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God bless you man, this worked!
Deleting the agent folder got everything working. Thank you!
Thanks man!
Very helpful. As soon as I deleted the Agent folder, I was in. Thanks,
What to do if you don't have any other blizzard game installed? So no folders? But same error
Worked for me too! THANKS!
Worked! Deleted my Agent folder and it fired up thanks! :)
Didn't work to just remove the agent.db, but when I removed the whole agent folder, it worked!

I am with wondows Xp and i have the same Error.I have tried everything but with no success!
I am with windows Xp and i have the same Error.I have tried everything but with no success!
Deleting Agent folder did not work. Hearthstone launcher created a new agent folder but it did not work, same error window.

I have not played SC2 or WoW in many months. when I brought up WoW launcher it f course needed to update and before I could play it had to re-download and install 727 files (I assume this updated the agent folder) and hearthstone installed successfully.

Special thanks to BOTH the OP and Zodraslaus on page 2 for the reference to updating another blizzard game to fix.

Thanks, mate!
Thank you Origami, this method should be placed in the blizzard support until it is fixed.
Thank you!! I had this same problem and had no idea what was going on.
ty for the tip, helps me a lot!
Worked for me after deleting folder. Thanks a lot!:)
Thank you so much Origami, you are my hero!
thank you

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