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I'm have found the game runs lag free on my MacBook Air. I started at Medium. I also left several other apps open while playing (Safari, Messages, Twitter). I run a lot of games on this little machine, so I know what laggy choppy games look like, and all animations are smooth and I see little to no lag, as of now.

I'm saying this because when I installed the game, I got the message which told me I am below the minimum recommended specs and that gameplay may be effected. I just thought I'd post my specs to show the game can run smoothly on lower end machines, at least on the Mac side.

MacBook Air
OS X 10.8.5
1.6 Ghz Intel Core i5 Processor
4 Gb DDR3 Memory

If I can run the game on Medium/High with below minimum specs and have things run perfectly, I think the recommended specs should be lowered.
Yeah, I thought the same thing when installing.

My MacBook Air can run Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 (albeit at low/medium settings), no reason for Hearthstone to complain about it.

Installed anyway and it runs fine (machine gets very hot though).
I am playing on an 2012 11" MacBook Air (1.6 GHz i5).

The CPU warning is probably reasonable.

With reduced resolution and graphics settings on low, performance is only OK. Default settings were noticeably choppy.

I do wonder why such a seemingly simple game eats so much power...
I am playing on a MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2010

2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo
4GB 1066Mhz
Geforce 320M 256MB

OS X 10.8.5 worked (OS X 10.9 did not work yet)

I don't know if that is above the minimum criteria, but I did not get any warning about affected gameplay, but the game has its lags from time to time, especially during nice animations and the cinematic. I immediately decreased from medium to low settings, but its definitely playable, just minor interruptions from time to time.
I have an old 2009 Macbook and a 2013 Macair. On the old mac I did NOT get the warning...whereas I got it on my new air. Clearly there is something wrong (only look at cpu speed) whereas the air has SSD, more memory, etc..

Bottom line: never trust minimum requirements :)
put on max.
fixed my problem with lagging cinematic

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