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Apr 25 Tavern Brawl: A Witchy Recipe Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions! This week's Tavern Brawl allows players to dive in with pre-made decks featuring cards from The Witchwood. This is a great opportunity for players to experience cards they may not own and get a feel for how new mechanics and interactions work. Winning your first game in this week's Tavern Brawl will grant you the "Mammoth Memories" card back. For players who have already obtained this card back from the March 2018 Ranked Play rewards, winning your first game will grant you a Classic Hearthstone pack. We look forward to seeing everyone in the Tavern. Happy Hunting!Jesse Hill0 Apr 25
Sep 20, 2016 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Tavern Brawl Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Tavern Brawls with your fellow patrons. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Sep 20, 2016
3h BLIZZARD! A RANDOM BUTTON! PLEASE ADD!!! This Brawl is a perfect example of one that would be way more fun if we had the option of choosing a random class. There's a greyed-out button below all the 9 classes that it would fit perfectly in. Please add this feature asap and anyone who reads this PLEASE LIKE and reply to help encourage this quickfix that will make brawls more enjoyable.LiveWire0 3h
7h Worst Brawl I've seen in YEARS People do not want to spend an hour to get the brawl done because its pure rng, I've lost 5 games in a row. My last one my opponent had the gorgon that copys a legendary on turn 1 and had a board full of 2/2s on turn 1 and could keep doing it if i had some way to clear it. Meanwhile I draw absolutely nothing useful to use in 5 games, crap like Nat Pagle, and i lose every coin flip.Timemaster6 7h
13h Another week, another bad brawl Again, no skill RNG only POS.TheDukeOfTBC0 13h
18h Thoughtless Brawl Either the dev is empty on ideas for the weekly Brawl, or they were wasted when making this weeks Brawl, Experience, skill and even the fun is excluded this week. Just flip a coin instead... that’s less irritating, but gives you the same odds on winning.Athèon9 18h
1d This is a pretty fun Brawl Sure, it's "xd randum" but it's fun nonetheless. There are the occasional strokes of luck which are always fun. For example, when Genn or Baku work, or when you get Stalagg and Feugen, etc. I'm just waiting until someone gets Patches in their deck.DarthSil4 1d
1d I wanna say A for effort.... but.... I think the more appropriate thing to say would be A for potential. I like the idea of random legendaries in the deck... but the way it works isn't very effective. Most of the wins are too immediate and ridiculous. There's major balance issues among the randomness. I won't say A for effort because I think Blizzard is more capable than the effort they put into this brawl. They've pulled off some pretty epic, balanced brawls in the past with great ideas. I feel like they started with a great idea for this one, and then just stopped there. So like the title says: not A for effort, A for potential. C'mon Blizzard, you can do better!Juddernaught0 1d
1d Brawl Suggestion: Double Decker Both players start with a 60 card deck: the combination of both theirs and their opponent's. Both players start with the same but a random hero.Zerfinity6 1d
1d A Bunch o' Brawls Here are some ideas I've had. I'll keep adding them as I have more. It would be great to actually have some constructive discussion. MONSTER HUNT Co-op or VS game play using the heroes from the Monster Hunt mode. Co-op would be working together to destroy bosses (would likely have to function like the other co-op brawls where the boss trades sides of the board each round) VS could simply be choose a Monster Hunter and battle eachother. Your deck could still grow after each win like Monster Hunt mode. You will only be matched against players with the same number of wins as you. MONSTER HUNT 2 Choose a Hunter or a Boss Monster. One player is a Hunter, the other a Monster(matchups will only be Hunter vs Boss). Again, the decks could grow with wins and match ups will be based on your current run rank. You would see your current run rank rating and your overall # of wins on the brawl launch page. TIME WARP Everyone starts with 1x Time Warp card in their hand and a copy of Temporus in their deck. Choose your other 28 cards. DYING LIGHT Both players start with a Darkness on their side of the board and 3 candles in their deck. Cannot add another Darkness to your own deck if it is a buildable deck. THE LORE WALKER Lore Walker Cho power applies all game. You get 10 spells and 20 minions(could be rng or buildable). THE SCOURGE Choose your Hero, start as the Frozen Throne version of your character (you get the 5 armor, but lose any other battlecries). You cannot add another playable character to your deck if it is a buildable deck. THE DUAL DUEL Choose two classes and 20 cards from each class. Your Hero portrait is split in two with a hero power on each side(maybe a rogue power would just be the weapon greyed out). Possible to increase hand size and draw 2 cards each rnd to accomodate increased deck size. ACROSS THE CLASSES Choose a class Choose a standard weapon from across the classes Choose one: Quest or playable Hero from across the classes (I know your starting Hero and playable Hero might be different, but hey, I've seen many a Mind Vision Priest change form before) Choose 9 standard spells from across the classes. Only 1 copy of each spell Choose 19 minions from across the classes. Only 1 copy of each minion BEAT THE CLOCK A dormant, bomb/void sits in the center of each players board. If the match is not won before the bombs count down, both players lose. This would be some type of co-op play. BEAT THE CLOCK2 (aka HOT POTATO) A single bomb sits on the curent players board. It would function like Nozdormu, you get 15 seconds to complete your turn. If you do not complete your turn, the bomb explodes for 5 damage to you and your minions and regenerates on the other players side, else it just trades sides. ( you cannot have more than 6 minions on your side) TURNCOATS Every time you kill an opponents minion, instead of dying, it trades board sides and returns to full health. Choose 10 spells and 20 Minions.Llyrrum0 1d
2d Nice Legendary combo I got ! Sergeant Sally + Spiritsinger Umbra + Splintergraft Also had Emperor Thaurissian (but drew it late in the game and didn't need him) and Elise the Trailblazer (played one on first turn as early pressure). What kind of crazy combo have you played/faced ?Vulmio6 2d
2d The Storm Guardian When you play the 'Offensive Play' card, it does not reduce the cost of 'The Storm Guardian'.Graviton72 2d
2d What is wrong with this community? This tavern brawl really shows that this community has a problem... I saw it and right away said: Yay fun. Made a deck with that egg that gives you random dragons abd play dead and went into it, hoping to face other fun decks... But oh my god, everyone plays the same face/protect bs... No fun tactics at all, just one card to go face and one to protect you... Are you all unable to just play for fun or what? I was really hyped for this brawl, but now i just won my pack and wont touch it again...Raoul975314 2d
2d Liked the Idols of Azeroth/Raven Idol Brawl Liked Tavern Brawl Idols of Azeroth(Raven Idol). I would really want to see it again. People complain about the lengthy turns so maybe you can think about that a bit a make changes in improving it.Kousik2 2d
2d Brawl Suggestion: Lotus Training Theme: "Balance in All Things" (This can be altered in any way to better fit Witchwood themes, of course) In this brawl, both players start with a hand of 4 (or 6) cards. 2 (or 3) of them are a 1 cost 1/1 creature 2 (or 3) of them are a 1 cost +1/+1 buff spell In this brawl, while both players have a full deck (made of more +1/+1 buff spells and 1/1 creatures) neither player draws cards on their turn. Instead, whenever a creature is played, a random spell is added to one's hand. Conversely, when a spell is cast, a random creature card is added to one's hand. The presence of a deck is useful in case a player uses a creature/spell that draws them more cards. This is where the "balance" comes into play. If the opponent plays several spells, you'll know his hand is full of creatures, and vice versa. I figure this brawl could have either class-specific choices, or for true randomness, allow spell/creature draws from all classes. Thoughts on this idea?Cellidor1 2d
2d 2 class make a deck brawl This might have been done before but can you make a tavern brawl where you can make a deck combing any two class card decks? For example, primary hunter and secondary mage. You would be hunter class with hunter hero power but you would have access to Mage specific class cards in addition to the hunter class cards.Mayh3m8 2d
2d Cloneball Was imagining "hey, how awesome would it be to queue up warlock and get Glinda Crowskin? Infinite Crowskin sounds like it would be fun." In my opening hand I get two Glindas and two Twin Emperor's. So, I'm already happy. I decide to mulligan away the Emperor's and I get Leeroy Jenkins. Needless to say I got my pack on my first game.Ronius0 2d
3d Crystalline Oracle + Twilight's Call The first deck I put together and completely wrecks everything including that mana wyrm + arcane missiles crud floating around You will always outpace your opponent and there's nothing they can do about it The very first person I played and beat immediately friended me to tell me it was the trashiest combo he has seen so far I will take that as a compliment. Enjoy.Schyla1 3d
3d too much rng in this week tw i think that you shouldnt get entirely random cards. you should get random cards but if card that you got cant work remove it (3 princes, reno) if it has other problem like genn/baku then guarantee that you will trigger that effect and same goes for stallag and feugen. you should get both. this tawern brawl is about showing what can legendaries do. people play this tw to see insane plays. not to get cards that are just statsDraven6 3d
3d Access to the Tavern Brawl Vault There would be one more sub menu when choosing Tavern Brawl to challenge a friend. The two choices would be "Current Brawl" and "The Vault". Choose "Current Brawl" and everything carries on like it does now when challenging a friend. If you choose "The Vault" though, you are prompted there will be no gold gained from these matches (after the prompt is when the challenge to your friend will go out, they receive the same note about gold before they accept) and then taken to a browser menu like the cards/card backs. In this menu you would find headers of the various years like Raven, Mammoth, etc. with icons below the header showing which cards sets are standard and wild for that year. Each brawl would have a card with art and a title. Hover over the card and you get the rules of that brawl. A standard card brawl from year of the Mammoth would only allow cards that were standard at that time. Pick a brawl and you and your friend are then launched into that brawl and begin making decks or choose your hero...whatever the rule set calls for. I put this idea(without all the details) on another post about making co-op a game mode, which, for me, would be a great alternative to full access to the Brawl Vault. Wondered if anyone out there has any thoughts? Or maybe this has been brought up before and I could not find it?Llyrrum0 3d
3d every time i have a good hand your spells cost 5 now G F*CKING GCheezusCrust0 3d
3d Don't Taunt, It's Not Polite Choose a Hero, create a deck, you can't place any minions with "taunt" in your deck.BruceBatter1 3d
4d Tinkmaster and patches Can lead to a turn one 3/3, all the patches in your deck, and and either turning a 1/1 into a squirrel or a 5/5 dino. That's one heck of a spicey start in this brawl. Patches may not have been a good idea to add to this one.Zlumpy9 4d
4d Best "Control" Deck for Top 2 - Standard I've been playing Faerie Dragon and Duskbreaker as Priest for a couple of days now and have a 45 win to 12 loss record. The deck loses to most "value"/greed decks that discover new cards, but does really well against minion based aggro decks, mill druid, and I have a positive win rate against aggro spell decks as well. It isn't exactly mindless as against murloc decks you'll want to hold coin and possibly heal to survive damage until turn 4 when you can clear with Duskbreaker. But it's a real nice deck if you want to stall out your opponent and crush aggro/mill decks. I would recommend playing 1 (or at most 2) cards at a time, so you don't lose the activators for your Duskbreakers, mulligan aggressively for a hand of Faerie Dragons at the start of the match. Value decks will typically overrun you into Fatigue, or at least late game, so gauge when will be the best time to fill your board to beat your opponent as quickly as possible, but for Aggro and Mill you can play 1 card at a time and slow beat the point that they are going to lose and there is nothing they can do about it. Give it a shot, and tell me your experiences! :) (Additionally, if you start admitting that you are creating a deck to specifically counter this deck, then I feel like it's a success towards the Tavern Brawl meta.)mindscapejem4 4d
4d Fun combinations Some of my favorite are: Unpowered Steambot and Inner Fire Saronite Chain Gang and Val' Anyr Emerald Reaver and Dire Frenzy Chameleos and Holy Water (Especially useful versus Radiant Elemental+Mindblast decks) What are some of your favorites?DarthSil65 4d
4d If this is what you need to do to win games You really need to have a word with yourself. Rogue in tavern brawl playing the cards Preparation and Mimic Pod repeatedly over their turn with the intention of running opponent's timer down so they cannot take their go. Pathetic. AND IT DIDN'T EVEN WORK!!!! I only missed one turn by which point they ran out of cards.Headspin12 4d
4d CO OP brawls should be a seperate game mode I'm in love with how this Nefarian brawl works. I wish it was a seperate mode. Imagine all the possibilities with constructing decks... Some cards, that normally would be bad, like Arcane Golem would be pretty good in this mode.SnowWolf9 4d
5d Kripp shown unbeatable combo Twig of the World Tree + Starfire It wins on turn 5. Flat. Minus some draw rng. I cannot possibly think of a counter to this. Ok obviously Mana Wyrm + AM can also kill you by turn 5, they can be countered.StormDrake7 5d
5d 2 Card Standar Brawl - Report These are the decks and power level I have seen so far. Mage A: Sorc Apprentice and Prime Glyph. Pretty decent. Can beat anything with good rng. On turn 4 you get every prime glyph cast for free. Mage B: Mana Wyrm + Mirror Image or Arcane Missiles. A fairly degenerate deck that spirals out of control in a matter of 2 turns. This is probably one of the best decks you can run. Its just insanely fast. Mage C: Arcane Missiles + Black Cat. This is also a nut buster. You never run out of cards once it gets going but its fairly slow to get going and you can get blown out by fast decks. Paladin A: Knife Juggles + Call to arms. This I think is the best deck in the brawl. If you can keep it even moderately close to t4 then constant knife juggles and then arcane missiles from juggles just destroys most everything. You can still win even after being cleared 3 times with just a constant flood of juggles. This is the only deck paladins play in this. Priest A: Mind Blast + Duskbreaker. This is a pretty good answer to minion decks like mage and paladin. The issue is mindblast does nothing to board so you better mulligan for all duskbreakers or you can face clearing call to arms twice then losing to the third. Priest B: Radiant Elemental + Thoughtsteal. If you can get radiants going this deck is nuts copying your opponents deck and crushing them with it. I got 3 down once then copied paladins call to arms twice. That was good times. Druid A: Naturalize + variable. All the druids are running the naturalize deck with something with it. Some have tortal forger. Some have the draw a card gain armor card. Whatever they choose its bad really. You insta lose to all the mages, priests with mindblast, paladins with call. Dont play this deck if you want to win. Warrior A: Armorsmith + Warpath. A great counter to mages and priests and paladins. This loses to strange slow strategies but does well vs the most common decks in the brawl. Hunter A: Unleash + Hyena. About the best hunter can do but its trash. Shaman: Murc Eel + Storm Axe. Again doesnt look that good but it can beat a couple decks. Warlock: I tried the quest and cataclysm. I couldnt beat anything. I got portal working but paladin just killed all the minions with knives. Mage blew me up with wyrm and then when board gone just spells. Its just not good enough even with 15 clears. I never face a warlock.Urza36 5d
6d 2 brawl I got a better idea at the start of the game you discover a card between the following rock, paper, scissors the other person does the same rock beats paper, paper beats rock, scissors beat paper the loser instantly explodes, draw means you choose again. I am only half joking on this brawl idea but on a more serious note I don't know why this mode isn't gone, it is horrible and exposes hearthstones biggest faults... 1/people will play the same decks over and over ad nauseam no matter how simple or boring they are because they win.boring decks 2/ guys with golden (priest) hero portraits love mindblast dragon because it counters anything with minions and kills the other guy or jungle tigerpaladin netdecking 3/coinflips, some matchups just beat others no contest, very exposed in this game mode. not about skil or how you play 4/roping when you see you probably can't win (edited in) either add more cards make it 3 or 4 so it has room for counterplays or change the idea, it wasn't ever a good one. would love to hear thoughts?Tari4 6d
6d Love the brawl....but Can everyone please stop conceding as soon as things don't go their way? I just want to have fun ;_;Ceronash10 6d
6d No Minions Allowed Choose a Hero, create a deck, you can't place any minion cards, only spells, Hero cards and weapons, in your deck.BruceBatter0 6d
6d Armor Smith + Warpath has been my favorite! Just a few hours left of the brawl, and I'm really going to miss it. Then we're back to waiting for the nerfs. This was a nice distraction. My favorite combo, by far, has been Armor Smith + Warpath. I've even found out ways to beat decks that others said could beat it. Black Cat + Arcane Missile: play Smiths the first few turns to ping his Cats down to 2 health. Use Warpath to clear as you can. Once on turn 6, don't do anything except Warpath his board every turn, if he has one, otherwise, hero power. On turn 8, you can hero power with extra Mana. The fun starts on turn 10. Clear his board, first, then drop 2 Smiths. Turn 11, drop 2 Smiths first, then clear the board. Repeat the pattern. Never let the Cats attack. Naturalize + Howl: Don't do anything but hero power until turn 10. Once you hit turn 10, play a Smith then Warpath it to zero, every turn. This is a very slow Tank Up, basically. Even one Howl will draw him closer to fatigue, and the armor will not be enough. Mind Blast Priest: You have to get a little lucky with this one, but hope you can keep one point of health ahead of his Blasts, while keeping his board clear, if he is playing minions. Top decking generally favors you. Decks this combo cannot beat: Naturalize + Branching Paths: Unlike Howl, Paths doesn't force a drawl. They will out last you. Parrot + Hyena: Your cards just feed his parrots to his Hyenas. Not much hope for you. Anything that puts big minions on the board, early. If he can get things with more than 4 health on the board, before turn 5 or so, you're probably done. So, Ancient Watcher + Silence or Fire Plume Harbanger + Kalimos are bad news.MattOverMind0 6d
May 20 To all the mill Druids in this week's brawl. I hope you like watching the rope burn.wezli33311 May 20
May 20 I want to meme around but everyone is aggro Puking out murlocs Ludicrous amounts of arcane missiles Mill druid (I know this isn't aggro but I had to shorten the title from "I want to meme around but everyone is using the same few decks" because of the character limit, so I shortened it to Aggro, which is semi-close to what I mean) Hunter Aggro with some combination of Jewled Macaw, Crackling Razormaw, and Timber Wolf It was fun at first with everyone doing really wacky decks, but now my attempts at fun get stomped on by the same few decks. I tried some shenanigans with Molten Blade and got rushed by Arcane Missile mages and Aggro Hunters. I wanted to do a thing with Ruby Spellstone and got met by Mill Druids. I'm really disappointed.DarthSil7 May 20
May 19 standard 2 love this. please make it an arena.Xanthinum0 May 19
May 19 Standard 2 brawl...Quests broken I just had to concede 2 games in a row because no matter what on mulligan you end up with all lakkari sacrifice and then I drew more until quest 10 cards in hand so I got locked out of game. I never drew a cataclysm. Absolutely rediculous rng or something is busted with quests in brawl.Urza2 May 19
May 19 100% Win Rate Arcane Artificer Primordial GlyphAnxiety5 May 19
May 19 2 card brawl This should be a fun one, especially today when people are trying to figure out the best two standard cards to use. I have had a lot of success with Hunter using arcane shot and explosive trap. The only deck that I conceded immediately to was a Priest Northshire Cleric - Shadow Ascendant combo.titans309fan37 May 19
May 19 New kind of Tavern Brawl ALL you think that Blizzard have to makes taverns about films, like the MCU, world Magic of JK Rowling etc...? I think thats a good Idea :)RagZhad0 May 19
May 19 Wild Bug I’m just wondering. Is using wild cards in this brawl bannable since it’s a glitch, and should I report people who do this? Or is the systems fault and is not bannable?Rage17 May 19
May 19 Brawl deck You get to pick 2 cards and your deck is auto-filled with them. I used mage and I took 1 mana worm and 1 of the two cost freeze spell. Forget its name, frost bolt or something. So I drop mana worms and frost bolt face or minion and buff the mana worms. Easy wins. No competition so far. Edit: Frostbolt.Goramier38 May 19
May 18 can you change your hero was just wondering if you can change your hero and if so how?mark44443 May 18
May 18 there any rewards for tavern games won? do they have any prizes or anything for amount of games won, just wonder sense it keep trackmark44442 May 18
May 18 At least a dev apology for wild Would be nice if they aren't going to fix this if they would at least make a statement apologizing for the oversight. I have run into a couple people so far playing mechwarper decks which are not standard legal. Kinda wondering which wild cards are making it past the selection screening. Pretty damn unsportsmanlike to do this guys dunno why people have to literally ruin everything they can.Zlumpy8 May 18
May 18 shaman deck witch's apprentice doomsayer its weird, but it worksCheezusCrust1 May 18
May 17 The mostest bestest combo you can have Mage w/ Doomsayer and Frost Nova.Xavori4 May 17
May 17 Worst Brawl Ever The Obligator worst brawl ever. Boring no variety in the games and no skill required. Garbage brawl every game is the same no variety what so ever. At least the RNG brawls had some game to them unlike this solitaire Brawl. Go first win against the opponent playing the exact same deck queue into next opponent and see the exact same thing again. Go first win go 2nd lose.Shuyin2 May 17
May 17 easy win tool vs most classes Crystalline oracle + Mind blast since best minions use one with death rattle and low HP Crystalline Oracle best do to face it copy foe cards and Mind blast 2 mana and deal 5 damage spam oracles in till you get hand full Mind blast and nuke your opponentVenomking122 May 17
May 16 Quest cards bugged in Top 2 brawl You always draw a full hand of quests in your opening hand. Then you draw a full hand of quests if you mulligan again :DSarcorius3 May 16