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3h What Happens When U Disenchant Adventure Cards Title says all what happens when i disenchant a blackrock mountain card for dust is there any way to get it back later or will it be gone forever?Xyklon4 3h
3h Which adventure to buy? "New Player" So, I just started this week it's a pretty fun game, and I'm enjoying playing agasint other players but I seen a lot if decks that require you to play at a higher level need some sort of adventure packs. Any suggestions on which too buy? My plan is too main one character for now, try to play every day and play competieve whichever mode that is?Zero2 3h
8h Cost of Old Adventures Hey, I was wondering if there's a reason that older adventures cost the same amount as the most current one. As a player that doesn't spend a lot of money on the game, it seems like a terrible investment to pay money or a ton of gold to get the Blackrock Mountain or League of Explorers adventures, because those cards will rotate out of standard in just a few months when the next one comes out. However, those adventures have some very crucial cards to playing in the current meta, so it just seems punishing to new players who have to pay a whole bunch to catch up. It would only make sense to make older adventures and expansions cost less because they've got a much shorter life span left in standard. I can't help but think that it would be good business for Blizzard to encourage players to buy into the older stuff before it rotates out.Spamus2 8h
1d A way to bring back Naxxramas Now, as everyone knows, months ago Naxxramas was removed from the shops, and people who never bought the at least the first wing were never able to play Naxxramas. It seems unfair that some people can't experience this adventure just because they heard about the game too late. Now, many of the community looking to get Naxxramas just want to try the boss battles for fun. I don't know how many hours I have spent on playing the other adventures, and I've replayed all the bosses so many times because of just how fun they are. Seeing how in a couple of months, Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers are going to rotate out of standard, it would be awful to see what happened to Naxxramas happen to these expansions. So there needs to be a way to keep these adventure battles in the game. My first thought, is make it so after you have beaten the expert ai battles, gotten to X levels with one or combined with all your characters, and possibly completed a standard expansion, you should be able to buy wild expansions. The fabled "Wild Shop" that so many people have been asking for for so long. I understand the whole argument of how this could be confusing to newer players, so why not just put a restriction that you need to have X levels to be able to play it. That way, they don't deal with accidentally buying the wrong expansion too early, but at the same time, when they get more experienced and want to eventually try it, they can. So when the next adventures rotate out, I feel that it would be a good time to use an idea hopefully like this to keep them in the game. I've seen many people not be able to buy Naxxramas and be pissed about it, and if the amount of adventures that can't be bought triples when the other 2 rotate out, it will bring even more anger from the newer community who never get a chance to buy those either. That's why these adventures should be kept into the game, and if nothing else, they can keep entertainment for the game for certain people who would get bored of it without the extra adventures.Valhallaefi18 1d
2d Encountered Bug when facing Shade of Aran (Normal Mode) Dear Blizzard, When I was fighting the Shade of Aran in Adventure. I encountered his secret that when he gets attacked, he deals *8* damage to all other enemies. However, since his hero mastery gives +3 spell damage, this is increased to 8. Still, my cards & hero all get -5 health. I was unable to printscreen this since the game was already over because of this action. Hoped this helped you guys, Grtngs, Rhodney Hermans "RhythmNBeats"RhythmNBeats1 2d
3d [LoE] Chieftain Scarvash On Heroic Is IMPOSSIBLE! Dear Blizzard and Community, For the many hundred of thousands of us who casually play Hearthstone and do not have insane cards, Chieftain Scarvash is absolutely impossible. While the previous bosses are tough, yet they are manageable even with basic-to-average decks. Yes, it took many tries, but it was possible. Chieftain Scarvash however, is absolutely an atrocious show of "you can only beat this boss if you have god-tier cards." I tried nearly 8-11 different decks with many variations, no luck whatsoever. Yes, I tried the Doomsayer strategy--no luck. I've tried to beat him nearly 40+ times now (I know, pathetic). Please tweak the boss encounter in a way us casuals can somehow manage! I'm certain for those with an extensive card collection had zero issues with this boss.MrOldShadow7 3d
3d Can't beat Lady Naz'jar Any advice what kind of deck to use?Mazurati781927 3d
3d Heroic mode and story Do I get all story dialogues and scenes in menu when playing and completing Heroic mode adventures for the first time?Yevhen0 3d
3d Offline Mode for the Adventures ? It would be nice to play Adventures when u traveling around and dont have Internet. What u think ?Tyrs2 3d
4d Free Medivh! - a nearly impossible RNG fight For the first time since I started playing hearthstone, I have decided I wanted to get the Karazhan heroic mode card back. Now after few days of beating every other boss, all I have left is Free Medivh! or Melchazar fight. And I am loosing my mind for ever even attempting to finish heroic. I wont say this fight is hard or anything, I will say its just pure stupid. I couldnt try beating the boss with Kel'Thuzad since I don't have it anymore, therefor I have tried beating it with any other deck or deck variation out there (OTK C'thun priest, Anyfin paladin, CotW Hunter, ...) and the RNG part of this boss its just ridicoulus. I have been fighting it for like 4 or 5 days now and I have gotten so pissed at this game that I am thinking about uninstalling it. You have to have perfect draw and all the combo pieces in your hand before phasing the boss, while the boss does such insane amount of damage with 3/3 charges or weapons, that it is almost impossible to sustain it. So yeah gg blizzard .. most of the other bosses were challenging and required deck tweaking, strategic planning etc. This one is just stupid as !@#$ even more so to the players that dont have Kel'Thuzad and dont want to creaft a rolled-out legendary.LeafBerry11 4d
6d Beating nefarian?? I can't beat nefarian at all! I have tried over and over I'm using a mage deck I've tried with priest does anyone have decks that are proved to work that you can tell me about? Fyi I beat the other two adventures I just can't get past this boss!DaleDobacboi5 6d
15h Why does Hearthstone have no Tournament Mode? Hi Why does Hearthstone have no Tournament Mode? Something like Buy in 500g and Top x PLayer gets Rewards Tournamend Modes could be done Weekly and a bigger Monthly tournament. If you join a Weekly Tournament, it would be like opening an Instance. For, lets say, every 50 Players that joins will open there own Tournament. The Tournamend could have have different Styles for every week or Month like the Brawls have. What could be the Points to not make small Tournaments ingame? Players have something to spend there Gold, fun, competetion. And for Blizzard they would earn more because. People could buy in with real Money too in Tournaments. Like in Arena. The only Point to speak against that Comes to my mind is that DEvs are afraid that community could split to much between ladder Player and Tournament Players? Could this be the Point? Thx for readingDowsha4 15h
Jan 16 Replayable HS tutorial, New Player Adventures Edit: this is repost on the new player forum but i thought it might fit here better Remember when you 1st started hearthstone? the tutorial was alot of fun, the voice lines made it very entertaining while getting people into the groove of the game. Please make the hearthstone tutorial replayable because it could be something fun to experience again while helping remind new players what to do. Another thing we could do to make this game new player friendly is introduce more PvE content similar to the adventures but based on learning the game, like Mana Curve. we could have the inn keeper explain what a mana curve is and give tips of how many minions of a certain mana we should have. then Board control, board wipes and types of decks and so on. (trumps deck teachings on youtube is interesting because you could have the innkeeper do a similar role about teaching players how to build a deck and have the hero help them learn how to play) some ways you could do this is make the adventure by class, this should allow you guys make a fun story and think about what tips in deckbuilding you want to introduce them too. This Idea takes alot of homage to the old magic the gathering online games and ports onto playstation and should help new players understand a card game. The currect practice AI is okay for testing a deck but not that great at learning the game to be honest. with a expanded tutorial on deckbuilding and playing smarter as a new player this could help people have a fun experience while learning because the introduction to hearthstone was so much fun. you could even make them spend gold on the adventure but make the adventure give them classic packs equal to the cost of adventure. heck as a experienced player i might spend gold/cash on it for the fun experience/story. because the introduction is that entertaining i would love to have more of it but focused on new players and helping them understand the game while having a good time.BaeZerker0 Jan 16
Jan 14 Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Golden hero Why didn't Sir Finley Mrrgglton give us a golden hero power if we already have a golden one ? Like Justicar Trueheart does.LoLink1 Jan 14
Jan 14 How to get all class cards? So I've recently started playing. I've done most classes to earn their 20/20. However In reading some decks builds, I see cards that people call part of the classes basic deck yet I don't have them. Cards like lightward and silence. Are these cards only obtained through random packs?Idunaz2 Jan 14
Jan 14 I've heard LOE is best card/dollar value, is it? And is it hard to clear? Will I be able to get the 42 or whatever cards from it with just a basic deck, I need cards badly, all I care about is getting the most/best cards for my dollar.WilliGOAT1 Jan 14
Jan 12 Heroic black king suxs almost impossible !! I gave up Tried around 8 time and everytime when he topdeck while using hero power i ran out of cards . When that happen i cant hit his face anymore while his hero power took down my chess 1 by 1 . Anyone have strategy ?? i usually skip turn 2 i furtest i got to is his remaining hp at 4Sagitarius22 Jan 12
Jan 12 Solo Adventures worth playing? Hello , Im newbie in hearthstone. My question to you , loyal members, is worthy playin solo adventures (classic,heroic mode etc.) ?? btw I have 3200 coins and mainly spend them on arena. Is worth spending 700 on campaigns? thanks in advanceChrisKayMan10 Jan 12
Jan 11 Please bring back Naxxramas! </3 My heart is a little broken! I love the alternate formats of Hearthstone - the Mechazord Tavern Brawl was a strong highlight - and I've been gradually working to unlock all the adventure wings. I've heard from various and sundry sources that Hearthstone was introducing rotation, but it wasn't clear to me that this would also mean retiring content. Removing Naxx cards from Standard and leaving them in Wild, that's one thing. But there was more content to the Naxx Adventure than just the cards. I had my heart set on getting into Naxx and didn't realize that opportunity would close on me. I'm not asking to return Naxx cards to Standard, but I'd be immensely grateful for access to the adventure again. Thanks in advance!MeatPopsicle56 Jan 11
Jan 10 Which Expansion? Ima new player and I don't know which adventure I should choose. I know LoE is rotating out soon. So which one should I buy.BattleOoze2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Mean streets? semi new player here, so forgive me for my dumbness =/ anyways, I could have sworn I seen the mean streets of gadgetzan available to buy for $50 well today was payday and I went and dropped $100 down to buy the expansion but I dont see the option to buy the mean streets anymore just card packs???xBETA420x2 Jan 10
Jan 10 naxxramas adventure hi after the last adventure party in karazhan i want to play naxxramas adventure but its gone what should i do please help me tnxmosi5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Will there be an adventure before the next expansion? I thought that there was an order of expansion -> adventure -> expansion ->adventure, but I've seen many people saying that the new standard year will hit around march / april, and a new standard year is started by an expansion, there would be no time for an adventure.BogzbinyHU3 Jan 10
Jan 9 League of explorers expiration date The old adventure Naxxramas lasted for 22 months. Does that go the same for League of explorers?giratina3 Jan 9
Jan 9 problem with Chess on heroic! i cant seem to beat this i do well until a certain point then get overwhelmed like a swarm of zergling in starcraft 2. i wanted the card back that comes with beating heroic this is the only mission i skipped. plz tell me how you beat this unless its just luck i get double attacks alot but no cigar.Donkeykong0 Jan 9
Jan 7 Won against Lady Naz'jar but i didn't do anything (heroic LoE) she evolved her minions into random of which two were auchenai soulprist and mistress of pain (warlock, heal hero). i was just like wtf. ok, i won :DBananaJohn1 Jan 7
Jan 6 The league of Explorers: Coming out this Thursday So The new adventure has been annouced and the first wing is out this thursday. We've only seen the new mechanci (discover choose 3 random, although only within your own class and neutral, cards that fit within the critera of the card. The example was discover a 3 cost card. Also the most bats*** legendary effect yet: the golden monkey king: turns every card in your deck and hand into random legendaries. Apparently it's only going to be 4 wings - So we'll probably get each member of the league per wing. It's still going to have 9 class challenges. It doesn't look like there's going to be any preorder stuff (probably due to how soon it's coming out) though the heroic card back looks amazing. What do all you adventurers think? Have you grabbed your map, compass and thermos for exploring? Here's the site for more info: Jan 6
Jan 6 Request for Development Team I was told to try and reach the HS Dev team on her with a request: I meant to buy all the wings in the first week the Karazhan Adventure was released in order to receive the Disco Ball card back. Unfortunately, for some reason the purchase didn't go through for some of the wings, and by the time I circled back to play them and discovered that some were not purchased it was more than a week later. I purchased all the wings as intended, and as I have for all the adentures Blizzard has put out for hearhstone. I was hoping, given that I am a longstanding customer, that I meant to purchase all the wings in the first week, and that I did eventually purchase all the wings that the Dev team would kinldy add the cardback to my account. I appreciate your time and consideration. All the best, FilakiaFilakia0 Jan 6
Jan 3 General Drakkasath Heroic Is there a way to beat him without the use of Executus or any other legendaries? Does anyone have a proven basic/cheap d cellist to beat him? Your help is appreciated.MidshipDisc0 Jan 3
Jan 2 Unlocking adventure with 750g Should i use it on an adventure and or is there a new one coming and save for that? Ima f2p player casual so what my best option. ThanksDrakon3rd5 Jan 2
Jan 2 Won Card Back Thanks To Dump AI I got my karazhan card back from the adventures after the 10th-ish try of the final boss... short, Nazra suicided into my taunt (abomination) and Malchezaar used his hero power before twisting nether turn after he got summoned (usually he has twisting immediately after summoned). i used C'Thun Priest with some taunts and divine spirit + inner fire combo on C'Thun.BananaJohn0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Heroic General Drakkisath Needs Tweaked! I have never once posted on the forums because I've never felt the need to do so. But this fight is completely ridiculous, and I could not help but to take the time and right a post. I completely understand that these heroics fights are suppose to be hard and I want/expect them to be, but this fight has nothing to do with skill and hardly on how you build your deck to be honest. There're a few cards that help out a lot, but unless you draw them in the exact order you need them, and he doesn't have one of the multiple was to remove them, it is useless. These fights should be on how you build your deck and play against the AI instead of figuring out how to cheese the fight in your favor, making the AI not knowing how to react. I have both tried to make many of my own decks, and have net decked many more. I have attempted to defeat this boss so many times I have lost count. While also putting in multiple hours on this single fight. Like I said earlier, I have never felt the need to post anything on the forums before, but I found this fight so extremely frustrating, unfair, and almost impossibly hard that it's making me feel so discouraged to ever try again. I really hope you think about tweaking this fight somehow Blizzard, because apparently I'm not the only one complaining about it. Everywhere I've looked for help I have found the same disappointed players trying and wanting to complete the content you have created for us, but are failing and becoming discouraged to keep trying. I'm sure you'll do something if you feel the need to, and I hope you do so quickly. Thanks!Dwrn24 Jan 1
Jan 1 Numbers in Adventure? The adventures on my Hearthstone screen have numbers on them: Blackrock Mountain (which I've bought all of but I haven't beaten anything on yet) has "17" on the "Normal" selection. One Night in Karazhan (which I haven't bought) has "1" on the "Normal" selection. League of Explorers (which I also haven't bought) has no numbers. What the heck do these numbers mean? There's no tool tip or clue what they mean.Conradus1 Jan 1
Dec 31 malchezaar boss easy mode sorry if that question been asked already and I might not be at the right forum part for this question, but is there a limit of turn against malchezaar? cause I was trying a new deck for fun against malchezaar and everything was going fine until I was playing a golem of jade 12/12 and... game ends. wish I had record the battle to show the fight, sadly my pc can't handle any record on its own, but yeah basicly how I could describe, I wanted to test how much jade golem I could summon before malchezaar lose, but at the middle of the battle, I was summoning a jade golem 12/12 and I got a 'draw'(like when both player lose) with malchezaar. So I'm wondering what is the cause, because I'm a bit sad, I was hoping to get the 30/30 jade golem against malchezaarstreamer2 Dec 31
Dec 31 Free Medivh (Heroic) : Fix or what? I've been trying to beat the last heroic boss on Karazhan for more than 2 weeks now and everytime,it gets impossible!Let me explain:all the guides out there,been there-done that.Not to mention that watching icy-veins or hearthpwn guides and vids,ive noticed that their fight is NOT the same it goes on now.Example:when Prince fight starts,for me is 99.99% the start of his is Twisting Nether + Legion.On their vids,its smt between 'destroy 1 minion' or 'deal dmg to 3 minions'(you can check out the vids yourselves).Well,you might say that 'keep a tempo game on Nazra till you build up a good C'thun and have the cards ready on your hand and then go to Prince'.Welp,sorry to disappoint you but from the 500 games i played so far,most of them doesnt allow you to do that.The reason?C'thun never comes to my hand!!!My latest game that outraged me to make this post had 35 cards cause of Prince card on my deck.Wanna see the result? [IMG][/IMG] Somewhere in there on the remaining 7 cards,there's a Thaurissan,a 50-dmg C'thun and 2-3 Legendary cards)never got drawn till that moment of the game.So,ill sound stupid,insane,conspiracy guy,take a pick.But smt has changed for sure cause nothing from what i see on vids,happens to my games. ps1: I follow the Priest deck guide from here: Cause it was the most realistic to reach that far.I've tried more decks as well but they were worse,way worse. ps2:I only had Prince as alter card cause im missing a 2nd saboteur ps3:This was the 20th or more game that same thing happens,C'thun never shows up. ps4:For the ones that gonna say to wait more,half of the games that C'thun didnt showed up,Nazra lost cause of 'out of cards' dmg,imagine how long 'tempo' games i had waiting.For me,the fight is already hard AF,at least dont make our decks cheated as well Blizzard,its really annoying.Alucard11 Dec 31
Dec 28 Adventure card sold If i sold a adventure card can i ever get it back? please helpfantasiN1 Dec 28
Dec 25 Which should I choose- Karazhan or LoE? I know that LoE has better cards, however it will get phased out in Spring 2017. Karazhan, on the other hand, may not have as good of cards however it could have more value since it still has another 1+ year of play. Is LoE still worth it with only months of play? Or is Karazhan not all that bad and worth being able to play the longest?AcornWizard3 Dec 25
Dec 25 What adventures should i unlock first? Ok, let's say i have none of the single player campaign expansions unlocked, and i don't pay to play. Therefore, my funds of gold are limited. What should i prioritize in unlocking first? Any thoughts? Haven't seen a recent thread about this so i thought I'd ask. Thanks for the imput!GBDOOM3131 Dec 25
Dec 24 Can i disenchant moroes and get him back? i just got the first wing of karazan and wanna know if i can disenchant moroes for the 400 dust, and then do the levels to re unlock him, because if i can, i will do that multiple times.fasttony642 Dec 24
Dec 24 All I want for Christmas is Naxxramus Think about it Blizz, a Christmas present that results in people spending money? Sounds like a win win to me! Even if only a limited time, put Naxx back in the shop!Orion2 Dec 24
Dec 22 Bring back Curse Of Naxxaramas. Everyone wants it. Why can't we bring it back? I've been playing Hearthstone since 2014 (ok, I had my account and downloaded it since 2014, but I really got into it around the start of 2016). Anyway, as I mentioned before loads of people are wanting it, not even for the cards but for the awesome experience itself. Blizzard (atleast to my knowledge) hasn't said anything about why they aren't doing so and the problem of people not knowing that the cards can be only used in standard can be easily adressed with a little message that states it the cards can only be used in wild, such as the same one that appears when you craft a Wild card. The same could go for GVG packs and as some others have said, there could be even a *wild* section in the store. Anyway, I hope that blizzard either responds with a reason why the adventure isn't coming back or puts it back for sale.EngiMen3 Dec 22
Dec 22 Will blizzard come back to Naxxramas Adventure ? Please come back Naxxramas i want to craft Kel'thuzadGktuozlyn1 Dec 22
Dec 19 Mean Streets of Gadgetstan Hi, I am able to collect the latest card expansions through arena battles and crafting and I have seen the Introductory dialouge characters for the Mean Streets of Gadgetstan, however I am unable to find and gain access to the adventure for MSoG to enter with my gold f2p. How much longer do I need to wait until the launch date or is my patch update missing something? When does this become available in Australia? Thank you kindly.Glasseye0 Dec 19
Dec 19 When does LoE go to wild Confused on this can someone please tell mebeserk2 Dec 19
Dec 19 Heroic Chess Help? So there is only one heroic mode boss I cannot defeat. That being, Heroic Chess from Karazhan. Could anyone help me with it? I have finished every other heroic. BT: emosnowchild#1641emosnowchild2 Dec 19
Dec 18 How to be Heroic Victor Nefarius. help please. Well.. you're all my last hope. I tried like 25 different decks (that are supposed to beat him) and none of them work. After playing over 150 games against him I'm tired (and very frustrated Blizzard create stupid encounters like this one - its plain stupid - its boring - its not fun at all) Someone have a link for one that works please? So I can go on with the other enemies...Goglutin3 Dec 18
Dec 18 Last Two Adventures lacked substance. Why have the last 2 adventures been less entertaining? Both BlackRock and Naxramas were both entertaining and somewhat challenging, the broken bosses are what makes them fun. So why the direction change with the last Adventures, I sht you not, I fell asleep during One Night at Karazhan. Just a suggestion, I really do like the adventures, but a tad bit more effort needs to go in the jokes and bosses.Smallgeese1 Dec 18
Dec 18 Fourth Complaint By A New Player ! ! ! ! Man, I complain a lot. Please see my other 3 complaints especially the one where I complained why I went down in number in ranked play *cough...* Regardless, I have to slam the complaint hammer again after spending 20 of my hard earned dollars toiling away in the hot California sun on One Night in Kazakstan (er whatever it is called). This boils down to me really looking forward to $20 worth of adventure. fun, due challenges, and all that jazz. Is it just this adventure that is so ill-concieved? Please tell me it's not. I really admire the format, LOVE the theatrics, and earning exclusive cards for endorsing a company that did such an awesome thing like captivate my free time with an awesome game like HS is never bad BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.......... There's two settings: easy and impossible. In one you are pampered with ill-wrought cards that less financially-secure opponents will envy you for for N o t h i n g. In the other you basically will have to grind your !@# off with a contrived deck that you probably looked up online (with some luck as well) and therein you will earn... n O T H I N G. Wow. I know it's not a perfect world. But when I see a genius (if blatantly ripped off of another genius one..) game like this I do expect genius scenarios for it as well. Something where there is a give and take and a sense of achievement for the efforts spent. Would I have designed it I would have made Easy, Medium, and Impossible settings: Easy grants you the worser of the two cards you gain from each level and the medium giving you the better. Beat all 3 on a tier in either difficulty you gain one (x2) of a card. As for the impossible/ heroic difficulty... Why the %#*@ is there not at least a gold card giving to a card of your choice from that adventure??? Thank you and stay posted for more complainingLiveWire3 Dec 18
Dec 16 Decklists for Heroic ONIK Please :) Could someone please send a link to a video or site that has the best decklists for all the one night in Karazstan heroic battlesBlitzForever1 Dec 16