Massive lag and then just a fast forward.

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After starting a new game it takes quite a long time for me to get the new cards for the discarded ones. Then most of the times I can't actually play anything or I get to play something and then the game looks like it hangs, then after a while it just starts going through all my enemy turns as if in fast forward and I timed out all my turns. Depending on how long the lag was so long the fast forward.
How do we solve this. Happening on all my games today, can't play?
On OSX Mavericks
Same problem here. i had to quit and it took 2 minuts to forfeit..
Same issue here, was working fine but for some reason never changed turn, then after a while it will play all of the opponents turns and you lose, not the greatest thing to happen in arena.
happening for me as well. OSX Mavericks. internet connection is solid.
exact same thing, playing, then lag then it looks like the person is taking forever to end their turn. then suddenly it allows them to move 3 times in a row and i die. happens every other game for me, i cannot rank up to even level 24.. and ive been playing for about 2 hours..
Same situation as everyone else, normal gameplay most of the time (80%) however the other 20% either one of these will happen

Situation 1: It's the opponent's turn and the game will lag however the opposing player still does the pondering emote ("What to do, what to do") and then (after short while) the client plays "instantly" the opponents turn and I'm faced with the turn timer (burning fuse). Thus I don't have time to react to the opponent's turn and play my turn.

Situation 2: The game will "freeze" upon clicking on a minion and direct it to fight however the "End turn" button is still clickable and I can still hover over my hand and the cars will animate (basically the client is still somewhat working, not completely frozen).

I use a MacBook Pro 13" core i7, and 8GB of ram and on a very solid internet connection. No other applications are open to burden the connection or the client.

I have a PC back home running back home with Windows 7 and never encountered this particular issue. Seems to be Mac specific issue.

Hope you can resolve this, good luck!
Exactly the same issue just ended my arena run. Many minutes of being able to do 0 or 1 actions per turn while watching my opponent beat me into the ground. Agent.exe seemed hung as well, force quitting that didn't seem to help.
Same issue for me. late 2013 OSX Mavericks iMac. Was working perfectly fine and then it just hangs and doesn't let me doing anything except play with the board interactive scenery.
Also skipped a couple of the computer opponents turns.
That's depressing I was thinking it was just because my connection here in Thailand was hit and miss guess not. I'm guessing all of us are running Maverick since it was free. Blizzard really needs to look into this because I refuse to trash my rank in constructed because of a bug or burn gold when this could happen in Arena.
They have to do something about this I just lost two games because I lost two turns.
I'm having the same issue, just lost a Ranked match because my opponent's turn three took 8 minutes to finish, suddenly the game fast forwarded and I wasn't able to do anything as the turns would automatically end and my opponent plays cards without me being able to retaliate.

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