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I'm running the game on a three screen system(1920x1200 24", 2560x1440 27", 1920x1200 24") with the primary screen set to the middle one. In windowed mode, if I move the window from the primary (center) screen to the right screen, the game offsets the mouse pointer from where it appears. To select a card (or just hovering to zoom it in), I have to place the pointer far above the card itself. The mouse pointer graphic appears in the correct location (ie, it doesn't jump when moving across the game window borders), but the place where the game thinks the mouse is placed is roughly 30-40% of the game window below where it appears to be.

After moving the game window back to the primary screen, it works as expected again without needing to restart the game.
Happens here too.
Same here with a similar (triple-screen) setup. It's making it really annoying to play the game while doing something else (it's completely unplayable on anything but the pirmary monitor).

The mouse cursor also seems extremely large in windowed mode.

Maybe it has something to do with my secondary and tertiary monitors having a different resolution than my primary?
I am also experiencing this issue on a secondary display.

Experiencing same problems on secondary display connected to my MBP 13" :(
I am also experiencing this problem. I play on an iMac and have a second monitor that has a smaller resolution than my iMac. I want to be able to play Hearthstone in the second monitor, but the tracking is off.

I made a video of the problem, in case people weren't sure what is going on.

I would love to see a fix for this! Thanks!
Interesting that this is pointed out, because I'm running two displays, main display 24" 1920x1200, and second display 1920x1080. When I move the Hearthstone window over to my second screen, the clicks are offset.
So I did some research with this, and I found another game that does this, it is also a Unity game, so I made a post over on the Unity support forums. I believe this might be a Unity problem only affecting Macs. Feel free to post over there if you want that post to gain more traction.
+Me too

I have a screen recording of this issue. Hopefully the Blizzard Engineers are working on a fix for this as Im sure alot of dual monitor Mac users will be upset if this bug is out in release.

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