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Download mac os installation, unzip and packed wont start. OS 10.8.4
I have this same issue. When I try to run the setup it starts to pop up in my dock but goes away. I'm running 10.8.5. I also have this same problem with the WoW PTR setup..
I am having this same issue with my OSX client setup, running 10.7.5.

I also tried just installing the new launcher app, with the same result when I run the setup for that.
Update: I just used the launcher to install Hearthstone after I had applied the beta key to my account. Seems to be working fine.
I have the same issue. I am running 10.8.5. I also tried to instal launcher but this does not work as well since it does exactly the same as the hearthstone launcher.
im runnin 10.7.5 and having the same issues with both installation packs, has anyone had any luck?
Just realized I got into the beta a couple days ago! Unfortunately I'm having the same launcher issues. Neither the Hearthstone launcher nor the new launcher are working. OS version 10.7.5.
Have the same errors in OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) beta and hearthstone-beta can't launch, the same problem with russian version( / Hearthstone-Beta-Setup-ruRU)
I am having the same issues.. I tried to go and install the launcher separately but once I unzip the file I can't open the installer.

Running OSX 10.8.4
OSX 10.8.5, same issues as above.
Somebody from Blizzard read this forum ? :(
I'm experiencing the same issue. OS X (10.7.5)
update winzip on mac
Hello all I solve problem with changing "Keka archiver" to "Archive Utility 10.8". And all work.
I've found that this resolves several different issues with me.
1) Can't launch the app
2) Hearthstone "launches" but doesn't actually launch resulting in the app thinking its running (Play is grayed out)
3) Freezing during Launch of Hearthstone
4) Several different "Cannot update Agent" issues
5) Several different app connection issues

I found during troubleshooting and found I had 10+ instances of the Agent process. They may not be closing properly when the app is quit or force quit. Just a hunch

Give it a try if you wish:

> Quit or Force Quit the desktop app and any Blizzard games (WoW, Diablo III, SCII, Hearthstone)

> Open Activity Monitor (/Applications/Utilities)

> in the top right corner there is a "Filter" section - directly to the left is a drop down that may say "My Processes" - change it to "All Processes" - This will show you all background processes

> Sort by process name by clicking once or twice on the "Process Name" column

> Find the following Process(s) - there may be multiple instances of it
Process Name: Agent
User: $yourusername
% CPU: 0.0

> Highlight each and click on "Quit Process" in the top left corner

> A new window will pop in and ask you what you want to do - select "Force Quit"

> Repeat for all instances of the "Agent" process

> Relaunch desktop app

edit forgot this:
Processor 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB
Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)
I tried what suggested my @IOpuk and use the Archive Utility instead of the Keka Archiver and it worked for me. Thanks @IOpuk !
I have tried all these ways and still cannot figure it out, getting frustrated
What exactly does this mean, in English please lol.. pardon my stupidity
10/15/2013 04:14 AMPosted by IOpuk
Hello all I solve problem with changing "Keka archiver" to "Archive Utility 10.8". And all work.
This works!!
This worked for me.

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