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Im stuck on one star copper medal, ive won plenty of matches since and i havent ranked?
dumble bump
I'm stuck on two star silver too...
I have been on one copper since I started and it shows I have over 80+ wins?
rank stuck at level 20 with 2 stars since October season started and don't gain or lose stars no matter if I win or lose a game. This is a bug. Please fix
Try to not bump old threads. :(

It sounds like you are playing Arena or Casual. In ranked you wouldn't be stuck if you won or lost.
I am playing in ranked. I never play in casual and I have been playing for months so I know the difference between these things. It is still stuck at rank 20 with 2 stars. Doesn't matter whether I win or lose a ranked game. Can someone please help with real help here? Now there is only 5 days left in the season and I have not been able to rank up the whole season past 20. This is getting old fast.
Is there any technical support for this game?
10/26/2014 01:24 AMPosted by Scorned
Is there any technical support for this game?

There would be if you didn't bump posts that are A YEAR OLD!


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