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Oct 4 Whizbang the Wonderful and New Players Some players have noticed that new Hearthstone players (players that are still undergoing the New Player Experience) are currently unable to craft the Whizbang the Wonderful card. We wanted to take this moment to let players know that this restriction was intentional. Whizbang the Wonderful is not a card designed for new players – they won’t know many of the cards that are in Whizbang’s decks, and we don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate players while they are still trying to learn Hearthstone. Once the player reaches Rank 25, or if they choose to manually exit the New Player Experience early, they will then be able to craft the Whizbang card. We apologize for missing this restriction in the update notes for Update 12.2, as that omission was not intentional. We will continue to keep an eye on the New Player Experience and will make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for your feedback and support!Jesse Hill0 Oct 4
Sep 27 Hearthstone Forums Are Moving To Discourse! The Hearthstone forums are getting an upgrade! Starting the week of October 1 2018, the official Hearthstone forums will be moving to Discourse. If you would like a preview of the new forums, check out the Overwatch forums to see how they function. This forum update will provide additional functionality that will make it a better place to hold discussions about Hearthstone. How does this affect me? The old Hearthstone forums will not longer be available for posting after the transition. Discourse will provide a fresh start for all players; this means that any posts or guides that have been posted previously will not carry over! We suggest you copy any guides you may have now for reposting later. The old forums will remain in a read-only state for a limited time. We look forward to seeing you on the new Hearthstone forums in October!Jesse Hill1 Sep 27
Jul 5 Common Topics and Threads Greetings! Here you will find explanations and links to some of the more common, ongoing topics on the forums. As well as links to threads that have been dedicated to specific matters. Additional threads created on these topics will either be locked and directed to the primary threads or removed. Please click on the link below for the topic you wish to review. Common Posts • My thread was removed! • "Vanishing Threads" • Popular Topics • Tyrande Hero Skin Discussion • Auto-Squelch Feature Discussion • How does matchmaking work? Tavern TalksJesse Hill3 Jul 5
52m My theory on how to improve Hearthstone - Multitech cards I think the lack of not only tech card but a lack of good tech cards is really hurting Hearthstone. The lack of tech cards allows metas to get out of control. They nerf something and something else takes its place. Then that new thing needs nerfing, so on and so forth. A game should be designed in such a way that nerfs aren't common but instead players nerf meta decks by teching against them and pushing them back down. This happens but not as much as it should because tech cards aren't as good as they should be, they're only aimed at doing one thing so tech cards sometimes aren't really working as soft nerfs to meta decks. Take MTG for example. Everyone gets access to tech cards and the tech cards do a lot and it keeps other decks in check. For example, a card might say destroy target artifact or enchantment. Things like this don't exist in Hearthstone. We are only given destroy all secrets or silence a minion. I think if we had more tech cards and more tech cards that did more, we wouldn't need nerfs every other month like we are getting. For example, a tech minion card that could say "silence a minion, all spells cost 1 more" or "destroy a random enemy secret and a random card in your opponent's deck". Or "Summon 2 1 cost minions for your opponent and destroy a random enemy minion" Let tech cards do the work of nerfing meta decks and cards instead of just nerf after nerf after nerf. Give the players the ability to keep meta decks in check.Schyla27 52m
1h Player with the coin has an advantage Mage quest the coin counts as a spell that did not start in your deck.That is huge I have lost games because my mage opponent had the coin. Mana wyrm:Not as big a deal but still very nice mana addict:Gets +2 attack when you play the coin very nice rogue:The coin activates combo's. WHen playing mage yourselve you cant cast counter spell until he played the coin who wants to counter the coin.He can just coin out a huge spell he does not need to sacrifice a low cost spell just in case your secret is counter spell. Can you think of more advantages the coin gives you?HappyFeet13 1h
1h Playing Magic Arena Made Me Appreciate Hearthstone I used to rag on the rng of this game so much, so I quit playing it. Then I played a bunch of other games like Gwent, Shadowverse, and lately Magic Arena, and it's honestly made me come to realize what an amazingly designed card game Hearthstone is. The core game systems are just SO solid compared to the others. Magic's draw rng is so bad that I lose about 10% of my games in the mulligan phase, and another 20% by turn 5. Drawing too many lands, or too few, even while having the optimum number for my deck list, it happened too much times and generated a lot of stress. That's on top of the game being home to some absolutely absurd and fun-destroying card effects like making the opponent discard his hand, taking 10 turns in a row, negating a card being played outright (usually for less cost) being so plentiful in decks etc. etc. Hearthstone has its stressful moments and awful rng, let's not disregard that, but I feel like there's a lot less... ahem, degeneracy involved in the style of decks available. I've experienced a lot more back and forth matches in Hearthstone than I have in MTGA, where I mostly either crush my opponent or get crushed.Ardim10 1h
1h activision killed blizzard games I guess did not learn from Diablo so they figure push hearthstone toward more OTK remove deck even are worth playing and top it off with talks of make world of Warcraft free to play and pay to win soon. So blizzard what else can you do to kill your player base anymore, having you lost money because people are tired of you screw thing up their favorite games.GostTemplar37 1h
1h what class has the best quest? It has to be mage right?So good after that I think its priest then warlock. Hunter quest sucks I cant remember the last time I lost to a hunter quest deck. Paladin quest is not very good either you can just silence it.Also the same rule applies to paladin quest as normal paladin.Just keep the silverhand reqruits low thats what shriek and cards like that are for. Which class has the best quest?HappyFeet12 1h
1h State of odd paladin in the new meta So i´ve recently crafted the odd paladin deck specifically this one """" And it doesnt seem to be very good atm it loses hard vs priest and warrior with the vast ammounts of removal those 2 classes have and sometimes vs druid otk with the buffs they can give to the pyros heck even some mages/warlocks can beat it sometimes with their less than warrior/priest removal tools.. just wanted to know whats your guys opinion on odd paladin in the current game and maybe slight changes i can make to make the deck more addaptive to this meta PS: yea im kinda saltyRicky7 1h
1h I'm confused now Zandalari can't be warlocks in Battle for Azeroth yet you put one in the Brawl?lockwoodx4 1h
1h New game mode: Real Casual with no MMR A few days ago I complained that it took me about 5 minutes to find an opponent in Wild Casual. Now it takes me only mere seconds... to get matched with the same two opponents that instantly concede on their first turn! MMR is bad if you're not playing to win and since not everyone plays in Casual to win (e.g. I play only for fun and that fun is not winning) there should be a "Real Casual" mode with no MMR in place.Rubinlibelle25 1h
1h RexxarStone is out, GreatWallofChinaStone is in Never seen so many priests since Raza / Grim Reaper Anduin was a thing. How about you?Urza45 1h
1h Is there a cast limit to Echo cards in a turn? Just a quick question I couldn't find the answer to on the wiki. Say you're a Priest with two Radiant Elementals, and you've copied a Paladin's "Sound the Bells!" so now it costs zero in your hand. How many times can it be played that turn? Until the timer runs out?QuakerPimp12 1h
1h Zoo Warlock, does it help building creative deck or staying original? What else can I add provided I don’t have prince keleseth? I feel that in order to win more I got the pressure to change the deck from previous advice I received on forums... ### Custom Warlozoofrinedck # Class: Warlock # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Flame Imp # 2x (1) Kobold Librarian # 2x (1) Lightwarden # 1x (1) Soul Infusion # 1x (1) Soulfire # 2x (1) Voidwalker # 2x (1) Voodoo Doctor # 1x (2) Vulgar Homunculus # 2x (3) Doubling Imp # 2x (3) Fungal Enchanter # 2x (3) Happy Ghoul # 1x (3) Tar Creeper # 1x (4) Lifedrinker # 2x (4) Saronite Chain Gang # 1x (4) Spellbreaker # 2x (5) Despicable Dreadlord # 2x (5) Doomguard # 2x (5) Fungalmancer # AAECAfqUAwbyBc4HysMC8dAC7/EC0/gCDDCEAfcEwgj3DJvLAvfNAp/OAvLQAtHhAofoAvT3AgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstoneapalon7 1h
2h Auto-Squelch Discussion Greetings, I am starting off this post as a thread for players to discuss the desire for "auto-squelch" or the ability to turn off squelch completely, rather than a game-by-game basis. This thread is for feedback and (civil) discussions on the matter. Those looking to disrupt, troll, start any kind of flame war or just plain be rude will have their comments removed and possibly be actioned. If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see. For any who post, please post respectfully and help to keep this conversation open and moving forward. As updates or comments from Dev become available, I will get them posted into this thread. Thank you!Jesse Hill3540 2h
2h Psa Don't play Jaraxxus I feel a little guilty getting wins off of the Jaraxxus/Sacrificial Pact interaction post Demonic Project, so here is a warning. Don't play him. It is a trap. Yes, I know you thought sitting behind two Enforcers you'd be fine with a 15 health cap and the demons would be helpful getting pressure before Rin went off. Yes, I know this interaction doesn't make any sense. Yes, he does seem to come up from Demonic Project very often. No, I don't think it is fair. Especially not to newer players. No, it isn't going to stop me from winning with it if I have to.RinseWizard11 2h
3h Any word from devs on genn/baku? These two are horrible design mistakes, i think everyone can agree. They're incredibly polarizing, easy to play and easy to pilot, are able to gain insane tempo with either a supercheap hero power or an overpowered hero power at next to no cost.. Even when they rotate out, they will remain a problem in wild forever :( Many suggestions have been made on how to nerf these opressive badly designed cards, why are the devs now so reluctant to speak out on these issue-cards?Tyani26 3h
3h Looking for Hearthstone friends! Fairly new hearthstone player looking for people to converse with regarding decks/ideas, strategy tips, etc. Most of my bnet friends play WoW, lol. I'm committed to getting better! Currently playing the following decks: Secret Mage Jade Druid Kingsbane Rogue I enjoy watching people play (especially decks I have) to help get an idea of how to play it, things to look out for, etc. Feel free to add me! I'll accept any/all requests. Add me: Blackvoid#1554Blackvoid65 3h
3h How do you beat Big Priest in wild without playing some BS OTK druid/mage? That deck is impossible to beat without playing a deck that can bypass the need to play the game and just outright kill you with 0 way to counterplay. No other deck arch type works because priest in wild has the tools to counter literally every deck type aside from OTK and even then if they draw even remotely decently they can still screw you over. I'm not one to netdeck but it seems like unless I play some stupid aviana/kun deck or quest mage I can't possibly win vs that deckYon10 3h
5h game needs 3 daily quests per day. this is cringe coming from the end of they lunar bonus. do not feel like playing. Buy my stuff.SuperLegend6 5h
5h I'm sick and tired of Inconsistency For as long as hearthstone has been around they have had cards that are still worded improperly, interactions that clearly didn't make sense, and people trying to craft cards because they think they will work together... only to find out they wasted dust because the devs don't wanna chance the wording to cards after 4+ years into the game. The one that is upsetting me the most as of now is the Mech'athun/Deathrattle trigger combos. So is your opponent has deathrattle minions on the board that summon creature Mech'athun will still work because the effect happens b4 the other deathrattles has resolved. Which is fine and it makes sense. Hakkar and Mech'athun. If you try to go off with Mech'athun this time you can't because hakkar somehow overrides the static effects and mech'athun will not trigger because you have a card in your deck. Make the game consistent please, im sick of all these reddit post that people are saying why don't these work together or so on and so on. People are tired of the same old same old and the game will never grow or get back to what it needs to be. at least other CCG's actually go back and fix their mistakes... its been 4+ year guys. I love the game but I don't understand why the devs are so lazy.DoctorDr8del3 5h
6h QUEST 80 GOLD I have a quest "to Play with a friend over 80". Looking for a player on the USA server with the same QUEST to get 160 gold! USA-SERVER РусскийВася#2803РусскийВася8 6h
6h Can only suffer a few games Am I the only one who can play only a few matches per day? Like, I'll want to grind for hours, but I get tired after 3 games. Either the game is too stressful, or I'm too bad, or maybe there's some other reason, but I can only manage to do a few games per day.t0rn19 6h
7h VS Data Report #121: The New Meta There’s a new meta, and it’s quite different from the one we’ve seen before the balance changes. The patch has sparked an influx of new experiments and we can see several new decks rising in popularity. Priest is in the process of overtaking Hunter in popularity. What we did not expect was the rise of an entirely new archetype: Wall Priest. This deck blew up on the days following the patch. With Control Priest and Gallery Priest, it completes a trifecta of popular Priest strategies. Hunter has taken a big hit, and some of its archetypes are in the process of dying out. Both Hybrid Hunter and Spell Hunter have drastically dropped in play. The two survivors of the balance changes are Midrange Hunter and Cube Hunter. Midrange Hunter has skyrocketed in popularity, especially at legend, and is the most popular deck in the game. Cube Hunter maintains a more modest share of the field. Late game Paladin decks have nearly disappeared, with Holy Wrath, Exodia and Cube Paladin looking like obvious casualties of the Equality nerf. Odd Paladin has taken over and is the most popular class archetype, followed by Secret Paladin and Even Paladin. Warlock still looks very diverse in its strategies. Zoo Warlock has made quite a comeback, rivaling Even, Cube and Mecha’thun Warlock. Aggro-Odd Mage has soared to become one of the most popular decks in the game in the post-patch meta. Slower Mage decks, such as Odd Mage and Big-Spell Mage, have remained relatively niche in their representation. Warrior is showing signs of recovery. Odd Warrior has made a big comeback, surpassing Odd-Taunt Warrior. We can see Rush Warrior being heavily experimented with, and non-Baku Taunt Warriors are also around. The Rogue class is fractured into many archetypes, and the most popular strategies are currently Malygos Rogue and Miracle Rogue. Odd Rogue has crashed in popularity and is hovering around the 1% play rate. Druid is in a similar spot from before the balance changes. Miracle Druid continues to carry the flag, followed by multiple attempts to revive old strategies, with Malygos Druid being the most prominent one. Shaman looks buried, with a play rate nearing 1% at legend. The last bastion of competitiveness, Even Shaman has now lost Flametongue Totem. This has resulted in its collapse into near non-visibility at higher levels of play. Seems like there's some 'sperimentin' going on in the meta, though of course it retains echoes of the previous one. I've liked Rush Warrior for a while and it's nice to see that it's at least coming into contention a bit.TheRiddler15 7h
7h hmmm didn't see that coming and i cant feel my face.warcraft4652 7h
7h Get rid of ranked 90% of all decks are the same !@#$, full of unfun cards that basically negate everything. I play a minion, it´s dead the next round. Getting %^-*ed(btw grow up and don´t censor words) in turn 4, killed by a 700k+ minion, kill stuff that gets revived over and over again.. wtf is wrong with you?! If you make it about rank, stop implementing these weird mechanics or get rid of it. It´s misleading to have a ranking system with this much rng.BillDoor41 7h
8h OTK Combo decks have destroyed the game Excited for the new expo and new meta I have made a Dragon Control Warrior deck. Play a 20 minute game with 14 cards left in my deck while the opposing warlock has 0. He drops 8 mana mecha'cthun, bloodstorm, cataclysm Really im so F***ing glad that I spent 20 minutes in a game that as a control/outlast deck I couldn't possibly win from turn 1. Just makes me absolutely disgusted with the game and not want to play. The meta is literally aggro decks race OTK decks to win, and there isn't place for anything else. Being able to get into a game that you literally cannot win from the start because of stuff like this is everything that is wrong with Hearthstone. What's the point of having added all these great new cards that give new choice to various deck types, when no matter what they still 100% lose to OTK. Literally the one and only counterplay a control deck has is to play warlock with gnomeferatu and demonic project and hope you get lucky. Cards like Shudderwock and Mecha'cthun have completely changed the game from what it used to be, and in my mind completely ruined it. Where an entire deck archetype has a 0% chance to win, against a deck that can also hold out against aggro/mid range is stupid. I understand that new mechanics and cards keep the game fresh and moving forward, but OTK exodia combo decks are something that should never have been introduced. The whole idea was that you could try to outplay people regardless if their deck had an advantage or not. Instead now we have, oh you played control? you have lost instantly.IceWolf85 8h
9h What Does Rank Mean? I am currently at rank 19. I dropped from 18 yesterday. Now, I see a lot of posts about legend players and people wondering what rank you are or I'll find some folks who have this attitude of, "You have to be at X rank for your opinion to matter." My question is how can I take ladder seriously when there are interactions like this: Cheating out minions has been a thing for a long time in the game and it is an interesting mechanic. However, am I out of line for thinking that cheating out Malygos shouldn't be possible? I think after card draw, spell damage is one of the most powerful mechanics in the game. When you can cheat out the highest spell damage in the game,is this a legitimate problem? I remember seeing a Maly Rogue once before. I didn't know what I was facing until they pulled off their combo...but I do know it took a lot of draw and set up. Nowadays, it seems like cheating out Malygos is easier than ever. When it comes to combos where do you draw the line between making it too easy or making it too difficult? I think that combo is a valid archetype and deserves as much respect as other archetypes. I don't play a lot of rogue or combo but I think that there should be a little bit of work involved paired with a huge pay off especially when Malygos is involved. On the flip side, it shouldn't be impossible. Combos should have validity and consistency. But how much is too much? Am I being unreasonable or is cheating out Malygos a problem? What do you guys think? Also, if this isn't a combo deck, I sincerely apologize. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.Gwyneth92 9h
9h Queue times are now a thing in standard So a year ago queue time in wild top 5 were 16-30 seconds. Since less and less players are playing each month- queue time have gone up even higher. But now I am experiencing queue times on standard top 5- a phenomena that was non existent 2 months ago (no matter the hour). 1. Does this mean the state of the game actually made that many players leave? 2. Is anyone else experiencing a 14-30 second queue time at different hours across the day occasionaly?TheGreatGoku11 9h
9h Filter? Is there a filter or a mod that removes any post that has profanities, even if the profanities are censored with hyphens? I've had about a half-dozen posts just go 'poof' with no explanation. None of them were particularly controversial or inflammatory and all the profanities were hyphenated. At first, it seemed to only be the posts that had two or more hyphenated profanities, but I just had a post with a single profanity disappear. It was the slang term for posterior and the Ss were hyphenated. As curses go, that's pretty mild. I'm curious whether it's a filter/mod, or just a known posting glitch and I'm reading too much into it. If it is a filter, that kinda sucks. I know not everybody curses as much as I do - a bad habit picked up a long time ago in the military - but c'mon. It seems a little extreme to delete posts for containing words allowed on network television in prime time. Especially when they're censored with hyphens. Of course somebody's gonna say, 'Think about the children!' And yes, supposedly little kids play Hearthstone, but I doubt many come on the forum. Even if they do, the parents of a kid using the internet have A LOT more to worry about than their little Johnny reading a commonly used term for the gluteus maximus. Besides, there's about a 100% chance the kid has heard that word and much worse many times before. Probably from his parents. /useless rant But seriously, if there is a known posting glitch, somebody let me know.Streak9 9h
9h Strange scenes switching between forum topics Has anyone else noticed strange things happening when you "return to forum" after reading a topic. Now instead of just a white screen, there's images on it for that brief second. Sometimes there is writing. Is this a hacking thing?Kryss14 9h
9h What Will the New Hero Be? There will be a new hero with the new expansion ala, Mecha Jaraxxus, Rastakahn... What class do you think will get it? What class do you think should get it? Take a guess on the hero!Paf28 9h
9h Anyone notice more "bots" in Casual mode It seems like 75% of the matches the past 2 days have been with "bots" that have a upper case letter name and 4 digit numbers, and then letter with more digits. All of them have basic cards but play all of the different classes. I usually play casual mode because I usually play during work and have to leave during matches.Soultran3 9h
10h Hearthstone far more difficult at night How come hearthstone is easier during the day than at night?During the day I can win games with budget homebrewed decks at night I am forced to play my net discolock deck. Is it because unemployed people play during the day and they cant afford to buy cards?HappyFeet25 10h
10h Year of the Raven cards. Which ones actually made a real impact? I feel like the list is extremely short when compared to Mammoth cards the year before. All I came up from top of my head. Baku Genn Shudder Hench Clan Grizzly Hagatha Dr. Boom Ziliax Dynomatic Jan’alaiSkehan7 10h
10h Forum Poll - metas HighPants7 10h
11h Another I'm done for now post Back when you cant lose a game in 5 turns. if you can be beat in 4-7 turns your GAME is broken. brokenWynterbreeze17 11h
11h Elemental Immune? Frost Lynch Jaina This may be old news. I am fairly new to hearthstone but I had a game where I tried to silence an elemental that acquired lifesteal from Frost Lynch Jaina and was still able to heal. Is this a bug? Or are the elementals immune to silence.Apoc5 11h
12h Suggestions to counter Hyena as paladin? As the title suggests, since the nerf of equality I suddenly struggle against hunters. I don't play the odd paladin, but I play a control variant where my early game minions consist out of rightious protector, beetles, loot hoard, immortal prelate (win condition) stonehills defenders and Thekal mainly. Then there are truesilver champions and consecrations for mid game. So, If I develop a board early (or mid game through call to warms) it usually ends up in a hyena + lynxes/unleash the hounds turn, clearing the board and giving hyena 5+ health. Of course, If I don't develop a board, I get myself quickly killed by the other efficient cheap minions. Suggestions? thanks in hindsightMarkmasters2 12h
12h Hello my Friends - I Legenda HS! It turned out to take the legend! It's an incredible feeling when you hit the legend ranked! Guys, who still take the legend and what feelings you experienced from the passage of all ranks from 50 to 1 rank? What difficulties were there! Confirmation of the capture of legends - evidence -РусскийВася22 12h
12h This game has come down to whos bull!@#$ can beat others bull%^-* No skilled plays its all win by pulling off some rng fueled bull!@#$ move. No wonder this company is going out of business go ahead ban me dont careImreallybad9 12h
13h What motivates you to climb? Hello, so i have been playing this game for about a year now and currently i m at a point where not much can push me to play a ranked game past rank 15, previously i was able to just able to get myself to around rank 6 with the few games a was able to play. Then around boomsday i found myself playing less and less even going a couple of months without touching ranked play Since the February changes made it faster climb the ladder i decided to try it out again got to rank 15 now i just dont feel motivated to play it anymore. So what Motivates you to climb and how far do you usually reach before you the season is done? Would like to know your thoughts.Luci42 13h
15h Fun decks you've been playing The meta is a bit stale, as might be expected of a pre-rotation season. What are some decks people are playing to stave off the boredom? They don't have to be competitive, just fun. Here's one I call Math Druid. The point is to ramp and draw into an oppressive series of Star Aligner plays, enabled by barkskin and 4 health minions. I picked the name when I imagined more health buff interactions. Tbh, I just really like the animation, but I've been surprised by its okayish, win-rate (around 40% in casual). Still playing around with it. Tried an iteration with spreading plague, found that it screwed up beast Rez synergy too much. One additional fun element is the people who realize what's coming and attack the gurabashi berserkers, those are the smart ones. ### math druid # Class: Druid # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Barkskin # 2x (1) Biology Project # 1x (1) Naturalize # 1x (1) Shieldbearer # 1x (2) Belligerent Gnome # 2x (3) Ferocious Howl # 2x (3) Witching Hour # 1x (4) Flobbidinous Floop # 1x (4) Oasis Snapjaw # 2x (4) Swipe # 1x (4) Twig of the World Tree # 1x (5) Faceless Manipulator # 1x (5) Gurubashi Berserker # 1x (5) Ixlid, Fungal Lord # 1x (5) Nesting Roc # 2x (6) Nourish # 2x (7) Ironhide Direhorn # 2x (7) Rabble Bouncer # 2x (7) Star Aligner # 2x (10) Ultimate Infestation # AAECAZICCukBkwSABuIG2grZwgKj5gKb6AL1/ALZiQMKQF+HzgKS0gKN8AK/8gKP9gKrgAO1hgPbiQMA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneRinseWizard11 15h
15h A question about tournament rules: I'm curious Hypothesis: let's say a dude qualifies for a tournament, but can't afford to reach the tournament location. Do they keep a roster of possible substitutes to call for? Or is it autowin for his or her scheduled opponent?blackveiled0 15h
15h Why I feel people cheat and make me disconnect from the matches? I had a great idea, then, I was winning and BOOM my Hearthstone closes from nothing. I can't return to the game, so, my next opponents are "bot names" and are always aggro in vanilla way. I can't have my moment of victories and when I back my next opponents are suspects bots ... It wasn't my internet it was the game whom closed while I was going to win, at the same time, I can't back and I feel very upset about it, because seems too "convenient". I am CASUAL dammit ... is too much ask for a consistent gameplay's session? I am sure it wasn't my internet in 100%.FizzyElf27 15h
16h Should they nerf wild cards or ban card combinations? I think nerfing cards in wild is betraying purpose of wild a bit what if they banned card combinations instead? as example (YES EXAMPLE): You cant have a deck combining both genn and justicar cards that have "banlist" will appear with a button near "craft" buttion. as example: old naga sea witch cannot be played if you have any giantMakaramus18 16h
17h Commoner's Cup Gone BaD- Feb. 2019 Ladies and gentlemen, the February 2019 Commoner's Cup is about to kick off, and it's gonna be a bit different this time around. But first and foremost , its necessary to be on the HS-forums discord channel, below, as that is where we arrange matches: History: The Commoner's Cup was founded by Lykotic about 9(?) months ago - recently run by Wardrum, and now its my turn - as a tournament for the working/casual men, women and children of the Heathstone (forum) community, who want to participate in a tournament setting, without having to dedicate 8 hours (or more) in a single session to do so. We do have a 2 day cap per round so that everything runs as smoothly as possible . Details: Submission due date: 11:59pm, Feb 14 2019 (PST) Start date: Feb 15th 2019 (PST) when lineups have been compiled. Format: Standard. Open Deck lists. Tourney Format: Conquest, Bo5 - Bowsers a Douche (BaD) - soz eggs & fuzzy, I know its your concept at heart - and this is where it (starts to) get interesting. Normally we would be running a 4 deck (unique classes) and 1 deck ban. This time we are going with the BaD model. BaD = 3 decks from unique classes, however instead of banning a class, you "steal" 1 of your opponents decks, which replaces the deck your opponent "stole" from you, using the deck share option - no collection issues in that regard. Card Bans: We are attempting to spice it up a bit from the ladder meta as well, so we have decided the following cards will be banned: Genn Baku ALL Hero cards Quest cards Carnivorous Cube Registration: NA: EU: 1. You will need a (free) account on 2. Use the following format when signing up for this event: Battle tag: <insert tag> *Challonge Name: <insert tag> *Discord Name: <insert tag> Decklists: a/b/c *only needed if your tags are (significantly) different across all 3. 3. email the correct account for the server you want to paticipate on, as seen above, and you will be registered/invited to join the relevant tourney.Bowser36 17h
17h Your Top 5 Cards you Will/Won't Miss Hi! This may be very early since the next card set rotation won't happen in about 5-6 months. But I'm just too curious. I'm interested to know that what cards you WILL be missing once they rotate out of Standard. And which cards you WON'T miss and are glad to see them gone? It was rather difficult for me to decide just top 5 most missed/non-missed cards but here is my list which may or may not change as the card rotation next year approaches. Here's my Top 5 Cards I WILL miss: 1. Emerald Spellstone: If there is any card that made one of my most favorite deck archetypes, Spell Hunter, viable, it would be Emerald Spellstone. Sure, the motivators to make the deck are Rhok'delar and To My Side! cards, which are strong cards. But I don't think those cards alone without the spellstone would have made the deck viable. Plus Emerald Spellstone is just a powerful card on its own that can be put into any Hunter deck that runs secrets. One of the best, if not the best, spellstone card from Kobolds & Catacombs. But still balanced because even though four 3/3s for 5 mana is very powerful, they could still be dealt with. 2. Devilsaur Egg: I didn't even care for this card for a very long time until The Boomsday Project came out giving Rogues new toys to trigger minions' Deathrattle effects, enabling one of my favorite Rogue deck archetypes, the Deathrattle Rogue. Of course the egg is a very good card in even more powerful Deathrattle Hunter decks as well, but I personally find the Rogue deck more fun. Getting 'free' 5/5s on the board with the egg by using Necrium Blade/Vial feels great. I also like how my opponent has to make the tough decision whether to destroy the egg now before I can start generating 'free' 5/5s but also willingly give me at least one 5/5. Or focus on a potentially bigger threat on the board currently. Either way, the presence of the egg may force my opponent to make not-so-great plays. I have this worry that once the egg rotates out Deathrattle Rogue becomes much weaker, maybe even non-viable because the egg is simply that good in my opinion. But we got one more expansion before the rotation so maybe that, or the next year's first expansion, will have cards to support that archetype even when the egg has rotated out. 3. Sonya Shadowdancer: Very neat and powerful card that enables some many cool plays. I use her in my Pogo-Hopper Rogue deck and will be sad to see Sonya go, since she allows me to play many more Pogo-Hoppers, if everything goes well enough. And of course she can be used to do other cool things like draw more cards with a 1 mana Elven Minstrel, kill a big enemy minion with Vilespine Slayer or, most annoyingly, create Divine Shielded Taunt walls with 1 mana Giggling Inventors. I once made my Odd Paladin opponent's life a hell in one match where he couldn't get to my Sonya who stayed alive the entire game and I kept bringing Giggling Inventor back as a 1 mana card. Bet he wished Consecration was an odd-cost card at that time. :P Plus she looks very hot! :D 4. Defile: Very powerful and well designed card that requires some more thinking and calculations than most other strong wave clears, such as Hellfire, Flamestrike, Blizzard etc. do. It's a card that rewards smart, or dare I say SKILLFUL, play. Plus it's been a good card against all these Zoolocks. One time my Zoolock opponent had 4-5 minions on the board at around turn 3-4, I used Defile, killed them all and he conceded. :D 5. The Quests!: Ok, this last one is not a single card but a card type I will be missing and that is the Quest cards from Journey to Un'Goro. I just find the idea of Quests very cool. The only two quests that I own and play, and also liked a lot, are Paladin's The Last Kaleidosaur and Hunter's The Marsh Queen-Quests. Another one I like a lot but don't own is Warlock's Lakkari Sacrifice. Neither of these three are the most powerful ones, I know. But they're fun and that's the point. Would love it if Blizzard brought Quests back in future expansions giving different quests for each class. But maybe not as strong and oppressive this time as some of the current ones (looking at you Caverns Below!)Siperos38 17h