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Apr 26 Let the Monster Hunt Begin! Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night. Monster Hunt is now live in US, EU and KR regions. Good luck Heroes!Jesse Hill0 Apr 26
14h Can we take some of the bad luck out? Is it asking too much to pick a treasure and get stuff that actually goes with it? You get the choice of Deathrattles happen twice, Battlecries happen twice, or the minions over 5 cost, cost 5... Then every bucket contains regular minions with costs of under 5 and a mix of useless spells. Can we pick a treasure and have the buckets have a high chance to give us SOMETHING that goes along with it?KStod1 14h
1d Forlorn Lovers made me quit Monster Hunt Did this un-interactive deck need to be put in to Monster Hunt? I conceded because it was so frustrating and nothing I could do as I watched card after card get burned out of my RNG-generating Toki deck.Scatha14 1d
2d Monster Hunt: Jungle Giants and 5/1 Bloodhounds don't work? Why? So I had a monster hunt where I snagged two +2 attack passives for my bloodhounds on Houndmaster Shaw. I also grabbed a card package with Jungle Giants. My 5/1 bloodhounds did not count for Jungle Giants. After googling around it looks like this used to work. Why doesn't it work anymore? Proof: 2d
2d Will there be a reward for the next solo adventure? Like a card back, or a new hero?TrebledMike1 2d
3d Defeating the Lich King Hey, does anyone out there have a great idea for beating the lich king? All the decks I looked at are outdated and contain wild cards. ThanksSupreme0 3d
3d Gnomenapper/Sack of Gnomes? Really? After enjoying the Monster Hunt for a few hundred times I have found one constant: Sack of Gnomes is horribly designed. Why would you put this in the game? Another Shudderwock moment? The moment the Gnomenapper cast this card is pretty much game over. Why would you give a 75% plus winning rate card to a boss? He is not even a final boss. Every time is turn 4 "you're done"; not to mention the times he plays it again at turn 5. Since Brode is leaving would you mind getting someone who tells the Creative Team: "No, X card if ridiculously Op. Not gonna happen." Thanks.LaSombra61 3d
4d face collector(monster hunt) this boss is f!@#$ing bonkers, not only does it use my own deck against me, but it also evolves them by 2 FOR FREECheezusCrust51 4d
4d so i drop 700 gold on nights in karhazan this is absolutely the last time i trust blizzard with any of my time or money, i just gave 700 gold back to server so i could take damage from some idiotic developer who thinks that something barely possible to complete is fun. i jump into the prologue expecting something like the first two campaigns which i found relatively enjoyable. before i know it im facing off with a demon goat capable of summoning 6/6 demons at will, who starts off with 6 mana. meanwhile i have a standard start and i dont even get the coin. so im thinking... this has to be some staged scene where somehow one of my allies swoops in to save me from my ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE DECK consisting of armor and polymorph spells.... BUT NO! when your health reaches 0 in prologue you are greeted with a defeat screen! you have officially lost a customer blizzard. never again will i give you a dime. P.S. wow is the most boring game in history.ZeLeprachaun3 4d
5d King Togwaggle is just not fun To start, I don't need a "L2P". Two classes down so far. The only similarity between those two? Not facing Togwaggle for encounter 8. This time, Togwaggle against my Jungle Giants deck with double Captured Flag (so good). Turn 1, play out my raven 4/4. Turn 2, put up my quest. Ok. Turn 3, put out my 4/4 Tortollan to get a 5 attack (7 attack automatically, yay) minion... Togwaggle's turn 3. Boots of Haste, Golden Monkey, Rag, King Krush, and 3 more legendaries. Kills my raven. Two turns of face to lose. Like the beholder, I have to play around beams, but the mechanic makes sense and can be considered. The dragon has all these chests that work to your advantage by not being greedy and just playing your deck you already have versus trying to get Marin's less than awesome treasures and screwing something up. Be ready to even ignore buffed chests (and strive to keep them alive so the hero power does nothing every turn). But Togwaggle? I might as well abandon the run every time now, 5 times I've gotten to him and it's not even a game, it's a 5 turn blowout every time. Even with a deck perfectly synergized and ready to curve out... it just doesn't matter if his treasures annihilate you and there's nothing to do about that. The other end bosses? So good, so much thought and play required as you learn the mechanics.Demosthenes35 5d
5d Ice Barrier question Played the Ice Barrier secret, my mage was hit by frost bolt and it didn't trigger the secret and then by fireball next turn and didn't trigger the secret. Didn't they used to trigger by spells?sennaseven1 5d
5d It's actually impossible to win the tracker monster hunt I won first try with the other 3 characters and I'm on run #8908903904838749058 with Tracker.Krye84 5d
5d Candlebeard level 6+ is just terrible Every time I run into him level 6 or later, I simply must just concede barring the most miraculous of circumstances. Bad enough he can grant charge to a minion each turn, but at this level he can grant charge to all minions he plays in a turn. Oh, and btw, it cost him nothing at all in mana. Oh, even worse, he plays trash cards like magma rager which under normal circumstances would be easy to deal with, but a 5 attack charge minion for 3 mana... rinse and repeat. Hum. At the very least there ought to be a mana cost for each minion per turn. Otherwise it really isn’t even fun, and truthfully I do greatly enjoy the Dungeon Runs. Play them all the time. Just really shake my head each time I encounter him late in the run, as I watch my health be obliterated and there is just nothing that can be done. I think this really does warrant a change. At least 1 mana cost per charge per minion. Maybe then there might be a bit of a chance. Thanks for listening and really a job well done on this Catacombs adventure, even with this brick wall I run into from time to time. Don’t want to win all of them, at least I mean I don’t mind losing and love even the tough challenges. I would like at least a chance. btw, did you all remove the treasure room? Haven’t encountered it in months and many hundreds of battles. Seriously, must be 500+ and no treasure room.Hammer1 5d
5d Glinda Crowskin, Help Needed I feel so embarresed. Everyone tells me to get the +2 attack which I do and I still cant beat her since I fatigue and run out of minions before I can kill her or she fatigues. Anymore tips?? Over 200 bosses defeated with Shaw and I still can't beat GlindaDestPestoDud10 5d
5d Monster Hunt is still Insanely Imbalanced Just a reminder Blizzard. It can't be that hard to balance Face Collector, Cragtorr, Gnometrapper, etc, when they're so ridiculously over powered.PooWho3 5d
Dec 5 Can I still get Lava Shock? Okay so I joined Hearthstone like 3 months ago, and so far I've loved it. Anyways, I found a certain card that I thought would be really good for my shaman which is Lava Shock, however, you can only get that card by beating the shaman class challenge in Blackrock Mountain? What the heck is this? I know Blackrock mountain is an area in WoW but I have no idea where it is in Hearthstone. The point is, can I still get Lava Shock? Is it still available?Herocleasin1 Dec 5
Dec 5 I finally beat the Dungeon Run!!! I'm really not a good Hearthstone player at all, and this made me feel so good about myself and my ability to build decks! Now to beat it with the rest of the classes lol.MrBubbles6 Dec 5
Dec 3 Old Adventures Hi, few years ago I bought all Hearthstone (Now Wild) expansions And when they rotated i just disenchanted them. Is there any way to get Cards from them without crafting?Maixi692 Dec 3
Dec 3 Solo adventure (UnGoro, Frozen Throne, Kobolds) playability after card rotation 2019 I have found this question ask, but unanswered, so I am gonna ask it here. Will the solo adventures whos cards will rotate out in 2019 (UnGoro, Frozen Throne, Kobolds) be still playable after the rotation? Will they still offer the rewards they do (card backs, wild format cards)? Thank you.Vashek1 Dec 3
Dec 3 Gnomenapper? Had 2 potions of vitality and was still unable to beat this awfully designed boss. Couldn't keep anything on the board and post turn 4 he filled his board whenever I was able to clear it, meaning his hero power just became a 2 mana execute. There's no way this was designed by an actual thinking human being. Was this your first attempt at letting the chimpanzees that are on the WoW dev team make a boss?Sturmgeschüt30 Dec 3
Dec 3 How does one beat the Lich King... On all 9 classes, with no wild cards because blizzard ARE PERFECTLY AGREEABLE GENTLEMEN, and you can replace the most vulgar words you want with those capitalized, expansion cards because IM NOT PAYING 20 DOLLARS JUST TO BEAT THE GOD DAMN LICH KING, or legendaries because I haven't gotten ANY good ones from the packs i've bought. LOL So, All 9 Classes. No Expansion Decks. No Wild Decks and because, just to reiterate, these PERFECTLY AGREEABLE GENTLEMEN don't let new players into wild at all, it's impossible for us to craft Wild Cards now. Shaman especially is just ridiculously stupid. It basically requires you to have a devolve, why is this encounter set up as if you need evolve, when so many people just can't craft it at all. Why the hell? Because challenge? Because what !@#$ing challenge? It's not a skill challenge it's a hope the money you waste on this stupid game to get good legendaries actually gives you the good legendaries when you reach the pity meter challenge. What the %^-* dude.Dood5 Dec 3
Dec 2 Inquisitor Hav'nixx OP? I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems with this boss. His hero power halves your health and he plays direct damage with minions and spells. I have taunts and a lifesteal minion in my deck but I cant be saved from his hero power activating 4 times and then him using Hellfire and Mind Blast in 1 turn. The first time I beat him no problem because it was my third fight, facing him as my fourth fight (or beyond) seems kind of overpowered.DEF278 Dec 2
Dec 2 Heroic free medivh 2018 Nazra is BS Free Medivh Heroic is bs! I have tried everything, different variations of cthun priest, and astral druid, midrange hunter, deathrattle priest, mage including antonidas, zoo warlock. Please suggest me a solution. This fkn boss called Nazra makes me feel like i have ebola. I have never been this salty please help me end this bs fight.ziggi0 Dec 2
Dec 1 Vitus the exiled impossible Faced it twice and lost twice before turn 6. Good smorc bosses Blizz. Is his the new game concept? Idiotic bosses going full face ¿?M1L34 Dec 1
Nov 30 which cards don't work in adventures? Is there a list of cards that don't work in the adventure mode or work differently? I think it all started with Alextraza back in the day when heroic bosses used to have a lot of health but no armor so they disabled Alex. Anyway I just did the Heroic Karazan for the nice card back but I wasted a bunch of time making decks that just didn't work. The minion that disables hero powers didn't work. Skulking Geist didn't seem to work but I'm not 100% sure about that one. Then I tried the Litch King fight and when I played Harrison Jones to remove hes weapon, he's weapon didn't die but I drew the cards form Harrison anyway. I also remember that in Boomsday puzzles The Darkness + Faceless manipulator works differently than normally. In normal games if you faceless The Darkness it becomes the dormant version and you can target the dormant or normal version of Darkness with faceless but in the puzzle you can't target the dormant version and also the faceless becomes the 20/20 minion right away. So there are 2 differences.Jaanus4 Nov 30
Nov 30 Rumble Run? Just wondering. Will the Rumble run be better than the Witchwood, with easier characters to play with. Or will it be like Toki all over again?Munchmore2 Nov 30
Nov 28 GRODDO the Boghunter is bull! So, I just encountered Groddo for the first time...I was using my Tracker and he was my 6th boss fight. How the F are you supposed to kill that @ssh0le? Seriously ... he's got those little bog things that as soon as they die, they kill everyone and then regenerate...holy mother FFFFF . Sorry for the language but this is way way imbalanced!GodessIshtar1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Yay Me! Just beat the Witchwood, and DAMN IT FEELS GOOD Card back and everything. Toki and Tess hard af. After 142 bosses and 133 bosses respectively. Just wanted to post here.AnimeFood3 Nov 28
Nov 26 New Music in Expansion? I was wondering, with the frozen throne adventures coming, will these new maps come with additional soundtracks? We haven't seen new music since Kharazan and it's one of my favorite parts of this game.meso4 Nov 26
Nov 25 how to defeat Lich king with mage (easy mode) how to defeat Lich king with mage (easy mode) Nov 25
Nov 22 Is there a Reward for completing the Monster Hunt? So aside from a "Congratulations! You did it!", is there a reward for completing the Monster Hunt? Or is it just a Card Back?Mesden43 Nov 22
Nov 22 ADVENTURE TIME I now own all solo adventures, bought curse of naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain and the other adventures I bought with gold credits. I enjoy making personal videos of the adventures. I even recorded the initial adventure where you are a new player with Jaina.BruceBatter0 Nov 22
Nov 21 Adventure Mode boosts replayability of Hearthstone dramatically I don't know about you guys but I lost my motivation to play in Play/Ranked mode little bit. It's very repetitive. I play Arena sometimes and I complete Tavern Brawl quests weekly. I was thinking about quitting the game since Play mode became boring. Same cards, same decks. Every month I climb to Rank 4-5 then reset. Play Mode (Ranked) started to be boring for me. However, Blizzard announced the new expansion! It means a new Solo Adventure Mode! Can't tell you how I was addicted to game when Dungeon Run was released. I think new Adventure Modes increase the replayability of the game which is a very good thing. I respect puzzle things like Boomsday too but it's not very repetitive. We like RPG elements. Dungeon Run was the best solo adventure in my opinion. I hope new Adventure Mode will be fun too.Emre2 Nov 21
Nov 18 Dear oh dear, Blackseed is here Today I received the Dungeon Run bosses quest for the first time in a while. I hadn't played it in some time, and was actually pretty happy to get this quest; despite it interfering with my Rastakhan gold hoarding, it was a nice change of pace. I don't play the game a lot anymore due to fairly heavy burnout, and only tend to play a couple of games a day to get my quests done. Imagine my surprise, though, when I found that Blackseed was a still a boss, in all of his glory! A boss that can, risk-free, trade all of his minions with yours, constantly summon ridiculous minions, ignore all of yours, and build a board you can't fight back against without tempo rivaling that of Through the Fire and the Flame's tempo. It wouldn't be so bad if he couldn't do it for free! Now with Mage more than ever, there's essentially no chance of establishing board because Mana Wyrm has been nerfed (don't misunderstand me, I really support that nerf). Whoever at Blizzard keeps making adventure bosses have 0 mana hero powers like that... please, stop. Even if you made his hero power an automatic hero power so he had to evolve a minion at the start of his turn instead of after trading, that would be a huge deal! Or if it had a mana cost, so he couldn't play Saronite Chain Gang into a free five-drop! Darnassus Aspirant for a free mana crystal permanently! You're just giving him a three drop with a free wild growth attached! I love the adventure modes, always have done since BRM, but the bosses of the more "repeatable" solo content can tend to feel a lot more frustrating than perhaps intended, and remind us of why we tend to stop playing the content fairly quickly after release. Love, a fan.BigMoist4 Nov 18
Nov 18 Face Collector(Boss)really needs a mana cost! Just on topic with Hero powers, to Transform your minion that cost (2) more for Zero cost is just ludicrous, You players can tell that the dev's did Zero cost play testing on this one. Alot of these WitchHood and even Dungeon Bosses need a update/change. I would suggest making the cost (3). Blackseed from Dungeon its got the same hero power for 1 mana and even thats bit too much. Given his got his own deck. Question for the players here: What other WitchHood or Dungeon Bosses do you want to see changed or nerfed? Another Question the players: What other passives or treasures you want to have?Azndanny10 Nov 18
Nov 17 Face Collector Needs Nerfed The passive freaking ridiculous and way over the top at 0 cost.Thuban3 Nov 17
Nov 16 i finally did it after hours of pain, i can finally say that the lich king battles are absolute hell never again will i lay finger on that - any day would i rather take 3 bottles of magnesium citrate and run a taco bell dollar burrito through my tract with a bullet wound through my stomach than smell that insufferable salt generator in my presence again to any laboring souls working your through it - best of luck, you're the OG to be that determined in the face of virtual pestilence itselfGameboyEli2 Nov 16
Nov 15 Monster hunt infinite toki Monster huntmaverick1 Nov 15
Nov 13 New adventure - mirror Hi, im making the last quest mirror with dr hook 4/4. I made two the same monsters 3/3 on my side and boss side board and should be pass that quest, but instead is reset, why? What to do with this problem? Nov 13
Nov 12 Heroic Lord Nefarius OK, so trying to clean up heroic modes and now have hit the wall known as Lord Victor Nefarius (4th wing). Tried a few of the Warrior fatigue decks from Hearthpwn, but nothing seems to be working with all the new cards he can get. Any consistent decks out there that can do this now? I really don't want to play 100+ games hoping he gets a terrible hand.Gilead9 Nov 12
Nov 12 lol monster run is ridicilous Some bosses are plain st*pid and can't be defeated unless EXTREMELY SPECIFIC decks. Got crushed by face collector 3 times now, he already has deathwing in a few turns lol.AceOfSpades51 Nov 12
Nov 11 Is Lich King too hard for Free to Play players? As a person that chooses not to Pay to Play I find that the Lich King is a bit too aggresive to beat. I am aware that it is not suppose to be easy but I refuse to sit and play adventure mode for 6 days or so just to win a simple pack for the first win against the Lich King. It is the same basic move he does when I face him on my Paladin. First, he will cast the spell card Fallen Crusaderthat makes minions go to his side of the board when they die THEN he will either coin and play Skeletal Knight or pass his turn (turn 1) Second, IF he did not cast a coin on the first turn he will then cast the coin and then cast Coldwraith and he did these two SAME plays for 10 games in a row. There was nothing different about it at all it was either Spell > Coin > Minion on first turn or Coin > Coldwraith on second turn. I'm mostly pissed off that I built a deck to counter the Lich King and it looks solid for a Free To Play deck but to be hit with the same 2 routines over and over is just frustrating and annoying. I then tried shaman and minute he casted the spell that makes all minions 1/1 I said "Nahh, waste of time right here." So yea, I do not find it is worth the time for Free to Play players at the moment, since you only get 1 pack for 1 win, good luck with that. I also assume that there are a lot of Free to Play players with this new expansion so I do hope that blizzard or whom ever is in charge of Hearthstone will fix this eventually so that it's still a bit of a challenge but also more fun. Kind of like the other wings that I played that I won within a few hours of each boss with Free to Play deck and 5 cards that I crafted or got from the 3 free packs. That was still fun even though it provided a challenge.Tralleron37 Nov 11
Nov 10 Hearthstone geeks, what's your fav adventures? ...and least favorites? I had the most fun beating the lich king, due to the fact that it was great community-wise. Me and people on my friends list were going through it together, laughing at funny situations and trying to come up with efficient strategies. Really great event. Second favorite is puzzle labs, they sucked me in for long long hours. I really love solving puzzles, so it was a special kind of treat for me. Least favorites are both monster hunt and dungeon run (the latter being the only adventure that I didn't complete, getting all 9 classes was too tedious). But they weren't bad, obtaining powerful artifacts was still fun.DonGiovanni5 Nov 10
Nov 8 Nerf to Mana Worm makes Solo adventure Toki too difficult Anyone else having issues with trying to win with Toki with the new nerf to mana worm? It's too difficult to establish board control with 0 1 cost cards now -.-Gaffgarion7 Nov 8
Nov 7 Can't beat Lord Godfrey When I say I can't beat Lord Godfrey, I litterally mean it is physically impossible for me to EVER beat Lord Godfrey!! Allow me to explain, so I beat monster hunt with Darius Crowley and the final boss was the Scarecrow. Given that the Scarecrow has an interesting ability with his weapon and whatnot, I didn't think much of it. But I just played the Scarecrow on another run with a different class. So I Googled it and found that Godfrey was supposed to be the final boss. Now, since I have technically beaten the Monster Hunt with Darius, I don't believe I will ever be able to face Lord Godfrey. I don't know if Blizzard patched this or not, but I kinda want to try to beat Godfrey.LEETHELIVER7 Nov 7
Nov 6 kobolds and catacombs This is possibly the worst thing blizz has put and specials are way too random. you think you are building up a good relic/deck pick only to have your next pick completely reverse all the time you spent building it. have won with 3 classes but has taken me 15 to 20 runs for them all. used multiple stats on each to make sure I was not just repeating same picks over and over. after so many plays I usually have to give up around 5 when I realize I am being set up for failure yet again. silly me I kept trying. have wasted about 20 hours of my life and have 3 class wins for it. good solo adventures for peeps living in their parents basement wanking off and spending the rest of their time on the net. bad for people who want to have a good, and yes challenging time, playing solo. and who also work for a living and can't devote 5 to 7 hours per class. shouldn't have to u tube strategies for this. other solo challenges were way less demanding. rethink at next dev meeting for next solo release because this was just dumb :(. need to scale it down. peace out.rilkefire2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Glinda Crowskin is ridiculous.... I know monster hunt is a bit old but I never actually completed the runs. I think I remember why... I'm 93 monsters defeated with the hound master. I've gotten some pretty good decks and I still haven't beaten her. I've tried all sorts of strategies and synergies and no matter what I do, she wipes the floor with me. My most recent run, I have double potion of vitality, deathrattle synergies and plenty of ways to deal with creatures. And yet, she ended the game with FIVE of her Crowskin faithfuls. FIVE. Like what the actual.... I waited turn after turn where she had a nearly full board - I'd kill 1 creature hoping she'd play a cultist so I'd have a chance to mill her but she never did. And in the end even though I could kill between 3-5 faithful a turn, for a while I couldn't do enough to get her. If the creatures were 5 mana, or 1/3s or even 3/3s I think it would be more balanced - I know the end bosses are meant to be a bit OP, but this feel ridiculous. I've tried the first aid kits, I've tried +2 attack, and health to my hounds, I've tried big stompy with discounts, I've done deathrattles, and idk what to do except HOPE to get lucky - which, in my opinion is an unquestionably stupid design. My choices should matter. And if the idea is to win by milling some or all of the faithfuls, be sure she plays the cards that allow that to be possible.... I'm ranting. I'm annoyed. But after hours of bashing my head against this thing I'm a bit salty. When the decks I'm getting are making pretty easy work of the other bosses and I loose time and time again because of this I'm about to just say screw it and play something else.Scratt5 Nov 6
Nov 5 Mulligan Why is in the world isn't there a mulligan for the Dungeon Runs? Example? I had an amazing deck with Tess, drew Vitus the Exiled as my 7th boss who is a pure quick hit deck, drew zero minion damage cards in my first 3, redrew, drew three 4+ cost cards (I only had 5 total so the odds are heavy against this), once again no minion damage. That's an automatic loss if I don't draw a minion damage card in my next 2 or so draws. The odds are Heavily in favor of an auto loss at this point. A game should NEVER, I mean EVER be an auto loss for the player when the player can clearly determine the result before the game starts. There's absolutely no point in playing if you have no chance of winning. Solution: a mulligan. After your 1st or even 2nd draw there should ABSOLUTELY be a mulligan. Make it a boss mulligan or a "start over" with the same boss. One per dungeon run. It won't eliminate auto losses, but it would significantly reduce them. These DRs are a lot of fun, but in order to diminish unnecessary player frustration something should be done about auto losses that can be easily predicted before the 1st round.Stormraze1 Nov 5