Silly/fun card ideas.

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I get bored and do this sort of thing every now and then. Feel free to add your own, or shout at me for making terrible cards. I'm fine with either.

Blackheart the Inciter (7)
Battlecry: Randomly assign each other minion on the board to a new owner.
(minions that swap control gain summoning sickness, as they would with mind control. Card from which hilarity can ensue.)

Gamon, the Weak (3)
At the start of your (next) turn, this card gains "Deathrattle: Summon Gamon, the Vengeful"
Gamon, the Vengeful (N/A)
At the start of your (next) turn, this card gains "Deathrattle: Summon Gamon, the Savior"
Gamon, the Savior (N/A)
(I like the idea of a minion that ramps in this particular fashion. Gamon just happened to fit the bill perfectly.)

Knowledge Pool (5)

More tomorrow. Just realised how tired I am.
Emerald Nightmare (3)
At the end of your turns Emerald Nightmare randomly puts to sleep one minion on the board and for each minion Nightmare gains one more health. Affected minions are awaken when Emerald Nightmare is removed from the board.

Arkoniel (0)
Unable to join a game, because he has no beta key.

Mirror Image (6)
Copy one of your minions on the board. Copied Minion will have 1 less health and ability to copy itself with one less HP in the next turn. In addition each copy lose a health at the end of your turns.
Chen Stormstout - Legenday - 5 Mana 6A/6H

Battlecry: Summon a 0/1 LiLi.

LiLi Stormstout - Legendary

Cannot be silenced, attacked, buffed, or destroyed. Randomly insults minions and players.
The Inn (as in the Hearthstone Innkeeper's inn)
Cost: 10

Atk: 1
Def: 20

At the end of your turn, summon a random minion (from the entire Hearthstone collection).
This card can't be targeted by spells or hero powers.
Don't know much about the lore of Warcraft, but I like the idea of a legendary spell.

[Legendary Spell] 5 mana
Give a minion +3/+3, Divine Shield, Taunt.
Lose 1 health every turn this card is in your hand.

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