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Apr 26, 2018 Let the Monster Hunt Begin! Hold fast, and let courage see you through this night. Monster Hunt is now live in US, EU and KR regions. Good luck Heroes!Jesse Hill0 Apr 26, 2018
Feb 27 No Heroic Naxx Card Back? Finally got around to completing the Heroic Naxx wing... I completed all the bosses (finishing with Kel) but no card back? I even tried restarting my game. Was this cardback only available for those that completed the event years back? Edit: Nevermind. Once I closed Blizzard launcher and re-started BNET + Hearthstone it showed up. Apparently logging out of the game itself was not enough (needed to log out of launcher as well).ZeR00 Feb 27
Feb 26 Bring back original style of Solo Adventure I'm sick and tired of this Dungeon run crap. You've done it 3 times already. It was cool at first but its very old. Dungeon runs, monster hunt, the rumble shrine crap... its basically the same thing with no rewards other than a card back. What happened to Full adventure modes like Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, or The Explorer's League? These were awesome sets with actual rewards and much more memorable fights that you needed to craft decks to beat. And players got TONS of value from the unlockable cards. Which really I think is the reason why blizzard is reluctant to bring back. Stop being so damn cheap and make the next expansion great. Its at the point where new expansions aren't even exciting. Its more of a joke about how many different types of pre-order bundles and second rate heros you can offer. I was really hoping for a ZG raid theme but was really let down. Anyways here are a few ideas for future Adventure mode sets.... Black Temple, Hellfire Citadel, Serpent Shrine Caverns, Auchindoun, Tempest Keep, Sunwell, Dire Maul, Bootybay vs BloodSailTiemyshoe7 Feb 26
Feb 26 I finally Won the Rumble Run! Yes, I finally Won the Rumble Run! After 650 teams defeated I used Rogue with card stealing, last opponent was WarDruid Loti with Armor shrine. I just stole all of her cards and she had fatigue and I had a full board of strong minions.BruceBatter2 Feb 26
Feb 25 Should I give up? Howdy ya'll, I have been playing knights of the frozen throne since its initial release(August 10th 2017)but I can't for the life of me defeat lord marrowgar. I know he's the first boss but I just can't seem to do it. Should I just give up on trying?Zobo5673 Feb 25
Feb 25 Rumble Run is the worst Adventure to date. ^ As the title says. Its simply the worst adventure put together to date. Difficulty: in previous Adventures, there was a built-in difficulty curve. Earlier fights didn't give too much push back, allowing you to collect rewards to help optimize your deck in a particular way. In the Rumble Run, even the first fight can push you to fatigue due to the increased quality of your opponents decks from the start. Choices: Previously, we were allowed to create our own theme of deck based on what was offered to us in the first bucket of cards. Now, we're forced to choose a type of synergy before the first fight - and too often the first bucket of cards offered to us has zero synergy with our shrine (or even anti-synergy). We're forced to either restart the run at that point or choose which bucket will not mess up our deck too much and maybe we just won't draw those cards... Initial decks: They're similar to previous adventures, but since our opponent's decks are more optimized (and OP), they just feel bad overall. Having a card like Knife Juggler in a deck that isn't focused on flooding the board just feels bad. --- Overall, I feel that this "adventure" is a good idea that didn't have enough play testing. You're constantly feeling like you're behind when you start the game, with your deck (at best) being slightly below your opponents, with most runs ending after the 1st boss because you're forced to take cards that are bad for your deck.Aredyl43 Feb 25
Feb 25 Lich King tips before expansion I'm new to the game but haven't had luck against the lich king. Does anyone have any recent (updated) strategies and decks that worked? If you have beaten him within the last few months let me know how you beat him!Neuropsych0 Feb 25
Feb 24 I Want Re-match! I want a rematch, for the Rumble Run Adventure. I was doing well about 65% into the adventure when I lost connection and automatically lost. I tried starting again with the same shrine it was Rogue with card stealing, and lost on the second team and my new friend saw me lose, how embarrassing.BruceBatter0 Feb 24
Feb 23 Captain shivers insanely OP Has anyone managed to beat Captain Shivers? I had a 13 atk lifesteal infinite durability weapon and he still managed to kill me on turn 6. He had a kingsbane with 12 atk as well as all the key weapon buffing cards that he played on curve every turn. Basically the way the game went he couldnt be beat no matter how strong my draw and deck was. I get the that bosses should be hard but this is pushing it to the extreme. The encounter was no fun at all. I just shut the game down and didnt feel like playing again because I was too disgusted at the crazy power level of that boss.Azadar31 Feb 23
Feb 21 What Did it Take you to Beat Rumble Run? I just cleared rumble run for the first time, after 95 bosses defeated. I cannot believe the insane amount of power it took to win, and I created this thread so you can share the utter insanity in took you to clear the Rumble Run. I had a mage, with Jan'alai's Flame shrine (hero power costs 0, refreshes when kills a minion). I had a lot of lucky drafts, and my treasure was Fan of Flames, so I got to upgrade my hero power on turn 1. By midway through my final boss, my hero power was dealing 4 damage, refreshed on both spells and minion kills, hit adjacent foes, froze targets, and put 2 spells in my hand thanks to my Nexus Princes. I had out 2 Ragnaros from 2 Jan'alai. My final boss was paladin, with the divine shield shrine. I struggled. All of that power, and I struggled. What insanity did you muster to clear the rumble?Quill51 Feb 21
Feb 21 Is it still possible to purchase individual wings? Is it still possible to purchase individual wings for wild adventure? I really like Emperor Thaurissan, but the other legendary cards in Blackrock Mountain adventure are really just 400 dusts for me. Can I only buy the first wing with either gold or cash?RelhamVatsug2 Feb 21
Feb 21 Suggestion: Interface of Rumble Run's Defeated! A CS urged me to make a suggestion post - since this was my problem, so here it is. Any dev coming up on this, please make a simple UI tracker or something similar that shows what Loa's or "statues" you have won with. Right now there is a useless "total amount of wins" and useless "rumbles runs defeated"; both of which are giving me 0 information about which unique hero version I have won with and which i'm missing in case I wanna try win with those as well. I understand that there are no additional rewards for what I would call full completion but it is fun for me, and many others I would imagine, and the encounters are completely unique after all. You have designed 3 different versions or each hero, which totals 27 ways to play and defeat the rumble run. Not only should you urge players to fully explore this and be the ultimate master of the ring (through rewards preferably), but also you highlight and distinguish between them. Right now I have some amount completed with no recollection of which ones I have done fully and which I have reached 6 or 7 wins with and then lost.... It's such a simple change or update and frankly seems like an oversight that it's not there already. Not to mention that full completion has been the norm of every other adventure and expansion!SinFox0 Feb 21
Feb 20 "A small rock" shouldn't be able to echo I'm playing the Witchwood adventure. With the hunter/rogue hero if you haven't cast any spells you get "A small rock" which is normally 0 mana for 1 damage. Well when I went up against The Whisperer, his passive is "All spells have echo" I was suprised to find that "A small rock" wasn't excluded. I just hit the boss in the face 60 times and won immediately! Kind of hilarious, but seems like that's not intended!Haldrin2 Feb 20
Feb 20 Time-Tinker impossible? Tried to play Time-Tinker 6 times. And it's never even close. On 6 games I never got past the third battle. 4 times I was eliminated in the second fight. Am I missing something?Reinaart52 Feb 20
Feb 19 Access to old Dungeons? I just read on Hearthstone Wiki that " adventures that are no longer part of Standard format will cease to be available in the shop, although players who have already unlocked at least one wing will be able to unlock others with gold." Does this mean that when Knights of the Frozen Throne rotates out, I will still be able to access it because I pushed to the last wing? Or is this my last chance to get the hero portrait?Dextrator2 Feb 19
Feb 19 Much needed change to dungeon runs We need the ability to remove cards from the deck. Either that or the ability to compile our own starting decks, which could also be from a base set of cards, for instance no legendaries/epics in that pool or something I don't know. But the starter decks as they are now are severely lacking later on because half of it by then is trash.Ivydoom4 Feb 19
Feb 19 Dungeon run - Breaks rules !@#$ you Hearthstone. It's so sad to see you people break your own standard laws just to make the game harder. The only reason it's harder? The impossibility to predict what the opponent has and their strategy. Sure, we can lose a few too many to see what rules you violate, but in the end, you people are only moving the goal post, nothing more. Dungeon runs are obscene to the game due to it's persistent violation of standard rules.CrimsonArc2 Feb 19
Feb 18 Will Arthas still be obtainable after Frozen Thrones rotate out of standard? Is it still going to be possible to play the adventure of Frozen Thrones after it rotates out of standard?Bené2 Feb 18
Feb 18 Can you please fix the Secrets' Lag So I don't know if I'm the only one, but there is an awful lag when secrets are revealed. It creates a problem when the player makes multiple moves in succession building up the queue and the secret is triggered intermittently. The player doesn't receive the option to adjust to the secret. IOW, the player is punished for being efficient with his plays. For example: 1. I have two 1/3 minions in play and he has 1/1 minion and a Noble Sacrifice Secret in play. 2. I attack his 1/1 with my 1/3 and attack him with my other 1/3. 3. However, the secret doesn't trigger after the 1st attack like it should. It triggers after my 2nd attack in the queue. This only occurs when I quickly attack with both of them in succession. 4. So my 1/3 kills his 2/1 and then my 1/3 maintains the original course attacking him leaving the 1/1 still on the board. Quite obviously I should get the option of attacking him or the 1/1 after the secret is triggered. This isn't a player error situation. The lag between the queue build up and the secret play is compromising the turn. My suggestions to fix this are: 1. There should be a pause after the secret is triggered that doesn't allow any moves to be made. (Exactly like when you try to attack with another minion after your opponent passes 0; it will disallow the last attack) 2. The queue should be immediately purged allowing the player to rethink his strategy. This of course means that the player will have to make the same move twice which can be a bit frustrating.Stormraze2 Feb 18
Feb 17 Is it even possible to win with Shirvallah's Vengeance in Rumble Run? I've made it to boss 8 a couple of times but then it's not even close, completely outmatched. I am a pretty casual player and probably not that good but I've been able to make it through dungeon run and witchwood. This seems impossible no matter how you draw...Scorcher1 Feb 17
Feb 16 Do not waste you time with puzzle labs!!! Omg I can't even tell you how long it's taken me to clear it all, talking weeks minimum!! Sooooooo many fkn hours and once it's 100% cleared all you get is a single "pattern for the back of your deck" that's it!!!!! So extra packs, gold, dust or even just a single useless card!! If your struggling just give up coz the stress ain't worth it, there is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! Blizzard that was a dog actLuckyLoki6666 Feb 16
Feb 15 Updated decks against Lich King? As you all know the NEW expansion should be available in at least 2 months, and with it the Heroes of the Frozen Throne is going to be removed. I just started my US account 3 months ago and I don't have that many cards. Looking at the guides and decks online I see that most of them are now wild cards and I don't want to waste my 700 dust for some cards I'm not going to use after Lich King. Are there any guides or decks using newer cards or metas to beat him, I really want Arthas Hero portrait before it becomes unavaliable?Dextrator0 Feb 15
Feb 14 Frozen throne wings are worthless These bosses are way too challenging for a reward of ONE FROZEN THRONE PACK. What a bad joke just 1 pack for spending all this time defeating these bosses. This is by far the WORST adventure mode I would have rather paid the $20 for the whole adventure and gotten guaranteed cards and legendaries. I guess this was too good to be true that the adventure was free. Very disappointing. Is there going to be more of a release with a more clsssic adventure mode that we all enjoy in hearthstone?bigqueef14 Feb 14
Feb 14 Card Pack Reward for Completing Solo Adventures I completed Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt with all classes and all I got is a card back reward. Little bit disappointing if you ask me.. Replayability is a very important factor. However; once you beat DR and MH, you lose your motivation to play over and over again. If there was a Card Pack award, it would be more fun to re-play these adventures. So Blizzard, we want Card Pack Reward for completing Solo Adventures. One player beats Dungeon Run, he gets card pack reward. Few days after, he plays and beats again and he gets another card pack award. Would be cool! What you think guys? PS: There can be a limit like you can get a card pack award once a day.Emre4 Feb 14
Feb 14 How to beat the current Lady Naz'jar in League of Explorers I'm a relatively new player, and I bought the League of Explorers adventure after having a lot of fun with Karazhan. I've had a ton of fun with this one too...until I got to Lady Naz'jar, whom I cannot for the life of me beat. I don't know if she has been...whatever the opposite of nerfed is...since the adventure originally came out, but while various strategy guides and YouTube videos stress how straightforward a fight this is in Normal mode, she doesn't behave that way for me. About 99% of the time she coins out a 2-drop that spawns another 2-drop on the very first turn, then immediately buffs them to powerful 3-drops, while my 1-drop gets "buffed" to a 2-drop that has no attack. By my second turn she is already pretty much unbeatable. I don't have cards from anything prior to LoE, so few of the original strategy guides from the time work for me. Any ideas? Because I'm at my wit's end trying to figure this out.AzureKnight2 Feb 14
Feb 13 Good JOB I best men I best men!РусскийВася0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Ixlid boss...seriously? Hero killing poison spore spawned every round starting at 2....for real??? You HAVE to have just the right cards or you're screwed. What fun.Yotch33 Feb 13
Feb 12 Hey Blizzard when we pick a Shrine, could we get cards that actually work with it? It feels like total garbage trying your best to draft with anti-synergistic cards that have nothing to do with your shrine. Not getting a battle cry or deathrattle card despite drafting 4 times, etc. Also why do the AI get draft perfect Legendaries by the 3rd boss? And on top of that their deck size is bigger?Walker20 Feb 12
Feb 11 Easy Paladin vs Lich King ***EDIT*** Haven't tested on my own yet - but seems that after K&C patch this isn't working anymore... sorry guys. ***EDIT*** Figured out that winning with Paladin is quite easy. There are three key cards (the first one is wild - but at least it's common) Stoneskin Gargoyle Blessing of Kings Spikeridged Steed All you need to do, is somehow sirvive till turn 7. On turn seven you drop Gargoyle and blessings. The LK will swipe his board and go face with Frostmourne. Turn 8 Spikeridged Steed on your Gargoyle. The LK will do absolutley nothing in the next turns. You can kill the 2/6 one by one (with the Gargoyle). Just ensure that you have an OTK when killing the last one... I have used Scaled Nightmare, but Blessed Champion should do the same. (The owl is for silencing some taunts during the OTK) My deck is below, but really important are the 3 mentioned key cards EDIT: Thanks for the additional testings guys - here is what I have collected from below: If you managed to reach turn 8 and the LK is doing nothing, ensure that you do not Damage the last 2/6 Play any other taunt Give your gargoyle divine shield In these cases the LK change his mind and attacks. ### LK # Class: Paladin # Format: Wild # # 1x (1) Blessing of Might # 2x (1) Blessing of Wisdom # 2x (1) Mistress of Mixtures # 2x (1) Zombie Chow # 2x (2) Doomsayer # 2x (3) Aldor Peacekeeper # 1x (3) Coldlight Oracle # 1x (3) Ironbeak Owl # 2x (3) Rallying Blade # 2x (3) Seal of Champions # 2x (3) Stoneskin Gargoyle # 2x (4) Blessing of Kings # 2x (4) Consecration # 2x (4) Hammer of Wrath # 2x (4) Truesilver Champion # 1x (6) Scaled Nightmare # 2x (6) Spikeridged Steed # AAEBAZ8FBEaiAvgHsK8CDYoB+gHcA88GrwePCd0K2Q3FDp0V2a4C3sQCiMcCAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneNirot80 Feb 11
Feb 11 Solo adventures quotes Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knew how to restore solo adventures quotes. I miss King Togwaggle's speech each time I play a dungeon run (yeah, I know, I'm THAT GUY who enjoys the game and doesn't get frustrated). Thanks!BILLY0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Puzzle lab reward is just a card back? If so I'm skipping. Is that the only reward?slayer11 Feb 10
Feb 9 "Random" Anyone find when the enemy in the later runs plays a "random" card it always randomly works in their favor and when you play a random card it always randomly !@#$s you? Almost every time a "random" card is played it means certain doom for me. It's quite simple really, the dev's can't make an AI that can beat a player with skill, because they suck at their job, so they add a "random" factor that works in their favor 95% of the timesniqow6 Feb 9
Feb 4 Dungeon Run Shaman is Impossible Up to 50 Bosses defeated and always die on boss 7 or 8... Ive tried so many different decks but nothing seems to work >_> EDIT: After 110 Bosses I finally got it... Basically Infinite Evolve Build Khadgars Scrying Orb+Crystal Gem+ Unstable Evolution x3 Get 2-3 Minions on the board with Unstable Evolution = pretty much win with 2-3 lvl 9-10 minions in a single turn Also helps I lucked out on the final boss being Xol... shes relatively easy compared to the others.Joren55 Feb 4
Feb 4 Master Voone He can go take a flying leap, and that BS card that wipes your board and gains armor for each minion killed. At least let me feel as if I have a CHANCE, or I know I made a bad play and that's why I lost. The fact that you can't respond to their totem leave you feeling helpless. You know it will respawn and there is nothing you can do about it and you're about to probably take a ton of damage and again, nothing you can do about it. Also, PLEASE tell us the flipping totem we're up against before the game starts, the stupid hero power of the AI we're against does NOTHING. I want to know how much damage I have to keep in hand to kill their totem on turn 1 or turn 2 or if I can just concede because I'll be run over by turn 2. This game is more slot machine then it is strategy, which I guess I just have to learn to accept. If any description of this game has the word "strategy" though, it's complete mis-marketing and they should be sued for that. When it's more than 50% RNG, then it fails to become strategy. What you draw should be the only RNG in a good strategy card game.Over40Nerd1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Rumble: Deathrattle Priest Who designed the starting deck for this combo? The deck is dumb and has trouble handling even the first game. The buckets are horrid and the times I've got to 3/8+ have been because of the rush 3/5 get 3 healing spells special. The shrine is terribly weak at 0/3 and 50% of the time gets killed turn 1 by the mage 0-cost hero power thanks to the minion that gives +2 damage this turn. Never buying packs again as it seems you just throw !@#$ at a wall until it sticks with the half-baked attempts at solo play this and last expansion has offered.russ3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Rumble Run balanced like crepe I remember I tried this mode, and beat it on my first try, thinking it was going to be another fun/easy adventure mode. I played a couple of more after that, and lost after various tries. Enter the "rebalancing" post. I decide to get back onto it and try again (just for fun, because honestly I enjoy these modes more than the competitive scene where I can never get enough cards to properly make/experiment with building competitive decks). Kobolds: Super easy to get to final boss (or maybe pirate level 7 would stomp you with rush). Some stupid auto win combos if you are truly desperate (i.e. build the sword) -- but this isn't needed if you want to win normally. Witchwood: Overall pretty balanced, again, last boss can be a crapshoot. Time rewind champ is kind of bad. Rumble: Something seems off now, like it's borderline completely broken. I'll say that while i still enjoy it since I can just relax and play some cards, that certain opponents are beyond broken, especially at various "checkpoints". Almost every run, it feels like there's something that leaves you with NO chance. I recently, at the 4th round, had the opponent drop 35/35 worth of stats of rush attack on the board, completley wiping me -- that was at 5 mana -- 4th opponent. Round 7 is often ridiculously dumb. Every single card in their deck synergizes, to the point, where by 4-5 mana, you've already fully lost the game, no chance to play any of your cards in any meaningful way. Why do cards like this exist: "6 mana: Destroy all opponent minions, gain 2 armour per minion destroyed". There goes ALL of everything I set up. There also goes my shrine, which leaves me with no counterplay for next round (since all of my cards are selected to play off of the theme of my shrine -- kind of the point of the run). Also, there goes the opponent getting a ton of armour, now all of his cards will summon 8/8 creatures, or give him +8 attack per turn, or whatever. I get that it's single player, but it's bad card design -- bad game design, which is kind of the point of making a fun game -- "this is impossible to beat, but try as hard as you can to get as far as you can" is bad game design when there are 8 distinct rounds. It's fine in high score type games. This is not that. I don't need people telling me to git gud, I've beaten this multiple times. What I'm saying is that cards like "amalgamate" are stupid GOTCHA cards... especially when the opponent is given 3,4,5, of them in their deck. This is not exclusive to Rumble. Witchwood I remember one of the final bosses had that card "resurrect all monsters that died this game". The AI played it on me, I dealt with it, next turn, AGAIN, I dealt with it (running out of cards)... I think I lasted until the 3rd/4th, at that point, it's just auto loss: out of cards, out of minions, opponent keeps playing broken !@#$ -- which is bad game design. If something is hard, great, but make it fair, make it so that the player has a chance to out-play/out-think a difficult situation. You cannot outplay "Battlecry: all your minions are dead, and now I have a 20/20 minion on the board with taunt/lifesteal, and immune to spells" Done with my rant. I enjoy these modes, and I hope they keep releasing them, since honestly they're really all I care about at this point since acquiring packs is way too slow (I think I stopped playing when cubelock went rampant because I realized I just didnt have enough cards to design an interesting counter, and was not going to be suckered into buying packs just to get some random cards). However, these GOTCHA combos are just stupid.QED3 Feb 4
Feb 4 High Priest Thekal is an absurd boss If you encounter him and he has the shrine that deals 5 damage if he gets hit, you should just concede unless you have ways to eliminate the shrine quicklyKerisa2 Feb 4
Feb 4 Solo Adventures Progress Reset I was playing Rastakhans rumble, spent like 2 hours on some of the later fights and got to the last enemy. I couldn't beat her so i went over to the witchwood to play something else. When I came back to rumble a few minutes later all my match progress was lost. I still had my character level, but all 9 of my previous fights were not counted anymore. I had spent over 4 hours on those fights, so losing all that progress was awful. Has anyone else experienced this. Tell me if there is a way to get back this progress or if I'm simply being stupid and not knowing something important.Mordred1 Feb 4
Feb 3 Are the old adventure games worth it? I've noticed that in the blizzard store there are games there for sale, that aren't can't be accessed on the game without buying. These all seem a bit pricey. I'm referring to Curse of Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain. Both of these are $40NZD which seems a bit pricey. When the rewards are only like 30 cards. Few questions. Are these worth buying? Are the collected cards useful? Are there any other ways to collect these cards?NzForever7 Feb 3
Feb 3 Does the AI cheat? Simple question really, but unfortunately one that must be asked. Because it sure seems like it does. Does the AI use means to win such as having advance knowledge of what cards the player holds and using that to alter their turns, drawing just the right card for the situation but not through "luck" and "RNG" but picking it out of their deck (the computer can draft from their entire deck at any time basically), or are the specific enemies you face on any run determined by which are the counters to the deck you have built, are you given bad buckets that don't synergize with your idol or shrine or permanent power purposely? Like I said, it is a simple question really and I'm not the first to ask it. All this company need do is firmly state that no, none of this is what is going on. But I don't think they can say that because I think at least some of the above is true. I think I'm through punishing myself with this game. It's no longer gratifying or fun. Judging by the lack of forum activity, I think I'm not the only one. So far the mighty have fallen.Volme1 Feb 3
Feb 2 Old style adventures Seriously, bring them back, but with the cardpool of a real expansion. You would get a TON of people willing to pay for that many cards for only 20-25 dollars, so you would get a ton of good will, and some people are very disillusioned with playing against other players, so more legitimate single player content that uses their cards would be good. It's win win win, and considering how angry everyone is right now, even from a purely souless perspective it's a good decision.Skullhawk0 Feb 2
Feb 1 The Text Lied This is a new one for me. Here's the setting: I was playing Tess vs. Gnomenapper. I had 4 health left. He attacks me with a 4/4 minion. I had two secrets down: Misdirection "When an enemy attacks your hero, instead it attacks another random character" and Wandering Monster which calls a new minion as the target. His attack triggers Wandering Monster first. The minion is summoned which then immediately triggers Misdirection. So here's where it gets interesting, the Misdirection re targets the minion BACK TO ME. I take 4 damage and lose. Anyone else see the fallacy of the text here? I mean don't the words "instead" and "another" imply that some other character is attacked and not me? It would be really nice if the cards actually did what they say they would do. I have a suggestion. How about rewriting the text for Misdirection to say: "When an enemy attacks your hero, instead it attacks your hero."Stormraze0 Feb 1
Jan 31 Bad buckets = lack of deck synergy Took a break from the game and am disappointed in the random deck building in Adventure Mode. It's my understanding that Dungeon Run is popular - if so, I am finding it difficult to surmise why? The choices follow no logical progression and at times the bucket choices are so poor and synergize so little with your chosen shrine or totem or what have you, that they almost seem rigged against you. I pick mage. Out of the three choices I pick the +3 spell power. Following that, I am given no buckets with spells, only buckets containing more minions that grant spell power. I pick deathrattles trigger twice. I get no choice of deathrattle cards, only battlecry minions. I pick battlecries trigger twice. I get no choice of battlecry cards, only deathrattle minions. I understand that some prefer this model, claiming it offers more replayability. That's fine, if by replayability they means playing the same beginner battles over and over hoping that RNG blesses me with anything closely resembling a playable deck and hitting that concede button over and over when it doesn't. Then sure, it's more replayable.Volme3 Jan 31
Jan 29 How in the world did they think Keleseth with triple battle cry would be fun? Just curious since this doesn't happen until the 7th or 8th boss so you've invested some time into the run only to have Ventimo (?) be one of the final two. I would like to meet the person who had the idea to put this in and poke them in the eye because they have a strange idea about what is fun. It's bad enough that if you don't kill the shrine every turn it revives you basically can't win, but to make it so if you dont kill it turn one all their minions get +3/+3 is beyond idiotic. Multiple classes dont even have a way to kill it turn one and even the ones that do have to get pretty lucky to draw it. Other than multiple cards the only things I've run into for turn 1 are the 3/4 rush companion for 1, blessing of might, inner fire, soul fire, ping mage with the companion that upgrades the hero power, spell power mage with the 1 mana spell, and....that's about it. Sure you could have backstab with the double spell shrine, or two enrages, or pounce+claw, but trying to keep it realistic. And sure I go into that looking for the cards that allow me to actually play the game out instead of just getting steamrolled, but even with 2 of each your odds are well below 40 percent to have one in your opening hand. I've had some fun fights towards the end where the bosses do some OP things, but that's fine because it wasn't over on turn one. They really should clean up some of the ridiculous options they've given the AI. What's the most imbalanced thing you've run into?GrumpyKitten12 Jan 29
Jan 26 kobolds and catacombs sucks the title says it all...hopefully blizz takes their customers feedback seriously and does something about it. you never sell a product that peeps can't reasonably play. your addicts will still play and the rest of the sane world wont. peace out.rilkefire2 Jan 26
Jan 25 Toki is hot garbage I recently came back to Hearthstone after not playing since 2014. Been playing Witchwood. I've finished with the other 3 characters but Toki I just can't get anywhere with. Her starting deck is pathetic and she's soooooooooo RNG dependent, much more than the other characters. Any hints? Thanks.Maelstrom11 Jan 25
Jan 25 Dungeon Run Frustration Playing as Priest for my last hero. Tried every single combination, over 200+ bosses. Non of them work except for C'thun + 2x Battlecry. But everytime I played against the 7th or final boss, my C'thun (I had 2) always stayed in my deck as last 5-8 cards. And by then I was just holding on with bunch of healings until I die, couldn't seem to draw the right cards.XenoTek0 Jan 25
Jan 22 Rumble Run - Blazecaller + Tribute from the Tides Hello. I have a question about the Rumble Run. I had the Tribute from the Tides shrine, alive on the board. I played a Blazecaller, but its battlecry only triggered once. Clearly I had played an Elemental the turn before for the battlecry to trigger at all, but I am confused as to why it didn't hit two more times for a total of 15 damage. Other such battlecries work as expected, for example Fire Elemental will do 3 damage, then 6 more as the battlecry triggers twice more. I have a screenshot of the turn: If it's something with evaluating the condition "If you played an Elemental last turn..." then since it's still the current turn, it should evaluate to true. What am I missing? Thank you for your help. - gHyler2 Jan 22
Jan 22 Shaman vs LK I've been stuck on this for a long time, read lots of different guides, none of which actually work for me, because: I either don't have the metric s%^&ton of legendaries needed, or the decks just flat out suck that don't have them. No matter what I do, I can't even get to phase 2 before I get destroyed so badly that its pointless going on. It's the only one I have left to beat before unlocking the arthas thing. Does anyone have some actual good decks for this fight, that don't involve stacking a lot of legendaries? (that I most likely don't even have / don't have the dust for). Or blizz, please make this fight actually possible to be beaten, with the shaman.Kayos0 Jan 22