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I get this error downloading the beta from
Me too!
As do I
I have this error too.

I have updated everything and shut off all firewalls before opening and nothing happens still.
Same here. As soon as I open the .exe to download either the hearthstone or client this error immediately pops up
Highly Rated
Hi guys, I got this error, but I tried something that I read on the SCII forums. I deleted and Blizzard folder on the path C:\ProgramData. After that, I started the installation file that I downloaded, and now everything is going fine :)
I am running Win7 Pro 64bit.
Dabar, that fixed it for me, thank you
Dabar, you're the man! Had to show hidden files since ProgramData folder wasn't shown, but once shown I deleted the two folders as stated, and now its allowing me to install. Thanks a bunch.

Edit: spelling
thanks to Dabar, works now.
Worked for me as well, many thanks!
Unfortunately didn't work for me :(
Dabar, Thanks! That worked for me too! <3
You are the man, Dabar! And also the guy responsible for destroying my social life for the next few days, but still the man!
This worked for me as well! Thank you!
Success! Thanks a bunch!
Wow worked for me too. Thanks a lot mate!
It worked for me!! Thanks!
Yuup, that works for me too.
did not work
You sure you did it right/ it worked for me as well. The folder is a hidden folder, make sure to just type it at the top in your c drive

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