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53m Knights of the Frozen Throne - Pre-Purchase Greetings, fellow Knights of the Frozen Throne! Pre-purchase for Hearthstone’s next expansion is now available on the Blizzard shop! Be aware that your rime-covered Knights of the Frozen Throne packs and Frostmourne card back will be granted in Hearthstone as soon as the next Hearthstone update goes live next week. After the update is live in your region, your pre-purchase packs will appear within Hearthstone, but will remain entombed in ice until the official launch of the expansion in August. The Frostmourne card back will be wieldable right away! Stay frosty, friends!Daxxarri56 53m
19h Auchenai Soulpriest and Lifesteal Synergy Update Greetings! In Knights of the Frozen Throne, we’re introducing a new keyword, Lifesteal, that summarizes the previously existing card text “damage dealt by this also heals your hero”. We’re looking forward to showing off more new cards with the Lifesteal keyword in the coming weeks. Two cards currently exist with the Lifesteal ability in their text box: Wickerflame Burnbristle and Mistress of Pain. In Knights of the Frozen Throne, we’ll be updating their card text to say “Lifesteal” rather than their current “damage dealt by this minion also heals your hero” text. You can check out what that will look like by clicking the links above! Stop Hitting Yourself Auchenai Soulpriest and Mistress of Pain have had a very interesting relationship. Their current interaction results in a continuous loop of healing and damage that results in a rather grisly end to the current game. In Knights of the Frozen Throne, we will be changing the interaction between Auchenai Soulpriest and all minions with Lifesteal so that the Auchenai Soulpriest ability will only trigger once. We hope you are looking forward to our next chilling expansion!Keganbe17 19h
Jan 13 Disqualified Players List for Hearthstone Championship Tour 2017 We take the competitive landscape and fair play very seriously - A fun, fair, and competitive environment is at the very heart of the Hearthstone experience. Those found to be in violation of our Terms of Use are subject to penalties, up to and including disqualification from the Hearthstone Championship Tour. Specific examples of such violations can include but are not limited to win trading, botting, and account buying or selling. A list of players that have been disqualified from the Hearthstone Championship Tour 2017 can be found below. CHRISTINA -- Wintrading noname -- WintradingAvarius0 Jan 13
5m How many players are currently playing Hearthstone ? Any stats on these ? Like how many players have achieved rank 20 in the last month ? That should give is an accurate number of active players.Bee3 5m
6m Really tired of BM... can't get auto-squelch? More than 90% of the time the only thing a person uses emote for is to BM in my experience. Sometimes I will get an appropriate "Well Played" or "Greetings!", but even in those cases, mostly I get some low life spamming "Looking forward to the fireworks!" once they think they have lethal. Now, I can squelch at the beginning of each game, but is it too much to ask for an auto-squelch? I know Ben Brode had commented on it before and said that it would greatly reduce emotes altogether, but if more than 50% of the time it is just used for BM is it too much to ask to be able to turn it off if I choose? What do you guys think?BrokenShield20 6m
6m Which classes are generally considered best/worst? Like which classes are meta and which ones are not? I would like to know if there are any i should try to play more or avoid.HailFall11 6m
9m Suggestion: Wildest mode Greetings, As you know, there are now two play modes, Wild and Standard. I'd like to propose a new one. Instead of always having the same cards to play with, blizzard would make a new set of card every month (from existing cards). In this mode player will only be able to make decks with selected cards. For example one month could be only classic and WotOG, and one other month only the cards following a certain theme. This will be quite wild, the meta would be different each month and that's what would be great! It will force the imagination for the deck building and provide new experience every time. It is also a place where blizzard can test some nerfs. what would the meta look like without [[ice block]] and [[jade idol]]? I hope you like the idea, let me know what you think! If you liked it please upvote it on reddit: 9m
11m Prince Keleseth will see play in Quest Hunter. Enjoy.BestFurryNA6 11m
15m Innervate + Bittertide Hydra I don't know if it's just innervate or Bittertide Hydra but, seems like the current meta is pretty difficult to beat this guy because sure I'd love to play Hunter's Mark or Deadly Shot but, those chances are too slim because I'm never up against this sort of thing should I even bother?Tsundude27 15m
17m Rank 15 for first time It isn't much of an accomplishment, sure, but I'm happy about it. I've played since just after The Grand Tournament came out, content to sit at rank 20 for my card backs and pack each month. Then I looked up and saw that Rank 15 would yield more packs. So I oiled up my Murloc Pally and went at it tonight. It turns out the secret was being completely distracted by RPG Maker! Who would've guessed?Quill3 17m
22m 0 Mana Loop They really need to fix this. Mages cast the 4 sorcerer's apprentices, archage guy, and the quest at the very end of the game. Then, they just keep casting fireball. Requires almost no skill.Annastazia9 22m
29m Fire Festival, or Ice festival? Which one do you guys like more? I personally liked the fire festival more, because it was easier to get gold for the upcoming expansion.KDawg12 29m
35m What class does the best going second? So I'm getting pretty annoyed by how often I'm going second. I decided to keep track just incase my memory was just remembering the worst, so the results of 100 matches. The results 71 going second 29 going first 50/50 my !@#. So I know aggro gets a huge boost going first. Can someone tell me a class who does well going second? TyTheman8 35m
41m Murloc Tidecaller Why is this card in the game still? There is nothing skillful, balanced, or counterable about getting a lucky mulligan and snowballing the game on turn 2 having a 3/3 Tidecaller and a 2/3 Rockpool hunter. 5/6 stats on turn 2 with absolutely no downside. Quest rogue was the only balance change needed though........RoB5 41m
45m Can i mute my Character??Seriously THE SPEECH BUBBLE FREAKING GET IN THE WAY WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO DRAG THE CARD.Bafflinbook3 45m
47m Achieving the Legend Rank How many games does it take everyone on average from rank 5 to legend. Because I feel like played so many games but im not improving or progressing and with 10 days left should I give up ? I'm piloting control mage, token shaman and UK aggro Palladin, with palladin being most successful. Any ideas, advice critique is welcomeAizen17 47m
1h Evolve + Dopplegangster needs nerf Just make Dopplegangster clones 2/3 mana drops instead of 5 mana drops. That way, no really insane value is achieved when Evolve is inevitably played and I'm not staring down 3 bodies with a collective attack and collective health of over 20 in addition to card effects by turn 5 or 6. The player still gets good value, but the threat isn't insaneTaintPuncher61 1h
1h Knights of the Frozen Throne, expansion or adventure? Does anyone know if it'll be an expansion or an adventure? I'm fairly confused because seeing that you can pre-order packs means it's an expansion but also some websites say that there will be some wings that you can get packs as rewards? Sorry if I'm speaking nonesense but honestly there's no straight answer anywhere.ImgnaryVayne8 1h
1h Why does it try to reconnect me when I quit on purpose? I remember when the PC version used to just cue you up to a clean instance of the game if you got screwed and just quit the game/app versus conceding. When I relaunch the game, I want to be sent to a fresh instance of the game. Dont go reconnecting me to the game I just Alt+F4'ed out of. This is new behavior.... didnt do this before. I want the old way back.MageMonster17 1h
2h Would this work as a budget miracle rogue deck? ### Miracle Rogue # Class: Rogue # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (0) Backstab # 1x (0) Preparation # 1x (0) Shadowstep # 2x (1) Arcane Anomaly # 1x (1) Cold Blood # 1x (1) Elven Archer # 2x (1) Hallucination # 2x (1) Swashburglar # 1x (2) Betrayal # 2x (2) Eviscerate # 1x (2) Kobold Geomancer # 2x (2) Razorpetal Lasher # 1x (2) Sap # 1x (3) Edwin VanCleef # 2x (3) Fan of Knives # 1x (3) Mimic Pod # 1x (3) Moroes # 2x (3) Shadow Rager # 2x (6) Gadgetzan Auctioneer # 2x (12) Arcane Giant I based it off this and tried to adapt based on what I had + what I could reasonably craft. The cards I did not have are 2 Counterfeit Coins, 1 Preparation, Sherazin Corpse Flower, 2 Vilespine Slayers, Patches the Pirate, and Bloodmage Thalnos. I replaced Bloodmage Thalnos with Kobald Geomancer since they both have the same mana cost and spell power bonus, but doesnt draw a card on death. I replaced Patches with Elven Archer since they do pretty much the same thing without spending 1600 dust (well elven archer doesnt summon with a swashburgalar or something but i figure its close enough). I added a Moroes bc idk at least he can passively generate cards if my hand is running dry. Betrayal seemed ok to help me punish people putting all their eggs in one basket. The Shadow Ragers are there to help nuke things i guess. Not really sure they are a good idea. I figured Arcane Anomalies would be decent since I can get like a 2/3 turn 1 if i use coin and another spell Does anyone see major issues with this? And if so, are there any cheap solutions? Also, which cards in the deck would you say are best to focus on getting next?HailFall9 2h
2h Upcoming Balance Change: The Caverns Below In an upcoming update, we will be making a balance change to the Rogue card: The Caverns Below. The Caverns Below now reads: Quest: Play five minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core. Since the release of Journey to Un'Goro, Hearthstone has enjoyed a wider variety of competitively viable classes and decks than ever before. We’ve been monitoring overall gameplay, and we’ve decided that—even though everything is varied and many decks are viable—a change to The Caverns Below is still warranted. The Caverns Below is uniquely powerful versus several slower, control-oriented decks and played often enough that it’s pushing those decks out of play. This change should help expand the deck options available to players both now and after the release of the next expansion. Note: The Caverns Below will be eligible to be disenchanted for its full Arcane Dust value for a limited time after the next Hearthstone patch arrives.Keganbe1268 2h
2h Paladin, Frozen Throne. I think Keleseth is a sleeper auto include In buff pally. As of now the only two drops my buff runs is outfitter and Murloc guy. As this deck is all about losing tempo in the early turns then catching up losing 3/4 2 drops is no big deal. Hero power buff more. What this deck has been lacking really and I've played numerous iterations since it was introduced is catch up cards. You see the new 3/2 life steal charge and think !@#. Meanwhile I'm thinking perfect fit. It's basically true silver without the need of diluting your deck with spells. I think buff paly might actually have a chance post frozen throne. Not certainly but the thought of it makes me happy. Anyway I just thought I'd share this brain fart with y'all. Anybody else want this deck to be good? Elemental buff paly is not what this deck should be. Imo it should play like a midrange Druid. You sac early game tempo to double up on it a turn or to later. Discovering tons of $%^-aki is more then obnoxious its pointless. You already win the value game vs control. It just needs better match ups against aggro. Thoughts? If life steal ends up being good would you want it to be in paladin? Do you like murky paly better? Let me know. Or don't lol.Bob7 2h
2h Jaina death knight hero leak Looks interesting. Control Elemental Mage is refreshingly different from current Mage builds: 2h
2h Toggled Squelch Please add a toggle in the option pane to permanently enable squelch. We shouldn't have to hit it every single game.Skruff140 2h
2h I don't know how people grind hours at HS Seriously, how can you sit through hour after hour after hour of this slot machine to grind out legendary ranks? I enjoy the events and the TBs every week and the occasional Arena run. I get my card back for rank 20 every month and I may putter around to see what rank I can get to for an hour or so. But to seriously pursue a goal like rank 5 or higher? With all the clown fiesta gimmicky stuff in any given deck? And you have no way to adjust to a match up once it's queued up? Please... I don't know how the streamers and serious ranked mode players tolerate the sheer capriciousness of the game, forcing them to play for hours to move up a few ranks, only to see that work dissolve into nothing due to a streak of losses. So here's to you, you crazy try-hards, I tip my hat and raise a glass to your tenacity and devotion!LetumVos27 2h
2h 2v2 Gamemode? I know it probably have been requested before. I think a 2v2 Gamemode would be such a great mode for this game. I think you invite or join to your friend's party so you can search for a game together. Or you can just search for a partner alone. -Do you think the gamemode would be balanced? -Do you think the players on the same team can choose the same class? -Do you think the gamemode would be competitive?Plubu10 2h
2h VS Data Report #56 Cancel the Jade Apocalypse The data is in, and the QR nerf did not usher in a Jade Druid Apocalypse. JD Meta Presence: 8.9% JD Meta Performance: Tier 3 (49.1%) JD Bad Matches: Ramp Druid (36%), Token Druid (42%), Secret Mage (41%), Mid-Pally (31%), Silence Priest (24%), Miracle Rogue (36%), Token Shaman (44%), Pirate Warrior (43%). JD Coin Flips: Mid-Hunter (48%), Aggro Pally (48%), Control Priest (55%), Control Paladin (56%), Jade Rogue (53%), Mid-Shaman (56%). JD Good Matches: Burn Mage (67%), Freeze Mage (64%), Taunt Warrior (73%). So Jade Druid is not pushing out Control, is not performing well overall, and is not dominating the meta. There is no Jade Apocalypse, and there never was. REPORT SUMMARY "DRUID Jade Druid was the first deck players jumped onto after Crystal Rogue vanished and it has been heavily targeted by the meta. The increased presence of Miracle Rogue, especially at legend ranks, has beaten down Jade Druid relentlessly. BIG DRUID is the Un’Goro reincarnation of Ramp Druid. It is a legitimately strong deck and superior to Jade Druid in the current meta. Let that sink in. We think it’s time to pay serious attention to this archetype. MAGE Burn Mage is still the most popular archetype, with Secret Mage being a close second. At legend ranks, Freeze Mage’s numbers are double those of Burn Mage. Overall, the Mage class has seen a slight decline in its play rates. The best Mage deck right now is actually Secret Mage, since it has good matchups against both Jade Druid and Miracle Rogue. ROGUE Rogue took a hit with the disappearance of Crystal Rogue but Miracle Rogue has filled the void and jumped in its popularity. Note that Miracle Rogue’s numbers at legend are particularly high, doubling the numbers outside of legend. Aggressive decks and Mages are around, and every day brings more attention to the archetype that’s hovering around the 50% mark. It’s hard to imagine a meta where Miracle Rogue’s win rate becomes truly elite, but it’s certainly a stronger deck now. WARRIOR Both Warrior archetypes look stronger than before. While Taunt Warrior suffers from the Jade Druid matchup, Miracle Rogue is a closer affair that results in a net gain from the disappearance of Crystal Rogue. Pirate Warriors keep bashing Rogue faces, no matter what cards they play, and as Jade Druids have gotten greedier, Pirate Warrior adjusted to improve a matchup that was quite even before the patch. PALADIN Palasin has seen a big spike in play at legend. Both Midrange and Control Paladin are quite prevalent, with the Aggro cluster fading away in comparison. Midrange Paladin is a bit ridiculous right now. It’s probably the best deck in the game if you’re interested in quickly climbing ladder. SHAMAN Shaman has seen a spike in play, and it’s attributed to Midrange Shaman builds significantly rising in popularity. The archetype is highly diverse at the moment, with many different routes attempting to take advantage of the Jade/Elemental synergy. Token Shaman cares little for the balance change. PRIEST The class that has changed the most as a result of the balance change is Priest. Decks that have a Control Priest shell and use a minimal amount of Dragons just for the sake of utilizing Drakonid Operative as a value generator are becoming popular. Another deck that you can notice has spiked to a very good win rate despite a low play rate is Silence Priest, and its ability to dominate Jade Druid is the primary cause of its increased score. HUNTER Hunter has seen an overall decline in play since the patch and its play rates at legend are extremely low. Midrange Hunter is a worse deck as a result of losing the only matchup it actually performed well in. WARLOCK Warlock is still a barren wasteland."TheRiddler67 2h
3h So, how did your free Arena go? For me, it went horribly. I had garbage card selection during the draft, trash RNG in-game and finished 3/3 (basically, 2 wins). In my first game (loss) against a Paladin, he had that two 7 mana Weapon. I drafted weapon removal, but didn't draw any until all swings hit. I would have instantly won that game by drawing any weapon removal. My second loss was in a mirror match. My opponent plays a Mind Vision on turn 1, while I still had Coin. He copies my Giant, then faceless (Taunt one) it the turn after... In the last game, my opponent had "Poisonous" weapon. Needless to say, I didn't draw weapon removal until all hit had removed my minions. I played "sub optimal" minions turn after turn, hoping to bait out his final hit. I was just reminded why I don't bother with Arena anymore. At least it was a free run.DoomBringer151 3h
3h When your opponent has a clear lethal As the title says, when your opponent has a clear lethal(and not when you feel you can't win), what do you do? Do you concede immediately? Or do you wait for the final blow to fall? I don't think there's anything wrong or BM-ish with either options, I myself concede immediately and leave the game. Just curious about what you guys do.Idhren18 3h
3h How old are you 2 The electric boogaloo! I've been noticing a lot of references to the average age of the folks that post on here, so I figured I'd bring the topic back up in a fresh thread for all of the newer members that might not want to flip through a bajillion pages. I'm 29.Wardrum108 3h
4h 1095+ days and this game still doesn't have a replay feature or match history. But sounds like stats are finally coming either this year or next year.Candy12 4h
4h New Wild Mode Needed I suggest we need a new Wild mode. Standard get very....stale, let's just say. Wild constructed is only marginally less predictable. Arena mode used to be where you could go to get away from playing the same stale meta of constructed decks, but then they made Arena Standard, which limits the card pool and so you see the same cards over and over again. Basically, the game has lost much of its joy. I suggest that a new Wild mode would help. As an example, in Magic they came up with something interesting in Commander, where you have a 100 card deck and a limit of one card per deck. Not saying Hearthstone should do Commander, but it would be interesting to see a game variant where you had much larger than normal deck size and were limited to one of each card (though likely needing to ban cards like Reno, Kazakus, etc.) There are probably a number of creative possibilities for having a new wild mode which could utilizes the full breadth of cards and would be fun and interesting for those who want a relief from Standard.JohnnyHuman0 4h
4h How are you supposed to defeat Quest Warrior? Once they get their quest done there you will be taking 8 damage guaranteed every single round. I seriously am starting to wonder at Blizzards ability to maintain this game in the future.Twilight58 4h
4h Midrange elemental Shaman It has been a while since Jade spirit and Hallazeal became members of the elemental tribe. I have tried a few different variations in the past week but nothing really worked out to my expectation. It is definitely a very very fun archetype, especially in my earlier versions which included Hallazeal. The deck is too slow most of the time against mage and jade druid. Overall, I find the token evolve shaman still being the best archetype for Shaman. Anyways, that is just my experience. What does every else think? Did anyone have any success so far?LiptonTea13 4h
4h Innervate + flappy bird It really frustrates me when I got Innervate + flappy birded, again. And have literally no solution to it. with the +2/+2 mark on the second turn getting wind fury into stealth. Is doctor 3 a decent card at all? It's useless when the opponent is able to handle it, but when the opponent is not on the first turn, it will only make the situation worse for the opponent every turn and get an easy win or tons of value without even using the brain.LiquidE3 4h
4h Should we wait to open packs? I have 11 classic/un'goro packs I haven't opened, should I wait to open them until the card drop rates change when Frozen Throne is released? I'm more likely to get legendaries and stuff if I wait until then right? I saw some streamers opening packs they got from brawl and arena and I was confused why they weren't waiting.Kappa7 4h
6h I didn't play my free arena run yet are there others rewards besides the free arena entrance? Just wondering.TheLegend275 6h
6h Well Played Meaning Hi Everyone! I just wanted to talk about what "Well Played" means to me. When I emote well played, what I'm really trying to tell my opponent is that I really enjoyed the long and meaningful discussion that just took place and I look forward to our meeting again in hopes of catching up on old times, possibly with an ice cream date or a nice game of bowling. Unfortunately, my opponents don't feel the same way as I do. Well Played, anyone?Schyla15 6h
6h Cthun Will we ever be able to disenchant Cthun? Is it possible when Old gods rotates out to wild or will we have to keep this card in our decks forever?Alexsthebest7 6h
8h Is Lifesteal a mediocre ability? It sort of seems like it would be most of the time. It sets off my "win more" alarm. You need to actually be in a position where you have enough control of the board for it to actually do much, and at that point you're unlikely to be in danger anyways. What do you guys think?HailFall27 8h
8h Quest mage ruins the game. All the player does is hide behind 2 ice blocks and then make 4 copies of sor'c apprentice. then play arch mage anton for infinte 0 cost fire balls with the extra turn. This quest is way more broken than Rogue Quest. Now every time I see a quest mage is an instant concede. There is 0 chance of winning no matter how full your board control is. Anyone else feel the same?ValJalapeño25 8h
8h Finja Warleader Interaction?? Why is it that if Finja kills a minion that deals 4 damage (or total life of Finja) but Finja summons Warleader that Finja lives? Like the attack effect happens BEFORE that damage?? WHAT?Radar14 8h
9h Ranked Anyone else have a day where they only get put against deck types that counter them like aggro if you play a control deck like me, because I played about 11 matches today and I got put against 7 hunters and didn't stand a chance (cause I'm bad at the game) Also sorry I just wanted to vent because of my bad luckKDawg9 9h
9h Missing from HS: Dodge A Hero Class Pink Class Background Frostfire BoltVera3 9h
9h A little poll on OTK-deck's As you all know there always have been OTK-decks in hearthstone. People like Kripparrian and Toast (Streamers/youtubers) love OTK-decks but Blizzard doesn't really like these OTK-decks. So let's see what you have to tell. Vote: Results: 9h
9h Priest summoning Tirion vs Warrior Can someone explain to me how a priest is able to hard cast Tirion? I was playing against an elemental priest yesterday who was able to snag pyros from discovering an elemental, but then he drops Tirion at the end. How is that possible? I was playing warriorRitual31 9h
10h Wild Paladin Quest Deck - Needs Refining! Hello all, I'm asking for a hand refining a Wild deck, primarily asking for help from those who own and have at least toyed with the Paladin Quest. Being able to use and playtest The Last Kaleidosaur is much more helpful and goes far further than simple theorycrafting. One of the biggest flaws with Galvadon was being able to bring him out in a timely manner. 6 buffs is really hard to fit, let alone drawing and playing them. However, I made a crude deck in the aims of bringing Galvadon out early by supplementing buffs with Spare Parts and... it started working. Before I decided to use mechs, I found most games were decided way before Galvadon ever hit the field, but with this crude deck I'd thrown together in Wild, Galvadon began becoming relevant earlier. Mind you, I've played too few games to even consider calculating winrates (and even if I did, I'd still call this a 35-40% winrate deck at best), but it feels like there's the beginnings of something. It just needs work. So before I continue, the deck, in its crude, unrefined glory: 2x Adaptation 2x Blessing of Might 1x Blessing of Wisdom 2x Clockwork Gnome 2x Divine Strength 1x The Last Kaleidosaur 2x Hydrologist 2x Mechwarper 1x Primalfin Champion (I do not own a second) 2x Shielded Minibot 2x Divine Favor 2x Muster For Battle 2x Seal of Champions 2x Tinkertown Technicians 2x Blessing of Kings 2x Mechanical Yeti 1x Spikeridged Steed You can see the general idea here: while buffs are hard to stick since they have to be drawn, Spare Parts are generated via a minion that can have its own board presence without needing a buff. I figured I'd go back to the GvG meta on this one, trying to include all the easily accessible mechs in order to max spare part gain. The end result is Galvadon is usually active and ready to go around turn 6 or 7 with remarkable consistency, and without having a totally helpless early game. Win Condition: -Max the value of buffs to generate tempo and value. -Use and abuse the efficiency of mechs while generating Spare Parts. -Use Galvadon to swing the game. Flaws/Hesitations: -Not satisfied with the number of mechs yet. Wanted more mechs for consistency, but need to keep mana costs low, making me hesitant to include Shredder, and I'm not sure about Harvest Golem. -Need more early game sticky. Muster is amazing for making sure at least one thing gets a buff, but feels like I need more. Haunted Creeper instead of Hydrologist? Maybe axe a buff to make room? -Vorrax is a potentially useful card, but I do not own it. I think it could replace Blessing of Kings, which is typically too hard to play anyways. -Divine Favor reliance. It's really dang useful because of the low curve, but it's limiting what I can put in the deck. Acolyte of Pain might make sense? -No Equality or Truesilver. Paladin's best cards, but I simply have no room, and they have synergy with neither Mechs nor Buffs. -No Djinni of Zephyrs. I wanted this guy in here because of his unique interaction with buffs, but never found the room. -No Brann. The obvious pairing is with Galvadon, but there are so few Battlecries that I can't justify him, never mind the fact Galvadon is usually played before turn 8 anyways. The Mission: -Find which themes are worth clinging to while cutting cards that do not support that theme. -Discern between what makes sense on paper and what holds up in actual practice. Just because something makes sense doesn't make it work (like Brann). -Aim to win by turn ~8-9 with either efficient buffs on minions or a big Galvadon.Teo5 10h
10h (LEGEND) ARY 1 sec ago I cannot decide which legendary to craft, could I get some help? Current ones I have already are: Awaken the Makers, The caverns below, edwin, sherazin, clutchmother zavas, jaraxxus, fire plumes heart, king mosh, patches, thalnos, barnes, kazakus, umbra, finja, leeroy, curator, medivh, alexstraza, c'thun, n'zoth, and yogg. holding 1800 dust and cannot decide weather to wait till new cards are released mid august or to go for mur paladin or jade druid. I need only aya and fandral, and other i need 3 epics and tarim. Any ideas on what to do? Im going for a tier 1 deck im stuck at rank 4 trying to get legend for the first time! All feedback is appreciated!Blizzzzz4 10h
11h Event Question Will the free arena runs from this event stack or do I have to play through an arena each week to get the next one? I don't need much of anything from the current set, so I was wondering if I can save them all for after the expansion. - thxTeaParty0 11h