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Feb 26 Untamed Beastmaster quote ? Hey, What does Untamed Beastmaster say when you play him ? "___!? Those aren't exciting enough !" "Plants" maybe ? ThanksMarcOP7 Feb 26
Feb 26 Reporting Battle Tags Needed Please create a method by which players can report in appropriate or offensive battle tags. I encountered one today that was not appropriate given the fact that this game is open to children, but despite the screen capture and the fact that it was the last game that I had played, the representative I chatted with (Ticket ID US66805234) said that there was no way to track the owner down and remedy the situation. I was disappointed at this answer. A company with the history and sophistication of Blizzard should do a better job of safeguarding the players. Thank you.LadySigrid30 Feb 26
Feb 26 Do you get tilted very easily? For me its not a loss that tilts me its more the way that I lost.if my druid opponent destroy all my minions and replaced it with treants then cast spreading plague next turn I am tilted. If a priest resurrect the same minion several times a game I am tilted.I play poorly as a result.But I dont mind losing to warrior,rogue or mage. Do you get tilted easily what tilts you?HappyFeet35 Feb 26
Feb 26 What's up with all the bots? Has anyone else noticed a surge of players with password like tags, WD4RTsF for instance. All playing the same deck of basic cards, Elven Archer, Bloodfen Raptor, Bluegill Warrior, etc.?AirPo6 Feb 26
Feb 26 Taunt priest is just stupid There are few decks I thought were as stupid as druid with the fon/savage roar combo (before nerf) or jade druid. Taunt priest may just be it. It can shut down just about every deck except maybe rogue with sap but when they just sit there and wait for playing the divine spirit & inner fire combo on an unblocked and freshly resurrected minion or use Topsy. It's just sooo stupid that when I saw Topsy come out and the taunts with higher and higher health, I thought of this combo immediately, and probably tried it before anyone else and it was so stupid that I thought for sure that it wouldn't be a "thing". I actually LOVE playing priest but hate this deck so badly. I don't even play aggro. I just hate cheese. It's doubly annoying because I just played 3 matches and two opponents were playing some form of this. It's just... Grrr. This is good reason to rotate classic and core cards.Kiltedbear3 Feb 26
Feb 26 This why no one want play this Prime examples blizzard stop crap before lose all player base. Feb 26
Feb 26 Frost Linch Laina needs to be nerfed 3/6 Life leach and all it costs is 2 coins? WTF? They multiply within a few turns and they are incredibly difficult to kill because the mage can also cast spells and summon minions with no problem. It takes three S1:L7 Agents to kill with combo which costs 9 coins. If you can't kill it within one turn no worries she'll kill it for you simultaneously respawning another. Seriously I wasted my money on this game. I F'n QUIT. F U!!!!Dreamer14 Feb 26
Feb 26 This Game Is Pay-to-Win I'm not posting this to just throw shade. I like this game, and I like Blizzard. But I'm posting this here for other players who are in a similar place with the game. Either you have to buy a ton of cards and get what you need, or you literally have to play for years to be able to play against the other people who have been playing for a while. Your skill at the game has nothing to do with 90%+ of games. I could see how it would when you have every card in the game at your disposal. But for those of us who don't, and who haven't gotten lucky enough to ever really finish a deck (as in, there are always several cards you see that you'd like to have but you don't have the dust for), you really just have to cross your fingers and hope you don't run into a player who has been lucky enough to either pay their way into getting cards or has gotten really lucky card packs. The reason this is dumb is because there will be a huge "skill" gap (as players will surely call it) where newer players (i've been played for probably 6 months, several hours a week) simply cannot climb or compete at a certain level because they consistently run into players who have perfected decks. These are decks that you can Google and see that a specific card combination has a higher win rate. And you run into the same set of decks probably 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time you can actually kind of play a game with someone else who doesn't have a complete deck. Those are the games that are actually fun, and you can feel it going either way. I have had maybe 15 times (maybe) in those 6 months of playing where I actually felt like my skill was really the determining factor in a game (made me lose or made me win). I've watched streamers and competitions, learned the strategies, but simply don't have the cards. I've been enjoying this game for a while but it's just too frustrating anymore. Maybe I've just been really unlucky with card packs and dust. But it really feels like the system has been set up to be pay-to-win, at least for players who haven't been playing for years. That is inherently frustrating for any game, and it's a major complaint I have on this game. Which sucks, because it seems really fun and I've had a good time with it. I don't know if I'm going to play much moving forward.Zaxo140 Feb 26
Feb 26 Help: Cubelock Deck I am stuck at Rank 18 with a cubelock deck. I just cant seem to progress past that stage. Am I just piloting it wrong or is the deck just bad? Anyone plays cubelock here, can you give me your decklist? That way if I copy it and still lose, then I will know the problem's with me xDBourgeoisie14 Feb 26
Feb 26 A powerful solution to counter OTK decks A simple tip I want to give all of you is to rush them down and finish the game as soon as possible. It really works! Don't stall the game and let them freely draw cards. When I am playing my OTK decks, I am holding onto pieces of the combo for the majority of the match with nothing to do and wasting mana every turn. My opponent, on the other hand, spend majority of their time waiting for me playing minions so they can counter. This is not a good strategy to play against OTK decks. Hope this helps.Caonima26 Feb 26
Feb 26 QUEST 80 gold trade QUEST 80 gold trade Server-USA РусскийВася#2803РусскийВася1 Feb 26
Feb 26 Shudderwock in wild Shudderwock in wild is out of control the animations can go for at least ten minute turns. Lol wtf blizzard?Diddly9 Feb 26
Feb 26 As a Golden Priest I seriously hate this class right now. Spam "well played" and "uncanny" as you resurrect your minions 4-6 times because your opponent doesn't draw or run a hard removal. Either play mind blast Maly or the Divine Spirit Ogre netdeck and win regardless of whatever cards they play because Psychic Scream and Mass Hysteria clear the board of any aggressionZom10 Feb 26
Feb 26 Is Hearthstone dying? Ok... people have been claiming Hearthstone was dying for a really long time now, and I never took them seriously, because there was never any evidence to back that up, but right now.. I think there is and I am starting to worry if Hearthstone might be on it's way out. I just checked the viewer numbers on Twitch and MTGArena has roughly the same amount of viewers, which is something I really didn't see coming. A lot of popular Hearthstone streamers have jumped ship, either to MTGA or to Autochess. It is no secret that the last 2 expansions failed to make much of an impact. Balance patches in rapid succession also clearly show that even the devs are aware that they screwed up. Then you have all the recent layoffs with Activision Blizzard and knowing that they shut down the support for HOTS, I am a bit worried, that Hearthstone might be next on the chopping block. Maybe the recent changes to HCT points, were not really about improving competitive play after all, but are supposed to be the first step of a plan to no longer officially support tournament play in HS and instead outsource tournament play to third party organizers? Am I wrong to worry? What do you think? Is Hearthstone going to recover or are the glory days over?WarrenBleezy59 Feb 26
Feb 27 [Fluff] Heroes and Villains In the world of games, we can make believe and take up characters that bear no relation to actual life, believes, etc. Thus, in your games. Are you a Hero or a Villain? What type of character will you be? An enforcer of Justice? A freelance Anti-hero? A calculating mercenary? A sexy and charming entertainer? Come, Come, Come, Share you gaming fantasy here.Reaver15 Feb 27
Feb 26 Simple change to Baku/Genn I feel it's hard to change Baku and Genn without destroying them/the decks they're played in. The one change I would make (and I know this isn't originally my idea) is have the Start of Game: effects (at least for Bakugenn) happen before the mulligan, so that the other player can at least mulligan against the Bakugenn deck. I feel this would tone down Bakugenn, at least minimally, without destroying them.andrewlik2 Feb 26
Feb 26 Rogue UP Rogue is UP right now. Cold blood nerf killed the class. Please undo the nerf and delete Baku instead.Valeera34 Feb 26
Feb 26 secret upgrade ideas a legendary card that DON'T TELL MY SECRETS 5 mana cost upgrade secrets in your hand explosion trap upgrade deal 2 damage to all enemies this card now gives lifesteal cat trick the cat now has windfury hidden cache now becomes +2/+6 freezing trap instead of returning to the owner's hand it goes to yours instead snipe upgrade deal 6 damage misdirection the random characters is now also frozen venomstrike trap upgrade the cobra is now 3/4 wandering monster summon a 3 cost minion to 4 cost minion rat trap upgrade the rat now have stealth snake trap now summons 4 1/1 snakes frozen clone upgrade the minions now cost 1 less ice barrier now gives 12 armor mirror entity that minion now has deathrattle resummon this minion counterspell upgrade the countered spell heals your hero based on the spell cost explosive runes is now 10 damage mana bind now gives you 2 copies vaporize upgrade now destroys any other copies in the enemy's hand or deck spellbinder upgrade there is a 3/3 as the new target splitting image summon a second copy ice block upgrade you can't go below 1 health for 2 turns duplicate upgrade when you summon those minions they get rush effigy summon a random EPIC minion with the same cost potion of polymorph turns it into a sheep with 0/1 health heals your hero 1 health at the end of each turn cheat death now costs 0 mana sudden betrayal if the neighbours survives their attack is reduced to 0 evasion become immune for 2 turns avenge now is +5/+5 autodefense matrix now gets divine shield every 3 turns after this is activated eye for an eye now gives lifesteal hidden wisdom now draws 4 cards noble sacrifice the minion is now 2/4 redemption now returns to full health repentance now silences that minion sacred ground trial at least 2 MINIONS competitive spirit +1/+1 and windfury getaway kodo the returned minion now gets lifestealiamsonic4 Feb 26
Feb 26 Too much deckbuild restrictions First i'm need to say that i'm not against deckbuild restrictions and that they are okay to be print but: Guys. Blizzard is doing it nonstop since reno jackson and it reached a point were deckbuild restriction cards got uncreative and even lead to baku and genn that many here not like as they are. So can blizzard stop print deckbuild restriction cards for a time and put their effort on other type of design? You're doing it so much that you're losing the touch. It would also help a lot if they give up on even/odd deckbuild restrictions and redesign those cards without it.minami12 Feb 26
Feb 26 the state of Wild... nothing, counter, counter, counter, and then either go Lich King, Y'Shaarj or similar, or simply go OTK i was really enjoying this game mode, but ever since i hit rank 5 it's been nothing but plain frustration ...i miss the good days of MtG where there are 'interrupts' ;)Rorschach4 Feb 26
Feb 26 Any reason to get back into the game? Found the expansions boring and uninstalled the game in October. Any reason to get back into the game?Takaido13 Feb 26
Feb 26 Ragnaros always hitting face when lethal Wtf is up with this? Last 20+ situations when Rag hit the board with me being at 8 or less health and having minions on the board, he literally hits me every time. I calculated the odds of that happening (I keep record of all my games). It is 1/4x1/2x1/3x1/2x1/2x1/3x1/4x1/2x1/3x1/4x1/3x1/3x1/2x1/2x1/2x1/2x1/2x1/3x1/4 = 1/2 985 984 Right now when Rag hits the board and I'm at 8 or less health, I just know that I lost, because it is guaranteed that he will hit my face, and he ALWAYS EFFIN DOES. Am I just the most unlucky player in the world?DonGiovanni15 Feb 26
Feb 26 Anyone else feel like you face your deck counters alittle too often? This may be just me, but I feel like I face alot of decks that counter mine. When I play Secrets Mage, In my past 10 games, 7 of them were running Eater of Secrets. When I switched over to Aggro Paladin, I faced alot of really heavy anti aggro Warlocks. Maybe it’s just me, but maybe someone else can give me some input? Do you feel the same way sometimes?Doffy17 Feb 26
Feb 26 Thx a lot bliiz/team 5 for... dont deleting accounts that use BOTS at rank 20... its like playing vs the innkeeper but with worst decks and HERE I CAN EARN GOLD! THX..plz dont fix so fun.. thx...Cacatua5 Feb 26
Feb 26 To Dean Ayala You were asking recently what would bring people back to the game I don't want to be negative but this might come across as negative I just played that game, I didn't mind losing, I'm low ranked, literally only play at the moment to get gold for the next expansion BUT, watch the game and you'll understand why people HATE Hearthstone and its current design, pay particular attention to the Priests resurrect pool and how the game ends. I would love to say that's rare but its really not, it happens a lot more than it should happen and when you have zero control over reacting to such a thing, that's why people just quit the game and go elsewhere, be it other genre of games or even other card games.GrumpyOldGit13 Feb 26
Feb 26 [Inspire]Short story(or maybe stories) from scrolls of CHO (Hi all, trying a new style of writing for those interested) A young adventurer, full of enthusiasm and vigor, had achieved much despite his young age. He has many achievements, possess riches and holds a powerful reputation among the adventurers. While roaming the lands, he came to heard of a wise and knowledgeable figure residing in the mountains. Doubting of someone else more talented than himself, he decided to pay this person a visit. He reached a humble hut and was greeted by a plump furry figure in straw hat. The figure raised his brow and peer slightly from under his straw hat. "Ah, young master. You must be tired and thirsty from your long walk. Would you like to have some tea?" Both of them sat under a small shade where there was a small table and some potteries. The adventurer nodded and raised his cup, while the teacher reached for his teapot. Slowly the cup filled, overflowing onto the saucer, flowing onto the table. The adventurer jumped and yelled, "The cup is already too full!" The loremaster put the tea pot down and stated, "And you too young adventurer are already too full. I cannot chat with you until you empty yourself." Reaver7 Feb 26
Feb 26 Jan’alai is AFWULLY desighned. Srsly, what goes on in their headquarters? Oh... Ragnaros is was so OP we HoFed it... lets add a 7 mana version that also comes w a free 4/4... COME ON THIS CARD LITTERALLY INCREASES ODD MAGE’S WINRATE BY 25%SweetTexas7725 Feb 26
Feb 26 Questions for rank 5 or lower so this weekend I kind of hit a wall. overall i was ranking up at a pretty good clip but then hit a wall once i got to 5. Im at 5 with 5 stars, but have been there the entire weekend. im running a couple different decks decks with win rates below even lock: 58% win rate odd pali: 53.8% wall priest: 53% secret odd mage: 53.1% i feel like every time i get to 5 with 5 stars that game to get to 4 is literally the worst game and worst matchup for the deck im running. Its also entirely possible i've hit a skill wall, maybe im not better than a rank 5, maybe im making misplays that i dont see that normally work. I guess i could use some advice, should i just stick with one deck for the climb?Clutch8 Feb 26
Feb 26 VS Data Report #122: Genn & Baku ... Harming the Game Hunter has risen in popularity at higher levels of play and Midrange Hunter has completely taken over the legend meta. Priest is seeing declines in play across the board, especially at legend. There is a transition from Gallery Priest to Wall Priest, with the latter carrying a higher win rate recently. A transition can also be observed in Warlock with more attention is given to Even and Zoo Warlock, and Cube, Mecha’thun and Midrange Warlock in decline. The Rogue class is extremely diverse and it’s very hard to guess what you’ve just run into on ladder. Odd Rogue is recovering in its play rate. Miracle Rogue is sticking around after its promising results. Malygos Rogue is also there, despite looking very weak. Various other decks are being played at lower rates: Quest Rogue, Cube Rogue, Tempo Rogue, Thief Rogue, and Even Rogue are all notable. Paladin is exhibiting a small uptick in play, born from Even Paladin and Secret Paladin. Warrior is continuing to climb in popularity in the non-legend ranks. At legend, the class has dropped in popularity. Odd Warrior is the most popular archetype of the class, followed by Odd-Taunt Warrior and Rush Warrior. Mage’s growth has been stopped, with Aggro-Odd Mage declining in popularity across the board. Druid is seeing another archetype rise in popularity at legend, overtaking both Miracle Druid and Malygos Druid ... the old 'Tog-M-Thun' Druid has resurfaced at higher levels of play. Shaman is showing no major signs of life. Elemental Shaman started seeing more play recently, but at legend, Shaman’s play rate is still close to 1%. Despite a bit too much concentration of Priests and Hunters, there's a fair amount of spread in the overall meta. All the classes have options to run with, though Shaman are clearly the losers of the post-patch meta. It's funny though, because I sure seem to see a fair number of them in Casual, and they do pretty well.TheRiddler43 Feb 26
Feb 26 Possible change suggestion to Baku As I was watching Kibler's new video on Baku and Genn (yes another one), I was thinking of possible changed to Baku as a card, and here is what my opinion is on it. My change would be, if you're card has only odd cost cards, drop all their costs by 1. So what does this do to the card itself? For one, it removes the whole stagnant button power issue. Yes you are fundamentally changing the deck and how it's played, but is that a bad thing? Surely at this point people are not wanting to play against these decks cause they're boring. The deck would no longer be structured the way it was based on the hero power, but based on the deck and the cost advantage of having less mana to play it with the restrictions on mana and mana cost. Now would this make it unplayable? Maybe. But since this could expand on all odd cost cards in the future, I think people could get creative with it and allow for different types of decks while using the same Baku card. At this point, I would rather see it as a card that some people could have fun with than the same kind of deck people would use for each matchup. Now for Genn, does this card need any change? My opinion is no, this card does not need any change. Why? This card, while it fundamentally creates a deck based on the hero power, is still restricted on whether or not your hero power is still worth using at the non upgraded level at the cost of a bunch of core cards. For example, what priest deck would create a cheaper hero power without using key cards like Psychic Scream, Northshire Cleric, or Shadow Word Death. Even at the height of Even Shaman, I still thought Genn was fine. Even Shaman and now Even Warlock are products of what Genn was supposed to do, but in a healthy way. What are your thoughts? Maybe I am wrong in all this. I don't play standard for one so I can't say what the impact is for that playmode. Wild sees some Baku, especially for Rogue, but apart from that it is just another deck type. It is no oppressive at least in my opinion. I would like to hear what Standard players have to say on this.ThinIce8 Feb 26
Feb 25 This game feels like... ... an argument with your ex.Gyre11 Feb 25
Feb 25 Anybody else experimenting with decks that will survive the rotation 100% intact? As in, decks built purely on Basic, Classic, WW, Boomsday and Rumble cards. I've been toying around with the idea for a while, just so I have an idea to build off of post rotation. The funnest deck so far has been a mech/rush warrior that I feel confident will be able to hold its own after April. Anyone else been doing this? What decks have yall thought up?Zombeef17 Feb 25
Feb 25 Minion keyword "Corrosive", 2X damage to armor This might be a moot point if some of the stronger armor-giving cards rotate out soon. And obviously it would be pretty situational. But "Corrosive" minions could help whittle down the "Endless armor" deck archetypes. Just a thought.QuakerPimp17 Feb 25
Feb 25 Zul'jin overpowered How in the hell blizzard could you make this card so strong for hunters? To many effects of hunter have 0 downside with Zul'jin. Secrets spellstones. I just faced another hunter and with Zuljin he was getting 3 secrets animal companion and 2 full spellstones... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? And it could be even worst. Nice balanced card.MastaG50 Feb 25
Feb 25 This might actually be the worst standard meta ever and I played during kharazan shamanstone. At least then I could interact with the enemy decks. Every single deck in this meta is absolutely garbage to play against. This new hybrid hunter !@#$ that's playing beasts and secrets to upgrade 5 mana 12/12. Rexxar is autowin vs anything control, zuljin autowin vs anything aggro. If it's not that, it's cube hunter summoning and cubing 8/8s or 7/7s charge. You kill their deathrattles so they don't activate them, and they just cube the 5/5s or whatever anyway. Clone priest which is honestly the most cancerous thing I have ever seen. Just abuse resurrect mechanics over and over, deal 20 damage with each mind blast or 12 with holy smite. Get them low, and they manage to somehow get a copy of malygos or velen to spirit lash to full health, off 3 or 4 god damn minions. There is otk paladin which now seems to be just draw, draw, draw. Clear with pyroquality or consecrate. Heal to full health with one shirvalla and crystalsmith. This is honestly, IMO, the worst meta that they have ever created. These decks don't do anything to interact with you. At least in wild you see much more varied decks, but roll into the occasional turn 3 barnes.Geoxyx78 Feb 25
Feb 25 accidental Mage Deck I rarely post anything anymore, but check this out guys: ### Custom Mage # Class: Mage # Format: Standard # Year of the Raven # # 2x (1) Goldshire Footman # 2x (2) Arcanologist # 2x (2) Frostbolt # 2x (2) Frostwolf Grunt # 2x (2) Primordial Glyph # 2x (2) Sorcerer's Apprentice # 2x (2) Stubborn Gastropod # 2x (3) Counterspell # 2x (3) Explosive Runes # 2x (3) Ironfur Grizzly # 2x (3) Kirin Tor Mage # 2x (3) Silverback Patriarch # 2x (4) Fireball # 2x (4) Water Elemental # 1x (6) Aluneth # 1x (9) Frost Lich Jaina # AAECAf0EApvTAqLTAg4pQ3G7AosD5gSWBewFmgeeCcHBAubCApjEAo/TAgA= # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone I sort of made this deck by accident. I really only play mage as that is the class where I have every card including wild. I had the "You Shall Not Pass" quest to play 12 Taunt minions and i just threw this together, but it actually works okay. Play taunt and secrets early hold apprentices and burn for late. I was wondering what the really good deck builders think, and can I make it better?Mallenroh3 Feb 25
Feb 25 WILD = Priests - Priests cheating mana - Priests resurrecting stuff until you run out of steam - Priests cheating mana and resurrecting stuff - Some OTKs & mill nonsense I used to love this game.Gunter7 Feb 25
Feb 25 Ban class in wild and Bigpriest Although it would be nice to introduce such a function in the standard mode, you should start with the wild mode. Because 100% of the players will ban the priest, which is represented, in fact, by a single disgusting deck. If the developers cannot fix the resurrection mechanics, then the option I have proposed remains. Of all the restyled and nasty decks of the wild regime, only he was left afloat. He is the only one who introduces a huge imbalance and negative emotions from playing in this mode. Other decks were fixed, although not as quickly as we would like, but still. And this has been terrorizing the wild regime for 2 years now and as it should be. Maybe we will cut this abomination out of the game?FaboanGrosb22 Feb 25
Feb 25 Odd cost Secret Mage deck minions After some advice from here (thank you!) I've tweaked my deck, but still haven't had the burning question answered... Aside from the basics (ragnaros, frost lich, black cat etc) what MINIONS should I be using in my odd cost Secret Mage deck? Any advice?Briixo14 Feb 25
Feb 25 Dr Boom Mad Genius Interested in opinions from those more experienced with odd warrior than I am. Is this even a good card in this meta? Obviously it’s a very solid versatile card but in almost every match up I ran into I found I didn’t want to play it. Wall priest and dragon priest you want to spend the game tanking up every turn. Odd mage, hunters, rush warrior, zoo or other aggro decks the same thing. Certainly in the mirror I’d play it but hard for me to see where it would be a good card against most of the popular decks on ladder. I played control priest mostly this season and even at high ranks people would play this card against me and end up losing the game when tanking up would have made it virtually impossible for me to win.Guldin2 Feb 25
Feb 25 Worst Gamestate Ever The amount of OTK's and how rewarding slow play is, make this game not fun for me anymore. I hit legend last year and am currently at rank 5. This is the worst the game has ever been due to poor theory crafting and way too much removal. I enjoy the game to be about making smart trades with minions and spells. Not sit on your 8 card hand, wipe the board, then play a one-turn-kill combo. It is pretty stupid. I am going to go download magic online I hear the developers actually play the game.HlK54 Feb 25
Feb 25 Stupid mecha-cthun God I hate mecha-chthun. Like, so much. Feels so cheap when you lose to it. Yeah, yeah, git gud or whatever. I've won to it lots too, I just hate losing to it.omega122736 Feb 25
Feb 25 Are Shaman good for....anything? Hey guys...long time shaman player here. It was the only class i played over many years of WoW (had multiple ones of different races) and even there the class was a bit whacky and considered not so great often. In Hearthstone I played shaman and came back to this game after a loooong time. I have playing since December and went for Shaman again. I was so shaman fanboy that i pretty much disenchanted other faction cards in order to get as big and complete a collection of shaman cards possible. In climbing the ladder I find I struggle.....hard. I have not been able to break rank 17 with my shaman recruit, elemental or evolve (this is the best one but by far my most hated and boring of the grp). My wife on the other hand plays priest and mage primarily and climbs with ease (although I somehow beat her more then she beats me but on ladder she is much higher and consistent). Heck I even made some janky decks for quests, took em to the ladder and I feel won easier then I do with my shaman decks which I have pored massive time into. SO what is the deal? I feel like every shaman card has some arbitrary con added to it for the purpose of.....??? Im not sure and it frustrates me to see other classes have excellent power to cost cards without having to deal with massive drawbacks. Overload? Could work but is usually just a massive tempo hit, god forbid you play your 477 only to have it made into a sheep or have its atk stolen and then be out an entire turn...good tempo there. Evolve mechanics? Sure if you enjoy praying to the RNG gods and worse so many higher costed minions have bad stats but excellent battlecries which does jack all for evolve. Elementals? This may be the most consistent if you have the load of legendaries to pull it off....although I would argue mage can pull off some janky elemental deck to greater heights. So does shaman do that is considered excellent or even good? With the loss of many core cards I can see the problem only getting worse and an expansion would need to overhaul and throw a ton of really really impressive cards to make any sort of difference. I am close to getting rid of all my shaman stuff and playing a class I care less about simply to enjoy winning more often. The expansion is my own caveat of hope but I just dunno how 1 expac is supposed to fix the shamans many problems. So yea...what do they do?Camsaiga76 Feb 25
Feb 25 Is mind control even good ? I feel like 10 mana for this is too much. I'm a new player so my insight on the matter isn't that valuable and I assume I may be wrong here, but if so, how and why ? As a priest, you have board clears that cost 7, you can destroy a powerful minion for only 3, so why would you waste a whole turn on mind control ?Гуди15 Feb 25
Feb 25 Hero ability Cards These a broken from the word go. Some are as cheap as 6 mana and give a MASSIVE power boost to a hero's ability power. While some are stronger than others it remains without any counter play. Honestly i feel cheated when i have a good game and someone just wins by spamming a hero ability. I can't remove it, I can't stop it so what can you do? Nothing. You just have to hope this epic new spell the opponent gets every turn for 2 mana can be dealt with. So they need to have counter play, a way to remove them or just stop making them. Honestly its BS like this that make people leave the game because EVERYTHING should have some sort of counter play.Conan3 Feb 25
Feb 25 Thanks for making terrible Mecha'thun This is the worst deck to play against........... If you aren't playing a face deck, you lose to the slow, drawn out death. I was SOOOO hoping to play normal Hearthstone decks but nope........there's always something that has to make the "normal" decks lose in EVERY game. If you don't play a face deck you lose to terrible Mecha'thun. I'd rather play against the terrible Scarab God in MTG. I guess I'll play some Magic the Gathering Arena foor a while since it's all Priest and Druid Mecha'thun decks beyond rank 5... Super fun times Blizzard!!!Pharaoh197119 Feb 25
Feb 25 how to fix the game with 3 solutions 1. Nerf lifesteal. When lifesteal damage hits a minion, it should not restore HP, only when it hits hero. 2. Cap Armor at 10. 3. Make Taunt and Divine Shield trigger only when played from your hand. All of your recent and upcoming nerfs are and will be related to that. These are the mechanics which make the game unfun. It creates a cost for choosing to stall the game in order to do your OTK situation.cheatch22 Feb 25
Feb 25 Why many players left Hearthstone? I think because HS is more and more Pay2Win...Front24226 Feb 25
Feb 25 Monster Hunt Hi, I have had this quest for some time, it says "Defeat 10 monsters as the tracker". I have no idea how to finish this quest, when I go to solo adventures I dont see anything about Monster Tracker, can someone guide me how I can complete this quest? Thanks.Funkman2 Feb 25
Feb 25 Hunter Broken? Dec 2018-Jan 2019 Hey guys, How do you feel about the meta balance after the most recent nerfs? I think that on one hand I was happy with the changes (druid, lifesteal dagger rogue and odd pally), but on the other what I'm now noticing is that Hunter is still very strong, having gotten no nerfs. The issue that I have with this is that while those other decks may have been over-tuned, I feel as if hunter is as well, and the nerfing of the aforementioned pally, druid and rogue has left top tier latter far over-populated by hunter decks. It feels like about half of my ladder games (rank 1-5) are against hunters (most often spell hunters) and it makes the game feel incredibly stale. Personally I'm hoping the devs will realize the imbalance and nerf several top-tier hunter decks in the same targeted way that they did the others.Sobek4 Feb 25