I can`t install on macbook pro

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Dear Blizzard,

I can`t install on my mac, when I go to install need to install language on the second part but freeze on this moment.On this part need to choose a audio and a text, but I cant choose both because there is nothing there.

Thanks Nyder.
I'm having this exact problem on my iMac. The odd part is I just successfully installed and played on my MBProR 13
I successfully installed and played the game last night on my 2008 MacBook, but I'm getting this issue on my 2011 iMac. There's no options available for language settings, and it won't let me continue the installation without selecting them. This is occurring after I uninstalled the game, because after the first install, I couldn't get through the main screen with the double doors. The application refused to respond no matter what I tried. At least I'm able to play on my MacBook, but a solution to this problem would be nice.
I've updated my iMac to 10.9 but still the same problem. Can't install. Won't let me choose a language.
I just got rid of the Battle.net desktop app and re-installed it, and now it's letting me install Hearthstone. It picked the default language for me, so hopefully it does the same for you!

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