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Hi, I was in the middle of playing a ranked game and suddenly the game freezes, and I can't do anything. So I restart the game. Then when I start it up it says "Timed Out." And a bunch of other things over the door thing on the loading screen. Please help!
Same here. (EU)
I was just starting the game up...And I have the same problem. (EU)

Please fix it, I'd like to actually play someone with a deck D:
same here (eu)
I'm having the same problem. It just exits out of the loading screen, and into the disconnected screen.
Same here.

Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect.
Must be an issue, it's happening to quite a few people by the looks of the new threads in this forum. Sitting back and waiting for something to resolve it.

I had literally just started playing my first practice game and it happened. :(
Yea i was in the middle of a winning game in the Arena and it was the opponent's turn. I checked the time and see that 7 mins have passed so it couldn't be my opponent not doing anything or else he would have timed out his turn.

I then tried to message my friend on chat (realid friend playing WoW) and he was able to read and reply to my message.

I then closed Hearthstone and then re-opened it again to find the message 'Closed: The application timed out while obtaining data from Hearthstone facility. Please restart Hearthstone to fix this.'

My guess is the servers are down?

Edit: im playing from EU and this is the first time this has occured.
Managed to log back in after about 15 mins but my Arena registered a loss for me :(
Same here EU

This shaman turn wasn't ending no rope or anything. HAd to quit and now can't get back in
It was frozen, I had to relaunch the game, but it won t log in anymore :s
it is working now but my daily quest is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same problem here, it looked like the enemy went afk but the timer never showed up so I waited there like 10 minutes and nothing happened so I left the game and can't get back in.
The Blizzard launcher can't seem to connect for me atm. EU also.

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