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Apr 26 Let the Monster Hunt Begin! Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night. Monster Hunt is now live in US, EU and KR regions. Good luck Heroes!Jesse Hill0 Apr 26
8m Unable to play puzzle lab from iPhone I’m unable to play the adventure (boom’s lab) from my iphone I have a screenshot but don’t know how to upload it from mobile. “...<path-to-file>..psd is missing”Nikolay7 8m
10m Dr Boom 3/4 Marking down the point where I first got properly, properly stuck. Feel free to use this to rant about this puzzle, ask for help, and share ideas. I'm gonna go make a cuppa tea, take a break, and have a fresh look in 10 minutes.Fake2 10m
21m 6/6 electra Damn get her down to 2 or 4 Health every time... Tips?Taekwondo074 21m
34m Demonologist Draan 4/5 EDIT: Nevermind. Solved. Poultry Provoked. This seems bugged to me. I see four options: *Hero Power * Cast spell * Cast other spell * Attack with center minion All other minions are sleeping. No other spells. There does not seem to be a solution. Am I missing something? No solutions please. But is this solvable as is?Byrhtnoth0 34m
44m Boom 1/4 HowMlj1 44m
51m Keeper at the gates I can only ever seem to keep 2 doom guards up and constantly restart with 5 hp left on bossJestahr4 51m
1h Electra storm surge 5/6 Can't figure this one out. Closest i got is 1hp.force3033 1h
1h Lil stormy 6/7 How do you defeat lil stormy 6/7 im only able to get him to 2 health?Nikosir7 1h
1h Cthun! Cthun! Cthun! Help? I've only ever been able to get the water spirit down to one.SpaceCocaine4 1h
2h Dungeon Run is Garbage Dear Blizzard, Your Dungeon Run mode is garbage. Just like the Lich King, or any of the "hard" bosses you can think of, this mode cheats. Yes, these bosses have hit the perfect 4 card combo enough times for me to assume they cheat. I made a similar post after unlocking Arthas, and I'm back to complain about the same thing again. Your bosses are not hard. Your bosses are not challenging. There is no point in trying many times. There is no point in building a strategy. The only thing that works is slamming your face against the wall a hundred times until you randomly get the win. THIS IS NOT HARD; IT'S PLAIN STUPID. You've pulled this stunt (at least) twice already, and your community has complained both times. Let's see if we need a 3rd wave of threads to make you understand that a purely random game with a 1 in 70 chance of winning is not well designed.Tercenya19 2h
3h Puzzle lab Is the Puzzle Lab released today? I thought blizzard said today, but when I go in to try and play it, it says that it will be out next week.Mei1 3h
4h Toki is impossible Toki is nearly impossible to win with. I have defeated 97 monsters with her each time only making it to the 2nd to last couple of bosses. This is getting ridiculous. You need to patch something here. It legitimately is no skill crap house luck for those that are winningSupremeWAN9 4h
5h Is Witchwood Monster Hunt worth the 158+ hours I've put into it so far? The rng on this is about like putting 8 decks of cards in front of someone, and they can win if they pull the Ace of Hearts from each one of those decks. There is no reward while playing (unless you are a masochist, in which case, there's LOTS of reward). I've managed to get 3 of the 4 hunters done, but the dang rogue is killing me. Freaking face collector... wth? Even in the rare case when you get good treasures, and good draws... you still get put up in front of a boss like that. Back to the drawing board. Anyway... this should probably be in the salt thread... but seriously, why is this so ridiculously hard? it's insane.Grinz1 5h
6h Faced Darkness Boss...Literally Impossible Playing warrior I easily breezed through the first seven stages, often ending them with more armor than full health. I had a really enjoyable and powerful deck so I figured I'd have a good chance of finally beating a dungeon. I was slaughtered and it wasn't even funny or fair. This boss starts with 90 hit points, 3 mana, summons a 5/5 every turn, and has a deck seemingly full with all the kill cards to keep up with anything you play- even mind controls, why not right. Not much of a compensation at all, you start with 3 candles that have the powerful effect of killing all his 5/5's. But so what? If you use them early you waste their value and if you try for the value it means you've been socked up a few times by minions that only need to nail you 6 times. I'm honestly a little ticked by how amped the challenge of these bosses are. I like a linear increase in difficulty in games I play and these bosses are pretty much a giant middle finger when you get to them. It really makes me not want to play this otherwise awesome game mode.LiveWire22 6h
8h Boomsday adventure what time is release the new boomsday adventure , i know that is day 21 but what timeAngel2 8h
14h I swear Kobolds & Catacomes is rigged for least optimal choices I'm beginning to swear that Kobolds & Catacomes is rigged to make sure you pick the least optimal combinations. Lets look at the picks in round order: - First you pick your artifact - Second you pick your new card set - Then you learn who you are facing This seems designed to ensure you are picking blind. The order should literally be reversed. Moreover, it almost feels like the system is designed to ensure you always pick the least optimal order. IE: Whatever you pick for your artifact ensures you will be given the least optimal card choices. Whatever you pick for your artifact and card choices ensures you will be given the least optimal boss to face. It literally feels like the game is rigged.Lighthammer4 14h
1d Kobolds and Catacombs Board Interactions Just a note about the hidden key, if I am correct, this is the first board in hearthstone to have a drag interact, being the candle on the bottom left of the board. This causes the area to explode. (You no take candle!). However, what most people do not realize is there is a key hidden in the ash, which when found, will activate the chest top right and turn it into a mimic, which opens and closes. Heres the thing: is there another "big" secret similar to the Ungoro volcano secret? Time to get my detective cap on..ABodPeach4 1d
2d Toki Time Tinker It's hard without knowing what should I build. What should I focus, I keep getting killed at 4th round of dungeon boss.EDWARD1 2d
2d Cannot Craft Auctionmaster Beardo? I have the dust but I cannot crafthim. "Create" is not showing just the cost to createAngron1 2d
2d Remove Ghostly Charger from Exotic Beasts- The Witchwood Adventure Mode Why have Ghostly Charger in a beast card bucket when the beast tag was removed????? Replace it with something that actually has synergy with the cards within that bucket.LordOfBacon0 2d
2d face collector(monster hunt) this boss is f!@#$ing bonkers, not only does it use my own deck against me, but it also evolves them by 2 FOR FREECheezusCrust44 2d
2d Puzzle Lab Pretty sure I'm just going to skip this out of principle. Considering how bad Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt were, being some of the most frustrating gameplay ever with how RNG heavy it was, I have no faith in the design team anymore with these adventures.Behemoth3 2d
2d Hard Hagitha? Many of the other single player fights have a hard mode, but not Hagitha. She's a pretty easy boss fight, I'd like to see a hard mode for her.Sevrin0 2d
2d Nerf Candlebeard? It's so op to a level that it took away all the fun, seriously just nerf it already.Telius3 2d
3d How do you beat Gnomenapper? Just lost three games in a row to Gnomenapper. This monster summons 7 gnomes in turn 4, with most of them being 3, 4 and 5 drops. How have you dealt with it?Ozonosfera22 3d
5d Boomsday cards in Dungeon run? I haven't checked myself but does anyone know if the Boomsday cards were added to any of the existing dungeon runs? Kobolds and Monster hunt are my favorite way to enjoy hearthstone. So if the new cards were added that would be even better. If they haven't been added has Blizz given any indication that they might? ThanksNesachi4 5d
5d King Togwaggle is just not fun To start, I don't need a "L2P". Two classes down so far. The only similarity between those two? Not facing Togwaggle for encounter 8. This time, Togwaggle against my Jungle Giants deck with double Captured Flag (so good). Turn 1, play out my raven 4/4. Turn 2, put up my quest. Ok. Turn 3, put out my 4/4 Tortollan to get a 5 attack (7 attack automatically, yay) minion... Togwaggle's turn 3. Boots of Haste, Golden Monkey, Rag, King Krush, and 3 more legendaries. Kills my raven. Two turns of face to lose. Like the beholder, I have to play around beams, but the mechanic makes sense and can be considered. The dragon has all these chests that work to your advantage by not being greedy and just playing your deck you already have versus trying to get Marin's less than awesome treasures and screwing something up. Be ready to even ignore buffed chests (and strive to keep them alive so the hero power does nothing every turn). But Togwaggle? I might as well abandon the run every time now, 5 times I've gotten to him and it's not even a game, it's a 5 turn blowout every time. Even with a deck perfectly synergized and ready to curve out... it just doesn't matter if his treasures annihilate you and there's nothing to do about that. The other end bosses? So good, so much thought and play required as you learn the mechanics.Demosthenes34 5d
5d Stupid Explorers Hat... why?? 7/8 Progression (for my newbie butt) on The Witchwood and I accidentally cast Explorers Hat on the enemy instead of my card next to that one. Bit difficult to choose properly on mobile. Don't even get a warning for "are you sure you want to give your opponents minion +1/+1." Coz like, who in their right mind wants to give an opponents minion +1/+1. Especially when it already has 9 Attack.Yserazor1 5d
6d Heroic Free Medivh Looking for help ... I've tried Dozens of netdecks and Decks i built thinking it would counter it and have been trying for over 50 hours now to beat the final heroic boss of Karazhan.. to no avail.. My collection is complete so not having access to cards is not the issue .. and i'm not at a complete mental loss on strategy implementation.. very frustrated that i can not beat this boss.. any suggestions are welcome. What would be the ideal hand/topdecks to deal with Nazra for the first 7/8 turns?UrcK8 6d
Aug 14 Kobolds and catacombs not worth playing... this really isnt worth anyones time after the first few times for the initial pack, the bosses are too hard, there is no way to plan ahead for upcoming bosses cause both the upcoming bosses and the cards you get are entirely random, the only reward for completing the dungeon is a stupid card back that basically says "hey guys i got lucky with the rng". there is just no satisfaction playing it and its ridiculously difficult to beat for the 1 terrible reward that does exist. 2/10 could be great; is notSquishy33 Aug 14
Aug 14 Time-Tinker impossible? Tried to play Time-Tinker 6 times. And it's never even close. On 6 games I never got past the third battle. 4 times I was eliminated in the second fight. Am I missing something?Reinaart37 Aug 14
Aug 14 I Oneshot Azari The Devourer Faced Ixlid on Dungeon Run and cast the Amulet of Domination onto his lethal Spore (Poisonous for heroes!). It added the Spore to my deck, I drew it in my opening hand at match nr. 8 against Azari, he had no removal. It worked! Instant winblackveiled2 Aug 14
Aug 14 Co-op? I've seen them pull a sorta like coop play on the tavern brawl, I'm sure with their creative minds they can pull some coop play more and maybe a story mode. I'm sure this has already been brainstormed by the community and maybe staff.Dunny0 Aug 14
Aug 13 This should be illegal .RickSanchez2 Aug 13
Aug 13 This game sucks the blood imp came from kabal traffickerNthos3 Aug 13
Aug 13 Anyone else find dungeon run bosses need a nerf Ive tried dungeon runs on every class numerous times, same thing each run, get to about 5 wins, then stuck...every single class, think these bosses need a nerf, hard to counter certain bosses when you can't pick starting hand, or adjust to each boss properly.JahRastafari18 Aug 13
Aug 13 Heroic Chieftain Scarvash - Mage This was by far the hardest boss. (Doomsayer was always swapped & killed on me...) I tried many classes and decks, finally won with this. (2) - Crazed Alchemist x2 (2) - Doomsayer (Only Own One) (2) - Mad Scientist x2 (3) - Ice Barrier x2 (3) - Ice Block x2 (Saved me!) (3) - Mirror Entity x2 (3) - Vaporize x2 (3) - Flamewalker x2 (Great to help the board clear) (3) - Mind Control Tech x2 (4) - Fireball x2 (4) - Chillwind Yeti x2 (4) - Ethereal Arcanist x2 (5) - Sludge Belcher x2 (6) - Blizzard x2 (6) - Emperor Thaurissan (Didn't use/doesn't matter) (7) - Flamestrike x2Xiata1 Aug 13
Aug 12 Heroic Karazahn Hello Everyone, Does anyone have the most recent decks for tackling Karazahn on Heroic?? I have done my legwork but to no avail. Its the last adventure I need to finish to be as up-to-date as I can (I found this game late and missed all the good stuff) :( Anyway Cheers in Advance P.s. I have 2800 dust and two legendaries I could sacrifice for the cause if needed.HEARTHSTONER3 Aug 12
Aug 12 Any Tips for Monster Hunt as Toki? Been playing monster hunt as Toki as I have completed as all of the other adventurers, but I can never seem to win as easily as the rest. I'm not sure if she is meant to be more difficult but a lot of the time with enemies like Chupacabran I don't have enough minions or good damage spells to get through lifesteal. Any advice would be appreciated as I have defeated about 70 monsters as Toki yet have never gotten past the 5th enemyPsyentist17 Aug 12
Aug 12 Add all new cards to Dungeon Runs and Monster Hunt please! The solo adventure Dungeon Runs and Monster Hunt are a lot of fun and very dynamic/repeatable. It would be reallyneat if newer cards were added to Dungeon Runs and Monster Hunts as it would create new strategies and synergies not possible in vanilla Hearthstone.SenatorJesus1 Aug 12
Aug 11 Lich King Fight 2018 OK so I feel like getting my Arthas portrait, and I need help. This is not a guide BY me but a potential plea for help FOR me. I will keep bumping and updating this thread until I get Arthas and eventually turn it into a guide for others, so ANY help is appreciated. I am figuring with Kobolds and Catacombs there MUST be some new cards that will help this fight. I've been doing some online research and the only thing helpful is telling me what he does on turn 1 to each class and that he uses his sword on turn 7. Hunter: I used "I hunt alone" Spell Hunter deck since LK damages you for every minion in your deck but I still got my butt kicked. I will continue to try this weekend. -TYPaf23 Aug 11
Aug 11 Candlebeard Nerf Is it just me or does it seem like everytime you go up against Candlebeard in the dungeon runs he's guaranteed to win? Every time I've faced him it hasn't even been close. He constantly drops the most bull!@#$ cards and they all get charge right off the bat so no matter what you have to board clear or your doomed. If you don't have any board clear at all you may as well quit right then and there. His skill needs to be nerfed immediately.Phoaz17 Aug 11
Aug 11 With Arthas obtained, the Lich King is not fun. At all. Don't get me wrong, the rest of Icecrown was pretty fun, really enjoyed playing against all the other bosses. But the Lich King fights are complete garbage. They're not fun; they're not competitive; they're not balanced; they're not intelligent; there's no satisfaction in winning. It's total garbage. Half of them are just "win by turn 7 or lose, gg" and the others are just "gl;hf winning before his hero power timer ticks too high." And to make matters worse several of them require restarting until you get a specific combo in your mulligan AND you have to hope he draws poorly AND you have to hope you draw well. Designing an entire adventure final boss around mindless murlocs, pirates, and all forms of zoo is just not good design. The only redeeming quality of the LK is priest just because you actually have a choice of what kind of strategy to use. I'm glad I have Arthas now and only had to seek assistance with Warrior (because after my C'thun warrior lost with him at 3 health because I needed a specific card from the 6 left in my deck) but I will not ever step foot into these battles ever again. /rantphysics17 Aug 11
Aug 10 KNIGHTS OF THE FROZEN THRONE Playing Knights of the Frozen Throne. Can anybody help with Lord Marrowgar? I've tried the fatigue strategy but he alway heals and kills me.Drangelice2 Aug 10
Aug 9 strats for infinite toki? She starts with more many crystals than you.... and so can cast her do over over and over and over by turn 7-8. Is the required strat to get the waygate+double/triple cast item? is it really the only way to rng to those treasures and hope you draw well? Seems kinda limited choices against her unlike with the kobolds run where there were different bosses and you had more than one strict set up to win with. It really would not be as rediculous if she also started with 1 mana. Just requiring multiple instances of rng, on top of all the rng it took to reach her with a winnable deck... too much rng man.... Any tips or just keep at it till you win? Houndmaster and Cannoneer were super easy by comparison.Game11 Aug 9
Aug 8 Where are the dungeon run updates? Hello Blizzard, I have been playing a few dungeon runs hoping to find 1 or 2 new buckets from the new expantions. With the Withwood hunt i understood (for obvious reasons), but now i feel like a new bucket for every class wouldnt be that much trouble, just to keep it fresh! :) Hoping to see more adventure content like this in the future. kind regards PS: If not clear yet i realy like dungeon run!DarkThorn1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Gnomenapper Honestly, I really do not know what the hell they were thinking with some of these bosses. Others are annoying but still beatable... I stack minion cards because spells just don't seem to cut it on final boss. Only to encounter the gnomenapper... Who continually fills his board with "random gnomes". What a cheap boss... and at no point was the fight even close to being fun. Also... Toki sucks the big one. At least the others are kinda enjoyable, even when get screwed because the random treasures are a load of rubbish.Raejinn7 Aug 8
Aug 7 WitchWood Hunt Mode INVINCIBLE Glinda Crowskin Boss! So I've gotten to the final boss as Shaw, and this bull!@#$ boss just highrolled a Blood Imp from her Kabal Trafficker with 12 health left while I have two 41/43 Butches on board. This is a new level of feesbadman. Glinda is invincible as long as she controls a minion and %^-*ing Shaw doesn't have a single AOE spell card for me to remove Blood Imp. So basically now Glinda is just going to stay invincible until I fatigue to death. !@#$ing bull%^-*, Blizzard, well played.gt30321 Aug 7