on minion activity (see Exhaustion). Coin - A bonus card only given to the player who goes second at the start of a match. It provides one extra mana on one turn and counts as a spell. Combo - "A bonus if you already played a card this turn." Any card previously played in a turn triggers the combo, but a combo effect can only happen once and is not an additive effect based on playing more cards (unless otherwise noted, e.g. Edwin VanCleef). Controller - The player who currently has a minion on his/her side of the battlefield is that minion's controller. Certain cards let players take control of a minion, moving it from the opponent's side to their side of the battlefield. This does not trigger Battlecry effects. Cost - The amount of mana that must be spent to play a card. It is indicated at the top-left corner of every card. Counter - "A card that is countered has no effect." Currently only used by the Mage card Counterspell. Crafting - Creating cards from Arcane Dust. The cost to make a new card depends on its rarity. --D-- Damage - Removing a certain amount of health from a character. The term "direct damage" is often used to refer to targeted, rather than AoE (see Area of Effect), effects. Deathrattle - "Does something when it dies." This effect is triggered by death due to loss of health and outright destruction (see Destroy), but is lost when a minion with deathrattle is transformed (see Transform). Deck - The collection of 30 cards a player can draw from during the course of a match. It is located at the right side of the battlefield during a match, and typically includes cards from a specific hero and neutral minions. Deck Types - These are terms often used to refer to decks that have certain themes or play styles. Examples include: Rush Deck - Designed to defeat an opponent quickly, often by bringing out many small minions during the early game. Control Deck - Designed to let the player last a long time, and gain a late game advantage to defeat an opponent. Mill Deck - Designed to make the opponent draw more cards than can effectively be used, and defeat the opponent through damage and fatigue (see Fatigue). Murloc/Pirate Deck - Designed around a particular type of minion, such as murlocs or pirates, and victory usually relies on synergy between these minions. Defeat - When one player reaches zero health, and the opponent has at least one health, then he or she is defeated. A defeat rewards less experience to a hero than a victory. Destroy - Removing a minion from the battlefield without dealing any numerical damage, so the removal ignores effects like Divine Shield and Immunity. Discard - Taking a card from a player's hand and removing it from the game without it ever having an effect. This is often done if a player has too many cards in his or her hand, or due to effects from other cards. Disenchanting - Destroying a card to gain arcane dust. The amount of dust granted through disenchanting depends on card rarity, though gold cards give more dust than normal versions. Divine Shield - "The first time this minion takes damage, ignore it." It's important to note that the shield will not protect against effects that destroy a minion without dealing numerical damage. Draw - Taking a card from a player's deck and placing it in that player's hand. This is done with one card at the start of every turn, and can occur as the result of other cards and effects. Durability - A value that indicates how many times a weapon can be used to attack. Each attack typically removes one durability. It is displayed at the bottom-right of a weapon. --E-- Enemy - During a match, enemy characters are the hero and minions on the opposite side of the battlefield, owned by the opponent player. Enrage - "While damaged, this minion has a new power." Note that the enrage effect is only active when the minion has less than maximum health, and healing to full health removes the enrage effect. Exhaustion - The condition a minion has only on the turn it is summoned, which prevents it from attacking - sometimes also called "summoning sickness" by players (see Charge for an exception). Experience - An intangible reward granted to players at the end of a match. Experience is used to gain levels, and the amount rewarded to players is directly proportional to the length of a match. --F-- Fatigue - Damage dealt when a player must draw a card, but has no deck to draw from, often at the start of a turn. It is additive for each time a player must draw without a deck to draw from: 1 damage the first time, 2 damage the second time, 3 damage the third, etc. Freeze - "Frozen characters lose their next attack." Frozen heroes cannot attack with weapons, but can play cards and use hero powers. The freeze effect lasts until the start of the next turn of the player of the spell or minion that freezes the target - this means that an attacking minion that becomes frozen, will unfreeze at the start of the next turn. Friendly - Term used to refer to the hero and minions that you own on the battlefield, as opposed to enemy characters on the other side. --G-- Game Options - Different ways in which a player can play a match in Hearthstone. The three basic types are: Arena - A play mode in which a player chooses from 3 pre-selected heroes and creates a deck, one card at a time, from a random draft. Constructed Play - The term used for matches in which players use either basic decks or ones they have constructed ahead of time. This includes both Ranked and Casual play. Practice - A play mode in which a player is matched against a non-player opponent, controlled by the game itself. Game Phases - The part of a match that two players are currently in. While other games often have multiple phases that occur each turn, in Hearthstone these terms are generally used to indicate how far along a match has progressed. The three most common phases are: Early Game - The first few turns for each player, usually lasting until about the 4th mana crystal has been created. Mid Game - The time when a player has between 4 and 8 mana crystals. Late Game - The turns when a player has enough mana to use pretty much any card, usually with 8+ mana crystals available. Gold - Currency used to buy packs of cards and enter the arena (see Game Options). Gold is earned by winning matches and completing quests. Gold Card - Copies of cards with bold borders and special animations on them. They are visually different from normal versions, but are identical in terms of effect, cost, health, attack, and durability values. Continued below...Raz53 Aug 10
Apr 12 New to Hearthstone? These videos may help! If you haven't installed Hearthstone yet, we've made a YouTube video that will show you how: How to install Hearthstone In short, you'll need to install the App first, then you'll be able to install Hearthstone from the App. You can also get to our downloads page by clicking EXPLORE at the top of the page, and then Game Client Downloads. New to Hearthstone and having trouble obtaining cards? Our fantastic Blizzard Customer Service folks have created a new video to teach you how to obtain cards, how to navigate your collection and how to use Crafting Mode! You can watch it here!Zeriyah60 Apr 12
Feb 24 New Player Guides Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone New Players Tavern! This was created to be a safe place for those of you just starting out and wondering what a Battlecry is, or how exactly Stealth works. Here we will gather guides designed to help newer players, and we are always looking for more! Below are a couple of guides to get you started, but if you know of any others, or if you are planning on writing one yourself, let us know! Developer Blogs Tips for Hearthstone by Mike Donais - This blog covers some basic concepts in deck building and gameplay. Official Guides - These official guides will get you started with the basics. How to Play Basics and Play Tips Facebook Getting Started Guide Video Guides Trump Teachings - Introduction Trump Teachings - Board Control with Mage Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Mana Efficiency with Druid Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Fearless Tapping with Warlock Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Fearless Hitting with Rogue Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Favorable Trading with Shaman Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Card Advantage with Priest Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - When to Face with Hunter Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Weapons Hold with Warrior Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - The Long Game with Paladin Basic Deck Guide New Player Guide - by Kripparrian New Players – These guides start from the basics, including commonly used game terms, what cards to choose, and why to choose them. Tips for Those Just Starting Out by Daerbon Hearthstone 101: Beginner Handbook by TheWaterBoiler and Rafajafar Hearthstone Overview: Heroes, Common Effects and Exclusive Cards by Vincent The Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone by Khalanil Unofficial Hearthstone Glossary by Raz A Beginner’s Guide to HS Terms by Hayl_Storm A Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone Mechanics by MoonBear Hearthstone for Beginners (Guide and Resource) by cgmcnama An Updated Guide to Deck Types by Con's Free to Play Survival Guide 2.0 by Con Constructed Deck Building – These guides are for players who know the basics, and want to try something new. Budget Un'Goro Deck Lists by Evident Aidan's Free To Play Budget Decklists by Aidan Hearthstone: How To Build A Deck by Vlad Starting Stone #1: Six Steps to an Ultimate Deck by curi Starting Stone #2: The Best Free Neutral Cards by curi Deck Builder by Hearthhead Crafting – These guides are for when there is a specific card you want, and how to determine which cards to disenchant. Beginner's Guide to Crafting Legendaries by Hearthstoneplayers Hearthstone Crafting Guide by Messiah Advanced Concepts How To Improve Your Ladder Performance by Stonekeep Core Concept Breakdown: Tempo by Jakadasnake A Guide to Odd Hearthstone Mechanics by Jagos How to Avoid Overextending How to Hit Legend in Hearthstone by Zhandaly Have a guide of your own to share with the community? Send it to Feb 24
Mar 11, 2014 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft New Player Tavern! Before you begin posting we’d like you to understand a few things about how to post here, what’s appropriate to post, as well as how to best use these forums. Please read and be aware of the Code of Conduct and the forum posting guidelines. These will ensure that we can all enjoy discussing games with one another. Posting To get started you’ll need a BattleTag. This is a name you choose that identifies you throughout all Blizzard games. If you currently play World of Warcraft, Diablo III, or StarCraft II you probably already have one. If you participated in the Hearthstone beta, that license counts as well. If you do not play any of these games, you’ll want to visit, log in to your existing account (or create a new one), and then choose to create a BattleTag on the left. You will also need a game license attached to the account, even if it’s just a Starter Edition. If you’ve just created your BattleTag and/or attached a game license you may need to wait a short while before being able to post. Learn more about BattleTags here! Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the forum page is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. 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Serious violations will still have the appropriate action taken against them as documented in the Code of Conduct, and we do keep track of these cool down periods separately—if one is found to be repeatedly violating policy, appropriate action will be taken.Keganbe0 Mar 11, 2014
40m Add Friends Here! For any new players out there wandering on this post, here's a bit of a rundown as to what this simple post is for. This post is to help other players communicate with others in a simple way, by just posting their battle tags on this forum and adding other players who do so! It's a very simple and easy way to add friends. So if you ever have a quest such as: "Play with a friend for 80 Gold!" or "Spectate a friend for a free card pack!" Then this is your go to! So just simply post and add battle tags! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're new to this post, it would be most effective to jump to the very last page and find friends there, many people who had posted have unfortunately become unactive, so if you're looking for more active players, newest and recent pages and posts are the best way to go.Tyson6154 40m
2h Double health and make attack equal to health combo I've seen this priest combo twice today. It's a very cheap combo and late game it can make a good minion into a monster that can win the game in 2 hits unless you are lucky to have Hex or similar card. Is this combo really OP, because it seems that if they provoke you into using your Hex on another big minion, this combo is auto win. Last game was lost to 14-10 Core Hound. Because I had to use my peacekeeper on their Stormwind champion. Considering how cheap this combo is, it is ridiculous.vOverseeR10 2h
6h why no counter play cards ? hey im new are there any cards that i can play during the opponents turn ? like a counterspell card from Magic ? or a trap card from YuGiOh ?Prettyflacka2 6h
9h Do i need to spend money? Hi guys i just started to play this game today but i really like to reach high ranks. For now i just make my mage level 11 and unlock all classes. My question is, is this game like Clash Royale? Do i need legendaries? In my country dollar and euro is very expensive so what if i spend 15 bucks? Can i get legends? Btw i read that blizzard gave free legend to everybody who login 1 weeks ago. Unfortunately i just started this day. I also read in 21th they gave us 3 packs. Will that packs contain 1 guranteed legend card?SertAdam05 9h
10h Balance sucks for new players No balance for new players I only have 10/20 basic cards and I am placed with people with a ton more cards and legendary's. If your a new player and not planing on spend a ton of money this might not be for you. Terrible game experience.Tyreal16 10h
10h Hearthstone is such a broken game for people coming back First you have zero meta cards to be competitive what so ever. Second when you finally get a deck that sorta almost okay you get RNG f*ed on card draw for like the next 7 games. Third when you pay for cards from the shop you only get sympathy timer cards and they are 100% garbage all the time. Fourth the new Boomsday Wizbang will not solve these issues. I can't even make it past 4 stars in rank 20 I guess thats what I get for not playing for years. I really wish Blizzard would be more willing to move some of these broken mechanics cards to wild faster. It would make it much better for people coming back to this game.Solduios38 10h
11h Losing Interest I began playing this game prior to summer beginning, and enjoyed it for a while. However, I've been in a bad luck streak and I'm just losing all hope for this game. Any time I think I create a good deck, I'm beaten into the ground and think that my deck is horrible. With this bad streak of losses, I wanna quit the game for good, just because it's so difficult and frustrating with these matches. Can't even get more packs often enough from Arena or the current Tavern Brawl event because of how many players have great luck with picks or "meta" decks. The only reason I keep playing is that I bought the starter pack for the game, and I want to make the most out of any games I make any purchase for. Can anyone spark my interest back into this game as the same day I first begun playing this?FrostyDog1171 11h
11h Why does this game have to be so terrible to new players I hate playing this game. The only reason I play it is because all my friends do. It take me hours to complete quests. I just played 10 standard games in a row and couldn't get a single win. I can't build a deck to keep pace with anyone because I need legendaries to do so. I can't upgrade my hero power or spam out Shudderwocks and I can't get the cards to do so. It would cost me hundreds of dollars just to have a halfway decent chance of getting the legendaries from the newest expansion. All I want to do is win games, but the progression system in Hearthstone only rewards players that can win with a huge disadvantage, players that are already established and can build halfway decent decks, or players that throw down hundreds of dollars.ArmokGoB65 11h
14h Tavern brawl stole my pack First the new expansion made some class insane at wiping board, I build the board 5 times in a role with mini mobs and enemy just aoe every time. Overpowering deck only those who splash with cash could build. Then after 3 lost, they show that I got 1 pack, before I open the pack it vanish, kick me out of screen.SmileyRambo0 14h
1d Need help w/ my deck Hi, I'm a new player looking for someone to just have a look at my deck to tell me how I can improve it so it wins more matches. Here is the deck code: # Class: Warrior # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven AAECAQcUFtgBnAKhAoUD/wP8BJ4FkQaKB+8H/wfZCvkKlg2XwQK8wwL27ALF8wKQ9gIFHJEDiwT7BJ4JAA==Oofof8 1d
1d New Players 1st craft Whizzbang? Won't Whizzbang legendary massively change the NPE? Shouldn't the new advice to brand new players after Boomsday release be craft Whizzbang legendary as you 1st card ASAP. Because it gives you access to complete decks for all classes which makes dailys considerably easier and you get loads of variety / access to cards you may never have in your collection. Plus even through the decks are not tier decks, rank 15 or so should be possible with them. Its much better then dusting most of your cards to make just 1 deck for 1 class...Bob14 1d
2d Dear blizzard As a new player it would be nice to play against other new players not people who’ve been playing a long time, or people that spent millions of dollars on cards. I’m banging my head on the desk trying to make sense outta this... and my head hurts right now.... so beer time till I find something else to play, so I can stop banging my head. All seriousness how can new people learn if they are killed off in mins..Ninjii14 2d
2d F2P New Player Video Series Been catching up on this series and just saw two episodes SO APPROPRIATE to the new player experience that they really need to be given greater visibility here. Whether you are F2P, P2W, or even a filthy casual. The two episodes are #13: Tiltception and #14: Mage Rises Again from Jonius' F2P Video Series. The typical response I've seen to "ladder tilt" generally involves running here to post topics about OP decks, requests for card nerfs, labeling HS as P2W, or even drafting "I quit" posts. It was very interesting to see someone else get a bit heated about lower rank ladder play and then witness their response... adapt, overcome, and eventually succeed past their wall. Very appropriate viewing for any newer players wanting to witness how others handle rough waters. Here are the vid links: Thanks Jonius!Viktoras2 2d
2d Newbie Needs help So this may seem really stupid but I cannot find how to switch from standard play. I kept seeing this win five more games to get a chest and I kept winning games in standard and it wasnt changing. Then I looked it up and to get that you have to play ranked mode. I cannot find it for the life of me, saw a few months ago they took it down and maybe it still isnt up yet? If anyone could be detailed and help guide me how to switch to ranked and some tips that would be fantastic! Thanks :DCaitTheGreat2 2d
2d A little disappointed but, still having fun Hello guys! So, I made a Inner Fire Aggro Priest looking to breach the dreaded Rank 19 wall. I tweaked the deck. I play the deck. I learn the deck. I modify the deck. I test the deck (casual). and, it goes as expected. Solid 5 out of 7 victories. Then, we jump to Ranked. I win 3 matches. I was at one more match to pass to Rank 18. I lose... to a Shudderwock deck. So, I stopped playing a while and waited a little longer. I went at it again. I lost again... to a Quest Warrior. I left some time to play more casual (keep learning the ropes). I jumped back in. Won 2 matches. I'm at 1 win to pass to Rank 18. I lost... TO ANOTHER SHUDDERWOCK DECK. So, I know this game is "git gud" but, it sucks a little to see that, when you are right at the edge to progress, the game matches you unfairly. Just that. Happy Hearthstone!DrakeWolf1 2d
3d Recruit Recruit me 3d
3d Recruit friends Please recruit me I'm on a lot this is my 2cnd account 3d
3d Need Friends in Hearthstone. Need Friends in Hearthstone. Battletag: LitChava#6712 Region: NA Usual Play Times: Random! Level of Experience: beginner Preferred Heroes: trying all heroes at the moment I’m Looking For: just people to play with, To learn from and to do quest.LitChava117 3d
3d Learning everyday. How about this deck... Hello there! I'm still new at HS and looking for a good deck to hit at least Rank 15 during this season. at the moment I got to Rank 19 with 5 stars but, as soon as I go for that next rank, I get paired with a Shudderwock Shaman or a Hadronox. This is my current deck. It is little and weak but it does the job (until Rank 19 that is) Here's the link:;42:1;74:1;192:1;232:1;315:1;368:1;401:1;431:2;547:2;554:1;600:2;671:2;55456:2;55529:1;55542:1;55584:2;62851:1;62870:1;62882:2;62901:1;89390:1;89467:1; Feel free to comment and suggest new cards. I don't have a lot of dust but there's a Marin the Fox I can dust. Happy Hearthstone!DrakeWolf7 3d
3d Question have SOLO ADVENTURES. Help How do people have more adventures then me on solo adventures? I seen a twitch streamer have an adventure story that i did not have being "One Night in Karazhan" also one more question. How do thee rotations for cards work ? Are they free on standard and payed for on wild?Egg4 3d
4d Returning player having issues Returning player here. The last time I had played consistently, I had just cleared the Kara solo missions. Now I return to the game and tried out Icecrown and can’t even make it passed Marrowgar. On top of that I’m getting spanked in casual games time and time again. Most of my heroses are still barely above level 10, asides from my mage being level 26. Any tips for someone who already knows most of the basics? I really like the game but zero progression through playing casual games as well as solo really kills my drive to continue. Thanks in advance!Ultima3 4d
5d What should I do now So I am almost finished with getting all classes to level 10.And I am wondering what to do after I finish.I have 3 legendaries Priest's DK Blodmage And a Dr boom hero cardGordijus6 5d
5d looking for some group to learn hello, i want to be in a group or add me as a friend, i want to learn more of this game . i need some help with decks region : america if you have some discord group to talk or send info of decks agucho24#1600agucho240 5d
5d i wanna unlock morgl the oracle can some one help me do this by making a alt for this?Jediwag4 5d
6d Help with beginners booms day deck I don't know if this to much of an ask, but could somebody help me to build a mech deck with the cards I have in my collection? I've been watching videos, but still doesn't get a grip of it. Maybe I have to few cards? Here's my collection: Or if anyone knows of a program or site where you can create decks for free based upon your collection? Iv'e tried HSreplay but you have to pay. Kind regards,Machomayhem5 6d
6d Helpful Websites? Hello everyone! I'm a rather new player to Hearthstone. I would like to get some suggestions for my deck(cards to switch etc.) But yeah, I don't know where to look for help, does any of you know a website or something that could do this? I did do a google search, and I am familiar with many hearthstone deck websites and other such as hsreplay etc, but I don't want to showcase my deck(I can show my deck, but I mean it's not that good so I don't want to showCASE it). Thanks!Halpu1 6d
6d F2P New Player series: How to Survive I've been planning to start a new player YouTube series, especially as the Witchwood released and a lot of new/returning players were coming in. Some were able to learn for themselves and eventually catch up, others were looking for information that was just not easy to find, or was outdated. Today I start the beginning of that, this is a series where I take a new account and see what the new player experience is like if you're starting out during The Witchwood era. I hopefully offer some insight and tips along the way. Here is the first episode: I'm looking for feedback on whether beginner stuff like the tutorial and playing against AI be skipped/fast forwarded. Or would you rather watch the full thing with my commentary? The full version is addressed towards those newer players, however for those already familiar to the game, most of it you will already know. If you'd like to help, I can also release the next episodes unlisted for you to critque on before I publish them. Playlist: 6d
6d Game Is Extremely Hard to Get Into Hello! I just started playing the game recently and it is so hard to get into. I have no cards to make a deck with and everyone I’m partnered with seems to have tons of cards to make decks with. I understand that this is the nature of a game that’s been out for a long time, but it’s really the right time to have some kind of welcome gift to new players since the game has been out for so long. Maybe some dust to help craft cards? Maybe Increased quest rewards? I feel like I would have to buy $100 to even be able to compete with anyone. It’s super disheartening. Most games that have an established user base need some way to incentivize new users to come and play, but this game doesn’t have any.Mikikaoru2 6d
6d question about rank So i been playing ranked mode. I have a jade mid range shaman. I am stuck between 19-18 rank. Yes that is a noob. I have 26 wins and a random number of losses. I assume i have about 21 losses. So is rank a factor of skill or is it a factor of grinding ? I notice when ever i win 3 games before i get 3 losses i get a bonus star, but if i get 3 losses and 2 wins, i actually slump down in rank. So my deck is pretty good, but priest and warriors rekt me easily. Usually pirate warriors control warriors dragon priest and control priest beat me up fast. Everything else i can beat. I play my jade shaman as a control deck with pirates weapons and jades, and my win condition is bloodlust minions and burn their face or eventually my golems get out of control and i over power the board and face. I have trouble with pirate warrior or decks with stronger copntrol then me. Strong control and strong aggro beat me. SO i am wondering if going up and down the rank is normal. It seems people are confused about ranked. I thought i had to win to go up in rank and if i lose i go down in rank, but that seems only half true. It seems if i do not farm 200 games i will not go up in rank. That leads me to wonder, if legend is all about getting more than 1000 games. I guess ranked is more of a grind than a skill based mode, but i am not 100% sure. I know if i win and lose back and fourth and get that lucky bonus star i can slowly climb to rank 15 but that would require 200 games. Is this how rank really is ?TinyTiger28 6d
6d How to do old quests? Just rejoined after 1 year . I have a monster Hunter quest I cant delete and Im not sure how to do it?Milnor1 6d
6d Canned Chat Responses Hi..I've been playing a while and I do enjoy the game, though I think the matching system is kind of screwed up and matching players with really good decks to players with not so good decks (not everyone can afford to buy lots of cards). But I really don't like the canned chat responses. They don't offer a lot of flexibility. I mean, when I concede a game, which is pretty much all the time because my decks all suck and I am forced to play very experienced players with better decks, but when I concede a game, don't thank me. If you thank me, that's insulting. I'm not conceding because I'm a nice person. I'm conceding because it's clear I can't win and I don't feel the need to continue the game. When I use the "thank you" response, I'm saying something much less polite because, once again, everyone has better cards and more experience. I don't greet anymore, unless the other person does it first. If I know I'm going to lose I will wish you "Well played" right at the start of the game. When you wish me "well played"...i say "oops" because clearly I didn't mean to do anything that actually worked in my favour. See, I sound bitter and resentful because I feel that the game is highly unfair. Strangely, I still enjoy it though. I have won a few games, I think a total of 10 with all characters together. And I enjoy the dungeons, despite never having been able to finish any of them. I don't memorize decks or cards or whatever, because that's just not fun for me. Anyway, I wish they had actual chat windows so you could say what you really want and mean lol...though that could get abusive in very short order. Thanks for listening and I'm going to back and mess with my decks again, not that it will do any good. Happy Sunday!GodessIshtar13 6d
6d Twitch Hello fellow Hearthers who also either stream or view on twitch. I've been playing the game since launch but just started streaming this week. It's tough to build an audience off the hop. I thought maybe we could start a thread in here for new streamers/twitch users. Post in here and I will come follow you and view you occasionally as well. My channel is and my schedule is generally Monday - Friday 9pm-1am EST, and Saturday/Sunday 3pm-6pm and 9pm-1am EST. You can also follow me on twitter as I'll post when i'm going to start. @Crozwords Cheers! Hope to see and talk to some of you soon!BcrozB18 6d
Aug 12 Deck help I have deck ideas and want feedback on whether the deck is worth crafting 2x Fire Fly 1x Archmage Arugal 1x Book of Specters 2x Doomsayer 1x Pyros 2x Raven Familiar 1x Research Project 2x Mind Control 1x StarGazer Luna 2x Tar Creeper 1x Arcane KeySmith 2x Witchwood Piper 1x Mossy Horror 1x Toki Time Tinker 2x Astromancer 1x Baron Geddon 1x Lunas Pocket Galaxy 1x Star Aligner 2x Cauldron Elemental 1x Lich King 1x Frost Lich Jaina 1x YseraRique5 Aug 12
Aug 11 Plz add me Aug 11
Aug 11 Recruit me Aug 11
Aug 11 What is the card you HATE the most? (for funsies) Hello guys! As a newbie, I see some cards that are pure bull**** but, it is fun nonetheless. So, which card makes you rage the most? For me, Shudderwock is some... Now you guys!DrakeWolf7 Aug 11
Aug 11 New player here so hello everyone yes I am a new player and ask questions that everyone but me nows but just hear me out. First what to do after beating all of the AI. and is there a fast way to get gold because i tried my free arena went 2-3 and I am doing another run. I only have 90 gold on me now. P.Sthx if you take your time to respondGordijusl7 Aug 11
Aug 10 Just wasted 3000 saved up gold on witchwood packs =( On my free to play NA account I've just wasted all my saved up gold on old pack's :( It's the second time i've done this, and seen others do it to on streams. I don't get why when a new expansion releases you have to select the new packs to buy, otherwise you will get old ones, who want old packs on release day? Blizzard if you should read this then please, make so it's automatically the new packs you buy when a new expansion releases, feel like I have to give up on my free to play account now. Thankfully i got Whizbang in the 3 free packs given. :)SuzukiTorben11 Aug 10
Aug 10 Deck Help I came up with some deck ideas but I didn't get all the cards I needed from the latest expansion so I'm making this post for feedback on whether the deck is worth crafting. 2x Fire Fly 1x Archmage Arugal 1x Book of Specters 2x Doomsayer 1x Pyros 2x Raven Familiar 1x Research Project 2x Mind Control 1x StarGazer Luna 2x Tar Creeper 1x Arcane KeySmith 2x Witchwood Piper 1x Mossy Horror 1x Toki Time Tinker 2x Astromancer 1x Baron Geddon 1x Lunas Pocket Galaxy 1x Star Aligner 2x Cauldron Elemental 1x Lich King 1x Frost Lich Jaina 1x YseraRique0 Aug 10
Aug 10 The Cool Replays Thread Okay, so my first attempt at this got chewed up in the gears of the forum. Hopefully, this one survives. Sometimes, this game is pretty fun. So, anyone with a deck tracker can keep a record times when this game is actually a lot of fun. That's what this thread is for. A nice little reminder that you can have fun playing this game. So, if any of you guys have Hearthstone Deck Tracker, I'd love to take a look at some of the most fun games you've ever played. I'd like to start off with a series of games that I played against Ariel yesterday. This was a tournament style format with 4 decks, 1 ban and each of the remaining decks needing to win a game. Also, the idea was that we'd build something pretty crazy to make it more fun. I'd be interested to hear what you guys thought of the games. Or if you want to play against either of us. Or, if you want to call me out as a hypocrite for advising people to save up dust and then crafting The Darkness a week later for one game in which it didn't even get played, that's a thing you can do too. Here's the games: Creeper Hunter vs Finja and Friends Rogue N'Zoth Rogue is Good? vs Ariel's Slower Token Druid Creeper Hunter vs Ariel's N'zakus Mage Obligatory YGO Reference Mage vs Ariel's N'Zakus Mage N'Zoth Rogue totally works guys vs Ariel's N'zakus Mage Bonus Game Marin Loves C'thun Priest vs Value'nyr Paladin My Decks for these games: Aug 10
Aug 10 Craft budget decks now for daily quests or wait until the Meta stabilizes? Since Boomsday just released and no one has much clues to what would be the power decks for each class in the meta, what should be done? Life and daily questing for gold still has to go on. Am I still going to be able to get my daily quests done if I don't at least start spending some dust to make them? Or can I still try to eke out some wins with them still while I wait for the Meta to stabilize?Radience5 Aug 10
Aug 9 Question on the legendary in first 10 packs of a set Do the 'free' bonus packs they give count toward that? I opened the three free packs and got a legendary. So now am I still guaranteed one in the first 10 I buy?Petoften6 Aug 9
Aug 9 Harbinger Celestia and Dr Morrigan So I got those 2 legendaries today. But from the consensus here, they seem to be both very very bad legendaries. Is it safe to dust them then? The Celestia is golden version btw. The art is so amazing!Archangel6 Aug 9
Aug 8 Shudderwock need help Why are some battlecries that are activated and others are not using shudderwock, is there any website that I can watch to see how it works?histerix2 Aug 8
Aug 8 Where can you see how much gold you have? I'm not seeing it. It seems ridiculous it's not at least just shown in the store.Petoften2 Aug 8