Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

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Me too please!
Same here please reset
Add me to the list...

I'm surprised with the lack of answers.
I`m not surprised with the lack of answers ... :(
Same situation here
Same thing happening here :/
argh... same here
I was playing in a friend's account (without any kind of problems), but today, i finally got my key, and here i am, trying to solve this, but i only find answers like "deactivate firewall" (still having the same issue) and "go to Credits and back" (Still i can't play the tutorial).
same same same....
I wanted to try this game so hard, but i can't play the tutorial :S
Same as everyone else
Tacking my name to the list in case it helps.

Can still go through the cards in the 'crafting' section though so I learning some for the time being. It does seem that the new wave of invites sent out are corrupted, or a recent update fried tutorial which of course renders your account useless if you're new.

I'm sure they'll get it sorted out.
Same here.
I am having the same issue.
This is almost as glitchy as the LoL Pbe but what can you expect from a beta =(
same for me can blizz please fix this :)
same stuck with no tutorial
Add me on here as well. I got to the fourth opponent of the tutorial and then I wasn't able to click on the icon to make the match start. I even reinstalled the game and I'm still having the same issue. The credits button does allow me to go into making my decks, but I don't have any cards to make any decks so far because of this tutorial glitch. So I'm completely stuck and unable to play this at the moment.

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