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1d Recruit A Friend Sign Up Here! The Innkeeper wants you! First, read up on Recruit A Friend! You can create your own Recruit A Friend link on the site. If you're a Recruiter, feel free to leave your Recruit A Friend link in this thread. If you're a newer player with fewer than 20 levels across all your Hearthstone Heroes, you can accept someone's invitation by clicking one of the links posted below! You'll receive a free Classic Hearthstone pack for becoming someone's recruit! You can also leave your Battletag so your Recruits can add you as a friend to knock out those spectator and friend quests! Enjoy, and we'll see you in the Tavern!Daxxarri682 1d
1d New to Hearthstone? These videos may help! If you haven't installed Hearthstone yet, we've made a YouTube video that will show you how: How to install Hearthstone In short, you'll need to install the App first, then you'll be able to install Hearthstone from the App. You can also get to our downloads page by clicking EXPLORE at the top of the page, and then Game Client Downloads. New to Hearthstone and having trouble obtaining cards? Our fantastic Blizzard Customer Service folks have created a new video to teach you how to obtain cards, how to navigate your collection and how to use Crafting Mode! You can watch it here!Zeriyah59 1d
May 7 Unofficial Hearthstone Glossary Greetings! I made this post long ago in the general forums during beta and it never got stickied. It has since gone the way of the dodo. Well, I figured it might be helpful for folks here so I thought i'd repost it. Please post if you have any questions or see errors or mistakes I can correct and I'll happily update this. Also feel free to request a sticky since I think this can be helpful for a wide range of players. Hope you enjoy! --A-- Achievement - An in-game acknowledgement of a certain accomplishment, such as winning 100 matches or unlocking all basic cards. Each one usually offers a one-time reward. Adjacent - The minions that are directly next to a certain minion, on both sides. Arcane Dust - A material generated by disenchanting cards, or won in arena play, that is used to create new cards. Area of Effect (AoE) - An action that is applied to multiple characters simultaneously, usually without targeting any of them directly or specifically. Armor - Protection against attacks, which is removed by damage before health is lost. There is currently no known maximum value for armor. Attack - The process of having a character deal damage to another character based on attack values. Attack (Value) - "How much damage [something] deals." The attack value of a minion is displayed at the bottom-left corner, while attack values for heroes are given by weapons, hero powers, or other spells. --B-- Battlecry - "Does something when you play it from your hand." These effects only occur when a minion is summoned from a player's hand, therefore they are not triggered by resurrection effects or changes in owner. Battlefield - Middle portion of the game board, split into two sides, where minions exist once summoned. Each player can only have up to 7 minions on their side at any time. BM - Stands for "Bad Manners". Is used to refer to players who drag out a turn when they already have lethal damage, or spam emotes. BM isn't always "bad", and can viewed as playful. --C-- Card - A spell, minion, or weapon in a player's deck or hand. Each deck can only have up to 2 of any particular card in it, except for Legendaries (see Rarity), which have a limit of 1 per deck of each. Character - Term used to indicate both minions and heroes, used on card text to indicate that an effect can be used against minions and/or heroes. Charge - "Can attack immediately." This eliminates the usual one-turn delay on minion activity (see Exhaustion). Coin - A bonus card only given to the player who goes second at the start of a match. It provides one extra mana on one turn and counts as a spell. Combo - "A bonus if you already played a card this turn." Any card previously played in a turn triggers the combo, but a combo effect can only happen once and is not an additive effect based on playing more cards (unless otherwise noted, e.g. Edwin VanCleef). Controller - The player who currently has a minion on his/her side of the battlefield is that minion's controller. Certain cards let players take control of a minion, moving it from the opponent's side to their side of the battlefield. This does not trigger Battlecry effects. Cost - The amount of mana that must be spent to play a card. It is indicated at the top-left corner of every card. Counter - "A card that is countered has no effect." Currently only used by the Mage card Counterspell. Crafting - Creating cards from Arcane Dust. The cost to make a new card depends on its rarity. --D-- Damage - Removing a certain amount of health from a character. The term "direct damage" is often used to refer to targeted, rather than AoE (see Area of Effect), effects. Deathrattle - "Does something when it dies." This effect is triggered by death due to loss of health and outright destruction (see Destroy), but is lost when a minion with deathrattle is transformed (see Transform). Deck - The collection of 30 cards a player can draw from during the course of a match. It is located at the right side of the battlefield during a match, and typically includes cards from a specific hero and neutral minions. Deck Types - These are terms often used to refer to decks that have certain themes or play styles. Examples include: Rush Deck - Designed to defeat an opponent quickly, often by bringing out many small minions during the early game. Control Deck - Designed to let the player last a long time, and gain a late game advantage to defeat an opponent. Mill Deck - Designed to make the opponent draw more cards than can effectively be used, and defeat the opponent through damage and fatigue (see Fatigue). Murloc/Pirate Deck - Designed around a particular type of minion, such as murlocs or pirates, and victory usually relies on synergy between these minions. Defeat - When one player reaches zero health, and the opponent has at least one health, then he or she is defeated. A defeat rewards less experience to a hero than a victory. Destroy - Removing a minion from the battlefield without dealing any numerical damage, so the removal ignores effects like Divine Shield and Immunity. Discard - Taking a card from a player's hand and removing it from the game without it ever having an effect. This is often done if a player has too many cards in his or her hand, or due to effects from other cards. Disenchanting - Destroying a card to gain arcane dust. The amount of dust granted through disenchanting depends on card rarity, though gold cards give more dust than normal versions. Divine Shield - "The first time this minion takes damage, ignore it." It's important to note that the shield will not protect against effects that destroy a minion without dealing numerical damage. Draw - Taking a card from a player's deck and placing it in that player's hand. This is done with one card at the start of every turn, and can occur as the result of other cards and effects. Durability - A value that indicates how many times a weapon can be used to attack. Each attack typically removes one durability. It is displayed at the bottom-right of a weapon. --E-- Enemy - During a match, enemy characters are the hero and minions on the opposite side of the battlefield, owned by the opponent player. Enrage - "While damaged, this minion has a new power." Note that the enrage effect is only active when the minion has less than maximum health, and healing to full health removes the enrage effect. Exhaustion - The condition a minion has only on the turn it is summoned, which prevents it from attacking - sometimes also called "summoning sickness" by players (see Charge for an exception). Experience - An intangible reward granted to players at the end of a match. Experience is used to gain levels, and the amount rewarded to players is directly proportional to the length of a match. --F-- Fatigue - Damage dealt when a player must draw a card, but has no deck to draw from, often at the start of a turn. It is additive for each time a player must draw without a deck to draw from: 1 damage the first time, 2 damage the second time, 3 damage the third, etc. Freeze - "Frozen characters lose their next attack." Frozen heroes cannot attack with weapons, but can play cards and use hero powers. The freeze effect lasts until the start of the next turn of the player of the spell or minion that freezes the target - this means that an attacking minion that becomes frozen, will unfreeze at the start of the next turn. Friendly - Term used to refer to the hero and minions that you own on the battlefield, as opposed to enemy characters on the other side. --G-- Game Options - Different ways in which a player can play a match in Hearthstone. The three basic types are: Arena - A play mode in which a player chooses from 3 pre-selected heroes and creates a deck, one card at a time, from a random draft. Constructed Play - The term used for matches in which players use either basic decks or ones they have constructed ahead of time. This includes both Ranked and Casual play. Practice - A play mode in which a player is matched against a non-player opponent, controlled by the game itself. Game Phases - The part of a match that two players are currently in. While other games often have multiple phases that occur each turn, in Hearthstone these terms are generally used to indicate how far along a match has progressed. The three most common phases are: Early Game - The first few turns for each player, usually lasting until about the 4th mana crystal has been created. Mid Game - The time when a player has between 4 and 8 mana crystals. Late Game - The turns when a player has enough mana to use pretty much any card, usually with 8+ mana crystals available. Gold - Currency used to buy packs of cards and enter the arena (see Game Options). Gold is earned by winning matches and completing quests. Gold Card - Copies of cards with bold borders and special animations on them. They are visually different from normal versions, but are identical in terms of effect, cost, health, attack, and durability values. Continued below...Raz52 May 7
Feb 23 New Player Guides Hello, and welcome to the Hearthstone New Players Tavern! This was created to be a safe place for those of you just starting out and wondering what a Battlecry is, or how exactly Stealth works. Here we will gather guides designed to help newer players, and we are always looking for more! Below are a couple of guides to get you started, but if you know of any others, or if you are planning on writing one yourself, let us know! Developer Blogs Tips for Hearthstone by Mike Donais - This blog covers some basic concepts in deck building and gameplay. Official Guides - These official guides will get you started with the basics. How to Play Basics and Play Tips Facebook Getting Started Guide Video Guides Trump Teachings - Introduction Trump Teachings - Board Control with Mage Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Mana Efficiency with Druid Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Fearless Tapping with Warlock Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Fearless Hitting with Rogue Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Favorable Trading with Shaman Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Card Advantage with Priest Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - When to Face with Hunter Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - Weapons Hold with Warrior Basic Deck Guide Trump Teachings - The Long Game with Paladin Basic Deck Guide New Player Guide - by Kripparrian New Players – These guides start from the basics, including commonly used game terms, what cards to choose, and why to choose them. Tips for Those Just Starting Out by Daerbon Hearthstone 101: Beginner Handbook by TheWaterBoiler and Rafajafar Hearthstone Overview: Heroes, Common Effects and Exclusive Cards by Vincent The Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone by Khalanil Unofficial Hearthstone Glossary by Raz A Beginner’s Guide to HS Terms by Hayl_Storm A Beginner’s Guide to Hearthstone Mechanics by MoonBear Hearthstone for Beginners (Guide and Resource) by cgmcnama An Updated Guide to Deck Types by Con's Free to Play Survival Guide 2.0 by Con Constructed Deck Building – These guides are for players who know the basics, and want to try something new. Budget Un'Goro Deck Lists by Evident Aidan's Free To Play Budget Decklists by Aidan Hearthstone: How To Build A Deck by Vlad Starting Stone #1: Six Steps to an Ultimate Deck by curi Starting Stone #2: The Best Free Neutral Cards by curi Deck Builder by Hearthhead Crafting – These guides are for when there is a specific card you want, and how to determine which cards to disenchant. Beginner's Guide to Crafting Legendaries by Hearthstoneplayers Hearthstone Crafting Guide by Messiah Advanced Concepts How To Improve Your Ladder Performance by Stonekeep Core Concept Breakdown: Tempo by Jakadasnake A Guide to Odd Hearthstone Mechanics by Jagos How to Avoid Overextending How to Hit Legend in Hearthstone by Zhandaly Have a guide of your own to share with the community? Send it to Feb 23
Mar 11, 2014 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft New Player Tavern! Before you begin posting we’d like you to understand a few things about how to post here, what’s appropriate to post, as well as how to best use these forums. Please read and be aware of the Code of Conduct and the forum posting guidelines. These will ensure that we can all enjoy discussing games with one another. Posting To get started you’ll need a BattleTag. This is a name you choose that identifies you throughout all Blizzard games. If you currently play World of Warcraft, Diablo III, or StarCraft II you probably already have one. If you participated in the Hearthstone beta, that license counts as well. If you do not play any of these games, you’ll want to visit, log in to your existing account (or create a new one), and then choose to create a BattleTag on the left. You will also need a game license attached to the account, even if it’s just a Starter Edition. 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Serious violations will still have the appropriate action taken against them as documented in the Code of Conduct, and we do keep track of these cool down periods separately—if one is found to be repeatedly violating policy, appropriate action will be taken.Keganbe0 Mar 11, 2014
12m Should I craft Justicar Trueheart? I love playing C'Thun Warrior and I am only missing Gorehowl from the epics. I have crafted Twin Emperor and Ragnaros so far. I don't have Sylvanas or Grommash. One more thing which makes me not want to craft Justicar is that she is rotating out of standard in 6-9 months?Darkionx10 12m
2h How to best prepare for Knights of Frozen Throne I've prepurchased Knights of The Frozen Throne, how to best prepare for release. I'm a bit of a newb but I have bought Ungoro before, I am leaning towards f2p but I have bought the pre purchase and I have legendaries and playing hunter quite a bit, but leaning towards Mage, so I haven't really played other classes, only a couple of times. I got 2.5 k gold and I keep saving just wondering am I missing something?apalon8 2h
2h Looking for a Card Replacement (Jade Elemental Shaman) So I've run into this deck a couple of times, and it looks like it might be fun to give a shot. Only problem is I'm missing a Hammer of Twilight. I could put in a Doomhammer I suppose but I feel like Overloading on Turn 5 is a bad idea in this deck since wouldn't be able to play Aya or a Fire Elemental on Turn 6. Tidal Surge maybe? Not sure what else would fit. I could also go and disenchant some stuff I'm not sure I'll use, but I'm kind of trying to avoid doing that. Esp when I'm not sure how useful crafting a Hammer of Twilight will be outside of a single deck. Would be a lot easier if I weren't trying to stockpile gold for the next expansion.cynicalsaint19 2h
5h Please review my secret mage deck I am fairly new f2p player. I managed to finish all wings of Karazhan and updated my main mage deck. So here is what I come up with.;28:1;44:2;125:2;177:2;263:2;428:1;483:2;489:1;522:2;531:1;569:2;672:1;42028:2;42031:1;42036:1;42048:2;49692:2;55450:2; Babbling Book × 2 Kabal Lackey × 2 Mana Wyrm × 2 Secretkeeper × 2 Arcanologist × 2 Frostbolt × 2 Medivh's Valet × 2 Sorcerer's Apprentice × 1 Acolyte of Pain × 1 Arcane Intellect × 1 Counterspell × 1 Ice Barrier × 1 Ice Block × 1 Mirror Entity × 2 Ethereal Arcanist × 2 Fireball × 2 Prince Malchezaar × 1 Flamestrike × 2 Medivh, the Guardian × 1 I haven't played this deck in ranked yet. But i am doing okay in casual. Right now I am at rank 19 in ranked. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment=) Cheers! P.S. So hyped for Frozen Throne expansion!AppleSin8 5h
6h HEARTHSTONE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS: 8 Lessons inside! Hi guys! For those of you who don't know, I'm creating a guide that covers most important Hearthstone concepts and explains them in easy to watch videos. It is primarily aimed at new players, but everyone will find a thing or two they can learn from them. Below you'll find links to each released lesson so that you can watch whatever you're interested in. I've just released lesson 8 and more will be coming soon! LESSON 1 - GAME ENVIRONMENT LESSON 2 - CARD COLLECTION AND EARNING GOLD LESSON 3 - BASIC GAME MECHANICS LESSON 4 - ADVANCED GAME MECHANICS LESSON 5 - COMMON MISTAKES AND MISCONCEPTIONS LESSON 6 - BUILDING YOUR FIRST DECKS LESSON 7 - INTRODUCTION TO ARENA LESSON 8 - TEMPO & VALUE The guide is going to have 19 parts in total and here is a list of the remaining lessons incoming soon: 9. The correct order of actions and finding the best play 10. Foresight and planning 11. Tilt and decision making 12. Focus and mindset 13. How to improve and track your results 14. The art of mulligan 15. Reading and predicting your opponent 16. Deeper understanding of a card game 17. Calculating probability 18. Deckbuilding 19. FAQ (This will also feature questions from this thread, videos and twitter) Thanks for reading and enjoy the guide! AsmodeusAsmodeus3 6h
10h How to deal with shaman in wild? I have a wild paladin secret deck that I took to rank 7 last month. I could probably do better if I had access to cards like Tirian, Sunkeeper, and coghammer, but at least I have Dr Boom and Mysterious Challengers. I kind of hit a wall though when I am facing lots of shaman players. They have cheap aoe removal that will take out most of my stuff. They have cheap transmutation aoe that wipes out any buffs or abilities that are on my minions and turns them into trash. If I have something big they can hex it. I don't know how I can play around so much removal mainly because of transmutation which nullifies the buffs I depend on. And unlike mages, they always run cheap aoe that can stop me from gaining early pressure with lots of small minions. What strategies or cards wouls you recommend to help paladin secret deal with this? My deck is not typical because I dont have piloted shredders or sludge blechers. Not as many heavy hitters, it's more of a fast aggro style.Risen296 10h
10h n00b's experience First a bit of context. I'm 29 years old, I've been a scrawny nerd ever since I can remember.Chess, GO, MTG and all the board games I could get my hands on, obviously computer games of all sorts bar FPSes (HoN <3) and my real love, tabletop games. I love competing and I've looked for both complexity and depth in all the games I played, if possible picking the one I saw as hardest and most complicated in genres. So while I'm new to HS I'm not a scrub and as I like to say, I don't take life too seriously but I'm dead serious when playing games. A bit less then a month ago now I decided I have too much free time again and need to find a new game. Meaning something I'll probably spend 4+ hours every day, 12+ on a good one. Don't exactly remember why I thought HS would be a good one to try out but I'm...probably glad I did. Jury's still out on that one. ;) Because even those of us who prefer spending our time in dark rooms alone need some social contact I managed to hype one of my mates (he has the same mindset and is about as nerdy as me) into playing as well and his experiences have been roughly similar to mine so I have a sample size for my opinions that is bigger than one. Not a whole lot bigger but still... Here's roughly how it went: phase1: Tutorial + first 40-60 games or so Tutorial was piss easy (as it should be) but gave me a good idea of what to expect and how to play. I had a fairly good idea of how to play due to MTG background but there were some subtleties that I liked a lot. Non random mana (I like as little RNG as possible), mulligan with no drawback, the whole deck building aspect; there's a lot to like. I didn't even bother with touching the other classes before I was lvl 20 something on Mage and I was OWNING. I'd say 60%-70% win rate. I was playing against people with mostly basic cards, every once in a while someone beat the crap out of me but I take these experiences as ''oh, that can be done as well, I must use that gimick one day...'' not ''omg OP''. Newbie land at it's best, well done Blizzard. And I'm not saying that because I was winning a lot. Oh yeah, and I grinded myself to rank 20 just in time before monthly reset rolled in, I probably had about..30% win rate (if that) here but I didn't mind since I figured I don't lose anything anyway. phase2: next 200ish games Being put in my place. Here is where I learned that as opposed to MTG, flooding the board with stuff isn't always the best option, you sometimes have to pace yourself and leave some mana unspent and cards (like minions) in your hand. I was losing left right and center, decks that were decent before were suddenly utter garbage. 30% win rate, maybe. Since I'm a devout Cthulhuist and I love the idea of minions (that are sort of worth their cost without C'thun buffing abilities (compared to basic cards)) passively buffing this big guy that seals the deal. After crafting some Old Gods commons I made a couple decent decks and got my win rate back to 50ish %. At around this time me and my mate decided we've seen enough of the game and since it's Blizzard (we both like Blizzard), why not throw some money their way to speed our progress and get some cards so we can actually start crafting some proper decks. The fact we put money into it was also precipitated by the fact we both decided this was a game of sufficient depth, not something you master in a week and grow bored with. Starter pack and 20€ worth of Un'Goro boosters and Karazhan a tad later; both of us. Starter is an amazing value, obviously, I really liked Karazhan but the 20€ could probably be better spent somewhere else. I admit I may be biased because all I opened was fairly !@#$. No orange, one purple, some blue. Really enjoyed Karazhan though. phase 3: next 300 games Is where I'm at now. I knew about terms like board control, mana efficiency, beneficial trading, tempo and I started not just applying them but understanding better how they work in HS. As I played more and more, I started anticipating cards (I'm playing vs Drood, must be mindful of swipe; it's turn +5 vs Priest, care for Holy Nova,....) and started making better trades because I anticipated what opponents will have in deck and what they'll be able to play on a given turn. I've started googling for deck archetypes, watching high level streams and wishlisting about decks I'll be able to play when I have more cards. The feeling that I'm finally good enough that I know how bad I am is also very comforting. I can identify plays I could have done better and could have (maybe) swung the game in my favour, but I can also identify situations where opponent just got a really good hand and I didn't, and that's ok as well. (it's losing 10 games+ and not knowing what I did wrong that frustrates me, see phase 2). I'm signed up for my first local tourney this Saturday which I'm very excited about, I may come dead last but just playing in that environment, learning new stuff and socializing with people who share my interests (or passions, obsessions, call it what you will) will do me nicely for now. By the way, I absolutely LOVE the competitive format; having to win with every deck at least once. For a game where you're drawing a card each turn, this game has amazingly little RNG and that's just the best thing ever. But even though I am a Blizz fanboy since W3, I will admit there are a couple of things that irk me, thought I do realize most will get better with time; aka experience and more cards. Quest Rogue is a bloody nightmare if you don't have a fairly high level deck (my favourite class is Priest so...yeah); it actually pissed me off so much I disenchanted a bunch of cards to make Counterspells and Mana Binds and some Murlock or something to draw them. Some Rogues see through it and play around, a few have fallen into my trap and gave me a free Crystal Core while losing their. I must admit those moments make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^^ I probably won't be throwing a lot more money in HS because [url=]my love[/url] is very thirsty and RL demands its due as well but from what I've gathered so far, in 5-8 more months I should have decent enough decks (and #skills) to go toe to toe with...well not the best of you, but to get well past rank 18 where I'm stuck at the moment. :D By the way, the purpose of this thread is....well I'm not really sure. But I saw a lot of whining and my experience of the game, as well as my mate's have been very positive and I thought I'd contribute something to balance out all the salt mines. Have a good one, S Edit: Holy sh*t wall of text. Sorry :3 Also why don't URLs work?n00buaddib11 10h
11h What decks to buy? I have had enough time to play every class, and I really enjoy playing the Shaman and Mage classes the most. I make a lot of gold in wow and I want to use my tokens to purchase decks in Hearthstone. Does anyone know what decks are good for those classes?bigred00429 11h
12h I don't get how people in arena are so good I've been playing for a couple weeks now. I've made a few decks, and I've got a decent handle on how to play, and how the classes work (I play Warrior). I decided I wanted to get the most bang for my buck (gold), and play in arena instead of just buying straight boosters. So I did a bunch of reading on what cards I should be picking for each class, and how to play in arena. I felt like I was pretty prepared to at least win a FEW matches. But what the hell, man. Ive spent close to 800g now in there, and I've won twice. And one of them was a premature forfeit (I guess something came up). I just don't understand how people can have such incredible decks with random cards. I'm picking the best ones while keeping my mana curve in mind, but I swear most of these decks play as if they were custom built. I'm not saying I was expecting to win a lot, but at least like 1 match each attempt seemed like a pretty conservative expectation. I must be either extremely unlucky with my match ups/cards, or just really bad at this game. I do pretty well when I play on ranked or casual with my own deck though, so I feel like there's something I'm missing.Lucidious8918 12h
12h Add Friends Here! For any new players out there wandering on this post, here's a bit of a rundown as to what this simple post is for. This post is to help other players communicate with others in a simple way, by just posting their battle tags on this forum and adding other players who do so! It's a very simple and easy way to add friends. So if you ever have a quest such as: "Play with a friend for 80 Gold!" or "Spectate a friend for a free card pack!" Then this is your go to! So just simply post and add battle tags! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're new to this post, it would be most effective to jump to the very last page and find friends there, many people who had posted have unfortunately become unactive, so if you're looking for more active players, newest and recent pages and posts are the best way to go.Tyson4445 12h
1d Trading 80 Gold Quest Looking for someone else with 80 gold quest so we can both get 160 gold. Thanks! Add me: Frigidcold#1551Frigidcold52 1d
1d Amazon Coins for Pre-Purchase? Can you use amazon coins for this pre-purchase? I am not seeing the packs offered (says Un'goro is latest release) on my phone. Any suggestions?Geralt7 1d
3d Recruit a Friend/RaF Hey, so I've spent hours trying to get Morgl by myself to no avail, so if someone will be my hero and help me by getting a new account to level 20 then I will do the same for you. I have done it 3 times on 3 different accounts and it hasn't worked for me so doing it once more is no big deal, you can be assured that I will fulfill my end of the bargain because I will be eternally grateful that you helped me so the 6 hours I spent yesterday grinding 3 accounts to level 20 wasn't a waste. Instead, lets both just get Morgl! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My battle.tag is: TheMountain#1121 and my recruitment link is: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For anyone that is new just follow that link and it will show you what to do, then open your client, click on the body icon in the top right, then click "+ add friend" and put TheMountain#1121 in the field.TheMountain0 3d
3d Easiest way to farm as new player? Trying to keep a calm head starting this game and blaming myself for every loss and accepting that I could have definitely played better. That said, as a new player with just basic decks and the odd random rare from packs what do you farm? Casual is just awful being pretty much random what you're against. One game it's a fellow basic player and the next it's some guy with a legend capable deck. I'm at rank 18 so that's getting a bit dangerous to keep climbing up, especially with how weak the reward is with 10 coins every 3 wins. Basically I'm at a loss what to do once the daily quest is done there doesn't seem to be a reason to log in since you can't grind ranks in ranked. How do you get all these fancy cards that make an actual deck as a new player?Pook12 3d
3d New to Hearthstone, what expac is good Hi, how are you. I'm newish to hearthstone and want to know what expansion is good for newbies like me? I'm just doing my quests and earning coins to open packs. Don't judge, i'm going to be a Senior this year, so me getting a job would be critical.DeadlyLegion2 3d
4d How often do card sets go on sale? I am disappointed I wasn't able to buy Un'goro when it was on sale, because I've got some legends I really want from it. It seems they put it on sale just before the pre-release of the next set, to get the last sales they could out of it. What are the odds we will see another sale anytime soon? I haven't played since GvG so I don't know what the sale rotation looks like. I do recall that I think the classic set went on sale before GvG came out too.Risen293 4d
4d Need help newbie here I just started playing this game last few weeks and i managed to saved up to 735gold now but i do not know what to do with it. Should buy packs ? If yes then what packs should i buy ? Should i play in Arena? Need help here thanks guysKardinal23 4d
4d Advice how to get from Rank15 to 10? Currently running a midrange hunter and had no trouble getting to rank 15 in like 2 hours. Now suddenly there's a brick wall. The biggest stumbling block seems to be builds which are almost meta but have 1-2 random legendaries that make it difficult to be prepared in advance. Any advice on how to proceed? Should I throw a random legendary in there too, in place of Nesting Rok or something?Romano7 4d
4d is there a physical card version of the game? Please and thanksDerek40 4d
5d Unfair matching? How am I gonna go against someone with a gold hero when I haven't nearly played 500 games...tyler9 5d
5d Confused over Caverns Below I'm confused as to how this card functions before and after having read the Hearthstone Wiki. Sometimes the quest progresses when I play the same card twice, other times it doesn't. In a game I recently played I was able to progress the quest a couple of times with two different cards, yet it didn't progress when I used Shadowstep on Southsea Deckhand. Please help!fallible3 5d
5d What to do with gold... I only just started playing Hearthstone in April. I'm ftp and opened maybe 50-60 card packs of classic and 30'ish of Ungoru. With the glut of gold this month I had my sights on kharazan and opened the first lvl, but I am hesitant on buying the other wings when a new round of cards is coming. Is kharazan worth finishing rather than massing cash for the new release? I have been pursuing a broad strategy with my decks, making them all sorta competitive and for the most part am enjoying my matches. I just want to know what vet's think is the best way to go. Thanks.Bronze1 5d
5d Trading challenge a friend quest Add saintshing#1349 on NA if you have it too and want to trade :)saintshing0 5d
5d Challenge a friend quest RandomHazard#11694 Looking for someone to help me with the challenge a friend quest. Add me if you need some free gold.RandomHazard2 5d
6d Can't Win With Paladin Or Priest I got two challenges to win games with one of these two classes but I can't win. I hate the playstyle of these two. I like using Warlock, Wizard, or Druid but I can't seem to make a good deck out of a healing class. I'm a new player so I don't really have cards from any sets other than classic. What's a good basic Paladin strat that I could try?GrimestGrim3 6d
Jul 18 Advice Needed On my f2p EU account I expect to have 5 - 6 thousand gold by the time the new release comes out. I was thinking of buying 10 packs of the new expansion (to get the guaranteed legendary) and rest on Un'goro packs as I am really lacking in those cards. Sound like a good plan?Geralt6 Jul 18
Jul 17 Which class should i start off with For someone learning the game, which type of class should i start off with? and are there any i should avoid due to being hard/weak?HailFall8 Jul 17
Jul 17 Looking for tutor Hello fellow hearth players. After playing the game for a week now and opening 100-110 packs ive gotten lucly and pulled a huge handful of good cards including Garrosh. A gold tirion. Illidan. Nat pagel. Carine bloodhoof.muka. and loads of solid epics for all classes I also have 1200 dust im looking for someone to teach me to deck build and arena the farthest I ever got was 5 wins 1 time on hunter but I usually never pass 2 wins. Im currently rank 20 and to anyone who helps me out there will be rewards *cough*packs*cough my tag is Jeroko all help is welcomedJeroko14 Jul 17
Jul 16 160 gold trade add me pandarth#11254Pandarth1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Packs or Karazhan? so guys i have a evolve shaman deck and i use jade sprit instead of aya. because of that i always open gadgetzan packs with my gold but i also need maelstorm portal which is part of the first wing so my question is: should i open packs day by day or should i just save up my gold for first wing?McBaLBoA16 Jul 16
Jul 16 Making a Legend: Part 1 Hello everybody, I'm a full-time writer and long-time competitive MTG player who has recently caught the Hearthstone bug. I was able to reach Legend in my first month of competitive play and was requested by the editor of a popular blog to create a guide for them on how to reach Legend. It ended up becoming much more in-depth and exhaustive than I had originally planned so I had to split the guide up into parts. Each part represents a new fundamental Hearthstone concept which should allow you to crush a section of the ladder. For part one, I cover ranks 25-15 and the concept of understanding your role in every matchup. I hope you enjoy it and would love some feedback on the guide, so don't please hesitate to let me know what you think. Guide: Jul 16
Jul 16 Big difference between rank 18 and rank 19 I'm not sure what's wrong. I don't concider myself a good player in any way, probably more towards average. But I just can't seem to get passed rank 18. Surely I can't be that bad, I do average 6 to 10 wins in my arena runs (most of the times). At rank 19 the players I'm up against make terrible plays and I pretty much just face roll them. So at that point I'll move on to rank 18. Then at rank 18 it's the complete opposite... I'll get a win or two in there. Then eventually get face rolled back to rank 19. And then the cycle of faceroll and be facerolled continues. I just feel like there's a huge gap in plays and decks from rank 19 to 18. Am I the only one having this problem? EDIT: Sorry, I meant rank 18 to rank 19.Sephalos13 Jul 16
Jul 16 Question about Amazon coins and the Pre-Purchase I was wondering if any successfully pre-purchased the new expansion packs, and if so, how many coins did it cost in total? I have no idea ont he conversion rate, seeing as this is the first time i planned on using them.Nuada5 Jul 16
Jul 15 Challenge a friend Quest trade NA Server Add me, Kappa#1898 if you have the quest too.Kappa0 Jul 15
Jul 15 "Watch and Learn" Quest - LF a Friend! Hey all! I am a relatively new HS player and have been working on building up my collection. The daily quest I just received for today is the "Watch and Learn," giving a free basic pack if I spectate a friend's win. I currently do not have any friends who play the game so I have been learning by myself. If anyone wouldn't mind adding me so I can complete the quest it would be much appreciated! It would also be great to have a few people who I can play the game with :) My Btag is: impulse#1715 Thank you!impulse541 Jul 15
Jul 15 Friends on Asia Server Hi guys, I've been playing hearthstone for about 6 months now and have noticed that most of the time, it's usually the players on EU and NA that get to do all the fun stuff like adding friends, doing battle with friends etc. This is simply because there's a lot more of them out there. But if you play on Asia, then please feel welcome to use this post as a means to add each other, us Asia players need to stick together. My battletag is Latios#1349, I'm happy to battle, help out with any quests or so on, feel free to add me if you play on the Asia server.Latios1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Seeking Friend on Asia Server for 80g quest DeckDemon#1359DeckDemon1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Looking to trade challenge a friend quest Add me and challenge me and i'll challenge after Suzaku#11412 NA serverSuzaku0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Quest-rogue and "f2p" So i'm using my american accountside as sort of a f2P account situation. However, i'm noticing that there's no way for such a deck to defeat quest rogue. Should i just concede the moment they play the quest? because it sure feels like an immense waste of time to play out a game i know i'm gonna lose anyway.Tyani9 Jul 14
Jul 14 Tavern Brawl This week Tavern Brawl is really insightful about how the should have been rolled out. What I'm saying. The biggest problem with HS combat is that minions have "summon sickness" but the attacker picks battles. This remove counter play by making the player going first have a huge advantage. The coin does not fix it. That would be a way to improve this is for a player to pick either taunt or charge. Place a minion in defense or attack position. HS is basically a clone of Yu-Gi-Oh with a re-flavor of MtG in a WoW theme. Secret = trap cards enhancement = equip item spells = magic key word = tribes The list goes on. Legendary minions = effect monsters I wonder if the third version of WoW card game will fix it?Recycled0 Jul 14
Jul 14 Which deck to craft next? Hi guys I am a returning player after 1 year absence. I've put in money only for the latest expansion and also the stater bundle. That and all the packs I have opened I managed to get Archmage Antonidas, Grommash Hellscream, Leeroy Jenkins and Alexstrasza. I have about 2500 dust at the moment and the only deck I have built is a Midrange hunter deck without the Rat Packs. I am wanting to know if I should finish the hunter deck by adding the 2 rat packs or should I start crafting another deck?Azshene3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Play 30 " " cards quest Hi there Does the play 30 warrior cards quest apply for practice mode bot games?Azshene2 Jul 14
Jul 13 Welcome bundle + new pack changes so I haven't bought the 4.99 welcome bundle that was released a while back, it gives you 1 class legendary and 10 classic packs. My question is, will that 1 class legendary not be a duplicate of ones I already own due to the upcoming changes? I am only missing velen from the classic pack and have most of the classic cards already so I didn't bother to buy it back then, but if im guaranteed to get velen then perhaps this is worth it.Lotus8 Jul 13
Jul 12 May I know with whom I actually played? Hey! As far as I know we are allowed to change our nicks to whatever we want, therefore as a player you run into people that just copied nicks from popular streamers. Is there a possiblity to verify a player? If yes, please advise how to do that. It would be cool to know that you actually met one of the top guys.p4v2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Trade quest You must have it you go first pandarth#11254Pandarth5 Jul 12