Mobile Bug Report

Apr 17, 2015 Android Phone Installation - Not Enough Space We are currently aware of an issue players may experience when installing Hearthstone on Android Phone devices. This can be caused by altering the default installation location or not having enough space in the installation destination. Hearthstone for Android phones must be downloaded to your internal memory. We recommend having 2GB of free space available to account for any future updates. Before opening/installing Hearthstone, move the app to an SD card if your device allows it. We recommend opening/installing Hearthstone AFTER it has been moved. Our Hearthstone System Requirements article has information regarding the minimum requirements for devices to be eligible for installation. If you have additional questions about Hearthstone, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions!Glaxigrav0 Apr 17, 2015
Oct 20, 2015 Hearthstone Has Been Updated - 11/29/16 Greetings! As always if you play on a future patch you cannot roll back to a client on an earlier patch. If you attempt to play on an earlier patch build you will get "Hearthstone has been updated" . This usually happens on patch day as we stagger our releases, they usually come out in this order: 1. PC/Mac 2. Googleplay 3. iOS 4. Amazon By the end of the day all patches should be available so make sure your client is on 7.0 otherwise you'll get the error message.Sapperwix0 Oct 20, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Missing Purchases We are unable to resolve any unreceived purchases in the bug report forum. Please contact Customer Support for any issues with undelivered purchases: Sep 14, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 How to Fix "Waiting For Authorization" Hey all, Wanted to provide some context since I know a handful of you are running into the issue where the client sticks on the Waiting For Authorization spinner. Basically when a purchase fails (due to loss of connection to the shop or errors in the processing) we attempt to resolve by trying to continue to communicate with the storefront. There are other things going on to stop you from making duplicate purchases because duplicate purchases only makes the problem bigger and broader, this was a part of the issues experienced back during Naxx launch. Anyways, we do have a way to self-fix your client if you get stuck in Waiting For Auth loop. Steps to fix 1. Completely close your client (by removing it from active applications on your device) and restart it. 2. Let it sit on the Waiting for Auth spinner for about 10 minutes. I know it's a bit long, we're working on it but right now it's the safest way to insure we don't lose the transaction. 3. Close and restart your client again. 4. The purchase should be resolved as either a pass where you receive your product or a fail where you can get back to the shop. Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our processes.Sapperwix0 Aug 26, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 Account Progress Not Showing On Mobile The Topic is a bit misleading but since this is one of the most common reports on the Mobile Bug Report Forums I felt it was good to hit it head on. If you have logged in on Mobile and found yourself at the Tutorial. It is almost certainly that you're logging into a different region from which you normally play. Log out and double-check that you are logging into the correct region on the login page. This is the small dropdown in the top right of the login page. If your device is set to anything other than the main region you play on you will default to the region of your device. If after double-checking that you are logging into the same region as Desktop then please reach out to customer support who can further assist you: Jun 25, 2015
Apr 3, 2014 How to get Crash Logs from iPad In order to get crash logs from your iPad, you will need access to a computer and have iTunes installed. Additionally, you will need to have hidden folders displayed in order to access the log locations. Once you have iTunes installed and hidden folders displayed, follow the steps below: Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes. Sync your device (this should be quick if you haven't made any recent changes on the device). Navigate to one of the following locations: (Mac) ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/$DEVICENAME$/ (Windows) C:\Users\$USERNAME$\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\$DEVICENAME$ Locate the appropriate crash log file. (The log files will include the date and time in 24 hour format in their file names) You can post the data from your crash log in a Code Block using the Code Blocks option in the forums UI NOTE: The logs are generated by the device and are only generated when the client crashes. Getting disconnected will not create a log file, so please get a screen shot of the specific error you received in those cases and include a link or the error text in your reportsSapperwix0 Apr 3, 2014
Apr 2, 2014 Hearthstone 5.2 Known Issues - 7/12/16 Greetings All! Below you will find the Known Issues list for the Mobile Client. Please direct PC/Mac bugs to the Bug Report Forum: Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active and occurring in Hearthstone. What it is listing are a select few issues -- chosen due to severity/impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Hearthstone!!! Known Issues: Client On phones Player portrait icons are showing the Wild mode "vines" during standard mode games The iPhone SE is using the iPad Tablet UI instead of the phone UI Tapping the friends list immediately after a match can cause a crash Whispers of the Old Gods packs are slightly off-center during pack opening on phones The gold display does not show on launch and will overlap the dust display after returning from the collection manager Android Devices with an x86 processor on Lollipop may experience a crash after minimizing the game The Gold total and number of friends can appear corrupted after changing languages or after unlocking Android Phones and Tablets with a PowerVR chipset may display distorted card names or text elements You are unable to install the Amazon App if you have the Authenticator installed via Google (and vice versa)[u][ul][/ul]Sapperwix0 Apr 2, 2014
Apr 2, 2014 Include Device Name and OS Version in Report! Greetings Everyone! When you report a bug in this forum please be sure to include what device you encountered it on and what your OS version is. This will help us reproduce and ultimately resolve the issue you're reporting. Device Names: iPad 2 iPad Mini iPad 3rd Generation (Retina Display with 30-pin connector) iPad 4th Generation (Retina Display with Lightning Bolt connector) iPad Air iPad Mini 2nd Generation (Retina display) You can find your OS version by navigating in your device (Settings --> General --> About --> Version)Sapperwix0 Apr 2, 2014
Apr 2, 2014 Welcome to the Mobile Bug Report Forum! Welcome to the Mobile Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports about the Hearthstone client on Mobile Devices. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. The Known Issues thread has some good info in it. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue. Finally, a screenshot or video showing your issue would be greatly appreciated! You can upload your videos to YouTube and your screenshots to sites like imgur. Posts we do not need Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be moderated or moved immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Sapperwix0 Apr 2, 2014
1h iPhone X aspect ratio Currently, Hearthstone runs at the size of an iPhone 4 on an iPhone X. Please support running it in a non-clown resolution. Thank you.Oberstal34 1h
6h Help....Crashing!!!!!!!! After the last heartstone update now every time i pick a character the game crashes .im disable and this game that i love is not working anymore i really need help ive uninstalled and reinstalled twice 3hours each time still it crashes i can do the tavern brawl and adventure but i cant play please someone help help help !!! And why is it so so so hard to get technical support its like you get run in circles and get nowhere i don't get it.dragon0 6h
10h Missing season card pack rewards. At the end of the past few seasons when it tells you what you earned. For the past two or three seasons. It shows that I have earned a card pack but I have not received them. The first season I had issues. I was able to get it by resetting the app. But the past 2 or 3 times I can't seem to get them. Maybe it will be fixed with the new expansion installed now. I will update if it still doesn't work.Addinar0 10h
12h CONSTANT Crashes (iPhone) The game will crash when: - Flipping through the collection pages - Disenchanting a card - Crafting a card - Doing anything on the friend list - Opening packs - Completing a game - Adding cards to a deck - Probably more This has been happening since the update. Nothing has changed on my end. Blizzard, are you aware of this issue, and do you have plans to correct it? Thanks.Flame0 12h
17h Iphone X optimization. Dear blizzard, I recently bought an Iphone X. After downloading and running Hearthstone, I unfortunately found out that it is not optimized for this device. So i'm writing it to report about this problem, or if you're working on it, just underline that it's really important. I cannot wait to see the best mobile/pc game on the best phone ever!!!ShokerTM66 17h
20h Disconnected Oftenly Hearthstone mobile is often disconnected. I use mobile data and my connection is very good.m0ssy90 20h
20h Game often crashing Since last Patch game is always crashing with mobile data on. OK with wi-fi. I have reseted my phone. Reinstalled the app and currently with the same issue. Crashing log mentions Java.lang.nullpointerexception Com.blizzard.wtcg.hearth Stone.accesspointinfo $wifiscanreciever Onrecieve 147 This seems clearly a change in hs codec and not a phone issue. Can i please have support on this? Its targetting not ONLY me but most of my friends. Thank youNuxxie1 20h
20h Golden Kobold Is it a Bug?. here's the story. After I summoned the golden kobold, the game stopped. I have waited 5 minutes and nothing happened. And the only card replaced by legendary minion is 2-cost mage card (I dont know what the name is).m0ssy90 20h
23h Lost cards after two years not playing I am a day one player of hearthstone on pc. Stopped playing about two years ago, but started again, now on my android phone. I seem to have most of my previous cards, but some are (painfully) missing! I don't know how many cards I am missing, but I saw the issue due to my Leroy Jenkins and Nat Pagle cards being greyed out. I had those for sure. Can someone help me here. Losing Leroy Jenkins is at a minimum soul destroying....!ChiqueMF2 23h
23h Mage Progress Freeze The progress on my mages has been held to level 60 and I've been playing with it for about a week now waiting for it to free up. I could've probably gotten a couple of golden cards by now because it is my favorite class. Can you tend to this?ImThankful1 23h
1d Daily Quest No daily quest received, normally posted at midnight before kobolds and catacombs released now 12:12 a.m. and no questHephaestion0 1d
1d Crash when disenchanting i tried about 10 times to disenchant a card, but when i click disenchant the screen freezes and a few secs later i get thrown out (iphone). I tried to restart my iphone and i cleared my history but still it crashes. Anyone have any solution?Overlordzor1 1d
1d Daily missions missing Since monday game doesn't gave daily missions, please working on that, missions are very important resorces for player. Hope you can fixed soon. Sincerely, a hearthstone player. I play hearthstone in iPad.Phenril1 1d
1d HS not working /crashing on Huawei p10 I bought my p10 almost 9 months ago. It runs very smooth and can handle other resource intensive games and apps, however hearthstone always crashes at the loading screen. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game and have been waiting for a fix of this problem since i got my phone. It's a shame that I can't enjoy my favorite game on my phone and would be delighted if anyone has got a solution to this problem.Coop1273 1d
1d Daily quest I did not receive a new daily quest todayHephaestion24 1d
1d Hearthstone wont install! So... Ive been playing Hearthstone for almost a year now, about half on mobile. Recently i had to delete hearthstone because my phone (LG Leon 4G LTE) has appalling space. Now when I try to install Hearthstone, after downloading it in the app store, it says its downloading but no bar appears and after about half an hour it just says 'update not found'. I theorize this is because the new update doesn't work with Android Lollipop or something. Have any suggestions? (I've tried factory resetting and re downloading already)NerfDas0 1d
1d Battle crys not triggering Several times today I have used a battle cry card and the battle cry would not trigger. 2 times with Raza the unchained and now it just happened with kazakus. The card goes on to the board but the battle crys do not trigger. There is no commonality to it. It happens at different times vs different classes. This is very annoying. Google Pixel 2 XL Android 8.1Darksylum3 1d
1d Iphone x We need an update for the hearthstone app to be compatible with the iphone x screens ASAP Thank you :)monsterq83 1d
1d Switching from app causes issues Whenever I switch to another app from hearthstone, I can't do anything in the "my collection" section of the game. I'm running Android 7.0 on a galaxy s7. I usually cannot select a deck, however, when I can, any modifications made to the deck are not saved. This includes renaming and deletion. I hate having to restart the game every time I want to import a deck. Also when I try to start a game sometimes it will just spin on the loading screen forever, as though it is stuck in a loop. I try hitting the back button but nothing happens. I end up restarting the game. The game runs perfectly when I don't switch out of the app. Anyone else having this issue?Light23210 1d
1d No sound on iOS I have had this problem a ludicrous amount of times over the past few years but I have yet to see a definitive reason WHY sound will be completely non-existent for months and months on end then work for a month then be mute again. Is there anything to be recommended? I’ve re-installed countless times in the past to no avail so I’m not sure what can be done.Vorastrix2 1d
1d New style disconnects Hello, After patching to 10 (Kobolds), on Android - 4G (high quality internet, dedicated to HS only) Samsung S7 Edge, the game isn't fully disconnecting me anymore, like it was doing before. It leaves a card hanging in the air, like the opponent will play it but is still thinking about it... After a minute you understand that the fuse isn't coming so you're disconnected ... But the game is already lost. Even if you reconnect to the game, the opponent is 2-3 turns ahead, so the game is lost. Please make it as it was before. If I'm disconnected, at least give me the message so I could act fast and not lose the game. It happens all the times now. I lost today the winning streak twice because of this. Please look into it. Thank you. Best regards, EmilianM1L1 1d
1d Android app freezes when opening friends list That's about it, mobile app freezes every time i try opening friends list. The friends list remains stuck o screen and the app doest respond anymore. Everything else woks fine. Android version 6.0.1Rupceapuk0 1d
2d Playstore only puts tablet version to phone? Why does the playstore download the TABLET version onto my Galaxy S3 Phone? I want the version with the new interface and bigger buttons?Charcoales473 2d
2d Purchasing many packs with gold This issue does not happen using hearthstone on a Macbook, but seems to be specific to the iPad. When you open the shop with a iPad (Air 1), you select lets say Kobold packs (although the bug is with all types of packs), you have the choices to buy 1 pack for 100 gold, 2 packs for 3$, 40 for 70$ etc. If you want to purchase more than 1 pack with gold, you need to press the « 1 pack 100 gold » button, but you need to press it about 100 times to make the « change quantity » window to open. It seems to me, that you need to double press that button to make the pack quantity window to open, BUT you need to have the precise timing for the double click to make that window open. So I have to click about 100 times that button in hoping to open the pack quantity window. This bug has been lasting since Whisper of the Old Gods, so its not linked to the iPad Air 1 getting old as Hearthstone was running at full speed back then.Burialfaith0 2d
2d Typing lags when playing match Greetings, Would it be possible to optimize Hearthstone for the iPad Air 1 as typing is very laggy during a match, you press 10 letters and need to wait 3 sec for the on screen keyboard to have the letters being pressed before typing more. Chatting has become a hassle as typing a 15 words sentence takes more than 40 sec instead of 15 sec. This issue seems to have started with iOS 11 release and is also happening on a friend's iPad Air 1. Typing shouldnt be what drains the most juice using hearthstone... would it be possible to fix the typing speed issue while in a hearthstone match under the Ipad Air 1? The typing speed is all fine under all iOS softwares, it just with hearthstone that typing lags. Thanks in advanceBurialfaith0 2d
2d Unable to add Friend Requests When I get friend requests on mobile app I am unable to touch the green check mark to add them. The red X decline button works just fine. Operating on an IPhone 8 Plus.jawsofwar1 2d
2d pack earned showing after update but pack was missing pack earned upon opening the game after an update. checked "open pack" its still emptyMangErning0 2d
2d From 0-0 to 1-1 after one match I drafted an arena deck. I queued up for a match, I waited for like 5 minutes and then I got kicked from the game. I entered the game again, a message with "unable to reconnect to your game" popped up and then I entered arena. I was 0-0 so I said to myself: well it happens. I finally started a match and after I won it the score was 1-1 instead of 1-0. How is this even possible? Can someone explain to me how this works?Overload270 2d
2d Game crashing consistently on OnePlus 3T. Running stock OS, Android 8.0. Unrooted. Game crashed during games and while editing decks. This is not a connectivity problem - Android simply gives me the message that Hearthstone has stopped working and I have the option to "Close app." Help? EDIT: I should add, I commented to the BlizzardCS Twitter account, and they recommended I post this here.OnlyaJedi2 2d
2d There is not enough space on your device So, there's been an update to Hearthstone. I can't play without updating. Suddenly the 32 gigs I have on my SD card are full (They're absolutely not) and my phone memory is sitting comfortably at 1.9 gigs free. I've uninstalled the game 4 times. Cleared cache and data. Moved it to external storage. Et cetera, et cetera. Can someone tell me if its borked right now? Because I doubt its my phone so much as it is the app itself.WeaponPrime2 2d
2d ‘’Your Opponent’’ and invisible rank My last game was against a guy called Gorrion but when I was in game against him it said “Your opponent” and his rank was invisible I got his name from the last player you played with thing, is this a bug or what..Sailent1 2d
3d Waiting for authorization I'm trying to buy 7 hearthstone packs for Kobolds in the store, and I had a problem with the stupid apple touch pay. I tapped the center button and it tries to load, but it never works so i went to settings and disabled it. When i came back and went to the store it is stuck on the loading screen. I haven't tried to play any other games or anything, and I'm looking at other fixes online but nothing is working. I've restarted it, redownloaded the game, etc. Nothing is working. Pls help, thanks.Tethereal0 3d
3d Possible solution to missing missions in Android Hi guys, im one more who didnt recieved any mission for the last 5 days. Reading about this problem one guy said that the missions appeared when he opened another app. Thinking in this the missions are there but just blocked. So i tried to solve it changing the lenguaje from spanish to english (sorry for the bad "ingles" btw hahaha) and the game restarted automaticaly for this action. And guess... three fresh misions appeared! I really hope this !@#$ works in some of you too! Merry xmaxFappy0 3d
3d HS friert ein bei Schatzjagd Der Schmurgelstab verursachte bei der Schatzjagd auf meinem Amazon Fire Tab 10, während der Ausführung von den Pyroschlägen ein Einfrieren in der HearthstoneApp. Ist das Problem bekannt? Hat jemand das auch beobachtet?DerGeneral0 3d
3d iPhone X Optimisation Hi! I’m sure there are other posts out there like this. I recently upgraded from the IPhone 7 Plus to the new IPhone X to find that hearthstone had not been fully optimised to run hearthstone in full screen mode. I was wondering if we can expect an update fixing this allowing us to play with the full screen on the phone? Thanks.Willobeyond0 3d
3d Crashing when I go to 'Play' I can play tavern brawl, arena and solo adventures and even make a deck in collection but when I go to 'Play' the game crashes on me. Im using a samsung galaxy s3 and login to not through facebook. Please helpGaZooKs3 3d
3d can't connect mobile hearthstone to every time I do it just directs me to a page saying "page not found" but from there I can access the other parts of my account.NuclearPants0 3d
3d No daily quest 3 days before patch. 3 days after scam No daily quest. I missed 3 daily quest before the patch and now I've missed 2. I needed the quest to try and catch up with cards because of free to play but if this is how blizzard is forcing players to buy cards instead of allowing free to play I will quit. I do not believe this is a bug anymore I believe blizzard is forcing players to spend money on cards cause sells didn't meant their demand so they are canceling quest on purpose till blizzard can prove wrong this is a sham and not just a bug. quTarotWitch0 3d
3d No legendary in over 10 un'goro I restarted playing hs few time ago. When I entered it gave me 3 un'goro packs. A bug occured, the game froze, and they disappeared. Kept buying other un'goro, more than 10, but I found no legendary. I forgot to mention that I Never found any legendary in un'goro. For example: first 12 packs and no legendaryN7LazySquid1 3d
3d iPhone X Support? I see the latest patch doesn’t add iPhone X support. Any eta on this? It looks pretty tiny at the moment...Aelton68 3d
3d After Nougat update i can't play hearthstone by mobile data sry for my bad english phone: SM-A800S (samsung galaxy a8) after Nougat update an error occurs when i find a game by using data but it works well when i use wifiPugna0 3d