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Dec 8 Your Month in Hearthstone Email Beta Continues Recently, we began a new and exciting way for you to celebrate your accomplishments in Hearthstone. The Your Month in Hearthstone email shares personal player and community stats, highlights epic moments, and gives you a more meaningful breakdown of your gameplay. This email program is still in beta, and we’ve got another test coming this month as we continue our global rollout. Remember to opt-in to receive Blizzard emails if you would like to be eligible to receive Your Month in Hearthstone! To Opt-In to Receive Emails: 1. Login to your account on the site. 2. Navigate to your Communication Preferences under Settings. 3. Make sure the box next to “News and Special Offers from Blizzard” is checked. Share your stats on social media using the social sharing buttons and check the email for more ways to be a part of the Hearthstone community, including attending a Fireside Gathering near you. We can’t wait to share more of the great things you accomplish each month! See you at the tavern!Jesse Hill27 Dec 8
Jan 13 Disqualified Players List for Hearthstone Championship Tour 2017 We take the competitive landscape and fair play very seriously - A fun, fair, and competitive environment is at the very heart of the Hearthstone experience. Those found to be in violation of our Terms of Use are subject to penalties, up to and including disqualification from the Hearthstone Championship Tour. Specific examples of such violations can include but are not limited to win trading, botting, and account buying or selling. A list of players that have been disqualified from the Hearthstone Championship Tour 2017 can be found below. CHRISTINA -- Wintrading noname -- WintradingAvarius0 Jan 13
4m Create A New Minion (Tag) Create your own minion tag mine is (Plant).BruceBatter9 4m
4m What happened to Quest Warlock? There was some "minor" hype behind the deck with Cataclysm. Did the deck fall apart or it is barely played due to how pricey it is?DoomBringer12 4m
8m I have to apologise To Jades, you still make my brain hurt trying to comprehend how anyone thought it was a good idea, but the new spell hunter is now by far the most retarded thing ever. Guess I'll be conceding to every hunter I see from now on. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to this game trying to make is such a miserable experience.n25philly18 8m
13m Give shaman some love next expansion please! Control shaman is one of my favorite decks of all time. Unfortunately, it's not very good right now and neither are other shaman archetypes. Right now shaman feels largely reliant on cheesy strategies like flood + bloodlust otk, or evolve rng. Control shaman got some toys this expansion, but it's not really enough. I think some big value late game cards, or some kind of combo would be helpful to make the archetype viable, since control decks really need something like that to be successful nowadays (frost lich jaina [value] and razakus otk [combo] are good examples of this). I also wouldn't mind some kind of midrange/tempo shaman deck making an appearance (though I personally don't have as much fun with those decks). Basically, I'm just asking for shaman to move away from "flood" and bring some more support for other shaman archetypes.HailFall13 13m
14m Net neutrality and Hearthstone Do you think the ISPs will throttle network connections to Blizzard servers, offer a video game package, and randomly disconnect people that do not pay extra? If there are no consequences for doing something like this, who will ultimately pay? Will Blizzard have to pay the ISPs to reach out to us (thus increasing pack prices) or do we have to pay more to reach Blizz? What if ISPs can double dip, make both Blizz and us pay (which, if the cost increase for Blizz is passed on to us, we get charged for both)? I am scared guys, help :[ Edit (grammar)Voidray76 14m
21m Bowser vs. Wardrum (So Many Spiders) I had the 80g quest so challenged Wardrum to a game, and holy RNGesus it was the most fun game I have had in quite some time. I'm hoping Wardrum found it as fun as I did, despite the insanity that happened in it leading to my victory. Sorry Wardrum, but that game was just so ridiculous I just have to post the replay of it. Not sure how many times I played Fal'dorei Strider, but I added over 20 spiders to my deck, so at least 7 or 8 times (cbf'ed counting 'em all), and that Twisting Nether "recovery" on T14 was the most ridiculous thing I think I have ever seen in this game, eclipsing some pre-nerf Yoggs! Anyway, enjoy all: 21m
21m !@#$ing priests with perfect hands Its so !@#$ing frustrating to face a priest that has literally perfect hand able to counter youe very single turn. GOD %^-*ING DAMNIT /vent mode offCharoy11 21m
27m Where did the druids go? Astral tiger druid doesn't seem that bad does it? Jade was still strong just last expac. How can INFINITE value not at least see some play. Literally only warlocks and priests now with the occasional mage and rogue.Iuppiter10 27m
33m Least common/hard to get Golden hero portrait? I'd say the most common being Priest atm, haven't seen a NON golden priest in a while not actually, in ranks 19-6 atm all golden priests.Nick0 33m
38m No Daily quest last 2 days Whats up with Daily quests, didn't get one yesterday or today?Thanatosia23 38m
44m Better bots and better nets? Has anyone noticed on the pacific server the sheer increase in names that look like random number generators? I always look at player names and over the past 3 weeks or so, it's gotten to the stage that around 60% of names look like this. A question for the community and dev's then: If these aren't bots, admittedly with sophisticated time delays and hover effects (so they look like real players), why the sudden increase. Time was about a month ago that 9/10 names looked like a human had created them. Shouldn't this be easily verifiable and trackable by noticing data about number of players surging in a specific time period, time active playing, time between games for players, and a simple filter which determines what looks random? Also Blizzard, if you use bots to pad out times when players are thin, grats, you built your own vulnerability into the game. PS. They quite often win too, so I suspect they're using simple ai and learning what works. Ridiculous win loss ratios might also be a way to net them.Daamon8 44m
44m karazhan worth buying now? im sorry i bet this has been asked to deaath, ive been lookin for 10 mins but cant find a reasonable estimate on when to expect kara to rotate out. i play mage and could do with babbling book, also enjoy the pve content in this game. so if i have a few months till kara is gone id buy. think thats the case? thanks in advanceBigDaddyKane11 44m
50m My new favorite gimmick One of those "things I should have realized but discovered by accident". Sonya Shadowdancer + 1-mana-charge = Crystal Core in one turn. This is totally gimmicky and unreliable. It depends on your opponent having a board on turn 7+ that you can smash your charge minion against. You play the quest when you can, and spend the first six turns on control and combo assembly. On turn 7/8 you drop Sonya then your boar or pirate and run the boar into whatever is handy. It reappears in your hand and you repeat as many times as you have mana. If you greased the skids by dropping a copy of your charger earlier in the game then you will complete the quest and end with at least one charge minion still in your hand. Turn 8, you play the quest and all of the charge minions you happen to have in-hand. I've been messing around with a deathrattle deck to provide fuel, defense, and restore with the new "shadowstep" secret and spellstone for support and N'Zoth for a late game board reload. It's never going to be a top tier deck but it's fun to pull off. I'm running a Wild version now where Sludge Belcher and Deathlord can provide some extra defense to the deathrattle train.Slickriptide3 50m
53m what forum poster do you associate with each class? ^Jaina46 53m
55m Can’t believe Luke Skywalker dies I kind of thought it might happen, but I still can’t believe they killed off another main character. Star Wars is like Game of Thrones now.Transistor33 55m
56m Seeing The Last Jedi tomorrow... Unfortunately some inconsiderate miserable dbag had to reveal a spoiler. Funny thing is if I mentioned his name I get in trouble but he's allowed to ruin it for many people who have yet had the time to see the movie. It's pathetic.... Why the f is that thread still up? Before people say well it's kind of obvious it's the principle of the matter. You don't reveal spoilers regardless of how obvious they are. It's common courtesy and you would think also common sense so stop defending the troll. Someone did this last year too in regards to Han...Barabbas9 56m
1h But its balanced, right? Here is what SHOULDN'T be possible in casual mode. 1h
1h I'm a horrible person So picture this. I'm playing big priest on ladder, come up against a rin warlock who plays rin on curve. I play pintsized - potion of madness - steal rin - shadow word horror taking his seal clearing his board and eventually going on to summoning azari. Mother of godStr8nobull9 1h
1h Is it ok to say Thank You after your opponent concedes? I say that to thank them for the game.Iuppiter9 1h
2h I Feel Like All Mage's i run in too go out in the face with spell's.Apocálypse23 2h
2h Took people this long, huh? Stayed off the forums for a while, honestly just had other things to do plus I wasn't going to speculate fifty different decks would be good or bad. The only thing I said was that Duskbreaker would end up being broken. Kinda funny how now one of the strongest decks is that stupid Zoo Priest with Scalebane, Bonemare, Mind Control+Archivist, Keleseth, etc. You could argue it's not Duskbreaker sure and i'm not here to really make that claim anymore; I got downvoted to oblivion before for that and I don't care to make the same argument twice. Instead I'm just writing that I'm kinda surprised it took people this long to finally open their eyes to how dumb Priest is at the moment. For whatever reason people get sympathetic towards classes that are too weak to the point that when they end up being broken it's hard for them to tell. Priest has had this coming for a while now. They were too weak for too long and it was only a matter of time before they became broken because making them a balanced class would just be too hard (not really but I wasnt expecting that to happen). Have fun seeing this on the ladder all xpac and maybe people will finally learn. Dragon/Zoo/Keleseth Priest. Raza Priest. Big Priest. Amara+Raza Priest. We've seen this all before we're just too easy to forget, this is nothing new. People begged to play Shaman. Blizz tried in TGT and introduced cards that later saw a lot of play but just werent enough. Totem Golem. Tuskar Totemic. Thunder Bluff Valiant. But they weren't enough, and after massive hype at the beginning of the expansion it faded quickly. Tunnel Trogg came in and suddenly Shaman was broken overpowered. To be fair, Blizz couldn't have seen it coming too easily; no one really could at that point. Blizz tried to introduce something tame that still -benefited the same style- and it only broke it further (see: Spirit Claws and Maelstrom Portal). To the point nerfs had to happen. This is literally the exact same thing. Priest was really bad for a really long time, Blizz saw people wanted to play it, they made Secret Agent Coming Through which reallllyyy should've been a 5/5 but whatever that card's almost rotated out anyways, then they said "screw it let's break it with Anduin what could go wrong" and then now said "let's toss more stuff in because why not break the class further." The lesson to be learned here is the next time you want a class to be good and it's currently weak, you don't need broken things to be added. I got a lot of sh- for saying that before with Warlock just before Kngihts of the Frozen Throne c ame out. People said they were gonna be garbage trash tier. People said I was wrong. Oh look. Defile. Bloodreaver Gul'Dan. Dreadlord. It's quite the class now. They got even more support. I wonder if they'll be balanced or if they'll suffer the same fate....BestFurryNA0 2h
2h Lets discuss: Nat Neutrality What if the Nat was no longer Neutral? You could make The Darkfisher a Druid class card and buff it a little to be viable for Druid Mill decks.Teelo1 2h
2h My hand is too full! Yeah what card did I discarded? I didn't get to see because someone distracted me from seeing. Can we get a history funded page where Blizzard shows what card(s) I discarded? Also one thing I've noticed is DISCOVER does not show me my options when I want to look at them however TRACKING(Hunter spell) does! Can we get our !@#$ together Blizzard?Tsundude5 2h
2h Plated Beetle's "lore" If you think about it; Plated Beetle's wording with its Deathrattle and 'armor' gain, sounds very gory.nanaboostme3 2h
2h Yogg is pretty good this season With all the new strong spells (expt the warlock discard your hand) I can't say I had any bum yogg's. He has been pullin me out of tight spots every time.Chomskeyhomp4 2h
3h Corridor Creeper needs nurf Change so that your minions only reduce cost. I'm already bored af playing the same decks. I'm a season 1 legend, 3 star Master, I know what I'm talking about.Raz44 3h
3h What counters aggro? At rank 5, I’m seeing nothing but aggro. I lose every game. To be honest, I don’t even understand what counters aggro. I don’t play aggro myself. But none of the decks I played on my way up to Rank 5 work in this aggro meta. How do you counter aggro?CeruleanSky25 3h
3h Pally Legendary Weapon Having a lot of fun with this. It's probably my favorite card out of the xpac. Having it land on a saronite chain gang nets you with 2 of them. Rummaging Kobold brings a 3rd one into the mix. Having any of those land on another saronite chain gang brings it to 4. Doppelgangster would be nice, but it doesn't fit well into the handbuff paladin deck as the taunts on saronite are better. Anyone else having fun with the constant bounce + deathrattle effect?Schyla7 3h
3h I love when tempo mage plays Aluneth ...into control priest. I guess they love milling themselves to death.MoonMan1 3h
3h Matchmaking is fixed / not random Hypothesis: Matchmaking is not random and as per some articles on it, not determined exclusively by number of win or hidden MMR. Several topics have been made on this and it seems forum MVPs love to strike this concept down as a conspiracy theory. However, based on the experience i had as well as several people i have interacted with and well as several people who post their HRS game plays, there is definitely merit in discussing this again. Here is a list of conclusions from my observations - 1) Blizz wants you to have a 50% win rate. This keeps you playing indefinitely and will not get you legend. 2) The decks you face will change based on what deck you are playing. If you change your deck, you will most probably be immediately matched with a counter. This i would imagine is to dissuade people from changing their decks too frequently. 3) You can face the same deck several times back to back. The odds of this happening are so remote that this in itself should shatter any myth of a random matchmaking philosophy. If you manage to win vs such a counter (after repeated games), you will immediately face a different deck. 4) People get frustrated and keep changing decks because they feel like that will increase their win chance. Thus they buy more packs... Hence $$$$ 5) Try picking up a good deck from like 1-2 years ago (in standard) that should win vs most decks from the current meta. So you think you will win and rank easily? Quite possibly the very first deck you will be matched with will be a deck that was a counter 1-2 years ago. Again the odds of this happening in a random setting are so remote... 6) Blizzard systems can analyze your deck and it has massive statistics on how it will do vs any other deck typed. But in the event it finds something new, it will mostly match you vs a mirror deck and then a host of current meta decks to determine what makes it tick. 7) This is basically blizz determining how many wins you get. It is deciding who to match you against to stop your wins or how many times to do it. It is gaming the system to ensure you are as close to 50% as possible. Think if a a casino did this and you will understand why this behavior borders on unfair. 8) This is blizzard's game and they can choose any policy they want. But they should declare the same so as to not cheat games into thinking that buying more cards and changing your deck will result in more wins. Come on Blizzard, shed some light on this. I am sure people will appreciate the honesty.Sinergy323 3h
3h Spiteful Summoner summons... Darkness. Should this be a thing or should Darkness be removed from the Spiteful Summoner's list of possible summoned minions? When Darkness is summoned in this fashion no candles are spawned. A slot is taken up on the board and Darkness just sits there unable to attack, be targeted or anything. I was surprised when I played Spiteful Summoner earlier tonight and Darkness appeared. I can understand summoning minions that could attack if they were silenced or other simple conditions are met. In this case, the only condition that could be met is if you are running Darkness in your deck already.WSanity17 3h
3h Dungeon Run with four Treasures? I just used Shaman to complete a Dungeon Run with four Treasures (Capture the Flag, Glyph of Warding, and 2x Wax Rager). Can anyone tell me what I did to earn an extra treasure card?Zee9 3h
4h Blizzard really did C'Thun wrong.. Such a cool card. I hate that they just totally abandoned it. I understand not wanting to make class cards for them, but it would have been nice to just a few neutral C'Thun minions each expansion until rotation.ohmybob2 4h
4h This game is actually rigged i want my money back rigged asf rank 20s playing tier 1 warlock deck OMEGAULYodelmeister3 4h
5h Secret mage I'm new to the game and decided to put some dust into secret mage and I 100% regret it atm. Far too RNG to be reliable (I'm assuming once I have Aluneth this may change). The perfect mana curve happens from time to time, but I've even gone until turn 9 without a single Arcanologist or secret coming out of my deck. There have been countless games where I've not had a single 1 or 2 mana card come out until mid game. That and the ladder at 13-14 (where I'm at atm) is filled with Spell Hunters and Dragon Priests. NB: Is there a decent hearthstone discord out there to discuss decks etc?mysticfred18 5h
6h Alarm bot into Darkness Would this work? At its best a turn 3 20/20 is not too bad.Chomskeyhomp2 6h
6h Un-Disenchanting I wish there an option to un-disenchant things I previously dusted. When I was wee I would dust every gold card I received. Now that I have more disposable dust, I wish I could have some of my old gold cards back for the same amount of dust I got for them. C'mon Blizzard, for the holiday season?Mefisto4 6h
6h How does this work? Do I become RNGesus now? or will I have better RNG from now on? 6h
6h Recruit/Aggro Paladin WITHOUT Leeroy I have the dust to comfortably craft Tarim, but not both him and Leeroy. How well does the deck function without Mr. Jenkins? I know Rocketeer isn't really a good sub and I don't particularly like the idea of dusting what I need to in order to make him happen. For those of you who've given the deck a fair amount of time, what are your thoughts?Wardrum6 6h
6h Tired of dying turn 6 in hearthstone. A new expansion with a bunch of new and cool cards and i can't seem to try any of the few i get. Every game feels like a race to the finish. I just wanna play cards man.Highdark47 6h
6h 60 pounds 60 packs = 0 Profit So i decide to buy the big bundle its Christmas why not give myself a treat. I get 2 legendarys and not even enough dust to craft a 3rd. Don't you think Blizz the more packs you open the more chance of a legendary since the game runs around these? I just spend £60 of my hard earned money basically buying a brand new game and i get 2 Legendarys, i got 2 in the first 20 packs then 0 in th last 40. Raging.Wildcard10 6h
7h Azar,destroy opponent deck I believe this card is too much.Destroying other player deck with one card?What a stupid thing,I can't believe.Filip29 7h
8h Dungeon run? No, point While I'm glad that the Blizz AI devs got something to do, I'm so !@#$ing sad that this has no impact on the player. There's no point of having this mode. You beat 9 (or however many) bosses? Cool, now you don't get anything.... I'm amazed that this passed any sort of verification, how is this fun to do when you get nothing to show for it when you're done (a card back doesn't carry enough weight)? It's a mode with no rewards (and the challenge is meaningless then) which makes it instantly obsolete.Wint77 8h
8h What do you find to be the most surprising or unexpected about K&C? So far. Rin is actually viable and not at all relegated to "special HS achievements" tier.DeathProof38 8h
8h Druid has 10 gems when I have 5 This is proper balance. I almost won too, but still lost. This is laughable. When I had 3 gems he had 6 and then when I had 5 he had 10. Lol. Not to mention he also got to use the 2 gems for 1 turn card too. And of course it was a Jade druid deck so the only reason he still won was because of all the tempo Jade provides. As of being able to use the 10 gem card for 5 DMG 5 armor and 5 card draw when I was only at 5 gems was not enoughUsername21 8h
8h New game modes I’d like to see something added for multiplayer game modes. For constructed we only have ranked and casual. Ranked is full of try hards (obviously) so that leaves you with casual mode to play decks that you think would be fun. Except “casual” mode has no restrictions or deck mmr therefor you can just as easily end up playing against legend tier decks anyway. There are a bunch of cards in this game that I think are interesting or fun, that never see any play because they are actually not that powerful (exp. Demented Frostcaller) In a game with obscenely overpowered cards and decks, if you are using any of these fringe cards you can expect to be steamrolled. Maybe some system that can rank cards power levels so a deck total could be calculated and equal decks could be paired against one another. Just as an example, I’m not sure how it would work. In summary, a mode called “actual casuals”Cunning7 8h
8h Hardcore mode They should make a hardcore mode identical to casual except the name to prove a point. Casual would still be filled with net Decker's preying on the weak even though they could practice in hardcore without losing stars. Get your !@# handed to in ranked? Go into casual to vent your frustration.Barabbas16 8h