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Just a reporting a bug.
Whilst in game (fullscreen) and use switch programs using command+tab and go into lets say safari. When you come back into the game using the same command+tab the dock is still shown in game and can be clicked.

Awesome game and sorry if I reported this in the wrong place.

This is mainly an OS X bug. The game launches in OS X's native pseudofullscreen which is insanely buggy. If you play wow in window (maximalized) you can reproduce this, too.
I've also had this happen. To get the dock to go away I just switched away and back to fullscreen mode.
My solution to this bug is when the dock is still showing on my game, I activate Mission Control using the trackpad gesture (3 or 4 finger swipe up) and then close mission control, and the dock disappears :). It's a quick fix, but still annoying :/.

Another solution I found, is to use the trackpad gesture to switch fullscreen windows (3 or 4 fingers swipe left or right) instead of command + tabbing back to the game. The bug only seems to appear when you command+tab or click on the game on the Dock itself.

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