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Apr 26 Let the Monster Hunt Begin! Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night. Monster Hunt is now live in US, EU and KR regions. Good luck Heroes!Jesse Hill0 Apr 26
5h Co-op? I've seen them pull a sorta like coop play on the tavern brawl, I'm sure with their creative minds they can pull some coop play more and maybe a story mode. I'm sure this has already been brainstormed by the community and maybe staff.Dunny1 5h
11h Is there a way to remove cards from Adventure play? I've finally beaten the first 8 levels with three of the heroes, now I just need to do the same with Toki, who so far, is a real PITA to play. Several of her cards are cards that I simply hate. I'm not a fan of cards that either punish the player (Warlocks make me crazy) or that reward the opponent (e.g. Play this card and summon a <whatever> for your opponent). One example of this is the Mad Bomber card. I am not a fan of this card because the bombs are truly random and quite often end up blowing up me and my own minions rather than my opponent, so I'd rather not have that particular card show up in my pack when playing Toki. I figured that if I don't own a copy of the card, it won't get chosen, so I disenchanted ALL of my Mad Bomber cards, but I still get that card when I play Toki! Ugh. Is there a way to "remove" cards so they won't show up in adventure mode, or are we simply stuck with whatever Hearthstone picks for us?ToddHD1 11h
14h Adventure Mode Dilemma I found out that you could buy the adventures on the hearthstone shop and was thinking about whether or not I should buy them. I remember joining when the grand tournament expansion happened and came to and fro seeing what Hearthstone had to offer. I saw that you could craft more cards, but I am not sure about whether I should put my hard earned dollar dollar bills into this video game. To be honest it is very tempting to buy these adventures and see all the cool stuff I missed, but honestly I don't know what to do.Branchstone0 14h
22h Glinda Crowskin is ridiculous.... I know monster hunt is a bit old but I never actually completed the runs. I think I remember why... I'm 93 monsters defeated with the hound master. I've gotten some pretty good decks and I still haven't beaten her. I've tried all sorts of strategies and synergies and no matter what I do, she wipes the floor with me. My most recent run, I have double potion of vitality, deathrattle synergies and plenty of ways to deal with creatures. And yet, she ended the game with FIVE of her Crowskin faithfuls. FIVE. Like what the actual.... I waited turn after turn where she had a nearly full board - I'd kill 1 creature hoping she'd play a cultist so I'd have a chance to mill her but she never did. And in the end even though I could kill between 3-5 faithful a turn, for a while I couldn't do enough to get her. If the creatures were 5 mana, or 1/3s or even 3/3s I think it would be more balanced - I know the end bosses are meant to be a bit OP, but this feel ridiculous. I've tried the first aid kits, I've tried +2 attack, and health to my hounds, I've tried big stompy with discounts, I've done deathrattles, and idk what to do except HOPE to get lucky - which, in my opinion is an unquestionably stupid design. My choices should matter. And if the idea is to win by milling some or all of the faithfuls, be sure she plays the cards that allow that to be possible.... I'm ranting. I'm annoyed. But after hours of bashing my head against this thing I'm a bit salty. When the decks I'm getting are making pretty easy work of the other bosses and I loose time and time again because of this I'm about to just say screw it and play something else.Scratt4 22h
1d face collector(monster hunt) this boss is f!@#$ing bonkers, not only does it use my own deck against me, but it also evolves them by 2 FOR FREECheezusCrust47 1d
2d Card Pack Reward for Completing Solo Adventures I completed Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt with all classes and all I got is a card back reward. Little bit disappointing if you ask me.. Replayability is a very important factor. However; once you beat DR and MH, you lose your motivation to play over and over again. If there was a Card Pack award, it would be more fun to re-play these adventures. So Blizzard, we want Card Pack Reward for completing Solo Adventures. One player beats Dungeon Run, he gets card pack reward. Few days after, he plays and beats again and he gets another card pack award. Would be cool! What you think guys? PS: There can be a limit like you can get a card pack award once a day.Emre1 2d
3d cheating A.I know not fun when A.I cheats example i ran into they know what secrets you using and avoid triggering them story:i was vs ghost singer and 6 turn spam his hero power sec i play secret that deal 6 damage to enemy if he use his hero power he just stops use it like he know 100% if he use his hero power he lose after 6 turns of spamming it i do not care about shallow grave cards like that make vs A.I fun but if give ability see what in your hand or in you secret pool then stop be fun and more about how long can i last vs this A.I be for it starts it B.s long story short is next expiation i hope blizzard avoid use cheat A.I and just give hard A.I some special cardsVenomking128 3d
4d Kobolds, Mage. Kobolds. Dungeon Run. I counted, for the first 4 runs of my dungeon I got offered in the drafts 30 spells and 6 minions. My first treasure draft didn't even offer Magi, and 3 out of the 6 minions were Giants, which are useless without the scepter. Needless to say I didn't make it past the 5th room Kraxx, and I don't think anyone else would. This happens all too often.Dood4 4d
6d Time-Tinker impossible? Tried to play Time-Tinker 6 times. And it's never even close. On 6 games I never got past the third battle. 4 times I was eliminated in the second fight. Am I missing something?Reinaart44 6d
6d New help to win the Monster Hunt as Tess.. I am getting despaired right now. Having tried multiple times and still failed, so what kind of strategy works best for him and which bundle of cards and treasure should I focus on? Any advices would be really appreciated. Thank you!Cyrus7 6d
6d Is there a Reward for completing the Monster Hunt? So aside from a "Congratulations! You did it!", is there a reward for completing the Monster Hunt? Or is it just a Card Back?Mesden40 6d
Oct 9 Can't beat Lord Godfrey When I say I can't beat Lord Godfrey, I litterally mean it is physically impossible for me to EVER beat Lord Godfrey!! Allow me to explain, so I beat monster hunt with Darius Crowley and the final boss was the Scarecrow. Given that the Scarecrow has an interesting ability with his weapon and whatnot, I didn't think much of it. But I just played the Scarecrow on another run with a different class. So I Googled it and found that Godfrey was supposed to be the final boss. Now, since I have technically beaten the Monster Hunt with Darius, I don't believe I will ever be able to face Lord Godfrey. I don't know if Blizzard patched this or not, but I kinda want to try to beat Godfrey.LEETHELIVER5 Oct 9
Oct 7 Boomsday Solo Adventure is not fun like Dungeon Run! Dungeon Run was great! Boomsday Puzzle Lab is interesting too, I like puzzles. However, it's not thrilling like Dungeon Run, why? Because there's no feel of RPG in Boomsday Puzzle. There's no level/item advancement like RPG games. You just solve puzzles and advance to next stage. However, Dungeon Run was thrilling because after defeating bosses, you gain new items; your get new cards and your character gets stronger. This is the thrill of RPG! That's why we like Role Playing Games. So Blizzard, We Want a Dungeon Run like Solo Adventure in NEXT EXPANSION!Emre2 Oct 7
Oct 7 Gnomenapper/Sack of Gnomes? Really? After enjoying the Monster Hunt for a few hundred times I have found one constant: Sack of Gnomes is horribly designed. Why would you put this in the game? Another Shudderwock moment? The moment the Gnomenapper cast this card is pretty much game over. Why would you give a 75% plus winning rate card to a boss? He is not even a final boss. Every time is turn 4 "you're done"; not to mention the times he plays it again at turn 5. Since Brode is leaving would you mind getting someone who tells the Creative Team: "No, X card if ridiculously Op. Not gonna happen." Thanks.LaSombra56 Oct 7
Oct 5 Replace Shallow Graves with something fair What were you actually thinking when you made this deck? Getting beaten by this card doesn't feel fun, fair or encouraging (encouraged to make better treasure choices or plays, because there is no counter play). I don't want monster roulette where there are certain bosses that will just wipe the floor with you unless you get lucky on your treasures AND draw. Creating this card was a terrible choice from a gameplay perspective, a replay-ability perspective (I'm put off playing, I know others that are) and pretty much any other perspective besides "hue hue lets mek op card mill boss lol get rekt back to stage 1". Yeah, I get that you can mill the boss with his cult masters, what a unique mechanic that we have never seen before (NOT) but that doesn't help when they summon 28 minions over 4 turns. This boss could have been made challenging and fun with the same mill mechanic, and deck just without Shallow Graves, easily.bglddavies3 Oct 5
Oct 3 Dungeon Run Starting Decks Mini-rant, sorry for this: My GOD this is stupid. I don't know who was in charge of picking the cards for the starting decks, but they really do not play this game in Adventure Mode very often. Who in their right mind plays a Druid deck that doesn't have Druid-only spells like Naturalize or Innervate as part of their 'obvious' picks? Rant over; actual topic, let us choose our own freakin' decks. Make it like building a Tavern Brawl deck - Pick 10 cards, build as you go, try for synergy, could be fun, try again if you fail with a better understanding! But no - no, the people who chose my cards for me don't play Hearthstone the way I want to play Hearthstone. If I want to fill my deck with nothing but Taunt minions, I should be allowed to - not have to choose between 1/1 Deathrattles that bring out more 1/1 minions, or secrets that don't actually work with what deck I have to begin with. Or, if I can't do ALL taunts, at least let me choose 5 Druid / 5 Common cards. I can pick up Legendaries, go that way, see if it'd work; or go all Beast/Fandral; or heck, just a bunch of low-cost cards that I can play in quick succession for combos. And the Treasures - dear god those treasures. So few of them are actually helpful in the later parts that you're really stuck having to try and guess at which synergy you should go for. Chose the Justicar's Ring? Sorry, there's no choice for Inspire this turn. Chose the +1 enemy cost? The bosses will play nothing but spells from then on. As it stands now, the Adventure is fun - but it could be vastly improved upon by allowing people to change their starting mechanics. Especially with the treasures, hoping for that one good passive buff that will make it that much easier to continue on into the later fights.Xalenda13 Oct 3
Oct 2 Karazahn "Magic Mirror" Shaman Challenge Has anyone had any luck beating him with the bugged Hero power he has?Eisenheim40K6 Oct 2
Oct 1 Not getting Daily Quest since the end of KoFT Event Hello Support, Since the Knights of the Frozen Throne (600G) Quests were finished on 23rd September, I have not received any new Daily Quest on my Account. I have just got back into Hearthstone after two years. Therefore, I'm not sure not getting Daily Quest is an issue or intended. I have been playing the games for the past 6 days now. There is no quests popping up at all. Please assist me in this matter. Thank you very much.nedspectral1 Oct 1
Oct 1 [LoE] Chieftain Scarvash On Heroic Is IMPOSSIBLE! Dear Blizzard and Community, For the many hundred of thousands of us who casually play Hearthstone and do not have insane cards, Chieftain Scarvash is absolutely impossible. While the previous bosses are tough, yet they are manageable even with basic-to-average decks. Yes, it took many tries, but it was possible. Chieftain Scarvash however, is absolutely an atrocious show of "you can only beat this boss if you have god-tier cards." I tried nearly 8-11 different decks with many variations, no luck whatsoever. Yes, I tried the Doomsayer strategy--no luck. I've tried to beat him nearly 40+ times now (I know, pathetic). Please tweak the boss encounter in a way us casuals can somehow manage! I'm certain for those with an extensive card collection had zero issues with this boss.MrOldShadow13 Oct 1
Oct 1 Dungeon Run Shaman is Impossible Up to 50 Bosses defeated and always die on boss 7 or 8... Ive tried so many different decks but nothing seems to work >_> EDIT: After 110 Bosses I finally got it... Basically Infinite Evolve Build Khadgars Scrying Orb+Crystal Gem+ Unstable Evolution x3 Get 2-3 Minions on the board with Unstable Evolution = pretty much win with 2-3 lvl 9-10 minions in a single turn Also helps I lucked out on the final boss being Xol... shes relatively easy compared to the others.Joren52 Oct 1
Sep 30 Monster Hunt is simply not fun This is a bad format. I have this problem with Dungeon Run as well, and it's simply put as "You play until the game decides you lose." That's it, you play until you come across the unbeatable match up. There is very little control you have when it comes to winning in the first place. You can steam roll the first, then if you're lucky you'll get an equally bad hero who you might of even countered with your treasure/ card pot pick, then all the sudden it goes off the !@#$ing rails. Just like Dungeon Run, Hero Powers are completely overpowered, the AI gets perfect card draws, and if you encounter X hero as a late game boss, you may as well concede. You lose from the reveal of the boss, you didn't pick the right pot for this match up 2 bosses back? You lose. You didn't pick the right treasure? You lose. You didn't pick the right hero? You lose. Full wipe, start all over. The only positive thing I can think of about this format is new/F2P players can play and get their packs without having to build decks, or craft cards. If that's why the format is like this then I have to ask, is this really the best you can do? Is an RNG-fiesta the only way to allow all players an "equal" opportunity to benefit from the adventure? I really can't believe that this is the best way to do that. Of course I will play for the packs, but I certainly am tired of it already.Spaghetti67 Sep 30
Sep 30 Should adventure quests return themed packs? You complete a Dungeon Run win-games quest - and you receive a Classic pack, not a Kobolds and Catacombs pack. You complete a Monster Hunt Run. win-games quest - but you receive a Classic pack, not a Witchwood pack. Shouldn't the rewards match the challenge?ChallengeMe0 Sep 30
Sep 29 How to get old adventures How do I get old adventures? Like Curse of Naxxramas or Blackrock mountain? They don't show up in the solo adventure feed under karazhan and I kinda want to try them.Felhelen2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Dungeon run: Mage (help) Hello guys and girls I have beaten Dungeon run with 8 classes. Now only Mage is left. But I have no idea how I can beat dungeon run with Mage. Does someone have any helpful advices for me? Is there a strategie with Mage or is it just luck?KLGamet50 Sep 29
Sep 29 Please for the love of god help me I can't best lich king with warrior or shaman. Please someone help I dont have a lot of dust I have like 50 that I can useMauruno11 Sep 29
Sep 29 Disconnect can result in lost (dungeon run) I got DC from my mobile on a great dungeon run on the final boss. Great deck, great start. So I decided I'll go to the bathroom and finish it after. But when I log back in, what was my surprise to see I get a lost and its over. If only I knew. Seriously I was away like 2 minutes max and I lost my run. Is that normal or a bug? It's not like I'm facing a real player that beat me up while I'm afk. I was extremely disappointed. My deck was really fun. Max giant setup with 5 mana cost minion effect. Seriously I'm so sad about this lost.MadeInQuebec12 Sep 29
Sep 27 I can't believe there is no way to quit solo If I am given total garbage cards on a witchwood run there is no way to quit except pick one i wont use, start a game i won't play, and wait for it to load so i can concede, and then from there it's like 39 clicks each with long baroque animation just to get back in and start over. Que the "you should be able to win with any cards like me who is good at video games look at me LOOK AT ME" posters:DinoDamage0 Sep 27
Sep 27 class challenge mm,class challenge mm Mirror master is too hard for shaman How can i beat him can anyone help,How can i beat him can anyone helpiamsonic1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Free Hero Card Is the free hero card that you are supposed to get from the prologue random or do you only get Frost Lich Jaina? Cuz I did it 3 times and I only got to play as Jaina, so I'm just assuming that she's the only character you get to use for it and no other classes, I just need some sort of confirmation of this.TheWarchief17 Sep 27
Sep 26 Nerf Captain Shivers Up to around 90 bosses beat with Tess. Made it to round 8 four times. Each time I drew Captain Shivers and was dead in less than 7 turns. This boss is practically unbeatable. Take away his mana from the start and make him start with 0 like I do. And stop having the AI cheat and give me a draw with all my highest casting cost stuff. I turned in all my high cost cards and got new high cost cards on the draw. I even had the perk to draw 2 extra cards this last time and all I got was high cost cards - because the AI is cheating.CRACKEDHASH8 Sep 26
Sep 26 Vitus the exiled impossible Faced it twice and lost twice before turn 6. Good smorc bosses Blizz. Is his the new game concept? Idiotic bosses going full face ¿?M1L29 Sep 26
Sep 26 Warrior dungeon run Need advice stuck got 5-6 heroes done need draft helpKothalKan2 Sep 26
Sep 25 Kobolds and Catacombs Unfair as Heck So played warrior multiple times over 30 bosses defeated 2 trips to level 7 out of that many runs. So this is how bad this expansion AI is, when you finally start winning the game glitches out super bad, it freezes up. Then when it knows its gonna lose it crashes then you reload then you win again, once more game freezes up and takes a second before it lets you play again. Well finally make it to level 7 with a pieced together deck that is sure to win. Get the absolute most unfair boss I've ever seen. The Trap Room, I mean literally every round it restacks all the trap cards can't get creatures on the board, can't cast any spells. Oh and apparently when you destroy traps it either copies or starts boarding minions ahead of you. Are bosses supposed to be class specific so you have a chance to defeat them. Cause I don't believe there are any current cards out there that can completely remove traps in the warrior class. Oh not that it would matter since we can't create our own decks to play in there. This expansion was a bust or your guys computer AI is out of control. I don't even think the best players in the world could beat this in one day without complete luck, and the kobolds and catacombs negates that luck heavily. You guys need to do a much better job with the next expansion and definitely dumb down the AI. P.S. You literally can watch the game start thinking, with the amount of interrupts during the game, all that is is to much data for it to handle. What could a non multiplayer game possibly be doing to be having a data crash. Other then going like oh crap, this player is beating me, that's not supposed to happen. Let's screw them over by slowing the game and making them refresh which also resets the current bosses and replaces them with harder ones. Not making this up you literally get most freezes when you are kicking the AI's butt severly.ArchangelJln3 Sep 25
Sep 24 How are you supposed to beat hagatha I was only able to do it because somehow i got her to mill both of her weapons, but if she had them, i would have had no chance. she got me down to 2 and i had to fight back for like 30 minutes to barely win. I do have to say double spell call of the wild is quite the come back mechanism lol.TeamAmerica7 Sep 24
Sep 23 |Boomsday waste of time All the work to figure all the puzzles out and all we get is a dumb !@# card back whats the point of playing if we dont get packs out of it guess the free to play does not matter anymore free 6 packs and thats it do all the work on the adventure and no more packs at all get to the end and its a lousy card back thats all we get for all that work come on dont think I want to keep playing this game its to money geared now all they want is your money they could care less if its fun or rewarding.Viper10 Sep 23
Sep 23 advice for a warlock dungeon run the class ive had the most trouble with is the warlock. ive ended up with c'thuns a few times, but nothing seems to work. i only made it to the final boss once and it was super close throughout that run so, any ideas of what cards and passives to aim with as a lock?Ferrante22 Sep 23
Sep 23 Shaman magic mirror I have just got the class challenge open but think there is a glitch. On YouTube if you play a minion you get a 1 1 copy. However in the game when I play one the mirror gets a copy of what I play. This is basically impossible or am I wrong?celcon0 Sep 23
Sep 23 karazhan 2 rows or 14 packs? So when karazhan came out, I saved up my gold so i could buy a row. Shortly after I stopped playing hearthstone. Now I am back and did some grinding, some quests and I got back up to 1.4k gold, is it worth buying the 2 rows or should i just buy some packs? (and if so which one).FindMuck1 Sep 23
Sep 23 How Do I Switch Classes I want to get rid of my witchwood quests is there a way to go back to the begging and / or switch classes.Bossjx1 Sep 23
Sep 22 Dungeon Run AI cheating? Today i played against The Darkness with a beautifully unique Mage deck. thought it would be not too hard because i had 2x health and Reno in starting hand. Considering the boss's "reasonable" ability to control board, i did not build a presence in the first few turns and by Turn 5, the boss had 4 darkspawns and 1 shadowfiend while i had nothing. THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENED. He played Psychic Scream. Sure enough, an extra candle could not compensate for the loss of Reno. i still tried my best. Lone Champion >> Shadow Word: Pain. Darkspawn >> Shadow Word: Death. Chillwind Yeti >> Entomb. The Lich King >> Mind Control. Well, i knew he is supposed to have these cards, but starting from the psychic scream everything went abnormal. It was one of the many occasions in which the player was not going to win anyway. Don't tell me that AI misplayed. Without the knowledge of a unique deck the Psychic Scream makes no sense. And a copy of every board clear in hand just by normally drawing 1 card per turn? Hmm. i wish i had that kind of "luck". After all, the five final bosses have already had broken difficulties. So, what is the point of making AI able to cheat? This might be not the first time for me, but definitely the most undeniable time. it felt really, really sad.sqwndw2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Monster Hunt as Toki I have 200+ wins but can't get past the 7th boss...WTF?billbrasky5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Hmm.. Cardback, nice So.. The big reward you get from completing all puzzles is a cardback that's identical to one I already have, maybe a bit less brightness lmao. "You got 3 packs from the beggining" hm ok uau so great, 3 packs that gave me (and I bet not only me) literally the same cards each. 3 packs for each update they make? That's like 3 packs a year right? Because they update this so much, right? please.. "Some people play it for fun" Feeling you did something because of a good reward is having fun. Getting something USEFULL after completing like what 21 bosses and like 70 puzzles or whatever is fun. But getting a useless cardback that no one really give a damn isn't fun. "Blizzard just gains money by selling packs and arena, so ye, you can't ask for much more because that way they are working for free" ohh... so sad they have no money. You felt the sarcasm, right? They already did a lot a money with this game.. Enough making more and doing less. They are spitting in this game, not caring at all, not upgrading it at all, and the community are defending them by telling that they can't make money somehow? Please.. Even if they gave 50 packs to each person I guarantee you that they would make more money than you all ever imagine that they're earning. It's sad. Once again, a game this good. A game with so much potential, being ignored like that. Sad company. I'm glad I'm not paying for overwatch, after hearing bad after bad things about this company called Blizzard.. They are capable of so much more, and yet, they are lazy to move a finger. Money money money and then go to sleep, that's all, good for them. Bad for us.Pjöksan0 Sep 22
Sep 22 The Lich King Boss - you can play him Frostmourne! You can play his weapon. To do this, you need to do some actions Before using Azalina Soulthief. All the details in the video: Sep 22
Sep 21 Captain shivers insanely OP Has anyone managed to beat Captain Shivers? I had a 13 atk lifesteal infinite durability weapon and he still managed to kill me on turn 6. He had a kingsbane with 12 atk as well as all the key weapon buffing cards that he played on curve every turn. Basically the way the game went he couldnt be beat no matter how strong my draw and deck was. I get the that bosses should be hard but this is pushing it to the extreme. The encounter was no fun at all. I just shut the game down and didnt feel like playing again because I was too disgusted at the crazy power level of that boss.Azadar30 Sep 21
Sep 20 Puzzle lab reward is just a card back? If so I'm skipping. Is that the only reward?slayer9 Sep 20
Sep 19 I know I'm not the first I really dislike skins in general and I've never understood the idea of buying something for a game for purely cosmetic purposes, but I would actually love to see the monster hunt heroes become full fledged skins for the game. They have some of the best lines in the game, Two are interesting Warcraft characters and Two are fan loved hearthstone creations, and I honestly think they're some of the best looking heroes you've designed. People love all of these cards and I don't think you'd draw the ire of many people if at some point you released them as a set or even one at a time. I Would probably even buy an $80 dollar bundle if I knew I'd get Tess, Shaw or Darius. I hope this is on the docket, because most people I talk to would love these heroes!DungBingo0 Sep 19
Sep 18 Dungeon run - just can't win Went back to the dungeon after abstaining for few months. The hunts were nice, the puzzles, time consuming and insightful, were fun. The dungeon however just breaks your will. The slow animations, the boredom imparted in the first 3 or 4 bosses, and just the shear randomness (one bad bucket or treasure or drawl can doom the entire run) just turns this into a boring repetitive brute-force task... The first treasure and bucket or two forces you to synergize the rest if it lets you... I broke the bank, only to lose the next round to a !@#$ty drawl and an overwhelming offensive. That will never happen again... Back to abstaining...CrimsonArc3 Sep 18
Sep 17 Delete Me Deleted -- posted in wrong forum.jackpot5480 Sep 17