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3m Candlebeard too OP? I have played more than 10 runs so far, and got only one run without Candlebeard. This boss battle is not even a challenge, because you can not kill him. He has 70hp most of the time, and THE MOST BROKEN hero power of all time. its usually 40hp of normal cards vs 70hp with charge OP minions. This is not ok. I have 10% winrate because of him, and only him! This is ridiculous. If would be a challenge of he had some bad minions, but none of the minions he has are bad! Not a single one. (not to talk about synergy with pirates and buffs). Most of my friends have the same problem. I think we need a rework of this bossHollowAntrax10 3m
20m What is the most unfair RNG you ever had in a Dungeon run? just finished my dungeons runs on all classes, and would like to share a couple of "unfair" RNG moments i had in dungeon runs 1-The bad Wish: playing mage in dungeon run, drafted a wish, decided to play a freeze mage until i get wish, played against this druid boss with 1 mana evolve to 3 more mana minions. so i just freeze and freeze waiting to draw wish, and ofcourse, wish is the last card in the deck, but i was lucky enough to survive until then, i played the wish, and all the legendaries i got were trash, it was patches, baron rivendair, 3 mana prince, 2 mana prince, Lynessa, Arfus and Nz'oth which ended up losing me the game. 2-The Big Hunter: drafted a hunter deck with 5 Y'shaarj, 2 KelTh'zud, 1 LichKing, 2 Sneed old shredder, 1 Dr.Boom with the your minions that cost 5 or more cost 5 treasure and double your health treasure aswell, it was probably the best deck i've ever drafted in any run on all classes. then i ran into the boss with the 2 mana poisonous to hero spore, even though i mulliganed my entire hand couldn't find any usefull card or minions that costed below 5, ended up dying to turn 3 when i couldn't remove his turn 2 spore. 3-A.F.Kaaay: This boss is the most annoying boss in all dungeon bosses, its just a random check if your deck is too big or not too aggressive, you lose. so many times as mage i have drafted a good deck then lost to this boss because i ended up drawing spells and a doomsayer. 4-The Warrior easy win: drafted a deck with wish and the wand that draws 3 cards make them cost 0 and also the passive that makes me start with an extra mana crystal, it was the final boss fight, i was fighting the dragon with the 5 treasures, i get the wand in my starting hand, i play it on turn 2, get wish for 0 mana, got some really good legendaries, won the game by turn 5. i've been playing dungeon run only for the past 3 days. I am wondering what sort of dungeon run stories do you guys have?zondax6 20m
26m Just lost to Baby Whelp PSA: The Warlock starter deck sucks. That is all.RobotDCLXVI2 26m
27m Dungeon excitement turns to frustration I'm curious how many other people have been playing the dungeon runs for the past two days without beating a final boss. I want to enjoy it. I'm trying to enjoy it. I'll take a break and then come back and try again. I love a good challenge. But the fun of the challenge has turned to frustration as I'm starting to feel pretty unlucky in my dungeon runs. I can't be the only one feeling this way. We're gamers, frustration happens. We're smart though. We know how to fit the cards together to make good decks, anticipate counter-plays, learn from our mistakes and when to roll the dice if needed. We gamers want our gaming experience to make us feel powerful and rewarded while being challenged, but most of all just fun. We don't want our wins just handed to us of course. We want to feel as though we had to put effort and thought into it, but we don't want it to feel close to impossible either. We like to feel the march of progression for our hard play. I guess I just feel something is out of balance when a player has spent a good 15 to 20 hours of dungeon runs without getting a final boss win. Maybe I'm one of the few who just isn't getting the right mix of cards yet, or the wrong boss for my deck, or something. It's bound to happen with millions of players I guess. Seems logical, law of averages, that kind of thing. Perhaps I'm missing the point, that it's supposed to be this difficult to get a win. So for now I'll keep trying as long as I'm enjoying it, and if not I'll step away from the dungeons to enjoy something else. How many of you out there are feeling this way? As an update to this post I'd like to mention I was only using warrior which appears to be one of the more difficult heroes to win with. Once I switched to Paly I got a win on my 3rd try. Weird.Proninebal48 27m
35m Any tips for Hunter Dungeon Run? Hunter is my last dungeon run, and I'm up to nearly 40 boss kills without completing a single one. Hunter just seems so ridiculously bad...other classes can rely on stacking their OP cards and synergies, but Hunter doesn't really seem to have any. Plus the basic cards you start with are garbage. Does anybody have any deck-building tips for Hunter? I've been trying to make a DK + Big Beasts + Deathrattle deck work but it usually gets overrun at the 6th or 7th boss.Sigtyr23 35m
1h Finally got my first Dungeon clear!!! I know this probably doesn't matter to the majority, but I just HAD to celebrate my first Kobold Dungeon completion! After countless struggles across multiple classes and runs, with only reaching the final Boss twice so far, got em on my second encounter with the Final Boss! I originally met Xol and lost pretty badly to her stealing my minions. This time I got King Togwaggle and seemingly crushed him, thanks to Perma Stealth and the Wish Treasure, in combination with my Charged Devilsaur keeping great pressure on him! I no longer feel as defeated and dismal on trying to clear the Dungeon with each class! 1h
1h Replace Perma-Stealth Passive with Standard Stealth This should be a methodical passive, it is anything but at the moment. Perma-stealth makes taunts pointless, damage you would like to mitigate is impossible. Standard stealth doesn't make the player play carelessly, it promotes thought/strategy.Label0712 1h
1h The darkness am i supposed to ever win against this? I have won once with extreme luck with double health.5-mana legendaries, but this one seems rigged beyond belief. I know all the last bosses are supposed to be hard but, this isnt hard, this is pure luck.Hypesilon6 1h
1h Found bug! Was playing against bomb lobber guy and bombs killed his character first. Then I was killed. Once reaching menu it just let me hit play. I couldn't choose any extra cards for my deck. Hope this gets fixed. :)MEGALOmaxim1 1h
1h LoE: Rafaam It's the guy that steals your deck and gives you a very crappy deck to counter yours. Any tips?Gwyneth1 1h
2h Sick Deathrattle Rogue Went 8/8 against Vustrasz the Ancient with a Deathrattle Rogue with 44 HP left winning by turn 9/10 I think with 4x Aya Blackpaw on the field due to Carnivorous Cube. 1 Backstab 1 Glyph of Warding (Tier 2, good) 1 Totem of the Dead (Tier 3, Tier 1 with Jade Rogue) 1 Deadly Poison 1 1 Pit Snake 1 Sinister Strike 1 Gilblin Stalker 2 Jade Shuriken (Not ideal) 7 Jade Swarmer (Best card you can get) 1 Undercity Huckster 1 SI:7 Agent 1 Unearthed Raptor (3rd best card you can get) 4 Jade Spirit (5th best card you can get) 1 Assassinate 1 Carnivorous Cube (6th best card you can get) 1 Lesser Onyx Spellstone 1 Sludge Belcher (4th best card you can get) 5 Aya Blackpaw (2nd best card you can get) 1 Vanish 1 Shifting Hourglass (5th best treasure imo) 1 Wish (Best treasure imo) Easiest run I've ever had. While I think Totem of the Dead (Deathrattle x2) is not that good in general, it is a tier 1 passive for Jade Rogue. Flag is still better than Ward, but Ward is so damn good anyway. Ward is probably my most or 2nd most consistently picked bonus for each of my 8/8 wins as it trumps many other bonuses. I didn't use Wish during this run, but it is extremely good nonetheless and I got my last win against The Darkness in a different run using it. I did not use Shifting Hourglass during this run. It is a middle-of-the-road treasure imo. I think that Wand and Archmage Staff are both better ultimately. I hope you find this helpful. I've managed to go 8/8 with every class and almost twice with every class so far.AllenCaldwel0 2h
2h Don't you dare To those complaining about the difficulty of Hearthstone: I'm a little disappointed how fast you have forgotten the flaw of World of Warcraft's successors. Look what happened when World of Warcraft started moving towards a simpler model? People lost interest. It's a challenge which people crave.Beredius5 2h
3h Anyone else extremely disappointed in Blizzard for the DR reward system? The reason I'm mad is that Hearthstone has always been a somewhat unrewarding game to play but now they introduce a new mode that is extremely fun to play and it actually has no rewards at all (besides the cardback lol). Dungeon run has so much potential, such as having an arena style system or daily rewards specific to dungeon run or something. They don't even have to be much, just something to make it feel like we're not falling behind.pooncakes7 3h
3h Please make it possible to complete Daily Quests by doing Dungeon Runs As the title says. The game mode is very fun, but the lack of rewards is disappointing. At least let us do daily quests by running dungeons. Thanks.Danyaell0 3h
3h Xol the Unscathed - Broken So I don't mean to complain but Xol the Unscathed's fatigue beam and flummox beam should be changed to "shuffle a random legendary into your opponents deck" and "steal an enemy legendary minion" because he only gets these two beams when I have legenndaries on the board. I mean ffs the past 4 times I played him he has stolen my patches, sylvanas, kel thuzad, n'zoth, and rotface when I have 4+ minions on the board. And it's ONLY when legenndaries pop up does he even get these beamsStormaggedon0 3h
4h How do you beat Lord marrowgar! I've done , priest buff deck, Pally buff deck, warlock demons discards, low cost decks hunter beat deck and everything inbetween BUT EVERY TIME this boss has the exact combo to counter my deck every time [Edited for language - Moderator]Windu78 4h
4h King Togwaggle is just not fun To start, I don't need a "L2P". Two classes down so far. The only similarity between those two? Not facing Togwaggle for encounter 8. This time, Togwaggle against my Jungle Giants deck with double Captured Flag (so good). Turn 1, play out my raven 4/4. Turn 2, put up my quest. Ok. Turn 3, put out my 4/4 Tortollan to get a 5 attack (7 attack automatically, yay) minion... Togwaggle's turn 3. Boots of Haste, Golden Monkey, Rag, King Krush, and 3 more legendaries. Kills my raven. Two turns of face to lose. Like the beholder, I have to play around beams, but the mechanic makes sense and can be considered. The dragon has all these chests that work to your advantage by not being greedy and just playing your deck you already have versus trying to get Marin's less than awesome treasures and screwing something up. Be ready to even ignore buffed chests (and strive to keep them alive so the hero power does nothing every turn). But Togwaggle? I might as well abandon the run every time now, 5 times I've gotten to him and it's not even a game, it's a 5 turn blowout every time. Even with a deck perfectly synergized and ready to curve out... it just doesn't matter if his treasures annihilate you and there's nothing to do about that. The other end bosses? So good, so much thought and play required as you learn the mechanics.Demosthenes7 4h
5h Spectating Loot and Treasure Would it be possible to make it so that you can spectate your friend's treasure and loot choices? I don't know if it's within the technical capabilities Hearthstone, but it would be a nice addition. Currently it is just a waiting screen while they pick and then onto the next dungeon boss. A lot of the fun is seeing the loot and treasure choices and thinking about what is best and without being able to see them there is less to chat about with the friend if you want to.KorimFidelis3 5h
5h I was going to Make an angry post about a boss that mills you for 2 per turn isn't really a lot of fun after you "built" your deck the entire run. But then I read all the other angry posts and realized mine wasn't so bad and I have a nice life :)GoldenMonkey1 5h
5h Azari just great really just great had a great run made a nice and good deck last boss azari poof gone deck and los . really blizz nice one you have to counter this in building before you known what you gonna get Great 100 % RNG no skill involved just nice next time think before you make these stupid expensions . completed with mage and lock 60 plus runs on pally and priest its 100 % RNG no game at all might aswell push buttong on a slot machine im out again big fail and pathatic try to make a nice game ..very sad though it has potential if you make it a bit more skill basedShadowlifes0 5h
5h Reward for completing?? Is there any reward for completing the new solo adventure with all heroes like there was in the previous one?La33s2 5h
5h Best Adventure Mode So Far I think this is easily the most fun adventure mode thus far. It is always changing and difficult but leaves you wanting more. Some of the combos you can pull off are so cool and fun that are exclusive to this mode like Cloak of Invisibility + Animated Armor, hilarious! Good job Blizz.CR34TUR36 5h
6h Dungeon Run Shaman is Impossible Up to 50 Bosses defeated and always die on boss 7 or 8... Ive tried so many different decks but nothing seems to work >_> EDIT: After 110 Bosses I finally got it... Basically Infinite Evolve Build Khadgars Scrying Orb+Crystal Gem+ Unstable Evolution x3 Get 2-3 Minions on the board with Unstable Evolution = pretty much win with 2-3 lvl 9-10 minions in a single turn Also helps I lucked out on the final boss being Xol... shes relatively easy compared to the others.Joren12 6h
6h 6/9 classes are unplayable in DR Good solo adventure. Make a game mode only warlock, mage, and priest viable in, because they’re the only classes with actual board clears, reach that is cheap, and actual synergy with the passives.REEEEEEEEEEE1 6h
7h Dungeo Run Reward I think there should be more rewards than 1 cardback for completing the dungeons with every class. Like packs, more cardbacks, or dust. Or give us the "after every third win" 10 golds even in this mode. Or at least make us be able to complete our quests in this game mode.Karabars0 7h
7h Vustrasz the Ancient Final boss dungeon run tips this is about the third time I have come across this boss on the 8 final as it were. This boss has 5 treasure chests on the field. Anyone who has beat him have any tips on what to do to beat him as I have tried a couple different strategies on druid and even rogue. please advise.Bossonova3 7h
7h What was your first 8 win dungeon run? Just finished up my 2nd run and was lucky enough to take it all the way and I thought it would be interesting to see what worked for everyone else. For me it was on druid, I basically took C'thun cards every time they were offered to me except once when i took mana ramp. I ended up with 3 C'thun and 2 twin emperors as well as a ton of good buff cards to tempo out with. I also got pretty lucky with the artifacts, getting the +1+1 to minions, enemy minions cost 1 more, and boots of speed to drop all my c'thuns for free. The only real miss was wish, which i played once and the game was already won anyway. I actually had the chance to double up on increasing enemy minion cost over the +1/+1 but figured a lot of the boss power seemed to be in their hero powers so it didn't seem worth it. My final boss was some demon guy that milled 2 of my cards every turn, but I got lucky and he had no way to deal with 2 20/20 c'thuns so I won.Alamand69 7h
8h Candlebeard is WAY TOO OP FOR THE FOURTH BOSS Its a pirate rouge, which is bad enough, but all of his minions have charge. This wouldnt be so bad, if every time you played a minion he didnt cast vanish. Its literally impossible to kill this dude. Discuss.Torbjörn4 8h
8h Bug: Some bosses not always prioritizing mandatory hero power. Whompwisker just decided to cast brawl at 5 mana instead of using his hero power. =/ I've seen this happen a couple times before where a boss will do something before using their mandatory but this was the first time I've seen the glowing mandatory power not get used before.Meatbag0 8h
8h Dungeon best passive my vote is double hp potion, u can get by with whatever untill the boss, the only passive that really stands out to me as veryyyy strong vs the last boss is having 200 hp, regardless of the class u are, or the boss ur against, on average, id bet double hp passive has the highest win rate, my first boss win as a warrior anyway. first time i had the double hp, coincidence? sure felt easier, i took it to fatigue as well, vs the eye dude thoughts?RazzleTazzle10 8h
8h Dungeon runs too random Trying to complete all the classes relies too much on luck. After many dungeon runs the only classes I've managed to complete are the shaman and rogue. I have 61 boss kills on druid and 20+ on most other classes except shaman and rogue, they have 8 each. I wouldn't mind all the losses if they just didn't feel completely like I got screwed over because the game decided I was going to lose.Yosomith1 8h
9h First Boss win agaisnt Xol the unscathered I must say I found these adventures hard at first, as you have to be smart when choosing your treasures and often requires a little luck but this Battle was SOO easy I couldn't resist filming it as can been seen in this link I used a 200 HP rouge with mass exhaustion, if I wanted to I could have killed Xol with nothing but my wicked knives XDReitifoh0 9h
10h How many players complete the campaigns? I wish Blizzard would release stats on how many people actually complete solo content on normal/heroic. It is my favorite part of the game, but less than half of expansions have any of it.Machinus0 10h
10h K and C Jebem vám celú hru, nech robí človek čokolvek, hrá za postavu akú chce, urobí deck najlepšie, je to JEDNO lebo každý charakter ma dopredu danných súperov a aj bez akejkolvek chyby ho porazia ako keby to nevedel hrať. P.S.: Ako dlho ste robili datadisk [K and C] ? 1 deň aj zo spánkom?Jepeto2 10h
10h Candlebeard Nerf Is it just me or does it seem like everytime you go up against Candlebeard in the dungeon runs he's guaranteed to win? Every time I've faced him it hasn't even been close. He constantly drops the most bull!@#$ cards and they all get charge right off the bat so no matter what you have to board clear or your doomed. If you don't have any board clear at all you may as well quit right then and there. His skill needs to be nerfed immediately.Phoaz9 10h
12h buying one night in karazahn for dust ? i know that it will be rotated to wild in april next year ,so thats like 4 months from now and i Despise the wild mode , i only play standard , so i thought what if i buy the 20$ adventure to get the cards and play them while they are in standard and mass disenchant them when they rotate to Wild would that be worth it or not ? and when will there be a new adventure ?skorpion11 12h
15h Wax Rager MVP I just finished most of my runs with Wax Rager and double deathrattle, and a draw heavy deck. This card is a godsend.Ropemaster0 15h
16h Petition to have Bink the Burglar as a Rogue Hero Please let Bink be the reward for beating the dungeon run with all 9 classes, it'd be beautiful. We need a strong, male, gnome figure in the Rogue hero categoryZeroBeat0 16h
16h I quit I really don't know how "all minions cost zero" into "replace all minions in your hand with legendary minions" into "ragnaros, ragnaros lightlord, sogoth the slither, tryanntus, deathwing dragonlord" is supposed to be fun but thats it, i'm out.OPatriarch1 16h
17h Xol the unscathed He seems pretty op..Airon9 17h
18h Is this good? (Domination + Deadly Spore) So I got this, seems alrite; 18h
18h Any ETA when Dungeon Run will be fixed? Final bosses un-objectively overpowered, makes the whole experience feel awful. This mode is a complete waste of time until changes are made.Mondays23 18h
19h Is Priest Dungeon too Brutal !? Share some knowledge :) I want to know if more of you are struggling like me. Or if anyone have some tips to share.PGMP6 19h
20h Dungeon Boss Azari is not fun. This is not a thread about Azari being OP, I'd just like to point out a design flaw I keep running into with him. His hero power that mills you for two every turn for free is just not enjoyable, it turns every match against him into a RNG slogfest. I genuinely believe the final boss should be hard, but random chance =/= difficult. People enjoy complex board states, the ability to work around challenges, and playing around tempo and card advantage to think your way through turns. milling two every turn for free disregards that and makes the entire deck building up to this point, pointless. And that's why I think he should have his hero power changed. Because when it's at it's best, it adds nothing to the gameplay. And at it's worst, it will only make you feel cheated out of the entire experience.Carnage4 20h
1d It's a shame Dungeon Run feels so unrewarding... I love the idea behind Dungeon Run, you are playing as an adventurer diving into the depths of crazy dungeons seeking out your fortune, its a really cool idea and brings up fond memories of tabletop games and other games like Diablo. Yet I think the biggest problem with Dungeon run is that the rewards are so unrewarding. A few packs for the launch of the expansion? A card back? A quest or two down the line? For an entire mode largely about you as the player trying to seek out riches and risking life and limb it seems really boring that the rewards in place are so minuscule. I'm not saying it had to give us infinite rewards or anything crazy but why not a weekly loot chest you can obtain on the first run you do a week and the rewards you get are based off of how well you do. Heck you could use that as a template to expand and grow the system into something better with things like WoW's mythic keystones that add modifiers to the dungeon run and make it harder but also grant you better rewards. The whole thing feels just so cheap to me, yeah they wanted to give us a new mode to play in the game but they didn't feel like it was worth it to develop it past that and give players a reason to really dive into and want to learn all of its secrets and master it. I look at Dungeon Run and I'll likely play it a few times for the free packs but after that I don't see myself playing it much because unlike every other part of the game it doesn't reward you for your time. I don't gain gold for beating it, I don't get a free pack a week like in Tavern Brawl, ect. To look at it another way imagine if all the previous adventures never rewarded you with new cards or if Tavern Brawl didn't give you a free pack a week, would anyone even bother to do them? Sure this is free but so is Tavern Brawl. I just think it clearly feels like the mode is lacking some kind of proper reward to keep people interested and coming back week after week to play it and with how Hearthstone continues to be so hard for newcomers to get into having a new mode that doesn't really grant them much of anything isn't really helping this problem at all. I still think Hearthstone needs to find a way to give players a proper way to progress outside of the RNG around cards and just throwing a few free legendaries at players isn't fixing the real problem the game has and dungeon run could have served as a way to fix some of that.NovelMike26 1d
1d Chronomancer Inara Hey all. Has anyone even come close to beating her? I encountered her 2 times already... and it was a disaster by turn 5 or 6. Turn 1 : Summoned Legendary : Mal'Ganis Turn 2 : Sorcerer's Apprentice -> Summoned Another 8+ attack legendary Me as druid : Raven in hand and 4+ mana cost cards Same went for the 2nd game I played against her . Is there an actual counter so we can get to turn 10 and beat her? Aside from like.. playing taunts every turn... or having the vitality potion to double our HP. I'm looking for an answer... or at least a class that has 100% chance on beating her. Even doe I doubt anyone actually beat her without SUPER LUCK... and I mean... getting +1/+1 and all 5+ mana cost monsters cost 5 .... and vitality potion by then or play a Rogue with coins.. and the Wonderous Wand on turn 1-2 to draw 2-3 high cost cards and play them on turn 1 or 2... And a strong deck... I think she would require a nerf. Also not to mention the mages she summons that puts her spells BACK in her deck to use later.ZioM3 1d
1d The RNGness Facing the darkness. Turn 9. I'm at 8 health. I clear the last two special mobs "The Darkness" boss spawns. I use a countercoin (i'm thief, btw) and use Wish (10 mana, fill HP to full, since I was at 8 HP) and then the full legendary board spawn. Note that he had somehow topdecked Entomb (why the f*ck a boss has this, I've yet to learn why a boss this strong even has HARD REMOVAL) to take my sylvanas earlier. So, I summon a sneed's shredder, mukla (normal), Green Captain, Another Sylvanas, Swamp King Dred, and Bristleburn. so. I witness the most godly RNG possible, and i'd love to see someone do the calculations on this sh*t because blizzard should just remove all final boss hard removal outright thanks to their ridiculous passive/hero powers. He summons MY SYLVANAS. Dred attacks, kills sylv, and it takes MY NEW SYLVANAS (OUT OF 7 LEGENDARY MINIONS) with her deathrattle. The boss proceed to place out a 2/2 charge minion it got from some BS it stole earlier, and PoM my bristleburn. Charge slams dred, along with bristle, I just lost a 9/9 and a 5/5 out of 7 legendary minions. No, wait. Shadow word death on king mukla, now 5 legendaries. I try to recover and use cap to take out a darkness counter, place down a 3/4 and a 2/3 with taunt. He MC's taunt, and attacks directly with sylv. I hard remove taunt with my own weapon, and place down a deckhand. I have 4 minions, sneed still leftover. I attack with them all before removing sylvanas. This a 1/4 chance. Sylvanas takes my sneed. Did HS devs just rig the boss fights for steal effects to have the best possible numerical outcomes always occur? Because otherwise, no boss should have ENTOMB and hard removal like Shadow words for a last boss who natural summons 5/5sTheritt0 1d
1d Blackseed as 5th boss He actually evolves a minion into one that costs 3 more for 1 mana each turn. How am I supposed to deal with gahzrilla on turn 3? Dafuq is this?Tassadar6 1d
1d Blackseed !@#$ this boss.Ropemaster3 1d