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I've already submitted this in the european forums but I never got anybody to help me resolve the issue and since this involves the US servers I figured I should submit my issue here as well.

This account of mine is European. I have used this EU account for quite awhile. I recently recieved an email containing a beta key and used it on this account. The key worked fine, however I am not able to play the game on the european servers. Instead, I have to switch to the american servers and play there. I also see Hearthstone under a different listing when I go to my account. It shows as being a part of the US region, whereas my WoW client for example is EU. I've already spent a good ammount of cash in the game and I'm afraid that when the game is released I won't get the gold I've invested in or the golden Gelbin Mekatorque.

Everyone says that keys are not region locked but mine obviously is. What can I do?
Keys are not region locked this is true.

If you were able to spend money on HS your accounts home location must be a US account with an EU copy of WoW attached(easily done, I have it myself) as you cannot buy cards outside of your home region.

You will need to change your home location to where you are currently living for it to change, this can only be done by contacting blizzard via a support ticket and providing proof of address for your current location.

However if you do this the money you have spent on the US version of HS won't transfer to the EU, this has never been supported by blizzard.

Basically it comes down to you added the key to a US based account, the only thing you can do is contact support and change the address of your account to where you really live.
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My account location was HongKong, and I play in US&SA server with my friend now (however, I activated my key in Asia Server). Now there is a problem that both of my friend and I cannot see each other on the friendlist. We did send the friend request and we received nothing in Hearthstone. But when I played Diablo3, I saw my friend was playing Hearthstone from the friendlist.

So, I just wonder how can I play with my friend on HearthStone together, and how can we see each on friendlist. Thank you.
I am having the exact same problem now

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