Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

Technical Support
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same here
smae thing happen to me..
Same here, wont do anything, click to start and it just sits there spinning.
Same Here
Same issue here as well.
We're here together, brothers in Hearthstone - We sigh together.
+1 more
Me to
Still there :(
Same can't play tutorial
WTB Fix, when possible. same problem.
I am having the exact same issue, please help.
if only i had a hero unlocked i could do somthing!!!
Same here
can u just buy decks and play?
I need mine reset as well.
same boat here
Why doesn't the game have a real menu? This wouldn't be an issue if there was a menu that let yo pick what you wanted to do like every other piece of software ever.
Blizzard plz fix
us, One of us, One of us.

I'm also experiencing this issue.

PS: Atlas I really wanted that name lol.

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