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Jul 23, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Adventure Mode Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Adventure Modes with your fellow adventurers. Share your epic tales of glorious victory, compare notes on laying waste to nefarious bosses, and share your brilliant decks and strategies with other eager heroes! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Daxxarri0 Jul 23, 2014
2h Heroic medivh Totally fixed, unwinnable....anyone have updated decks that may manage this fight.....acgolfguy82312 2h
2h Heroic Slitherspear Does anybody know of any recent decks that include MSOG/JTU cards that make this boss slightly easier than impossible? Ive copied every deck from OTK priest to OTK warrior even a few variants of freeze mage have failed. All the guides seem to be before a patch to make AI better im drawing blanks big time. Best luck ive had is inner fire priest but the rng to actually hurt him is insane. Ive had him down to less than 10 health TWICE in around 6 hours of trying.Sanchezz43870 2h
6h Board Effects The board in hearthstone is only cosmetic, but it can give us a more intresting kind of game. For example: If you play in Naxx, the deathrattle minions effects will be spawn a 1/1 skelleton when they trigger and will do 1 AoE damage when they die... In Kharazan, a portal will trigger at the beguin of the turn and will summon a 2 2-2 minion and trigger a random effect of a 2 cost minion (draw one extra card, discard one random card, dirty rat effect... etc) In Orgrimmar, all creeps will get 1 bonus damage when they attack another minion and in Stormwind 1 bonus def... In Molten Core, The eggs can spawn 2 random welps or a little fire elemental 1-1 that do 1 random damage at the end of the turn. Whatever, this are only examples but it will do a more dinamic and interactive game not only with your opponent cards.Sxar1 6h
18h Naxx... And Other Adventures. I joined right before un'goro. I got Karazhan sometime last month and loved the adventure. The cards weren't as impactful as I've seen LOE and BRM cards were, but the adventure was fun. I really hope I will one day be able to buy LOE, BRM, and Naxx. I think making the wild shop available would make wild less a veteran playground and more into a place where people who didn't get to experience old cards can try old decks. We must band together to get these adventures back, I mean they put so much work into them, why just remove them? Guess we have to just keep asking until they hear us. But be respectful still :Pvoluntas22 18h
22h For Those Asking if it's Possible to Craft Wild Cards (BRM, Naxx, LoE, GvG) Yes, it's possible to craft these cards. When in your collection manager, click on the button in the bottom left corner and scroll down til' you see the wild sets. If I were you, however, I would save your dust, as the wild adventures and card packs will soon be available to purchase once more. Source: 22h
1d Release date of old adventures? Official release date???? "Coming weeks" >.>dougjdempsey5 1d
1d Wild packs and adventures? hello blizzard! is there any chance we'll be able to buy packs from wild expansions, or re-purchace adventures? cause a long time ago i asked if there are any plans on official wild tournaments, and the anser was negative, so i always dusted all my wild cards. but now that wild is "official" lets say, i regret dusting all those Legendaries. i mean, people will BUY packs, and re-BUY adventures, that's more money. let us give you our money? thanks.Lex86G16 1d
1d Removal of Old Solo Adventures So I just started getting back into Hearthstone after a couple of years, and I was really excited to see every new card available that was added while I was gone. I went to see the solo adventures that were added and I saw that all of the old ones were removed. I'm typing this because I genuinely was thinking that, that just blows. New players won't ever be able to play through the old adventures and win cards and have a good time. One of my favorite things has always been playing through the adventures and they always gave me a bundle of enjoyment. I was just sad to see that all of the old ones were gone and am wondering if they will ever come back to be played through again. :]Chanz21 1d
2d Why did Blizzard decide to discontinue adventures? I don't understand the logic or reasoning behind this. Were they not selling well? Does Blizzard think selling card packs is more effective? I don't enjoy the base game of Hearthstone very much. I've nothing against competitive play, but it's just not that much fun for me. (There are a number of reasons why, none of which I will go into here.) What I really enjoyed were the solo challenges. I've bought every adventure to date, not because I wanted the cards but because I enjoyed the adventures tremendously. While my opinion of Hearthstone isn't really all that important, I do want to know why the adventures were effectively discontinued, because they were the primary (perhaps only) reason I played this game.Bowser13 2d
3d Opera heroic bosses How is everyone doing with these? I thought Julianne was the most difficult, and I found a hidden line from them when I used deadly poison. Has anybody managed to beat the crone without resorting to priest?Vicken23 3d
4d Paladine quest Is paladine quest even usable... it's just so ... bad (to put in a nice way)Friendlyfire7 4d
4d Heroic Free Medivh! Is Utterly Broken Before the hate, I've tried every guide that there was online. I've played this boss for over 8 hours over the past few days and the RNG is impossible now. I don't have Brann or Kel anymore but I've tried C'Thun priest, Anyfin Can Happen pally and the mage deck. None work after AI patches and whatnot. People just talk about their easy win back before patches and doesn't help me now. The mage armor guy gets targeted now and the orc does proper trading now so can't maintain board. Any deck since the latest patch that works or some glitch? I'm ready to uninstall this game if they don't fix this RNG nightmare. Blizzard has become so reliant on RNG at this point, I don't even know why I play any longer. At this point, it's such utter BS that I can't not keep trying to prove a point.ShoddyCastKY29 4d
5d I cant purchase some adventures Actually the only one I want to purchase is the league of explorers adventure, but it won't even give me the option to purchase it in the it's not even there. I'm kinda bummed because I just started getting back in to it after a 2 year hiatus, and I want to experience all of what I missed. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much TROGDOR6 5d
Jul 16 should i buy adventure ? should i pay 700 gold for each of this floors for the cards i want or is there a different way to get those cards?GhostDog3 Jul 16
Jul 15 Stop with the money pit Why no new dungeons for Hearthstone?? Been what 3 patches now and not one dungeon pack. Stop just trying to bank money give the players something they want. Your gonna lose players like me very soon. STOP BEING SO GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO OBVIOUS. People never use there brains. Soon as millions log out and never log back then youll fix it and Ill say "Little to late!!" this money pit is disgustingKaynen6 Jul 15
Jul 15 New adenture/expansion idea Hello users and developers! It's the first time I post here, I am a player since 2015. We've seen various adventures from the dark Naxx to joyful Karazhan, and I think it's time for another darker themed one. I saw many people requesting a Wrath of the Litch King adventure/expansion, and I support this idea because it's one of the best expansions in WoW, and it would be nice to see it in card format. What are your ieas?MicroVolts3 Jul 15
Jul 14 Question About the Return of Wild Sets/Adventures SO. Say after Naxxramas was swapped to wild and removed from the blizzard store/in-game shop, I happen to craft all the cards from that adventure, when it returns to the shop in the upcoming weeks, and I purchase/run through it, will I be rewarded with duplicate cards of the ones I already own?Kekadoodle3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Grim Patron How do get I get Grim Patron?techventure4 Jul 14
Jul 14 how do you get Blackrock Mountain cards how do you get Blackrock Mountain when you cant find them in craftingJoshibo2 Jul 14
Jul 13 Need HELP! Karazhan Heroic Hey guys im a relatively new player. I am completely stuck at the Silverware Golem on Heroic mode....Any tips or advice on how to beat this encounter are appreciated. I'm so frustrated....Guile7 Jul 13
Jul 12 Heroic Free Medivh As a F2P player that started with Un'goro there is no way I can beat Malchezzar in Heroic. I searched through the net and all the guides show crazy combos with C'thun or N'zoth which are legendaries that I don't have!. The fight is so cheaply difficult that it isn't fun is frustrating. I mean, it's ok that Malchezzar can outvalue me if the fight takes too long but clearing the board as he appears is just dumb. If I burst Nazra, I start the fight with Malchezzar having only 6/7 mana crystals available If I take too long, I spend a lot of resources which are inmediatly wiped out by Malchezzar. Mage is the only class that has a chance to beat this boss without having fancy cards because you can Counterspell Twisting Nether and keep your board. Also I think there is an issue if a fight forces you to have the perfect mulligan and perfect draw to beat it.Almaterrador10 Jul 12
Jul 12 Heroic Big Bad Wolf - My Deck List The basic strategy: Evolve Shaman, so you want high cost minions My deck list was 1 - Evolve x2 2 - Explosive Sheep x2 2 - Flametongue Totem x2 3 - Healing Wave x2 4 - Master Of Evolution x2 5 - Antique Healbot x2 5 - Bloodlust x2 5 - Cult Apothecary x2 6 - Cairne Bloodhoof 6 - Sylvanas Windrunner 7 - Baron Geddon 7 - Dr. Boom 8 - Chromaggus 8 - Gruul 8 - Ragnaros The Firelord 9 - Alexstraza 9 - Arch-Theif Rafaam 9 - Malygos 9 - Nefarian 9 - North Sea Kraken x2 9 - YseraXiata5 Jul 12
Jul 12 Heroic is VERY hard without wild cards So I've been trying to play the Heroic Adventures and they 'feel' like next to impossible without the wildcards. I don't mind crafting wild cards to get through some of these levels but I don't really want to craft Wild Legendary Cards. They've adjusted the game so the Taunt Exploits don't seem to be working anymore. At least from what I've seen which renders a large portion of the deck advice worthless. Currently stuck on Big Bad Wolf Heroic and it was a pain just to get here and I've been stuck for what feels like an hour. I've seen videos and it seems like perfect card draw has to be made in the decks I've seen so far which I think is utter BS... It shoudn't be this hard, i know it's heroic but this is easily the hardest thing I've done in Hearthstone yet...DarkLoki1924 Jul 12
Jul 9 Removing Wild Adventures: just a horrible business decision or a PR disaster as well? (+poll) So obviously Blizzard is losing money from this decision directly because no one has the possibility to buy older adventures anymore, but a more damaging aspect of this is that newer players feel punished for joining the game at a later date: from day 1 they realize that they are at a financial disadvantage because buying the old cards with dust costs more, and also they are deprived of the single player content. This, of course, demotivates them right out of the gate: why spend money, or even play a game that is physically denying you a part of the experience and taxes you for not joining at an earlier date? This is especially bad because there's no solid explanation on why old adventures are denied to new players, making the predicament feel like an arbitrary punishment. But maybe I'm alone in thinking this, so I'll include a poll to gauge the general feelings on the issue: Please note that while there are threads in existence concerning removal of adventures, the topics up for discussion are completely different and do not qualify this as a duplicate thread.Lermont4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Please allow us to buy old adventures ASAP I have no problem with disabling old packs, because you can still craft the cards. However, adventures are different. Even if you can craft the cards, you can't experience the fun of the single player adventure without buying it. This is unfair to those who enjoy the campaigns but weren't around when they were available. I would like to be able to buy old adventures, and I wouldn't mind if the old adventure cards were still disabled for standard games. Buying old adventure cards with dust could go either way. You could leave it as an option for people who don't want to spend money on old adventures. However, you could also disable any future dust buying of adventure cards once the option to buy them returns, if you just want to keep things simple. In that case you could either just let people keep the cards they bought with dust, or give them the option to get a dust refund in the event that they choose to buy the adventure pack outright.Risen2915 Jul 9
Jul 8 160G quest combo add me MuscleKid #1853 for challenge mission! 160G + 160G!MuscleKid4 Jul 8
Jul 7 blackwing lair hello. i did in this morning an adventure and i didn't recieve the reward....the name of this adventure is blackwing lair. can you help me to recieve the reward?gheara2 Jul 7
Jul 7 I have a question. Will there be Death Knight cards for alternate heroes? Because it'd be weird if Liadrin (spelling?) suddenly turned into Zombie Uther.JackLaw2 Jul 7
Jul 6 Return of Solo Adventures Petition As a new player, I'm interested in seeing the return of previous solo adventures that have since been removed from play and therefore never got a chance to enjoy. This thread is designed so players who share my views can respond without needing to write an essay - just like/respond and specify the desired solo adventure to be returned. i.e. NAXX, BRM or LOE.Incineration6 Jul 6
Jul 1 New adventures? I REALLY love adventures and also tawern brawls. I love them because its really fun to play something completely new. I really care about constructed play because its always the same thing and kinda stale. I think it would be great if blizzard could keep on making adventures but in the new way. They could make like some kind of "story mode" where you would play against new ai bosses and if you won them you wouldnt necessary get any prizes(or like 10 gold or something....). Just new innovative game boss fights. It would be SUPER AWESOME!!!! It also would be great if that "story mode" would be f2p ;) Also sry about my english. I aint english native speaker :DNakkiMakkara1 Jul 1
Jun 30 Is there going to be a new adventure soon? Like the title says, I want to know if I should save gold to buy wings of a new adventure or if I should try my luck in the arena and get some Un'goro packs..Rangersop6 Jun 30
Jun 29 league of explorers missing I made a 2 year pause and I've missed The League of Explorers adventure. How can I play it? Is there any possibility?AbominatoR2 Jun 29
Jun 28 Skelesaurus hex heroic I'm having trouble with this boss. It's last heroic boss in league of explorers left for me. It seems that nothing works and I'm slowly loosing hope. I tried many decks from my own to decks from internet. His hero power is really insane. Turn 1 y'serra or cenarius. C'mon! Really!? And if he gets crappy minion on turn 1, there is turn 2 or 3 or 4 (not to mention spells)......and costs of cards from his hero power is 0. Really fair. I tried aggro, freeze mage, mill rogue, mid hunter, c'thun decks........ Anyone have any advice or tip how to beat him? I would be really grateful.Leander2 Jun 28
Jun 27 my adventure legendary card all gone wheres my all adventure legendary card go?MrPiggy1 Jun 27
Jun 25 Chess Game I really enjoyed this game in the adventure. Can we get this as a Brawl, so I can play against my brothers someday. Really enjoyed it. :) Thanks.Peikaboo2 Jun 25
Jun 22 Heroic Maloriak deck This is easily the most lucky filled heroic boss yet, if he coins out that 2 cost spell just start over. I went at this for 5 hours with many different decks, this one had the best results, all thanks to deathwing.DonkeyTeeth3 Jun 22
Jun 21 Please bring back Naxxramas! </3 My heart is a little broken! I love the alternate formats of Hearthstone - the Mechazord Tavern Brawl was a strong highlight - and I've been gradually working to unlock all the adventure wings. I've heard from various and sundry sources that Hearthstone was introducing rotation, but it wasn't clear to me that this would also mean retiring content. Removing Naxx cards from Standard and leaving them in Wild, that's one thing. But there was more content to the Naxx Adventure than just the cards. I had my heart set on getting into Naxx and didn't realize that opportunity would close on me. I'm not asking to return Naxx cards to Standard, but I'd be immensely grateful for access to the adventure again. Thanks in advance!MeatPopsicle81 Jun 21
Jun 20 Next expansion any ideias for next expansionRafaafonso1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Black King Heroic Mode Is Broken. I haven't made a forum post before, apologies if anything is amiss. Note that is NOT targeting the regular Black King challenge, which is reasonable, but rather the heroic challenge. Black King Heroic mode is unbelievably difficult. I've been trying to finish this for hours, and yes I am aware of the gameplay video(s) for this, but all of them simply rely on random number generator (RNG) mechanics. This is 'challenging', in the same way that winning the lottery is challenging! I'm trying to get the perfect cards, hoping my opponent gets !@#$ty cards. There's nothing more to it, and eventually I'll win this, but only after many more hours of hoping for the right hand. This is super frustrating and is honestly not fun in anyway. This is one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had with a game. What does everyone else think? I really want to see this fixed somehow/hope that future adventure mode games aren't like this. Edit: Finally, I have beaten this challenge! I still maintain everything I said in my post. Yes, as much as smart moves has a bit to do with winning, winning this challenge is almost completely down to chance. This differs from the difficulty of the other challenges quite a bit, and that makes this really frustrating.Tondur11 Jun 20
Jun 19 80G QUEST add me for quest! MuscleKid#1853MuscleKid0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Heroic Adventure Hi Guys So If I Play The Heroic Adventure they will give me cards or plaing the Heroic just for funETHIOWINEGN4 Jun 19
Jun 19 New adventure? when is daily login reward update? um.....I brought the one night in karazhan. im so confused. is this the new adventure that came out this year? is this the adventure blizzard is talking about coming out this year? please can someone give me an update on it? So all I mainly want to know is that is that did the daily reward login already pass or is it still coming in the future update AND when is next adventure please someone answer this so I can be up to date. THX Habibs.HABIBS2 Jun 19
Jun 18 "free medivh" is unbeatable without wild cards So I decided to go back to the solo adventures to get the card backs, I am currently stuck on the last boss in the Heroic one night in karazhan adventure. I have tried every single decklist online, 'Thun Priest DOES NOT WORK, I am literally pulling out my fking hair trying to beat this last boss, it is really pissing me off. any help would be niceVino10 Jun 18
Jun 18 Possible to even get flamewaker? (or any of the older cards?) is it even possible for me to gain flamewaker? I really want that card. Is it even possible for me to gain ANY of the older cards?HABIBS1 Jun 18
Jun 18 Old Solo Adventures To whom it may concern, I am not super new to Hearthstone, but I am new to getting really into it. I was going to buy all the available adventures and then money got tight and I didn't. Now that I have money I am no longer able to buy old adventures. I would like to give you money Blizzards. Can you please make old solo adventures available? Thank you for your time.imcade1 Jun 18
Jun 18 Getting back into it: Adventures going away? I am just really get back into Hearthstone. I see a new xpac announcement and its started to spark my interest again. Looking over the info I see that Adventures are being removed. So I'm wondering, if I have bought, or will buy, at least 1 wing of each Adventure, does that keep that adventure open to me? Am I still able to buy the additional wings, if I have at least opened the one wing? I'm just trying to make sure I understand the info that I'm reading about the new xpac. Thanks.Omnitron3 Jun 18
Jun 17 Solo Adventure Payment Method Suggestion Prior to submitting this post, I opened a ticket and spoke with one of Blizzard's moderators who informed me to bring this suggestion to the forums. Hopefully this gets out to Hearthstone's Q&A team. When attempting to purchase a Solo Adventure, such as League of Explorers, that has already been started, players do not have an option to buy the rest of the floors/stages with real money. I have attached an Imgur of this below. From a business perspective, it makes sense to allow us to buy these Solo Adventures with real money. I feel as if this would make Blizzard more profit and it seems like a relatively easy thing to implement. Any and all input/suggestions are appreciated and welcomed! :)Thaora0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Heroic Karazchan Chess, AI is Different? I've tried more times than I would like to admit trying to defeat Heroic Chess. The most obnoxious roadblock I've faced, however, is that the AI doesn't spend its coin to summon a secondary pawn in turn 1 - instead - it saves its coin later, for using its cheat ability. Effectively throwing most guides out the window because of a difference in pacing. Are there any new or up to date tricks, tips, or help you could provide me for getting through this? I'm going prematurely grey here. :(HeavyMecha4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Bring back/keep adventures I would like to start by saying that Blizzard is a great company. One of the very few that truly listens to their player base and always manages to deliver. Now While I don't always agree with them, I must say I am 100% again the removal of Adventures from the store. I myself aren't a fan of PVP and the adventures are so much fun dealing with different mechanics every fight. I took a brief hiatus from playing and had no idea that Nax would be discontinued while I was gone. I even spoke to a Live chat (who was very nice as always) and even they said they would love to see the old adventures brought back. He also said he wasn't sure of an exact reason they are taken down, but he thinks it may be because you cant earn cards through them anymore and that would upset players going through the work to not get anything. Now even knowing I wouldn't get any cards out of it, I would still pay full price for the adventure just because I enjoy the game. What I feel Blizzard should do, is put Naxx back on (also keep League and BRM) and 1. give it a slightly discounted price because of the fact that you wont earn cards from it (like I said, Id be willing to pay full price either way) and 2. make it very clear that you wont earn cards from it as to not upset players that don't read the description of what they are purchasing. I know I'm not alone in this and if we show Blizzard that this is what the community wants, they will listen. If you really think about it, for you Wow players, that would be like removing Wrath of the Lich kings content just because you didn't buy it when it was new, and now you cant play any of it, but you can still get the weapons or something, IE you don't get the main event, just a few things that say oh this is from WOTLK. Sorry for starting ramble, All in all. Please Blizzard, bring back Naxxramas and keep the adventures on the store. Thank you for taking the time to read this.joker265732 Jun 16