Constantly disconnecting

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I just got the beta key today and out of about 15 games i've tried to play only in about 5 of them have I not disconnected. I don't have any other internet windows open while playing and I know that the connection here is good because my friend downstairs plays lol on his laptop all the time.

When it happens the game basically freezes and all I can do is open the menu and quit. I can not concede, and also the enemy hero continues to say random comments.

Why would this be happening?
mine just out and out disconnects 2 to 3 times a log in. No other programs running. Very frustrating in arena especially!
Same here
same here ;((((((((((
Same here. Tried to play 2 games and disconnected as soon as it began.
Same here.. almost every game it lags and then disconnects
Delete this post.
same here, i have been disconnecting from about 30% of my games. This is really annoying. My internet is also fine, i play starcraft without this issue. It makes climbing the ladder really really impossible with this bug. Also I am on a mac OS 10.85
yeah been having similar issues. I know it's not my internet as pandora/youtube keeps streaming in the background (and yes I have tried killing all processes but and appropriate networking/system procs, including explorer)

it'd be nice blizzard if you could confirm or deny if this is on your end.

Bad enough for a disconnect in play mode, but losing an 8-2 arena run due to a disconnect, when I had a guaranteed win!!!

Ugh. /vent.
Yup insanely annoying arena is no longer an option neither is really playing the game because disconnect so frequently, this needs to be fixed.
same issue! this is immensely annoying, and I am quitting until the issue is resolved!

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