Issue - No Tutorial - Reproduction Explained 'click to start'

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The Exact Same is happening to me :(
Signing on for all curealls.
/signed reset me also.
Have the same issue just installed about 30 mins ago, click start and game just sits there, managed to get in wit the credit trick but cannot do anything else.
Got to second encounter in the tutorial. Game bugged out. In the same boat as everyone above.
Oh! Another one.

Brand new account won't let me select a hero to play a tutorial with or a game.

This really wrecked m beta experience so far, ...

What? You weren't expecting any bugs in a game that isn't even at open beta yet?
Thanks for all the replies and bumps, glad to see Im not alone. Keep this at the top of the forums and Im sure Blizz will help us out.

Lets be patient
Same issue =(
Same here!
Oh good, not just me
I need a reset as well...
i have the same problem as well ):
my account is experiencing the same issues. Click to start then nothing. Cant get to the tutorial
same same
Hey guys we might be able to make a guild off this issue :P
You would think after this being a problem for hours now we would get some type of update from Blizzard.
Definitely account or server related... just installed on my Mac (was playing on the PC), same issue there as well.
Did anyone try re-installing?
According the the top post. Blizzard's forum moderator's should of just gotten to the office. Hopefully an update on some info is inc.

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