How to win in Arena?

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Why should you watch me? I'm winning 70% of my games on arena, essentially allowing me to continue to play for free. Maybe you will learn some tips?

I will say right away that - I am just an above average player. If you want to see "Value Town" or other streamers with a high number of viewers then you know where to go :D.

But what I bring to the table is being helpful in explaining plays and teaching new players. Hearthstone is a game that seems easy to learn, but difficult to master. I'm somewhere in the middle.

I have a smaller number of viewers but can be more interactive and provide a good alternative to "the big guys."

I'm currently averaging 7 wins in arena,

Come check me out!
Also, I am a firefighter and you can always AMA - Life, game, w/e.
8-2 as paladin, about to finish last game then will start drafting again.
Warlock arena atm. Come check it out
Warrior atm. Pretty bad deck, 2-2, see if we can make it to 7.
brought it up to 5-2 from 0-2. I do walkthroughs on deckbuilding in arena if any new players are interested in how to optimize their experience.
started 0-2, now 7-2. Comeback city
Stop talking to yourself\

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