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Im playing against a player right now 11:05am EST, with a player named [removed], He has been AFK on his turn for about 15 minutes now. Somthing needs to be done about this Exploit or Bug. Im just playing WoW in windowed mode so i can wait all day for this guy to DC. Im not losing cuase of some Bug or Trolling
Yea this is happening to me now against a player called [removed]
[removed] is doing the exact same thing now
Why you name and blame other players? Apart from the fact that this is a BANNABLE action do you think that it was their fault they couldn't play their turn??? I've been stuck in the past and couldn't play my turn also, the last thing i wanted was 15ys old kids name me and blame me in the internet, lol!
Something important you should be aware of...
Don't bother trying to wait it out because the player has already killed you (or in the process), you just can't see it from your side. The best option you have is to concede and move on.

This occurs for many reasons, such as bugged combinations of card plays as well as disconnects. It's pretty obvious that quite a bit of people are intentionally running bugged combo's for this purpose, however this does happen as a disconnect (you do not reconnect after d/c'ing); Slight drop in signal on wireless internet for example.

About the time I started to get frustrated with the situation, I had an occurrence of being on the "winning side" of this situation. I do not know if the individual dc'ed or if he was still there just "watching the fuse burn." From my side, when it came time for his turn the fuse would instantly start burning down, over and over. Point being, it took this personal experience for me to really accept that sometimes it honestly just happens.
same... not other players, i'm stuck on the wheel vs AI.... yeah

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