Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

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Same problem for me
Come on FIX IT!
Same with me.
Running into same problem no tutorial popping up after hitting click to start. Fix soon please blizzard
Forgot to mention in previous post - but same as him - There was no crash.

After the initial cinematic the 'Click Start' appeared - upon clicking nothing progressed. Used the credit trick to move forward but unable to kick off tutorial and thus can't proceed.

It seems from reading this that the link from "Click Start" to the tutorial may be causing the issue, if not the tutorial itself. I definitely believe that there should be a button that links you back to the tutorial, like some of the other posters in this thread believe.
Same here, just got my beta and ca't even start the practice mode. I even purchased some packs online but I can't play, helpppppppppppppp
same problem here. :[
Same here!
im stuck without a tutorial please help!
Same issue, can't get past start screen. Using credits to skip it leaves everything locked.
I've been having the same problem as well.
Same problem.Stuck without tutorials.
same problem as all of the above, stuck without tutorials, please reset my account.
I assume the protocol is now to hurry up and wait while many Blizzard game fixery types go to work solving the issue? This is my first Beta so I'm not sure of the next step... Reading the forums, it seems I should complain that the game is half baked and the developers need some sort of remedial re-education, but I've the sneaking suspicion that that won't do me a great deal of good... Gonna go with the ol' fallback - got a nice book - gonna read it!
10/30/2013 12:53 AMPosted by Moderndread
I need the same done aswell, please help. has been a waste of time to download if we cant play

Well I wouldn't say a "waste of time". The ENTIRE point of the beta is to find problems like this. Technically it was a valuable use of time. I'm in the same boat, and it sucks that our beta experience made it as far as the loading screen, but you need to adjust your attitude big time.
Same, please help!
I'm in the same boat now also.... Hoping to see a post about them working on it or something to that nature, but until then I guess we can only patiently wait.

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