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Jul 23, 2014 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Adventure Mode Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Adventure Modes with your fellow adventurers. Share your epic tales of glorious victory, compare notes on laying waste to nefarious bosses, and share your brilliant decks and strategies with other eager heroes! Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Daxxarri0 Jul 23, 2014
6h Warrior and Rogue Dungeon Run Help I’ve beaten the Dungeon Run with every hero except Warrior and Rogue and I’ve been stuck on them for a while. Does anyone know if there are any particularly good strategies for those classes that could help? Any ideas would be great. ThanksTheBadJesus14 6h
13h Dungeon Run % Completion Could we have a % of players who finished the dungeon run? Curious. Me, I still have 2 to go.sennaseven0 13h
20h Pause/save option (mobile) Many times id be doing really well in K&C and mid fight I accidentally press the power button/ home button or i just have to go and boom, all progress lost along with all bonuses and extra minions. This is extremely frustrating and i would be very happy to see a pause/ save option since adventures are solo anyway. This will allow me to actually complete a dungeon for once.SociaLFish0 20h
23h Trapped room sooooo Ethereal Arcanist? If that gets played you just lose right?Jmoney1 23h
23h Is this hard coded? Choose stealth minions perk in Dungeon Run, next boss you face is Candlebeard, get crushed? #SaltyAstronut3 23h
1d A suggestion to spice up adventure mode I have largely given up on competitive play, even to the point of caring about getting my cardback for the next month, but what I do love is the single player "missions" that you can do. I absolutely love Dungeon Run, it's great, it's awesome finding new ways to get through is great, cursing up a storm of profanity when some mechanic makes it impossible to win, just everything about it... EXCEPT... the fact there is a limit to how useful it is. While the combinations are large, I don't necessarily want to try them all, so had an idea that might be fun. AFTER, you beat all the bosses, there should be some "unlock mode" that lets you do a little more. The first thing that came to mind was to start as a Death Knight, no card, no need to play anything, want to be Deathstalker Rexxar, just click the alternate portrait, congratulations on beating dungeon run now we'll let you have a little more fun with it, and this sort of thing could absolutely be expanded to any adventure as well. The other thing that came to mind, which was specific to dungeon run, was to give multiple picks of you "treasure", similar to arena drafting. Up comes +1/+1, double deathrattle, double battle cry... well why should I be limited to one? Let me pick one, then give me another 3 choices where another might pick up. Sure this would absolutely make your character super OP, but hey I already beat the thing with all 9 characters... many times over... let me spice things up and try something new. I know wishful thinking, but hopefully some "bonus mode" works it's way into hearthstone. Getting a portrait or a card back is nice, but come on it's single player, any reward isn't going to affect the competitive play, it's just allowing you to do something a little different as a reward for beating through it.Astronut3 1d
1d Buying an Advendure after it goes out of rotation I know its possible to still buy Black Rock Mountain but only with real money, and that when an adventure goes out of rotation but you've played one of its wings you can still unlock wings using in-game gold, I just don't know to what extent. Basically, I've played and beaten only the very first wing in One Night in Karazhan (The Prologue), will this be enough for it to stay when it goes out of rotation so if I please I can buy more wings with in-game gold, or MUST I actually buy the first real wing (The Parlor) for it to stay in my adventure mode. I've been hoarding gold over the past couple weeks in advanced for The Witchwood, I've almost collected upwards of 1300 gold so I can have my own mini pack opening when it comes out. I'm willing to give up 700 of that gold to keep Karazhan in my Adventure mode if it's what I must do, but if it isn't I'd really like to know so I can have that gold for 7 extra packs when the next expansion comes out. I created my HS account in 2015, played it for a month then dropped it, I've only come back recently and like I did last time plan to only use in-game gold for my collection. In the future when I can afford to buy the Karazhan adventure with in-game gold I'd like the option to be able to even when it's entered wild.BozieZedro2 1d
1d Dungeon run with Mage I've completed all the other dungeon runs, but not mage. I've tried giant decks, spell decks, stealth decks, elemental decks, quest decks ... no luck. Pretty much the only thing I haven't tried is Rod of Roasting, and that's only because it hasn't come up in my Treasure options. Any suggestions or success stories? Synergies that maybe I'm not exploiting that worked for you?Crazybytch4 1d
1d Cannot find the league of explorer I cannot find the League of explorer adventure :(, not even in shop, please helpshararytran4 1d
1d Buying Adventure After Crafting Cards From It So I'm considering buying Naxxramas, but I've crafted quite a few cards from it. Is there any policy for reimbursing dust if I do buy it? Do I get duplicate cards or does buying the adventure just fill in cards that I don't have?SlamminJ1 1d
2d Lich King Fight 2018 OK so I feel like getting my Arthas portrait, and I need help. This is not a guide BY me but a potential plea for help FOR me. I will keep bumping and updating this thread until I get Arthas and eventually turn it into a guide for others, so ANY help is appreciated. I am figuring with Kobolds and Catacombs there MUST be some new cards that will help this fight. I've been doing some online research and the only thing helpful is telling me what he does on turn 1 to each class and that he uses his sword on turn 7. Hunter: I used "I hunt alone" Spell Hunter deck since LK damages you for every minion in your deck but I still got my butt kicked. I will continue to try this weekend. -TYPaf9 2d
3d Frozen Throne to Difficult for Newbie Hey everyone, I've been playing about a month. I just started to try and do some of the Frozen Throne content but I am having nothing but troubles. I beat Marrowbone after a few hours but now I have been stuck on Saurfang for another 2 hours. No matter what build I try (Warrior or Rogue) I cant get enough minions on the field to outpace his own minions, and it seems like no matter what I do, I cant drop him below 12 health. He either heals everything I have hit him with, or his enrage minions get so strong that they overwhelm my taunts. Any suggestions?likeatunacan1 3d
3d Very easy Lich King win using Alarm-o-Bot! (Mage here, but also works for some others classes!) I posted this on my KotFT bosses tips & videos thread ( but this strategy is so good that it is better to start its own thread. I do not take all the credit as I read this on one of the Youtube comment which was for Warrior. I modified it for Mage and here is the video and guide: Card list: Construct a deck with two of each of Alarm-o-Bot, Stubborn Gastropod, Mirror Image, Ice Barrier and Y'Shaarj. After that, pick all the big taunt minions you have. For the remaining slots, choose minions with high stats, or good utilities, such as Ysera. Mulligan and reset until you have Alarm-o-Bot, Mirror Image or Stubborn Gastropod, and Y'Shaarj. Cast Mirror Image and/or Stubborn Gastropod on your first two turns, followed by Alarm-o-Bot on the third turn. At the start of your turn 4, the Alarm-o-Bot will summon Y'Shaarj, which in turn summon more big minion for you. As long as you have taunt minions on board to protect the Alarm-o-Bot, keep summon it again. By the second phase, you should already have several big minions on board. Kill all the Trapped Souls with your big minions. However, it is important that you have more Armor or Health before going into phase three, otherwise boss phase three Hero Power will kill you. You can achieve this with Ice Barrier, Ice Block or other minions that heal. Once phase three starts, continue summoning Alarm-o-Bot, or your big minion directly, and hit boss' face.Wakeman3 3d
3d Disconnect=loss dungeon run Blizzard plz fix disconect=loss in dungeon runs. I am so tired of getting to final boss and either i disconnevt or time out just to find out i lose. I understand why its that way in pvp people dont want to wait for reconnect and it slows things down but against a computer they can wait it should either restart fight or resume it. I was two turns from beating warrior and disconnected and thenbit was a lossTyrannus0 3d
4d Dungeon Run Shaman is Impossible Up to 50 Bosses defeated and always die on boss 7 or 8... Ive tried so many different decks but nothing seems to work >_> EDIT: After 110 Bosses I finally got it... Basically Infinite Evolve Build Khadgars Scrying Orb+Crystal Gem+ Unstable Evolution x3 Get 2-3 Minions on the board with Unstable Evolution = pretty much win with 2-3 lvl 9-10 minions in a single turn Also helps I lucked out on the final boss being Xol... shes relatively easy compared to the others.Joren47 4d
4d Witchwood and K&C Dungeon Run I am curious if the K&C Dungeon Run will have its cardpacks updated with Witchwood cards. That is all. NerfTogwaggleAmilarah0 4d
4d You know what we need? We need an adventure that changes the "Wow!" emote back to "Sorry". Whether it's a boss card or a hero power that does it, I don't care. I need it back in my life.OmegaExalted0 4d
4d NERF LICH KING NOW Trying to get Arthas and its pissing me off. Way too hard. Nerf this crap now.TheLichKing0 4d
4d can anyone help me with sindragosa so i have been struggling with sindragosa for a few weeks now i got it to 2 health before losing with a mage merlon deck but it doesn't seem to be working any recommendationsShnebs67King2 4d
4d Help with Maloriak? (Blackrock) Is there a deck that can consistently win against him? A lot of the Blackrock bosses seem to feel like you just need to be luck based, and I'm tired of waiting for Nefarian to not have any minions in his starting had. Maloriak is the only other boss on Heroic I have left and he's really unfair, all minions change stats and his automatically get +2/+2. Any suggestions? Cheap would be nice but if you can promise results that'd be greatPetrico940 4d
4d King Togwaggle is just not fun To start, I don't need a "L2P". Two classes down so far. The only similarity between those two? Not facing Togwaggle for encounter 8. This time, Togwaggle against my Jungle Giants deck with double Captured Flag (so good). Turn 1, play out my raven 4/4. Turn 2, put up my quest. Ok. Turn 3, put out my 4/4 Tortollan to get a 5 attack (7 attack automatically, yay) minion... Togwaggle's turn 3. Boots of Haste, Golden Monkey, Rag, King Krush, and 3 more legendaries. Kills my raven. Two turns of face to lose. Like the beholder, I have to play around beams, but the mechanic makes sense and can be considered. The dragon has all these chests that work to your advantage by not being greedy and just playing your deck you already have versus trying to get Marin's less than awesome treasures and screwing something up. Be ready to even ignore buffed chests (and strive to keep them alive so the hero power does nothing every turn). But Togwaggle? I might as well abandon the run every time now, 5 times I've gotten to him and it's not even a game, it's a 5 turn blowout every time. Even with a deck perfectly synergized and ready to curve out... it just doesn't matter if his treasures annihilate you and there's nothing to do about that. The other end bosses? So good, so much thought and play required as you learn the mechanics.Demosthenes29 4d
5d A Kharazhan bound damsel in distress Kharazhan's card back is really one of the few I like. Knowing the adventure will end sometime soon I am desperate and spent sleepless nights trying to beat the final heroic boss with C'thun Priest. I have gotten close once, but I can not seem to do well enough to actually succeed with any of the decks I have made and even the ones I have copied card by card from other posted winners. Does anyone have any advice? I am tired of my sleep schedule being off track and my notebook being scribbled front and back with notes that has not worked for me. (yes I know I am a potato to most who have already beat it, hence why I am finally seeking help haha)Lilith3339 5d
5d Why did Blizzard decide to discontinue adventures? I don't understand the logic or reasoning behind this. Were they not selling well? Does Blizzard think selling card packs is more effective? I don't enjoy the base game of Hearthstone very much. I've nothing against competitive play, but it's just not that much fun for me. (There are a number of reasons why, none of which I will go into here.) What I really enjoyed were the solo challenges. I've bought every adventure to date, not because I wanted the cards but because I enjoyed the adventures tremendously. While my opinion of Hearthstone isn't really all that important, I do want to know why the adventures were effectively discontinued, because they were the primary (perhaps only) reason I played this game.Bowser16 5d
6d Completion prizes Why don't we get one pack upon completing a class in dungeon run? I think it's OK to get nothing on subsequent clears but it's odd that all you get is a card back for clearing everyone. For Lich King we got an alternate hero which is damn near the rarest thing you can get in this game given the hoops you have to jump through for most of them. I think clearing Lich with all the classes is slightly harder but not enough to justify such a rare prize in comparison. Anyone hear if we'll be getting a better prize on the Witchwood one coming up?Imagineer0 6d
6d Meta Discussion Meta Discussion Hello Everyone! On this Forum we will be talking about any ideas about the current meta. Including Cards, Heroes, and Playstyle. Please enjoy your selves and talk about the topic. Have Fun!Alduin2 6d
6d In dungeon for hours. Get bent over by draw rng over and over and over and over again. Many of these bosses have highly tuned abilities, and i've already cleared all the classes back when it first came out, but its basically bull!@#$ rng. Refinement on what cards are offered based on which picks you are forced into for treasures, and being able to remove some crap cards from the deck is highly needed, but at the end of the day the fact you can be enjoying the run do everything right and just run into a boss that screws the entire run because lul rng is fun. It isn't a good long term way to encouraging enjoyment in card games we already have so much rng, we need some limited guidance or an opt out try another random boss option. When you lose 3 dungeon runs in a row because you don't draw cards in the last 8-5 cards in your deck where you could've had any one of 3 options it doesn't feel good, it feels like you got completely cheated and it makes you want to walk away from the game.Ragzus0 6d
6d Share Your Dungeon Run Stories Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone. I had a very interesting dungeon run that caused me to want to make a thread to share unique and positive happenings. I haven't been around Hearthstone very long, but I personally think these are very fun and enlightening for new players given that you get to play with all sorts of cards, strategies, combos, and experience a draft environment. I have noticed a lot of negativity towards it as a whole, and trust me, I understand - and this thread isn't to suggest that it's the best thing to ever happen to the game and doesn't need any tweaking. I know there are players out there that really enjoy it, though - so feel free to share! I am currently 3/9 after doing a late night run with Warlock a few days ago. I had an upgraded hero power, letting me draw a card with no health loss for 1 mana per turn. I also had "your minions that cost (5) or more cost (5)" and an irrelevant third treasure. I thought surely I wouldn't make it far as the minion ability was the best of the choices out of what I was first presented with, and then I would have to rely on what the draft would give me. Long story short, I defeated every late game boss by turn 3-5. I drafted "huge hand" twice, and had RNG on my side - drawing multiple Mountain Giants (I may have gotten the name wrong, it's the 8/8 that costs (1) less for each card in hand) in my opening hand. With the minion cost treasure, and the amount of cards in hand, I could have both of these out by turn 2. I had Molten Giants that initially costed (5) as well, and even less with the Warlocks' ability to easily damage itself through summoning another low cost minion. I faced three of the most broken bosses, too: Ixlid, The Mothergloop, and King Togwaggle at the end. It felt really good and while I definitely got lucky, it felt good to have that RNG on my side for once, and it was a fun run to clear. I understand that it is completely frustrating to go up against broken mechanics or a clearly planted boss that 100% counters what you built through draft - but I really do think that these can be a lot of fun. I hope this encourages others to share as well.Delfaras36 6d
6d sun raider phaerix warlock challenge I can't beat the Sun Raider with this Warlock deck. I always lose board control because it's way easier for the Raider to get the staff. I've had him as low as 5 health and he always kills me by wiping my board, or burning me out. Any advice?GrimestGrim2 6d
Mar 15 Unloading some dungeon salt. Paying some dungeon run, I always die at 4th boss(f you thaddock). Finally doing good with big hunter, justicarz ring and pedant stealth. 5th boss is wax mancer stermi. She kicking my ads most of the game. Finally stabilize with a strong board of rhinos kathreena and life steal leech after trading at 13 up. I left 1 alley cat to go face. She double kill commands me then triple shot for 3 damage to face. She out hunters my hunter. I'm amazed.Melarthebald0 Mar 15
Mar 15 The good and bad about unlocking Prince Arthas. Since I have mostly bad things to say about the challenge to defeat the Lich King with all nine classes to unlock Prince Arthas, let me start by saying what I liked about what the devs designed into this challenge: 1) I like the many of the interactions with specific classes or certain cards when they are played, like the "Shut Up Priest" card or like when the Lich King or Arfus card is played. 2) I like how the devs tried to make fighting a the Lich King a completely different experience for each class. But despite what is good about this challenge, the overall experience is just tedious and terrible. In fact, trying to unlock Prince Arthas is probably the least enjoyable experience out anything that I have ever done in Hearthstone. The reason why unlocking Athas is so unpleasant is that for many of the classes the conditions for getting a win are much too narrow, which makes the difficulty for getting a win way too high and tedious. Even with having a perfectly designed deck to beat the Lich King, too many of the fights are completely dependent on having enough luck to draw your cards in the right order, while requiring that Lich King does not draw and play cards that undermine your perfect draws. The only skill that is involved in defeating the Lich King is the ability to build or choose the right deck to play, and a keen understanding what the win conditions are for the decks being used so that a player has the best chance per attempt to get a win. Consequently, since a win is completely dependent on drawing the rarely perfect or near perfect win conditions for how a particular deck is suppose to beat the Lich King, the overall experience is just plain frustrating and monotonous. This ^ problem can be compounded if a player is unwilling to take short cuts by just conceding games if they get a poor mulligan. For instance, success for hunter can be sped up dramatically, if a player concedes games while playing Hunter for mulligans which fail to provide the player with either Tracking or Barnes in the opening hand. Unfortunately, starting out with Tracking or Barnes is far from a guarantee that the player will win that game, but the best win condition for Hunter is dependent on being able to play Barnes in the early game to put Y'Sarj or Sneed's Old Shredder into play. I can only imagine the sheer torture it must be to try to get Prince Arthus with a new account.Zee11 Mar 15
Mar 15 Decks for Putricide? Mainly cheap ones.DiZ13 Mar 15
Mar 15 Deck Building Suggestion - Show Mana Curve In the Kobolds & Catacombs dungeon run adventure, I'd simply like to see the mana curve barchart for my current deck included on the screen somewhere while I'm selecting a bucket. I know some of us have to deal with small screens, but even if i have to tap+hold something to see it, I feel it'd help me pick the best bucket. That is all, thanks.averyoo70 Mar 15
Mar 14 PVE content i have a huge card collection and no place to actually use it. no adventures are produced any more. why? building decks to beat boss encounters is very enjoyable and different from laddering. its a good variety. its also the reason i have so many cards because in the past i finished all adventures in hc mode and needed alot of them for different strategies i was experimenting with. anyone else missing adventures?Plueschiee5 Mar 14
Mar 14 Lich King with all 9 classes I'm struggling at killing this guy with all the classes. I beat him with Druid early on, and later realised that he is a pushover when playing Priest, but I just can't beat him with any other class. I've tried all the decks I can afford, which isn't saying much since I have about 10 dust. I'm looking for anybody who wants to help me build a deck to try and beat him with the remaining seven classes, if anyone wants that challenge.Collisto1 Mar 14
Mar 14 Karazhan Heroic Recently In the interest of not reviving a zombie thread, I am looking for advice from people who have done heroic Karazhan lately. It seems like they have made it harder in the past couple months and all advice I find is a year old.AthenaRose0 Mar 14
Mar 13 Help with Free Medivh heroic Does anyone know how to play the druid deck, suggested by Malto from his guided tour of Karazhan. I was able to duplicate the deck, but I still can't quite figure out how to play it right and Free Medivh.ArchangelJln5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Is Lich King too hard for Free to Play players? As a person that chooses not to Pay to Play I find that the Lich King is a bit too aggresive to beat. I am aware that it is not suppose to be easy but I refuse to sit and play adventure mode for 6 days or so just to win a simple pack for the first win against the Lich King. It is the same basic move he does when I face him on my Paladin. First, he will cast the spell card Fallen Crusaderthat makes minions go to his side of the board when they die THEN he will either coin and play Skeletal Knight or pass his turn (turn 1) Second, IF he did not cast a coin on the first turn he will then cast the coin and then cast Coldwraith and he did these two SAME plays for 10 games in a row. There was nothing different about it at all it was either Spell > Coin > Minion on first turn or Coin > Coldwraith on second turn. I'm mostly pissed off that I built a deck to counter the Lich King and it looks solid for a Free To Play deck but to be hit with the same 2 routines over and over is just frustrating and annoying. I then tried shaman and minute he casted the spell that makes all minions 1/1 I said "Nahh, waste of time right here." So yea, I do not find it is worth the time for Free to Play players at the moment, since you only get 1 pack for 1 win, good luck with that. I also assume that there are a lot of Free to Play players with this new expansion so I do hope that blizzard or whom ever is in charge of Hearthstone will fix this eventually so that it's still a bit of a challenge but also more fun. Kind of like the other wings that I played that I won within a few hours of each boss with Free to Play deck and 5 cards that I crafted or got from the 3 free packs. That was still fun even though it provided a challenge.Tralleron29 Mar 13
Mar 13 One Night In Karazhan Ive bought the first two stage with gold. Can I buy the rest later even after Karazhan leaves shop?Kirgo6 Mar 13
Mar 13 Dungeon Run Does anyone else think dungeon runs are over tune for the amount of RNG? I love the RNG but after about 400 games in there and not a single win against the last boss, i am getting frustrated and the reward for it is complete garbage.PenisShark1 Mar 13
Mar 13 Kobolds and catacombs not worth playing... this really isnt worth anyones time after the first few times for the initial pack, the bosses are too hard, there is no way to plan ahead for upcoming bosses cause both the upcoming bosses and the cards you get are entirely random, the only reward for completing the dungeon is a stupid card back that basically says "hey guys i got lucky with the rng". there is just no satisfaction playing it and its ridiculously difficult to beat for the 1 terrible reward that does exist. 2/10 could be great; is notSquishy18 Mar 13
Mar 13 Expanded win count and rewards for replayabillity on dungeon runs First off i love the dungeon runs BUT.. i think it would be better if you keep Dungeon run interesting more people would still play it. A way of keeping it interesting for me atleast would be an expended win count (so extra crowns). I like to work onto something, even if it is only a cosmetic it helps to achieve getting that reward feeling. Blizzard could also get a small monthly reward on Dungeon run or a special card back anything. Make it more interesting so people feel they have a goal. Now i still like Dungeon runs but i dont feel iam achieving something beside having fun. I already have all the crowns on every class so i don't feel a reward anymore when i beat all the bosses. I think the dungeon runs is a really unique and good concept and i love it. The only thing that iam missing is an constant feeling of getting a reward (which again doesnt have to be gold or cards). It would be really cool if you could get titles like Dungeon Master or something beside your name while playing other games or get a Dungeon Legend title when you defeated the bosses. Dungeon runs could help casual players and the health of the dungeon runs since people want to play it again and again. if you place a little gold in it and some cosmetics or even basic cards so you can get dust people will come back to it and then you have a good platform for casual players. They will learn the game have a unique experience and they would get some extra cards and dust.MastaG0 Mar 13
Mar 13 Kobold Catacombs Jolly Fun Kobold Catacombs provide for some great fun. Here wanted to share an interesting effect I came upon when fighting boss Spiritspeaker Azun with double deathrattle effect. Basically I was using Paladin and had a weapon which upon deathrattle gives random minion in Your hand +4/+2 and Deathrattle to equip the weapon back. So yeah the double effect and deathrattle for each time the minion dies actually give a chain reaction of effects. In the end I had a Stormwind Knight with 722/365 stats! Gave it then another +3 to attack just in case)Sharksharp1 Mar 13
Mar 13 Is it worth it to buy One Night in Karazhan? Hey guys, I am a new player in Hearthstone and i was wondering if I should buy the One Night in Karazhan adventure, or should I just use the gold on card packs.TheLegend2712 Mar 13
Mar 12 Old Adventures So i have played hearthstone for about 3 to 4 years at this point and in that time i have played a completely free to play account that has earned cards by getting gold. And a rare few who have been around longer than me have made that work, but after so many card expansions and so many different adventures even though I have been around for ages it feels like I missed so much due to me not shelling out actual money. My point being that expansions like goblins and gnomes and naxuramus which were pretty good are ones that I can't get any of the cards for anymore, and even if i did want to buy them i couldn't with any amount of gold due to me never buying an expansion slot in nax and G&G being locked away forever. And as we get into another new year and another wave of expansions leave the lime light forever I can't be alone in thinking that completely taking away the ability to get the expansions makes me feel a bit cheated. Now i can understand the card packs being removed as they have to make space for the new cards and they don't want the old meta interfering with the new meta, but if there is one thing i hate it is the situation with the adventures. Like i said before previous adventures that are not at least partway bought are inaccessible and even though I would be willing to grind out the gold (I mean i did so for explorers and karazan) that is not even an option. Whats worse is how this effects newer accounts, sure their will still be the new expansions but they will never have the ability to buy old adventures and if they want to play important cards like reno jackson or kel thuzad they will have to waste an obscene amount of dust just to get a single card that is only usable in wild. My point being that there should be some way for people to get to play the old adventures and get the old cards even if that means allowing players to use gold to buy them. But honestly even that wouldn't really work as most people (me included) can't spare enough gold to finish old adventures due to them needing to buy cards for the new expansion in order to keep building decks for the current game. I still have yet to finish the blackrock adventure that i have had for a total of 2 years and I have only bought part one so far! And that is only because of how hard it is to grind for that much gold and not use it to buy something better like a couple packs or a different adventure. And after seeing the new year announcement this problem will only get worse with the new year possibly killing off the last pay to play adventure, karazan. Of course I ground my way to get all the cards but for people that are new to the game they may never get the chance to play it ever again. So what should blizzard do about this issue for hearthstone players both new and old. Its actually very simple, make the old adventures free to play and give the players that actually shelled out some cash or gold a reward for each expansion. This would probably be the most generous act in card game history and seeing how blizzard is in charge this will probably never happen. But I would be willing to wager that this would satisfy a large part of the old community and might be a tactic they would resort to if the game is dying hard enough. Either way if this happened it would probably bring in a lot of new people and bring back some old people that got tired of not being able to play casually in any mode except for of course casual where only noobs and deck testers go. And With new and old players getting the chance to play the adventures it can bring back the fun that adventures brought to the older game and even give wild mode the shot in the arm it has needed for years. So What do you think, should this happen, or am I just being to demanding? Either way that is the end of this my stupid long winded rant about a children's card game.Bumblebeeman0 Mar 12
Mar 12 18 Decks, 62 Bosses I've been trying to complete a run through all of the adventure modes without losing or modifying any deck. I'm just going to beat them all in one play through. I've gotten close (Sindragosa, then lost to the lich king too because I wanted to see) once out of three tries. My questions are these: Who are the least consistent adventure mode bosses in your experience in normal mode? Have the modern sets added anything that helped stabilize a win rate against these bosses? For myself, I'd say Lady Naz'jar, Chromaggus and Lady Deathwhisper are the "normal" bosses that are the most inconsistent. Of course all the final bosses, especially the Lich King, tend to have lowish win rates. For the specific restriction I put on myself of not changing my decks, Patchwerk and Arch-Theif Rafaam have the strongest effect of reducing my decks available, but that's just my abnormal play at work. Kobolds addition of Dragonslayer really helped with the whole second half of Blackrock Mountain because they can be added as a vanilla 4/3 for 3 to value decks without impacting the overall win rate. *I didn't count the 4 bosses where your decks are not used, but I am still going to play those adventure missions.Ace0Spadez833 Mar 12
Mar 11 AMA: My 6 Year Old Just Beat Dungeon Run He called me over: "Daddy come look I'm beating 'Togglewaggs' ". I was like: No way. But he did. Shaman. No Help. Amazing.RossBoys2 Mar 11
Mar 11 Bizzare bug on Lich King Win Playing as warlock, beat the Lich King, and in the brief cinematic afterwards, normal hero was replaces not w/ warlock DK, but medivh Hero. didnt get a screenshot im afraid, but it was really odd.Kazaaak1 Mar 11
Mar 11 Russel the Godly Dire Bard of Robust Power and Pain This guy is b o t h e r s o m e Why in the name of C'Thun does this bard have Mal'Gantis and Pyroblast He's a bard with a rouge based deck! Why does we have a legendary Warlock card????????????????DarthSil0 Mar 11
Mar 10 Wild Adventure dust question! I bought Blackrock Mountain adventure, and before that I've already crafted Gang up and Lava Shock (cards from the adventure). My question is before I keep on playing, should I dust the cards I already have and regain then from the adventure boss or will I not get the cards again?elMaDuro690 Mar 10