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Apr 25 Tavern Brawl: A Witchy Recipe Hagatha is mixing up a special brew from her big book of cursed recipes! Choose a class and sample the latest deck recipe concoctions! This week's Tavern Brawl allows players to dive in with pre-made decks featuring cards from The Witchwood. This is a great opportunity for players to experience cards they may not own and get a feel for how new mechanics and interactions work. Winning your first game in this week's Tavern Brawl will grant you the "Mammoth Memories" card back. For players who have already obtained this card back from the March 2018 Ranked Play rewards, winning your first game will grant you a Classic Hearthstone pack. We look forward to seeing everyone in the Tavern. Happy Hunting!Jesse Hill0 Apr 25
Sep 20, 2016 Welcome: Please read! Hello, and welcome to the Tavern Brawl Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Tavern Brawls with your fellow patrons. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting.Aratil0 Sep 20, 2016
2h dumb Can somebody please tell me what RNG stand forEATMOREKITTY2 2h
2h WTF Okay, can somebody please tell an old fart what the eff RNG stands forEATMOREKITTY0 2h
11h Just wanted to say this week's brawl is funn! Funner than cross-country skiing in your own backyard, even!Kadjai6 11h
2d Welcome to mage brawl Where I played 3 matches and all 3 were mages. All three had ridiculous easy combos. Then summoned ragnaros. I wonder if there is a mode that would have given hint to how bad this brawl would be......Spudnuts10 2d
2d Warrior Win? Has anybody managed to have Warrior win against anything other than Warrior this time around? Was there any strat involved or just a 1/100 mulligan?Kwil4 2d
3d Unbalanced Brawl (February 13th) Yet again another brawl where every class sucks besides 2.Ropemaster14 3d
3d Another Completely garbage brawl Go against talanji, and she power word shield, into coin, into inner fire.Geoxyx13 3d
3d Mage Brawl oh well Its better than the last one.....sighEATMOREKITTY2 3d
4d A brawl that's all about OTKs LOLOLOLOL OMG the salt today. People were mad about RNG Yogg brawl. Wait until they see this steaming pile. (and I liked Yogg)lockwoodx0 4d
4d Why is the hunter in tavern brawl nerfed? It's Zul'jin with Rexxar's hero power, just a different image? Why can't I freely target with this hero power?Restomagus7 4d
5d i like this brawl I don't play brawl that much but this brawl I do like. Why I like it:well its fun to figure out the best strategy and how to play for every class and you don't have to make a deck for it. Sure some classes are better then others but there is still the challenge to try your best and find the correct strategy. Not something I would play for hours but its fun to try for a bit.Rassy3 5d
5d Love is in the Air! Back in January 2016 you awarded a Love is in the Air Card Back for hitting Rank 20. I am of course referring to the super cute sparkly pink heart card back. It broke my heart when I took a break from the game, only to return and discover I missed out on it :( I would like to suggest and request you strongly consider a Valentines Day Tavern Brawl for February that awards the same Love is in the Air card back previously offered. Before you shoot down the idea, I would like to remind you that in December 2016 you offered the Winter Veil Wreath card back for a 2nd time in Hearthstone history, as a reward in the Tavern Brawl. It is possible you already have a Valentines Day Tavern Brawl planned for this year. Please consider rewarding the card back again for those who missed this holiday themed back in the past. Please and Thank You! Have a nice day!! <3 <3 <3 <3Sarah19 5d
5d This weeks brawl. Where can I find explanation of this weeks brawl,the rules and conditions and such. Its not ingame nor on this forum.Rassy3 5d
5d Change Brawl Rewards Blizzard should allow us to choose which card pack we receive for tavern brawl. Granted, it doesn't have to be a current expansion pack, but it should be something other than the basic pack. Maybe a wild set... I don't know. I really don't think this will upset any balance or game play. This is coming from the someone with all the basic cards, but missing a handful in older sets. Worst case, I save up 50 brawls worth of Lich King packs and get 2 guaranteed legendaries. By then it will be in wild.Kang4 5d
6d This brawl has to be a stupid joke I'm seriously concerned what this game has come to. This isn't even the regular RNG, where you try and fight the odds with the cards in your hand and try to maximize your chances. No. This is just pure cancer. Pat the content team on the back, because you are losing more and more people with thisDimbata4 6d
6d Season of Rastakhan Regular tavern brawls reward a classic pack for the first win. Assuming RNG, average two games. The announcement for next week’s brawl says you get a special quest each week. Play 3 brawls and get a Rastakhan pack. This is being touted as a cool event benefit but as far as I can tell, a pack for 3 games is worse than a pack for one win.ComputerNut4 6d
Feb 11 Players taking the Yogg brawl too seriously You would think foil hero players would understand more than anyone it's a pure RNG spam fest for fun, but they seem to be the ones who take the longest turns and spam le'oops at the end when RNjesus throws them a bone. Talk about hilarious. ROFL. :Dlockwoodx3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Turn 1 Call of the Wild worst brawlRopemaster4 Feb 11
Feb 11 GARBAGE BRAWL Just stop trying, FIRE YOUR WHOLE TEAMNeverLucky0 Feb 11
Feb 10 When RNG goes both right and wrong... I had to share this. It was like the my 4th turn or so. First minion I summoned caused "Embrace the Shadow" to pop. It turns all healing effects into damage. Second minion I summoned popped "Tree of Life". Which has "restore all characters to full Health". Which means I nuked everything. Both myself and my opponent, and our minions. That. Was. Amazing.Cheveyo1 Feb 10
Feb 10 Flip a Coin that's essentially what this tavern brawl is. A time consuming and flashy flip a coin generator. So why exactly do we need to play this instead of just flipping a coin for our pack?Reinhardt4 Feb 10
Feb 9 Brawl #200 coming soon We are 10 weeks away!! Should we expect some cool special 200# brawl?? It would be awesome! I've play all of them so far, I love when you surprise us with new unexpected brawls!sebasanchez4 Feb 9
Feb 8 A Bunch o' Brawl Ideas I edited this post to list all of the Brawl ideas from other posts first (still working through all of them, will keep adding). DON'T TAUNT, IT'S NOT POLITE https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764386794 DOUBLE DECKER https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764526606 LOTUS TRAINING https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764456578 TWO CLASS MAKE A DECK https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764366778 NO MINIONS ALLOWED https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764496624 NEW KIND OF BRAWL https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764316492 NEW BRAWL IDEA https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20754855856 BRAWLISEUM BUT WITH A TWIST? https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20764026416 NEW BRAWL IDEA - 5 CARDS, NO MULLIGAN https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763866189 AN IDEA FOR BRAWL https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763636232 ZERO MANA (0) MINIONS https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763176208 THE DARKNESS AWAITS https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763606208 BEASTIE-ALLY https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763386196 WHO LET THE PIRATES OUT! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763126265 BRAWL IDEA: CULT OF C'THUN KERFUFFLE https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20762147735 LET'S SWITCH DECKS! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20765017013 Player Created Tavern Brawl Ideas https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20770917082 Here are some ideas I've had. I'll keep adding them as I have more. MONSTER HUNT Co-op or VS game play using the heroes from the Monster Hunt mode. Co-op would be working together to destroy bosses (would likely have to function like the other co-op brawls where the boss trades sides of the board each round) VS could simply be choose a Monster Hunter and battle eachother. Your deck could still grow after each win like Monster Hunt mode. You will only be matched against players with the same number of wins as you. MONSTER HUNT 2 Choose a Hunter or a Boss Monster. One player is a Hunter, the other a Monster(matchups will only be Hunter vs Boss). Again, the decks could grow with wins and match ups will be based on your current run rank. You would see your current run rank rating and your overall # of wins on the brawl launch page. TIME WARP Everyone starts with 1x Time Warp card in their hand and a copy of Temporus in their deck. Choose your other 28 cards. DYING LIGHT Both players start with a Darkness on their side of the board and 3 candles in their deck. Cannot add another Darkness to your own deck if it is a buildable deck. Found this same one already in the suggestions: THE DARKNESS AWAITS https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/topic/20763606208 THE LORE WALKER Lore Walker Cho power applies all game. You get 10 spells and 20 minions(could be rng or buildable). THE SCOURGE Choose your Hero, start as the Frozen Throne version of your character (you get the 5 armor, but lose any other battlecries). You cannot add another playable character to your deck if it is a buildable deck. THE DUAL DUEL Choose two classes and 20 cards from each class. Your Hero portrait is split in two with a hero power on each side. Possible to increase hand size and draw 2 cards each rnd to accomodate increased deck size. ACROSS THE CLASSES Choose a class Choose a standard weapon from across the classes Choose one: Quest or playable Hero from across the classes (I know your starting Hero and playable Hero might be different, but hey, I've seen many a Mind Vision Priest change form before) Choose 9 standard spells from across the classes. Only 1 copy of each spell Choose 19 minions from across the classes. Only 1 copy of each minion BEAT THE CLOCK A dormant, bomb/void sits in the center of each players board. If the match is not won before the bombs count down, both players lose. This would be some type of co-op play. BEAT THE CLOCK2 (aka HOT POTATO) A single bomb sits on the curent players board. It would function like Nozdormu, you get 15 seconds to complete your turn. If you do not complete your turn, the bomb explodes for 5 damage to you and your minions and regenerates on the other players side, else it just trades sides. ( you cannot have more than 6 minions on your side) TURNCOATS Every time you kill an opponents minion, instead of dying, it trades board sides and returns to full health. It dies if there is not room. If your own minion dies on your turn, it does not trade sides. Choose 10 spells and 20 Minions.Llyrrum4 Feb 8
Feb 7 The ball and cup game Total game of chance. A few higher percentage win rates with certain heroesEATMOREKITTY6 Feb 7
Feb 7 5minuteQueuetimeforMyrasintoAstralcomunion Yo what the !@#$?Queue times suck cuz this game does. But litereally why the %^-* did I get Myras Followed by Astral Communion 2 times in a row? You guys are absurd, actually charge money for this !@#$ty %^-*ing waste of time.RedBeard4 Feb 7
Feb 7 Worst Tavern Brawl ever Hey, it took a while, but you made it: today, the worst Tavern Brawl of all times started! Completely random, no fun at all. Any other comments? Well, just to mention that: Usually I'm a big fan of this Wonderful Format! DIRADIRA5 Feb 7
Feb 7 Worst tavern ever The new tavern is horrible. This random sucks. Blizzard goes down. (usually taverns were fun :( )fenwick4 Feb 7
Feb 7 Much hate for this brawl Much, much hate. Total randomness AND games can be stupidly long. Not a winning combination. If it's this random, make the games super fast. What a grind trying to get a single pack.GrandReaper1 Feb 7
Feb 6 what with the que time I been in a que for 4 min and it still going. I never had wait that long to get into a game. is anyone else having problem.mageboltz4 Feb 6
Feb 6 eu population queue time maybe had something todo with my poor connection todayTari0 Feb 6
Feb 5 Didn't Blizzard Learn from the last time This Week Brawl is The Void Singularlity. It has a number of Banned cards however you can get around the ban. Didn't Blizzard learn from the last time you could do this? Just faced a Rogue that has Devilsaur Eggs in his deck a Banned card.Shuyin29 Feb 5
Feb 5 Last brawl spot on That last brawl exemplified what makes this game fun - the randomness! I had so much fun with the silliness. One of my favourite brawls. I also really have fun with the one where you cast a spell and a random minion with the same mana cost appears. When I play a tavern brawl, I want to just click a button and have a fun game. I don't want to have to worry about making a deck. That is for competitive games.Laurasia2 Feb 5
Feb 5 This priest deck is mean. ### Brawl Deck # Class: Priest # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Crystalline Oracle # 2x (1) Power Word: Shield # 2x (2) Squashling # 2x (3) Kabal Talonpriest # 2x (3) Kaboom Bot # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 2x (3) Twilight's Call # 2x (3) Voodoo Doll # 1x (4) Eternal Servitude # 2x (4) Piloted Shredder # 2x (5) Big Game Hunter # 2x (5) Carnivorous Cube # 2x (5) Corpse Raiser # 2x (6) Entomb # 1x (6) Sylvanas Windrunner # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (10) N'Zoth, the Corruptor # AAEBAa0GBLkN4KwC5cwCkNMCDeUE0wr5DJAQxxfwuwLVwQKdzwKL4QKp4gK38QLo+QL/gAMA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstonebojax234 Feb 5
Feb 4 Hunter, Hunter, Amara Priest, Hunter... That sound you hear is all the fun being sucked out of this tavern brawl by the usual d-bags. It's not ruined yet, but give them time. They're doing their best.Streak4 Feb 4
Feb 1 Is void singularity good for arena format? Sometimes we have a tavern brawl where we play standard and are rewarded in arena style format. I suggest we have the same format but instead of playing standard we play a highly skilled tavern brawl. It would allow us to push the limits of the brawl with deck building and playing. Do you think that void singularity would be a good brawl for this?Adam0 Feb 1
Feb 1 A Change to the Tavern Brawl Format I believe we are missing great opportunities to bring the hearthstone community closer and build even stronger relationships specifically through Tavern Brawls. Hearthstone has obviously always been designed around the PVP format. We do get the occasional PVE brawl that comes along, but they are far too sparse in my opinion. Every week I hold out hope that the new brawl will involve cooperation rather than just another form of facing off against players. This ratio of PVP/PVE should be completely flipped when it comes to Tavern Brawls. All month long, we grind against opponents on ladder and casual play, and it would be nice to rely on a weekly change of pace where we can come together, recruit friends and face challenging off-meta opponents as a team. This simple change can bring us closer together and help fight the tilt we all experience with relentlessly leveraging the current meta against each other. The current format of Tavern Brawls only serves to attract play for the duration of winning your Classic Card Pack, or quickly figuring out the perfect deck to stack up easy wins. Do we really need another way to grind? My proposal is to make Tavern Brawls primarily PVE bassed, they should be extremely challenging to survive the duration they are in play and offer a true sense of teamwork and accomplishment in victory. I have nothing against PVP, but we all know that feeling when you finally defeat a difficult adversary as a team, and that is the missed opportunity the hearthstone community can really benefit from. In great challenge should lie great reward. Perhaps another change to parallel this could be in the way the Tavern Brawl reward system pays out. This can be changed to a monthly reward upon completion of all previous Brawls that month. This format would allow players to invest more time in them beyond the first pack win that we are seeing now, and enable the rewards to be increased. I only propose these ideas as a loyal fan of Hearthstone. I want to see it survive and thrive. Please let me know your opinions on the matter and lets get this positive change noticed and pushed up as far as we can.Holyromeo3 Feb 1
Feb 1 Mech'Thun in brawl is actually hilarious when you pull it off. Turn 6 Hemet, jungle hunter (all cards in your deck are 3 or less except armanai war bear, mech'thun, void) Turn 7-9 (armani war bear + void to wipe board or kill a target) Turn 10 Mech thun for insta win You can still be rushed down and also given cards by certain plays but it's pretty funny watching the reactions. If you have coin it's even easier to pull off as you can finish the game on turn 9.Immobile0 Feb 1
Jan 31 Player Created Tavern Brawl Ideas Hello Everyone! I'm sure this thread is always a fun one, and I don't see it in the first bunch so. Wee! Sorry ahead of time for suggesting things that already have been done or are too similar. Names are completely, totally open to suggestion. Create a deck Wild Brawl - Do the Hokey Pokey: Board positions of all minions swap randomly at the end of every turn (remain on same side; not given to opponent). Create a deck Standard Brawl - Silent Auction: All spells reverse the health of all minions. Deathrattle all minions - silence all minions. Create a deck Standard Brawl - Last Gasp Gamble: Whenever you die, rewind to the beginning of the game. Permanent deathrattle all your minions: you lose the game. Wild Random Deck Brawl - Roguelike Random Ruckus Game rule words are fed into a randomized rule generator. So, every game starts with a completely random brawl rule like, all minions have rush, or all spells freeze all 1/1's, or when a card is discarded, discard a card. Sometimes the rules would be crazy and game changing, sometimes very little effect - you never know! Oh yeah, and the deck your playing is a completely random collection of minions from both players' class + neutral.YourArtTeach6 Jan 31
Jan 31 Thanks Fun as a mothereffer. Great deck building tutorial. : )EATMOREKITTY1 Jan 31
Jan 27 Shiftcon Brawl is Awesome Everybody is equal. All you've got is a little RNG and your ability to think fast. Plus it's fun, never knowing what cards are gonna pop up next. Definitely one of my favorite tavern brawls.Streak14 Jan 27
Jan 25 Shifter Brawl Bug? Hey, I think this brawl is great. But, I've noticed that the shifter mechanics work differently than in standard or wild. Usually when I apply +1 bumps in hand to the shifter in wild, they retain from turn to turn. They disappear in this brawl. Is that a card change or is it specific to this brawl. Is it intentional or a bug?YourArtTeach1 Jan 25
Jan 20 luv it Love the new brawl guy's. ThanksEATMOREKITTY4 Jan 20
Jan 20 Tavern brawl isn't random I got the same cards 3 times in a row there's A LOT OF wild cards and yet I still get the same cards? This brawl isn't random I got like 20-25 of the same cardsMoistWater4 Jan 20
Jan 19 *SLAP* "We heard you like random...." no. You heard wrong. Again. You suck.Solarmande4 Jan 19
Jan 16 This weeks brawl: Pay to Win Lets hear it for the company who loses the most stock in the shortest amount of time, out of touch, and hates new players! Love it I hope 2019 is as bad in the new year as 2018 is!Player10 Jan 16
Jan 14 If you want people to buy the bundle then... Step 1: Make it a brawl that uses JUST those 4 sets Step 2: Give players access to ALL cards from those sets for the duration of the brawl Step 2a: Lets players have access to ALL cards from those sets for the purpose of Wild while this brawl is out Step 3: Profit! I want to like this brawl, I really do, but even as someone whose been playing this game since release this brawl is just super awkward.TrueECP1 Jan 14
Jan 14 More of this!! OMG I've had a great deal of fun with this tavern brawl. New combos, new meta, like what game am I playing?? More of this soon blizz! Amirite?Starquake0 Jan 14
Jan 13 Post your Old-New Brawl Deck! This is mine. A greedy echo rogue that uses the Witchwood echo package with some support deathrattles mainly, and a few older just stand alone decent 2-drops I still had from the older set. As well as a couple mechs from Boomsday to smooth out the curve. It seems to perform pretty well, but I wouldn't craft it if you don't have the cards. I think I'm 9-4 with the deck as it currently is. I'm curious to see what you guys put together for this brawl! ### Brawl Deck # Class: Rogue # Format: Wild # # 2x (2) Boneguard Lieutenant # 2x (2) Cheap Shot # 2x (2) Flame Juggler # 2x (3) Blink Fox # 2x (3) Hench-Clan Thug # 2x (3) Kaboom Bot # 2x (3) Necrium Blade # 2x (3) Phantom Militia # 2x (3) Walnut Sprite # 2x (4) Blightnozzle Crawler # 2x (4) Coppertail Imposter # 2x (4) Mistwraith # 2x (5) Wargear # 2x (5) Witchwood Grizzly # 2x (7) Furious Ettin # AAEBAaIHAA+/E5QUquwCw+wCse4CvO4Cpu8C8vEC8vMCx/gC3voC0YAD/4ADzIED0YEDAA== # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneKat0 Jan 13