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22h Why is this brawl Standard? I thought Wild was the default for Brawls unless specified otherwise? Why is this one Standard? Kinda bums me out that even Brawl mode seems to be limiting my card selection.Rakanadyo4 22h
23h "I'm not good at it" = "This Brawl Sucks" I'm a fairly new player, only been at this a few months. The only cash I've spent on this game was buying the Welcome Pack Bundle whatever. I work four days a week from 1pm until sometimes 3am and I'm a single father of two school age boys, so I damn sure am not on Hearthstone playing from sunup to sundown earning gold. I try every new Tavern Brawl. If I don't like it, I play long enough to get the pack and stop. Various reasons I don't like them are: the games take too long, I just don't like the mechanics (Shifter, can't stand it), or the bugs bug me too much. If none of those things are true but I'm not winning, I rework my deck until I find something that wins. This Brawl I'm playing a Hunter deck with pretty basic cards. ALL my decks have pretty basic cards because I don't have a great collection. And with this Hunter deck I've whupped Jade Druids left and right. They're tough, sure, but not unbeatable. I've lost to only one and he played three Kun and an Aya Blackpaw on turn 10 and killed me in one turn. Week after week I'm winning games with decks and cards that everyone except the newest players has access to, and I'm coming here to browse the forum and seeing people blow up about how the Brawl blows because of x, y, and z decks that they can't beat. The same decks I'm winning against. If you've read my posts you know I'm not a huge Blizzard defender but the problem isn't with the Brawls. The problem is that you're just not good at them. I'm not a magician or a genius. If I can win, anyone can win. I just think about it and work on it, I don't wait for anyone to share their deck list with me so I don't have to do any of my own brainwork, and I don't dodge my personal accountabliity. This post isn't going to stop the behavior, I know that. But I needed to get it out of my system.Devastator2 23h
1d Brawl Ideas. Hello people of the internet, while memeing on the toilet i was thinking about new meme brawl ideas check them out! Mega brawl!?!??! Weekly Brawl (avaliable all week long) win 10 games Reward : 2 Pack of your choice (cant be latest expansion pack) How does mega brawl works? Its the same but harder weirder funner? Each heros starts with 50 Health 10 Armor Rules : Can not use any legendaries / epics. can not use the same card more than once. open collection (does not require you to actually have the card you want to play) Decks have 60 cards Fatigue starts at 5 Damage > 10 damage > 20 damage > 40 damage > 80 damage > 160 damage (wont get to that but.. Point made x2 from last fatigue) Fatigue Can be reset! Game play of mega brawl > Game starts. Quest equipped for both players "Body Swap" Every 5 cards played Switch Players with the enemy (gain theire deck Health,armor,minions on board, secrets, "fatigue status" etc.) Mega brawl will be reseted at usuall resets. And give rewards Top 10 players (with most wins) will get an extra pack. This will make new players have a chance to gain packs with out needing to hussle brawl ideas 1) One of each. Pick One legendary One Epic One Rare One Common And One class specific Fill your deck with them (will automaticly fill it in these ratios = 3 Legendaries, 5 Epics, 8 Rares, 10 Commons, 4 class specific) Basicly You choose from your inventory (collection) 5 Cards (state above) it fills your deck with them And you brawl the !@#$ out of that deck. Last updated "12/11/17" Feel Free to post your brawl ideas and comment about mine! see you on the toilet guys!NiceGuyJoe0 1d
2d Please bring back the chess game as a brawl That way it is the draw of cards that everyone has the same of; not some OP decks that are killing people who don't have those cards, newbies for example. I also think it is a fun and fair gamephotodeb0 2d
2d Please bring back the chess game as a brawl that way it is the draw of the cards; not everyone playing the same OP decks where anyone not familiar with those decks has no chance. It is a pretty fair game and I think, a fun gamephotodeb0 2d
2d This Brawl and Patches the Pirate I am not familiar with Patches the Pirate so is it normal when someone plays a pirate as a first card in this brawl that three Patches come out on board as taunts? This happens quite a bit with different users. Or is this a bug?photodeb2 2d
2d I LOVE this brawl! That is all.Genoism12 2d
2d Yellow-Brick Brawl (12/6/2017): This week's brawl is a repeat of a constructed brawl for which players choose ten cards and get three copies of each card in their deck. This time around the brawl uses Standard cards. Description: "Each player is given Dorothee, which grants Charge to minions on one side and Taunt to the other. Build a 10 card deck and we'll give you three copies of each!" https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Yellow-Brick_BrawlZee12 2d
2d Dorks playing JADE DRUID in brawl Are you kidding me? You couldn’t keep the cancer contained to just standard and wild, you had to bring it to tavern brawl too? You are garbage. You miserable pieces of crud tryharding in a children’s card game that’s supposed to be about fun. Doesn’t matter what aspect of the game it is, you tryhard utterly and absolutely. Maybe if you had some REAL life achievements, you wouldn’t care so much about being “legendary” in a children’s card game. Anyone playing jade Druid is getting roped every single turn. Don’t like it? Concede.Roughstack16 2d
2d Heroic Dungeon Brawl So you know the heroic brawl that comes around every so often... what about a heroic version of it that works EXACTLY like a dungeon run.... except we're playing others for the various tiers, with rewards based on how far we managed to take a deck. It would probably be stupidly OP and lead to some really epic (or cringeworthy) videos, but would still be fun.Almagnus10 2d
2d Transform Your Minions Bug in Brawl Play minions in attack section, then attack. Use a card that transforms your minions and you can attack with same cards in the same turn again. Play another transform card and you can attack yet again with same minions with same turn. So same minions can attack many times in the same turn. Went from 30 health to 3 health in one turn this way. Has happened several times by multiple players This doesn't happen in normal games so I am guessing it to be a flaw. aka bug?photodeb2 2d
3d Necrotic Ghoul I love this brawl, but this one minion is quite broken in it. There isn't anything you can do but watch when it is played as literally every minion on your side of the board dies to the same 2/2 ghoul being summoned over and over again. Can we at least limit how many ghouls can be spawned in one turn? 10+ ghouls in one turn is just ridiculous, especially since on turn 7 you can play the Necrotic Ghoul and any 1 cost minion and kill every minion on the opponents side of the board.Sslazze5 3d
3d Reward System What if you got a Key instead for your weekly Tavern Brawl win. You take the key to the shop and unlock any expansion card pack as a reward not one predetermined by blizz.EternalGenin1 3d
3d Big Big Priest is fun ! Playing this deck in this week's brawls has been awesome. Sure you sometimes.... get stomped by aggro but damn it's good when you have multiple Ysharaj's...Lich kings and the chances of getting barnes is not so bad. To top it off....all minions you resurect have taunt.Soz4Roping0 3d
5d Fun Denied :( Had a fun idea for this Brawl to make a Priest deck designed to draw through quickly and smash my opponent in the face with a 56/56 Doomsayer with Charge, but alas, I discovered on my third attempt to do this (after finally pulling it off) that silence does not remove the Taunt effect. Feels bad. Mega Doomsayer will have to wait.WiredAces0 5d
5d DISGUSTING Brawl Can we stop getting absolute trash, pay to win abusing brawls? What is fun about this brawl? Everyone plays the same few broken minions and it’s up to whoever went first / draw cards first. There’s nothing fun about seeing who can abuse broken mechanics better and get lucky first. Another one and done unplayable crapshoot of a brawl, thanks guys.Roughstack3 5d
5d Respect the Brawl Just a note from a regular player- It's not a win if you bring a loser card like Legendaries or Quests. Brawls are like chess games. If you use something like a 22-22 C_Thun there is no skill involved and only a waste of time for everyone. Using cards like that takes all the planning and strategy out of the game. It's like throwing a concrete block at a chess board. All that you prove is how little class you have as a person.BlueCrusher7 5d
5d How to win this week's tavern brawl ### Brawl Deck # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 1x (2) Jade Shuriken # 1x (2) Jade Swarmer # 1x (2) Roll the Bones # 1x (3) Devilsaur Egg # 1x (3) Ironbeak Owl # 1x (3) Mind Control Tech # 1x (4) Jade Spirit # 1x (4) Xaril, Poisoned Mind # 1x (5) Skelemancer # 1x (6) Aya Blackpaw # AAECAaIHCqIC3gWDrALPvAKUvQL5vQL6vQKrwgLYygLAzAIAAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Might not be completely optimized yet, but it's what I came up with this week and it is working really well.wesdeyn5 5d
5d Freeze Mage a sleeper in this week's Brawl? I'm (edit: 9-2) with this decklist so far: ### Brawl Deck # Class: Mage # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 1x (1) Mirror Image # 1x (2) Arcanologist # 1x (2) Doomsayer # 1x (2) Frostbolt # 1x (3) Arcane Intellect # 1x (3) Frost Nova # 1x (3) Ice Block # 1x (3) Mirror Entity # 1x (4) Fireball # 1x (9) Alexstrasza # AAECAf0ECooBwAHDAbsCqwTFBMsElgW8CMHBAgAA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone An explanation of why I chose these cards: Mirror Image: stop charging poisonous minions from killing a Doomsayer uncontested Mirror Entity: Copy a minion your opponent plays and give it taunt. If you copy a good egg-style minion or razorleaf your opponent will take a long time to get through it. EDIT: I also tried Razorleaf instead of Mirro and I'm not sure which is better. I like how Mirror gives you more overall card draw, as arcanologist almost never whiffs. The hardest part is doing as little as you can while making sure that you pop all deathrattles before freeze + doomsayer + mirror image clearing on turn 8. After that you get charging Alexstrasza and ideally lethal to follow 1-2 turns later. It feels like I should not be winning with this deck but it is 7-2 so far, but the only two games I lost were one in which I did not draw a Frost Nova and one in which I never drew an Alex. The counters are lots of life gain and sticky deathrattle minions if you're unable to trigger the deathrattle before freezing the board. It plays a lot like normal freeze mage but you have to "finesse" things a little bit to get the deck to work. Doing so usually leads to you winning after your opponent can't believe it's actually a Freeze Mage in this brawl.ArielAtom0 5d
5d No reward for tavern brawl help please I got my first win of the day but the chest was empty. My packs say I only have 1 to open which is the kac pack from last week.... Is the one I earned just now hidden behind it and That's why it only shows 1?StanxMarsh4 5d
6d Yellow Brick Rogue I'm sure there's a more optimized list somewhere, but this is what I've been having fun with. The dream is Barnes into Maly for shenanigans, but you can also build just the beefiest Edwin. ### Brawl Deck # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 1x (0) Backstab # 1x (1) Cold Blood # 1x (1) Sinister Strike # 1x (2) Bloodmage Thalnos # 1x (2) Eviscerate # 1x (2) Shiv # 1x (3) Edwin VanCleef # 1x (4) Barnes # 1x (6) Gadgetzan Auctioneer # 1x (9) Malygos # AAECAaIHCrQBjAKyArQDvQTGBe0FiAekB4W4AgAA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneDarius2 6d
6d New to game can’t access tavern braw So I play on iOS don’t have a pc and I can’t access tavern brawl what do I need to accessActiveAjax2 6d
6d Copied spells are not in deck? My opponent played Shadow Word: Pain at start. Then Elise Trailblazer into Shadow Visions and only got Un'goro pack. If thats how it works, its very combo-ish.Corpfox0 6d
6d Jade breaks faces this brawl Earhten scales Jade Idol Wrath Jade Blossom Mire Keeper Jade Spirit Aya Jade Behemoth Kun Ultimate Infestation Ouchies.Rokkjaw2 6d
6d Mage quest Brawl This has to be a bug, every spell in the deck counts towards the time warp? How does that make any sense at all?Hackle3 6d
6d Brawl reward, really ? Why not a K & C Pack? Instead we get a classic pack... The most anti-Hype thing I have ever seenKotalKhan8 6d
6d Another (!@#$) repeat brawl -repeat brawl -constructed deck -not fun/was never fun More good stuff from overpaid blizz devsFlatDude0 6d
6d KnC pack would have broken then bank. Couldn't dare give us an extra knc pack could ya blizz?SuperAides1 6d
Dec 4 The tavern brawl is bugged If play a sticky minion (minion with deathrattle that spawns other minions) on an empty board, your void entity will be overstatted.thomulf11 Dec 4
Dec 3 Void singularty game breaking bug?! So i found a bug recently that lets you basically get double value from your minions. If you play it in a certain way you can get 2 stats from the first minion played. Let's say you played pioleted shredder a 4/3 minion. Meaning the singularity that comes out will have a 8/6 stat from shredder and whatever shredder brings out.Doregit6 Dec 3
Dec 3 Nothing but Mages? I had fun the first day of this brawl, playing a hunter deck. Today I am getting nothing but Mages. I had a miserable time playing the first one, so I've just been conceding as soon as I see it's a mage. Is anyone playing anything except Mage now? I've queued up several times in a row, but keep getting Mages. I just want to know if I should keep queuing, hoping to get something more fun to play against, or if I should give up....CeruleanSky3 Dec 3
Dec 3 A brawl idea Would it be to bad to implement a wild brawl where you can use old versions of nerfed cards? I think it could be a good way to see if certain nerfs had been correct given the current power of some newer cards or if it would be better to revert some of those nerfs and instead make rotations towards wild, don't know if it would pose a problem to bring back just for said brawl, old versions of cards, some like warsong commander having experienced more than one nerf in their existance, but it would be good in my opinion to measure some versions of cards in todays excisting collection of the game's cards, and that way you may even get some data on relative newer players on the power level of those cards or even decide to move them to wild in their old form.LeMao0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Hunter Brawl. Not much for casters this week.DireRaven5 Dec 3
Dec 2 DIFFERENT Brawl Bug (not overstat issue) Shallow Gravedigger's deathrattle of "add a random Deathrattle minion to your hand" does not seem to be restricted to Standard minions. I had an opponent get a Sylvanas from this deathrattle. You can imagine how good she is - but she can't be added to decks because the brawl is in standard.Viveocipo5 Dec 2
Dec 2 Brawl - Deathrattle feedback. I am without words as to why the deathrattle bug even went live, and even more so it was not removed. No one is not playing it, and it's ruined this brawl. Bug was apparently within hours of go live and not a single deck I encounter is not using it. Deathrattle summon a creatures should have been removed from the card pool immediately while a patch was hotfixed.Globeadue0 Dec 2
Dec 1 No Zombie Chow? I was looking for this minion for my innerfire and divine spirit priest deck and it is not an option? Or are wild cards not available for some reason? Always thought tavern brawls use every card.jawsofwar5 Dec 1
Dec 1 Last 2 Brawls Have Been Fantastic! Kudos to whomever designed the last two TBs. The last two weeks I’ve played more Hearthstone each day (during the Brawls) than I have in quite some time. I really enjoy it when the Brawls offer fun new ways to play as it makes the game a fresh new experience when you play. Keep up the good work and I look forward to fun new Brawl ideas in the future.TheBadJesus0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Death rattle seriously broken in this brawl This brawl is an interesting idea, but the deathrattle mechanic is broken. It becomes clear when you play a Harvest Golem and it becomes a 6/7. The merge should only take place after the deathrattle and not include the first minion.Taedus4 Dec 1
Dec 1 This Brawl is the worst The interactions with some deathrattles don't even make sense. And the brawl doesn't explain its mechanic very well. I thought it would combine my minions including their powers like a zombie beast from the hunter. Which i thought would have been cool. But at the end of the day It's just all about getting the most attack and health efficient things and single target removal. Using some good battlecries and broken deathrattles. I was frustrated with this brawl from the get go. I was finding it hard to put any time into this game anymore and a crappy brawl like this just pushed me over the edge. I'll be setting this game down for awhile. You should put more thought into your brawls before you push players away with this crap. See you some time next year, maybe.Myxlstyx0 Dec 1
Dec 1 I really wanted to like Void Singularity And I did for the first few hours. I think it's a very interesting idea and a it was a fun change from normal play. However, it seems that most people figured out and are playing one of two optimized and overwhelmingly good decks. Priest with lots of removal, Volatile Elemental, that 4/5 can't attack minion, Divine Spirit and Inner Fire is primo. Somewhat weaker than that is Rogue, again with lots of removal, Humongous Razorleaf. Of course, Devilsaur Egg in both. After 10 games with 8 identical Priest and 2 identical Rogue, I have to bow out. Playing the same deck as everyone else and hoping for better draws doesn't interest me. I understand that's pretty much what high level Ranked play is too, but isn't Tavern Brawl supposed to be a refreshing change of pace?Devastator2 Dec 1
Dec 1 The epitome of “one and done.” What a terrible uninteresting brawl. Entire turns rendered useless by shadow word death and deadly shot and other removal. Do you even test this garbage? Thank God the first match I played, the opponent rage quit and I got my pack. Not touching this garbage ever again.Roughstack0 Dec 1
Nov 30 The Void Singularity (TB 11/29/2017): This week's Tavern Brawl is a brand new Standard Constructed brawl. Description: "Beyond the Void's event horizon, all your minions become crushed into a single powerful entity of light. Build a deck and sacrifice your minions to The Void!" Translation: The minions on your board are destroyed at the end of your turn and only their stats are merged into a single new minion. Tips: 1) Deathrattle is poweful, since the effects are triggered at the end turn. 2) Single target removal, such as Deadly Shot and Shadow Word: Death are must have cards. 3) Bounce cards such as Freezing Trap or Sap are handy cards. 4) Inner Fire is quite a strong card when coupled with draw power in a Priest deck. Currently, I am seeing mostly Hunter, Priest and Rogue classes being played.Zee17 Nov 30
Nov 30 Brawl ends in draw? Is there a turn limit in the Decks Assemble Tavern Brawl? There is no fatigue in this brawl. I was just playing someone in a long game well over an hour, maybe two - and I finally was making some progress wearing him down when both players exploded in defeat. What happened?etragedy3 Nov 30
Nov 30 This last Tavern Brawl was the best ever Please bring this one back soon, or better yet, make it so that TB can be selected as a special mode anytime. The idea of building the deck as you go was great fun with lots of subtleties and strategy. Great effort and give whomever designed it a raise!Raven7 Nov 30
Nov 30 Favorite Brawl Class? Does anyone have a class that tends to be their favorite in Tavern Brawl that is different than the class you usually main? In ranked, I usually main Druid, but in Tavern Brawl I usually prefer Hunter. Of course, the last couple of brawls really did favor Hunter. I don't do consistently well with Hunter in ranked, so I tend not to play it there, but I enjoy the class when I do get to play it, which is often in Tavern Brawl.CeruleanSky0 Nov 30
Nov 29 The selected deck is not valid for this mode I keep getting this message when trying to play the brawl with the deck the brawl let me create. Any idea why?Madis21 Nov 29
Nov 29 Deck is invalid? The game decides which cards I can include so how can my deck be invalid. Speaking of that why can you not select wild cards either? Broken brawl.Arc0 Nov 29
Nov 29 TB currently bugged ? When I try to queue up I get a 5 min average wait time, then it says “current deck invalid for this brawl” and it brings me back to the menu....Rokkjaw0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Invalid deck in brawl Anyone else have this problem. Made a deck and went to play but it says that my deck is invalid and I cant get into the game. Rest of the game is working fine and this is on the EU serverAzza0 Nov 29