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Happening quite a bit where I am getting face-down cards stuck on the screen or 2 cards stacked on top of each other in my hand... seems to occur when I mouse-over or alt-tab during a spell animation.

This has only started occurring with the recent patch.
I am getting them too. This usually happens when certain cards are used. Cards that return other cards back to your hand ("bouncing") will usually result in weird card placements.

eg. sap, brewmasters.
Yes I'm also having this issue, but it seem to happen more with the brewmaster card for me. once its destroyed it just stays there face down.
Hello All,

Ill got this issue, when my opponent was trying to play a card, but than changing to another one, and the face down card were still on his side stucked, graphically.

Yes saw that first timre after the patch.

Best regards
This problem appears to still exist.

Enemy used Youthful Brewmaster to return a minion to his hand. I hovered over the returning card as it was being returned. The back of the card persisted in the play area (behind other cards) for the remainder of the match. This caused no problems however.
I also had an with cards stacking in my hand. As a mage I played novice engineer and arcane missiles immediately after. The card spot for arcane missiles remained empty, but still spaced as if there was a card there. The new card draw from novice engineer came through after arcane missiles was fired and was put underneath the rightmost card and couldn't be clicked/used until I played a different card and the display reset.
I've seen cards stacking when I played golden Arcane Intellect
I have seen this happen when my opponent plays multiple secret cards
Just had this happen again today and lost a match because of it. My flamestrike was behind another card...
This, every game lol

Not a huge inconvenience but its still a thing to iron out

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