Little Line on the "L" in "Cancel"

Mac Technical Support
Not sure if this belongs in bug report, and it's not a big deal, I just know you guys at Blizz want to make the most polished product possible.

I've noticed when playing on my Macbook that there is always a little line in the Cancel button when searching for a match. Never noticed it on my PC.

Just a heads up, keep up the great work!
Seeing the same on my Macbook Air
I'm seeing the same on a 27" iMac.
I'm also pretty sure it wasn't there before the wipe/patch.
I have noticed this error too. I am running a pc with Windows 7 on the highest res settings.
Yeah, if you mean this
I was just about to report this. It's not always there, but it started to appear more and more lately.

//edit: It's not just this button, it's appearing everywhere, where spriting technique seems to be used

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