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I just received my beta key and installed the application with little problem. I launch battle.net launcher and I see Hearthstone and click Play. Hearthstone shows in the dock however it always says Application Not Responding. Anyone have a fix or work around. I really want to give this game a go.
This happens to me too i dont know how to fix it -_- its a real pain, also when i click on the app it goes away for no reason.
I have the same problem, but it used to work perfectly until the maintenance last night, now it freezes as soon as I open it
just installed, says click to play but not responsive, options and friendlist works
same problem with me =(
I have the same issue.
I was able to play a little bit, two practice rounds (with some issues between rounds) now nothing. I made a post about it and using OS 10.9 Mavericks, it seems to be a larger issue.
same problem
I'm having the same sort of problem, i redeemed my beta key yesterday, played Hearthstone with no problem all day/night. However this morning it's just not responding. Anyone found a fix yet?
I have same problems too :S
Same problem here, i can succsesfully launch the game, but it always freezes in loading screen, some time later there apeard a tect that relaunch HerthStone and something about cookies! I scanned for issues and it didn't find any! Can any one tell me what am i doing wrong?
Same here, ever since that maintenance and latest patch it's been impossible to play the game.
Yesterday (2013/12/15) the game was crashing at loading screen and it was creating a crash report too. Today as soon as i click the PLAY button in blizzard's client, the hearthstone window appears but its not responding from the start..
This will be the second day i wont be able to play..
same !@#$ here.
@blizzard did you just bough riots euW server?
if yes buy some of their technical supporters too, because they always answer to the requests in forums or tickets.
okay here my problem:
yesterday your server %^-*ed up pretty much (np i am used to it from LoL)
but today when i want to start the game it freezes about 2 seconds after the game starts. and the task manager says "not responding"
hope you can halp!
Same problems here
Same here...lunch game and not respoding...just freeze.
Same problem here.
I have the same problem. Anybody knows how to fix this?
Same issue for me :/
Same here :((

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