Tavern Brawl Discussion

Jan 7 Thinking about hosting first tavern brawl I live in the Harrisburg Pa area and I’m thinking of hosting a gathering to find local people that enjoy playing. My concerns are: I would host it at my house Who comes how many people come would I be able to Be games friends first would it be better to find a local game store that host? (I have not found a place yet)Limpy1 Jan 7
Jan 5 This brawl could have arena rewards I think this week's tavern brawl is skill based, with several choices to make each turn because of hallucination's discover effect. Not only do you need to pick the best cards, you also need to decide how fast you want your deck to go. You also need to decide which class you want to be, as that determines what your opponent gets. There's no easy answers. I had an epic game where my opponent had Fal'dorei Strider and kept getting 4/4's, while I used aluneth to overdraw my deck and sorcerer's apprentice to discount the hallucinations. This week's tavern brawl is worthy of arena style format: keep playing until you get 12 wins or 3 losses, and have arena style prices and rewards. This would encourage people to play at a high skill level, as the decisions give a high skill cap but there is no rewards beyond the initial pack and 10 gold every 3 wins. Having an arena style format would excite people and motivate them to put their best foot forward. We've seen it for standard mode and wild mode, why not for a high skill cap tavern brawl?Adam2 Jan 5
Jan 4 Please give the Winter Veil Gifts "Rush" I know you've done this brawl before and I hope you do it again. I enjoy it a lot because it has a good randomness factor while also very much rewarding those who can make the most out of what their given. One of the main issues I see is there are only 3 classes that are viable, Priest/Warlock/Rogue (Spell based health swaps/sacrifices/deathrattle respectively, plus good combos to kill, velen/crazed chemist/demons). I think giving the gifts rush would help this issue though, easily making druid/paladins viable and potentially more I haven't thought of. You can't OTK with them because its rush but it would allow them to use their buff cards to get gifts/fight for the board.SmilyPlatyps2 Jan 4
Jan 4 Playing fun/bad decks atm Come get your win Also got the 80g quest and no friend for itIvydoom1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Hallucinations: dont play as hunter It's ridiculous to get a deck full of beast synergy cards but have no minions in the deck. You basically have to hope you last long enough high rolling hallucinations and not drawing more dead cards, or hoping the opponent get rexxar or zuljin and somehow doesn't outright ez faceroll you so you can start getting beasts to use the other half of your deck. Zuljin is just outright abusive and shows how fundamentally broken hearthstone mechanics are by not having reasonable limits. No card should be able to revalue 20+ plus cards. On the other side cackle with glee when you play any other class and your opponent is a hunter it's gonna be a slaughter.Izzydedyet2 Jan 4
Jan 4 This weeks brawl sucks! The prevailing deck steals others gifts, and that's not the spirit of Christmas!!!churinga4 Jan 4
Jan 4 Shaman Shunned! Apparently, don't play as a Shaman either. I don't know why I still get my hopes up about brawls. It's like one out of 6 or MAYBE 5 is really fun. I mean, this one looked fun from the outside looking in... Then I went in, and like someone else said: "Welcome to Priest brawl!" lmaoWinoWarrior1 Jan 4
Jan 3 Another bad brawl As the title says. Another week of another bad brawl. Do y'all even test these brawls before you put them out? A few test games would have shown you how unfun this is.Spudnuts6 Jan 3
Dec 30 Thanks so much for making a special brawl ...just for a million & 1 warlocks. "Well done!" as he likes to say! *dripping sarcasm*GallowsPole1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Welcome to priest brawl Where everyone plays priest because the idiots who develop this game can't seem to figure out that wild brawls are complete horse manure. And totally leaned against the standard player. Thanks for the second week in a row with a horrible brawl. Again, it's like the devs don't test before putting this nonsense out.Spudnuts10 Dec 30
Dec 30 Yule Yog! I tried priest, hunter, rogue... But this one is easily my favorite. Focus on presents, mulligan hard for anything that kills a friendly minion for 1 mana... ### Brawl Deck # Class: Warlock # Format: Wild # # 2x (1) Dark Pact # 2x (1) Grim Rally # 2x (1) Mortal Coil # 2x (1) Power Overwhelming # 2x (1) Sanguine Reveler # 2x (3) Ratcatcher # 2x (3) Shadow Bolt # 2x (3) Unwilling Sacrifice # 2x (3) Void Ripper # 2x (3) Void Terror # 2x (4) Blastcrystal Potion # 2x (4) Hellfire # 2x (4) Ravenous Pterrordax # 2x (5) Rotten Applebaum # 1x (6) Siphon Soul # 1x (10) Yogg-Saron, Hope's End # AAEBAf0GAswI6awCDs4Gkge2B8QIxQn9vwLnwQKXywL40AKJ4gL96gLY7gLF8wLchgMAbojax231 Dec 30
Dec 29 Garbage brawl This new brawl is total garbage. Isn't hard to get a win but the random treasure isn't random at all. Still waiting for a random anything in this game to be actually random. RNG competitions aren't really that great but if you're going to advertise as being random it should at least be as advertised. See the same gifts over and over and over and over and over. Stop development on mobile diablo and the other mobile garbage and actually put some effort into your pre-existing games.Shredder3 Dec 29
Dec 28 No Card Pack this week again? I chose not to do the Brawl last week because it was a lame card back instead of a pack and apparently we have to now get the card back (sacrificing a week) until we are eligible for packs again. All I'm saying is it would have been nice to know your tactics last week. Blizz, ya got me good I guess. Merry Christmas ya scoundrels:PRedhook4 Dec 28
Dec 27 Gift brawl is so much better this year Sacrifice/AoE warlock and not a single game has gone to turn 5. You lead with vamps, overwhelming, defile, whatever. You're drawing 2 gifts a turn, and when you're not, you're getting a gift+creature minimum. Plays better than mage imo.lockwoodx7 Dec 27
Dec 27 Brawl not working right. The tavern page says I should get a treasure when I break an opponent's crate or my own. I only broke one of my own on my first match but on my second, I broke multiple of my opponent's and they got the treasure each time. Not I. Contradicting what the tavern brawl page says should happen.Pestilence1 Dec 27
Dec 27 What was this brawls reward? Don't get what the reward was...didn't get a pack...or anything seemingly.Genoism9 Dec 27
Dec 26 Another bad brawl... Do you guys test these? Half the classes are not competitive in this week's brawl due to the box mechanics...RandomName4 Dec 26
Dec 26 No More Brawliseums Please I really, really don't like brawliseums. They are arena games and NOT tavern brawls. Please stop doing these.Tavenn1 Dec 26
Dec 21 Returns & Exchanges: You can use Whizbang? And then you're at 30 hp while your deck is not random. Is this intentional?Rokkrage7 Dec 21
Dec 21 Frost Lich Jaina Shenanigans Players with small hearthstone collections can do this brawl as Mage, if they have frost lich Jaina, 0/2 or 0/4 taunts, a doomsayer or two, and a bunch one health minions. Usually their deck is better, and so you make them do the exchange. Beat them in the early game with their own better deck, or stall until you can draw and play jaina. Between the mulligan (where you want to keep jaina, good spells or doomsayer or explosive sheep) or the draws after the exhange, you have a better chance of drawing jaina. https://i.imgur.com/y0GC5G5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/V8VCdJG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/FiOdXaH.jpgZee0 Dec 21
Dec 20 Health totals aren't equal this brawl? Just played as rogue against a druid, and we both started with 20 health. Decided to try another round of it, and played against a priest that started with 30 health? Not really fair seeing as how they can heal themselves and have access to healing spells. Reward is a gingerbread/christmasy card back btw.Beefpoptart1 Dec 20
Dec 20 STOP MATCHING US vs DECKS WORTH 10X DUST holy hell these grinches just slam that end of turn button as hard as they can to get to turn 5 to use the gift return Stop matchmaking decks against other decks stacked with turn 5+ legendariesIzzydedyet0 Dec 20
Dec 20 Insult to injury (Hearthstone Immortal) After giving you tons of worthless dupe in your 50 pack (paid or gold) they decide to "hey lets push people to buy pack even further". By giving you a brawl that is basically constructed arena. /clap .... they are trying to out play each other to get the most hate within the year. Can't wait to see what OW gonna do for christmas.SmileyRambo6 Dec 20
Dec 19 Baku the Mooneater broken for this Brawl I just played 2 games with Baku in my deck and neither time did it do what it was supposed to. I realize that while yes, the decks get switched...BUT Baku's effect reads "Start of Game"...not "After the decks are switched". As I have been told in a reply to a post I made last August some time: "The start of the Game phase is after the Mulligan phase, before drawing of the first card." Now while I know Brawl episodes(?) don't last too long maybe a week or so, (and no real incentive lately of only getting a normal pack as a prize, regardless of however much frustration gone through just to get that single win). Please either address the issue of conflicting game phases vs. wording of card effects, or clarify in what exact order do the game phases run.NazTDragN1 Dec 19
Dec 17 Paladin tavern brawl deck is a joke Sorry this deck is not competitive and has too many trash cards. It gets hard countered by Mage they even have ooze for weapon removal, tons of aoes, voodoo doll, etc. What were you clowns thinking?NeverLucky8 Dec 17
Dec 17 Mage brawl Soooo glad they created a brawl just for mage. Gratz, devs! *dripping sarcasm* Seriously. TEN queues in a row were freaking mage. Come on devs, you can do better than this. The mage deck in this brawl has an embarrassment of riches.GallowsPole1 Dec 17
Dec 15 Great mage brawl everyone gets to play fair Great fun getting access to cards normally out of reach like frost lich jaina , now I see why everyone saying it's not broken defends it's so hard: they obviously dont want such an ez mode card getting nerfed. I wonder if at the end of week when the week ends if there will be an uptick in players quiting or buying packs to "compete" when they realize how much power creep there is right now. The mage deck is ridiculous, your either clearing the board with 2cost button of death, popping ragnaros , or stalling out to get frost lich jaina and getting 3/6 lifesteals, or Barron geddon who does aoe lifesteal. Warlock can almost badluck highroll with duplication discard mechanics getting out of hand, till you flamestrike or out lifesteal value them. Same with warrior they have to highroll like crazy with dragon roar if there not already dead by turn 7. Paladins funny though sloppily play most the game and get 2 minions that make or break you 1 is infinite deathrattling the other revalues all buffs you played and if your opponent doesn't have removal in their "recipe" like says a 3 cost deathrattle minion that nukes anything and can be pinged for 2 damage giving another 3/6 lifesteal. Hunters and druid deck recipes are a joke in power comparison Don't understand the hunter deck why is still using rexxar, i'm guessing it's because zul'jinn is so obviously broken they dont want that many players facerolling the game yet.Izzydedyet9 Dec 15
Dec 15 Anything cool from Brawliseum rewards? I'm not usually a fan of Brawliseum or Arena. I think my best record is 3 wins before I get my 3 losses. This time, I got my third loss after only 2 wins. I'm quite pleased, though. In addition to the Rastakhan's Rumble pack, my rewards chest contained a copy of Primalfin Totem (which, you can probably guess from my icon, is one of my favorite cards in one of my favorite decks). I'd only had one copy yet, and I'd been thinking about crafting another. So, this week's Brawliseum saved me 100 dust! Did you get anything cool from your Brawliseum rewards, either in individual cards or from your pack?Marigold2 Dec 15
Dec 15 Rogue deck is SO BAD Good job making only 1 or 2 classes viable, every other class including rogue is unplayable trash.NeverLucky0 Dec 15
Dec 14 Druid deck is an embarrassment What were you thinking? Attack Druid? It’s beyond terrible, with you grasping for cards by turn 6, because the deck is filled with garbage cards don’t make enough of an impact, so you routinely go 2-for-1 card trades against your opponent. What do you think is going to happen when you draw “give your hero +2 attack this turn” on turn 7, or when it topdeck mode? It’s so, so, so bad I can’t even get a quest for two Druid wins completed. Good job guys, really well thought out archetype there. I wouldn’t have expected less from the creators of such bad archetypes like Freeze Shaman, Discard Warlock, and Quest Paladin. You’ve really outdone yourselves with this blunder of a deck archetype. A Druid deck that includes ultimate infestation yet still manages to be exceedingly terrible. This deck runs out of steam so fast even with UI it’s unbelievable. Please, PLEASE get some new talent to revitalize this game. “Going downhill” doesn’t even begin to describe it.NeverLucky1 Dec 14
Dec 14 Warlock Deck Why the warlock deck doesn't have the quest? It doesn't make sense at all. You make a deck based on discard, and don't use the most iconic discard card? wtfTheologist1 Dec 14
Dec 14 12-2 Brawl-Arena Deck Had a lot of fun today in the tavern brawl, went 12-2. Definitely going to play this deck list in standard. Paladin 1. Blessing of Might x2 2. Blessing of Wisdom x2 3. Lost in the Jungle x2 4. Righteous Protector x2 5. Shrieking Shroom x2 6. Stonehill Defender x2 7. Tar Creeper x2 8. Unidentified Maul x2 9. Witch's Cauldron x2 10. Fungalmancer x2 11. Leeroy Jenkins 12. Level Up x2 13. Prince Liam 14. Zilliax 15. A New Challenger x2 16. Baku the Mooneater 17. Uther of the Ebon Blade 18. Shirvallah, the Tiger Only lost to two Mages both of whom managed to get FLJ online early.Hearthstoner2 Dec 14
Dec 13 This Brawl sure Hates Druids. Lets make players sit for 2 turns doing nothing while their Opponent Buffs their Hand/Field/Deck and Steamrolls you on turn 3.Kanthis4 Dec 13
Dec 13 Well I got my Death Wish OTK Paladin https://imgur.com/a/V7Jw81Y The Paladin gets Righteous Protector turn 1 automatically After that its Hero power twice on Righteous Protector. The Spikesteed Turn 6 cause yep - matches are scripted. On to the heal hero cards draw cards. Play my Dk Hero with Lifesteal Weapon yep. Okay. Now this whole time saving both my draw a card deal dmg equal to cost. Now down to the end as the chute is to run out....again matches are scripted - what can you do to counter from this occurring? OTK them first I suppose. Chute is empty - shuffle in 4 tigers. Next turn draw and draw for 50 damage. This game design of just play your story book deck just makes the game totally lack for any kind of feel of strategy.Slimjim0 Dec 13
Dec 12 Lifesteal Geddon EOT What the heck is this Baron Geddon w/ Lifesteal on his end of turn? Seriously? That noise? Deus ex -- I'm outDCent11 Dec 12
Dec 10 This brawl is fun. Brawls are fun. I see a lot of hate against this brawl, calling it a coin-flip. On the ladder a lot of people play out their boring, unoriginal (semi-)netdecks. Isn't that a coin flip, getting your cards in the right order, knowing exactly what steps to take? Brawls however have some nice, different approaches, forcing people to actually use their brain, to adapt to the circumstances with unusual cards and build up a strategy out of scratch. Sure, I'm not blind for coin-flips and some classes and cards being much better in some brawls, but come on. And the devs are learning. Lately I see brawls where some cards can't be used. Having the brawls is refreshing, so don't complain to hard about them. I hope they'll keep making them. Edit: Brawliseum is the disgusting exceptionhyena300017 Dec 10
Dec 10 Signup Disabled Why the heck is signup for the tavern brawl disabled with 4 hours to go?! Just had my first chance to dig in with the new release and I can’t even do a run. There’s plenty of time to go 0-3. Forget it, going to play something else :/WhiteBishop1 Dec 10
Dec 9 I never topdeck Zul’jin in Brawliseum I’m playing secret Hunter in Brawliseum with Zul’jin and I literally never see this card. Maybe once in 15 matches. I think Brawliseum is lowering the chances of topdecking him. Some real BS. Anyone else having this issue?SirPoopsalot0 Dec 9
Dec 9 How many times can you do this brawl? Was wondering how many times we're able to do this brawl in a day? I finally got around to playing it and was able to win enough times to earn enough gold for another free one, and the second time around was also able to earn another free attempt. Seems like a nice way to grind free packs and going at least 7 wins doesn't seem too difficult. But I heard there was a limit per day and was wondering what that was. Kinda unfortunate that I waited till now to do it.Akusa0 Dec 9
Dec 9 Sigh,Great co-brawl then a credit card brawl Tavern brawls are the respite from the net decking, going infinite, legendary spamming that is play mode. The brawl doesn't inform if there's any type of actual weighted matchmaking, what's the point of playing with basic cards if your going against 10,000 dust legendary saturated decks?Izzydedyet17 Dec 9
Dec 8 You Can Use Whizbang in Brawliseum Very nice.LittleFella2 Dec 8
Dec 7 Arena is for arena players Dear Blizzard. I do not play arena. If I wanted to play arena, I would play arena. I am not good enough to play arena. Please don't make me play arena.Rattlebag7 Dec 7
Dec 7 7 games played, 5 being against hunter GIVE ME SOMEONE ELSE TO PLAY, holy !@#$ this is the least fun class to play against.Chills5 Dec 7
Dec 6 Please give us a retire option Please allow us to retire this "brawl" and get our free pack. I have no interest in constructed ladder for the weekly brawl. Save us the time from conceding three games.Minerva6 Dec 6
Dec 6 Tavern vs Arena ARENA AGAIN!??!!! I hate Arena and Love Tavern why oh why do you have to mix them together?!!? Trying to steal my money, not gonna do it.AlexiAnna6 Dec 6
Dec 6 Please fire whoever came up with this Brawl. Title. Thanks.Teron2 Dec 6
Dec 6 This weeks brawl Can anyone clarify this weeks brawl for me. Is this basically an arena run and you only get rewarded once for it or do you get rewarded everytime you play it. Also if you loose 3 times but win 2 what is the reward. I've never seen a brawl like this so im just a little confused lol. ThanksDillDoh9 Dec 6
Dec 6 No thanks Why would I play a Brawl that essentially wants me to play unoriginal standard netdeck trash? No thanks, three concedes, pack and out.YupYup0 Dec 6
Dec 6 ummm think I got a bug in the brawl I was in the arena/brawl when a went out for a sec then it took away my free one, wtf happened?d4s0n0 Dec 6