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Started a new arena run for 2$ today and opened it up with a Hunter. Hunter's first turn is a wisp which he then coins for a panda return, then tries to resummon the wisp. The wisp comes up as a visual glitched face down card. The hunter is now spamming me with emotes and his turn will not end. Anyone had this issue? Also a bit miffed I paid real money and get to run into this issue. Wanted a quick arena run before I go out for the day.
Same happened here with me. Started an arena match, right after finishing one and claiming my prizes including the card pack I got, although I've only started arena matches with gold and not real money (that must've sucked big time, simpathies).

Was playing with Priest against Hunter. While Hunter was taking his turn, I was playing with the interactivities on the board though. Not sure if this would have an influence at all? Anyways, Hunter got stuck at the start of his turn. Every now and again getting the "Hmmmm" emote from him but nothing being played. Seemed like actions were being attempted (arrows and cards moving) although no actions were played.

Concede didn't work and eventually had to quit, meaning I've already got one loss on my brand new arena match, which sucks.

No visual glitches though although I have noticed these in some other games, mainly when a card is being returned to the opponent's hand it stays on the board face down. Also when swopping cards and getting "The Coin" card, there's this weird green glow while cards are moving where the coin card is, then when the coin card gets added to the deck the glow goes away.
I am currently in the same boat, my opponent is stuck right after using a Panda to return a card to his hand, in an Arena match. I don't want to quit, cause that'll cost me a win, but the opponent is in the same boat.

Edit: It's been an hour and a half since this issue occurred, I'm wondering what my options are. I have no idea if my opponent is actually still there, or if perhaps he quit a long time ago and I'm just waiting for nothing.

Should I DC? Quit? Am I pretty much assured of a Loss no matter what?
Same thing for me right now, stuck in an arena match. Opponent played a panda and then tried to replay the returned minion, now his turn won't end.

Not sure what to do here.
I have also had this happen to me in an arena match after paying $2 the panda return card you are referencing is called the Brew Master.

I have made a post about it on the Bug report forum and got no reply

I have quit spending money on this game all together since they will not refund monies spent on this free to play game.

There is no response from Technical support to me other then I need to run a route tracer? Since others are having issues with this card crashing there games I think the issue is on Blizzards side

Oh I'm learning to hate these free to play games that take you're money and have no interest in getting you full value for your money spent.

What next a Tribunal that bans players?
Same is happening right now in a game with a guy named Lionheart. (4:31pm pst)

Maybe they can look up the game and see what the glitch was.

The last play was me (Hunter) using explosive trap to wipe his board, which activated his abomination and wiped the rest of his toons.

The move before that was me using arcane shot to do 2 dmg to his goblin (forget name, 4/4 with some special abiltiy I can't remember, not a card I've seen before).
Glad I'm not the only one. Currently in a frozen arena game, Panda is once again the culprit. I feel like ettiquette would dictate the player who played the panda quit first, but apparently neither opponent I've faced who triggered the bug feels that way.
i feel your pain same deal with me it was a hunter with the panda move 2 bucks gone ffs
Same issue with some other players here above,
opponoent's turn won't end after he played a panda to recall his minion this turn.

So.. should we assume the panda is bugged?
The issue only seems to happen when you replay the bounced minion rapidly. The bug probably carries over to Shadowstep too, but maybe not.
It happens with Shadowstep as well.
It happened to me as well for Play mode (not arena).
I got this too vs a warrior, then his turn started again and he just wailed on me and the game skipped my turn repeatedly after like 40 minutes. I was talking to other people on hearthstone at the same time, it was ridiculous.
In a game right now against a hunter named Savod. Game hung right after he tried to replay an owl with the Ancient Brewmaster.

Savod, if you're reading this... I'm not leaving. <3
Happen to me on my opponent last turn, he bounced the wolf rider with the 3/2 brewmaster and replay it, no card left in hand with 3 health left. I have 5 minions ready to win the game on my turn...
same problem with me. Ancient Brewmaster did it for me. I think replaying the minion (sheep token in my case) quickly did it.
I got a bug that sounds a lot like this. It was the enemy's turn and she just kept doing the "Pondering" emote forever.

In my case, it happened at the very end of a looooong game where my enemy mage was about to take 5 damage from being out of cards and lose. O well.
Same this just happened to me vs a priest who played a Youthful Brewmaster, I've pretty much won the game as I have 20 life points and he has 8, he has 0 cards in his hand and I have Rangnaros. I was 4-2 and should be 5-2 but now if I get a auto lose from this bug will I lose and waste the money I spent because of a bug?

Please help, thanks.

Also, last arena match I never received any gold from the pack as I got disconnected before my last match. The pack was opened automatically but even though there was gold it didn't show up.
same for me my happend, in arena at the moment and he bounced back a harvest golem and now the game is stuck.. should i just concede or wait. dont want a lose in arena when i actually won

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