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I've been getting some serious lag while playing. I usually play connected to my wi-fi, but also Ive been testing my ethernet connection, and the lag still is happening.

Any idea how I could improve my gameplay? Sometimes I drop a card and it shows me that it's on the table but never happened and my screen gets a "bugged dropped card" in the middle that actually never dropped.

Im usually trying to do my turn quick or spam clicking "end turn" button but it's just not working because it's so laggy that Im always getting the timer explosion and says "your time is off".

I thought that maybe after the wipe the game could be "playable" again, but right now is very annoying trying to play my turn or waiting for the opponent. The issue is still happening.

Any word about this issue? Or maybe any suggestion to try to improve my game performance?

I play in a 2013 Macbook Pro.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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