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Apr 25 Tavern Brawl: A Witchy Recipe Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions! This week's Tavern Brawl allows players to dive in with pre-made decks featuring cards from The Witchwood. This is a great opportunity for players to experience cards they may not own and get a feel for how new mechanics and interactions work. Winning your first game in this week's Tavern Brawl will grant you the "Mammoth Memories" card back. For players who have already obtained this card back from the March 2018 Ranked Play rewards, winning your first game will grant you a Classic Hearthstone pack. We look forward to seeing everyone in the Tavern. Happy Hunting!Jesse Hill0 Apr 25
Sep 20, 2016 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Tavern Brawl Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Tavern Brawls with your fellow patrons. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Sep 20, 2016
2d SLOT MACHINE BRAWL, NO SKILL What an absolutely trash brawl. Didn’t get early game? You lose. Got only trash murlocs, you lose. No skill coin flip brawl, predetermined by deck quality not by individual actions during the game. 1 drop, 2 drop, 3 drop that buffs, game over. I can’t believe you idiots get paid six figures to churn out this crap constantly. Where can I sign up for this dream job, of getting paid big bucks to make bad games?NeverLucky4 2d
2d All Time Favorite Brawl This is my absolute All Time Favorite Brawl. Thanks for bringing it back. Unless I'm mistaken this is only the third time this brawl has happened. Wishing I could take the day off from work to binge on this brawl. I love the idea of building your deck from the ground up. Thanks again!Malt8 2d
3d Some things never change. Nice to see that the Tavern Brawl is still the most unplayable part of this game. Seriously, is its algorithm always "Here, I'll give you the worst cards you can get and I'll give your opponent the mother!@#$ing best ones."? %^-* trying to get the card pack, it's not worth the frustration.Frostheart4 3d
3d Murloc Tavern Quest I have been looking for a Tavern Brawl like this. You don't have to use Shaman for the Murloc quest!BruceBatter8 3d
6d Gar-Brawls 2-Weeks Runnin'!!! Polish off that last travesty with a solid failure and you have the comic foundation for something that is Blizzardian. Seriously. Are there like, RNG junkies out there??? Huddled up in the corner, shakking slightly, mumbling antics... The album. Just wanting to lose at something, because WINNING IS TOO GOOD FOR ME! If time is my vessel, then learning to love might be my way back to sea.WinoWarrior4 6d
6d This brawl is fun. Brawls are fun. I see a lot of hate against this brawl, calling it a coin-flip. On the ladder a lot of people play out their boring, unoriginal (semi-)netdecks. Isn't that a coin flip, getting your cards in the right order, knowing exactly what steps to take? Brawls however have some nice, different approaches, forcing people to actually use their brain, to adapt to the circumstances with unusual cards and build up a strategy out of scratch. Sure, I'm not blind for coin-flips and some classes and cards being much better in some brawls, but come on. And the devs are learning. Lately I see brawls where some cards can't be used. Having the brawls is refreshing, so don't complain to hard about them. I hope they'll keep making them.hyena300014 6d
6d Brawl Weirdness In this week's tavern brawl, you discover cards that are either neutral or from your class. So, how in the world did a shaman I played against end up discovering Jaraxus?Dyrian5 6d
Nov 7 Echo messes up brawl equation? I had an echo card, which I only drafted once. Used it 3 times in a round. Couple of rounds later, I drew a hand that had three copies of that card. I wonder if the game puts the card back into the deck the moment it is used?Egz4 Nov 7
Nov 5 What A Great TB !!!! Can't remember a better one since getting to choose two cards haha. See my other posts. What a really awesome Tavern Brawl. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20769769226#post-1 https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-game-modes/the-arena/225768-petition-to-make-decks-assemble-a-game-mode Blizzard is as busy a company as you have met. They overlook that this is a really good game mode. Message me if you want to petition it to be a mainstay!!!!LiveWire2 Nov 5
Nov 3 Luna's Pocket Galaxy not working? In the Decks Assemble brawl, it seems like Luna's is not working. I can cast it, then in later hands minions that were in my deck at the time of casting have their original cost.Ovolve1 Nov 3
Nov 2 i'm glad heartstone is dying lolmark9700 Nov 2
Nov 1 WtF is this stupid brawl? Seriously? You hand me all cards to play some kind of rush/aggro deck with !@#$ty minions with 1 health and my opponent with same class gets entirely different choices, namely just low cost taunt cards AND they get first turn? JFC these things are NOT FUN unless your definition of fun is one person being tortured. Last week was just stupid as hell and practically unwinnable and now more unfun bs? Seriously do you people even play your own games?Bennyreno14 Nov 1
Nov 1 Another trash brawl Developers have hard time figuring this new mode I guess.Pilnystudent7 Nov 1
Nov 1 Darkness did not trigger So. I played on mobile and today's brawl goes like this: discover random card, play your turn, make copies of cards you played, shuffle them into the deck, shuffle your hand into the deck, redraw (you cannot draw the same cards you got this turn in hand). I play Darkness in turn 4 and animation of Candles being shuffled into the opponent's deck appears. I end my turn. My opponent has 8 cards in his deck and 4 in his hand. He discovers a card, getting him the 5th card into the hand. He plays his turn as usual. Now he redraws. Remember, he can only redraw from those 8 cards, 5 of which are regular cards and the 3 other are Candles. Guess what, he draws all the regular cards so Candles don't trigger. Ok. So you think I was just unlucky. But he didn't draw a single Candle in next 9 turns whatsoever. The only time a Candle showed as drawn was when he used some battlecry : draw a card. My question is that: You always draw at the end of your turn in this mode. Does this cancel the effect of Candles (not counting them as drawn but rather just given to your hand?) Did somebody else experienced this? GLHFNofaseCZ3 Nov 1
Nov 1 Decks Assemble Brawl This is the one where your deck gets bigger every time you play a card, and you get 4 random cards from your deck each round. It's fine, though I started off Mage vs. Mage, and we both ended up with FLJ. I was worried it was going to go on forever, but I finally had enough damage to win. Note, I do not recommend selecting Luna's Pocket Galaxy. It has no effect on your starting hand each turn, though you can get a one cost minion via a card draw spell. But since you deck is increasing each time, the spell is practically worthless.titans309fan10 Nov 1
Nov 1 Stop trying with brawls; they’re bad Just stop supporting this game mode if you are going to half !@# it every week with these pos coin flip brawls. I’d rather have no tavern brawl than these stupid slot machine brawls. WEAK BRAWL.NeverLucky5 Nov 1
Nov 1 Decent Brawls I've been among the crowd getting on blizzards !@# about recent brawls since they've been mostly garbage or just done not as well as it could have been. This one ain't even that bad besides a few balancing issues. You're complaining about RNG in a game where you buy random cards from card packs and where you draw RANDOMLY from a deck. For people trying to enjoy the brawl here's a few things to keep in mind. Every card you have or play by the end of your turn you will keep. Not just from the discover effect at the start of the turn it is triggered by other cards including effects like chameleos (You will however lose the chameleos). You do not draw cards, they are just placed into your hand, so if you strider or darkness they will not be triggered on draw because they aren't drawn. Candles do mean it's essentially a dead draw for the opponent.JackReaver8 Nov 1
Oct 29 Horseman is trash I've played it about 30 times, trying different classes. He has a counter for EVERYTHING, like why even bother putting some cards to use if you NEVER and I mean NEVER get to utilize them. For instance every single time I play anything to trigger patchy, he gets cleaved straight away. Right when you're about to get kill the horseman he pulls some bull!@#$ Deus Ex Machine. This tavern brawl is absolute garbage and it's made me hate my favourite wow events and my favourite holiday NPCs. Poor form Blizz, poor form. Get your sh*t together.Zedigan9 Oct 29
Oct 29 What happens if he plays his head? He often plays a minion that shuffles a chosen minion into his deck. If his head is on the board, he always selects this minion to shuffle. What happens if he does play it? I've never seen it happen.DarthSil2 Oct 29
Oct 29 Headless Horseman isn't fun Could y'all have made a more boring and totally lopsided brawl? I've been at it for awhile today and I keep losing because the Horseman has counters for everything. Every time I play a card it's dead. Every. Single. Time. Blizz, you could have done better. This is supposed to be fun. Not frustrating beyond caring about a pack. EDIT: Still haven't won. I don't care about a classic pack enough to be frustrated for hours trying to beat this ridiculous brawl.Popo68 Oct 29
Oct 27 Witch costume Had no problem with pirate and cat costume, but the witch one is WAY TOO WEAK.Telius5 Oct 27
Oct 27 Headless Horseman = trash and poor rewards Headless Horseman 2018 is very very hard and reward ONE classik pack is a trash very very very very poor rewards!!!Front2420 Oct 27
Oct 27 Headless Horseman 2018 Anyone have any advice on how to beat this guy please add it here. I 1 shot him w/ pirate. Must have been luck because... Switched to my alt and can not beat him in over 20 games now.Right19 Oct 27
Oct 27 If at least there was a tb special reward But no. Sadly it sucks.Vicarus0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Tavern Brawl: Time to Fire the Intern I mean... that's who is to blame for this atrocious excuse for a Tavern Brawl, right? Clearly, a designer with some sense of design, game flow, game balance, or at least read a book on game design once couldn't come up with something this bad and unplayable. It's not fun and the end reward isn't worth the pain. So, when you fire the intern who designed/ balanced this, please be gentle. He's young and inexperienced.TuckTales6 Oct 27
Oct 27 Horseman Brawl is Terrible!! I'm just adding to the growing list of extremely annoyed players here. I thought I was just being impatient. But after 10 games using each mode, it's clear that this is just to make us play more, for nothing. I don't get it...B3L13V3R2 Oct 27
Oct 26 Headless Horseman Tavern Probably the worst one I've played. He literally has an answer for every card in my hand.Luridbane7 Oct 26
Oct 26 Garbage Brawl No skill involved, you either draw like a god or get obliterated wtf is the point?Arc1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Horseman brawl misses the point Seriously, whoever designed and tested that brawl is truly disconnected from why players play brawls. The weekly tavern brawl is/should be something that you play on your lunch break/coffee break at work, maybe take at most 3 tries to win, and then leave happier with your pack. This headless horseman brawl has way too much rng, poor balance (build up a murloc when horseman saves sw: death the whole game? Come on) for tavern brawl. Don't get me wrong, I love a good challenge, but that's not the point of tavern brawl. With something you have learn/evolve from each time you play that takes this much rng, or this much thoughtful consideration per turn, it should be a single player challenge mode like the rest of the boss runs, not a weekly brawl. I would happily welcome it there . Playing at around ranks 5-8 in standard play, I wouldn't consider myself a bad HS player, and that being said, I really really feel for newer players that look forward to weekly brawls for their dust/cards, as I've now finished my lunch break, lost 3 times (once per "class"), and have left the experience far less happy than when I'd originally gone in. Give me any other brawl any day over this hot mess, seriously.Xombo3 Oct 26
Oct 25 Headless Horsemen The brawl is not fun. It plays out just like an adventure boss, except much worse. The only thing you can choose is between transforming into 3 "disguises". There is no mulligan. Plus the Horsemen is OP for the little amount of options given to the player. This has been the worst brawl that I have ever played, and Ive been playing for a couple of years now. I would not recommend this brawl ever coming back. There are a few variations that could work, but this format was unfortunately a huge fail.MFBallin6 Oct 25
Oct 25 Headless horseman is fun... ...But there are still some issues that Zee pointed out last year that they have not fixed to make it more enjoyable. 1. IMHO tavern brawl should either be competitive or coop. There are other brawls where you coop to kill a boss and I think headless horseman should have been the same. This just feels like a single boss solo adventure mode. 2. You need to let us choose the costume prior to the draw. This way we can actually use our mulligan to prevent some bad draws. Right now choosing the costume after the mulligan makes the mulligan useless. This is probably the biggest issue for most people. 3. Can we please get tiered rewards. There are to many one and done brawls with no incentive to play more than one win. How about something for getting wins with all three costumes? Or getting 5 or 10 brawl wins? The reward could be a card back or just some special event emotes or something fun.DuckOfDeath4 Oct 25
Oct 24 Tavern 10/24/18 This Tavern Brawl sucksDragonballBB17 Oct 24
Oct 24 i hate this week tb not going my free pack this weekmageboltz26 Oct 24
Oct 24 Cat It's the best to beat him with, that being said there's some serious bull. The effect is not consistent, for one hero powers do not trigger it and end turn effects such as dreadscale don't trigger.JackReaver0 Oct 24
Oct 24 Worst tavern brawl ever Worst excuse for a !@#$ty tavern brawl ever. Sort your %^-*ing !@#$ out, blizzard. I've got more chance of face rolling my keyboard and accidentally writing up the entire works of Shakespeare than I have of getting the perfect rng dice roll to beat this stupid %^-*ing brawl.Shoethief0 Oct 24
Oct 24 Worst tavern brawl ever Worst excuse for a !@#$ty tavern brawl ever. Sort your %^-*ing !@#$ out, blizzard. I've got more chance of face rolling my keyboard and accidentally writing up the entire works of Shakespeare than I have of getting the perfect rng dice roll to beat this stupid %^-*ing brawl.Shoethief0 Oct 24
Oct 24 I love Headless Horseman Voice af I can play with him all day just to listen to his line.PCx5 Oct 24
Oct 22 Who's the genius behind this week's brawl? I faced Azalina, who is broken af, 4 times in a row and only won the last one because the noble soul I matched against conceded. Especially the third game was pure dog !@#$. I had the witch with the passive hero power that makes all spells cost health, so my opponent simply played Wisps of the Old Gods plus Competitive Spirit on turn one. Turn two Competitive Spirit activates so he has a full board of 2/2 wisps. By turn 4 I was dead. %^-* this brawl.Varthalabau12 Oct 22
Oct 22 Idea: Year of the X Tavern Brawl Anyone else yearn for the earlier seasons of Hearthstone? Personally I'm aching for the days when C'thun decks were a thing (even if they quickly fell out of favor), since Wild doesn't seem like hugely accommodating to weird strats (even with the latest nerf to that Aviana combo everyone was complaining about). Would be cool to see Tavern Brawls where only cards from certain expansions could be used, even if it would be difficult to accommodate new players.InfernalLaw0 Oct 22
Oct 21 Now that's a fun rng tavern. Some tavern brawl will be rng base and this week tavern brawl is the kinna rng I like. I hope to see less webspinner like tavern brawl and more like this one.MadeInQuebec1 Oct 21
Oct 20 Witchwood heroes There's only one Witchwood hero I want to play (hate most of 'em, from my curbstompings in Monster Hunt), so I've conceded brawls immediately to get to the next brawl. It's not good conduct, and what if many players felt the same? There would be 10 in played brawls for each played, and who wants that. Maybe we should get to choose our heroes next time. (Though that presents the problem of a zillion people choosing the very broken Azalina.)MaroczyBind1 Oct 20
Oct 20 Boss Per Hero It seems when Zee took his sabbatical, nobody's been posting helpful brawl hints around here. I used to check in every brawl to see which hero is OP, use that, get my free pack and get out. I also give back by starting then conceding. For this brawl, what Boss does each hero generate? Druid - Togwaggle Paladin - Curator Warrior - Dwarf with Grim Patron ? ? ?TheWatcher2 Oct 20
Oct 20 How do I get rid of Tavern Brawl quest? I hate tavern brawls. During the death knight event I got a quest to win 5 tavern brawls. I've been sitting on that quest for a month. I won't ever do it. But there's no option to reroll it, so it's just taking up space in my questlog. Is there any way I can get rid of it?Adam2 Oct 20
Oct 18 Monster Mash Played like 11 games so far, I've gotten Azaline twice, Wharrgarbl once, and expirement 3c 8 damn times. All eleven games, I've only seen 4 different monster heroes. First six games was just wharrgarbl and experiment 3c for both me and my opponent so I thought there were only two monster heroes until I looked the brawl up online. Am I just really unlucky....?CouchPotato3 Oct 18
Oct 18 Never ending timer for Shudderwock Combo Just recorded my game where my opponent had a never ending timer using a Bronzebeard with Shudderwock (and one lifedrinker previously). The timer just kept going and going and going even after the rope was at the end until I died. Good thing I captured his deck with deck tracker.Jay1 Oct 18
Oct 18 Well Hopefully You Get Rogue I got Shaman Shudderwock and my passive is to do Battlecrys Twice. All My Battlecrys BENEFIT my opponent. Mad Hatter? really? Tosses all the hats on my opponents minions. And Voodoo Doctor for turn 1. So good... Rogues get Shuffle a Billion cards into decks and draw a Billion cards to replace your hands. So they will be full boards of spiders and they get inspectors that get larger for all cards drawn so yeah... Rogue for the easy stomp romp in this weeks Tavern Brawl.Slimjim5 Oct 18
Oct 17 W.T.F? Arena instead of brawl for this festival? I don't enjoy arena. Lame. No fun to be had here, pity.AnonMouse5 Oct 17
Oct 14 Joy another Coin flip Brawl Who gets Coldblood(s) and more opportune time or who gets to do the 1 dmg to get the oozes for board control then use the buff cards. Heh even better game 2 Back to back Unchained Magic. At 15 health after turn 2 and with a hero power of dealing 2 dmg.... Exciting times in the Tavern again.nimabi21 Oct 14