setup just bounces in my dock

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so stocked i got a beta key, but i've tryed toinstall hearthstone for a half hour, redownloaded the install file 10 times, restarted3-4 times, and no matter what i do when i try to open the installer from blizz it just bounces in the dock till it freezes. and if i click on the app in the dock it dissapears.
HELP! i wanna play :(
oh, rockin a macbook pro, 10.7.5, regular display not the retina
Try this :

1) Delete the setup app and zip you downloaded
2) Download the setup app again
3) Right click the zip and go Open with ...
4) Select Archive Utility to unzip it
5) Run the setup again.
i'm having the same problem. should i not be using winzip?
Same thing for me here
Winzip may not be unzipping the set up app correctly.

Anytime you see a program bouncing in the dock then freezing it's usually because it's missing some execute permissions.

Using the built in to OS X unzipper , Archive utility should fix this. As detailed in post # 3

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