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Same problem here.

Thank you Blizz!

(I didn't do anything special, I just kept at it, and now I'm CCG'ing it up like there's no tomorrow)
i need mine reset. Man this is frustrating, after all this waiting i finally got in and now i can't even play
I am afraid that I am stuck without a tutorial as well.
Also stuck :(

Windows 7
Resetting my password did nothing for me, unfortunately
I received my beta key on Monday and was able to play a bit before Tuesday maintenance. When maintenance happened, I was in the middle of the last tutorial boss. I restarted yesterday, and was sent back to Hemet Nesingwary (understanable), but this time when I was playing, the game just froze. I was able to click card, but couldn't interact with anything in any way. I let it sit for 20 minutes, while also trying things to help it get "unstuck"

Currently, I'm having this same problem. I can even click "Credits" and see all of the game that I *would* be able to play, had I only completed the tutorial. I believe that with the amount of people having the same issue all over this thread and forum that (respectfully) you have all the information you need, Blizzard, you're either just being lazy or don't know how to fix it, or are quite possibly even working on it right now.

Just in case you need the info though, I'm on Windows 7 SP1 in North America. I'm really thinking, though, that the problem is on your end, not ours. Why do I think that? Well, because I was entirely able to access all of this stuff, my only problem (possibly?) was that I was playing when maintenance happened.

My opinion (and I have no idea how difficult this would be to implement) is that you should disable mandatory tutorial and have it an option via the start menu, just like "Practice" is. I've played Magic: The Gathering since I was 5, and I had a brief run in with Yu-Gi-Oh! when it came out, and your game is similiar; I'm willing to bet that there are several people like me who don't need the tutorial in order to grasp the game, because in addition to the rules being somewhat simple, the game even tells you what you are and aren't able to do.

(Edit: I apologize for acting entitled to a beta, but I've been waiting for a key forever, finally got one, and have been unable to play because of a TUTORIAL that I *don't need* lol. Consider it a compliment)
Still not working, despite all the attempted fixes.

Windows 7 64bit
Me also.
I'm having this problem as well..
most op tutorial ever
I'm having the same issue, but I don't really understand the tutorials not being a basic tab worst case put them in the practice or play tab on first time run.
Plz fix blizzard. I know its a beta where "minor" problems occur or servers go down for testing reasons but this is a MAJOR problem seeing that the new users first experience is.... well this looks nice but i click this button and nothing happens...

Blizzard is not a small company. Please put your customers first.
I need a reset same thing here
yup same problem
With every second, Blizzard's losing customers..
I have the same problem due to the game not loading the 1st time I opened it. I vote just get rid of the tutorial and let us play!!!
cant login either, crashed during first tutorial
But this game is gonna be huge once they move it to ps3!!!
same issue

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