Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

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10/30/2013 02:53 PMPosted by ShikiRyougi
With every second, Blizzard's losing customers..

lol k dude
Cant access the tutorial used credits to get to the main menu and cant do anything please HELP!!!
10/30/2013 02:54 PMPosted by Kroma
But this game is gonna be huge once they move it to ps3!!!

It'll be even better when it hits tablets someday... Seriously the perfect tablet game!
Window 7


have the same issue on both of my computers
Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 7 ultimate

Received my key yesterday.
No Tutorial here aswell
Received my key today logged and same thing as others happened

Windows 7
I have having trouble with it to.
Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 2, 64 bit OS.


No tutorial issue.
Received my key on Oct. 7th, but found it yesterday night. >.>;

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit OS, Service Pack 2

Region: North America
I'm having the same problem, add me to the reset account list please and thank you!
In the middle of the match against Illidan my client still crashed so far .

Please help :D
My game will not start either. NA server. no tutorial
Windows 7
N/A Server
Having same issue, Click to start the circles just keep spinning and nothing happens.
Got into the tutorial a little bit today but when I got to Illidan it froze on turn 4, and have not gotten the game back up since.
Plz fix blizzard. I know its a beta where "minor" problems occur or servers go down for testing reasons but this is a MAJOR problem seeing that the new users first experience is.... well this looks nice but i click this button and nothing happens...

Blizzard is not a small company. Please put your customers first.

Actually, beta is where they iron out big issues that were a result of balancing, refining, and stress testing. Which is what we're doing. There's no bar for which a Beta's "level" of problems must reach. If there's a major bug in Beta, that's good. It means we discovered it in beta, before the game actually released.

Also, there is already a stickied thread stating Blizzard knows of the issue and the developers have been informed and are looking into it.

Welcome to Hearthstone Beta. It's not Hearthstone Early Access.

Edit: And by "we" I don't mean to say I am a Blizzard employee. I mean "we" as in the Beta Testers.
No tutorial here, had to skip ahead with credits skip past the click to start.
I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

thanks in advance
I am having the same problem, i never got to see the tutorial. It needs a start tutorial button.
Windows 7 x64
By the way, my specs are Windows 7 64-bit, NA.

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