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7h Upcoming Balance Changes - May 2018 Greetings! We have announced the balance changes that will be coming to Hearthstone in the near future. You can review the full announcement here: Hill122 7h
5d Are you brave enough to explore the Witchwood? Check out Hearthstone's latest announcement! Hill112 5d
Apr 24 Shudderwock and Lifedrinker Battlecry Animation Update Recently, our players have had feedback regarding the Shaman card, Shudderwock. We understand that the length of its Battlecry animation and other animations spawned from its Battlecry can be frustrating. In a future update, we will be doubling the animation speed of Shudderwock’s Battlecry so it will lessen the impact on the overall pacing of your current Hearthstone match. In addition, the amount of Battlecries Shudderwock can reproduce will be capped at 20. We will also be speeding up the animation of Lifedrinker for similar reasons. Thank you for your feedback, and we’ll see you in the Tavern. Cheers!Jesse Hill0 Apr 24
Apr 20 Hall of Fame Cards from Classic Packs Resolution With the launch of The Witchwood, a small number of players were still able to receive cards that moved to the Hall of Fame in their Classic packs. We quickly resolved this issue so that additional players would not be impacted. The affected players have received Arcane Dust based on the full disenchant value of the Hall of Fame cards they opened during the timeframe this issue was live. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue. Cheers!Jesse Hill0 Apr 20
Apr 14 Updates Regarding the Hearthstone Championship Tour Greetings everyone! We are now through our first few Tour Stops of the year, and wanted to take a moment to provide some updates regarding Tour Stops in 2018. Tour Stop Awareness Many players have reached out with questions regarding Tour Stops. We will be providing information via our announcement posts and the @HSesports Twitter account until a comprehensive schedule is available on our website. This year there will be 24 Tour Stops — eight each in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Tour Stop Announcements and Schedule We recognize that planning travel to attend a Tour Stop is complex, and that it’s difficult for teams to decide whether they will send a player to an event. Going forward, Tour Stops will be announced at least six weeks before they are scheduled to take place. Registration start times also will be shared four days before registration begins. An overview of Season 2’s Tour Stops are now available here, and the schedule will be updated with specific dates as they are announced. Tour Stop Signups Tour Stop signups are capped at attendance numbers each venue can support, so that venues can be optimized for competition and that tournaments don't run unreasonably long. Tour Stop signups open at a time appropriate for their region, and are received on a first-come, first-served basis. Grand Prix Tour Stops have regional player allocations—just like online-to-offline Tour Stops—to ensure all players have an opportunity to register. Signup Verification To ensure those who register for a Tour Stop will attend, we require all registrants to provide proof of travel; or, if the Tour Stop is attached to a larger event, proof of event ticket purchase. After registering, organizers may allow registrants up to 10 days to provide appropriate documentation. Registrants who do not provide documentation by the organizer’s deadline will forfeit their registration to the next player on the waiting list. This verification process is designed to eliminate uncertainty, while allowing for players to register for the event before making travel arrangements. Open Deck Lists Moving forward, all Tour Stops will require published deck lists. We are working with various tournament platforms to improve the functionality of deck submissions, deck editing prior to a tournament, and the display of submitted decks during a tournament. Patch Timing We strive to provide as much notice as possible regarding game updates, though occasionally we cannot communicate this as early as we would like. We always intend to schedule deck list submission deadlines with as much lead time as possible. We will be working closely with the game team to minimize impact to the tournament ecosystem due to patches. =================================================================== Thank you for your valuable feedback on the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour system. We look forward to seeing you at tournaments around the world!Jesse Hill11 Apr 14
4m New Keyword Ideas Keywords include things like Battlecry, Taunt, Adapt, Windfury, Recruit, etc. Try thinking of new ones! Try coming up with some example cards, too. Burn Target takes damage multiple times. Amount of damage and how many turns depends on the card. The damage over time would activate on the start of the caster's turn. Example: Ray of Fire 4 Mana mage spell Burn: 2 damage for 2 rounds This would effectively deal 4 damage. 2 damage when cast, and an additional 2 damage on the mage's next turn. This mechanic could Also be used for healing. Example: Regen 3 mana Priest spell Burn: Restore 1 health for 4 roundsDarthSil19 4m
5m Shudderwok, is still dumb. And other Inevitables Shudderwok is still stupid. Wins games from near zero health against full health and armor. Even if healing / minions on board for after. Delays the rope. Do we really have to deal with this new Exodia for a year before it rotates out of Standard? Some other OTK or Nothing You Can Do over several turns once it's played enablers have been addressed more than just sped up. The 20 limit... doesn't stop it. Similar for Rin. All the, Need quicker Win Condition Posts... I get it. But cmon. Out Value can be a win condition. And part of why Quest Rogue got nerf, the first time, was stated to reduce the dynamic of - If not aggro will lose. These Inevitable, no counter play once started stuff. Makes worse the Rock, Paper, Scissors feeling. That in some ways is not entirely avoidable. But even poor matchups can have low odds wins pulled out. For a slower deck. You (just about) lost when game started. It's frustrating. I'm not trying to Rank up. Just really dont enjoy some of these cards. Overall I enjoy this game. And respect the thought and work and creativity that goes into it. Sometimes I can't help but feel sets are done so far in advance and in silos. That themes that get articulated and reinforced. Like the explanations behind some nerfs. That minion interaction is encouraged and favored. That they are wary of dmg burst, spikes. Are undermined by some cards, combos that get created. Even if not fully intentionally. And then allowed. Thanks for all your great work Team 5. For the soon to be nerfs. And I hope continued consideration, reconsideration of some or all of the above. -CCleric809214 5m
6m Voodoo doll + Defile Order of Operations? So, I'm still confused by the interaction of voodoo doll and defile. I was playing arena yesterday and my opponent played a violet wurm. I thought "great I'll voodoo doll it and then defile to trigger the voodoo doll and since it just died defile will go off again and all the 1/1's will die". Apparently that's not how it works. Defile did go off again but somehow before the 1/1's spawned. Can anyone explain how that works to me? I mean when defile kills a void lord the 1/3's come out and get hit by defile again. So, deathrattles do trigger during a defile sequence. If the deathrattle on the voodoo doctor triggered then the wurm should die and trigger its deathrattle as well, right? Why would the second deathrattle wait until after another round of defile damage? Does that make any sense or is there a bug? edit: link to video example (in 3rd post as well) 6m
14m Mana What's the point of 10-mana and 8-mana minions if you can play them for 6 or 5?Ropemaster1 14m
23m The hunter's lesson I have always been convinced about the necessity of buffing the base set since it is so underwelmingly bad. Then, i realised that hunter basic and classic cards are the most ubiquitarious of all classes: they are the backbone of any hunter deck ever. This lead me to one conclusion: we need to nerf hunter cards to widen design space. For exemple: building a resurrect synergy with bowman is really hard becouse a lot of controlly-highvalue hunter cards spawns bad beasts you dont want to resurrect (like highmane, animal companion, houndmaster). And it even goes on: becouse of how invested is hunter in beasts synergies, even controlly spells spawns weak beasts: flanking strike and wandering monsters. Look at shaman, with his terrible set and how far did he make it. Tier7. Ops, bad exemple. But he can transmute a 6drop in a 1/1. Look at warlocks: they got their powerfull demons to resurrect and ways to abuse that with no punish. And it is tear 0. Our tears. The hunter lesson is: we should make the basic and classic cards garbage and reprint them i more powerful versions for the sake of diversified metas.TrollEpico10 23m
29m Best Leg to craft for new Hunter? Would like to get some input on what the best legendary to craft is for a new Hunter. I'm asking for a friend and don't want to offer any bad advice. Was thinking Baku or Rexxar but I'm not really sure. Any advice is appreciated. thanks :)Hamlet20 29m
29m Isn't it so nice.. To play against the same old or new meta decks in standard or wild? Oh hearthstone. You wonderful bundle of creativity you. Other games are more entertaining/open ended. This is redundancy at it's finest. Must be why the gold increase exists. Gold doesn't translate to entertainment. The bait hooking people to the game is growing stale.Taekwondo074 29m
39m yeah im sorry but explosive runes should do zero damage if you play a divine shield minion. all 6 damage should hit the divine shield just like a pyro blast or fire bolt. the divine shield should eat all the damage. not 1 of the damage. since when lol. the secret needs a counter right? why i need to play a 6 mana minion to counter a 3 mana secret? lol mages.Turnips54 39m
46m Asked my friend to go and play.. I asked my friend to go and play. He was doing pretty well and he said it was awesome. Told him how things work, esp. the ladder (rewards, etc.). So he starts laddering at rank 25. To help him, I spectate his games and coach him. Ofc. as a starter guy, he uses a basic hunter deck. Went well with the first 3 ladder games, torched the opponent (my God those guys were sooo bad) and lo and behold, he faces a CubeLock at Rank 25. Yes, you heard that right. And soon as I saw the guy drop a Kobold Librarian, I knew he was using that deck. Helped him as much as I could, but there's only so much you can do with a hunter deck with rares and commons (RIP Midrange hunters) esp. against a CubeLock drawing two dark pacts into two Possessed Lackeys. After the game, he told me "Is this how this game is?" And I can't reply anymore than "Yup, this is how it is". RIP to all the newbies who just wants to learn the gamemetaisborken29 46m
59m Dreamhack won by card weighting esports.c4ution6 59m
1h Nerf Fireballs and Pyroblast :( Getting roasted by tempo magesKnighters16 1h
1h Build a Rager Rules are simple: Create a "Rager" card. Ideally, the card should have 5 attack and 1 health, 1 attack and 5 health, or an effect that sets it to around that amount. It should ideally be 3 mana, but can have more or less if you think it necessary. It may have an effect of your choice; it can affect health/mana, but in the spirit of the card, it shouldn't make the card great. Remember, this is a Rager - it can have an effect, but it's not going to be making constructed. Storm Rager: 3 Mana 5/1 Windfury Holy Rager: 3 Mana 1/1 This Minion always has 4 more attack than it has health.Teo143 1h
1h Taunt Why does taunt exist? Tar creeper like 1/5 (+2 attack but useless) and heal 5 hero. It really weird and unusable (like house) I.e Stonehill be “discover heal minion”instead gain taunt. And shielguy (I think he in basic set) should be heal not taunt. I mean it like they make rush... why do charge???? Sorry if you salty... taunt counter charge make heal.SweetTexas771 1h
1h Honestly curious Do you guys think this is the most uninteractive meta ever? I really can't think of a meta where your win/loss vs specific decks was this lopsided. Feels like this game is close to being tic-tac-toe. You just play into certain match ups and you know instantly that you're going to win or lose. It just isn't fun anymore. And most of the decks you play against have over valued cards and combinations that you can't even interactive with.Lukas7 1h
1h How to play Hearthstone - Sarcasm only Hi Guys, This is how it goes copy netdeck getting pissed not to have all cards go to forum and complain about the pay to win game scraping the dust together with aggro/cancer decks winstreak until higher rank loose a game go rage in forum complain about the worst meta ever Blame the RNG meme about decks you hate playing against and request a nerf provide valid proof of the rigged matchmaking join at least 1 discussion about emotes downvote everyone with not your opinion rope all decks you memed earlier against give blizzard an ultimatum with a clear deadline Inform everybody why it was better in earlier days and why you quit let blizzard know how many month you are planning not to play For the Horde !Mokra13 1h
1h Who came up with the nerfs? So first things first, I appreciate the nerf to call of Arms. It will prevent even paladin from torturing the meta. Now let's talk about the other nerfs. Possesed Lackey still recruits doomguards and voidlords for a ridiculous mana price, Dark pact is still a card that kills your own minions and heals yourself and Spiteful summoner will still summon a turn 6 tyrantus. Spiteful summoner still does the same overpowerd job. I don't care if it will give the opponent one more turn to draw a polymorph, a turn 7 16/16 is still as powerful as a turn 6. A turn 6 Recruit a Voidlord is basically the same as a turn 5. Killing your cube for less healing still kills the cube. Someone tell me who cam up with the nerfs....NightThief15 1h
1h Stonehill Defender Change I think Stonehill offering legendarys is stupid, Paladin into Tirion, Tarim Warlock into Rin. Simple answer remove taunt from Tirion, Tarim and Rin. Or change it so that Legendarys cannot be offered by Stonehill. Legendarys are supposed to be "game-changers" so allowing people to play 2-3 of them in the same game is beyond ridiculous not some sort of freebie card from a 3 mana 1/4. And yes this is a vent thread so do not look too much into it, Just food for thought.. After playing 2 silences then to basically lose against Rin because it destroyed my deck because a Warlock found it in a Stonehill Defender is very salty lol.Drib32 1h
1h Milhouse Manastorm - Adjustment Please I love the idea of this card, and it's such a shame that it will never see any play. I suggest that blizz should change the effect of the card to: "The first enemy spell cost 0 next turn" It will still be a huge benefit for the opposing player, and might make Milhouse see some more play. I mean it's still only One 4/4 for 2 cost in a deck...Melkersson9 1h
2h Need Friends in EU server to finish Quest. Help. I've sent friend request to couple of players after the game but none accepted not sure if it has got to do with me playing Spiteful Priest. Anyone from EU server add me Knighters#1270 or Post your Battletag below I'll add you. Thanks!Knighters0 2h
2h [For Fun] Alliance or the Horde Introductory Story: There is staleness in the air, with a silent shadow casted over the twilight. Something is brewing........ A raven swoops down from the distance and drops a tiny scroll onto your hands. You untied the parchment and the letter reads, Dear Hero, I am writing to you in a time of dire need. I have received reliable news that there is a plot against me and to bring down the world which I hold dear and the people whom I treasure. Will you assists me in my fight? Game Rule: Choose a side: Alliance or the Horde Choose a card: From whatever class, WILD or Standard (but only 1 card) At the end of the week, let see who (the Alliance or the Horde) receives more following. In addition, let's see if we can make some decks out from the thread and have a Alliance vs Horde match.Reaver41 2h
2h If dark pact was 0mana destroy a friendly minion... would you play it? Just curioushotdog135666 2h
2h Naga+Giants players What will you do when Naga becomes 8 mana? I chuckled at the shadowreaper nerf, but this nerf has me laughing even harder.KrustyFlesh23 2h
3h How to counter FrostLitch Jaina How can I counter FrostLitch Jaina as a Spiteful Dragon Priest? How can any deck counter this single card?Spites19 3h
3h GAMBLER’S FALLACY Warning: A lengthy read Do you agree? Have this article enlighten you of something you did not take notice before? What are your views? What was the standout point you got from the article?Reaver118 3h
4h Are silences the problem? is it just me or is the availability of silences an issue? Obviously it’s more of a problem if you play a slow deck but more and more it seems too cheap and easy an answer for players to silence tuants out their way or reduce threats. PS: counterspell needs to go! :)Beaker17 4h
4h I just "meme'd" my opponent and he's raging so hard... He's roping me every turn and did it until he lost. My intent wasn't really to enrage him. I mean, I drew both "meme cards" and couldn't have done it (since I completed my Quest AFTER I drew both cards). He was good enough to grace me with double BRING IT ON. Well, I brought it on and he wasn't ready for it. ^Final results of that game. He roped until the very end. He tried to go for the fatigue route (I copied his hand and deck and he had ZERO minion in his deck left).DoomBringer6 4h
4h Aggro Pally! Help! Hey guys! with the nerfs coming in i have decided to resurrect regular old aggro paladin i think it may be up there with murloc paladin when refined and renewed but i do need your help! i have made a somewhat sloppy aggro paladin that got me to rank 8 and i was needing yalls input on what i can change or replace i have dust to spend so spare no expense! thanks for the help and sorry for the wall of text TLDR: I need help! ### Aggro # Class: Paladin # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Acherus Veteran # 2x (1) Argent Squire # 2x (1) Blessing of Might # 2x (1) Glacial Shard # 2x (1) Righteous Protector # 2x (2) Dire Wolf Alpha # 2x (2) Hydrologist # 2x (2) Knife Juggler # 2x (3) Divine Favor # 2x (3) Unidentified Maul # 2x (4) Blessing of Kings # 2x (4) Call to Arms # 1x (4) Spellbreaker # 2x (4) Truesilver Champion # 2x (5) Fungalmancer # 1x (6) Sunkeeper Tarim # AAECAZ8FAvIFucECDkanBfUFzwavB9kHsQiXwQKzwQLjywKVzgL40gLR4QLW5QIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in HearthstoneHalcyon1 4h
4h Did quest values actually increase? So we all know the the minimum quest value went up from 40g to 50g. However, I'm curious if the actual value of doing quests went up overall. The only data I have is my own experience that I did not properly record, and is therefore meaningless and subject to confirmation bias. So I would ask the forums: does anyone feel, as I do, that you have been receiving the minimum 50g quests far more often than you ever received 40g quests? It's a possibility that when they increased the values of the quests, they also adjusted the offering rates to keep the average quest value about the same as it was before. Relevant Reddit thread from yesterday: ...Flame58 4h
4h Post nerf meta speculation What are some decks you think will rise in popularity once the nerfs go live? My money is on odd Rogue since its toughest matchup is getting nerfed (paladin.) Also keep on eye on odd hunter, with warlocks reduced healing they can burst them down easier, and paladins can't over-run them. I think alot of control warlocks will switch back to classic cube, and priest will drop since they fed off of warlocks and paladins. What are your thoughts?Trevster10 4h
5h Splitting Festerroot I think this is a bad card. But i think there are a lot of ways to improve it. I would be cool to see it as a druid only card or something of that nature and it should have taunt. It should have taunt and its second set it spews out should also have taunt. This would make it a balanced card cause your paying 8 for 8/8 taunt stats and 4 1/1 board stats at the end. It should at very least have taunt on its own. Force people to break this 8 cost minion down. Think on itCrumbz7 5h
5h Something positive: Only thing hearthstone has going for it are animations. Other games pay attention. Start animating better. Game play in this is crap. I'll gladly jump ship if you make one.Taekwondo072 5h
5h Can't delete Monster Hunt quest. I have a Monster Hunt quest in my log that I have zero interest in completing. But the usual button to delete it isn't appearing, and I'm not playing Monster Hunt again. How do I get rid of it? It's taking up space in my log.SLThanatos48 5h
5h Hit 4,000 gold today. Will likely end at around 4,020 range since I will do some more brawls. Anyone else in the savings grind? I am an unabashed critic of Blizz but I have faith the next expac will fix some of the current issues and take it up a notch. I want to he ready to get plenty of cards and roll into the grind to legend starting in September. Until then it's savings. Hoping to hit 10,000 gold. What about you guy's?Goramier33 5h
6h CTA nerf is stupid. 5 mana will kill this card. just make it recruit 2 minions or something. it will kill even decks. not viable in odd decks. what is it good for? even it can recruit 3 one mana minion in normal decks. for 5 mana!!??Raven74 6h
6h Quest Data, Play rates, Win rates. Someone asked for the Quest data, so here it is: In order of most played: PR = in what % of decks. DW = win rate of decks playing the quest PWR = win rate when quest is actually played 1. The Caverns Below (Rouge):---- PR: 3.7%, DW: 52%, PWR: 50.8% 2. Fire Plume's Heart (Warrior):--- PR: 1.8%, DW: 50.8%, PWR: 47.8% 3. Awaken the makers (Priest):--- PR: 1.3%, DW: 48.7%, PWR: 46.5% 4. Jungle Giants (Druid): ----------- PR: .5%, DW: 46.5%, PWR: 45.2% 5. The Marsh Queen (Hunter):----- PR: .2%, DW: 40.2%, PWR: 36.8% 6. Open the Waygate (Mage):------ PR: .2%, DW: 36.1%, PWR: 34% 7. The Last Kaleidosaur (Paladin): PR: .2%, DW: 42.7%, PWR: 39.8% 8. Unite the Murlocs (Shaman):----PR: .08%, DW: 43.8%, PWR: 40.5% 9. Lakkari Sacrafice (Warlock):-----PR: .03%, DW: 31.3%, PWR: 29.4% Source: My thoughts: WOW LOL. They are all terrible. I mean Quest rouge is a strong deck but statistically they all stink. I didn't even know what the warlock one was. Honestly this kind of makes me sad. I actually like (at least the idea of) these cards. I wonder how much of this is just them being crowded out by the current meta decks. Is quest warlock really that terrible or is cubelock just so popular that no one bothers to try and make it work? These cards are not finishers so it amkes sense that the PWR would eb lower than the death knight data. That being said they should be pwoerful cards and the face that many of the deck win rates actually go down AFTER the quest is played is interesting to me. Actually I wonder if the PWR is tracking the 1 drop spell or the reward. My initial thoughts would be the reward (as that is the part of the data we care about), but now that I think more about it I am second guessing myself. At the same time if a deck is using a 1 drop quest that always starts in your hand, you would think the PWR and the DW should be nearly identical but they are not. Similar yes, but 2 or 3% seems too far apart. hmmmmm. Thoughts? PS: For what is worth, when I type in the name of the reward card into the search it just brings up the quest which makes me think the PWR does = the reward.KingSpadeIX6 6h
6h At what time will we get the patch ? Does anyone know? its 1 am here and i got the daily quest for 22 may.LittleFinger1 6h
6h Started playing today made this what you think? ### King Rexxar # Class: Hunter # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Arcane Shot # 2x (1) Candleshot # 2x (1) Hunter's Mark # 2x (1) Tracking # 2x (2) Explosive Trap # 1x (2) Freezing Trap # 1x (2) Grievous Bite # 2x (2) Wandering Monster # 2x (3) Animal Companion # 2x (3) Eaglehorn Bow # 1x (3) Ironbeak Owl # 2x (3) Kill Command # 1x (3) Raid Leader # 2x (3) Unleash the Hounds # 2x (4) Flanking Strike # 2x (5) Lesser Emerald Spellstone # 1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar # 1x (9) King Krush # AAECAR8GogKHBPgI+QqGwwKG0wIMjQGoArUDyQTtBpcI2wn+DN3SAt/SAuPSAuHjAgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone Rexxar was my free DK and I pulled King Krush.PartyPancham9 6h
6h New player after one week. My thoughts Generally it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to get a game going. Its a rarity to face someone at my level, as this game has been out for so long. My last encounter was with a warlock that summoned 2 0/4 guys that brought down the cost of every minion by 2. He then summoned a new hero (Lord Jaraxxus I think) whose power costs 6 and can summon a 6/6 infernal guy. I couldn't do that much to him. He destroyed me easily. I understand that I'm new, but it would be nice if this game picked someone around my level to go against. It isn't this game that does this, I also tried shadowverse with the same results. I think in order to be decent at these types of games you need to start with them and keep up. If you join late or don't play that much, you will be beaten without a chance to win. As a suggestion in order to bring in and keep new players: Bring the raids from the WOW TCG into this game that lets you use your custom decks. For example: either you can bring 2-4 decks yourself or queue in with 2-4 players. It would be cooperative and fun to work together to bring down a difficult foe(s). Give some nice rewards too. You could pay blizzard a one time charge for each raid that they make. These are my thoughts. I'm not sure if I'll stay with it, as my cards aren't going anywhere.Zerik7 6h
6h Regarding Recent Balance Discussions Greetings everyone, Team 5 has been reviewing the feedback everyone has been providing, along with data at all play levels, and the concerns raised are ones they agree with. After the HCT Playoffs at the end of May, Team 5 is planning some balance changes. Full details are not yet available but we will get that info out as soon as specifics are finalized. For the original post on this matter, please see here: I am opening this thread for point of discussion and further feedback. Please remember to be civil and respectful in your posts so the thread can remain active. Thanks everyone!Jesse Hill848 6h
7h Single worst meta in HS history Period. The only comparable cancer was probably Patron Warrior back in the day. I have never seen the meta this bad before, to the point where if I decide to play, I can count on facing 1 of 3 decks. Ever. How is this remotely acceptable in a "competitive" card game? What a joke, the game is in such a sad state that I can literally name 10 people who have stopped playing recently. The only friend that I know of that still plays only does so because he ONLY plays Even Paladin, because he said it's the only deck he can win with anymore. Sad.NecroSmokist80 7h
7h Why lock characters behind wins? So I love the game.. kind of.. I hate PVP mode. No matter how I make a deck I lose every single game literally. Won once today because a player gave up, Before any "you are a noob" comments flood in. I have Many cards for my class. Which is Priest ~ while I know it's not the best in game. It's who I like playing. Was trying to get Lunara which is 10 wins? that is a bit much when I get put against people who can destroy me in like 4 turns.SpookyOh10 7h
7h Election Day Is Coming Vote for "Mayor Noggenfogger" "I promise to only confuse your opponent, maybe..."BruceBatter1 7h
7h Can paladin get a rework? ^Dan9 7h
7h Death knight Play rate and Win rates: In order of played the most and played the least: Play rate = what % of decks use this card Played win rate = % they win the game after this card hits the field. 1. Bloodreaver Gul'dan ( Warlock): Play rate: 16.4%, Played win rate: 66.9% 2. Malfurion the Pestilent (Druid): Play rate: 9.3%, Played win rate: 51.6% 3. Shadowreaper Anduin (Priest): Play rate: 7.6%, Played win rate: 57.3% 4. Frost Lich Jaina (Mage): Play rate: 5.7%, Played win rate: 65.1% 5. Deathstalker Rexxar (Hunter): Play rate: 3.6%, Played win rate: 43.4% 6. Valeera the Hollow (Rouge): Play rate: 3.1%, Played win rate: 61% 7. Scourgelord Garrosh (Warrior): Play rate: 1.0%, Played win rate: 50.2% 8. Uther of the Ebon Blade (Paladin): Play rate: .6%, Played win rate: 51.5% 9. Thrall. Deathseer* (Shaman): Play rate: N/A, Played win rate: N/A *This card is played so little it has no data -_- Source: Now these play rates and win rates are affected by many things. A very simple example is Bloodreaver Gul'dan. Gul'dan is heavy influenced by the number of good Demons in standard. If we went to the extremes and said 0 Demons were in standard then we could conclude that this card would probably do very poorly, and see very little play. So please keep context in mind as we discuss. I think this data is pretty interesting and it is kind of fun speculate as to what is driving these numbers. Also really interesting that Deathstalker Rexxar has a really terrible win rate when played, what is more interesting is that decks he is in have a 50.7% win rate. Very interesting. The best way I can interpret this data is that the Death knights that don't offer much synergy seem to have poor win rates when played. Garrosh, Rexxar and Malfurion Death knights are more stand alone and do not have many cards in standard that combo well with them, in particular low cost cards to play. In the case of Thrall... I imagine he is unplayed because he requires a decent sized field to have stuck the turn before and even when he does pump his board it is random and thus unreliable. Just speculation on my part though.KingSpadeIX31 7h