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2h Updates Regarding the Hearthstone Championship Tour Greetings everyone! We are now through our first few Tour Stops of the year, and wanted to take a moment to provide some updates regarding Tour Stops in 2018. Tour Stop Awareness Many players have reached out with questions regarding Tour Stops. We will be providing information via our announcement posts and the @HSesports Twitter account until a comprehensive schedule is available on our website. This year there will be 24 Tour Stops — eight each in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Tour Stop Announcements and Schedule We recognize that planning travel to attend a Tour Stop is complex, and that it’s difficult for teams to decide whether they will send a player to an event. Going forward, Tour Stops will be announced at least six weeks before they are scheduled to take place. Registration start times also will be shared four days before registration begins. An overview of Season 2’s Tour Stops are now available here, and the schedule will be updated with specific dates as they are announced. Tour Stop Signups Tour Stop signups are capped at attendance numbers each venue can support, so that venues can be optimized for competition and that tournaments don't run unreasonably long. Tour Stop signups open at a time appropriate for their region, and are received on a first-come, first-served basis. Grand Prix Tour Stops have regional player allocations—just like online-to-offline Tour Stops—to ensure all players have an opportunity to register. Signup Verification To ensure those who register for a Tour Stop will attend, we require all registrants to provide proof of travel; or, if the Tour Stop is attached to a larger event, proof of event ticket purchase. After registering, organizers may allow registrants up to 10 days to provide appropriate documentation. Registrants who do not provide documentation by the organizer’s deadline will forfeit their registration to the next player on the waiting list. This verification process is designed to eliminate uncertainty, while allowing for players to register for the event before making travel arrangements. Open Deck Lists Moving forward, all Tour Stops will require published deck lists. We are working with various tournament platforms to improve the functionality of deck submissions, deck editing prior to a tournament, and the display of submitted decks during a tournament. Patch Timing We strive to provide as much notice as possible regarding game updates, though occasionally we cannot communicate this as early as we would like. We always intend to schedule deck list submission deadlines with as much lead time as possible. We will be working closely with the game team to minimize impact to the tournament ecosystem due to patches. =================================================================== Thank you for your valuable feedback on the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour system. We look forward to seeing you at tournaments around the world!Jesse Hill9 2h
1d Are you brave enough to explore the Witchwood? Check out Hearthstone's latest announcement! Hill76 1d
Mar 8 Kobold & Catacomb - 3 packs update Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issues with Ranked Play. As previously mentioned, as a token of our appreciation for your patience, we have distributed three Kobolds and Catacombs cards packs to our players globally. You can redeem your card packs via the Gifting function either on the Desktop App or by logging into your account on your mobile device. We’ll see you in the Tavern!Jesse Hill0 Mar 8
Feb 27 The Year of the Raven Soars Ahead New year announced! Let us know what you think! Discussion thread here: Cheers!Jesse Hill0 Feb 27
8m Kill-your-self warlock cards suggestions Yay or nay Blood gem 1 mana warlock spell At the end of the turn, return your health equal to your health when you cast this. Sacrificial Staff 2 mana warlock weapon 0 attack 3 durability When you cast a spell, you can choose to pay with mana or health Death's shadow 1 mana warlock minion 13 attack, 13 health Get -1/-1 for each health you have Edit, Let me make it easier: if you have 1 health this minion is 12/12 if you have 2 health this minion is 11/11 if you have 3 health this minion is 10/10 and so onYusufarzz7 8m
23m Warlock is dumb and broken. It is not fun to play against and even less fun in wild. Hopefully Witchwood offers some hard counters to this type of deck because the standard meta and the wild meta will be, if not already is, completely dominated by this cheat minions out and heal archetype. After the expansions, I hope to see Possessed Lackey raised to 6 and dark pact raised to 2. For good measure, call to arms needs a solid 5 mana nerf as well if not 6. /rantLoBsTeRfOrK7 23m
24m Should we expect to see more dragon support in Witchwood? So, Ungoro gave us 1 dragon. Frozen Throne gave us 2 neutral and 1 mage (3 total) Kobolds gave us 5 neutral, 3 priest, and 1 mage card (9 total) With tons of dragon support rotating out ( and essentially leaving behind the support that came with Kobolds ) I am hoping that we will see more dragons/dragon support cards. Thoughts?Schyla12 24m
28m Overload Control Shaman?! So, a little back-story. I’ve been building rotation-proof decks for a couple weeks now just for fun, and the majority of them have been straight memes. Fatigue/Combo Druid, Miracle Rogue, and Aggro Paladin have worked out marvelously, but decks like Quest Hunter and Quest Paladin are obviously just bad. I figure I would make some Shaman decks, and the only archetypes that see support after rotation are basically Freeze Shaman (god awful,) Totem Shaman (somehow even worse,) and Overload Shaman. So I did the only logical thing, and made lists for all of them. Turns out, Overload Shaman is bad, but not as bad as you might think. I’ve got a positive win-rate with the deck (baaaarely) and it’s super fun to play! Here is the list: ### Overload Control Shaman # Class: Shaman # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (2) Crushing Hand # 2x (2) Rockbiter Weapon # 2x (3) Far Sight # 2x (3) Feral Spirit # 2x (3) Healing Rain # 2x (3) Lava Burst # 2x (3) Lightning Storm # 2x (3) Mana Tide Totem # 2x (4) Hex # 2x (4) Tidal Surge # 2x (5) Doomhammer # 2x (5) Earth Elemental # 2x (5) Volcano # 2x (7) Lesser Sapphire Spellstone # 2x (11) Snowfury Giant # AAECAaoIAA/uAe8B4AKBBPUE/gWyBuAG9QjHwQKxxAKNzgK60gLD0gLz5wIA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone It’s prettu obvious what the point of the deck is, just make copies of your biggest dudes and hope for the best. It’s actually kind of astounding to see how much support the archetype actually has, and with just a little bit of draw power, I think it might even be good. Without the ability to consistently draw cards, however, it’s just bad. Like really bad. I lost games so quickly against so many of the current archetypes that it’s a wonder I even managed a 50% win-rate (got lucky really.) Anyway, if y’all have the cards, and are as bored with the meta as I am, give this a whirl! Don’t expect to win, but punching people with big ole baddies from turn 5 onward is actually pretty satisfying.Plikuscht5 28m
33m Please, PLEASE let the wheel spin Ever since I beta, all I've wanted is for the wheel to land where it may. Tired, I am, of facing "A Worthy Opponent" over and over and over... Maybe I want to have a chance at beating Cheaty McCheaterton Free the wheel!Kookies24 33m
43m CCG or PC game? Me, personally view HS 1st above all as a card game and treat it as such. There are no other game play mechanics to treat it or classify it as otherwise. As such, people who complain about cost or being jipped or what have you because they are either FTP or just don't treat the game as a card game, well these types of people need to know the diffrenc between the two. Any other card game you have to pay for hands down, to even to be a beginner and to start playing. With HS, you don't NEED to spend anything ever if you don't want to. You still get cards and content and still can play the game just fine. Yet some people scream out that people who pay for their cards and content are some how at fault for their negative game play experience. Also, I see this argument too that when a new expansion comes out people lose their $hit that, omg 50 dollars to buy packs, I could buy a whole new video game for that what a jip. Well yes, you can go get a video game for that. Where as this is a video CCG, diffrent rules apply to Hearth Stone then they do to your other video games. It's like also saying the video poker or black jack are also videogames. That obvisouly is not the case as they are also, card games you play on a digital format. "But sage", you might ask, " those are casino games where as this you play at home or on your phone." Yes, true but that is just an example of a physical game being played on a digital format. Now hs is unique in that it is strictly digital but that dose not mean it is any less a CCG first then say Magic: Online is.Sageshift110 43m
52m ... Barnes. Blizzard, really? Really? An open letter. :) So, ran into a hunter at Rank 18. The guy cheats out a Y'shaarj with Barnes on curve. The 1/1 Y'shaarj pulls out the actual Y'shaarj. Hey Blizzard, let me tell you about one of the major things wrong with Magic the Gathering. People being able to cheat out super big scary things ridiculously early. It pisses people off, since they don't have time to respond, or play their deck, and over time can warp metas around those specific cards, thereby limiting the number of decks people can viably play competitively. ... This is the kind of thing that chases people away from games. Now Blizzard, I love the game, really, I do. But even if only one or two Blizzard employees/mods skims by this topic and doesn't respond. Seriously, how many times do you have to watch big things get cheated out early or for free before you realize it's making the game less enjoyable for a lot of people? Sure, there are ways to play around it. Sure, if I had Sap in my rogue deck I could have Sapped the Barnes. The problem is that Sap doesn't permanently remove anything. So against any deck that's more fair, I have to roll the dice and hope that brief tempo advantage is enough to make a difference. This topic isn't necessarily about Barnes either. It's more, asking the question... Blizzard, why do you think letting so many big things get cheated out for free or free-ish is a good idea? Also, to those who see a dissenting opinion and are like, "I must downvote! I disagree and have nothing constructive to offer to this conversation! BAD OP! BAD!" ... How about you take the time to, at least say why you have a problem with the topic? Then, we could actually have a discussion. To the posters who simply share their thoughts, and add to the conversation. I thank you.Emrakul42 52m
1h I'm going to hell 1h
1h What deck are you excited to see die at rotation? Barring replacement cards?KrustyFlesh33 1h
1h Wild Ladder Is it just me or is the quality of play by opponents at lower ranks A LOT better than Standard? I'm taking a proper beating pretty much 8 out of 10 games... (yes, i'm pretty sh!t at Hearthstone despite having all the cards, but i still have fun) I've also noticed these decks are heavily blinged out with Gold cards. Multiple golden legends in pretty much every deck. And all of the decks are competently built. i haven't even reached rank 15 yet. I guess only Wild Specialists play Wild Ladder?Herodreamer5 1h
1h How is Inner Fire not in the Hall of Fame? This card was troublesome but manageable prior to Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. But now? A 1 Mana spell that can spike a minion's attack from 4 to 30? How is this fair? How is this okay? I thought Blizzard's whole modus operandi was "don't allow cheap easy OTKs". And before anyone complains about Cubelock (or bias, as my avatar will attest I am a Priest main), at the very best Cubelock hits for 25 damage, requires you to have one specific card on the board (one which has to either be summoned at random or by chucking cards), and then requires three separate cards to combo with, one of which is a Legendary so you only have one copy. Meanwhile, Inner Fire, Divine Spirit and any minion above, say, 8 health (an easy feat for Priest) instantly results in a 16/16 or higher minion; stack on another Divine Spirit and it's instant game. Another major difference with Cubelock? Warlock doesn't have a Legendary minion that has the chance to spawn extra copies of your win card, nor does it have a 2 Mana spell that can add a copy (not pull the instance out of your deck, a copy) of your win card to your hand. Inner Fire became a disaster in Un'Goro once Silence priest took off, and it hasn't gotten any better. This is a game based on plays and counterplays; when you have a full board and full health and your opinion has a low attack minion and they can go "hurr hurr well played" by slapping three cards on the board as early as turn 5, that's ludicrous. Come on, Blizzard, You're supposed to keep this stuff under control. Come on, guys. You're better than this.DaPope41 1h
1h Call to arms is ridiculous This spell is way too powerful for only 4 mana. I think by this point that has become blatantly obvious. Drawing 3 cards and putting 3 cards onto the board for only 4 mana? There really is no running aggro paladin out of steam most games unless you run an extreme control warlock or priest. Just thinning your deck out 3 cheap cards (potential top decks) is quite useful. Imo this deserves a nerf similar to spreading plague (when jade was more dominant) with a bump up to 5 mana. Like spreading plague, I'd wager it will still see play but without being quite so obscene. I feel that this card is likely to remain just as impressively strong going into the next expansion if it is not addressed, but of course we do need to see the set. I don't mind strong cards, but call to arms is rising above the acceptable power curve. Not to sidetrack, but Ultimate investation is in a similar situation. It's not as fast/aggressive and druid doesn't have the tools ATM the dominate the meta with it; they can't control the board much with all the tempo/aggro decks (and druid removal sucks). This could become more if a nuisance after rotation depending on new sets.Stratis14 1h
1h Should i DE the daughter of deathwing? `?Imliterally12 1h
1h This game became a Highroll Fiesta Barnes turn 4? win Possessed Lackey turn 5? Win Mana Wyrm , Coin, Cabal Lackey +Secret turn 1 ? Win Turn 3 Call to Arms into Turn 4 Call to Arms ? Win Turn 6 Spiteful Summoner ? Win, win, win! Pathetic . Strategy is gone , hs right now is just a race to see who can play their broken hands first, a slot machine simulator with cool graphics and warcraft lore ZERO SKILLTimeBomb9 1h
1h Which classic Legendary should I craft next? I’m sitting on 5k dust and 1k gold and bored. I have all my decks built to this meta already and now I’m thinking of ways to use the dust. I prefer classic legendary cards as they don’t cycle. So far I have Tirion, Black Knight and Malygos. Thinking of Harrison Jones, Leeroy Jenkins, Bloodmage Thalnos, Ysera, or Cairne Bloodhoof.Brian16 1h
1h Dean Ayala: No More Even & Odd Cards for Witchwood By that, he means no more cards that have the "If your deck has only odd/even-Cost cards" mechanic. Looks like some of us were right... *cough* "Completely agree with Kripp here" thread *cough* It's just like it was for C'Thun - some classes got just a few C'Thun-based cards, but it wasn't nearly the entire set for WotOG. If you were panicking about this, you can now rest a little easier knowing you won't be overwhelmed by FORCED SYNERGY. Now we can just pay careful attention to Echo mechanics and the mana-cost of cards they release. Here's hoping for an odd-cost weapon that's better early game than Fiery War Axe...Sigtyr147 1h
1h One mega deck, plus only 3-5 viables = dull play Current game is no fun vs. Cubelock, Cubelock, Controlock, Kingsbane Rogue, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, Secret Mage, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, Murlocadin, Controlock, Cubelock, Dragon Priest, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, Cubelock, EvoShammy, Cubelock..... (sigh)BadDawg7 1h
2h What's your favorite brawl? What's your favorite tavern brawl ever? My favorite one is the one where you gradually build your deck each turn starting with just chickens and a couple spare parts.HailFall13 2h
2h Suggested Feature: Mute All Emotes Most online games have an option to avoid interacting with other folks online, be it hiding a chat window, blocking people, or like one of Hearthstone's rival online CCGs, having an option setting to simply automatically turn off emotes. I think this last feature would be an ideal option for Hearthstone, an option for those of us who want to to simply silence our opponents. My experience is that I, my girlfriend and many other women who play these games greatly appreciate these kinds of features, and it can mean the difference between playing or not. Online games are frequently full of noxious players who like to harass and yell and other people, so I and others often prefer to avoid interaction altogether. In games with chat, I've been propositioned or sexually harassed by male players, and it wouldn't surprise me if the same motivations are driving some of the more negative emote behavior I run into online. While Hearthstone does have the "squelch emote" function, this is less than ideal because you have to do it at the start of every game, and you have to remember to do it. This can slow down the game. And for casual players who play infrequently, this is undesirable because we may often forget to mute our opponents until they've already started spamming negative emotes at us, ruining the fun of the game. I think this would be easy to implement, and would likely help Hearthstone attract a more diverse player base. There's ample room for growth of female players in the market, and simple features like this can help make games more accessible for us. So to anyone who might be reading, I hope Hearthstone would seriously consider this as an option.LucyKim17 2h
2h Nerf a 9 drop Warlock Demon PLease nerf A WARLOCKS 9 DROP DEMOn We want to play another class tooServantofCtu0 2h
2h Let's talk about shaman I seriously hope blizzard figures out what to do with shaman before next expansion. Seems like they are just throwing random mechanics (freeze lol) and hope it sticks on the class. But they are not giving those cards the power levels needed to actually take off as an archetype. So we are left feeling that the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer. Also, when trying to give rise to an untested archtype, making the new cards epic makes it super risky for experimentation for anyone other than streamers and pros who can afford all those niche cards. I seriously hope they can look into that aspect as well. Giving the state of shamans currently, and in view of the rotation next expansion, i believe that shamans should be "less unplayable" if blizzard just follows back to the shaman basics and not try to push new archetypes (aka memes) for shamans for just one expansion. Just give shamans a few solid cards that work well in general will go a long way to preparing shamans for new archtypes in the new expansion. The best cards would be battlecry cards that is an evergreen mechanic with a lot of support already behind it.Wtflag21 2h
2h Imo, backstab is op 0 Mana deal 2 is insane since you can just delete their 2 drop for free and play your own. Rogue isn't in the spotlight right now but that doesn't mean it should be ignoredHailFall31 2h
2h Cavern shinyfinder has GOT to go Kingsbane rogue is an anti-fun, anti-skill deck that is deeply problematic. Everyone knows this. But shinyfinder is the one card that pulls the whole deck together and something needs to be done about it. It makes it way too easy to get your kingsbane back after it gets shuffled. Run out of durability? SHINYFINDER Opponent oozes your weapon? SHINYFINDER Out of shinyfinders? SHADOWSTEP SHINYFINDER Imo it should cost 4 or 5, or maybe make its effect a deathrattle so opponent can respond.QuailFall32 2h
2h It shame but game really went down the drain I mean there really no interaction between the player anymore and blizzard made it so easy to net deck with the copy & paste feature there everywhere. I don't know what's worst the high cost or bad design cards each release and dealing with them till Nerf or rotation. I'm so sick of like a class dominating meta each release and waiting for blizzard to do something about because take the fun out of it. Why can just test card or something to keep balance between classes.GostTemplar12 2h
3h Paladins are too strong I have been playing in both the wild and standard metas. Looking at the snapshots pretty frequently as well. I find that paladins are slightly OP with their aggro win rates. I see a lot of people talking about nerfing warlocks priests and kingsblade (rogues need some love IMO) rogues. However no one discuss's the fact that the paladins are just too OP.Theballz17 3h
3h As a seasoned player, please look into OTK Priest Inner Fire, Divine Spirit and Shadow Visions combined are acting as a detriment to the integrity of this game. It does not feel good to lose to this kind of priest simply because you fail to keep the opposing Priest's board clear of minions each and every turn. Even if you do somehow maintain this incredible feat of control, you are still susceptible to OTK when they resort to using Twilight Acolyte or Pint-Sized Potion and using a Potion of Madness to steal a high health minion of yours to OTK with. I honestly do not see how this type of deck is in any way, shape or form a fun and interactive experience when I am on the opposite side of it. Blizzard/Ben Brode, please look into at least increasing the mana cost by 1 of these powerful, unchecked cards to better balance the odds of having a fair match. Thank you.Rakuen481528 3h
3h Hearthstone BS There are those who say that skill is the way to win hearthstone battles. That is completely not true. I have played for quite so time and found that card draw and matchmaking are the biggest impacts to the game. Everyone knows that Blizzard doesn't do random and they don't do fair. They haven't since WOW vanilla. If Blizzard really wants to make Hearthstone a great game they need to concede matchmaking and card shuffle to a third party that will not bend to the wishes of the want to be "elite" players. Get off your high horse Blizzard and make this game random and fair please. Thank you.GrandpaB115 3h
3h A More Reasonable Auto Squelch Argument So, in a recent thread a fellow forum goer admitted, that like myself, he suffered from anxiety issues and politely stated that auto squelch would help him with his condition. Now to me, that is a far better argument than just people just "not liking ANY EMOTE ANY TIME" wanting the feature. The mental health community is very real, and has legitimate issues, I know because I am a part of it. Think of this like a colorblind option, or an epileptic warning/consideration. No longer is the argument just about people being unreasonable, it is about a known community with real human problems. I hereby promote all of those like myself to sign this as a petition. Maybe once Blizz sees the human side of this they will implement the feature.Hazama113 3h
3h I dont like to play against Kingsbane deck I'll try to express my thoughts correctly eventho english isnt my first language. First, the Kingsbane deck looks fun to play. I almost crafted Kingsbane but after facing more of it I didnt do it... mostly because I find it hard to have fun when I play against a Kingsbane rogue. I feel we dont have an intercation at all. I feel like Im watching an assassin busy sharpening the blade he's about to pike me with... I try to speak with him but he raise his hand in the air.... "Shhhhh, Im busy" ;-) Its kind of weird but its like the same feeling I had when I was playing against a quest rogue or quest mage deck. He does his thing and seems to barely notice what Im doing. He puts his minion to draw his weapon, cycles cheap cards with the Auctioneer to be able to empty his deck quick, then goes to my face. Ive won some game and lost some also against it. Loosing is part of the game, thats fine with me (I rarely pass rank 15 and its not an objective I have). And its probably not an easy deck to play and master... but I find it very unfun to play against... maybe also like playing against a freeze mage. Not sure if its just me.Barnack30 3h
3h Card idea, steal your opponents weapon. You are able to copy or straight out take minions and spells, why not weapons? Warrior card: Disarm. That should be a thing. Or hunter card, could do so as well. Maybe even a neutral minion could have that ability as an effect? Even if you may not be able to use the weapon for yourself, you are still able to control the board by taking it away from them.Sageshift23 3h
4h There is no real counter for Kingsbane and it shouldnt duplicate its OP Kingsbane shouldnt get a replica. With a duplicate its super easy for rogue to not fatique. Kingsbane without a duplicated one is strong enough. The fact that you can't destroy Kingsbane completely makes this card less fun to face against. I like the idea of the weapon but just like secret of eaters you should have at least 1 card to counter it to keep the game fun and balanced imo.MastaG30 4h
4h We need some kind of chat options I know that open chat is out of the question. But I have friends, I go out of my way to make friends in this game. If I go AFK for 30's, i can miss something a friend says. I can't look up what each up my friends say, or anything. I have chat bubbles. That change as soon as someone else says something. Quality of life improvement please. Thank you, RathebornRatheBorn3 4h
5h Everybody playing same decks So i am a very casual player, I play for fun but it seems like everybody is playing same decks. There are no big varieties like back in the day. Shamans have the Jade cards and insane removal cards like hex..etc The fact that the jades cannot be silenced is ridiculous. Dragon Priest are almost up there as well, None stop discovering of cards and easy board clears. It is A or B if you want to do well.S3pehr21 5h
5h Hunter card idea Recurve 2 mana, deal 1 damage draw a cardSilentSword18 5h
5h Do you really draw a card from the top of your deck? I don't think there is any card mechanic that relies on where the card is in the deck. That raised me the question if there is actually a stack in the implementation of the deck and draw mechanic or if there is some other shenanigans behind it. Could it be that whenever we draw a card, the game randomly selects one of the cards in the deck, instead of picking the one from the top? How do we know that's not the case?Albuquerque9 5h
5h Can We Do Something About Facemage? Facedecks are honestly the worst part of this game,not only is there 0 skill expression and interaction between you and your opponent but also the fact that these decks have now infiltrated competitive play is a balance failure. Hall of faming iceblock is just going to move facemage to wild,if blizzard even cares the slightest for this gamemode they will nerf "secret" mage.Rainfall27 5h
5h A prediction prior to the set. I know to some it may seem early for prediction, but now is a fantastic time to ponder on the future and machinations of the developers. My ultimate theory is that Shaman and Warrior will not exist in any competitive form during the Witchwood meta due to the low-quality cards from prior sets. Also, Cubelock will reign supreme against a re-invigorated Quest Rouge and Dudeadin, which is likely to gain more support. Also, no Even or Odds decks will become semi-meta relevant as the mechanic itself is too weak against aggro and control. Not bringing enough value and gimping yourself on boardclears.OilyWarlock1 5h
6h Forums in a nutshell So to sum up every forums in a tl:Dr 1. The game is stale atm 2. People want auto squelch 3. Cry 4. Pay to win or strike out 5. The same classes being played constantly 6. Cry 7. Witchwood hype 8. Cry 9. People making useless threads like this one I am making 10. Cry Edit: nerf everythingSlade2871918 6h
6h Never legend. Got all the way to R1 4 stars yesterday. Dropped back to R5 today. I can not describe my feeling at the moment. It is not quite suicidal but very close.Fenlius35 6h
6h How far down can you fall after you reach legendary? Because I just played a golden-portrait with a legendary card back at level 20, 2 stars.Mullvaney6 6h
6h Barnes and Y'shaarj rotating will be good for Hunter I think it's good to congratulate Blizzard on well thought out cards, and I believe that Rhok'delar is one of those. Without the bow and To My Side, minionless hunter would never have been tried out, and Spell Hunter is now a tier two deck without those cards. Unfortunately, part of the reason the deck is good is because of Barnes and Y'shaarj, who I believe hold the deck back. Without the two legendary minions, the deck would be fun and unique, but part of it's identity is tied to highrolling and coining out 14/15 stats on turn 3. Without that combo, Blizzard can make the deck work as intended: without minions. My only hope is that they print more Hunter cards with the if your deck has no minions requirement.Illuminati1 6h
6h Why is this forum so lacking behind hearthpwn. They have class forums The same forums found here, other than bug forums for obvious reasons. Stream and video forums Fan creations Not to mention the site itself has a card database, you can check for new decks, keeps up with all blizzard news. I just don't know why blizzard has let their official forums slack behind.Reinhardt16 6h
7h Rigged RNG Playing against a Combo-Corrupted-Healbot Priest as Shaman The guy got all combo pieces in the first ten cards I use 2x Devolve and 2x hex in my deck, never found any of those You can't beat the scriptTimeBomb36 7h