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When I try and buy cards, it takes me to paypal and everything, but tells me I have to use a creditcard for "Future payments"? If I add a CC to paypal, will I be able to use my paypal balance to buy cards? I've got like $600 sat in there as a paypal balance and I really, really want to buy cards.. :l
Bumping it incase people were wondering about it aswell.

When you add a CC, or any type of card to your paypal you do NOT have to use money from that card. For me, it has automatically used my paypal balance even with a card in there.

Personally to me the most annoying part is:

I got more than enough cash on my paypal balance to buy packs: which i wanted to do.
I dont own a creditcard.

Blizzard states that the payment methods in the EU are:
Visa, Master Card, American Express, Electron Visa, JCB, Carte Bleu, PayPal

But paypal requires me to register a creditcard.
Which means i still need either Visa, Master Card, American Express, Electron Visa, JCB or Carte Bleu to buy packs.

It would be much appreciated if i could actually buy stuff via my paypall balance and not need a creditcard anyway.
Any tips or updates?

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