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Apr 26 Let the Monster Hunt Begin! Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night. Monster Hunt is now live in US, EU and KR regions. Good luck Heroes!Jesse Hill0 Apr 26
2h Got Bloodreaver Gul'Dan I just got the card Bloodreaver Gul'Dan from completing The Prologue in The Frozen Throne. Does everyone receive this card after completing it? If not, how good and how rare is it?Crispy2 2h
4h Finished Dungeon Run! I finished "Dungeon Run" with the Druid Hero! The final boss was "The Darkness" and I sent him into the Darkness! I may try to finish the Dungeon Run, again with other heroes.BruceBatter0 4h
6h Gnomenapper is broken! Not only dose this Ncp spam, constant board fill of gnomes. "Seen 5 in a row so far" But because his 7 minion slots are full, his hero power becomes destroy a minion. BLIZZARD DO YOU EVEN CARE HOW BROKEN THIS IS? A least give the player, a chance to fight back instead of making me feel like I'm wasting me time against Rng.FireGhouL9 6h
9h Captain Shivers How do you beat him? Every guide I have read says you can mill out kingsbane when he plays a Fel Reaver. I have 200 boss kills with Tess and HE NEVER CASTS FEL REAVER. He justs buffs up kingsbane and starts with 3 mana and I am dead by turn 7.Rusty9 9h
12h Vitus the exiled is a problem Monster Hunt is real fun, and I'm greatly enjoying it. However, it is immediately clear that it still needs some polish. I expected that after arriving two weeks late it would be more refined that dungeon run, but there still are some bosses that are a real problem. The main issue I have is with Vitus the exiled: this boss doesn't make sense from mechanical and thematic point of view, for the reason that I'm going to list now; - It is too polarizing. You have to build your deck always thinking that you could meet Vitus somewhere down the line, and that brings to a great defect of monster hunt: instead of exploring all the treasures and bonkers card combinations that it is possible to create in it, you always have to pick boardclears and the more powerful treasures. The trouble is, the more powerful treasures are also the more boring ones. I don't want to be forced to pick an extra mana crystal or making the enemy minions cost 1 more, I already did it in Dungeon Run for three months, now I want to try something different. Alas, Vitus just ruins the fun. - It is too unbalanced. While defeating him with Crowley is relatively easy, and with Shaw you have some chance if you draw well, meeting Vitus with Tess or Toki is a guaranteed end point for your hunt. That's just not fun. - It doesn't make sense from a thematic point. How come that an exiled is so powerful? It should be a pariah, weak, relying on secrets and tricks to survive. If an exiled has so much power, how come that he hasn't conquered Gilneas back? With his deck, he could do it alone. - It just isn't fun to play against. It is a brainless aggro deck, with the most lazy upgrade that you could give him. If I wanted to play against wave after wave of brainless aggro cancer, I would be playing ladder instead of monster hunt. Everything about Vitus screams "we had a deadline! we need one more boss! Quick, think about something to put in, fast!". I want to know if Blizzard is planning on balancing and reworking monster hunt, and if that is the case, could you give us a road map? Because Vitus should be the first to be nerfed, followed by Azalina.Macro2 12h
22h Disconnect can result in lost (dungeon run) I got DC from my mobile on a great dungeon run on the final boss. Great deck, great start. So I decided I'll go to the bathroom and finish it after. But when I log back in, what was my surprise to see I get a lost and its over. If only I knew. Seriously I was away like 2 minutes max and I lost my run. Is that normal or a bug? It's not like I'm facing a real player that beat me up while I'm afk. I was extremely disappointed. My deck was really fun. Max giant setup with 5 mana cost minion effect. Seriously I'm so sad about this lost.MadeInQuebec9 22h
22h No more Dungeon Run-like Adventures. Please Next expansions, please do not do these Dungeon Run like adventures. They're not fun to play. They're RNG clown fiestas that make it very hard to win since you get paired against bosses your randomized deck cannot face. This isn't fun, it's annoying. Please, just bring back traditional adventures. Bosses we make decks around, and earn rewards after completing those bosses and the wing.DrScaphandre24 22h
1d Time-Tinker impossible? Tried to play Time-Tinker 6 times. And it's never even close. On 6 games I never got past the third battle. 4 times I was eliminated in the second fight. Am I missing something?Reinaart29 1d
1d Dungeon Run with Mage... I just can't seem to get off the ground with mage, I almost always die to 2nd or 3rd bosses....I have especially hard time with mogark....I usually have strong late game hands building, but never seem to get early game stuff....should I just keep killing first boss til I get improved hero power?? (haven't seen it yet with 37 boss kills.) I haven't had this much trouble with the early bosses with any other class. *never mind* had a good run and got it done.Lunelle1 1d
1d GG.. I'm done for now: Trap Room I was finally kicking tail with my Hunter deck and made it to 7/8 and got the Trap Room.... and rng on Misdirection favored the Boss and was able to get rid of my only win condition and unloaded into a full board of buffed up minions. I keep having such a STRONG Love/Hate relationship with this mode...rng just gets ridiculous around Boss 5 and up and it's annoying because you have NO way to really prepare for any future encounters. The fact the reward of the Card Back is so underwhelming and only two day1 Dungeon Quests, means there's no real reward for attempting this.... at least with past Adventures you had progress and could fine-tune your deck and strategy for any Good luck. It stings, because I LOVE the concept of this, you can get some really insane, meme'y and fun decks and I love the different bosses (minus a couple) and I do feel decently challenged...up to a point where it feels it was already setup for me to not get past a particular Boss.NikkiWhat6 1d
2d So I beat Infinite Toki in that is the fastest yet maybe So I beat Infinite Toki took about 5-6 mins, which I think is the fastest thus far recorded. how I did it? counter spell on her turn 10 , cause she will always cast the Alt. timeline 1st time on turn 10. It that easy, after the 3rd time fighting her I realized it from 1st and 2nd runs. edit : Guess it still the fastest yet.Deathy2 2d
2d LIch King Mage This is brutal... I don't have too much dust so I tried the fledgling method but its so hard. I never have the right draws and even when i do lich king plays some op card and completely shuts me down. Currently i'm running the fledgling, kabal lackey with mana bind and spell reflect. Is there a better way? Especially with the witchwood decks, i dont see them on any of the guides.Cassillia6 2d
2d Is it worth it to buy One Night in Karazhan? Hey guys, I am a new player in Hearthstone and i was wondering if I should buy the One Night in Karazhan adventure, or should I just use the gold on card packs.TheLegend2717 2d
2d Heroic Medivh 06/10/2018 As far as I can tell, this encounter is broken. C'thun priest doesn't work. Jade Druid doesn't work (40% win rate is a joke). Everything I can find on-line is outdated and useless. I've spent over two months on this encounter and I've never even come close. I've tried every deck I can think of on every character. I've looked up every deck on google, you tube, twitch, icy veins, et al. If you're going to post something about how you beat this encounter on the first try, please post a link of the stream you made after 06/10/2018. Blizzard - there is nothing about this encounter that is fun. The hallmark of a Blizzard game is fun. This is not fun. Fix it.Elkor3 2d
2d Who designed the decks in Monster Hunt? Cause they should be demoted or be suspended without pay. I am doing a run with Houndmaster Shaw and I'm doing well. Been getting ok cards and outplaying the A.I. Then i get to the seventh boss which for me was Raeth Ghostsong. The match is going well I've pretty much got it handled till he plays his op card Shallow Graves which lets him resurrect 7 random minions that have died this game. I was able to clear the board and gain momentum but then he plays another one, and then another, and then another. This killed my run, makes me feel like garbage for wasting my time and just about ruins this game for me. How are you expected to clear the board 4 to 5 times in a row. Whoever thought that this was a good idea really needs to be reprimanded for there stupid idea.soriku5 2d
2d Need to skip Dungeon Run Quest ! Well, hello dear Forum. Is there a way to skip this quest chain ? It's bothering me since months, I'm currently at 2/10 cannoneer wins and a friend told me I have to win 10 battles with the other classes too. I don't have the time to finish all 40 games with each classes, besides this is the boring pve mode ever created, I have to skip rounds and games to win maybe 1 or 2 games, and I have to do this too much. Can I skip this quest chain ? I'm currenlty at the cannoneer and I don't want this quest anymore, it is taking away my gold for quest..... I only play once a week or maybe all 2 weeks.Notperfect0 2d
2d Old adventures clarification Hi, it's 4 or 5 months I play HS and I love it. Now I saw in the shop that I can buy old adventures like Exploreres etc. Karazham was really funny and you could unlock some new cards. What I was wondering is. If I buy from the shop the adventures I don't own, can I unlock the cards or I still have to craft cards like Reno Jackson , Loatheb etc?Hayashigame2 2d
3d Gnomenapper Honestly, I really do not know what the hell they were thinking with some of these bosses. Others are annoying but still beatable... I stack minion cards because spells just don't seem to cut it on final boss. Only to encounter the gnomenapper... Who continually fills his board with "random gnomes". What a cheap boss... and at no point was the fight even close to being fun. Also... Toki sucks the big one. At least the others are kinda enjoyable, even when get screwed because the random treasures are a load of rubbish.Raejinn1 3d
3d AI Still Cheating Every Way Possible I pick Wax Rager as my first treasure and naturally get Waxmancer Sturmi as my next boss. It summons 1/1 copies of the Rager but when they die they become 5/1. Cheating pure and simple. **** off Blizzard. 275 bosses beat on Warrior and get cheated every time (beat other 8 classes). I wonder why I bother to play this anymore.CRACKEDHASH2 3d
3d Ive gotta say, The Frozen Throne is a horrible solo adventure. The first dude you fight (Lord Marrowgar) is unbelievably OP. The prologue Legendary you get is awesome, but all new players such as myself are going to be really turned off. I'm persistent, so I'm gonna keep trying, but whew. Nerf The Frozen Throne!!!Swmtothemoon2 3d
3d kobolds and catombs really who designed some of these hard is fun but this is just a frustration. the warrior cards you start with are the worst garbage i ever seen. and i only been playing a month and none of the junk in there would even my any of my decks. a couple of them i bean in a few trys. i have lost with the warrior over a 100 times or so. the options you get are so bad i don't have words for it. mage is tough to the otption don't match up if i take + spell damage i get no spells. if i take creatures i get no high cost minions. if i take the hero power i get no inspire mobs. wth this is not the right way to do things unless you just want to piss people off and make them quit. the decks the kobolds have are hard enough, there is no need to miss align everything you pick its frustratingmark44448 3d
3d to the creators Best there is no way to defeat the bosses of witches and goblins and catacombs this is scam I am not the only one who has problems with it, so let everyone know that they can rectify this and maybe make the game a bit easier I can do it already have reported different messages, but without hearing. I get a bug report on the last of every move and my image stays still. to the creators of this game please change this. mvg wimwim7 3d
3d Help clarify "summon" definition I was playing Voodoomaster Vex today and an odd thing happened. His board was full (7 minions) and he had 2 Unearthed Raptors who used their power on Aya Blackpaw (who was also present). Essentially I was toast as each Raptor would produce 4 Jades because of the double BC/DR from Vex. I decided to take one Raptor out to minimize the number summoned as only 1 would be summoned and 3 wasted as there was no room left on the board after the DR resolved. Of course, that worked and only a 1/1 Jade popped up. However, when I checked Aya's text it read that when she died a 5/5 would be summoned next. In essence, the Jade "summoning log" was acting as if the 2/2, 3/3, and 4/4 had been summoned, when they hadn't. I wanted to make sure I got my "summoning" definition right so I went to Hearthstone Wiki (The closest thing I can find to the Hearthstone Dictionary). It states: Playing a minion card places that minion onto the battlefield. This process is known as 'summoning'. While I realize that they weren't "played" but rather "summoned", the key concept here is that the rules state that a minion is "summoned" when it is placed "onto the battlefield". At no time were the Jade minions placed onto the battlefield. Therefore, according to that definition, they were never "summoned". I was curious as to the possibility that they are considered "summoned" and then "destroyed" because there's no room on the board. However, further down I read: Each player can normally have a maximum of 7 minions on the battlefield at any time. Once 7 friendly minions are on the field, the player will not be able to summon further minions. Minion cards and summon effects such as Totemic Call will not be playable, and any minion Battlecries and Deathrattles that summon other minions will be wasted. The key here is "... not be able to summon further minions...". According to Aya's text they were absolutely able to summon further minions. Also, "any minion Battlecries and Deathrattles that summon other minions will be wasted." Aya sure felt that those other 3 Jades had been summoned. They most certainly weren't wasted as she was able to increase her count as if they were. Also, it should be pointed out that the 3 missing Jades were also not in the Action Log (err, Graveyard). Since all destroyed, removed, or discarded minions are removed from play into the Graveyard, these 3 Jades fall into some different category that I couldn't find a title for. After all, some cards Resummon minions that died. I imagine none of those Jades would be considered for Resummoning. So either: a) there is a discontinuity with the term "summon" OR b) Wiki HS needs to modify the definition to: 1. "A summoned minion does not need to enter the battlefield to be considered summoned." 2. "When there are 7 friendly minions on the battlefield a player may summon further minions but they will be wasted." 3. "Wasted" should be defined as "summoned but not placed on the battlefield" and "removed from game entirely" as to not be confused with "destroyed" which removes from play. OR c) I have it completely wrong and I'm missing something (not the first time). Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.Stormraze3 3d
3d Is there a Reward for completing the Monster Hunt? So aside from a "Congratulations! You did it!", is there a reward for completing the Monster Hunt? Or is it just a Card Back?Mesden37 3d
3d Kobold prizes? Hi everyone, Im a noob in this game, so im sorry if question is also a noob one. Ive done and get all rewards for witchwood, then i started to do kobold amd catacombs. I went and kill some bosses (but never got to the final boss, duh). Then i go read some guide, particularly icy-vein's, and i read about the rewards. The guide told me that knc offers 3 card pack rewards respectively for killing 1, 6, and 16 bosses, and a card Back for completing with 9 different heroes. Anyway, ive fought and killed 9 bosses as a priest but haven't got any packs yet. Is the pack rewards no longer be given by the event? Or actually a bug? Thanks a lot sorry to bother you Regards!Kupingsakti3 3d
4d Beat Final Challenge on First Try lol Little disappointed how long it took to get to this and how casually I beat it. Beat Canoneer 2nd try Tracker and Houndmaster 5-10 tries Toki, jeez, like 20-30 tries.. had just beat it right before finally. Wrote a post on it but the mods decided to delete it some reason. It was just my test run and I cast the Hero cards as soon as possible and picked great passives (Entrenchment, First Aid, Double Time, the one that let's you use hero power twice for 1 mana). Beat Hagatha with perfect life especially since I had jade shurikens and lightning in my spell pool. Boss evolved a minion in Anub'Arak [sp] which for some reason the AI thinks is an amazing play and will play on a loop even when it doesn't get them anywhere. Little sad, was hoping for a challenge. Guess I'll try to make it my own and try to beat it with 3 Heroes, then 2, then just the starting one if that's possible at allLiveWire2 4d
4d Man these dungeon runs... ...are really terrible. They're about as much fun as banging my head repeatedly against a concrete wall. Especially with some of the hero archetypes. I can't get past the first two monsters with the Cannoneer, even with good RNG picks. Just keep getting really bad monster matchups (Griselda can go jump in a fire and die, that hero power of hers is way too cheap and is utter BS). Only reason why I do them is for the weekly quests, but come on guys, you gotta do a better job than this. It's just punishing.Kjolnir1 4d
5d It's actually impossible to win the tracker monster hunt I won first try with the other 3 characters and I'm on run #8908903904838749058 with Tracker.Krye76 5d
5d Lich King Fight 2018 OK so I feel like getting my Arthas portrait, and I need help. This is not a guide BY me but a potential plea for help FOR me. I will keep bumping and updating this thread until I get Arthas and eventually turn it into a guide for others, so ANY help is appreciated. I am figuring with Kobolds and Catacombs there MUST be some new cards that will help this fight. I've been doing some online research and the only thing helpful is telling me what he does on turn 1 to each class and that he uses his sword on turn 7. Hunter: I used "I hunt alone" Spell Hunter deck since LK damages you for every minion in your deck but I still got my butt kicked. I will continue to try this weekend. -TYPaf20 5d
6d Sazzmi is a turn 7-8 tier boss on turn 3 Seriously, her deck and hero power are so extremely punishing for such an early boss. Like late-run Sturmi in K&C, you can't play minions against her at all, or you're giving HER value. Rolling her as Houndmaster may as well be an instant end to the run, since your hero power is nullified and most of your minions are easy pickings for her. As the title says, she would be overwhelming enough if she were a late-run boss. But for being an early-run encounter she is simply obscene and unfun to play against. And her hero power DEFINITELY needs nerfed. ALL 1-attack-or-less minions for a single mana is far too strong. Either needs the price upped to 2 or change it to single-target.Rakanadyo0 6d
6d Kobolds and Catacombs - Mage Hi everyone, Before anything, I wish you all the best of luck in 2018, you deserve nothing less! The reason why I'm making this topic is because I'm having troubles defeating all bosses with Mage and I would like (if possible) to get some advice from you guys regarding the best approach to bosses and this particular dungeon run in overall. I've been playing dungeons for a while now and I am pretty satisfied in overall. Some of the bosses are quite challenging, some of them are just silly and entertaining, few of them can be quite annoying, but all together is a great experience, at least for me. It took me either one or two attempts to defeat all bosses with most classes, using classic strategies and picking cards that go well with passive abilities. However, that wasn't the case for me with Mage, not at all. At this point, I have over 70 defeated bosses with Mage and I still wasn't able to clean the entire dungeon run. I always had a couple of solid strategies in my mind and I tried my best to build my decks around them, but the result was always the same. I either go for high spell damage and I end up drawing the worst possible cards therefore lacking burst when I need it the most, or I would go for big minions and end up losing due to AI consistently drawing perfect answers. Since I exhausted all my ideas (and frankly, my brain cells) I decided to humbly ask you people for an advice, mostly because I'm not sure if this is a common thing or I just suck with mage :D Apologies for my bad English, tried my best. Thanks in advance.nikolagay20 6d
6d Get Rid of Monster Hunt Quest? Am I able to get rid of the monster hunt quest? Or will it go away soon? I greatly dislike the PvE for a lot of reasons and am not interested in playing it. So that means the "Defeat 10 Monsters with" quest is keeping me from getting a third quest that I can use to get gold. I did complete the first quest and defeated ten monsters. But that meant finishing out one run with eight monsters and then starting another run to defeat two. I have no interest in finishing the second run. This means that I cannot begin the new quest to defeat ten monsters with a different class. What I have gathered then is that I am supposed to complete two full runs with each class in order to get one pack per class. This seems ridiculous to me and very poorly thought out. So because I will not be doing the adventure, can I somehow delete the quest? EDIT: I realized that if I conceded a game it would reset the adventure and I could choose a new class. I still don't want to do the adventure though, so my original question stands. The design of this adventure is just so bad.Baalzamon7 6d
6d The Most Garbage Expansion Released To Date Honestly, what is the point of playing the solo adventure if you can’t actually beat all 8 bosses in a single run? I’ve literally played every character, multiple times.... Gotten to the 7th boss multiple times... The buff they gave to the bosses has made it impossible to win. Honestly not even worth spending my time playing anymore... Good job Blizzard, you took a fun game and made it miserable to play... Oh wait, isn’t that what you all do to every game?? Mortem12 6d
Jun 10 Face Collector Needs Nerfed The passive freaking ridiculous and way over the top at 0 cost.Thuban0 Jun 10
Jun 10 Karazhan Disabled?? Why is Karazhan disabled? I saved up 700 gold to get the first wing, even though it's been out for a while, and the day I try to do it, I can't. What???DarkParadise1 Jun 10
Jun 9 Can I get cards for old adventures I’ve already did? I was a f2p player when the old adventures were out, some of which I bought with in-game gold or I couldn’t finish. When they rotated out, I disenchanted mostly all of the cards. If I buy the old adventures from the Blizzard Shop, will I be able to get the cards again or will the wings be done and I wasted my money?Mrspanky1 Jun 9
Jun 9 easy mode hagatha easy mode hagatha Jun 9
Jun 9 Tracker M.H. question Recently started playing Monster Hunt with the tracker class. I'm at about 40 bosses cleared and have not been offered the jade bucket once yet. Is this a bug or did they remove that bucket all together? Thanks in advance!Atmosphere1 Jun 9
Jun 9 Face Collector is worse than most final bosses His hero power is simply too insane. It's nearly impossible to keep up with him when he can give a minion a huge upgrade for free. Plus he has your deck, which means if you had any sort of synergy going, he has it too, including non-passive treasures. And if you drafted ANY half-decent minions, you just gave him a huge advantage against you. It's to the point where I have to deliberately avoid getting minions as much as possible. Jade Tess was fun, but it's out of the question when Face Collector is a possible encounter. If his hero power MUST remain this way, it needs to cost mana. For free, it's simply too much to deal with. Most decks aren't equipped to kill a 4-mana minion on turn 2, then a 6 mana minion on turn 3, and so on... But I think there's a very easy fix that fits with him thematically, even moreso than his current one: Change it to "transform a minion into a random minion of the SAME cost". Basically a free Recombobulator battlecry. It'll be much easier to deal with, while at the same time fitting the "face-swapping" theme better and retaining the mirror-match gimmick.Rakanadyo0 Jun 9
Jun 8 Can I buy Black Rock Mountain for 700 gold now if i bought some of levels? I bought BRM about 1,5 year ago, but I did not completed it yet, now I have fun with wild dragon priest and I want to earn that BRM cards. Is it possible to buy it by golds?t0M1 Jun 8
Jun 8 The lich king for starters Im helping the misses with killing the lich king with all classes so far we are 4 outta 9 Mage,Warlock,Rogue and priest She hasn't much a collection and being new i don't want her crafting anything in the wild card range So any hints for the other class? For hunter im thinking unleash hyena with flappy bird and spell heavy kinda...whatever weps and spells are left to construct the deck Druid im at a loss... Warrior i might try a basic control with a brawl mixed in if the dust is there or whatever clears are available Any suggestions would be greatJet4 Jun 8
Jun 7 Toki is trash One time I actually lost to the first boss.... Toki is that bad. All the cards are garbage, rerolling doesn't guarantee a better result so doesn't help at all. And Tinkmaster can go to hell. No matter how many times I play him and reroll he screws me over every single time. Any deck with Tinkmaster is obviously trash.Arc30 Jun 7
Jun 7 why do u keep deleting what i post? I didn't say any profanity or anything wrong at all. Can I at least get a message telling me what I said was so offensive that I am not allowed to post?LiveWire1 Jun 7
Jun 7 Finally Beat Toki!!!!! On turn 9 no less! Omfg... Finally beat this little lucky cheater. I had "beat" her several times before but she would always find a way to outfox me at the last second when RNJesus wasn't with me. This time I took luck out of the equation. Sceptre of Summoning+ Extra Mana Crystal and 2 Enchanceomatics. Deck full of lot's of YShaarjs, Tonys, Troggzors, Yseras, and Lich Kings. Enhanceomatic first turn, waste a spell, Pass the next two turns controlling, then turn 4 and 5 Troggzor was too much for her and she fed them up until her iceblocks and herself were annihilated. Man! A little less than 90 bosses defeated with Toki before I finally beat it, so damn stressful. For a while I was going through a phase even trying to get Auctionmaster Beardo to control RNG (e.g. with Overspark) so freakin frustrating when I would lose a match even after taking up to 20 minutes redoing a turn multiple times until the right minion became a squirrel! In the end the pure value of Sceptre allowed me a window to make up for what a lot of horrible RNG prevented me from: beating this stupid but enjoyable adventure. Canoneer beat 2nd time, Tracker and Houndmaster took 5-10 tries. Toki, probably 15-25LiveWire0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Dungeon Run is Garbage Dear Blizzard, Your Dungeon Run mode is garbage. Just like the Lich King, or any of the "hard" bosses you can think of, this mode cheats. Yes, these bosses have hit the perfect 4 card combo enough times for me to assume they cheat. I made a similar post after unlocking Arthas, and I'm back to complain about the same thing again. Your bosses are not hard. Your bosses are not challenging. There is no point in trying many times. There is no point in building a strategy. The only thing that works is slamming your face against the wall a hundred times until you randomly get the win. THIS IS NOT HARD; IT'S PLAIN STUPID. You've pulled this stunt (at least) twice already, and your community has complained both times. Let's see if we need a 3rd wave of threads to make you understand that a purely random game with a 1 in 70 chance of winning is not well designed.Tercenya18 Jun 7
Jun 7 face collector(monster hunt) this boss is f!@#$ing bonkers, not only does it use my own deck against me, but it also evolves them by 2 FOR FREECheezusCrust29 Jun 7
Jun 6 Can't Re-Roll Quest "Monster Hunt" I know this is as intended and this post is a request to change that. For many of us we only have so much time to play and we don't enjoy the single player content. Completing all 4 of these quests represents a few hours of play time and that is just not how I want to spend my game time. Instead of doing them, I have had to give up one of my quests slots which is costing me a lot of gold. A fair solution would be to add the ability to re-roll it. Then everyone can choose. I know one argument against this is that people might re-roll it by mistake and then contact support to reverse it. But that eventuality exists with every quest already so I don't see why it's different here. Appreciate your consideration of this.da5id15 Jun 6
Jun 6 Please don't make Dungeon Run again. It's not all. I was so excited for this to come out, but the rng is way over the top. There's nothing about skill at all here it's just roll for win or lose. It's not fun to build a deck that is wrecking opponents left and right and then you get the one boss that no matter what you do you can't beat it with the deck you made. I would ask for the rng to be nerfed, but that's not gonna happen. So let's just never go this route again.YetiUprising15 Jun 6