BLZBNTBGS80000011 Errors

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I'm having the same problem.
I have got this [BLZBNTBGS80000011 Errors] [14404] problem,and i have sent the e-mail.Hope this issue will be solved soon~
i got an error code:BLZBNTBGS800000012 (33) help plz
[BLZBNTBGS8000002A Errors] [11011] that is my error
BLZBNTBGS80000011 (3005) here
I got a (73); email with log sent
E-mail sent. Hoping for the best.
I got a (73)
email with log sent
hi. when i launch the game from aplication, on my screen appears just that door with the sign above and... it stops. nothing more. pls try to help me with that. thank you.
receiving [BLZBNTBGS80000021 Errors] instead. Sent logs
I got (3003).E-mail sent
same issues here, in canada
logs is sent
I've got the error code:BLZBNTBGS800000012 (33)

Any suggestion. Whole day off QQ
I have the 8000012 Error and can't connect to at all, additionally my Heartstone PLAY buttonn is grayed out with message that its not available in my region. I haven't been able to play it for like 2 days now at all. Is this a common know issue that hopefully will be resolved soon?
Let's try...
server is still down can't even log battlenet.
I've got the error code:BLZBNTBGS800000012 (33)
as well got it today NA here i can't play today

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