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Apr 25 Tavern Brawl: A Witchy Recipe Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions! This week's Tavern Brawl allows players to dive in with pre-made decks featuring cards from The Witchwood. This is a great opportunity for players to experience cards they may not own and get a feel for how new mechanics and interactions work. Winning your first game in this week's Tavern Brawl will grant you the "Mammoth Memories" card back. For players who have already obtained this card back from the March 2018 Ranked Play rewards, winning your first game will grant you a Classic Hearthstone pack. We look forward to seeing everyone in the Tavern. Happy Hunting!Jesse Hill0 Apr 25
Sep 20, 2016 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Tavern Brawl Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Tavern Brawls with your fellow patrons. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Sep 20, 2016
8h MORONS Every match I play with people that think this is just kill your opponent game type. They waste all of their cards destroying my minions so I can’t kill party crashers. They don’t even have the insight to realize the majority of cards help each other, clearly written on the text. They farseer heal their own party crashers, destroy your minions, and are not even smart enough to read the piñata. MORONS. I’m cycling daily for a new one because of idiotsGTX3 8h
13h Brawliseum close too soon I got on Sunday evening to do my brawl as I usually do, and instead of letting me do it I was told that "the brawl is ending soon and new entrants are not allowed". This is some high BS. The brawl was ending in ~7 hours (I asked a friend to look, they said their currently open brawl said 7 hours remaining), so I easily could have started and finished a brawl in that time. The brawl button was still glowing blue, as if trying to add insult to injury to entice me to click it only to swat me away. The idea that I can't get my pack from my free entrance to a brawl that guaranteed a pack is problematic. If you don't want free-to-play players to get packs, then you obviously don't have to give them packs - there's no right to a pack here - but the BS closing of your free-to-play brawl many hours before normal, with no warning to players in the game, is a very bad experience.Jax0 13h
21h Brawliseum Results Thread Just curious about how everyone's doing in the Brawliseum so far. Feel free to post about your results and what you used here.Sabaku17 21h
1d BAN This Horrible Brawliseum Every time you guys replace the standard weekly Tavern Brawl with this Brawliseum garbage I feel I have to come here and rant about it so that you know how horrible it is and how tons of players are against it. It's a blatant cash grab and no one wants it. Please stop putting it into rotation. Thanks for listening.Tavenn13 1d
1d Petition Whizbang Brawl Dear Blizzard can we get a Whizbang brawl? Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Disclaimer: I know petition posts and posts directed at Blizzard and spamming something are all frowned upon but I really wanted to get your attention to get this and ... It takes 45 muscles to frown, but only 10 muscles to smile. Frown all day. Lose weight. Get ripped. Gainz.DuckOfDeath3 1d
1d Give us a real Tavern Brawl The Brawlesium is a cheap cop-out, and its !@#$ing awful.Sprynter27 1d
3d How did your Whizbang decks do? I got five wins. Losses were against zoo warlock, odd paladin, and odd rogue. Warlock and rogue were close, just barely managed to sneak in lethal before I was about to stabilize. Was impressed with both Mage decks, which got easy wins (bigspell > odd paladin, burn mage > shudderwock), and a hilarious game of Astral Tiger Druid.Mand4 3d
3d Played Brawlisium, exactly what I expected All druids, this "Tavern Brawl" is complete trash. Why should druid have more card draw than warlock, more armor than warrior and more combo ability than rouge? I'll stick to wild if this is what standard is likeDemonicats1 3d
3d Too complex for the community. These brawls are cool and all Blizzard, but every single time I've attempted this Brawl the other player just starts clearing out my board despite the obvious co-operative aspect. I think you went a little too complex with this game mode and many players just simply cannot comprehend the goal or rules, despite the numerous giveaways. </salt>Jsoh16 3d
5d Garbage Really wish they would just fire whoever greenlights this !@#$. Taven brawl this week isLITERALLY just standard ladder....... except you have to pay for it......cmon.....MOAR3 5d
5d The only card you need for this brawl Whizbang We all wanted a whizbang brawl but they didn't give it to us. Just recycled an old brawl. How hard would it be to just make it a whizbang brawl? Anyway I made it myself by making my deck with whizbang. Actually makes this brawl fun.DuckOfDeath2 5d
Aug 14 Worst tavern brawl with players This week's tavern brawl itself is not bad but I can't believe how many players in this game are so damn stupid. In 5 games, 4/5 I'm up with players who thinks the tavern brawl is pvp instead of pve. Does the community of hearthstone never read what the tavern brawl is about at all or are they just plain dumb with literally 0 IQ who doesnt even know how to read. Despite blizzard made it so you can't attack another minion or face, people still can't figure out that this is actually PvE? Seriously hearthstone must be infested with extremely stupid people with a brain the size of a pea from all over the world. Worst part is that its already 4 days in which means people must have played this multiple times and did they really never figure out that this is PvE at all! after 4 days?Kolleseum5 Aug 14
Aug 13 Current Brawl I am so tired of people that don't seem to understand that this is cooperative!OrieJr2 Aug 13
Aug 12 Is class random in this brawl? Need one druid win for daily quest and I'm getting 8 rogue in a row. I don't care anymore, just keep going to see how bad is my RNG. Edit: Gave up after 11 rogue in a row, that's 1/2048. Yep totally "random" there.Rks2 Aug 12
Aug 11 Absent Host At around 7:30, I arrived to the location. The event is 6-10pm, so I assumed this would be fine. I was unable to arrive earlier due to not having access to my car any time earlier. I attended the event, but no one was there. There was a sign on the door that said the video game/table top game store, it was supposed to be held in, was closing early at 6:30pm. I still knocked on the door, but no one answered, I left after waiting for 30min. While I was waiting at the door, I used my 4G on my iPhone7 to enter the Fire Side Gathering Tavern, but no one was there either. I made a deck for the Top 3 brawl, but since no one was there. I was unable to battle. I reported the event due to the absent host, but I wonder, do I get Nemsy for just participating or do I have to battle someone? Because I did not get Nemsy, and I feels like a massive waste of ~2hrs of my time, and gas.MagicPants2 Aug 11
Aug 10 trolls in tavern brawl EU servers, watch out for players HellKaiser and RuNe they'll play against you, buffing the taunts with the spells that they get from king mukla and naturalizing your minions to troll you and make you losemark9702 Aug 10
Aug 10 "Help" decorate tavern Which means cooperate together, not naturalize my minions.RAGE12 Aug 10
Aug 9 Something in the punch seems broken Card reads that it does 2 damage to all -minions- that aren't the party crashers. Last I checked, heroes are not minions, but that doesn't stop this card from hitting both heroes as well. Is the just card written incorrectly, or is it not behaving as intended?Davetheangry0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Brawl Hero Power Bugged? I noticed a number of times, I hit the hero power in this co-op brawl to create X decorations, but instead of X I only get one. For example, I've spent six mana to create six decorations, but we only get one instead of six. Anyone else seeing this?WiredAces8 Aug 9
Aug 9 Stop Awarding Classic Packs Stop Awarding Classic Packs. Seriously. This game is years old now, many of us have every classic card. There's no point to tavern brawl if you keep awarding classic packs. Stop it. Award another pack type.MystiKasT3 Aug 9
Aug 8 Decoration Brawl barely worth the pack.Sixpense1 Aug 8
Aug 4 rough brawl this week took me 15 or so games to get my win. mostly because i kept getting crap for spells and my opponent kept getting perfect answers to everything i could manage to do. no this is NOT a 'hearthstone is rigged' post. just a friendly warning to prepare to be shafted a LOT by rngRubberDucky15 Aug 4
Aug 3 No minions in deck, so why Frozen Clone? In this Tavern Brawl, our decks contain no minions. Why, then, did the deck I was given come with two copies of Frozen Clone? Not much refining to this one, huh?Vadikus3 Aug 3
Aug 2 more taverns that require no cards plz like to see more taverns that don't require any cards. as the last 2 were all create a deck and while this one was better then the last. with out all the cards to make the good deck you just get smashed. lack of cards is brutal tavern often over comes this. so like to see more of them that you don't need any cards for. thanksmark44446 Aug 2
Aug 1 Multi-Class Tavern Brawl? Isn't Blizzard finally going to make a Tavern Brawl where all the cards from all classes are available? Been waiting for that since Brawls came outB5P25 Aug 1
Aug 1 Where are the Boomsday reserve packs? The Boomsday release is only about a week away and I haven't seen any early release packs on hold for Tavern wins? Look's like there will no early release packs...BruceBatter0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Tavern Reminder I had to make a Tavern reminder, for two weeks in a row I have missed the first day of a new Tavern event! I know it's every Wednesday at 12pm, but I don't look at the time so I wrote a sticky note to remind me.BruceBatter0 Aug 1
Jul 29 Unfair defeat in TB. built a Jade druid deck for this brawl. Totally and utterly decimates this brawl. Rag will drop me pretty low on hp to start, but after a heal or 2 and by turn 7 getting +3 armor every turn keeps me plenty alive. I just played my last game with 80 armor and 3 hp. Round 1 of rag I just kept summoning Jade idols and attacking only his minions. Eventually he ran out of cards and in came Ahune. By this time I had a full spread of Jade idol with the weakest one being 17/17. I was trying to get Ahune to burn his deck also when all of a sudden the game just destroyed both our Avatar and a giant defeat popped up on my screen...wtf!?Kaiser1 Jul 29
Jul 28 A Brawl of Ice and Fire This week's brawl is a build your own deck, solo brawl. You face off against Rag and an Ice elemental lord, who switch up as their health goes down (and their power grows each time). I just did it once with a Hadronox Druid deck, and it was pretty easy. I am sure plenty of decks work well with it. It was fun if you like solo games.titans309fan42 Jul 28
Jul 28 Defeat Rag without triggering Ahune It actually works by using Uther of the ebon blade, Ahune never came if you killed rag directly!Telius1 Jul 28
Jul 26 Tavern Brawl Idea: Make arena deck BO3 Make a tavern brawl where you and a friend draft separate arena decks and then battle your friend with the arena deck in a bo3Reimu0 Jul 26
Jul 26 worst tavern so far he kills me in like 5 turns i can't even do much of anything he kills everything i drop. this is just dumb im done.mark444413 Jul 26
Jul 25 Brawls where you have to create a deck? Anyone else tired of them? Personally, I prefer to just pick a class and be given a deck. A brawl for a pack is not worth the trouble of creating your own deckKrustyFlesh13 Jul 25
Jul 23 The 'Everyone get In Here' Slayer We all keep coming across the same Nerubian Egg/Runic Egg/Devilsaur Egg early game BS followed by the ever so troll like 5 mana Grim Patron (Sorry Blizzard but he is unfun for most decks in this brawl) or the Baku Odd Paladin. C'mon get creative. I have the answer 2 of each 1- Shieldbearer 2- Armorsmith 2- Battle Rage 2- Cornered Sentry 2- Public Defender 2- Rampage 3- Acolyte of Pain 3- Frothing Berserker 3- Val'kyr Soulclaimer 4- Bloodhoof Brave 4- Militia Commander 5- Brawl (just in case-not a must) 6- Deadly Arsenal 7- Gorehowl If you want more RNG throw the Meme worthy Blackhowl Gunspire in or the Axe Flinger or maybe Warpath to proc Berserker/Acolyte/Cornered Sentry raptors. GLHFSenpaiDye1 Jul 23
Jul 22 Tavern Brawl Reward and getting it? How do we get the "reward"? I have been playing non-stop since Wed, and have over 1600, and have no idea how to get the reward the brawl advertises.photodeb3 Jul 22
Jul 21 One year later, and this Brawl is still broke The problem is, once Shaman gets a healing totem on the board, Mini Rag cannot kill any of his minions. They become Rag immune until the opponent can kill it and hope another one doesn't get summoned. Even if Mini Rag kills the Healing Totem, it just heals itself back up to 1 one 0. It's stupid. The solution should be easy enough. Have Mini Rag's trigger go off at the end of the turn, after all other end of turn affects. I don't know why this wasn't changed between last year and this. I don't expect Brawls to be perfect, but if you're going to reuse them then they should be tweaked if needed.WiredAces21 Jul 21
Jul 21 So I Played Val'kyr Soulclaimer In The Brawl Turns out she's pretty goodThecryomanic0 Jul 21
Jul 20 Wild Egg Druid from 2017 seems pretty good I edited an old deck from 2017 and it seems to do better than most of the other decks I've gone up against. I haven't really encountered the counter play yet, and I want that counter play so I'm posting this here. ### Brawl Deck # Class: Druid # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Bloodsail Corsair # 2x (1) Dragon Egg # 2x (1) Fire Fly # 2x (1) Living Roots # 2x (1) Mark of the Lotus # 1x (1) Patches the Pirate # 1x (1) Runic Egg # 2x (2) Haunted Creeper # 2x (2) Mark of Y'Shaarj # 2x (2) Nerubian Egg # 2x (2) Power of the Wild # 1x (3) Crypt Lord # 2x (3) Devilsaur Egg # 2x (3) Savage Roar # 2x (4) Jeeves # 1x (4) Soul of the Forest # 2x (5) Living Mana # AAEBAbSKAwT9Aom0ApG8ApHQAg33A+YF5Qf1DfoNjhDmEegVwasCzbsChsECq8IC68ICAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstonemindscapejem0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Wanna be dif than warrior minirag brawl? Hobgobadin! ### Brawl Deck # Class: Paladin # Format: Wild # # 2x (0) Murloc Tinyfin # 2x (0) Snowflipper Penguin # 2x (0) Target Dummy # 2x (0) Wisp # 2x (1) Fire Fly # 2x (1) Righteous Protector # 2x (1) Vilefin Inquisitor # 2x (2) Drygulch Jailor # 2x (2) Echoing Ooze # 2x (3) Acolyte of Pain # 2x (3) Divine Favor # 2x (3) Hobgoblin # 2x (3) Muster for Battle # 2x (3) Violet Illusionist # 2x (5) Grim Patron # AAEBAaToAgAPswGnBfsMwg7tD40QmBDnEbds06oCkbMC68IC4soC48sCt+cCAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Enjoy! Point of deck is to cycle to your winners in hobgobs and 1 attackers and grim patron and violet illusionist because whoever gets in here first wins.Urza0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Cool Warrior deck for this brawl hi guys. hopefully this brawl is not infested by cancerous decks yet(at least in asia server).i see plenty of differents decks and most of them are meme decks. so heres a cool warrior deck to try. the rag activates the enrage minions and turns them to real threats. also there rampage spell to give damaged minions+3/3 and theres also weapons + upgrade for extra face damage and pass the taunts. works really well for me. try it! enjoy it. ### Brawl Deck # Class: Warrior # Format: Wild # # 2x (0) Inner Rage # 2x (1) Upgrade! # 2x (2) Amani Berserker # 2x (2) Cruel Taskmaster # 2x (2) Execute # 2x (2) Heroic Strike # 2x (2) Rampage # 2x (2) Redband Wasp # 2x (2) Woodcutter's Axe # 2x (3) Fiery War Axe # 2x (3) Rabid Worgen # 2x (3) Raging Worgen # 2x (4) Kor'kron Elite # 1x (4) Mortal Strike # 2x (5) Arcanite Reaper # 1x (5) Leeroy Jenkins # AAEBAQcCrwSkBg4WHJ0CsAKRA/8DkQaWBu8H1AiDCbrsAoXtApfzAgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneHeliamus1 Jul 20
Jul 20 Most kills your rag's gotten in one game For me, it's 50. Opponent used vanish so we got two rags on the field.Midori10 Jul 20
Jul 19 1990s Brawl Complete with 16 bit graphics. Come on Blizzard, make the hilarity happen. Imagine all the 80s and 90s cultural references the cards shout out. "Gahrarrar! Get in da gyrochoppa!" We'll blame Toki.Bootytime0 Jul 19
Jul 19 How does this brawl work? So I THOUGHT that when rags kills a minion his power goes up. Only in the last battle I played, his power would go up when he was attacking me, and then would reset when he got switched to attacking the other player. How does it work exactly?PAng2 Jul 19
Jul 19 Shaman is very broken in this brawl Stuff I've noticed just goofing around using an Odd Shaman build to pick totems. 1) Sometimes if you go first, you're healing totem on the second turn will proc after Mini-Rag 1a) Sometimes it doesn't. 2) Sometimes if you go second, and coin a healing totem, it will or will not proc after Mini-Rag. 3) In both cases, if Mini-Rag procs first, your minions cannot be killed by Mini-Rag, but can be reduced to 1 health. 4) If you fill your board to 7 minions because of the cheesey Healing Totem, Mini-Rag stops switching to your side of the board. I wish you luck surviving back to back 30+ Mini-Rag attacks. 5) If you have 7 minions on board, sometimes they just all die even if your Healing Totem had been keeping them alive. They just all explode right after the Healing Totem procs. 6) Because of #4&5, Grim Patron is not the wonderful thing it is for all other classes. It will fill your board. Mini-Rag will kill you. 7) Violet Illusionist cannot save you from Mini-Rag because it's no longer only attacking on your turn. So in conclusion, play Mass Dispel Priest or Minion Damage Effect Warrior, not Odd Shaman.Xavori3 Jul 19
Jul 19 Fire Festival Brawl How do you get the Mini-Rag prize?Drenlok15 Jul 19
Jul 19 Mass dispel can silence mini rag WTF? And opponent can control it too. HahaRks3 Jul 19
Jul 19 Rag kill count carried over from last year? I played 1 game and it says I have 15 kill this game but over 100 kills total.JohnHoo1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Maximum rewards, minimum games I'm feeling an odd priest mirror match, no face attacks, with Nightscale Matriarchs, buffs and resurrect spells could prolong this into max rewards. Keep Mini-Rag at low attack, keep healing, don't play small minions, then play the Matriarchs in 7th turn. Have Rag kill only the 3/3 drakes. Or not. Ideas?TheWatcher0 Jul 19