Game isnt openning, invalid server thumbprint

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Unhandled Bnet error: [Event=auth_onfinisherror=invalid_server_thumbprint]
E 06:21:41.8997043 [Network] Network.DefaultBnetErrorHandler() - error=[event=Auth_OnFinish error=ERROR_INVALID_SERVER_THUMBPRINT] (:0)
E 06:21:41.9277059 [Network] Network.DefaultBnetErrorHandler() - error=[event=Auth_Logon error=ERROR_INVALID_SERVER_THUMBPRINT] (:0)
E 06:21:41.9317061 [Network] Network.DefaultBnetErrorHandler() - error=[event=Bnet_OnDisconnected error=ERROR_DENIED] (:0)
Do you play on EU or US?

If EU this error is prob caused because it's still down for maint. If US I've seen this be fixed by reinstalling.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
US, will reisntall
this error happened to me too, i am from Brazil, South America.
This happened to me too! From Argentina, South America... I posted my thread today :/
this happen to me to today, it's becouse I'm black, or from Ukraine?
Same problem Help yo
Same problem here ...
Repair does not help
I guess it's server maint .
same here... doesn't work on my PC ... i get that error but works on my laptop
fixed it by reinstalling bnet client...

delete "" and "Blizzard Entertainment" from C:\ProgramData\

then from control panel uninstalled them both...

then installed them all from scratch...

works now

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