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"The game was unable to log you in through Please wait a few minutes and try again."

This is the message I have been getting all day. I just opted in to the beta this morning. I have yet to play the game, this is what happens as soon as I open the game, have not input any information or anything, just open it through the launcher, get this message, and click and it closes itself. Am I doing something wrong?
Oh! oh! I figured it out all by myself guys! The game won't log me in while my vpn is active… That's kinda disappointing because I plan on having a built in vpn in the next router I purchase, hope that issue doesn't persist for long.
Thank you for that auto-answer. Lifesaver
Not to resurrect a dead topic, but I realized that the issue I was having was with the launcher and not Hearthstone as the launcher fails to log me into wow while the vpn is active but does so successfully when the vpn is disabled. I didn't pick up on this right away because WoW still lets you log in manually if the launcher fails, but Hearthstone does not.

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