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1h Love is in the Air! Back in January 2016 you awarded a Love is in the Air Card Back for hitting Rank 20. I am of course referring to the super cute sparkly pink heart card back. It broke my heart when I took a break from the game, only to return and discover I missed out on it :( I would like to suggest and request you strongly consider a Valentines Day Tavern Brawl for February that awards the same Love is in the Air card back previously offered. Before you shoot down the idea, I would like to remind you that in December 2016 you offered the Winter Veil Wreath card back for a 2nd time in Hearthstone history, as a reward in the Tavern Brawl. It is possible you already have a Valentines Day Tavern Brawl planned for this year. Please consider rewarding the card back again for those who missed this holiday themed back in the past. Please and Thank You! Have a nice day!! <3 <3 <3 <3Sarah14 1h
9h Big Priest???? Big Priest in Tavern? What the actual f? Amazing decision there, amazing.WantOn11 9h
13h RIGGED PoS Game Just got put up against THREE HUNTERS IN A ROW when I queued as priest. Are you kidding me? So the only opponents available for me to face are THREE HUNTERS IN A ROW despite the game supposedly having millions of players. THREE HUNTERS BACK TO BACK and of course they crush me, because the simp who drafted the big priest deck made sure to make it the most draw / hand dependent deck in the game. Just trying to knock out a priest quest, instead I get put up against 3 hunters in a row and get crushed by every one, making me quit the game in a foul mood. So I was excited to play some tavern brawl, and the first three games I try to play are all hunters which crush big priest unless you can like, coin out Barnes and get an obsidian statue and Resurrect it on 4. Hearthstone, you suck.NeverLucky2 13h
19h Beating priest in this brawl feels pretty good. I enjoyed going aggro with mage. Seems like priest, warlock and paladin are among the best decks.Yotch1 19h
20h Wild brawl not very wild I started off using hunter just to see that they have like 2 wild cards in the deck. Popped over to druid to see almost the exact same scenario. Joked and said "I bet warrior is pirate" only to find out I was right and its basically a standard pirate deck. Checked all the classes and they are all basically just standard decks with a few wild card added in. Dafuk is dat!? I was excited to play an almost purely wild set of cards brawl. I was looking forward to using a bunch of cards I didn't own and wasn't going to craft. Only to find out I already owned like 90% of the cards in all the decks. Woulda been more but I dusted patches when the price was right.Zlumpy7 20h
2d Venture into the Wild! ... Description: ... The decks: Druid: Aggro Druid (with Fire Fly, Dragon Egg, Sir Finley, Haunted Creeper, Nerubian Egg, Dire Mole, Echoing Ooze, Living Mana, Savage Roar, etc.) Hunter: Midrange Hunter (with Allycat, Jeweled Macaw, Pit Snake, Crackling Razormaw Eaglehorn Bow, Kill Command, Savannah Highmane, etc.) Mage: Tempo Secret Mage (with Mana Wyrm, Kabal Lackey, Mad Scientiest, Duplicate, Ice Block, Counterspell, Ethereal Arcanist, KaAzure Drake, Sludge Belcher, Kabal Crystal Runner, etc.). Paladin: ( with Righteous Protector, Equality, Hydrologist, Stonehill Defender, Steward of Darkshire, Truesilver Champion, Spikeridged Steed, Tirion). Priest: Big Priest (with Barnes, Obsidian Statue, The Lich King, Ragnaros the Firelord, Ressurect, Eternal Servatude, Shaddow Essence, Lesser Diamond Spellstone, Greater Healing Potion, Spirit Lash, Excavated Evil, Shadow Word: Horror, Psychic Scream, Shadow Visions, etc.) Rogue: Miracle Rogue (Kingsbane) Shaman: Tempo Overload (with Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Feral Spirit, Flamewreathed Faceless, etc.). Warrior: Pirate Warrior (with nerfed patches). Warlock: Reno Krulzakus Warlock (with Kazakus, Emperor Thaurissan, Mountain Giant, The Lich King, Lord Jaraxxus, Voidcaller, Krul the Unshackled, Mal'Ganis, Bloodreaver Gul'dan and Reno).Zee30 2d
2d really love this brawl i really enjoyed this week's brawl. preconstructed wild decks that were all fun to play, even priest! decks that have legitimate synergies between cards and no broken combos! Kazakus actually gives you a potion! Reno Jackson actually heals you! Patches is too slow! how could anyone not like this? Blizzard's team actually spent time crafting decks that work, and it's a free brawl. Thank you!UrukEnkidu0 2d
2d Had Kazakus! And it worked! Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?Rokkrage0 2d
3d Another bad brawl Canned decks that are loaded with contentious combos...pirates, card steal, secrets, even saw a Reno Warlock. Good god I hate brawls.YupYup1 3d
3d Cost of Tavern Brawl? So, if we are given 1 free ticket to Tavern Brawl, does that mean we have to pay to do more Tavern Brawls this week?CeruleanSky1 3d
3d Midrange Shaman! Op op! I’m sure that for this weeks brawl, shaman is the best class to choose. Turn one trogg, turn 2 jade claws, turn four 4 mana 7/7DefileSMH0 3d
4d Sindragosa, Sindragosa... The first day and a half of this Brawl, I'd only encountered two Sindragosas. Now I just played five back-to-back. Me personally, when I find something that's OP, I keep it to myself. *Sindragosa is OP!!!* *Half the forum runs to play Warlock* I understand the complaints from the standpoint that people complain nonstop. From a logical standpoint though, I couldn't be surprised or upset. Let's divide players into two types - those that play meta decks and those that don't. You've got your meta deck players lambasting folk in Ranked and Casual with the strongest deck they can build. Of course they're going to play whatever is OP in Brawls. No surprise there. On the other hand, if an off-meta player happens to figure out that Sindragosa is OP and uses it to lambaste some of the same people who were wrecking him with Cubelock and Jade Druid at Rank 19, what's so bad about that? They can finally be powerful for a few days before they go back to all-they-can-afford; let em live.P2C5vX7RN011 4d
5d Brawl Ideas If any of these exist already, forgive me. I'm the new kid on the block, haven't played them all yet. All characters lose one hp per round. After turn 10, Mana Crystals are reset to 1 again. All minions enter play with their normal Attack + Health reversed. All Hero Powers are Justicar-enhanced and, for fun, you get the Hero power of your opponent. Perma-Ragnaros the Firelord in play, switching sides like Nefarian every turn, randomly blasting someone or something for 8. You get to play Dungeon Run bosses and their decks (from the same round/strength, of course) against each other.P2C5vX7RN00 5d
5d Who thought Sindragosa was a good idea? I want names. Now. My favorite Tavern Brawl, now ruined because someone on the Tavern Brawl team thought it was a good idea to add Sindragosa to the Boss Battle Royale brawl, a boss that is NOT DESIGNED FOR PVP. Seriously, her Ice Block mechanic is designed for specially made decks. She hard counters Coren Direbrew, the White King, the Evolving Naga Lady who's name escapes me, and Razorgore! That's half of the available bosses! To add insult to injury, she has Unchained Magic that will bring people down to 12 health by turn two! What were you thinking?! Who the hell asked for this?! Who's putting **** like this into the game?! Furthermore, The Curator and White King are still in when they're the worst bosses. You know who would've been a better choice then Sindragosa? LITERALLY ANY OTHER BOSS! Seriously, we just had Dungeon Run added, yet there are zero bosses added from there, when there's a wealth of viable bosses there for this brawl.DrScaphandre12 5d
5d Concede-asaurus Hex What a JOKE! It’s nearly impossible to win with this. Even if the hero power didn’t give your opponent anything it would still be utter trash. It’s so bad that it basically defeats itself. The hero power tooltip should read: “Hero Power: Lose the game” because that’s what it does. It gives your opponent a free 8 cost legendary and it gives you sacrificial pact or power word shield.Roughstack3 5d
5d Skelesaurus + Coldarra Drake The only way hunter isn’t bad in this brawl LmaoMingKukla1 5d
6d Boss Battle Royale 2 brawl is AMAZING! I post for the very first time on this forum just to express my appreciation to devs. I haven't played this game basically for a year. The only time I've picked at it when dungeon run were introduced. But now, with current brawl I can't stop playing it! I love the fact that you don't need to pick decks (which I always feel like one need to invest to much time to learning all the cards, meta, etc.). I love the fact that heros has very weird powers. Also you can play chess! I always wanted to be able to do it agains other heros.Persevere6 6d
Feb 17 Is the Druid boss made to be a joke? Because there is no fun playing a Brawl as Razorgore where he is, by far, the worst of all options for the brawl. Is he intended to be a joke?EVA2 Feb 17
Feb 17 just found out you can only get 100coins i was playing tavern brawl a bunch and when i wanted more than 100 coins by winning it said: <<You can only have 100 coins per day>> so if you didn't know this here, i just told you :D. P.S.: please give me how many wins you've had in the boss tavern brawl i wanna know if poeple have higher wins then me. P.S.2: i have 44 wins beat that.Evolve2 Feb 17
Feb 16 Remove the starting ice blocks from synd k thxSnowingGnat3 Feb 16
Feb 16 Why isn't auto-attack an attack? Professor Putricide vs White King. I play a Secret vs attacks only to discover that auto-attack apparantly isn't an attack. It's right in the name! It shouldn't matter it's a special type of attack, it's still an attack.Zerfinity2 Feb 16
Feb 16 If it bleeds we can kill it I killed Syndragosa with Razorgore. https://imgur.com/a/P8x3l Still doesn't mean that she is balancedMikhail8 Feb 16
Feb 16 boss battle meta i'm not sure i'm understanding the boss battle meta properly... putricide, who is probably the weakest real deck among the group, consistently beats corin direbrew how? actually it seems most decks beat corin. the chess master can not lose against putricide, btw. also, sindragosa seems incredibly tough to deal with. chess master is an auto loss against her.UrukEnkidu2 Feb 16
Feb 16 PoS Brawl ruined by Sindragosa What an absolute joke of a brawl. I can’t believe you idiots get paid six figures or more to develop trash like this.Roughstack19 Feb 16
Feb 16 Win Rate - Valentine Week Brawl I decided to Brawl with each boss until I got a win with them - here's how it stacked up: Druid - Razorgore - 1 win, 1 loss - 50% Hunter - Skelesaurus - 1 win, 7 losses - 13% Mage - Curator - 1 win - 100% Paladin - White King - 1 win - 100% Priest - Putricide - 1 win - 100% Rogue - Grobbulus - 1 win - 100% Shaman - Lady Vashj - 1 win - 100% Warlock - Sindragosa - 1 win - 100% Warrior - Coren Dire Brew - 1 win - 100% Sad thing is Skelesaurus win was a mirror match. I found the White King and Lady Vashj to be face rolling easy and Razorgore decidedly underwhelming. What are other people's experiences?Kissme3 Feb 16
Feb 15 Sindragosa's Power Bugged on Top of It all I think you're better off forfeiting, or wasting their time and never touching their face. I had a 12 attack and 8 attack on the board. I think to myself "Jackpot! I can set them to 10 hp and maybe steal a win." Guess what happened? Her ability activated as normal, but it activated a second time later in the game. She hit herself to activate it after already being at 10 hp. Blizzard please let me have fun, this hero is ruining the brawl for me.LordTyrone0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Can't we have more Brawls per rotation? Win in Brawl 01 or in Brawl 02 and earn 01 Booster Packs. It's not even meant to Award two Brawls, because it will not. It's just to give more flexibility and some people do have fun on a Brawl. It reminds me of Momir Magic, it's fun. This is not the first week Brawl becomes a frustration - we all accept Sindragosa's Warlock deck took the fun out of it. It's even silly to queue as Warlock just to watch other people auto-surrender, until you get that happening twice in a row. Brawls Rotations stay the same, no harm done, same rewards. I would even go further and say Brawl A, B and C, because good things comes in threes. Brawls do not have to be completely balanced, it would be a waste of time - they don't have to be !@#$ty either, but why not make the most of it: - A Fanmade contest for Brawls Creations happening every release of an expansion? - Brawls as I understand are not only meant to be fun, but for devs to mess around ideas. In Magic, it's called future league, it's a R&D thing they do to make it more creative. And since they won't have to worry for balance as the top priority, fun will be the top priority. That's why more Brawls will allow more developers to create more ideas. - There are so many brawls in stock, it would not feel repetitive, and the featured brawl (A) would always be something evocative; the second being a mild - maybe more PVE thing, that would be (B); and since it's a warcraft game, the third brawl could be "Timewalk", plain and simple. It's a little more Quality of Life for the game, in general, and all you need is a screen split in three vertical equal parts to make Brawls become something worth it of a tavern. It will require a new take on brawls, a new view on how they play inside the game, because they are the true "Casual Gaming" in Hearthstone. Casual Games with Standard Decks are a way of saying "This mode is not, necessarily, filled with Tier 1 and Tier 2, but it goes by the same rules". The only rule of Brawl is that there are no Brawls. That's also the second rule. And who knows, maybe in the future more rewards.EVA0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Paladin Clearly OP.Arc2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Someone plz delete this Anyone wanna challenge me?Rolando0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Impossible to win This brawl as Razorgore is just impossible to win, literally every boss is better, I am on a 10+ losing streak and it is pissing me off, seriously blizz, what the hell are you thinking ehen you designed this ? 20 losses now.GoldenPants7 Feb 15
Feb 15 Sindragosa Well, if you want a guaranteed win, go Warlock. You'll get Sindragosa as your boss, and in the next few days, you're going to see a lot of Sindys.Pride11 Feb 15
Feb 15 Boss Battle Royale 2 Description: "The bosses are back and they brought some new friends! Find out who's the new champion - choose a class and we'll give you a corresponding dungeon boss to play!" The bosses: Druid = Razorgore the Untamed (1: Give all corrupted eggs +1, then summon one) Hunter = Skelesaurus Hex (0: Give each player a random card. It costs 0) Mage = The Curator (Passive: Your hero has taunt) Paladin = The White King (Discover a chess piece) Priest= Professor Putracide [new boss] (Passive: all secrets cost 0) Rogue = Grobbulus (2: Deal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, summon a slime) Shaman = Lady Naz'jar (At the end of your turn replace all minion with new ones that cost 1 more) Warlock = Sindragosa [new boss] (Triggered Powers: @ 20 Health, transform all enemy minions into blocks of Ice--repeated at 10 health, and then hero power does 2 damage). Warrior = Coren Direbrew (0: Pile on: put a minion from each deck onto the battlefield).Zee18 Feb 15
Feb 15 Fireside Gathering Issues [Ticket placed] I wanted to provide some feedback and, unfortunately, a complaint about a recent experience I had a Fireside today. I had been interested in obtaining the Nemsy portrait, just for the sake of my collection, so I went to the Fireside Gathering listings you have posted up on the website. There were very few of these even remotely close to my location, but I did find two that were close enough. One of them looked entirely unprofessional, so I decided to go to the other that was at least remotely presentable in the description. Few details were given, but I had assumed it would be a legitimate gathering. I grabbed my friend and we drove over an hour to get to the location. When we showed up there was just a row of apartment-style homes on a street. It was not at all readily apparent from the exterior that anything was happening in the area, much less that some kind of gathering in a public location was taking place. Unsure of what to do, I knocked on the door of the apartment with the address listed (which, again, from the exterior just looked like any other house and not particularly lovely). Thankfully, when the door opened, I was told I was in the right place, but the person who greeted me merely lived there and wasn't involved. When she returned with the person who was involved we were led into a small basement room with about 6 other people. This was something of a problem because the room itself was only suited for about 4 people, so seating for 8 wasn't really an option. In the relatively-cramped quarters with relatively little going on, we did our best to find a place to sit, feeling the whole time like I was just a stranger who had wandered into someone's apartment because, well, that's basically exactly what the situation was. I come to find out in short order that Nemsy would not be available because this wasn't an established tavern. In retrospect I now understand the distinction but, from browsing your site, the fact that I would be wasting my time to travel to a stranger's cramped home was not at all apparent. Sure, after I was doing a bit of research on these and found that "Nemsy is available here" picture floating around on more legitimate gatherings it made sense that this gathering wouldn't have her. But, remember, I only looked at the two within a reasonable distance from my house; I wasn't looking at all the different events and comparing/contrasting them. I do not think it is reasonable to expect that players need to much research before showing up to these events to know which ones offer the reward. The fact that this was not an established tavern (or even a public location; it was a private residence) was not clearly advertised. Had it been, I would not have gone. These events are supposed to be fun get-togethers that bring players together, but this was not that. It was a pain to get there, it felt uncomfortable and unwelcoming, and I left empty handed. In short, my experience with this fireside gathering was not a positive one that encouraged me to attend any of these in the future. When I talked to a CS representative, I was told that my request to have her added to my account was reasonable. However, I was also told that this wasn't an option because Nemsy is hard-coded to only be capable of being added to accounts which had fulfilled the requirements. In other words, they couldn't add her even if they wanted to. On all fronts, this has been something of a disaster * The "Tavern" was a basement in a private home; not a public gathering * The fact that this wasn't an official gathering was not advertised in any way that was readily apparent. There shouldn't need to be research done to figure these things out when they are listed in the same location on the Blizzard site * The CS representatives are powerless to do anything about it I'm not sure who is capable of doing something about this, but I'd like them to see the issuesJalexander2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Tavern Brawl issues My first issue, which is more personal, is how the hell do you defeat the chess boss with any other boss? I mean, other than Sindragosa or a mirror he's just impossible. He just gets to essentially trade without actually having to trade. He doesn't trigger attack secrets, and he just floods the board with 1 mana 1/6's and 3 mana 2/6's that constantly hit your minions for free. You just can't clear all of that early enough without some hardcore RNG. Next is the issue with the Hunter boss. If he discovers "unidentified" cards, they revert to their original costs once they're identified. So, you end up giving your opponent a free card and you get something to jam up your hand. There's also the "Only 3 secrets" problem, but I'm pretty sure this one was already known.DrBrainzzz0 Feb 15
Feb 14 I know it's said a lot, but... This really, truly is the WORST brawl so far. Unbelievably so. Seriously. Half the games are decided by the starting hands, and the other half by the hands in the next 3 or so turns. Enemy gets a nice board and buffs for it? My hand is full of elixirs and nothing to use them on. I get some early minions on the board and buffs for next turn? They play Cho, now I can't buff the small minions without giving him an even better minion. I have to practically BEG the game to not start me with a hand of shields. And instead they'll give me a hand of hammers and elixirs. Who's bright idea was it to form buff-based decks that barely have any minions? Who's bright idea was it to give some classes early cards like Cho that completely shut down the game from then on? I thought the concept sounded fun at first, but they literally went down a checklist of the WORST possible ways to execute that concept and checked everything. I'd even prefer no-Brawl week... I mean, "Heroic Brawl", over this.Rakanadyo12 Feb 14
Feb 14 Forgot how this Brawl works Picked Paladin and went in an oh yeah those stupid Ice blocks how does this work again? Oh yeah well this game is borked. Quit. Come back got a player this time. Crap Paladin on Paladin. The never ending game of chess pieces.............................................................. Putting in Lord of the Rings Trilogy to occupy the time until this one is over.nimabi1 Feb 14
Feb 14 Multiple Brawl Choices We all love Tavern Brawls. They give us a reason to log in when we're tired of the regular formats. Sometimes I just don't log in on Monday or Tuesday because there's no brawl available. That said, brawls are not created equal and a brawl that one person loves, another person might hate. The developers put in work to develop these special formats, so why not have them stick around a while? I propose keeping multiple brawls up simultaneously so players always have a choice. Ideally I'd like to see 5-10 available, but I'd be happy with as few as 3. Hearthstone has enough players that even the less popular brawls would have enough players to keep match wait times reasonable.MrJoeSmith0 Feb 14
Feb 13 can I get a quest changed? For my daily quest, I got "Win 5 Tavern Brawls" exactly 1 hour away from the end of the TB, so I couldnt complete it, but if i dont complete it i will lose the 14 daily quests challenge, I would be very upset if I would, I was looking up to it.KrumpsiTy3 Feb 13
Feb 12 BIGGEST POSSIBLE single hit to Nefarian? Is there a bigger possible single hit in this tavern brawl other than the following: Both players waiting to use any cards until Intrepid Dragonstalker (+1/+1 EVERY card played) played as early as possible, Shaman getting hand swapped, getting Thoughtsteal and getting 2 Divine Spirits (omg the RNGJesus that would need to occur), Both players working to buff the Intrepid Dragonstalker as much as possible, holding off on Divine Spirit usage until last possible second, At some point giving the Intrepid Dragonstalker Windfury, Then when the last cards except Divine Spirit has been used, and you're both in fatigue, you double double double double, Inner Fire, and then HIT!!...for an unknown mathematical quantity haha. Anything I'm missing? Any way to get a bigger minion?GGNoRe4 Feb 12
Feb 12 Tavern Brawl Quest Why aren't players allowed to use friend challenges to complete this quest? This restriction is garbageMallenroh1 Feb 12
Feb 12 4-player Tavern Brawl? (Turn taking) How about a four-player Tavern Brawl? I realize that, in order to avoid a complete redesign of the playspace, that each side's two players would have to take turns. Like, IRL, you would be getting up off your chair (taking your hand with you), and letting the other player sit down (with his hand)... ... pretty random at first, LOL, if you got a random ally. But if you could pick an ally from your friends' list... ... or have the deck selection (or deck building) for tavern brawl happen *after* you got your ally... ... then you could have the two allies' decks be selected for *some* compatibility / synergy. I'm sure other people have suggested 4-player formats for Hearthstone... I'm just thinking that, if it's done in TAVERN BRAWL, people would be more accepting of the semi-workability of the interaction. JUST..... FOR..... FUN :)LoveHeals1 Feb 12
Feb 11 Hallucination Brawl You get mostly Hallucinations, plus a few random class spells. It is intriguing because you are basically playing as the other class. So far I have seen about every class but Priest (big surprise). Warlock has some advantage because of card draw, but your opponent has access to some strong removal cards, and I even received the Death Knight against a Warlock (which made it really easy).titans309fan28 Feb 11
Feb 10 Best Video Game yuno44907@mail.com Email me if you reply this topic. Story of game: Anubis summons you and tells you that humans are destroying Earth by generating electricity and stealing Earth's magneticfield and decide to train you as a new prophet. In first levels you play game as MMOrpg and kill very useless weak enemies. When you level up you get +1 stat and game gives you 2 different decisions for chosing what you will upgrade. Game doesnt let you distirubute your points with your own free will because that may make all players same and cause balance break also like in real life, not always things happen as you planned. Also you start to game with a skill that consumes 16 mana and this skill is useful for showing to newbies what this game can become also your max mana is 16 at starting. As you level up you gain new skills or passives that make you very much stronger. After a level when you die you cant play the game for 8 minutes. This time increase as you level up. Very high level players doesnt get this debuff but instead they lose a level when they die. For leveling up you must gain too much exp and be lucky. In this game you cannot collect exp, you level up randomly based on how much exp you got. So there is no stress for collecting exp, you will level up randomly and you dont need to farm exp. Some monsters drop items, some drop money, some give only exp. **Each character cant wear some items and for not being able to wear items it multiplies effect of other items it wear. Some items give high hp but low hit rate others do opposite so items are balanced and you cannot force for damage. For upgrading items you need to combine same level items and if you fail everything is gone. There is no level for potion making or fishing; everybody can do this stuff. When you lose a level you will choose what stats you will decrease so losing a level will make your character better builded. Leveling up gives you stat points equal to your level. At start you habe bonus stat points for being strong at level 1. Actually it is like you start to game as level 10. EXP required for level 1 10, 2 20, 3 30, 4 40, 5 100, 6 120, 7 140 is like that. In most places triangular numbers are used for making things get a little bit harder as it goes but there is no multipliying in this game because games like WOW, LOL, Pokemon, Ragnarök used this system and we seen things go insane at late game. Multipliying numbers with each other is always a wrong idea. **At some levels on start, game will ask you what passive do you want; that passives will be core of start character build. After you finish this endless game you can kill your character for getting a better character. You do that by jumping in to a Volcano that Hades lives in. After this point you can even be a dragon which is level 1 but it will grow up very fast because of buffs its OPness have. **Game is a turnbased deathmatch moba game. You go in dungeon blindly, seek for hunts but may get attacked by rival players and your loot can be stolen. At the end you get points based on how long survived, what killed, what looted. But game also can be played as MMOrpg for wizards that mass murdering and raid loot for support classes that want to slay big boss by help of a bunch of losers. Also there will be classes that go inside you and make you very stronger, take control of you and gaining exp by making you risk your life while you get nothing, disguise as your friends, invisible weak seekers, ranged running artillaries, berserkers, transformers, stones, giant slayers. I also thinking about adding oceans, sky and space but that make game too large and empty also some players will bombard you from sky. **NPCs will not sell, you will use global trade always and there will be no tax. Strongest player in map and game will be shown to you so you can go hunt them but hundreds of players may die for hunting strongest guy. Also there can be no maps for making far away bombarding and running too fast possible which means borderless world. At the end of game you will create randomly generated characters and they will be OP. At rebirth you get +1 stat if you rebirth 10 times that will be +10 and exp you will give will be based on stat points you have got. If a player get killed by player; will drop cheapest item he have got. And after a point all items have nearly same power. **There will be 12 types and 12 styles at damage dealing. Styles effect dodge rate, types effect damage you get. If you weak to something 3 times and atk is 4 times of that type you will get 7 times of effective atk. Also types and styles can be combined for creating new elements so game is very realistic. Also there will be death triggers, overdrives, balance breakers that can make you go 0 hp but deal extreme damage or make you transform to satan and die 10 turns later or when you die you explode this moves are very crazy and disturbing for high level enemies also some moves have 1 week cooldown. An angel can negate curse by using "god decision" that remove all buffs and debuffs. Another class can make you not die if you are died last turn. Another class can divide its body to 2 and can use back up body when he die so he doesnt die if his back up body not killed. When your HP end, you use mana as HP but mana takes double damage and when its below 0 you die. **Mathmatics: HP 16, HPr 1, FLEE 16, FLEEr 1, HIT 8, HITr 2, HITuse 3, SHIELD 8, SHIELDr 2, ARMOR 2, ATK 8, ATKr 3, ATKuse 4, lifesteal 3, recover 2, counter 3 Your dodge rate based on your current flee and hit of enemy attack so if you get tired your dodge rate get lower and you cant even dodge. You get tired as you dodge. Hit use determines how much hit you will use its basicly your base. Recovery means how fast you will recover from tiredness its basicly cardio. Maximum means how much you hold when not tired. You get tired by landing attacks, dealing damage, dodging attacks. Shield is like hp but if it get below 0 it cant recover next turn. Armor is always decrease enemy damage no matter what. Lifesteal your healing when you hit; it is not based on %, it is not affected by damage; it is just like recovering hp if your attack doesnt miss. Recover is gaining hp if enemy cant or dont hit you. Counter is dealing damage if you dodge an attack. Damage is always random you can deal 1 damage and you consume ATK same with damage you used in attack not damage dealt. **You can see the map but enemies away from you will be always invisible. When you move your movement is random so you may not even move if unlucky, because of that running away is risky. You attack after you move, you cant hit and run. You can increase your attack range. You also need to increase your sight there was 7 senses separately upgraded and hiding stats for special to each senses which makes hiding harder than seeing. Range, hide, sense, speed al use triangular numbers but some use doubled tripled numbers. Swimming slower than running and flying is slower than swimming and space travel slower than flying. Which means sight 1, run 2, range 2, swim 3, fly 4, space 5 points require. **Elements: ATK types light, hot, cold, fire, water, wind, sound, chemical, biological, curse, holy, hit HIT types melee, ranged, bullet, plasma, explosion, magic, beam, magnetic, gas, liquid, emotional, logical Senses: sight, hear, smell, infrared, magnetic, mind, feelyuno449074 Feb 10
Feb 7 This is actually really cool Well done, blizzDarthSil0 Feb 7
Feb 7 Rope timer shorter? Is it just me or is the timer significantly shorter? Normally I'm happy to see this, but in a brawl where the discover mechanic occurs with almost every card, seems a bit quick. Has this happened in regular play mode?Yotch4 Feb 7
Feb 7 New in Brawl Hello, Im quit new in this game and downloaded the app last week. After reaching lvl 20 hunter, i was able to enter the Tavern Brawl. I won 15 games but get not any reward. I read in this forum that you should get a pack after your first win and on youtube i see videos of opening the brawl chest with huge load... Can someone explain me how te rewards work in brawl? I did not get any reward. Thank you!eNieSee5 Feb 7
Feb 6 Old Card Packs Hi! I don't know if its a good ideea,but maybe instead of classic packs we can get wild packs. In the first brawl GvG and in the second TGT or opposite. I hope Blizzard will make us a surprise and give us wild packs.PhoenixArty0 Feb 6
Feb 6 UnidentifiaBrawl (1/31/2018): Description: "After a very successful dungeon run your bags are overflowing with Unidentified Loot! Take a random deck into battle and identify those items!" You can pick any class for this random Wild brawl, but the description misleads players into thinking that the decks will contain random "dungeon loot/treasure cards," but instead players get a mix of Class cards and a random mix of specialty cards from various other classes, which are Unidentified Elixir (priest buff), Unidentified Maul (weapon), Unidentified Shield (warrior card). UnidentifiaBrawl is the kind of RNG trash Brawl that the brawl devs are fond of making and queuing up for us, much like Randomonium.Zee22 Feb 6
Feb 5 Laziest Tavern Brawl E V E R. This is the opposite of innovative. Honestly, if they are not going to even try to come up with an idea that's good then just reprise a brawl from the past that was. 9 decks that are all alike and are based around 3 very boring weapons/spells. Seriously blizz??????? That does it. I'm writing another Tavern Brawl Report Card soon, maybe tomorrow. Here's the original one. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20757355845#post-3LiveWire6 Feb 5