Unable to buy packs, error 10200243

Technical Support
Buying packs with gold works just fine, but when i attempt to use real money i get Error 10200243.
Parental control is disabled, the amount of money on the card should be enough including tax. Any solutions?
same prob here
same here =(
P.S. Payment type is Visa Electron
having the same problem. Parental control is ok, I have enough money on my debit card. I can purchase online just fine. Hearthstone seems to be the only issue.

edit: well i just used my sisters card and it worked just fine, i think the issue, that someone else has mentioned, is that the sistem doesnt recognize the cvc after you initially add it
Have simlar problem. Once it worked, then second time came error and it doesn't work any more.
I tried to reset it on battle.net page, and it did nothing.
Everything is ok, as it was in simlar problems.

Ps. MasterCard.
Can we pls have someone here to explain this 10200243 situation??? I called my bank and they said everything is fine for online purchasing. I am using a Visa card from a Turkish bank. I have literally tried EVERYTHING to solve the situation. Is there any of us solved the situation by any means rather than just changing the credit card for payment?
Hi Ineffable, i got same problem with 10200243 code, and i am using Turkish bank too(Garanti Bankaci).
My card is ok. But i cant buy stacks of cards.

What i did is: i added my mob, and added 10EURO via paypal, but paypal i based on same card not acsepted by direct adding.
It is really odd that we are both having the same issue while using a Turkish bank... Can it be something about that (btw garanti is also visa)? Are we all using Turkish banks? CAN WE PLS HAVE A SUPPORT HERE BLIZZARD?? wtf is this 10200243? i cant find anything at the tech sup. or battle.net support.
Still no solution? Come on guys, we need that Golden Gelbin!
guys i think i might find the reason. My credit cards valid year is 2023 and several systems dont have 2023 section when filling out the credit card info (the latest year you can select is 2022). Even when you are writing 2023, the system may not be able to read that data since the date data is clarified since 2022. I am still not sure about it but i am not able to use this credit card at several other online purchases...
same here. mastercard.
First operation with visa was successful, but in all other cases have same problem, error 10200243.
May be some problems with IP address ? Can't make transaction from the same IP twice ?
Still no word on a solution? I want to buy arena tickets and keep getting this error.
we are want to play!
Same here!!!!!
Do U think it could be a problem with 3-D secure ?
Just got asked for the cvv today and it worked, what a shock! The cvv security question doesn't appear so your purchase gets refused by the bank. Don't know why they aren't addressing this minor error.
Is there any way to resolve this problem??, i really want to buy some booster packs;/
10200243 , what kind of error is that?
same here, visa debit from TSB
Ok, so far I've noticed that after I completely turn off my computer and try again it seems to work (I am asked for the CVV code), only tried 2 times so far so I'm not sure if it works 100%. If i tried to restart the desktop application or just restart the computer it doesn't work, and am just asked for my account password.
If you aren't asked for the cvv your transaction will never complete, because Blizzard doesn't store the code, and the bank will refuse any request that doesn't have a cvv attached.

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