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Oct 4, 2018 Whizbang the Wonderful and New Players Some players have noticed that new Hearthstone players (players that are still undergoing the New Player Experience) are currently unable to craft the Whizbang the Wonderful card. We wanted to take this moment to let players know that this restriction was intentional. Whizbang the Wonderful is not a card designed for new players – they won’t know many of the cards that are in Whizbang’s decks, and we don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate players while they are still trying to learn Hearthstone. Once the player reaches Rank 25, or if they choose to manually exit the New Player Experience early, they will then be able to craft the Whizbang card. We apologize for missing this restriction in the update notes for Update 12.2, as that omission was not intentional. We will continue to keep an eye on the New Player Experience and will make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for your feedback and support!Jesse Hill0 Oct 4, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Hearthstone Forums Are Moving To Discourse! The Hearthstone forums are getting an upgrade! Starting the week of October 1 2018, the official Hearthstone forums will be moving to Discourse. If you would like a preview of the new forums, check out the Overwatch forums to see how they function. This forum update will provide additional functionality that will make it a better place to hold discussions about Hearthstone. How does this affect me? The old Hearthstone forums will not longer be available for posting after the transition. Discourse will provide a fresh start for all players; this means that any posts or guides that have been posted previously will not carry over! We suggest you copy any guides you may have now for reposting later. The old forums will remain in a read-only state for a limited time. We look forward to seeing you on the new Hearthstone forums in October!Jesse Hill1 Sep 27, 2018
Jul 5, 2018 Common Topics and Threads Greetings! Here you will find explanations and links to some of the more common, ongoing topics on the forums. As well as links to threads that have been dedicated to specific matters. Additional threads created on these topics will either be locked and directed to the primary threads or removed. Please click on the link below for the topic you wish to review. Common Posts • My thread was removed! • "Vanishing Threads" • Popular Topics • Tyrande Hero Skin Discussion • Auto-Squelch Feature Discussion • How does matchmaking work? Tavern TalksJesse Hill3 Jul 5, 2018
Feb 27 I'm done with Hearthstone forever! The balance is disgraceful. OP decks running rampant. The rng is totally rigged. It's a pay-2-win game with Hunters and Priests everywhere. It's a nightmare, there is no fun to be had! I'm never ever playing agai-ooh a pizza card-back!SerpentXI8 Feb 27
Feb 27 Auto-Squelch Discussion Greetings, I am starting off this post as a thread for players to discuss the desire for "auto-squelch" or the ability to turn off squelch completely, rather than a game-by-game basis. This thread is for feedback and (civil) discussions on the matter. Those looking to disrupt, troll, start any kind of flame war or just plain be rude will have their comments removed and possibly be actioned. If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see. For any who post, please post respectfully and help to keep this conversation open and moving forward. As updates or comments from Dev become available, I will get them posted into this thread. Thank you!Jesse Hill3661 Feb 27
Feb 27 Some article i read on reddit about the new CEO Also the same person in this article said this: ''We have a real culture of thrift. The goal that I had in bringing a lot of the packaged goods folks into Activision about 10 years ago was to take all the fun out of making video games." If that sounds like it would create a corporate culture that isn't all sunshine and hugs, then it's mission accomplished for Kotick. The executive said that he has tried to instill into the company culture "skepticism, pessimism, and fear" of the global economic downturn, adding, "We are very good at keeping people focused on the deep depression.'' Considering the recent layoffs i just wanna puke....... Anyone else who still believes that activision is not a cashgrab company?TheChemist0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Wow - Druid Brawl is Crazy Broken This Week The Druid deck in this week's brawl is some crazy stuff. It's got some 4 mana 4/6 rushing minion that if it kills anything will summon the highest attack power minion in the deck to the board. That inevitably summons a 10/10 minion that if it kills anything gives Loti +10 attack. Couple that with the Shrine power that refreshes ALL the mana crystals if the Druid gains any armor (in a deck loaded with Ferocious Howls, Oaken Summons, and the 1/1 Hero Power). Put that on top of Gonk and Bites and it's a pretty wild dynamic. Sure wish Druids had some of those tools right now. :PTheRiddler2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Is the hakkar event over? I've played against three players with the card back, and I haven't gotten it from any of them.Beal3 Feb 27
Feb 27 Replacements for rotating cards. What will we do without firefly? Tar Creeper? Stonehill Defender? What would YOU replace these cards with? Would you replace them at all? Any other auto includes rotating out that you can come up with a replacement for?Right8 Feb 27
Feb 27 nerf hyena Honestly, i thought i hated aggro, but omg there is nothing that infuriates me more, than that stupid hyena snowballing into a 13/7 by turn 5 because my opponents ALWAYS freaking have springpaw and dire mole and razor opening hand. Legit out of 8 games at rank 4, ALL OF THEM had that opening hand. And i of course lost because 1. i'm not as lucky as my opponent, never draw hex or silence. 2.I hate that hyena.krab77772 Feb 27
Feb 27 HS Esports: Death of a Dream The changes to the Hearthstone Esports program this year makes it no longer viable for the average person to enter the tournament circuit. Part 1: Qualifier Accessibility Previous years, players could go to a local location and play in a "Tavern Hero" tournament to qualify for a Challenger Final. This has dissolved, local locations no longer have any role in HS Esports. Previous years, Challenger Cups happened at large variety of times, including night tournaments. Now all Americas Masters Qualifiers start times happen between 8am and 2pm PST. People unable to play during this small 6 hour window are out of luck, there is no variance. They claim you can play in a qualifier "when you want" because the qualifiers for other regions happen at different times. However, realistically the average player does not have a card collection on all three servers. If you live in the Americas and you want to play in a qualifier at night, you need to have a card collection on the Asia server. Part 2: Cost analysis Prior year, if you qualified for a play-off, you had to provide your own travel and lodging, but there were a few locations you could choose to go to, you were awarded a minimum of $1000 for last place, and the venue provided a machine for you to play on if you desired. This year, if you qualify for a master tour, you have to provide your own travel and lodging, there is only ONE location you can go to, which may be on a different continent than you, and will only possibly be on the same continent as you once of the three times it occurs this year. The venue will not have a machine, bring your own, sorry if you don't own a suitable portable device with an Ethernet jack. The minimum award has not been announced, but it is potentially 0$. What is the most the minimum prize could be? There are currently 240 master qualifier tournaments scheduled. Each of the three regions will have two ladder tournaments for each Masters Tour where four people will qualify, this is 24 additional players. High HCT point earners from the previous year will be invited. I don't know how many of them there are, but the January Masters Cup had 15 players, so there is a minimum of 15 additional HCT invites. This is 279 known invites, there are also unknown invites: Invitations can be granted through "licensed third-party tournaments" such as Dreamhack. China will grant invitations through the China Gold Series. It is hard to guess how many people from China will be invited, but I assume it will be a considerable number, as in the past they try to make it even with the other three regions. If this was the case, they would be inviting 88 players. It is safe to say there will probably be a minimum of 300 invites. The prize pool for a Masters Tour is $250,000. With 300 people, even if first place got the exact same prize as last place (which would never happen), the most money you could give each player would be 0.33% of the prize pool, which comes to $825. Realistically the most last place can hope for is 0.1% of the prize pool ($250). But wait! They announced that there will be a special purchasable bundle where a portion of the proceeds will increase the prize pool. There will be one promotion, Blizzard will collect the money, decide what percentage they will give to the prize pools, and then divide it by 3. One part for each of the three Master Tour tournaments. Optimistically, lets say Blizzard deems that the prize pool portion of the bundle promotion is $750,000! This would double the prize pool for each of the three Master Tour tournaments. This would be distributed as a percentage basis to all levels of the base prize pool. Optimistically, the prize for last place has just been raised from $250 to $500. The average person will now have to pay taxes on that $500 and end up with $375. The average airfare alone for an intercontinental flight is over $1000, plus pay for room and board, and bring your own device. Part 3: Conclusion The average person with a standard job cannot afford the time, nor the money, required to participate in the tournament circuit this year. Blizzard seeks to promote and raise up established professional players while destroying the rungs to reach that level. The dream of Hearthstone glory is dead. At least it is for me, for an entire year, at a minimum.Faldez31 Feb 27
Feb 27 Tundra rhino: Nerf the Charge > change for Rush? The pressure of the tundra rhino is obvious too strong ... And too easy for the current face decks -_- This classic card should be nerf ... Replace the Charge > with the Rush ?MYA20 Feb 27
Feb 27 Honest Card Reviews I'll Start: Bloodreaver Gul'Dan 10 mana Battlecry: Summon all friendly demons that have died this game If you mulligan, this card will be drawn into your hand. This card is discarded first if prompted to discard.LiveWire29 Feb 27
Feb 27 A free Hearthstone coaching session! Hello, and good evening! This is intended to be a learning opportunity for newer or struggling players who want to improve. (NA server) Need someone to practice against? Want someone to spectate a game and point out mistakes? Have any questions about the game? Want a second opinion on the homebrew you just threw together? I'll do my best to help you improve your gameplay and knowledge of the game. Add me for a free coaching session, or if you just want another HS friend! freckles#12809 Good night, and good luck out there!freckles24 Feb 27
Feb 27 Why are people so against OTK in this meta? I read many posts in this forum on people complaining about lack of interaction, OTK, board state no longer matter etc. Just a quick look at statistic. Top 10 decks are as follows: 1. Secret paly - Aggro 2. Odd paly - Aggro 3. Even paly - mid range 4. Wall priest - combo (not otk) 5. Secret odd mage - Aggro 6. Deathrattle hunter - Mid range 7. Odd warrior - Control 8. Odd quest warrior - Control 9. Odd rogue - Aggro 10. Evenlock - Control So top 10 is 4 Aggro, 2 mid range, 3 control, 1 combo and 0 OTK. 7 different classes quite diverse except Paly can be too OP to have top 3 decks in the game. The best OTK deck is Maly druid at tier 2 and the Mecha thun druid / lock and tiger paly are all tier 4. With the above statistic, why are people still complaining about OTK. Am I missing something? Note: Didnt meet a single OTK deck in the last week at rank 4 for myself.Nullspace36 Feb 27
Feb 27 I hope everyone has a wonderful day By not playing this trash balanced game.MoarRNGplz2 Feb 27
Feb 27 What if Barnes could only clone 5- or less Cost minions? Please Blizzard, consider this. I've been meditating this nerf suggestion for so long, and it looks reasonable after all. Think about it. The Resurrect mechanic wouldn't completely die, but you would have an army of Rotten Applebaums, Nexus Hero Saraad's, Lyras and Zilliax's. Definitely more balanced than a Ragnaros swarm. No Y'shaarj on turn 4, a less polarized matchup vs Control and OTK. You cannot nerf Cold Blood / Flametongue and then expect big priest to be kept in check. If Shadow Visions also gets changed to Discover a spell in your deck instead of "a copy", a sound limit would be put to the amount of resources Priest has.blackveiled33 Feb 27
Feb 27 Priest rez is out of control When they summon a 1/1 version of a card and it gets killed then rezzed, it should be the 1/1 version not the 10/10 versionwardonis35 Feb 27
Feb 27 bigpriest actually beatable? Aggro does not work, since they summon things like 5/5 lifesteal with taunt and kill one of your minions. Then they resummon it twice. You lose. Control doesn’t work since they can rezz their OP minions near infinitely. Midrange doesn’t work, see aggro. Is there even a way to defeat this opressive unfun deck?Tyani41 Feb 27
Feb 27 Druid practically cheating? Played against a druid, where all he did was give himself nearly 50 armor. He then played his cards 60% faster than me, and one shot me with a card that he destroyed!? I had full health. He didnt even touch me....Whats the name of this deck and does midrange hunter lose to this 100% of the time?render12 Feb 27
Feb 27 What this game needs- Anticipation anticipation noun an·​tic·​i·​pa·​tion | \ (ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən \ Definition of anticipation b : the act of looking forward especially : pleasurable expectation looked forward with anticipation to their arrival 3a : visualization of a future event or state This game gives me little to look forward to besides a 50g daily quest and a loot chest and card back each month. I enjoyed the leveling process and the secret achievements. Remember this? Crafting Time Requirement: Disenchant a card. Reward: 95 dust. No? Neither do I. How about add more things like this Blizzard? And I know they do these pop up events like the Lunar thing. Key phrase pop up... I troll these forums daily and didn't know it was coming. How can I anticipate something I don't know is coming? ("Well you should have.. and they had it on this page...and") Whatever, it needs to be made more visible so I can look forward to it. I look forward to this next expansion, I'm REALLY psyched actually. I just don't think I can make it through March with this stale been there done that meta. March is going to SUCK. Some have suggested, and I agree, more expansions with smaller card pools more frequently. 4 times a year, 90 cards? Some have said 3 xpacs with a couple of mini released between them of like 5-10 cards? (similar to how HOTS releases a hero every 10 minutes and skins etc, IDK how they crank out that much content but HS gets crap) Give me something to log into the game for. It's boring.Right2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Playing against the same 2 hunter decks in ranked is super fun.Kingslayer1 Feb 27
Feb 27 Baku / genn killing hearthstone If you looked at Hearthstone paired to a few months ago, there really no YouTube / twitch streamers what so all of Hearthstone. Most streamer switches to auto chess or magic area instead of Hearthstone. Another sign hearthstone in a downhill spiral is the way you're matching a good share of time with the same people or a bots.GostTemplar8 Feb 27
Feb 27 Botstone? Blizzard, do your job and remove these fu ckin bots from casual? ThanksPadreQuevedo1 Feb 27
Feb 27 CounterSpell Vs Flare Why in the world does flare lose to counterspell? It gets countered by the only thing its meant to counter....Jed1Kn1ght50 Feb 27
Feb 27 [For Fun] In an Alternate World Tries to create a thread for everyone's entertainment, DO join in. What happens in an alternate world of HS? Ragnaros and Sylvanas is playing a game of HS with cards that are based on HS forum posters. Give me your most creative posts.Reaver36 Feb 27
Feb 27 Barnes is NOT the problem The sheer incompetence of putting tech cards instead of low winrate “synergistic Cards” (ie Putting stone elemental instead of tech because of synergy despite tech being the better option) is causing big priest to SOAR. News flash! We have a card called SARONITE TASK MASTER and that is a FAR CRY from snufflesnout Knight. Or, JUST USE BOTH. I’m sure your odd Reno deck DOES NOT NEED JUNGLE GIANTS IN it USE SOME TECH.SweetTexas776 Feb 27
Feb 27 Monks or Demon Hunters With people getting bored with Hearthstone's faster and faster, which class-well do you think Hearthstone will dip into for us to drink? Illidan and Demon Hunters or Chen and Monks With Death Knights leaving, this seems like the perfect thing to toss out to get people excited. So which one?Orzel12 Feb 27
Feb 27 I'm losing this game!  *plays Zul'jin* I'm winning this game! Fair.Гуди31 Feb 27
Feb 27 I left hearthstone because of priest nonsense and I been playing sc having a blast no priest nonsense or the 2 other evil classes(druid.hunter)HappyFeet4 Feb 27
Feb 27 Quest 80 gold USA-server РусскийВася#2803 Quest 80 gold USA-server РусскийВася#2803РусскийВася1 Feb 27
Feb 27 If Hearthstone used to be your main game but isn't anymore, what would get you back? When I saw this on another post, I had a long time thinking and also a hard time to put into words. Finally, I think my main issue with this game is that it does not "engage" me anymore. It does not engage me to explore card combinations, because I find that today's cards are very restrictive to allow exploration It does not engage me to share interesting stories of the game with my friend because alot of today's games are "predictable" It does not engage me to play 1 more game because I know I have a fighting chance to win if I build my deck well Lastly, I used to look forward to what the next expansion will bring, where today I worry more about what next expansion will bring. Let's hear from you?Reaver87 Feb 27
Feb 27 Suggestion: Baku also makes your Hero Power cost (3). Genn also downgrades your hero power. Altering the costs and effects of Genn and Baku would not only make them a little weaker, but also make them symmetrical in a pretty elegant way. Baku: Upgrade your hero power, and it costs 3. Genn: Downgrade your hero power, and it costs 1. Downgraded hero powers for Genn would be something along the lines of: Paladin: Silver Hand recruits now have 0 attack. (Still VERY buffable.) Paladin Alternate: Silver Hand recruits can only attack minions. Warlock: Draw a card. Take 4 damage. Mage: Deal one damage to minions only. Priest: Restore 1 health to a target. Priest Alternate: Restore 2 health to a minion. Warrior: Gain 1 armor. Hunter: Deal 1 damage to the enemy hero. Druid: Choose 1: Gain 1 attack, or Gain 1 armor. (A direct upgrade to some others but whatever, Even Druid isn't gonna eat the meta any time soon.) Druid Alternate: Gain 1 attack or Gain 1 armor (alternates each turn). Rogue: Equip a 1/1 weapon. Shaman: Totems are now 0/1, except for Searing Totem. Searing Totem can only attack minions. I think this is a great direction to take, a nerf that preserves the spirit of the cards and alters the even/odd deck archetypes without literally removing them from the game. It also opens up design space for "downgraded hero power" in the future, as well as slows Baku's early game impact. Feedback is appreciated.Cubit33 Feb 27
Feb 27 Who else feels trolled by classic packs? I have a very serious problem with classic packs (and thankfully classic packs only): I ONLY get garbage. I'm not even close to all epics after 3 years because this set always drops 4 common and 1 rare with the occasional epic/legendary thrown in after the pity timer expires (and I seriously mean it: 8 packs per epic and then it's Pyroblast for some strange reason 1 out of 2 times/35-40 per legendary, I started counting). The least golden cards I got from classic eventhough I opened more packs from that set than from any other. On top of that I never opened any "useful" legendaries neither. All cards like Antonidas, Tyrion, Sylv (back in the day) a.s.o I crafted myself over time. Can I seriously be the only one?! I'm not biased here, I actually made notes because I almost quit playing the game after I started because I didn't draw ANYTHING good from classic and I only started getting some good moments when I opened different sets. A friend of mine (who started 2 months after me and never payed and money whatsoever) had 5 more legendaries than me after 1 year (2 already golden) and even the bad ones he got weren't duplicates at least while I had collected 3 Nat Pagles until that point ... I wish I was kidding here. I hate this card with a passion to this day (there was no no-duplicate legendary rule back then).GetSchwifty37 Feb 27
Feb 27 Boring and poorly thought out meta, and I'm quitting again Made it to rank 10, and the game is so boring from what the meta is. OTK with no real interaction, or control priest with 6-8 board wipes, never needing to even interact with me. Rinse repeat. Same things over and over. I play online to have human interaction, unexpected choices and decisions. But this is just a single-player game now. Such a shame. Had so much potential. Like HotS. But poorly planned and implemented. Good luck everyone.Pumaster6 Feb 27
Feb 27 Is Auto Chess killing Hearthstone? None of the streamers I've been following playing Hearthstone anymore. What's the deal with Auto Chess? I was trying to watch it but couldn't understand what's going on.NOC38 Feb 27
Feb 27 QUEST 80 gold trade РусскийВася8 Feb 27
Feb 27 New 'Deck Mirror' Mode Hey I was thinking about new ways to use our card sets. what about if a new "Mirror Mode" was made? Make a deck with 30 cards and a mirror deck is added to make a 60 card pack. Leaving the life total at 30 I guess so that aggro has a chance. And also allowing the Mana crystals total to cap at 20 allowing for some filthy combos. Card draw undecided? Viable or nah?KingKman500 Feb 27
Feb 27 Big priest needs a nerf in wild. good points, agree with it wholeheartedly, thoughts?splintertwin5 Feb 27
Feb 27 Advice for HS Problems "Balance" Balance is mission impossible even hotfix everyday. "Boring" 90% cards are not used in 90% duel. Only high win rate decks are used because lose a duel is not funny even if the deck is funny. "Reward" Why we play HS? Are these rewards attractive? Daily quest? Only 10 mins per day. High rank in ladder? Only few player can enjoy it. Feeling of win? Always equal rate to get feeling of lose. Solution Stop try to balance cards You can never satisfied everyone. Stop retire cards We buy packs. We open packs. We get cards. The feeling of losing cards is not good. A new world for HS "Battle for Azeroth" New game mode Show the map of Azeroth Remove daily quest You earn gold by "Occupy" land. Occupy one land by one deck More decks, more lands occupied, more gold every day. Card in this deck can't be in that deck. You may have up to 1 legendary / 2 epic / 3 rare / 4 normal same card in your collection. How it works "Attack" Choose your unused deck to attack an occupied land Server match an random online player whose deck occupied this land Your attack deck vs his occupied deck Attacker wins, occupy the land by the attack deck. Defender wins, upgrade the land(more gold every day) "Defend" Online and not in duel, server may choose you to "defend" your land. land will degrade if no duel on it for long time. (avoid long time offline) You may give up land or decline the duel from attacker to free your deck on it. What will the game will be duel will not only between Tier 1 decks anymore Every card has its chance to stand on the stage Interesting decks will be more and more "Balance" is not important anymore "Retired" is not needed anymore Designer may add more cards into the game even it is too "Strong" or too "Funny" Players may gain funny not only from "WIN" "Copy" deck is useless because there may be thousands of interesting decks You will never "KNOW" almost every cards in your opponent's deck when you know his class at the beginning of a duel.songen0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Cards Rotating Out in 2019 After asking for advice on cards to craft to best avoid the upcoming rotation, I looked for a list of cards which will be leaving standard in 2019. I couldn't find a nice simple text list, so decided to make one. I thought some of you might find it useful for future reference. Enjoy xx ... All Classes Journey to UnGoro Elise the Trailblazer Hemet, Jungle Hunter Ozruk Spiritsinger Umbra The Voraxx Knights of the Frozen Throne Arfus Prince Keleseth Prince Taldaram Prince Valanar The Lich King Kobolds and Catacombs King Togwaggle Marin the Fox Master Oakheart The Darkness Zola the Gorgon Druid Journey to UnGoro Jungle Giants Tyrantus Knights of the Frozen Throne Hadronox Malfurion the Pestilent Kobolds and Catacombs Ixlid, Fungal Lord Twig of the World Tree Hunter Journey to UnGoro Swamp King Dred The Marsh Queen Knights of the Frozen Throne Deathstalker Rexxar Professor Putricide Kobolds and Catacombs Kathrena Winterwisp Rhok'delar Mage Journey to UnGoro Open the Waygate Pyros Knights of the Frozen Throne Frost Lich Jaina Sindragosa Kobolds and Catacombs Aluneth Dragoncaller Alanna Paladin Journey to UnGoro Sunkeeper Tarim The Last Kaleidosaur Knights of the Frozen Throne Bolvar, Fireblood Uther of the Ebon Blade Kobolds and Catacombs Lynessa Sunsorrow Val'anyr Priest Journey to UnGoro Awaken the Makers Lyra the Sunshard Knights of the Frozen Throne Archbishop Benedictus Shadowreaper Anduin Kobolds and Catacombs Dragon Soul Temporus Rogue Journey to UnGoro Sherazin, Corpse Flower The Caverns Below Knights of the Frozen Throne Lilian Voss Valeera the Hollow Kobolds and Catacombs Kingsbane Sonya Shadowdancer Shaman Journey to UnGoro Kalimos, Primal Lord Unite the Murlocs Knights of the Frozen Throne Moorabi Thrall, Deathseer Kobolds and Catacombs Grumble, Worldshaker The Runespear Warlock Journey to UnGoro Clutchmother Zavas Lakkari Sacrifice Knights of the Frozen Throne Blood-Queen Lana'thel Bloodreaver Gul'dan Kobolds and Catacombs Rin, the First Disciple Skull of the Man'ari Warrior Journey to UnGoro Fire Plume's Heart King Mosh Knights of the Frozen Throne Rotface Scourgelord Garrosh Kobolds and Catacombs Geosculptor Yip Woecleaver ... All Classes Journey to UnGoro Bittertide Hydra Blazecaller Bright-Eyed Scout Charged Devilsaur Emerald Hive Queen Gentle Megasaur Gluttonous Ooze Primordial Drake Tortollan Primalist Knights of the Frozen Throne Corpsetaker Deathaxe Punisher Drakkari Enchanter Furnacefire Colossus Meat Wagon Nerubian Unraveler Rattling Rascal Skulking Geist Tomb Lurker Kobolds and Catacombs Arcane Tyrant Carnivorous Cube Corridor Creeper Dragonhatcher Grand Archivist Rummaging Kobold Shimmering Courser Spiteful Summoner Void Ripper Druid Journey to UnGoro Giant Anaconda Living Mana Knights of the Frozen Throne Fatespinner Ultimate Infestation Kobolds and Catacombs Astral Tiger Branching Paths Hunter Journey to UnGoro Dinomancy Stampede Knights of the Frozen Throne Abominable Bowman Toxic Arrow Kobolds and Catacombs Crushing Walls To My Side! Mage Journey to UnGoro Meteor Primordial Glyph Knights of the Frozen Throne Glacial Mysteries Simulacrum Kobolds and Catacombs Deck of Wonders Dragon's Fury Paladin Journey to UnGoro Dinosize Primalfin Champion Knights of the Frozen Throne Blackguard Light's Sorrow Kobolds and Catacombs Call to Arms Level Up! Priest Journey to UnGoro Curious Glimmerroot Shadow Visions Knights of the Frozen Throne Embrace Darkness Obsidian Statue Kobolds and Catacombs Psychic Scream Twilight Acolyte Rogue Journey to UnGoro Biteweed Vilespine Slayer Knights of the Frozen Throne Doomerang Spectral Pillager Kobolds and Catacombs Evasion Fal'dorei Strider Shaman Journey to UnGoro Spirit Echo Stone Sentinel Knights of the Frozen Throne Cryostasis Snowfury Giant Kobolds and Catacombs Unstable Evolution Windshear Stormcaller Warlock Journey to UnGoro Bloodbloom Chittering Tunneler Knights of the Frozen Throne Gnomeferatu Treachery Kobolds and Catacombs Cataclysm Voidlord Warrior Journey to UnGoro Explore Un'Goro Sudden Genesis Knights of the Frozen Throne Bring It On! Dead Man's Hand Kobolds and Catacombs Bladed Gauntlet Reckless Flurry ... All Classes Journey to UnGoro Devilsaur Egg Frozen Crusher Golakka Crawler Humongous Razorleaf Servant of Kalimos Stonehill Defender Tol'vir Stoneshaper Vicious Fledgling Volcanosaur Knights of the Frozen Throne Bone Drake Corpse Raiser Happy Ghoul Keening Banshee Mindbreaker Phantom Freebooter Saronite Chain Gang Shallow Gravedigger Ticking Abomination Kobolds and Catacombs Ebon Dragonsmith Feral Gibberer Furbolg Mossbinder Gravelsnout Knight Hungry Ettin Kobold Monk Lone Champion Scorp-o-matic Shrieking Shroom Druid Journey to UnGoro Earthen Scales Evolving Spores Shellshifter Knights of the Frozen Throne Druid of the Swarm Spreading Plague Strongshell Scavenger Kobolds and Catacombs Greedy Sprite Grizzled Guardian Lesser Jasper Spellstone Hunter Journey to UnGoro Raptor Hatchling Terrorscale Stalker Tol'vir Warden Knights of the Frozen Throne Corpse Widow Exploding Bloatbat Venomstrike Trap Kobolds and Catacombs Lesser Emerald Spellstone Seeping Oozeling Wandering Monster Mage Journey to UnGoro Mana Bind Molten Reflection Steam Surger Knights of the Frozen Throne Doomed Apprentice Ghastly Conjurer Ice Walker Kobolds and Catacombs Explosive Runes Lesser Ruby Spellstone Leyline Manipulator Paladin Journey to UnGoro Lightfused Stegodon Spikeridged Steed Vinecleaver Knights of the Frozen Throne Arrogant Crusader Desperate Stand Howling Commander Kobolds and Catacombs Crystal Lion Lesser Pearl Spellstone Unidentified Maul Priest Journey to UnGoro Crystalline Oracle Free From Amber Mirage Caller Knights of the Frozen Throne Devour Mind Eternal Servitude Shadow Essence Kobolds and Catacombs Duskbreaker Lesser Diamond Spellstone Twilight's Call Rogue Journey to UnGoro Envenom Weapon Mimic Pod Obsidian Shard Knights of the Frozen Throne Roll the Bones Runeforge Haunter Shadowblade Kobolds and Catacombs Elven Minstrel Kobold Illusionist Lesser Onyx Spellstone Shaman Journey to UnGoro Fire Plume Harbinger Primalfin Totem Volcano Knights of the Frozen Throne Avalanche Ice Breaker Voodoo Hexxer Kobolds and Catacombs Lesser Sapphire Spellstone Murmuring Elemental Primal Talismans Warlock Journey to UnGoro Corrupting Mist Cruel Dinomancer Feeding Time Knights of the Frozen Throne Defile Despicable Dreadlord Unwilling Sacrifice Kobolds and Catacombs Hooked Reaver Lesser Amethyst Spellstone Possessed Lackey Warrior Journey to UnGoro Cornered Sentry Direhorn Hatchling Molten Blade Knights of the Frozen Throne Death Revenant Mountainfire Armor Val'kyr Soulclaimer Kobolds and Catacombs Gather Your Party Kobold Barbarian Lesser Mithril Spellstone ... All Classes Journey to UnGoro Eggnapper Emerald Reaver Fire Fly Fire Plume Phoenix Giant Mastodon Giant Wasp Glacial Shard Igneous Elemental Nesting Roc Primalfin Lookout Pterrordax Hatchling Ravasaur Runt Rockpool Hunter Sabretooth Stalker Sated Threshadon Stegodon Stormwatcher Stubborn Gastropod Tar Creeper Thunder Lizard Ultrasaur Volatile Elemental Knights of the Frozen Throne Acherus Veteran Bloodworm Bonemare Cobalt Scalebane Deadscale Knight Deathspeaker Fallen Sun Cleric Grave Shambler Grim Necromancer Hyldnir Frostrider Necrotic Geist Night Howler Skelemancer Snowflipper Penguin Spellweaver Sunborne Val'kyr Tainted Zealot Tuskarr Fisherman Venomancer Vryghoul Wicked Skeleton Wretched Tiller Kobolds and Catacombs Boisterous Bard Corrosive Sludge Cursed Disciple Dire Mole Dragonslayer Fungal Enchanter Fungalmancer Green Jelly Guild Recruiter Hoarding Dragon Kobold Apprentice Plated Beetle Sewer Crawler Shroom Brewer Silver Vanguard Sleepy Dragon Sneaky Devil Stoneskin Basilisk Toothy Chest Trogg Gloomeater Violet Wurm Wax Elemental Druid Journey to UnGoro Elder Longneck Tortollan Forager Verdant Longneck Knights of the Frozen Throne Crypt Lord Gnash Webweave Kobolds and Catacombs Barkskin Ironwood Golem Oaken Summons Hunter Journey to UnGoro Crackling Razormaw Grievous Bite Jeweled Macaw Knights of the Frozen Throne Bearshark Play Dead Stitched Tracker Kobolds and Catacombs Candleshot Cave Hydra Flanking Strike Mage Journey to UnGoro Arcanologist Flame Geyser Shimmering Tempest Knights of the Frozen Throne Breath of Sindragosa Coldwraith Frozen Clone Kobolds and Catacombs Arcane Artificer Raven Familiar Shifting Scroll Paladin Journey to UnGoro Adaptation Hydrologist Lost in the Jungle Knights of the Frozen Throne Chillblade Champion Dark Conviction Righteous Protector Kobolds and Catacombs Benevolent Djinn Drygulch Jailor Potion of Heroism Priest Journey to UnGoro Binding Heal Radiant Elemental Tortollan Shellraiser Knights of the Frozen Throne Acolyte of Agony Shadow Ascendant Spirit Lash Kobolds and Catacombs Gilded Gargoyle Psionic Probe Unidentified Elixir Rogue Journey to UnGoro Hallucination Razorpetal Lasher Razorpetal Volley Knights of the Frozen Throne Bone Baron Leeching Poison Plague Scientist Kobolds and Catacombs Cavern Shinyfinder Cheat Death Sudden Betrayal Shaman Journey to UnGoro Air Elemental Hot Spring Guardian Tidal Surge Knights of the Frozen Throne Brrrloc Drakkari Defender Ice Fishing Kobolds and Catacombs Crushing Hand Healing Rain Kobold Hermit Warlock Journey to UnGoro Lakkari Felhound Ravenous Pterrordax Tar Lurker Knights of the Frozen Throne Drain Soul Howlfiend Sanguine Reveler Kobolds and Catacombs Dark Pact Kobold Librarian Vulgar Homunculus Warrior Journey to UnGoro Iron Hide Ornery Direhorn Tar Lord Knights of the Frozen Throne Animated Berserker Blood Razor Forge of Souls Kobolds and Catacombs Drywhisker Armorer Gemstudded Golem Unidentified Shield Cheeseberry69 Feb 27
Feb 27 Sort this game out ASAP. Just watched a pally bounce shirvallah into his hand 4 times and then shuffle into his deck to OTK me....honestly... Sort this mess out!Beaker8 Feb 27
Feb 27 Hyena still a problem As the title suggestsHexxedFrog3 Feb 27
Feb 27 Tried coming back, failed You make it soooooo hard to like this game, Blizz. So incredibly hard. Been playing a little yesterday and today. I faced 1 druid and about 10 hunters. Insanely dull experience. Bye, see you in a month or two.DonGiovanni7 Feb 27
Feb 26 Viewing post history. I can no longer view my post history on mobile. I haven't tried on my computer. Used to be I could touch a menu up top and click view post history. I tried logging out and back in. Any ideas? Did it move?Jayyzz3 Feb 26
Feb 26 Build a Rager Rules are simple: Create a "Rager" card. Ideally, the card should have 5 attack and 1 health, 1 attack and 5 health, or an effect that sets it to around that amount. It should ideally be 3 mana, but can have more or less if you think it necessary. It may have an effect of your choice; it can affect health/mana, but in the spirit of the card, it shouldn't make the card great. Remember, this is a Rager - it can have an effect, but it's not going to be making constructed. Storm Rager: 3 Mana 5/1 Windfury Holy Rager: 3 Mana 1/1 This Minion always has 4 more attack than it has health.Teo166 Feb 26
Feb 26 Choose your champion is back for HCT Winter. The usual. Pick a player and get between 1 and 4 RR packs based on their performance in the HTC Winter Championship.Wardrum23 Feb 26
Feb 26 When do we get to know about the new set in April? Does anyone know when we get a peak at some of the cards or do we? Or are we just gonna have to wait till April? Thanks.SirColson3 Feb 26
Feb 26 Elemental SHAMAN IS a WILD DECK! LOOK! Decided 50 rang on the EU server to try to walk on the elemental SHAMAN to rank 5! Today the maximum grade was 6, but maybe you are lucky and the rest of the month rank would be 5. With 50 on 6 rank! Watch video. Drink COCA-COLA! Elemental SHAMAN IS a WILD DECK -РусскийВася4 Feb 26