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1h A Word to Ahune You might be cooler than Ragnaros, but his double gold was better then anything you have to offer.OverWatched4 1h
1h Why all the hate on this Tavern Brawl ? This TB is perfect for completing Quests. And my questing decks end up with ALLOT of classic cards. You guys are fussing about nothing.RHK7 1h
2h Paladin is OP This is the most uneven brawl I have seen yet. The pally has way better cards than the mage. Paladin's card: Scarlet Purifier: 4/3 (4 damage, great for killing "Ragnaros?") deal 2 Damage to all deathrattle minions (wow look at that most minions have deathrattle) The 7 mana 4/3 weapon is also too good. Edit: I'm going to add more information on why Paladin is way stronger than mage. First of all, the pally has two weapons. Both weapons deal exactly 4 damage (Truesilver Champion and Vinecleaver) and heroes can attack the same turn they equip a weapon, this allows to deal way more damage than the mage. . Also, the pally has two Scarlet Purifiers which are very likely to score some damage with their battlecry and also, they have exactly 4 attack damage. Most minions on the pally side have at least 3 attack and have multiple buffs (Blessing of Kings, Silvermoon Portal and Champion's Seal). Now, "Enter the Coliseum" is a overwhelmingly powerful spell. It destroys all the minions in the battlefield except for the two strongest (take into account that the "Ragnaros?" dummy always lose) and allows the paladin to deal 8 damage and reset the battlefield. Now, why is the Mage weaker? Because it's a "Discover" type of mage. You have Kabal Courier, Kazakus, Unstable Portal, Shimmering Tempest and a handful of damage spells. You can't get into the board easily when playing mage, most of the time you have no plays on the first 4 turns and your ping is useless as the pallys minion will kill the dummys before you.Almaterrador31 2h
3h Frost Festival Brawl No Pack for Knights of the Frozen throne for winning the Frost Festival Brawl? Blizzard must be trying to make it to the next pay check and save that dollar for gas just incase.Stickupkids1 3h
20h Infinite damage this week My opponent played the mech that summons a 4 cost minion upon death. The minion that was summoned was Spiritsinger Umbra (after you summon a minion, trigger its deathrattle effect). The Ragnaros? says Deathrattle: whoever kills this deals 4 damage to the opponent. While it does not say it, the deathrattle also summons another Ragnaros?. Since Umbra triggered the Deathrattle effect of each new minion, as soon as I killed one, each new one dealt its damage and summoned another one. It was near the end of the game, but they kept going and my opponent kept taking damage until his board was full. Fun times.Mattesonjd0 20h
1d This Weeks Brawl! In honor of Quest Rogue nerf. All your minions are 1 mana cost and appear on the board as 5/5's with charge.Paf4 1d
2d The MVP's of Clash of the Minions Alright all, it's been a full day, so who are the best cards/decks of this brawl you've found so far? -Stubborn Gastropod. Seems a 2-of anywhere, and for good reason. -Divine Shield anything. Seeing Scarlet Crusaders, C'Thun's Chosen without C'Thun, and even Force Tanks. Divine Shield on a Gastropod is obnoxious. -Vicious Fledgeling. Technically only useful if there's nothing in the way, but devastating if that's the case. -Explosive Sheep. I was kind of surprised by this one, but I had an Egg Druid use it against me to activate his eggs and clear the defenses I'd been setting up. -Aldor Peacekeeper and Shrinkmeister. Reducing an enemy's attack before you throw a charge minion at them is a really good deal. Peacekeepers can handle big minions, while Shrinkmeister can reduce a Poisonous minion to 0 attack and kill it safely. -Deathwing. God-tier finisher: a 12 damage Charge that destroys all taunts in its way before slamming face. -The Black Knight. Because duh; I can't believe I hadn't thought of this one. What else have other people been using or running into that makes you wonder why you hadn't thought of it sooner?Teo6 2d
4d SMorc Played 5 games this morning. All verses face hunter. Seems that every week the brawl devolves into a face punching match by the weekend. Really doesn't make things fun.Corrosive1 4d
4d Magma Ragers chance to shine??? Does he get to show his TRUE POTENTIAL in this brawl??lolgotem3 4d
4d Lol at all the Hunters in this Brawl. Seen them almost nonstop. Meanwhile I have a near 100% winrate with this deck. I got the Tav Brawl quest and won 5 times in a row without the slightest struggle, and i've won more with it outside of that. https://puu.sh/wJtpS/79b29a224b.jpg Literally the 1-4 mana cost cards are all you even need in this along with Abyssal, I didn't even have to use anything else I put in there as backup. Go nuts and enjoy the freelo.BestFurryNA8 4d
6d Queen carnassa. I've been having a ton of fun with hunter quest in this brawl. Someone else try it out and tell me if I'm dumb or not.Rebelvoltz1 6d
6d Priest Mind Control in current TB Just played a priest in the current TB and he/she mind controlled a minion and it was immediately able to attack. I played another TB deck earlier that used Sylvanas and the minion I took control of when she died wasn't able to attack immediately. Assuming I'm not mis-remembering, what's going on with priest? Why do they get the extra love?whyohwhy1 6d
6d Quest Priest I have been using Quest priest with all the deathrattle minions and I have won about 6 games in a row, it works so well. What do you think would be a good counter in the current brawl?Artrek2 6d
Jul 13 Clash of Minions is frustrating I've been playing since May and have liked all the past brawls; spent more time playing brawls than other modes. But I'm super frustrated with this brawl. I feel like chum. Quest completion has been difficult. It seems more skill and card dependent. I either lose fast to decks that complete some summon minion quest or I see several low cost minions that have more damage or health than my 1/1, 2/1, 2/3, 3/2 etc. Otherwise, by turn 9 or 10 looks like I'm winning with 25+ hp to their 10 or less. But then the guns come out: Deathwing, Rag, etc. My guess, I'm getting out burned by aggro or unable to burn down control. I haven't really figured out how to build a control deck myself. I'm not sure I have enough removals to build an effective control deck. The closest to fun and effective I've reached is zoo lock or mage groping for fireballs. Barring some great advice, I'm switching to casual until next week.Merriless0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Why going first is so important to aggro This week's brawl shows it.Mand2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Dreadsteed is a problem... again. Dreadsteed is consistently a problem in brawls that give you perks to all minions. His inclusion in this current brawl is problematic as it can singlehandedly win the game on its own by completely clearing your opponents field the turn you play it, but unless the opponent has a silence effect or bounce (unlikely) you've just lost. Much like the last time this happened (Romeo and Juliet Brawl) the card was cancer. Please ban this card from brawls that grant permanent effects like haste and taunt or, at least, make it so its effect doesn't count as being played from hand like it is now.TrueECP3 Jul 13
Jul 13 plz dont make these brawls like ladder play they feel just like ladder play but even faster and with allot of the same cards no one is trying anything interesting its just more aggro -_-ChinaTownRam0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Blizzard you suck Forbidden Ritual doesn't work for the tavern brawl? Seriously? Talk about lazy. It says creatures get haste and taunt. Too bad Blizzard is so vague on which ones.lockwoodx1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Most annoying players Emote spammers and people who just afk when they lose.Suzaku0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Flappy Bird Brawl Grim patron fest last brawl, now its all Vicious Fledglings, this game is fun and interactive.SoulSlayer8 Jul 12
Jul 12 Easiest pack ever turn one innervate fledgling turn one concede from opponentTeamAmerica2 Jul 12
Jul 12 This Weeks TB Well this sucks!ScotEdaHottE0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Not a bad brawl... Took a little while for the RNG to give me my win but once the draws came right, no problem. But you have to wonder something, if they had this brawl knocking around just how the heck did QR get through testing without them realizing low cost charge minions are brutal, even if they aren't 5/5 stats?LetumVos1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Too many trolls in TB going face!! 10 people in a row don't understand the concept and keep attacking the hero. I don't think blizzard thought this out wellLoomies23 Jul 12
Jul 10 The 80 gold quest gave different gold amounts Someone challenged me to a game with the 80 gold friend quest. They received 160 gold and I received 80. Is that consistent with the intent of doubling the quest values or is it a bug? Overall, awesome to have the double quests!Adam5 Jul 10
Jul 10 Mini-Rag Healing Totem bug or feature Hi all, I came across something strange and I was wondering if the behavior is intended. I played Brawl with Shaman and second turn I summoned Acolyte of Pain with coin. Third turn I summoned a Healing totem with my hero power. When came the turn of Mini-rag to hit, it killed my Acolyte and my Healing Totem but instantly, the Healing Totem was restoring life to itself and the Acolyte which was drawing card every time. And when my turn came again, Healing Totem restored health to all my minions. This behavior kept going on every turn of mine or enemy turn. NONE OF MY MINIONS WERE DYING. This behavior stopped only when my opponent killed the totem by himself. Then he had to concede because I had board control and so many cards in hand thanks to Acolyte. Is this behavior intended or is it a weird bug? _________ EDIT : I managed to recreate this behavior and it's really strange. When I hit END turn, the Mini-Rag kills all my minions including Healing totem, but this one even being at 0, restore health to all minions therefore none is dying. The opponent conceded again seeing that he could do nothing especially that the board was full with almost invincible taunts.EBLIS8 Jul 10
Jul 10 Will the firework emote be permanent? Will the firework emote be permanent, or just during the festival?刺冰1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Devolve Why does this work on Rag exactly? Not exactly immune if you can devolve him.Tairon2 Jul 10
Jul 10 People don't seem to know how to read. Why can't people cooperate? so apparently people don't get the whole point of... mini rag will give us some kind of reward if we increase his damage skyscrapper high and survive I've probably found like 2 people that seem to get it but we didn't get further than 35 damage or so but mainly people just aim to finish off the oponent without really reading the hints that pop up please somebody decent join me and help me discover what mini rag has for meGunterPnguin8 Jul 10
Jul 10 307 Mini Rag I just got Mini Rag to 307. http://imgur.com/a/g5jGJ After that turn both of us just spontaneously died. I'm not sure the exact reason, as both of us still had 2000+ armor This is he final scorecard. http://imgur.com/a/0Yu02 We did Priest/Druid Lorewalker Cho, Dragon Egg Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, Earthen Scales Buffed 1 Cho and then a Dragon Egg on both sides into the thousands Buffed our armor into the thousands with the earthen scales Use jade idols to keep from decking out In theory this set up could go on infinitely. The end game problem is that the mini rag attack lasts longer than a turn, and you can't play cards anymore. Also, after being beyond where I could play cards, the game just ended even though the minions and heroes still had lots of health to spare. So there must be some time limit too. The graphic and sound bite every time the mini rag hits the egg makes each turn last for so long, but once its all set up, it runs itself. The turns just go by and mini rag goes up by 5 (the cho and egg side) or 6 (egg only side) each turn.True0 Jul 10
Jul 10 161 Mini Rag Kills: Beat My Record Last night with a friend I used Paladin, and Priest. 161 Minion Rag Kills What is your highest?Xenzaka4 Jul 10
Jul 10 Mini rag is immune after it has been silenced Mini rag is immune even after it has been silenced with "mass dispel" ;)Elstar4 Jul 10
Jul 9 Whats the point of this 'cooperative' brawl? Seriously, i played 20 matches and only 3 of them where played together. The rest of the matches it didn't matter how obvious i tried to play together, people just went face/smash/win.Vivas13 Jul 9
Jul 9 What's your mini rag high score? (Blind) (Without a friend in one round) Mine's 56JamedToast0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Enhance Brawl Rewards make it more intelectual for petes sake... lets say oyu can win 5 packs in total for every second win first two packs normal the rest are packs from the expansions wich are in rotation atm this would give this game mode more ... fastfood value I believehitomo0 Jul 9
Jul 9 A thought for new Brawls... This is something I all ready do in constructed bet id love to see a Brawl variant. Maybe it could go something like this... :Class-reunion: Rule: Can only use Class cards, no Legendarys throw there your classmates! Pick a class and build a deck, your hero will be one of the Legendary Minions. *Example* Rogue: Xiral, Poisoned Mind Hero power: Pay 2 mana, Gain one toxin card it costs 1mana. (same as card's effect) Priest: Velen Hero power: Pay 2 mana, for this turn gain spellpower +2 (because 2mana, Dubble damage and healing this turn is still overpowered) Well that was my thought any who, I don't even mind if we still use current roster of heroes for it, but the playing as a legendary class minion would really drive it home better.DDTrespass3 Jul 9
Jul 9 Am I the only trying the most rag kills? I built a shaman deck to maximize minion kills. The whole game, I do nothing but heal my opponent and play minions. I never attack. Is the average player base this auto pilot? All they have to do is sit back, not attack, and they will get a win and 50+ kills. But no... every game, even with decks that appear to be trying to maximize kills. They go face and kill a minion. It makes no sense... IF you would like to try get the most rag kills please add me #lobsterfork1947 Only friend me if you have a paladin or shaman deck specifically built for maximizing kills. Please include weasel tunnels, runic eggs, and loot hoarders. If you are paladin include all of the spells that give silver hand recruites and include sunkeeper to reset the rag. IF you are shaman include devolve to reset the rag.LoBsTeRfOrK6 Jul 9
Jul 9 smorc in coop brawl? Im seeing people running deathrattle decks and going face they should have really given immune rag taunt I think im something like 20 games in and the only person who tried to get the minions killed goal ramped too high too fast and we both died. I even had a legendary player going face... surely if going face is all you want you choose hunter ? but no most of my games are paladins druids and they are all going face with decks not built to survive the long game just using sticky deathrattles sighTari10 Jul 9
Jul 9 Next Herioc TB? When do yo guys think the next Herioc Tavern Brawl will be?DeadlyMouse4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Complete double gold quests before TB ends? Will the double gold quests end with this week's TB? If so, we have to complete all quests in hand.刺冰5 Jul 9
Jul 9 Awaken the Drunk Reno With His Bud N'Zoth Ragnaros' Fire Festival Brawl Deck Class: Priest Format: Wild 1x (1) Awaken the Makers 1x (1) Clockwork Gnome 1x (1) Crystalline Oracle 1x (1) Mind Vision 1x (1) Mistress of Mixtures 1x (1) Potion of Madness 1x (1) Power Word: Glory 1x (1) Power Word: Shield 1x (1) Runic Egg 1x (1) Zombie Chow 1x (2) Confuse 1x (2) Lorewalker Cho 1x (2) Nerubian Egg 1x (2) Resurrect 1x (2) Youthful Brewmaster 1x (3) Dark Cultist 1x (3) Deathlord 1x (3) Devilsaur Egg 1x (3) Shadow Word: Death 1x (4) Ancient Brewmaster 1x (4) Greater Healing Potion 1x (4) Mechanical Yeti 1x (4) Shifting Shade 1x (4) Tortollan Shellraiser 1x (5) Corrupted Healbot 1x (5) Feugen 1x (5) Stalagg 1x (6) Reno Jackson 1x (6) Toshley 1x (10) N'Zoth, the Corruptor Quick Copy deck: AAEBAa0GHroBnwPlBMsI7wjTCtkN+g3+DYQOhQ6PDv4PghCjEPoRhBSIFMMW4KwCgK0C+rACibQCtbsCt7sC1cEC3MECq8IClsQC3sQCAAA You can check out the deck on hearthpwn and provide your feedback as well at: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/859339-awaken-the-drunk-reno-with-his-bud-nzoth his is a fun deck, it has very few problems with most archetypes in the Rag Fire Festival. You have the potential to bounce Reno Jackson, N'Zoth and Amara five times. Once with each of the brewmasters and up to to zero to six times with the Spare Parts "Time Rewinder". You can use Reno during early aggro presence to take the wind out of their sails. I think I can count the number of times that I have attacked with the minions on one hand. As I am attempting to push the Mini Rag as high as possible and force them to either take my minions out or reduce the overall damage my hero takes. The surprise to the opponent comes when you play Reno the first time and then bounce him back to your hand. I would, of course, suggest using Reno after Amara, but sometimes it cannot be helped.OverWatched1 Jul 9
Jul 9 This brawl is friggen awesome! Really hope they do this one again. Grim patron and eggs, the always usefull acolyte. Thoroughly enjoying this. Got that mini rag up to 37. Sht is great!Rebelvoltz0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Pls help me out I have the win 5 tavern brawl game quest and I am not good at would. Someone add me and let me win 5 pls pandarth#11254Pandarth1 Jul 9
Jul 8 What's the goal? I'm still not understanding what the goal of this brawl is? Kill minions, don't kill minions? Don't attack one another, but heal instead?SilentStorm5 Jul 8
Jul 8 So players so bad they have to copy now? Every game this afternoon, no matter the class; plays the Grim Patron. Are you all really so lacking in creativity that you can't create your own deck? You have to rely on someone else to hold your hand in this? OHHHHH wait, of course you do. You all need your "comfort" and "safe" places from "trigger" words, don't you, snowflakes?Tommy9 Jul 8
Jul 8 Bug in Tavern Brawl So we broke tavern brawl http://imgur.com/a/eBGLNZhanchiZorro0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Grim Patron... Saps the fun out everything it touches, was it designed by Jay Wilson?Darc0 Jul 8
Jul 8 Fed Ragnaros 91 minions in 1 game I had a fantastic time playing this brawl with a friend. Our goal was to feed ragnaros at least 60 minions in a single game. I was priest and he was shaman. We used violet illusionists to keep our heroes alive. He used ancestral spirit to re-spawn our violet illusionists. I had mass dispel to silence ragnaros when he got too big, and he used hex and evolve to kill the ragnaros afterwards so a new one would spawn and kill things on it's own again (mass dispel stops rag from killing as normal). He had devolve to stop ragnaros if it got too big again. I had power word tentacles, divine spirit, and power word shield to buff the violet illusionists. I had lots of extra healing that was not necessary, so our decks could be improved. As a shaman, he totemed and played call in the finishers so we could feed Ragnaros even more. I absolutely love when the tavern brawl allows for creative deck building and cooperation like this. Well done! I wonder if the co-ops with mechazod could also be ones where you build your own deck. This would force people to get creative with their cooperative deck building.Adam5 Jul 8
Jul 7 TB (7/5/2017): Ragnaros' Fire Festival This special Fire Festival, Wild Constructed Tavern Brawl ushers in a 2x gold bonus for completing quests. I assume this will last till the brawl is gone. http://www.hearthpwn.com/news/2958-earn-double-gold-from-quests-starting-july-5 "Kill 30 minions to grow your Emote!"Zee26 Jul 7