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Anyone else getting this error immediately upon double clicking ""?


I've tried downloading the zip file into different locations. And I've tried unpacking the zip via different unzipping tools.
did you ever get it working i am having the same thing happen... i just found a answer to are problem
Moto713 is the man.

This did eventually solve my problem:

Thank you, that worked!

Deleted the folder and fine
ok so i cant even find those folders... but I'm getting the same problem.
I'm currently having the same problem. I'm trying to fix it following the steps left by moto713

EDIT: It works fine now I just deleted the battle net agent folder
Hey folks, if you cannot find the files odds are they are hidden! (Which they are by default)

For windows 7/8 generally you will find it in "c:\programdata" which you will not be able to see! but if you open explorer and type C:\programdata into the address bar you will be able to see it.

removing the folder fixed the issue of not being able to install the game for me.
I cant find the Users/Shared folder, not even by showing hidden files. Is there anywhere else where folder can be in Mac?

I'm using Mac Os 10.8.5
Mac HD -> Users -> Shared
thanks... thid did the trick for me... :)
I couldn't find the files, but going to C:\programdata helped me find the files, thanks! :D
Moto713 is the man.

This did eventually solve my problem:


Thanks! Deleting the "Agent" folder did the trick for me.
Thank You very much for the internet explorer trick!!!!!!
Okay so this works for me.

First) Upgrade to Mavericks
Second) Delete the Agent.db file in Users>Shared>
Third) Open up your WoW/Blizz updater then Open the setup for hearthstone.

Thanks to everyone above for the help.
Godly help. Had to review hidden folder files, then go to C, Program Data, and just clean out all the blizz and folders.

installation is under way. :)
Deleting the agent folder worked... thank you so much!
Deleting the Agent folder and then installing solved issue for me. Thank you!
When i try to load up my hearthstone on the battlenet beta thing it freezes my pc what should i do

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